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Juan Pablo: Please, make yourself comfortable. I will take care of the drinks.

Mary: Is that sherry?

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. From my family's vineyard.

Mary: Oh. Oh, my. Between your charm and this sherry, I have to warn you that I may lose all sense of decorum.

Juan Pablo: We have all night to enjoy the moments as they come.

Mary: Thank you. Mmm. You're staring.

Juan Pablo: I can't help myself. You are a fascinating woman. Getting to know you will be a pleasure.

Mary: What would you like to know about me?

Juan Pablo: Your daughter. Tell me about her.

Mary: Greenlee? You want to talk about Greenlee? Why do you want to talk at all?

Juan Pablo: I believe the true essence of a woman is in her relationship with her children.

Mary: Oh. Juan Pablo, who set this up? Jack? Did Jack do this?

Maggie: Hi.

Jack: Hi, Maggie. What are you doing here?

Maggie: Oh, I was actually looking for you. Do you mind?

Jack: No, no, please, please. Have a seat. What's on your mind?

Maggie: Bianca, mostly. How -- well, did she tell you?

Jack: Yeah, she did.

Maggie: Good. That is really good. How was she when you left?

Jack: Well, I finally convinced her to try to get some sleep.

Maggie: Yeah, God. I -- I just don't get him much these days.

Jack: And what don't you understand?

Maggie: I don't understand how God could let someone like Michael Cambias get away with what he's done to Bianca.

Jack: And you think Cambias has gotten away with what he's done?

Maggie: I don't know.

Jack: Well, Michael hasn't been seen since the day of the hearing. And it's not like him to keep a low profile.

Maggie: You think something's happened to him?

Jack: I think things have a way of working out the way they're supposed to, Maggie. And I think in the end, everybody gets what they deserve.

Maggie: You think Michael Cambias is dead? You think that God has finally punished him for everything he's done?

Jack: I'll tell you what I think, Maggie. I think God works through ordinary people.

Kendall: Hmm. I know the ring is a bit much, but it has grown on me. It's worth a small fortune, too.

Simone: You're married?

Kendall: That's right. You are looking at the one and only Mrs. Michael Cambias. Don't all rush to congratulate me. Do you have something you want to say to me, David?

David: This marriage is a farce, Kendall. You're wasting everybody's time.

Mia: Kendall, come on. You didn't really marry Michael Cambias, did you?

Kendall: Can you people not see the ring on my finger?

Liza: Who can miss it?

Kendall: No one, I hope. My husband wants everyone to know I'm his.

Aidan: Why? He spent all last week trashing you.

Kendall: What is it going to take to convince you guys this is real? What, do you want me to consummate my marriage right here in the terminal?

Tad: Well, if we're going to take a vote --

Kendall: All right, fine. Fine, you guys want proof? I have plenty of proof right here. My marriage certificate, joining Kendall hart and Michael Cambias in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Simone: Oh, my God.

Liza: Kendall, how could you marry a man so loathsome?

Kendall: Well, my husband may not be the most popular man in town, but he sure is rich! Filthy, filthy rich! I know, I couldn't stop staring at it either. Isn't it fabulous?

Anna: Where is Mr. Cambias?

Kendall: I told him to stay behind. He was up 4,000 bucks at the craps table.

Tad: I knew there was crap in the story somewhere.

Mia: I think I'm going to be sick.

Kendall: Yeah, well, jealousy can be a bit hard to swallow.

Anna: So is all this, quite frankly.

Kendall: What do you want from me?

Anna: I would like some answers. Your "husband" is missing and he's wanted on serious charges.

Kendall: So do I have to go downtown?

Anna: Mm-hmm. And please, I'd prefer it if you didn't make this difficult.

Kendall: Fine. No problem at all. What new bride doesn't love to talk about her wedding.

Anna: One that's usually glowing from inside. Shall we?

Kendall: Where do you think you're going?

Aidan: I don't want to miss my chance to kiss the bride.

Anna: Ms. Hart, please.

Tad: You ok?

Liza: Hmm. You know, when Erica and Bianca find out what Kendallís done, it's going to kill them.

Maggie: You think Michael Cambias is dead?

Jack: Maggie, Michaelís missing. Nobody's seen him. That's all we know at this point. Anything else would be speculation until, of course --

Maggie: Until what?

Jack: Until we find him.

Maggie: What if there's somebody who knows something about where Michael is? Should they come forward?

Jack: I think that's between them and their conscience.

Maggie: That's a tough place to be.

Jack: A lot of people would like to see Michael brought to justice for what he did to Bianca.

Maggie: If Michael never shows up again, if we never see his face or hear his voice again, is that justice?

Jack: I don't know. I'm not so sure I know what justice is anymore, Maggie. Seems to keep changing all the time.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Hmm. Excuse me. Jack Montgomery. What? Are you sure, Anna? No, no, no, please, don't start without me. I'll be right there. Excuse me, Maggie, I got to go.

Maggie: Is it Bianca? Is she ok?

Jack: No, no, there's been a new development in the Cambias case.

Juan Pablo: I did not mean to upset you. Most people like to talk about their families.

Mary: Well, but -- but why do you want to talk about Greenlee? Did she say something to you about me?

Juan Pablo: No. Your daughter and I have a working relationship. That's all I want from her.

Mary: But why?

Juan Pablo: You chose to have a dinner with her tonight over me. For you to be so dedicated, she must be special, like her mother.

Mary: Well, yes, she is special. But it's only because I had very little to do with raising her. I didn't have a very happy marriage, and Greenlee was the one that suffered as a result of that.

Juan Pablo: I heard about what happened at Erica Kaneís wedding.

Mary: Who told you that?

Juan Pablo: The maids.

Mary: Ah.

Juan Pablo: They could talk of little else for some time.

Mary: Discretion is a lost virtue around here.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. This Jackson Montgomery, Greenleeís father, what kind of man is he? Other than a fool to have let someone like you go.

Mary: Oh, Jacksonís no fool. He knew what he was doing, letting me think that he was just a pool boy.

Juan Pablo: He led you on?

Mary: Yes. You surprised?

Juan Pablo: The newspapers call him a man of integrity.

Mary: Well, of course they do. He has a reputation to uphold. Jack has to protect himself. He knows how to spin a situation to his advantage. That's why he's such a good D.A.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. Is that what he did with you?

Mary: Jack and I were over a long time ago. I really don't want to talk about it anymore.

Juan Pablo: And what do you want?

Mary: I want you to teach me how to tango.

Juan Pablo: Ah. You want to dance?

Mary: Yes. I'm in the mood. I understand that the tango originated in Argentina.

Juan Pablo: Yes. In the bordellos at the turn of the century.

Mary: Ah, the bordellos. Very interesting. Now, you know the word "tango" originates from the Latin word "tangere." It means to touch.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm.

Mary: Oh, you have wonderful hands. Mmm.

Juan Pablo: And you know how to follow my lead.

[Phone rings]

Mary: Ignore.

Juan Pablo: This -- this late, it can only be business. I will make this quick, si? Si?

Greenlee: That silence sounds a lot like kissing.

Juan Pablo: Uh, yes.

Greenlee: Hands off the mom. You get her going, she won't know when to stop.

Juan Pablo: I'm aware of the situation. I assure you I can handle.

Greenlee: She's doing it, isn't she -- that thing where she rubs the back of her neck?

Juan Pablo: I don't see that becoming a problem.

Greenlee: Oh, really? You don't want to know what she's going to rub next. You have to stop her. I'm not hanging up until I know you're safe.

Juan Pablo: Fine. I am the one who says when to cut our losses! Teniamos un acuerdo, hmm? Asi que no me vuelvas a llamar hasta que este todo solucionado, ok? [We have an agreement, hmm? So donít call me back until all this is resolved, ok?]

Greenlee: Right back at you.

Juan Pablo: Bien.

Mary: Oh! That was so intense.

Juan Pablo: I apologize.

Mary: Oh, that's ok. I just find that when a man knows what he really wants that it's very, very attractive.

Juan Pablo: Yes, I find that desirable in a woman, too, but Iím afraid I must cut our evening short.

Mary: Why?

Juan Pablo: A business deal has soured and it requires my immediate attention, hmm?

Mary: Oh. Ok. All right. Well, I'll just wait right over here.

Juan Pablo: No, no, no. Uh, I need to be able to concentrate, and you make that impossible.

Mary: Aw.

Juan Pablo: I call you tomorrow, yes?

Mary: Oh, well, you promise?

Juan Pablo: Yes, yes, I promise. And have a good night. Buenos noches.

Mary: Buenos noches.

Juan Pablo: Bye. I'm sorry.

Mary: Buenos noches.

Juan Pablo: Bye.

Greenlee: Huh. Well, if I were you, I'd double-lock my door tonight.

Juan Pablo: Why?

Greenlee: If you don't, your wakeup call will be Mary nibbling on your ear.

Simone: No! God, no!

Mia: What is it?

Simone: She won!

Mia: What are you talking about?

Simone: Our bet.

Tad: To be the first to marry Satan?

Mia: Oh. To be the first to find her own dream guy before the Sexiest Man Contest ends.

Liza: Oh, wait a second, you've got to be kidding. This is serious.

Simone: No, and so is our bet. I'm out three months' salary.

Liza: I don't think so. Look, Kendall is either lying for some reason that we don't know or she's just married the most despicable man on the planet.

Tad: Or she just snapped.

Mia: Oh, come on. What do you say we get out of here, huh, just you and me. We'll got to the Valley Inn, and we'll spend the rest of my money on some fuzzy eyeballs.

Simone: Yeah, fine, as long as it's your money.

Mia: Ok.

Simone: That's three months' salary.

Mia: I know, but it'll be ok.

Liza: I saw that look.

Tad: Well, of course. You've seen it in your dreams.

Liza: Mm-hmm, my nightmares. Why don't you just spill it?

Tad: "Spill it"?

Liza: Yes, whatever it is you know or you want me to think that you know.

Tad: Yeah, I tell you what, just hold that half-baked thought, would you? Mama? Mama? Mama?

Opal: Oh, no. We've been spotted.

Palmer: That doesn't mean we have to stop moving.

Opal: No, we can't. He's going to know something is up. We're just going to have to stand our ground and lie like the criminals we are. Hello! Hey!

Kendall: This is harassment, do you know that? It's pure harassment. You couldn't get my husband, so you're coming after me.

Anna: Well, you hate this man. You more than anyone know what he is capable of.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you married David knowing everything that he'd done.

Anna: Excuse me, but I love David. Are you telling me that you're in love with Mr. Cambias?

Kendall: Can we just -- can we just get this over with, please?

Anna: Yes, we will, as soon as the D.A. gets here.

Kendall: You called Jackson?

Anna: Mm-hmm. Right, I did. Mr. Cambias has apparently skipped bail on very serious charges. You were the last person to see him. That makes you a key witness in our investigation.

Kendall: Yeah, you mean witch-hunt.

Anna: The D.A. obviously has a personal interest in this case, which I don't have to explain to you.

Jack: Well, looks like it's time for me to buy a new cell phone because I could swear I heard you say that Kendall here married Michael Cambias.

Kendall: I did.

Jack: Knock it off! Nobody married that animal.

Kendall: Oh, really? No? Then what's this? See?

Jack: Stop it! You know what, you're lying. You know it, and I know it.

Anna: Jack? Why are you so sure that she didn't marry Cambias? Do you know something that we don't?

Kendall: You think you know me?

Jack: Maybe better than you know yourself, little missy.

Kendall: Oh, please.

Jack: I know what you've wanted more than anything else your entire life.

Kendall: Is this part of my official questioning?

Jack: Your mother's love, to be a part of her family, to be accepted as her daughter.

Kendall: There's more to my life than just trying to win my mother's approval.

Jack: Oh, you did more than try. You actually got it. You actually made a real connection with Erica, and that's all you've wanted your whole life.

Kendall: Note to self -- set a new goal in life.

Jack: What about Bianca? You were devastated when you heard that Michael Cambias raped her, and now you want me to believe you're stupid enough to run and marry this guy?

Kendall: You know what? You can say whatever you want about me, Jackson, believe whatever you want, you always have, but marrying Michael was not stupid. There are advantages to be being his wife.

Jack: Oh, come on! I don't believe for a second you love this guy! You hate him! He attacked you! He attacked your mother!

Kendall: I know who he is.

Jack: Really? Well, then you tell me this -- when you were winging your way to Las Vegas for your little wedding and you were whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears, what kind of future did you plan for exactly, huh? Did you hold his hand while you stood before God? Did you look into his eyes while you pledged your life to him? What looked back at you, Kendall, huh? Was it the same eyes that looked at your sister before he forced himself on her? How'd you feel then? Come on, I want to hear it! How'd you feel then?

Kendall: Great.

Jack: Oh, she's lying. You are a liar.

Kendall: Yeah, well, call me whatever you want, but my name is Mrs. Michael Cambias.

Jack: Oh --

Kendall: It says so right here on this marriage certificate.

Jack: You know what, you did not marry this guy, and I don't give a damn what that piece of paper says.

Aidan: No, really, Jackson, Iíd like to hear Kendallís side of the story.

Anna: So would I. You stand by what you've just said?

Kendall: The D.A. can try to intimidate me all he wants, but it's not going to change a damn thing.

Anna: All right. I want to hear how this marriage came about.

Opal: Ah. Well, so, um, what are you doing here?

Tad: I was just going to ask you the same question. You two aren't, perish the thought, back together again?

Palmer: Good heavens, no!

Opal: No, we are just returning from a little shopping spree for Petey in the windy city.

Palmer: A little? She bought out the stores, as usual.

Opal: Well, they were having lots of sales.

Tad: And what did you purchase for the little scamp?

Palmer: A bike.

Opal: A computer. And a bike, yeah.

Palmer: Uh, we have to go. The car's waiting. It's very nice to see you again.

Opal: Yeah, bye-bye, honey!

Liza: Bye, Palmer. Kind of gave them a hard time.

Tad: Yeah, well, she's up to something. I just can't figure out what.

Liza: You know what? Why don't you give me a call when you start hearing voices.

Tad: You want proof? I'll give you proof. Come here.

Liza: Wait, wait --

Tad: Veronique. Hello, darling. Oh, you are gorgeous! My God, marriage agrees with you.

Veronique: True, but he's no Tad Martin.

Tad: Well, who is? He got you, anyway.

Veronique: He asked first.

Tad: Well, I'm not going to be a poor loser. Congratulations on your wedding, ok? Give me another hug. I need another favor. The Cortlandt jet, find out where it's been in the last week, ok? It's mean a lot to me.

Veronique: For you, Tad, anything.

Tad: It's good to be the king.

Liza: Do you honestly think that this works, this old routine?

Tad: Who cares, as long as I get some action, o jealous one.

Liza: Oh, jealous? Yeah, right, you wish.

Tad: You know something, you're no fun. That's what I like about Veronique. That and her incredibly firm butt.

Liza: Oh, please.

Tad: Really? You're perfection.

Veronique: Tad? Don't ever forget me.

Tad: As if I could.

Liza: Ugh.

Tad: Say I'm sorry.

Liza: What did she say to you?

Tad: Say I'm sorry.

Liza: I am not saying Iím sorry.

Tad: All right. Yes, the Cortlandt jet just landed, but in the last week it's logged a lot of miles between here and a very remote part of Canada.

Kendall: I went to see Michael Cambias at his condo.

Anna: When?

Kendall: The night of the hearing. It was after he'd been released.

Anna: And was he there?

Kendall: Yes. When I got there, he was packing.

Jack: Packing?

Kendall: He was planning on leaving town.

Michael: What do you want, Kendall? I've got a plane to catch.

Kendall: You can't leave town. You're still facing other charges.

Michael: You know, I am so sick of hearing that. Haven't you figured this out yet? I can do what I want. I own this town.

Kendall: That's what I came to talk to you about -- Fusion and Enchantment.

Michael: Well, make it quick.

Kendall: You have to give them back.

Michael: No way.

Kendall: You know what? I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for my friends and for Erica and Bianca.

Michael: You're crazy.

Kendall: I'm desperate, Michael, ok? I'm desperate. I'll give you anything you want. Those companies mean everything to them.

Jack: Erica did not care a thing about Enchantment, and she said so at that hearing that afternoon. You were there. You heard her. All she cared about was Bianca.

Kendall: She cares, Jackson. Don't kid yourself.

Anna: So you went to Michael because you wanted to help Erica and your partners at Fusion?

Kendall: He stole our companies.

Jack: So you wanted to get the companies back by making a deal with the man who raped your sister?

Kendall: Well, what the hell else was I supposed to do? He was getting ready to leave town because you and that stupid judge screwed up.

Jack: Oh, I see. This is my fault?

Kendall: Yes, this is your fault. If you hadn't screwed up so badly in court, he never would've gone free.

Anna: And then he turned around and married you? If that is indeed what you did. Or did you do something else?

David: Maggie.

Maggie: Hi. What -- what happened to your face?

David: Oh, I was changing a flat tire.

Maggie: Oh. Can I come in?

David: Of course. Come on in. Are you all right?

Maggie: Uh, I really need to talk to someone.

David: All right. Fine. Here, have a seat.

Maggie: Can we make this like a doctor-patient confidentiality thing?

David: Maggie, we're family. You know you can trust me, right?

Maggie: I really need your advice on something.

David: Ok, fine. Have a seat.

Maggie: Um -- if I know something I think the police might want to know, I should tell them, right?

David: Well, I guess that depends. Personally, I'm a real believer in situational ethics.

Maggie: Situational ethics? What's that?

David: Well, that's the belief that ethics change from situation to situation. You know, I think it's important to weigh the variables before coming to a decision on what's right.

Maggie: Oh. Ok.

David: Why don't we start here. Who would be affected by you going to the police?

Maggie: A man I absolutely hate -- Michael Cambias.

David: Hmm. And what do you know about him?

Maggie: Um, you know, I'd rather not say. Not -- just not right now, ok? I'm sorry.

David: It's all right, it's all right. I don't know if you realize this, but the police are looking for him right now.

Maggie: Yeah, and what I know will help them find him.

David: So what's the problem?

Maggie: I don't want them to find him, David. I hate him. I'm glad he's gone. God, does that make me a horrible person?

David: No. No, it does not, Maggie. And just so that you understand, Kendall has already beaten you to it.

Maggie: Beaten me? How?

David: Well, she told the police that Michaelís in Las Vegas.

Maggie: Do they believe her?

David: Well, they seem to.

Maggie: David?

David: Mm-hmm?

Maggie: Do we?

Kendall: You don't believe me?

Anna: No. The rape charges against Cambias have been dropped. He had stolen Fusion and Enchantment. You were furious with him. You were alone with him. And he's going to leave town. I don't believe you. You need to tell me what really happened that night.

Kendall: I offered him the one thing that he didn't have, the one thing he couldn't say no to. Marry me.

Michael: Marry you? You are desperate.

Kendall: Look, you want to stick it to Erica and show her you can take anything of hers you want? Marry me. Make me your wife.

Michael: All right, Kendall. What's in it for you?

Kendall: This is about what I can do for you, Michael.

Michael: Which is?

Kendall: I can help you jump bail, and I can make sure you don't lose a single dime in the process.

Anna: So you're saying that you appealed to his weakness?

Kendall: That's right, and he totally went for it.

Anna: When did he tell you about the drug trafficking?

Kendall: The drug -- what drug trafficking? Michael --

Anna: Didn't you know that?

Kendall: No.

Anna: Why not? I thought that was the whole deal, that you were going to take care of his money.

Kendall: Yeah, the money that I knew about. Well, that explains why he was so quick to say yes. He knew that you guys were closing in on him.

Michael: So, Kendall, if we get married, you are going to protect my interests -- my companies, stocks, bank accounts?

Kendall: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Michael: How?

Kendall: I'll need complete access to all of it.

Michael: Aha. So you really want power of attorney.

Kendall: Well, it's the only way I can make sure you get what you need once you're in hiding.

Michael: And how do I know that you're not going to sell me out, Kendall?

Kendall: What other choice do you have, Michael? You're running out of options. You jump bail, they'll freeze every single one of your assets. You stay here, they'll toss you in jail for jaywalking.

Michael: Which is exactly why I need to get the hell out of here.

Kendall: And I'm offering you a free ride. Take it.

Michael: All right, Kendall. Let's show them how it's done.

Anna: So he agreed to give you power of attorney?

Kendall: That's right. We flew to Vegas, we got married, and, as soon as he found out his father died, he couldn't wait to sign those papers. My husband is never coming back to Pine Valley. Hello? Do you guys hear me? Hello? He's gone! I did you all a huge favor.

Anna: So how were you planning on giving him his money?

Kendall: Well, that's the interesting part of this whole little thing. After Michael and I said "I do" in that little chapel on the strip, I don't have to tell you a damn thing.

Jack: Oh, and now you're going to protect this guy, huh?

Kendall: Yeah, it's one of the perks of being married. It's called -- what is it called?

Aidan: Marital privilege.

Kendall: Exactly. So, you going to charge me with anything?

Jack: No. Not at this time.

Kendall: Great. So then I'm free to go?

Anna: Just don't leave town.

Kendall: Well, why would I do that? All my friends and family are here.

Jack: Have you told your mother the good news?

Kendall: No, I figured Iíd let her find out on her own. It's more fun that way. I won't be needing your services from now on.

Aidan: I tried keeping you from killing your husband. Looks like you've already taken care of that.

Anna: What the hell is wrong with you? How do you let Kendall walk out of here without charging her with something?

Greenlee: Do you think she was lying?

Juan Pablo: Well --

Greenlee: Because she did say something that was true. Jackson lied to her from the very beginning about who he really was.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: So it's possible, isn't it, that he knew about me all along and kept quiet to protect his reputation?

Juan Pablo: We can't take your mother's word yet.

Greenlee: Just how far are you willing to go?

Juan Pablo: For you? I will do whatever it takes.

Greenlee: Keep talking like that and you're going to be awfully hard for my mother to resist. Well, I have to give her credit, my mother's taste in men has definitely improved. You seem to be enjoying your part.

Juan Pablo: Do you want me to stop?

Greenlee: No. I need to know if my mother's lying to me about Jackson.

Juan Pablo: As you wish. There's no need to be troubled. Come. Tell me what you see.

Greenlee: Um -- I see me.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. Look closer, past what is on the surface. Look inside. Do you know what I see?

Greenlee: What?

Juan Pablo: I see a beautiful woman with great ambition and compassion. You have fire in your soul. And you are courageous.

Greenlee: Courageous?

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. You're pursuing the truth of your life, even though you know it may hurt you. That takes courage. That's what I see, even if you cannot. Greenlee, do you think I can see all of that in you and still want your mother?

David: I don't think it really matters whether we believe Kendall or not.

Maggie: Then what do I do?

David: I think you should do what you've been doing all along -- taking care of the people you love, the people Michael has hurt. There's nothing else we can do right now.

Maggie: I -- I don't know.

David: Maggie, do we need to take care of Michael Cambias?

Maggie: No, I -- I guess we don't.

David: I want you to go home. I want you to take care of yourself, all right?

Maggie: Ok.

David: Michael Cambias is gone, and Pine Valley's going to be a better place because of it.

Maggie: Ok.

David: Come on.

Liza: Palmer's been in Canada. That's where Adam is.

Tad: Yeah, imagine that. And Veronique swears that after his first trip north, he got off the plane with a guy that looked a lot like Adam, and I don't think she was talking about Stuart.

Liza: But they hate each other. Adam would never go anywhere with Palmer!

Tad: Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?

Liza: I mean, with all the weird things that have been going on with Michael Cambias disappearing, I guess it makes a certain kind of sense.

Tad: You know what makes sense is you and me going to Tahiti. You know? I think it makes perfect sense. Can't you just see us there on a little boat watching the sunset?

Liza: I am not going to spend 20 hours on a plane with you.

Tad: Your loss. The timing's perfect for a big risk.

Liza: What makes you say that?

Tad: What, are you kidding? Palmer is allied with Adam, and Kendall Hart is married to Michael Cambias? And guess what -- that little chill you just felt going up and down your spine? That's hell freezing over.

Anna: Thank you. Why the hell didn't you arrest Kendall?

Jack: Because she didn't do anything criminal, Anna.

Anna: She admitted to cutting a deal with Cambias to get him out of town. She should've been charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.

Jack: And how did she help him exactly, huh? He left of his own volition, he left under his own name and on a commercial flight. Now, the person responsible for his disappearance is whatever cop you had assigned to watching him. Now, that's your problem, isn't it?

Anna: Ofc. Ramirez. Ramirez!

Ofc. Ramirez: Yeah, Chief?

Anna: You were assigned to Cambias the night he disappeared. What happened? How did he get away?

Ofc. Ramirez: The unit was told to step down, so we did.

Anna: By who?

Ofc. Ramirez: You.

Anna: No, I never gave such an order. I would've watched him myself.

Ofc. Ramirez: We were just following orders. It was a direct order.

Anna: It didn't come from me. I want to know who the hell went over my head.

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