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All My Children Transcript Tuesday9/2/03

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Liza: You know, honestly, you invite me here and then you keep me waiting. What's going on?

Tad: Good question. What do you think they're drinking in Argentina these days?

Liza: I have no idea.

Tad: How about a flaming gaucho? Two diet sodas, please?

Bartender: Certainly.

Tad: Thank you.

Liza: Flaming gaucho. I suppose this has something to do with Juan Pablo.

Tad: Oh, indeed, it does. Our little novella continues. You asked for it, you got it. I managed to obtain the scoop on your boy from the pampas.

Liza: He's not my boy, although I wish he was.

Tad: This may change your mind.

Liza: What, is he an international dues-paying member of the gigolo society?

Tad: Quite possibly, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Liza: Con artist?

Tad: No.

Liza: Embezzler?

Tad: No.

Liza: Jewel thief?

Tad: No.

Liza: Murderer? Murderer? Juan Pablo is a murderer?

Tad: Oh, gosh, no. Perish the thought. He's just protecting one.

Juan Pablo: Are you sure about this?

Greenlee: Yes. Are you?

Juan Pablo: Of course.

Greenlee: Ok. My mother should be in the bar ordering her drink right about now.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. She's that predictable?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. It shouldn't be too hard to find out if she's telling me the truth for a change.

Juan Pablo: It's so hard to believe that Jackson Montgomery might be the liar?

Greenlee: He wouldn't be the first man to sell me a sincere act. And if Jackson has known all along that I was his daughter and he's covering it up with this elaborate act, I can't let it continue. Ready?

Juan Pablo: Ready.

Greenlee: Hi. Good afternoon.

Man: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

Greenlee: Um -- this is kind of awkward, but one of your guests here, Mary Smythe?

Man: Yes?

Greenlee: I don't know how to tell you this, but she's been financially disabled with no chance of recovery.

Man: What?

Greenlee: Yeah. She's been cut off. No cash flow.

Man: No cash flow?

Greenlee: She's virtually penniless.

Mary: Excuse me. I've been waiting quite some time for my champagne. Is there a problem?

Bartender: I'm sorry. The bottle that you requested has to be brought up from our wine cellar.

[Phone rings]

Bartender: Excuse me. Yes. Yes, sir. Uh -- yes, sir. How about I make you something else? Perhaps a screwdriver?

Mary: No, I'd like the champagne that I always order.

Bartender: But I can't serve it to you.

Mary: Excuse me?

Bartender: Well, that was the manager, Mr. Van Pelt.

Mary: Oh, so you're out of the 1985 again. I can't believe this.

Bartender: No, it's -- I just can't put anything else on your tab.

Mary: What? That's absurd!

Bartender: Well --

Juan Pablo: Excuse me. I will be honored to pay for whatever this lovely lady desires.

Jack: And just why are you so sure that Cambias is dead?

Reggie: I'm not sure. I just thought -- because you had walked in here looking like somebody had died -- that, you know, I thought -- I hoped that Michael Cambias was dead.

Jack: No, he just left town.

Maggie: Yeah, like hell he did.

Mia: I'm sorry. If Kendallís gunning for Michael, why not just tell Anna? I mean, I'm sure that the police could handle it.

Aidan: If the police find Michael, well, there's no doubt they'll find Kendall, too.

Mia: But if you're afraid Kendallís in danger --

Aidan: No, it's Michael that's the one that's in danger if Kendallís on the loose.

Mia: You don't actually think that Kendallís going to hurt him?

Aidan: If Cambias is still breathing, it's because Kendall wants to finish him off slow and watch him suffer.

Kendall: Ryan. Oh, my God.

Woman: Oh! Oh, my God! Somebody call a doctor!

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Jack: And just why are you so sure that Cambias didn't leave town?

Maggie: I mean, with all the charges against him, how could he? He's not supposed to.

Reggie: And what makes you so sure he left?

Jack: I just came from his condo. The police were there, too.

Maggie: What for?

Reggie: Yeah, what has the pervert done now?

Jack: Anna obtained a search warrant.

Maggie: Well, did they find any evidence that could help Bianca?

Jack: No. Unfortunately, it was a nonrelated case. Anna got a tip that Cambias has been involved in drug trafficking.

Reggie: Hmm. The freak's been busy.

Jack: Yeah, he's been busy packing up his bags and leaving town. Bianca, I'm sorry I couldn't spare you all of this.

Bianca: Oh, I know.

Jack: I mean, you suffered through that hearing only to find out we couldn't even put him on trial, and now he's gotten away from us. I'm so sorry.

Bianca: Oh, Uncle Jack, I know that you did everything that you could.

Jack: Yeah, well, that's not saying much, is it?

Bianca: I'm just glad that I never have to see his face again.

Maggie: Let's just hope that he falls off the face of this earth.

Bianca: Um --

Maggie: Oh, God. You ok?

Reggie: You ok? You want to go lay down?

Bianca: No. You know what? I need to talk to you, Uncle Jack. Alone.

Mia: You don't believe that Kendall would really try to kill him?

Aidan: As soon as she finds Michael and gets the opportunity, yeah.

Mia: Kendall wants revenge, but murder? God, there's no way.

Aidan: There are plenty of ways. First I caught her brewing some lethal flowers.

Mia: Oh, come on. It wasn't really --

Aidan: Poison, yeah. There was enough in there for Michael Cambias to drink himself to death a thousand times over.

Mia: Ok, so maybe she went overboard once, but that doesn't mean --

Aidan: And then she bought him a pet -- a pet snake whose bite can kill a man within minutes.

Mia: She got him a snake?

Aidan: And planted it over at Michaelís condo, which I exterminated.

Mia: Wow. Ok. So you stopped her twice. What makes you think that she's going to --

Aidan: Because there was a third time. I caught her with a knife strapped to her thigh, which I can only assume she was going to use to hack her way to revenge.

Mia: And hack her way through Michael.

Aidan: Exactly. And all of this happened, Mia, before I brought her over to Fusion and dropped her off with you and Simone. We all know how that turned out, don't we?

Mia: Well, God, so why didn't you tell us?

Aidan: Because I thought I could talk her down myself.

Mia: All right. Well, what do we do now? We know that Kendallís out for blood, but she could be in danger. Michael could overpower her.

Aidan: No, that hasn't happened so far. We would've heard something. The winning is only important to Michael Cambias if he can rub everybody's face in it.

Mia: He is so vile.

Aidan: Yeah, and he wouldn't dispatch Kendall and simply take off.

Mia: Unless he's dealing drugs.

Aidan: Come on, you don't buy that, do you?

Mia: Well, it explains the cash that he gave to Fusion.

Aidan: There was never, ever a hint that Michael Cambias was involved in drugs. Suddenly there's an anonymous tip and a big stash is found at his apartment? It was a setup.

Mia: By who? And why?

Aidan: By any of the hundreds of people that want to put him in a cage.

Mia: Kendall, maybe.

Aidan: No. Prison is not exactly where Kendall wants to send him, and I didn't tell you this because I was trying to protect her.

Mia: But now?

Aidan: But now I need your help to find her.

Mia: Ok. So where do we start?

Aidan: If we locate Cambias, dead or alive, Kendall will be close by.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, you ok?

Woman: Ow. I'm not sure. My ankle --

Ryan: Oh, well -- no, wait, wait, wait. Don't put any weight on it. Let me help you up here.

Man: If you'll just sit down, I'll call Dr. Gowan.

Ryan: Well, listen, it's not really kind of swelling up. How does it feel?

Woman: I was so startled.

Ryan: It's all right. It's ok. Just -- let me -- I got you.

Man: Thank you.

Ryan: I got you. Why don't we sit down here.

Kendall: Get your hands off.

Man: I can't risk another accident, ma'am.

Kendall: Just leave it alone, ok? I'm checking it. I think -- I think some of it's mine.

Man: All of these bags belong to Ms. Simmons. She's here on a book tour.

Kendall: Well, they look exactly like mine.

Man: Perhaps if you'd join me over at the desk, I can locate your luggage, ma'am.

Kendall: All right. You go over there. I'll join you in a minute.

Ryan: You all right?

Woman: So embarrassed.

Ryan: Don't be, don't be. It happens all the time.

Man: If you don't come out from behind there right now, I'll have security drag you out.

Woman: Thank you again.

Ryan: All right, you're welcome. Be careful now. Don't be --

Woman: I don't know what I would've done without you.

Man: Very well. I'll have you carried out.

Man: Yeah, Mac, get up here. We got one ready for the bin.

Kendall: Everything is fine now, Mac. Ok, James will be with you in just a second. Thank you.

James: I'm sorry --

Kendall: No -- you obviously don't know who I am.

James: No.

Kendall: Well, let me inform you.

James: Oh -- I'm sorry. I had no idea. Please forgive me. When you were on the floor, I never dreamed that -- may I be of any assistance?

Kendall: Yes, actually, you could. Could you tell me why Ryan Lavery was in this hotel?

James: He was a guest for several weeks.

Kendall: What was he doing in Vegas?

James: I've really no idea.

Tad: So, after the fight, this guy Sergio dies. Carlos leaves town and the country with his brother's help. Which means that along with beautiful women and polo ponies, our friend Juan Pablo is into obstructing justice.

Liza: It sounds like he's keeping his brother alive.

Tad: Oh, come on, Liza. If this rape story is true and he wants to protect his brother, then he should be escorting him back to Argentina where he can face charges and clear his name instead of attacking Michael Cambias. I mean, this whole thing is a disaster.

Liza: It sounds like, if the story's true, that Carlos should get a medal.

Tad: It sounds like he killed a man. What if the details supplied weren't on the up-and-up? Ok, what if this was just a case of jealousy? Carlos walked in on this guy and he was making it with this girl and he just lost it?

Liza: Why do you hate Carlos and Juan Pablo so much?

Tad: I don't hate Carlos.

Liza: They have been nothing but honorable.

Tad: Far from it. I'm worried about you. I'm concerned about you and Mia and Simone. I don't think you should be so gullible. Just because a guy is great-looking and he's charming and smooth, he's got a good line, doesn't mean you -- what are you smiling at? It's not funny.

Liza: Are you giving me some personal experience?

Tad: I'm not laughing.

Liza: All right, all right. You know what? Let's say the story is true and all you're trying to do is protect the women of Fusion.

Tad: At last, at last, a relevant observation. I'm stunned.

Liza: You know what? I'm saying lay off the Ruiz brothers. They are not a threat to anybody. And I -- you know what? I'm not going to stay here and argue with you, even though I care about you. I have a date.

Tad: What do you mean, you've got a date? With who?

Liza: Alfred. We're going to play strip chess and indulge in some hot philately.

Tad: Don't knock his stamp collection. It's pretty hot. He's got some new ones from Lapland and Bangkok.

Liza: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Excuse me. Go. Yeah, I'm free. Oh -- reasonably priced. Really? Sure. No, ok, I'll be right there. Turns out I've got a date, too.

Liza: With whom?

Tad: Your mother. I'm going to help her with that kama sutra quilt she's been sewing.

Liza: Have fun.

Mary: Mmm. It's so embarrassing.

Juan Pablo: Accountants make mistakes. What can we do?

Mary: I told the hotel manager I'd settle it with him later.

Juan Pablo: I'm glad there was an error.

Mary: Why is that?

Juan Pablo: It gave me an excuse to join you.

Mary: That's a lovely thing to say.

Juan Pablo: Hmm. We met at Fusion, remember?

Mary: Of course I remember. My daughter refused to introduce us.

Juan Pablo: You are Greenleeís mother?

Mary: She didn't tell you?

Juan Pablo: Perhaps because she knew I wouldn't believe her.

Mary: Well, it's true.

Juan Pablo: Wow. Amazing.

Mary: Now, are you about to give me that line where you tell me you don't think I'm old enough to have a daughter like Greenlee?

Juan Pablo: I don't give any lines. You are far too young to have such a daughter. Unless Greenleeís not as old as I think she is.

Mary: Let's not talk about age unless it's the champagne.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. You're right. Age is irrelevant.

Mary: So, are you seeing Greenlee?

Juan Pablo: Only as business requires.

Mary: You're in the cosmetics business?

Juan Pablo: I was considering an investment until Michael Cambias acquired Fusion.

Mary: Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Juan Pablo: No, it's business.

Mary: Hmm.

Juan Pablo: I'm happy. I'm sharing a bottle of fine champagne with a beautiful woman.

Mary: You certainly are a mood enhancer.

Juan Pablo: Hmm. I am?

Mary: Tell me, how did you get to be so charming? Where are you from?

Juan Pablo: From Buenos Aires.

Mary: Ah.

Juan Pablo: I missed it -- until today. Thank you.

Mary: How flattering.

Juan Pablo: Argentina -- oh, Argentina is the perfect country. Have you ever been?

Mary: No, but I'd like to go.

Juan Pablo: It has the best of everything.

Mary: Hmm.

Juan Pablo: The land can be wild and exciting.

Mary: Wild and exciting like the people, you mean?

Juan Pablo: Yes. You have read about Argentina?

Mary: It's just a guess.

Juan Pablo: We have the finest art, literature, music, and our polo ponies are prized all the world over.

Mary: You play polo?

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. It is my second-favorite activity.

Mary: And what is your first?

Juan Pablo: Well --

Mary: I'm woefully inexperienced -- when it comes to polo, that is.

Juan Pablo: Uh-huh. If I find any reason to stay, I will bring my ponies over. I think I will do well in America.

Mary: I'm sure you will.

Juan Pablo: Hmm. Would you bring me luck?

Mary: I will bring you luck or I will die trying.

[Phone rings]

Juan Pablo: Forgive me.

Mary: Oh --

Juan Pablo: I must take it.

Mary: The curse of modern technology.

Juan Pablo: Yes?

Greenlee: Is she eating out of your hand?

Juan Pablo: That seems to be the case.

Greenlee: Then is it time for me to set the trap?

Reggie: If it gets too hot for you, call me, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Reggie: I'm not playing, Bianca. You promise?

Bianca: Yes, I do, I promise.

Reggie: Ok, nothing's too small.

Bianca: I'm going to call you.

Reggie: I love you.

Bianca: Me, too.

Reggie: Things are looking up now that Cambias is gone -- for everybody.

Jack: Now, you, little missy -- I want you to come over here, I want you to rest, and I'm going to get you something to eat. What do you have a taste for?

Bianca: Oh, nothing.

Jack: Sweetheart, listen to me. You have to keep up your strength. Now, why don't I go in there, make a protein shake, fresh strawberries. We'll split it --

Bianca: Uncle Jack, I'm sorry. I have something that I've got to tell you, and I think that if I don't tell you right now --

Jack: Ok, ok, well, let's talk.

Bianca: I -- I think Iíd rather stand.

Jack: Ok, sweetheart, I'm listening. What's on your mind?

Bianca: I don't know how Iím going to say this.

Jack: Just say it. Bianca, I love you. You know you can tell me anything, so --

Bianca: I'm afraid.

Jack: Yeah, well, I come in here and I tell you that Cambias is missing and we have no idea where he is --

Bianca: No, I'm not afraid of Michael Cambias.

Jack: Well, then, what?

Bianca: I'm afraid for Mom.

Jack: But Cambias is not involved?

Bianca: No. Well, yes, he is -- oh, God --

Jack: Look -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you want me to call Erica --

Bianca: No -- no. Uncle Jack, this is between you and me.

Jack: Ok, sweetheart, you -- you take your time. Speak your mind. I'm not going anywhere.

Bianca: Uncle Jack, do you still love Mom?

Jack: What does that have to do with --

Bianca: No, I need to know. Ok, please. Do you love her?

Jack: In spite of everything that's happened, yes, I love your mother. I love Erica with all my heart.

Jack: Sweetheart, where is this coming from, exactly?

Bianca: Uncle Jack, it has never been more important for Mom to know that you love her and that you will stand by her no matter what.

Jack: Yeah, but it's -- it's just not that simple. I mean, your mother and I have some things we have to work out before we can take another trip down that aisle.

Bianca: Because she lied to you and she kept the truth from Greenlee, too. I know. I -- I don't know why Mom does these things. But it's out now. You know the truth.

Jack: Yeah, but don't you think that was a pretty big secret to keep from me, huh?

Bianca: Yes, I know it was. But I also know that you guys can work past this. I mean, you just told me you love her in spite of everything. You can't let Greenlee or anybody else stand in the way of your happiness.

Greenlee: If you've got my mother where you want her, I'm ready.

Juan Pablo: Then by all means, make the move now.

Greenlee: Done.

Juan Pablo: Goodbye. Oh, I hate business when it interferes with pleasure.

Mary: I feel a disappointment coming on.

Juan Pablo: I have to make some calls to my board of directors.

Mary: No, we were just getting to know one another.

Juan Pablo: It will only take a few hours. Then Iím free. Dine with me at 8:00?

Mary: That would be lovely.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. I will call for you at your suite. It's ok?

Mary: Marvelous. Suite 817.

Juan Pablo: 817 at 8:00.

Mary: At 8:00.

Juan Pablo: Until then. Pine Valley's much more beautiful than it was this morning.

Mary: Indeed it is.

Juan Pablo: Your turn.

Mary: No unpleasantness, please.

Greenlee: No, I didn't know where else to go.

Mary: What happened, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I went to Jackson to see if what you said was true and he knew that I was his daughter all along.

Mary: Of course he denied it. You just can't believe that, though.

Greenlee: No, he didnít. He didn't even let me ask the question. He just cut me off and he walked away.

Mary: Well, of course he didn't offer you an explanation. You caught him off-guard.

Greenlee: Well, why can't he just face me and tell me the truth?

Mary: I told you that. Because he has a reputation to protect.

Greenlee: No one cares if he fathered a child decades ago.

Mary: Greenlee, he's been the upstanding, honest district attorney for so long. How would it look if he admitted that he had a daughter and never did anything for you?

Greenlee: You mean that he just didn't give a damn? Mother, you said you loved me from the instant you knew you were pregnant.

Mary: Of course I did. And I made a lot of mistakes raising you, but my love for you never wavered.

Greenlee: We've had a lot of misunderstandings.

Mary: But that's all they were, darling. And I swear to you, if you'll just give me another chance, I'll prove to you how much I love you.

Greenlee: Jackson wouldn't stand two minutes with me.

Mary: You don't need Jackson. Neither of us does. We have each other now, and I can be the mother that you've always needed.

Greenlee: For how long?

Mary: Always.

Greenlee: Always? Or until another attractive man gets your attention?

Mary: Please don't throw my past stupidity and selfishness in my face. I have a lot to make up for, but I can do it if you'll let me. Greenlee, please, you're all I have. Please let this be the beginning of a new life for us both.

Mia: Oh, good, good.

Tad: Ok, I'm here. What's the big deal?

Mia: We need your expertise. Come.

Tad: "We"?

Mia: Yes.

Tad: I take it this isn't about lip-gloss.

Aidan: Hey, Tad.

Tad: Hey.

Aidan: Cambias took off.

Tad: When?

Aidan: Well, the police went around to his place with a warrant. Cambias was missing, along with one of his suitcases.

Tad: So this is "Where in the world is Michael Cambias?"

Aidan: Yeah.

Tad: You have any luck?

Aidan: Not yet.

Mia: And it's taking forever.

Aidan: I was hoping that your expertise could help us out.

Tad: Maybe. Move over. Start with flights to Vegas.

Mia: Las Vegas? Why?

Tad: Because according to the news, Cambias' father died in Vegas.

Kendall: Thank you.

James: Again, my sincere apologies.

Kendall: It's about time. If we don't hurry, we'll be late. Let's go.

Mary: I know Iíve disappointed you so many times, Greenlee, but please give me another chance.

Man: Excuse me, please. Mrs. Smythe, if I could have a word.

Mary: Well, yes, we'll settle that little matter about the champagne later.

Man: Your bill is no little matter, Mrs. Smythe. I'm afraid it's a very big problem.

Mary: And I will meet you in your office as soon as Iím finished with my daughter.

Man: A problem that is sadly overdue.

Mary: Well, I'm sure it can wait another 10 minutes.

Man: If you cannot settle the amount right now, I must ask you to find other accommodations -- immediately.

Greenlee: I'll pay for everything.

Man: But --

Greenlee: No, it's good. Run my card through right away.

Man: Oh, I -- I will. Thank you.

Mary: Oh, darling, thank you.

Greenlee: Well, how can I give you a second chance if I don't know where to find you?

Mary: You mean you are? Oh! Oh, Greenlee. Oh, thank you. You won't be sorry. Let's order another bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Greenlee: I have a better idea. Let's have dinner.

Mary: Lovely. When?

Greenlee: Tonight. I mean, what better way to make a fresh start, catch up over dinner?

Mary: Tonight? Oh --

Greenlee: I really need your company, Mother.

Mary: Of course you do, and there's no place Iíd rather be than with you.

Greenlee: It'll be wonderful. Just the two of us, all evening.

Mary: Yes. Well, I'm going to run upstairs and choose a fabulous dress for our dinner. So what time -- 5:00, 6:00?

Greenlee: 8:00 is perfect for me.

Mary: 8:00?

Perfect. Perfect. What's perfect for you is perfect for me. I'll see you later.

Greenlee: Ok.

Juan Pablo: It seems we are destined to connect.

Mary: Oh! What a lovely idea.

Juan Pablo: Until 8:00, then.

Mary: 8:00. No! Wait!

Juan Pablo: No? You are breaking our date?

Maggie: Why, after -- after all she's been through?

[Knock on door]

Maggie: I'm coming. I'm coming.

Henry: Hey.

Maggie: Hi.

Henry: Long time, no see.

Maggie: Yeah.

Henry: So, how you been?

Maggie: Pretty sucky. How about you?

Henry: Yeah, I -- I watched the hearing. It must've been miserable seeing that creep walk.

Maggie: "Miserable" is putting it mildly.

Henry: Well, you know, it's all anybody's ever talking about.

Maggie: Good. Then we don't have to.

Henry: That's not why I came by, anyway.

Maggie: You know, it's been a really long week. I'm exhausted --

Henry: I won't stay long. Um -- I've got some news. Some great news.

Maggie: Does that kind still exist?

Henry: We're going on tour -- the band.

Maggie: Your band?

Henry: Yeah. It's incredible, huh? No, but you haven't heard the best part. We're opening for The Fugue.

Maggie: Oh, my God. This is huge. You weren't kidding. This is great news.

Henry: I still can't believe it's really happening. It --

Maggie: Why not? You're great. You're so talented. You're following your dream.

Henry: Yeah, thanks to you.

Maggie: You deserve success, Henry.

Henry: Get this -- when I told my mom about the tour, she had Uncle Lee drive to the record store and pick up The Fugue's latest CD.

Maggie: No. Is she ready for that?

Henry: Well, when she saw that it went platinum, she -- she wished me luck.

Maggie: Wow. It's a trap. You know she's going to lock you up.

Henry: No, she even said that when we're back east, she and Uncle Lee are coming to a concert.

Maggie: Oh, now, that's a picture.

Henry: Yeah. I'm going to miss you, Maggie.

Maggie: Only for a little while. You know, those little groupies are going to be all over you.

Henry: I'll never forget you and I'll always love you for being the first woman to see who I really was and what I want.

Maggie: You know, it wasn't that tough.

Henry: But you made me believe that I could have it, and now I do.

Bianca: When mom lost custody of me, she also lost you. And I know how much that killed her, being apart from the two of us.

Jack: Don't -- don't underestimate your mother. I mean, Erica is nothing if not strong.

Bianca: Think about why she lost us, Uncle Jack. It was because you wouldn't lie. The truth came out at the custody hearing.

Jack: Yeah.

Bianca: And Mom loves you more than anyone in the world.

Jack: Yeah, well, except you.

Bianca: Is it any wonder that she tried to fight against the truth, that she tried to keep the fact that Greenlee is your daughter a secret all this time?

Jack: So what are you suggesting, that I just forget about this?

Bianca: No, I don't -- I don't expect you to forget about it. But I want you to forgive her because you understand why she did it. She did it to protect you and to protect your future together. Why can't you see that?

Jack: No -- Bianca, why are you so worked up about this? I mean, why now at this point in time?

Bianca: We have all kept secrets at one time or another. I mean, I didn't tell about being raped, and that's why we didn't have enough evidence against Michael Cambias. I mean, because I kept quiet, that's why he walked.

Jack: Now, you listen to me. Don't you blame yourself for that, ok? Please, never, ever --

Bianca: Ok, fine. Then don't blame Mom for what she did. You have to stand by her. You have to love her and protect her.

Jack: Protect her? Protect her from what, Bianca?

Mary: Me break our date?

Juan Pablo: You seem distracted.

Mary: Oh. Yes -- no! I mean, no, no. I was just with the manager settling that little misunderstanding.

Juan Pablo: Ah, about the champagne.

Mary: Yes. That was so embarrassing.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. But now all is settled?

Mary: All taken care of, yes.

Juan Pablo: Great. Then we are still on for dinner at 8:00?

Mary: Yes. Yes. I'll -- I'll be waiting for you.

Juan Pablo: Ok.

Juan Pablo and Mary: Suite 8 --

Juan Pablo: 17.

Mary: 817.

Juan Pablo: Right.

Mary: Si, si. I just don't know how I'm going to do this.

Juan Pablo: Pardon me?

Mary: Oh, nothing, nothing. I'll see you later.

Juan Pablo: See you.

Mary: Ciao.

Juan Pablo: Bye-bye.

Greenlee: Hey. So what'd she say?

Juan Pablo: We are on for 8:00.

Greenlee: Same here. And she didn't mention including you.

Juan Pablo: So the test must continue.

Greenlee: My mother.

Juan Pablo: We'll get the truth.

Greenlee: If she chooses you over me, then I'll know her devotion is a crock.

Juan Pablo: And that she lies about your father.

Greenlee: Hmm. My money's on that. There's no way she's going to pass up an evening with you to let me cry on her shoulder.

Juan Pablo: If you're right, she doesn't deserve you.

Greenlee: Thanks. And thanks for helping me.

Juan Pablo: Why are you staring?

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm just wondering why you're bothering with all this.

Juan Pablo: I want you to find someone you can trust.

Greenlee: I'm beginning to think that people like that don't exist.

Juan Pablo: They exist. Only sometimes, it takes being willing to trust to find out who they are.

Jack: Sweetheart, why does Erica need protecting? >From what? Honey --

Bianca: When Mom found out that Michael Cambias had raped me, it -- she nearly came apart. But when she hears about this --

Jack: About what?

Bianca: It's not over -- what Michael did to me.

Jack: Oh, honey, of course it's going to take you a while to deal with this and to move on with your life.

Bianca: Maybe forever. Maybe for the rest of my life.

Jack: Oh, my God. Did Michael do -- did Cambias do something else to you, something you haven't told anyone?

Bianca: Before I tell you this, you need to promise me that you are going to stand by Mom, that you are going to stand by her no matter what and that you are going to help her cope with this.

Jack: Bianca, listen to me. I will always be there for you and I will always be there for your mother. I swear.

Bianca: I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with Michael Cambias' child.

Tad: Who knew there were so many flights to Vegas. New York, Philadelphia, Newark. Let's try 138.

Mia: Oh -- there! Right there.

Tad: Good eye.

Aidan: Right. He's on that flight.

Tad: Him and somebody else, two in coach.

Aidan: Two tickets.

Tad: I wouldn't think anybody would be caught dead with that loser.

Mia: On a commercial flight.

Aidan: Yeah, especially traveling under his own name.

Mia: To Las Vegas.

Aidan: He's going to bring his father's body home?

Tad: Maybe he's traveling with an undertaker. There's only one way to find out.

Aidan: Who are you calling?

Tad: Friend of mine, somebody who can help out. Veronique. Hi, sweetheart. It's Tad. Yeah. Oh, I miss you, too. No, no, that -- that cleared up. Listen, I -- I need a favor, ok? Could you do an identity check, please, on two passengers on Flight 138 to Vegas?

Kendall: Well, that's done. It's all taken care of.

Tad: Well, that's it. It's confirmed. Both passengers checked in with ID -- Michael Cambias and Kendall Hart.

Ryan: Yeah, that's right. One way, first-class, on your next flight to Pine Valley.

Kendall: Oh, God. I could use a massage and a sauna. Blood.

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