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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/29/03

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Michael: Bianca, are you dreaming sweet, talcum-scented dreams? Huh?

Bianca: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, did you think the proud papa could stay away once I heard that we were expecting?

Bianca: Get out.

Michael: Bianca, you know, you should have told me yourself. When two people have been intimate together, there's no reason to hold secrets from each other. But the good news is, is that it's not too late to celebrate. Imagine me, the bouncing baby's doting daddy.

Bianca: You're not the father.

Michael: Bianca, I am the father. My baby is growing inside of you. My child's heart is beating. You belong to me. You both do. Both mother and child belong to me.

Bianca: No, I am not having your baby!

Reggie: Bianca, look, calm down. It's a dream. I'm here. It's Reggie.

Bianca: Oh, God. I -- I thought that this was over. I prayed that I was never going to see his face again.

Reggie: Look, your prayer's been answered, all right? Michael Cambias is nothing but a bad memory now.

[Monitor beeps]

Alexander: Ryan --

Ryan: Hey, old man. What, did you think you could ditch me?

Alexander: I saw -- I saw -- it was my curse.

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no, don't -- don't try to speak, ok? Just save your strength.

Alexander: I saw hell. Michael was there. My son was dead. He called me to join him.

Opal: Oh, well, mighty nice of you to drop in.

Palmer: Opal, it's about time.

Opal: Oh, yeah? Well, don't you get started on me, Mister, because I just spent the last eight hours locked up with a she-male impersonator. Now, what the blue blazes have you been up to?

Palmer: Never mind. It doesn't matter. I am here now. And we'd better get over to Walter Hines' office and see that that assault charge is dropped!

Opal: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm not budging from this spot until you tell me where you were last night while I was stewing in the clink. And it better have been a matter of life and death.

Anna: David?

David: Hey.

Anna: Hi. What happened to you? Or should I say who happened?

Lena: It's all for you, Bianca.


Lena: It's over now.

Bianca: Reggie, what do you mean, Michael's history? What does -- how do you know that?

Reggie: Well, you know, I know a lot of stuff. But I'm going to keep my mouth shut. You know, it's cool.

Bianca: About what?

Reggie: About the baby.

Bianca: Baby? Reggie, what -- where on earth did you get that idea?

Reggie: Bianca, you said it in your sleep.

Bianca: Well, I -- it was -- I was dreaming. It was a crazy dream.

Reggie: Ok, if you say so.

Bianca: If there were a baby, if it were true -- it's too cruel. It's -- God would never be that cruel. I don't think I could face it.

Reggie: Look, Bianca, you don't have to face anything in this world alone. You have me.

Bianca: Thanks.

Reggie: I hope you didn't think I was just talking just to talk. You need protection, I got the muscle, trust me.

Bianca: Yeah, you also had a gun. I took it.

Aidan: I can't believe you guys fell for it. It's so bloody obvious.

Simone: Oh!

Mia: You know what? Kendall faked us out, ok?

Simone: We really thought she had something in her eye.

Mia: Yeah.

Aidan: So how soon after I got off the phone with you girls last night did Kendall disappear? Don't tell me --

[Aidan sighs]

Mia: Ok, she split before that.

Aidan: Great. Bloody great. I ask you to do one thing -- to look after Kendall for me -- and you go mess it up.

Mia: Oh, please.

Simone: Ok, you know what, Agent Special Ops? You gave us an assignment and we blew it, ok? What should we do now, huh? Pop a cyanide capsule?

Aidan: You know what they say -- you want a job done properly --

Simone: Oh, yeah --

Mia: You know what? You got that right. You're the one who botched this up, bucko. If you wanted to keep an eye an Kendall, you should have done it yourself instead of whatever the hell you were doing.

Aidan: Yeah, maybe you're right, Mia. It should have been me. I'm the one that blew it.

Mia: Aidan, wait. Wait. Are you going to look for Kendall?

Aidan: What does it look like?

Mia: I'll ride shotgun.

Aidan: I think you've helped enough already.

Mia: Look, you're not the only one who cares about Kendall, ok? I might have messed things up last night --

[Mia groans]

Mia: But I can help you now.

Aidan: All right. As long as you don't hold me up.

Mia: No, come on. The stairs are faster.

Simone: You know, Aidan, the more I think about it -- Aidan? Well, where the hell did everybody go now? Oh, God.

[Elevator door opens]

Simone: Kendall? Oh, it's only you.

Greenlee: You're not the cherry on the sundae of my life, either.

Simone: No, no, no, I just meant I thought it was Kendall, because she ran out of here last night.

Greenlee: Well, maybe she'd had it with being lied to, and she went to find a nice, private hole she could crawl into.

[Elevator door opens]

Greenlee: If you're here to apologize, you can just turn around and press the down button.

Juan Pablo: I'm here to learn which one of you betrayed me last night.

Opal: Well? I'm waiting. What is your alibi?

Palmer: I beg your pardon?

Opal: I want to know what you were doing while I was sitting in jail fending off the advances of Sheena, the queen of the 5:00 shadow.

Palmer: Opal, if --

Opal: I want to know. What was more important to you than getting your son's mother sprung from the hoosegow, huh?

Palmer: What matters now is that I am here.

Opal: You know, that's another thing -- how come you're being so nice?

Palmer: Is that a crime?

Opal: Yeah, it stinks to high heaven, because I know you and you only treat me -- the only time you treat me half decent is when you've been up to something, Mister, so spill.

Palmer: Believe me, Opal, you don't want to know.

Anna: Here.

David: What? Oh, Anna, I'm fine.

Anna: No, no, just put it on.

David: Ok, ok, ok. Ow.

Anna: It's better. It'll feel better.

David: Yeah, it's perfect.

Anna: So you want to tell me why your cheekbone's that lovely shade of eggplant?

David: I already told you, I had a flat tire on the way over here.

Anna: And it just flew through the window and smashed you in the face?

David: No, the Jack slipped when I bent down to fix it.

Anna: Oh, come on. I don't know, but that bruise looks like it's had a few hours to ripen.

David: What can I tell you? I bruise easily.

Anna: I see.

David: So you want to keep grilling me, or are you going to let me take you out to breakfast?

Officer: Excuse me, Chief?

Anna: Yeah, what is it?

Officer: A call for you.

Anna: Oh, put it through. Excuse me.

Officer: It came in on the tip line. You got to take it out here.

Anna: Oh, for crying out -- well, what's this about?

Officer: Beats me. The caller insisted on talking to you, said it's red hot.

Anna: "Red hot." I'll be back.

[Aidan shuts door]

Aidan: Open up, Cambias!

Mia: Aidan -- Aidan, that is the last place you're going to find Kendall.

Aidan: Open the damn door!

Mia: Aidan -- nobody's home. Let's just go check Erica's. Come on.

[Mia gasps]

Mia: Ooh, you're breaking in?

Aidan: What does it look like?

Mia: You can't do this. What if Michael comes back? What if he comes back and catches us?

[Aidan sighs]

Mia: My God --

Aidan: My gut feeling says that's not going to happen.

Mia: Ok, ok, Aidan, Kendall's not here. Let's go. Come on. Come on, let's get out of here before Michael gets back and busts our butt for breaking and entering. What are you looking for?

Aidan: I'll know it when I see it.

Mia: Aidan -- Aidan -- God -- God! Hurry up. Come on. Oh, God. What -- what's going on?

Aidan: If I'm not mistaken, there's a suitcase missing.

Mia: What? How do you know?

Aidan: When I came over here with Kendall to break into Cambias' safe, I remember there were three bags.

Mia: Wow. While you were breaking into Michael's safe, you noticed Michael's luggage?

Aidan: Yeah, we were going to use one of the cases to put in the cash -- to carry the cash in. The large one's not here.

Mia: I don't know. Maybe he went out of town, or maybe he's -- went to the Laundromat. But wherever he went, he didn't need all three of his bags.

Aidan: You're right. You're right. Come on, let's go.

Mia: Now he's in a hurry.

Officer: Freeze. Hands up where we can see them.

Anna: All right. Going to have to take a rain check on breakfast.

David: Does it have anything to do with that red hot tip you just took?

Anna: Yes. Apparently, there's a possible crime scene.

David: It must be really important to call in the chief of police.

Anna: Yes. Has to do with Michael Cambias.

David: What about him?

Anna: Well, I can't discuss it. I have to go.

David: Well, let me go with you.

Anna: Doesn't concern you. I'll call you later.

Opal: So? Damn it, palmer, tell me -- what are you hiding?

Palmer: Opal, don't press me on this.

Opal: I got a right to press you. We share a child, remember? Now, if you've gone and done something to get you landed in hot water, then --

palmer: Opal, you're one to talk. You really are. First of all, you consorted with drug dealers, and then you got arrested for assaulting one of them. How could I top that?

Opal: Has your memory receded along with your hairline? Have you really forgotten the time that you and me played fast and loose with the law to bring down will Cortlandt? Yeah, too bad Janet green got to him first and put him out of our misery before we could --

Opal: Oh. Oh, you're -- you're right, Palmer. You're right. I think that probably the less I know about where you were or what you were doing last night, the better off we will all be.

Palmer: That's right. Now, let's get out of here.

[Monitor beeps]

Alexander: Michael -- flames all around -- beckoning me.

Ryan: Alex, Alex, your son is not dead. Ok, and you're not going to hell. Not on my watch.

Alexander: If only -- if only you had been my son instead of that miserable --

Ryan: Forget about Michael, all right? Let's just focus -- let's focus on getting better.

Alexander: This is the end for me, Ryan. I can feel death breathing down my neck.

Ryan: That's the air conditioner. I'll have them turn it down.

Alexander: Promise me -- promise me when I'm gone, you won't forget what we -- what we talked about.

Ryan: You're not going anywhere.

Alexander: Promise me.

Ryan: I know what to do. I won't let you down.

Alexander: Thank you. You're a good man, Ryan.

[Monitor flat-lines]

Ryan: Alex? Alex! Hey, hey!

Doctor: Excuse me, sir. Out of the way, please. He's coding. Let's prepare to shock him.

Nurse: Clear. Clear.

Doctor: Let's bag him.

Nurse: We're still not getting a rhythm.

Doctor: Again.

Nurse: Clear.

Greenlee: We betrayed you? You're the double-dealer here, you and your baby brother Carlos.

Juan Pablo: My brother is missing.

Greenlee: Sorry. It wasn't my turn to watch him.

Simone: Juan Pablo, you have my word, none of us would do or say anything to put Carlos in danger. And if there's anything we can do to help you find him --

[Elevator door opens]

Carlos: Who said I was missing?

Juan Pablo: Carlos -- pero donde te habias metido. No me hagas esto, por favor.

Carlos: Que -- que pensaste, que alguien me mato? Que --

Juan Pablo: Que crees que piense?

Carlos: I told you we can trust them.

Juan Pablo: Where have you been all night?

Carlos: Out.

Juan Pablo: Out where?

Carlos: That's none of your business. Si --

Juan Pablo: I'm making it my business, ok?

Bianca: I couldn't sleep last night, so I came out here to get a glass of water. You were still asleep in your room, and I saw the gun.

Reggie: So what did you do with the gun?

Bianca: I wrapped it up in a plastic trash bag, and I put it downstairs in the Dumpster in the basement.

Reggie: Dumpster --

Bianca: Hey, hey, hey -- you're not going to find it there.

Reggie: And why not?

Bianca: Because trash pickup was this morning. I heard the trucks before I fell asleep.

Reggie: So the gun is gone?

Bianca: Yes, the gun is gone.

Reggie: And nobody's going to find it?

Bianca: No, no, not unless they go rooting through the landfill.

Reggie: Bianca, you should not get into this, ok?

Bianca: Reggie, I could say the same thing about you. I know why you had that gun -- because you wanted to protect me.

Reggie: Is that a crime?

Bianca: Yeah, it is. You're a minor, and you're on probation. And if they ever trace that gun back to whoever you borrowed it from, you could be in big trouble.

Reggie: Look, I didn't borrow it, ok? I got it off the street. There's no way they could trace it to me or anybody else.

Bianca: All right, that's good. I'm glad. Because I don't want you getting into any more trouble because of me.

Reggie: Well, family sticks by family, no matter what. I come through for the people I care about.

Bianca: Reggie, I care about you, too. But family or not, enough people have already been hurt because of me.

Reggie: Look, you don't worry about me, ok? I'm the man in charge. I'm going to have your back, no matter what you say.

Bianca: I know, I believe you, and I thank you for that, but please promise me, no more guns.

Reggie: Ok, deal. You know, it'd be a waste now, anyway.

Bianca: Why?

Reggie: I mean, no reason to pack the burner, you know, if you're going to keep throwing them in the garbage cans and stuff.

Bianca: Reggie, what you said before about -- about Michael --

[Knock on door]

Reggie: Whoa, Maggie.

Maggie: Reggie, I need to talk to Bianca for a second. Do you mind?

Reggie: Yeah, sure, I'll go get some coffee or something.

Maggie: Thanks.

Bianca: Hey, what's wrong?

Maggie: So how fast can you get packed?

Bianca: "Packed"?

Maggie: Remember that trip that we've been talking about? I booked us a flight. We leave in two hours.

Doctor: We did everything we could. The damage to his heart was extensive. We couldn't bring him back this time.

Doctor: Is there someone you'd like us to call? Mr. Cambias' other son, perhaps?

Ryan: No. No, no, no, no, I'll handle Michael Cambias myself.

Aidan: This is not how it looks.

Officer: Hey, it's the chief's nephew.

Second officer: You just can't stay out of trouble, can you, buddy?

Anna: All right. What's going on here?

Officer: We surrounded the place, chief, per your orders. Caught these two coming out.

Anna: Ok, I'll take this. I want you to start searching the premises. I want you to do it by the book. I don't want anything to come back and bite us in the backside, all right? Thank you. I trust that you two have a very good reason as to why you're here.

Aidan: Yeah -- um -- Mia and I were on our way to see Kendall, and we were in the courtyard. We heard a big crashing sound from over here. Right, Mia?

Mia: Uh -- right, mm-hmm.

Aidan: So we came over to check it out, and no one was home.

Anna: How'd you get in?

Aidan: The door was unlocked.

Mia: So we knocked, of course, to make sure no one was here, but they weren't, so we came in.

Aidan: And from what it looks like, Cambias has skipped town.

Mia: By the way, what's with all the uniforms?

Anna: I got a tip that along with Cambias' other crimes, he's also drug trafficking.

Mia: Oh, really?

Anna: Mm-hmm. Apparently stashed somewhere on the premises is a kilo of heroin.

Jack: What's this I hear? Michael Cambias is a drug dealer, huh? Well, at least that's something new for his rap sheet.

Anna: You don't buy it?

Jack: Anna, if you told me he started the Chicago fire, I'd believe you.

Mia: Well, that explains how Michael got the cash to gobble up Enchantment, Fusion, and Chandler stock without his daddy's bankroll.

Anna: So I have you here in an official capacity. And now my nephew tells me that Cambias has skipped town, he thinks. I'll go with that unless you have any other theories.

Jack: No, no, my only observation would be that the cop that was supposed to cover him ought to have his badge pulled.

Officer: Chief, out back. We caught some guy sneaking through the bushes.

Carlos: Look, you can't rule my life like you did when I was a kid. I own my life. I'm responsible for whatever happens. That's why I'm here. You're right.

Greenlee: About?

Carlos: Me. I was a hypocrite, accusing you of keeping secrets when I had one of my own.

Greenlee: One? Do I hear two, three?

Carlos: Oh, yes, yes -- look, I should have told you the truth from the very beginning. I'm sorry. I scammed you. Accept my apology, please.

Greenlee: Apology accepted.

Simone: Ok, then. Come on, Carlos. Come with me. Let's get some caffeine and try to figure out where Kendall disappeared to.

Greenlee: It's not fun, is it, doubting the person you were starting to trust?

Juan Pablo: No, it's not.

Greenlee: Try waking up in the morning wondering what nasty little secret is going to pop out of someone's mouth.

Juan Pablo: People are seldom what they seem.

Greenlee: Tell me about it but at least none of us here betrayed you. And even if we had, it wouldn't have meant anything. I mean, we're not your family.

Juan Pablo: Family or not, I care about you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Please. You could fill Memorial Park with all the people who claim they care about me.

Juan Pablo: It is not just me you are upset with. Talk to me. Maybe I can help you.

Greenlee: Yeah, like I'd jump at the chance to confide in you.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, you have a choice. You can push me away because I don't do things the way you want me to --

Greenlee: Well, I can't wait to see what's behind door number two.

Juan Pablo: Or you can accept that I'm on your side. It's up to you.

Greenlee: Juan Pablo, wait. I do need a friend, and I want it to be you.

Greenlee: So this is where I'm stuck. If my mother is lying, which wouldn't be the first or even the 500th time, then she really is heartless and beyond forgiveness. But if she's telling the truth and Jackson knew about me from conception and then lied about it, he's not the man I thought he was.

Juan Pablo: I see your problem.

Greenlee: Either way, I'm going to lose my mother or my father, because one of them is lying to me.

Juan Pablo: But which one?

Greenlee: It's no secret that my mother's a liar.

Juan Pablo: But what purpose would this lie serve?

Greenlee: It would estrange me from Jack, and then I'd turn to my mother and she could get her hooks into my money.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. And Jackson? What reason would he have to deny he knew you were his daughter from the beginning?

Greenlee: Well, for starters, if he said he -- he did, he would look like a world-class creep.

Juan Pablo: Does he strike you as a world-class creep?

Greenlee: No. Not at all.

Juan Pablo: Why don't you go see Jackson and get everything out in the open?

Greenlee: I tried -- last night. He blew me off, like I was nothing to him.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, perhaps there is a part of you who wants to believe your mother.

Greenlee: You know, I don't know who or what to believe. You know, was Jack just cornered when I confronted him at the wedding? Was he afraid of looking like a loser in front of his friends?

Juan Pablo: It's possible.

Greenlee: And my mother -- I mean, she goes straight for the jugular every time. Now suddenly she's trying to protect my feelings?

Juan Pablo: She's your mother.

Greenlee: She's Medea in designer pumps. But she could have aborted me or given me up for adoption, but she didn't, which means maybe she really wanted me. She's the only one who did.

Juan Pablo: And if it's true?

Greenlee: If it's true, if my mother isn't lying, then Jackson Montgomery isn't the good guy I thought he was.

[Jack sighs]

Anna: Seems like I'm going to spend half my life arresting my own family.

David: You're not going to arrest me, Anna.

Anna: Well, first you tell me why you're here, and then we'll see.

David: I'm here for the same reason that Jack is.

Anna: I paged Jack. He's the DA. He came in the front door. He wasn't skulking in the shrubbery.

David: Yeah, but Jack was also in that courtroom when that joke of a judge let Cambias walk.

Anna: What's your point?

David: My point is that I want to see Cambias brought down, just like everybody else in this room, apparently.

Anna: I don't think that's going to happen today.

David: And why the hell not?

Anna: Well, this whole drug trafficking thing is -- is very unlikely.

David: Come on, Anna, name a crime. I'm sure that Cambias has committed it.

Anna: Except murder and drug trafficking, you see, I --

David: All right, so he's branching out. So where is the pathetic SOB, anyway?

Jack: Well, it looks like our Mr. Cambias has gone missing on us.

David: Great. Well, why don't we find a way to keep him missing, permanently?

Jack: Sounds good to me. Doesn't look like we're going to find anything here to put him away.

Officer: Chief?

Anna: Yeah?

Officer: We've got something.

Nurse: He was a real firecracker, that one.

Ryan: Yeah, he was.

Nurse: I'm sorry for your loss.

Ryan: Me? I -- I hardly knew the guy.

Nurse: Well, the old man was very fond of you.

Ryan: What makes you say that?

Nurse: Well, he asked me to give you this if and when the time came.

Ryan: The old guy used to carry this around like a good luck charm or something.

Nurse: Well, perhaps it'll give you your fair share.

Ryan: "To my son."

Bianca: You want me packed and on a flight in two hours?

Maggie: Yeah, why not, right?

Bianca: Why -- well, for one thing, we're starting school really soon.

Maggie: You need to get away from all this madness, ok? You need four-star hotels, maid service, feather beds --

Bianca: Ok, I'm sorry. Didn't we -- didn't we discuss backpacking through the outback and surfing and -- and --

Maggie: Yeah, too labor intensive. You need rest.

Bianca: So do you, Maggie. You're the only one that I told, and then I swore you to secrecy. God, you must be exhausted.

Maggie: I'm flattered as hell I'm the one that you could trust, but I just wish I could've done something sooner to get him out --

Bianca: Sooner? What do you mean, sooner?

Maggie: Nothing. I think that the two of us need to get out of this town as quickly as possible, get away from Michael Cambias as soon as we can.

Bianca: You know, no matter how far away I get from Michael Cambias, he's still going to be with me. And until I make some very serious decisions, I don't think that running away is going to solve anything right now.

Reggie: Yo, Bianca, you didn't hear what I said? There's no reason to run from Michael Cambias. His days of hurting you two are over.

Maggie: Reggie, how do you know that?

Greenlee: To think my mother could be so utterly desperate to hold on to me and my money that she'd sabotage the one good thing that's happened to me since Leo.

Juan Pablo: Are you sure you want to know the answer to that question?

Greenlee: It's the not knowing that's killing me.

Juan Pablo: Then let me help you.

Greenlee: You mean that?

Juan Pablo: It would be my privilege.

Greenlee: All right. You're on.

Reggie: Well, you know, I have the inside track on a lot of stuff.

Maggie: Yeah? Like on what?

[Knock on door]

Jack: Reggie, did you spend the night here?

Reggie: Like I promised.

Jack: Thanks, man.

Bianca: Hey.

Jack: Hey, sweetheart.

Bianca: Hey, uncle Jack.

Jack: Hi, Maggie.

Reggie: Yo, Jack, what's up?

Jack: How about Erica, for starters?

Bianca: Oh, no, Mom isn't here. She pulled an all-nighter with her lawyers about the Enchantment takeover. She's not home yet. Why? Is there a problem? I mean, what's one more, right?

Jack: We've got a situation with Michael Cambias.

Bianca: What now?

Reggie: Let me lay it out for your guys. That dog is dead to this world and roasting in the next.

Anna: I want Cambias' picture and description at every law agency nationwide and overseas. Yes, airports, bus stations, the works. You let me know if you get a hit. Mm-hmm. Thanks.

David: So you really think you're going to be able to lay your hands on him?

Anna: Any reason why not?

David: Well, it wouldn't be the first time that he slipped from your grasp. Am I free to go?

Anna: Yeah, you're free to go.

David: Good.

David: Hey, Erica, it's me, David. Can you talk? So, any regrets about what we did last night? Me, neither. Life is too short as it is.

Aidan: Wow, $500,000 worth of heroin could have gone up in smoke.

Mia: Aidan, why did you make up a story about hearing a sound in Michael's condo?

Aidan: Does it matter?

Mia: Yes, it matters. I backed you up. I lied to the police. What's going on with you?

Aidan: Michael's gone. He's gone. Where's Kendall?

Mia: Do you think Michael went after her?

Aidan: No, I think Kendall went after Michael. And if she catches up with him, no good's going to come from it.

Man: I'll need you to fill this out -- name, current address, etc.

Kendall: Why?

Man: It's required of all our guests so we can notify you of future promotions.

Kendall: Whatever. I'll need someone to carry my bags to my room. Is it always so damn hot here?

Man: It's August, ma'am, and we're in the desert.

Kendall: Ok. Well, I'll need some ice cubes sent to my room, please. About 3,000 should do. And I want pink champagne on ice.

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