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Greenlee: Yes, we've finished round four of our Sexiest Man Contest, which means that it's up to our online voters to decide who's the sexiest man. Well, we couldn't have asked for a bigger success. No, thank you, Steven. We're looking forward to your article. Bye.

[Elevator doors open and close]

Greenlee: I can always count on you to tank a good mood.

Mary: Just give me five minutes, Greenlee, please?

Greenlee: I wouldn't even if I could. I'm on my way to court.

Mary: Oh, good. Your father needs your support today.

Greenlee: That word, when it comes out of your mouth, it doesn't sound the way it's supposed to.

Mary: What word? "Father"?

Greenlee: Exactly.

Mary: Greenlee, I understand that you're angry, but how can I make amends if you won't let me talk about it?

Greenlee: You've lied to me since the day I was born. There's no way you can make amends.

Mary: I'm still your mother.

Greenlee: Like hell you are.

Juan Pablo: Kendall. Kendall. Hi.

Kendall: Hi. What are you doing here?

Juan Pablo: Walking.

Kendall: I've been here since dawn. I couldn't sleep. Today is Michael Cambias' hearing.

Juan Pablo: Yes, I know.

Kendall: Do you remember how we met?

Juan Pablo: Of course. Right here in this park. You were looking for your sister.

Kendall: Yeah, because I'd seen Bianca here the night before, the night she was raped. That's what I do, you know. I turn my back on people Iím supposed to love. I hurt them, so I lose them.

Ryan: Hey.

Alexander: Ah. I was afraid I wouldn't see you, Ryan. I'm being discharged.

Ryan: I heard that. Actually, I got you a limo to take you to the airport.

Alexander: Well, thank you. I was about to take care of that. Well, excuse me, I forgot my watch.

Reporter: As usual, Trial TV will be providing gavel-to-gavel coverage. This is a preliminary hearing regarding the rape case which has grabbed all of the headlines recently. If you're just joining us, I'm standing in the county courthouse of Pine Valley --

Alexander: Why did you turn it off like that? What is it that you don't want me to see?

Reporter: The hearing is scheduled to begin in less than an hour. Our cameras will be in the courtroom bringing you live coverage of all Ė

Anna: Hi.

David: Hey.

Anna: You look tired.

David: I pulled a late shift at the clinic.

Anna: Mm-hmm.

David: You said you wanted to talk to me before the hearing?

Anna: Yes, I do. Take a walk?

David: Anna, forget it. I never should have said anything to you in the first place. I put you in a bad position.

Anna: Well, I am concerned about your testimony. Jack's going to put you on the stand.

David: And I'm going to do whatever I can to help put Cambias behind bars.

Anna: Well, I want to do the same thing, but you don't have any medical evidence that supports this rape charge, and you indicated to me that --

David: This isn't the first time Iíve been called as an expert witness, Anna. I know what to say, and I know how to say it.

Anna: Youíre a fool if you think Iím going to let you manufacture evidence and use it on the stand.

Jack: Look, I know weíve been over this, but again I want to just remind you. You keep focused on me. Donít look at anyone else in the courtroom, especially your mother.

Bianca: Okay, all right, Uncle Jack. Can we please stop? I think I know what to do.

Jack: I know you do, and youíll be fine.

Bianca: I just want this whole this to be over.

Maggie: That was Erica. Her emergency board meeting is running a little late, so sheíd like us to meet her downstairs before we head off to the courtroom.

Bianca: Okay, Iíll go get dressed.

Jack: Bianca, wait a minute. Thereís something else I need to tell you. Iíve been putting it off. You know how sometimes high-profile hearings are televised?

Bianca: Iím sorry what?

Jack: I did everything I could to keep the cameras out of this hearing, but the judge overruled me.

Bianca: Cameras? Well, no! You mean this whole thing is going to be on television?

Jack: But your face will be electronically obscured. Nobody will know who it is.

Bianca: Oh, come on, Uncle Jack. Everybody is going to know who it is. Thereís going to be a thousand Donald Steeles to make sure everybody knows who I am even if they do obscure my face. No, forget about it. Iím not going to testify. I wonít do it. I wonít. I canít.

Maggie: You donít have to. You donít have to do anything you donít want to.

Jack: Bianca, if you donít take the witness stand, we donít have a case. Honey, if you donít testify, Michael Cambias will walk.

Mary: You have no idea how much your resentment is hurting me, but what hurts even more is knowing that I deserve it.

Greenlee: Tears are cheap, Mother. At least yours are, and Iím not falling for this.

Mary: Greenlee, I havenít seen you since the day of the wedding. You disappeared after that horrible scene, and I have done nothing but worry about you since then.

Greenlee: Really? Really? You didnít sound worried when you left that message on my cell. In fact, you sounded annoyed.

Mary: Well, you couldnít be more mistaken. Seeing you at Jackís wedding so vulnerable and so much in pain was the last thing that I wanted.

Greenlee: Please! I practically followed your script. You wanted me to trash Ericaís wedding to Jack no matter who got caught in the fallout.

Mary: I wanted the truth to come out, yes, but it was not to be at your expense.

Greenlee: That is so not true. You used me. You wanted me to find your letter to Jackson before the big ceremony. You wanted me to keep him from marrying Erica, and I reacted just as I had been programmed.

Mary: But darling, donít you see that we can be honest with each other now?

Greenlee: Oh, like youíre capable of that. Hmm?

Mary: Honest doesnít have to be hateful.

Greenlee: In this family it does.

Mary: Okay, fine. Iíll take what I can get. I just wanted us to connect.

Greenlee: Oh, youíre just worried about staying connected to Grandfatherís money, or is there something else you need me for? I know Iím a chip in your pathetic game to win Jackson Montgomery back. Iím not going to let you sink your barracuda teeth into that kind man. Iíll do whatever it takes to same him from you.

Jack: Bianca, Iím so sorry I couldnít keep those cameras out, but if you just keep looking at me, you wonít even realize theyíre in the courtroom. Please, honey, donít back out now. So much is riding on your testimony.

Bianca: Itís not the cameras. Itís really not. Itís just the thought of having to stand there in front of Michael Cambias with him looking at me knowing that we donít have any proof at all.

Maggie: I canít even imagine what youíre going through right now, but thatís exactly why you have to speak out, because, as soon as you do, everyone will know that youíre telling the truth. And Michael Cambias? He will know deep down in his heart that he has never changed you, and he will also see that you are brave and strong.

Jack: Bianca, Maggie is right. I mean, youíre the one that has to do this, but I will be with you, and I will help you get through it every step of the way, I promise.

Juan Pablo: And why do you think you turned your back on your sister?

Kendall: I found her standing over a garbage can holding a lit match where she had just burned her clothes. The same clothes that she was wearing when Michael attacked her.

Juan Pablo: But you didnít know that.

Kendall: Yeah, but I made no attempt to find out either.

Juan Pablo: Well, you didnít say, "What are you doing?"

Kendall: Of course, I did. I mean, there she was standing over a garbage can with a lit match.

Juan Pablo: Then?

Kendall: I didnít insist. I just made stupid cracks like I always do. I told her she was acting weird. I made her feel bad, and then I bragged about how I helped Erica deal with her rape. I mean, can you imagine how awful that must have sounded?

Juan Pablo: Kendall, how could you have known?

Kendall: I should have seen the pain she was in. Any normal person who isnít totally self-involved would have. For Godís sake, she had been the victim of a vicious attack Ė the victim of a vicious attack. And there I was Ė completely blind to it. No, please, donít comfort me. I donít deserve it. Bianca is the one who needs comforting.

Juan Pablo: Then why not comfort her?

Kendall: I wish I could be at her hearing today, but she wouldnít want me there.

Juan Pablo: Are you sure?

Kendall: Very! You donít know. Bianca and I have never been very close.

Juan Pablo: And yet, when I met you, you seemed very anxious to find her.

Kendall: Yeah, well. Too little, too late. I brought her rapist to town.

Juan Pablo: God, itís all very complicated.

Kendall: Yeah, it is.

Juan Pablo: All families are complicated, and when one of your own is troubled, you must pull together, no matter what. You love your sister, right? And now she needs you. What else matters?

Ryan: No, no, no, no. I just Ė no, I turned off the TV because, you know, you have to get going. The limoís waiting, and Iím sure, you know, you got to get your discharge information from your nurse.

Alexander: Yes, I already took care of that. Iím supposed to be stress free.

Ryan: Well, then, I guess youíre ready to roll.

Alexander: Well, first, you and I have a little unfinished business. This is the check that I promised you before I was hospitalized.

Ryan: No, no. I said I canít take any money for helping you.

Alexander: But I would have been dead if it had not been for you. You certainly earned it. I insist.

Ryan: Well, I guess itís not going to bankrupt you. Thank you.

Alexander: Donít thank me yet. I have something else for you.

Ryan: Shouldnít you quit while youíre ahead?

Alexander: How would you like to work for me?

Ryan: Youíre offering me a job?

Alexander: In my corporation.

Ryan: What do you even know about me?

Alexander: What I need to know.

Ryan: I tried being a capitalist, and I crashed and burned.

Alexander: I find that people who scoff at money Ė usually lying.

Ryan: Oh, no. Iím crazy about money. Itís just the whole junior executive track isnít for me. Now, if you offered me to be CEO? Well, maybe Iíd consider it.

Alexander: Let me get back to you on that.

Ryan: Okay, can we go now?

Alexander: You seem in a real hurry, Ryan. Itís not going to work. Thereís sure to be a TV in the back of the limo.

Ryan: What? I donít know what youíre talking about.

Alexander: I saw you turn on the TV earlier. That was the channel that plays court cases.

Ryan: Yeah?

Alexander: Thereís no use in hiding it from me, Ryan. My son is about to be exposed as a rapist, isnít he?

Bianca: All right then. Iíll go get dressed for the hearing.

Ryan: It's his preliminary hearing. Here, here, here, here, now sit down for a second. Come here, come here, come here, come, come, come. Sit. Sit. I'm going to get the nurse, ok?

Alexander: No! Turn it on, please.

Ryan: Why? Why? What good can come from that?

Alexander: All of America is about to see my son. I don't want to miss the show.

Ryan: This can't be good for your health, Alexander. Just take it easy, ok?

Alexander: I deserve it. I brought this boy into the world. Please, Ryan, let me see it.

Reporter: Of course, Trial TV will maintain the anonymity of the young woman who has brought these charges against Michael Cambias, who is heir and only surviving son of Alexander Cambias. It is no secret that this high-profile case brings together several well-known names. Among them is world-famous cardiologist Dr. David Hayward, who will be testifying for the prosecution.

David: What the hell are you talking about, you lost them? Well, look for them again, and don't call me back until you find them. Idiots.

Anna: What is it?

David: That was the lab. They lost Biancaís test results from her examination.

Anna: Well, there's nothing we can work with. There's nothing incriminating.

David: I just wanted to make sure she's ok, physically. She went through a lot to have that examination, and I don't want to ask her to go through it all again.

Anna: No, of course not. How did they lose something like that? Well, anyway, you need to focus on this hearing. What are you going to do? Are you going to tell the truth?

David: So that's what you really want, huh? The truth? Even though the truth will set Michael Cambias free?

Anna: No matter how you embellish it, Cambias' attorney is going to be all over it. He's going to make you admit that you don't have any physical proof. There's no pictures of bruises, no DNA matches, nothing. In the end, all you're going to do is make it worse, the way I did.

David: You didn't do anything.

Anna: Yes, I did. I arrested Cambias before I had any concrete evidence. And now if this case gets thrown out on technicality, odds are we're not going to be able to try him again, and that's my fault.

David: Well, you knew Bianca was telling the truth.

Anna: Of course I did, but I just let my anger take over. You know, I didn't think it through.

David: Of course you were angry, Anna. Everybody should be angry with what happened to Bianca.

Anna: Yes, but I didn't do my job. I made a mistake. What I am trying to do now is not compound it. As much as I hate to say it, you really need to tell the truth. We have to leave it up to Jack and Bianca. We just have to hope that the judge responds when Jack gets Bianca on the stand and takes her through that horrible ordeal.

Myrtle: And how's Bianca?

Jack: Well, she's ok. She's in getting dressed right now.

Myrtle: Listen, Jackson. I need to talk to you alone for a few minutes.

Jack: Sure. What is it, Myrtle?

Myrtle: Well, I have been talking those detectives who are going in and out of my house and they're canvassing the neighbors and they're looking for a witness.

Jack: Yeah, so far with no luck.

Myrtle: Yes, well, Jack, what would you say if I told you that I had seen something.

Jack: I'd say, what did you see?

Myrtle: Well, I saw that man Michael running from my house.

Jack: Myrtle --

Myrtle: Yes, yes, I did. I really did. Now, I came home earlier than I thought that night, and I found Bianca there, and when she told me what had happened, I felt so ill that I just blacked out for a few seconds. And then, when I came around, I forgot about seeing Michael. But suddenly, it all came back to me.

Jack: Myrtle, I'm not going to let you sit on that witness stand and perjure yourself.

Myrtle: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, it's true. It's true. I -- I had a slight blackout, but then, finally, I remembered that I --

Jack: Myrtle, listen to me. There are people who can place you at SOS until after the blackout was over.

Myrtle: But listen, they could be mistaken.

Jack: Myrtle, this not going to work.

Myrtle: Oh, Jack, Jack, I promise you, honestly. Honestly, I could sell this!

Jack: If anybody could, you could. And I do appreciate so much what you're trying to do. We all want to put Michael Cambias where he belongs, but we have to do it the right way. Ok?

Myrtle: Well, I guess so. I'm just trying to comfort myself. It's not helping Bianca, but I feel so terrible. What that man did to that lovely girl in my house!

Jack: I know, I know. I know.

Bianca: I am so glad that you're here, Myrtle.

Myrtle: Of course I'm here. Listen, darling, everyone, everyone who loves you is going to be here, and, darling, no matter how tough it gets, you just remember that you are surrounded by love every minute. You remember?

Bianca: Yes.

Myrtle: Ok.

Bianca: All right, let's go.

Greenlee: That's right, we have four out of our five finalists, which means that we are going to know the identity of Fusion's sexiest man very soon. Of course you'll get the scoop. You bet. Bye.

Mary: Yes, Iím still here.

Greenlee: What will it take to make it clear to you? I want you out of my life.

Mary: Greenlee, I will never out of your life.

Greenlee: I'm going to leave before I start throwing things.

Mary: Why don't you direct your anger where it will do some good? You know, I was ready to tell you the truth, and I would have had Erica not been blackmailing me.

Greenlee: You know what? I don't give a damn about Erica. If she keeps you from ever being with Jack, which she will, it'll serve you right.

Mary: So it doesn't matter to you that Ericaís going to force Jack to choose between you and her?

Greenlee: Jack's his own man. He's made it very clear that he wants a relationship with me. Erica will have no say in that, whether they get married or not.

Mary: You're underestimating Erica.

Greenlee: We'll see.

Mary: And what if you're wrong? I cannot let Erica come between you and your father. I just won't allow that to happen.

Greenlee: There's nothing you can do about it.

Mary: So you're not going to help me?

Greenlee: Whatever that means, no, I won't. You're on your own.

Mary: Fine. I will not allow Jack to marry Erica.

Greenlee: You think you can stop him? You're only going to humiliate yourself further. Erica will love that.

Mary: Wait. I'm not finished.

Greenlee: Well, I am.

Mary: Greenlee Ė

Jack: So did you get everybody settled in?

Justin: Yeah. Miss Montgomery, her mother, and Dr. Hayward are in the witness waiting room waiting to testify.

Jack: All right, thanks.

Justin: Jack, can I have a word with you?

Jack: Yeah. Let's go down here. What?

Justin: I know this is difficult for you, and Iíd really like to help.

Jack: What do you got in mind, Justin?

Justin: You really shouldn't even be arguing this case. No, your niece is getting ready to take the stand. I am up to speed on this case. I am ready to handle the hearing.

Jack: I appreciate your enthusiasm, I do, but you don't have that much trial experience, now, do you? Bianca's testimony is key to this. Now, I think Iím the only one that can get it out of her and still leave her in one piece. So --

[People talking at once]

Jack: While I go do this, why don't you go in there and get us set up, please, and I'll be in in a minute. Thanks.

Reporter: Mr. Montgomery --

Second Reporter: One question --

Third Reporter: Mr. Montgomery Ė

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, one at a time, please.

Reporter: Set up the stationary camera over there, start tape, and then follow me with the hand-held for our intro in the corridor.

Man: Ok, will do.

Opal: Well, I mean, really, no hired defense attorney is going to be any match for Jackson Montgomery. After all, he's got justice on his side.

Anna: Well, yeah. That's what I'm counting on.

Kendall: I am so glad you're here.

Mia: Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Kendall: Yeah. You, me, and everyone else in this town.

Mia: Hmm.

Aidan: Kendall, what are you doing here?

Kendall: Well, I changed my mind, decided to come. Someone reminded me that Iím family and I belong here.

Aidan: Well, you know it's going to be tough to sit through.

Kendall: Yeah, but it's going to be a lot easier with you here. I'll just hang on to you if I feel like screaming.

Mia: Oh, I didn't know Simone was going to be here.

Juan Pablo: Excuse me.

Reporter: Did it surprise you that Mr. Cambias hired an attorney whose specialty is rape cases?

Jack: No, not at all. Did it surprise you?

Reporter: Mr. Kabak has been known to be pretty tough on rape victims.

Jack: Well, that's his reputation, but I'm sure Judge Lampert will keep him in line.

Reporter: Will the identity of the rape survivor be withheld?

Juan Pablo: What madness is this?

Carlos: Madness, why?

Juan Pablo: You didn't see the camera in there? If you show up on television again, they'll find you and they'll kill you!

Jack: All right, now, thank you all for being here today. I appreciate it.

Reporter: Mr. Montgomery --

Second Reporter: One more question --

First Reporter: Oh, Mr. Montgomery, just one minute --

Jack: Yes, Judy.

Judy: Just one question. How do you hope to convince Judge Lampert that there should be a trial?

Jack: By making the facts of this case known. The facts will speak for themselves, and I'm sure that we will go to trial.

Judy: Thank you. We will continue with live coverage from inside the courtroom.

Alexander: You spent time in Pine Valley. Do you recognize any familiar faces?

Tad: Hey.

Brooke: Hey. Hi.

Tad: You're here to cover this for "Tempo"?

Brooke: Tad --

Tad: Well, it's news.

Brooke: This is one time I would gladly give up my first amendment rights, ok?

Tad: Wish I could say the same for the sharks outside. Poor Bianca.

Brooke: Well, poor Erica.

Tad: Huh -- that is news.

Brooke: Whatever negative feelings Iíve ever had for Erica, they disappear at a time like this, ok?

Kendall: What about Palmer? He said he was going to be here.

Opal: Well, he left me a message just as I was leaving the house, said he had to go take care of some business thing and to call him as soon as there was any word from the judge.

Kendall: Well, I'm counting on him. He promised me that he would --

Opal: What? Be here?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, that he would be here for Bianca and Erica.

Opal: Well --

Mia: Hey. You disappeared.

Juan Pablo: Yeah, a business call I had to make.

Mia: Hmm. Sounds important.

Juan Pablo: Very.

Mia: Yeah.

Simone: Oh.

Carlos: Hey.

Simone: Oh. I thought you left.

Carlos: Yeah, well, I -- I can't stay.

Simone: Why?

Carlos: Well, Stuart called, and he needs me at the gallery.

Simone: A gallery emergency?

Carlos: No, yeah. Just go ahead and give me a call when everything's finished.

Simone: Ok.

Carlos: Just I got to go.

Simone: All right.

Boyd: So, what about you? How are you holding up?

Maggie: Me? I'm ok. I'm confident that Jack will convince the judge to take Michael Cambias to trial. I mean, he can't get away with what he did to Bianca. I can't think of a bigger injustice if he doesn't pay. He has to.

Boyd: Yeah, well, don't worry. I'm going to make sure Cambias pays, no matter what.

Maggie: What do you mean? How?

Boyd: I don't know. I guess I just don't like feeling so helpless.

Maggie: Oh. Well, God, I know what you mean.

Boyd: Come on, let's go in.

Mia: Hi.

Simone: Hi.

Mia: We were just talking about you.

Simone: Yeah, my ears are burning. Mia told you that I resigned, right? I'm really sorry about what I said yesterday, Kendall.

Kendall: No, Simone, it's ok, it's all right. You're not the first one to fall for Michaelís tricks. I beat you to it months ago. If you resign, I should, too.

Mia and Simone: No, no, no.

Mia: No one's resigning. What we should do is we should stick together. Right?

Greenlee: That's right. We should. You're one of us, Simone. And you always will be. We've built a great company together, and we've got too much going for us to let that creep take it away. We're all Fusion, the four of us.

Kendall: That's right.

Mia: In equal parts.

Greenlee: Well, no, not in equal parts, but it wouldn't be Fusion without the four of us.

Kendall: Well, there is something else. We all have plenty of reasons for hating Michael, and we cannot let him win. We won't let him win.

Simone: That's right.

Mia: No way.

Greenlee: We're going to fight Michael together, we're going to save Fusion together.

Reggie: What's up, Jack? I just left Bianca and Erica. I finally got them to crack a smile.

Jack: Thanks. You know what? You're developing a talent for saying the right things.

Reggie: Yeah, thank you. How'd you make it without me all these years?

Jack: I really don't know.

Reggie: Hmm.

Jack: Thankfully, that's not an issue anymore, is it?

Myrtle: Lena? Is that you?

Lena: Oh. Myrtle, I know I shouldn't be here.

Myrtle: Why not?

Lena: The last time I saw Bianca, she wouldn't even speak to me. I don't want to upset her. I couldn't stay away.

Myrtle: Well, why should you?

Lena: I won't stay inside the courtroom, though. I won't let her see me. Myrtle, if you think it'll help, when you see Bianca, tell her I love her.

Myrtle: Yes, I will.

Jack: Well, hello.

Greenlee: Hi.

Jack: It means a lot to me that you're here.

Greenlee: I wouldn't be anywhere else. Good luck.

Jack: Thanks.

Palmer: Oh! Finally! Finally! Do you have to camp in the most Godforsaken spot on earth?

Adam: Palmer, what the -- as if this day wasn't bad enough already.

Palmer: Well, next time why don't you go to a -- I don't know -- an inn or something? Any place where a cell phone will operate. I've had a hell of a time trying to find you, Adam.

Adam: Well, there's still time to get lost.

Palmer: Oh. That's the thanks I get?

Adam: Thanks? Stuart and I came up here to get away from people like you.

Palmer: Where is good old Stu?

Adam: Good old Stu is out on the lake catching bass and throwing them back. If he catches you here, he'll throw you back, too. We're trying to take a vacation!

Palmer: You think I came out here to trade insults?

Adam: How the hell would I know? It's all you've done so far.

Palmer: Oh, wait until you hear what I have to say to you.

Adam: Yeah, well, say it and leave.

Palmer: Will you leave that damn thing alone and listen to me?

Adam: I am listening!

Palmer: Thanks to your poor judgment and your bail money, Michael Cambias is systematically traumatizing Erica and her daughters.

Adam: Ignore him. He's just -- he just hears himself talk.

Palmer: Oh, I wish that were so with all my heart. Adam, it's serious. Cambias raped Bianca.

Adam: What? Oh, my God. Are you sure?

Palmer: Yes, yes, I'm sure.

Adam: Oh, my God, poor Erica, poor Bianca. I can't imagine anything worse. Have they -- the police arrested Cambias?

Palmer: Well, he's in custody. But poor Bianca -- she's so traumatized, she may have destroyed whatever credible evidence there is. And, of course, Cambias -- he's denying everything.

Adam: Well, of course he does. The man is a psychopath. He should be neutered. I hope he gets what's coming to him in jail.

Palmer: Well, it's more likely he'll be released. Jackson says the only thing he has to go on is Biancaís word.

Adam: Well, isn't that enough? Cambias already attacked Kendall and Erica.

Palmer: Well, he's claiming he's a victim of -- I don't know -- a family conspiracy.

Adam: Of course, he's the victim. That despicable worm!

Palmer: Oh, spare me your outrage, Adam. You're the one who let this creature loose. The judge is deciding right now whether the evidence warrants a trial.

Adam: And if the court decides it doesn't?

Palmer: That's why Iím here.

Adam: I see, Palmer. Old Pete Cooney has a plan, don't you?

Judy: I'm Judy Shafer, Trial TV. While we wait, this will be a good time to remind our viewers that we will not be witnessing a trial, but rather a preliminary hearing to determine whether or not there will be a trial. Both the district attorney and the defense attorney will each present argument, and then Judge Lampert will -- and speaking of the defense attorney, there is Wayne Kabak, who is representing the accused entering the courtroom. Regular viewers of Trial TV will be familiar with Mr. Kabak. He won the acquittal of basketball superstar Marcus Brinker in the notorious rape case.

Alexander: I never thought it would come to this.

Judy: You'll recall that it was a very controversial --

Ryan: I'm going to turn this off. This -- this can't be good for you.

Alexander: No, you're wrong. I'm watching my son about to go in front of a judge. And I'm hoping the judge will put him on trial for his life.

Judy: To get the defendant off, no matter how distasteful that may seem to the rest of us. The accused this time is not nearly as well known as some of Mr. Kabak's previous clients.

Ryan: Well, then I don't mind telling you that Iím hoping for the same thing.

Judy: In fact, the only famous thing about the accused is his name. He is heir to the Cambias fortune, and I have just received word that they are ready to bring Michael Cambias into the courtroom.

Bailiff: All right, everyone, please take your seats and settle down. This hearing will begin shortly. When the judge comes out, there will be complete silence.

Alexander: Dear God.

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Kendall: Your proof is right here!

Erica: This man is a rapist! He raped my daughter!

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