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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 8/20/03

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Edmund: Wake up, love of my life.

[Maria moans]

Maria: Oh. What time is it? What time is it? Oh, my God, what time is it? I've just missed out on hours and hours of studying time. Oh, my God, I'm dead!

Edmund: You needed some rest and you got it. Relax.

Maria: No, no, I can't relax. Look at all this stuff they're going to drill me on today. They're going to drill me on all these case studies today. Oh, I'm not ready!

Edmund: Yes, you are.

Maria: No, I'm not. I should postpone this.

Edmund: No, don't do this.

Maria: No, I'm totally not ready for this. I've only known my own name for, like, two months. I can't possibly be ready to take this test.

Edmund: Give yourself a break.

Maria: No, I've got to know all this. I thought I was just going to brush up on years and years of medical -- honey, Iím not going to have all this memorized by today at all. It's crazy.

Greenlee: Juan Pabloís right. Simone accepting the $500,000 translated into a stock purchase for Michael.

Mia: Yeah, but not enough to make --

Greenlee: Yes, enough to make him the majority stockholder. For all intents and purposes, Michael Cambias owns Fusion.

Kendall: That psycho attacked me and my mother and raped my sister, and now you hand him our company?

Simone: I didn't mean to.

Mia: Look, it was just a mistake.

Kendall: Well, it's never going to end. As long as Michael is breathing, nothing is going to stop him.

Bianca: "Sweetheart, I'm so sorry not to be there when you wake up, but I'm right downstairs in my office if you need me. While I'm gone, rest and pamper yourself."

Bianca: You cannot stay cooped up in here forever. You are not dead. This is not a tomb. Get out there and see people. See people.

Bianca: I can't do it. I can't do it.

[Knock on door]

Bianca: Who's there?

Reggie: It's me, Reggie. Hey.

Bianca: Hi.

Reggie: How you doing? You look good.

Bianca: Thanks.

Reggie: You're going out?

Bianca: Yeah.

Reggie: Ok.

Bianca: Oh, uh -- no. I changed my mind.

Reggie: Good. That's why I came by. You know, Jackson said that you would be here today.

Bianca: Really?

Reggie: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: What else did Jackson say?

Reggie: Say what?

Bianca: Uncle Jack told you about me and about what happened, right?

Reggie: Well, yeah. He did. Um -- if you want, I could leave.

Bianca: No. That's cool. I mean, I can't keep it a secret forever. I mean, when Michael Cambias goes on trial, everybody's going to know about it.

Reggie: Jack didn't tell you?

Bianca: Tell me what?

Reggie: Jack's going to have his say. There isn't going to be a trial. He's going to go straight to jail.

Jack: Come on, Anna, you know it's possible that they missed something. I want you to send the forensics team back over to Myrtleís house and keep them there until they find evidence that Cambias raped my niece. Thank you.

Woman: Mr. Montgomery? Mr. Kabak --

Jack: Yeah, just give me a couple minutes, then send him in, please.

Justin: Jack, I'm not sure this is the way to go.

Jack: It's all Iíve got, Justin.

Justin: Yeah, well, what makes you think they're going to walk in here and accept --

Jack: Look, you know what, this is your first day. How about this -- I talk, you listen, and hopefully you learn, all right? Wayne.

Wayne: Jack.

Jack: You can wait outside, Officer, please. Thank you.

Michael: You're not going to attack me again, are you? Or is this your new hatchet man?

Justin: Assistant hatchet man, Justin McCoy.

Michael: Hmm.

Jack: Wayne, why don't you and your client have a seat.

Wayne: Why are we here, Mr. Montgomery?

Jack: Because Mr. Cambias here just hit the jackpot. I'm about to let him off the hook.

Michael: You're dropping the charges?

Jack: Oh, the jackpot's not quite that big.

Michael: Uh-huh, well, big waste of time. Let's go.

Jack: I'm offering you a very generous deal here.

Wayne: Let's hear him out.

Michael: Yeah, fine. I guess I could use a good laugh.

Jack: Wayne, you realize your client here stands to lose 75 years of his life?

Michael: Never going to happen.

Jack: No? Let's just take a look here -- burglary, unlawful restraint, aggravated assault, aggravated indecent assault, rape. You do the math. Now, you plead guilty to rape, I reduce the other charges.

Wayne: Why should we bargain if you have no case, Jack?

Jack: Oh, but I do have a case -- one that even Cambias here can't wiggle out of.

Michael: You know, Mr. Montgomery, you have nothing on me except the ravings of some frustrated lesbian and a vivid imagination.

Jack: No, what I have are fibers that forensics has matched. They were found at the scene of the crime, and what they match are your client's clothing.

Michael: Well, I never denied ever being at Mrs. Fargate's. Simply went over there to listen to her colorful carnival lore.

Jack: The night you raped Bianca?

Michael: I never raped anybody, and on the night of the alleged attack, I wasn't at Mrs. Fargateís.

Jack: Oh, now, isn't that interesting, because I have an eyewitness that places you there on the night of July 8.

Michael: He's lying.

Wayne: If you have a witness, why cut a deal?

Jack: Because I want to spare my niece the kind of pain you inflict on rape victims trying to get your rapist clients acquitted.

Wayne: I'll take that as a tribute to my ability. I'll also remind you that all of my clients are innocent until you can prove them guilty.

Jack: You plead guilty to rape and the other charges disappear. If you're found guilty on the corporate charges, you'll serve those sentences concurrently. You'd be up for parole in 15 years. However, if you refuse, you'll be found guilty on all the rest of the charges, and you will serve those sentences consecutively in a maximum-security prison. Now, you tell me, which scenario sounds better to you?

Bianca: I hope you're right.

Reggie: I am.

Bianca: Well, it was nice of you to come by and tell me about it.

Reggie: Yeah, Jackís on this whole thing about me being his real son. It's the family resemblance, you know? And he feels the same way about you, so I figured Iíd drop by, see how you were doing, spend a little bit more time together, instead of that stupid, screwed-up wedding.

Bianca: Yeah, I guess so.

Reggie: And since you're not going anywhere, Bianca, you can put that down.

Bianca: Oh. Right. I chickened out. I -- if I just didn't have to hear all the whispering and wonder who knows what --

Reggie: Look, that's cool, ok? You don't have to go anywhere or do anything you don't want to do. Matter of fact, if you need anything, just call me. Reggie will get you whatever you want. You don't have to go anywhere.

Bianca: Thanks.

Reggie: And if you need somebody to talk to, I think Iím a pretty good listener, you know? But you might not want to talk to a guy right now, anyway. If you want me to leave, I can --

Bianca: No. I don't want you to leave. I like your company.

Reggie: Thanks. That's cool.

Bianca: But could we change the subject?

Reggie: Yeah. Sure. Um, let's see. The last time we saw each other was at the wedding.

Bianca: Yes, and there's a topic that I think we could probably spend a few days on if we wanted.

Reggie: Yeah, I know. Greenlee sure did a number on it. She screwed it up pretty good.

Bianca: You know what -- I wanted to strangle that girl. I mean it.

Reggie: Jack and your mom deserve each other.

Bianca: Yes, they do.

Reggie: Yeah.

Bianca: Unfortunately, it's not up to us, I guess.

Reggie: Well, maybe we could get them back together, you know, but we have to cut Greenlee out of the family picture.

Bianca: Good luck.

Reggie: I know, Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year, and I'm not going to look across the table at Greenlee, across my turkey and my stuffing and throw up my food. Uh-uh.

Bianca: Well, that makes two of us, Reggie. So what could we do?

Reggie: Hmm.

Greenlee: There has to be a way out of this. I mean, Simone's not a stockholder. She's not authorized to accept investments.

Mia: Ok, great. Well, then maybe we're in the clear.

Juan Pablo: I pointed that out, but according to Cambias, the contract was entered in good faith.

Greenlee: By whom?

Juan Pablo: By him. He knew Simone was an officer in the company.

Mia: Well, yeah, but not a very important one.

Juan Pablo: Important enough. Her position gives her apparent authority.

Greenlee: This can't be happening.

[Phone rings]

Juan Pablo: James Shaw.

Greenlee: Let him leave a message.

Juan Pablo: Hold on, Jim. Mr. Shaw is a respected attorney in Washington, D.C.

Greenlee: Well, tell him to find us a loophole.

Juan Pablo: I'll take it in the other room.

Mia: You know what -- I warned you.

Simone: Thank you. That makes it all better.

Mia: I warned you. I warned you not to accept that stupid transfer without having all the facts first.

Kendall: Michael set us up. He sicced the IRS on us, then offered to bail us out, and we refused. I mean, did you think he would take no as an answer? No, he never has, and he never will. I mean, "no" means that someone won't cooperate. It means that he has to take what he wants by force, and he loves that! He loves making people feel completely powerless!

Simone: Yeah, you know what, maybe I should've just slept with him like you did, you know? And then Iíd be privy to his, like, famous, infamous lack of character! God, Kendall, don't go! Damn! Look, I'm sorry! It never occurred to me that Michael --

Greenlee: "Sorry" doesn't cut it this time, Simone.

Simone: Ok. Don't bother dropping the ax, all right? I'll do it for you both. I resign.

Mia: Simone --

Simone: Donít.

Mia: No, you can't do that.

Greenlee: Let her go. What advice did Mr. Shaw have?

Juan Pablo: You can contest the agreement in court.

Mia: Yeah, but if we fight Michael and his army of attorneys, we're going to drown in legal fees.

Greenlee: Michael's already headed to court. That could work to our advantage. I'll consult with the district attorney.

Juan Pablo: You mean your father?

Greenlee: This is business. Jack might be able to help. I'll let you know.

Mia: Listen, since our tragedy's on hold for a few minutes, it's my turn to take a crack at you.

Juan Pablo: You want to take a crack at me?

Mia: Not for myself, for Greenlee.

Juan Pablo: Now I'm very confused.

Mia: This is going to be much more difficult than I expected.

Juan Pablo: Why's that?

Mia: Because you're just so -- you've been such an incredibly good sport, letting us all hit on you to win our personal sexy man bet.

Juan Pablo: It was a pleasure.

Mia: Hmm, and Greenlee won. That's just super, you know? Good for her. She got you.

Juan Pablo: I don't feel gotten.

Mia: And since you've gotten to know Greenlee better, you know you've got to be careful, right?

Juan Pablo: Careful of what?

Mia: Of Greenlee, her emotions. She's had a very traumatic year. God, what a -- what a horrible year she's had.

Juan Pablo: Yes. The man she thought was her father died.

Mia: Yes, and you have no idea how badly that messed her up, and now she finds out that he's not even her real father.

Juan Pablo: And Greenleeís husband also passed away.

Mia: Leo. She worshiped him. He was the one for her, but when she tried to start over again, she got burned, bad.

Juan Pablo: By Carlos?

Mia: Yeah, and that devastated her. So no matter how tough you might think she is on the outside, she's mush on the inside.

Juan Pablo: And that's a bad thing?

Mia: No. No, it's just that she's sensitive. Her heart -- her heart is easily broken.

Juan Pablo: You are exceptional, Mia.

Mia: I am?

Juan Pablo: Greenlee's fortunate that you look out for her.

Mia: Yeah, well, you know, we all stick together.

Juan Pablo: What you say about her heart -- it's the same for you, isn't it?

[Mia scoffs]

Mia: I don't know about that.

Juan Pablo: You say this has been a horrible year. Because of a man? The one who broke your heart?

Maria: Did I get it right? Edmund? I was wrong, right?

Edmund: You're perfect.

[Maria sighs]

Maria: Oh!

Joe: Ahem.

Edmund: Oop.

Maria: Hey.

Joe: I take it you're ready?

Maria: Actually, I was going to ask you if maybe I could postpone this --

Edmund: Oh, wait, honey --

Maria: Because I don't think that Iím ready.

Edmund: There's no need to.

Maria: No, no, how long would it take for me to be able to get another retest date?

Edmund: Baby, you know the material.

Maria: No, I donít. No, what if I freeze up and I fail, Edmund? I really don't -- is there any other time I could take this test?

Joe: Might be as long as a year.

Edmund: Ahem. 50 bucks and a romantic dinner says you pass. Deal?

Maria: Deal. Ok.

Edmund: You're going to do great.

Maria: From your lips --

Edmund: Hey, they're magic.

Maria: Hmm.

Edmund: It's a sure thing.

Maria: Let's do it, Joe. I'm ready as Iím ever going to be.

Wayne: Come on.

Michael: A pleasure not doing business with you.

Jack: Last chance, Cambias.

Wayne: Mr. Montgomery, I'm calling your bluff. I'm counting on the judge to grant my motion to dismiss.

Greenlee: You. She said you were in here.

Woman: I tried to keep her out.

Jack: It's all right, Marge. I'll call you if I need you.

Greenlee: You think you can steal my company out from under me? I'll see you on a slab in the morgue first.

Jack: Officer, why don't you escort these two out.

Justin: I'm going to go check with Fisher & Fisher. Maybe they turned up Struthers' case file.

Greenlee: It's going that badly?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, it's just not as open-and-shut as I'd hoped. What's this about Michael and your company?

Greenlee: It's not like I think it's worse than what happened to Bianca. It's not. Not at all. I'm really sorry that she was hurt.

Jack: Thank you. I appreciate that. Now tell me, you say Michael made a move against Fusion? What did he do?

Greenlee: You have enough to worry about. I mean, we've got some hotshot corporate attorney looking into things. He's no Jackson Montgomery, but Bianca needs you more than we do right now.

Jack: How did you know that I needed a cheerleader right now?

Greenlee: Timing is everything? You're the best, Jack. You'll put Cambias behind bars for a thousand years, I know you will.

Mia: My past doesn't matter. It's Greenleeís present that counts.

Juan Pablo: You are very adamant.

Mia: Yes, I am because Iíd like to stick to the subject, which is you and Greenlee. You have a reputation for being a player, and I'm not just talking about on the polo field, and the last thing my friend Greenlee needs right now is to be seduced and dumped.

Juan Pablo: I've not seduced her. Greenlee and I are friends.

Mia: Hmm.

Juan Pablo: And I don't hurt my friends.

Mia: You know what -- men always say that, but they don't mean it.

Juan Pablo: If you knew what I thought, why are we talking?

Mia: I didn't mean to offend you.

Juan Pablo: You can't help it. You are very defensive where men are concerned.

Mia: I am not.

Juan Pablo: You might have better experience with men if you stop thinking the worst of us.

Simone: Ooh! Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

Carlos: Hey. Ow!

Simone: Oh, I'm sorry. Are you all right?

Carlos: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Simone: I'm surprised I didn't knock you out. That would be typical.

Carlos: What's wrong?

Simone: Oh, you'd better watch out for me today. I'm going to lay waste to the entire western hemisphere. I'm the ultimate jinx, a total screwup.

Carlos: Well, then maybe you ought to leave because nothing's broken yet.

Simone: I'm not kidding, Carlos. I'm a walking locust plague.

Carlos: Do you want something? Do you want a glass of water?

Simone: You know, there is one person that would actually be happy about this -- my father. You know, he always did think that I was a disaster waiting to happen, and now the waiting's over.

Carlos: Simone, you need to calm down.

Simone: They all hate me, Carlos, and I deserve it. I hate me.

Carlos: Who hates you? What'd you do?

Simone: I just ruined my life. I decimated Fusion, and I lost the only friends that I've ever really had in this world.

Kendall: Oh, Palmer, Palmer, thank you so much for coming.

Palmer: Look, Kendall, I've been away on business in London, and I've only just heard that Cambias was arrested for rape. Why, why didn't you call me right away when it happened?

Kendall: Well, if I thought you could've helped, I would have.

Palmer: Sit down. Now listen, are you getting counseling?

Kendall: Me? Oh, no, no, Palmer. No, he didn't attack me.

Palmer: Oh. Oh. Well, you sounded so distraught on the phone, I only assumed that you --

Kendall: No, no, Palmer, it was -- Michael raped Bianca.

Palmer: No, no. Bianca?

Kendall: Yeah, I'm sorry to hit you with it like this, but there's really no gentle way to announce it.

Palmer: Bianca?

Kendall: Yes, that's why I called. Because I want to make sure that this psychopath never hurts another person again. I want to do the right thing and I want to stop him, Palmer. Will you please help me put Michael out of his misery?

Kendall: You'll be involved as little as possible.

Palmer: Bianca's never hurt a soul. No, no, I mean, she's never tangled with Cambias. Why would he --

Kendall: Because -- because he's an animal, ok? He's an animal, and the system doesn't catch people like him. He's too rich and he's too well-connected. He'll find a way to slip out of this like he slips out of everything.

Palmer: No, not this time. Jackson, he won't permit it.

Kendall: No, Palmer. Even if Jack can make the charges stick, Bianca might not survive.

Palmer: Good Lord, don't tell me that she's --

Kendall: No, no, I mean emotionally.

Palmer: Ah.

Kendall: Palmer, Biancaís barely holding it together. It she has to relive this rape again in court, I don't think she'll ever recover.

Palmer: Well, he has to stand trial to get what's coming to him. Jackson will find a way for her to testify on tape or in the privacy of the judge's chambers or --

Kendall: No, no. Wait a minute, you think Michaelís attorneys will pass up a chance to destroy Bianca on the stand? No, there's no way in hell. Michael will demand it, and then when she folds, he'll walk out of there free to go wherever he wants and do whatever he likes to another innocent girl.

Palmer: No.

Kendall: I will not -- no, Palmer, I will not let him rape my sister a second time in court. I need you to stop him.

Palmer: Ooh. What are you proposing?

Kendall: That Michael be terminated.

Palmer: Oh. Ahem. What's my role?

Kendall: You provide the means -- the untraceable means to get rid of him, and then I get the pleasure of looking him in the eye, pulling the trigger, and sending him to hell. So? How soon can you get me the gun?

Palmer: Never. No, I -- I won't help you, Kendall.

Bianca: Hey, Reggie, I thought you said you just ate.

Reggie: Oh, I did. You know, you could call this dessert.

Bianca: Really?

Reggie: Yeah.

Bianca: With breakfast? Interesting.

Reggie: Well, I'm glad Iím here to broaden your experience. You know, if you got in a car, rolled down the window, you know, stuck your arm out with a bag of chips, I think I might chase you. I'm pretty greedy now that I think about it, but I call it comfort food. Hey, I think that's what we need to get Jack and Erica back together, but not food. You know, we could lure them together with things they both like, like -- like books and stuff for Jack, and lip-gloss for Erica. Hmm. Um, psst! Uh, Bianca?

Bianca: What?

Reggie: If you're going to be my sister, I think you need to pitch in here.

Bianca: Oh, God, Iím sorry. What are we talking about?

Reggie: Well, I mean, how can we get them back together? You know them both better than I do.

Bianca: Oh, I don't know, Reggie. I don't know.

Reggie: Well, what worked in the past? How'd they first hook up?

Bianca: Actually, I think that it had something to do with a plane going down and then being stranded in a ghost town out west.

Reggie: Wow. A ghost town.

Bianca: Yeah, no kidding. Hey, maybe we can just drop them on some desert island somewhere, see what happens.

Reggie: Yeah, like one of those TV reality game show things.

Bianca: Yeah.

Reggie: Hmm.

Bianca: No. No, it would never work.

Reggie: Why?

Bianca: Because my mom would never agree to go anywhere without her haircare products and designer shoes.

Reggie: Well, you know, we could parachute down her accessories and all her stuff later. Then in a couple months, we could drop in the minister.

Bianca: And us.

Reggie: Exactly. Then we seal the deal. Oh, man.

Bianca: My God. I think we have a plan.

Reggie: Yeah, we do, but, hmm, what about Greenlee? There's still Greenlee.

Bianca: Oh, Greenlee. Well, maybe we can just parachute Greenlee on to some other island all by herself.

Reggie: Yeah, she could be her own torture.

Bianca: Ew. I don't know. I think maybe that's a little too much.

Reggie: Maybe it's not enough. We could drop in her mother, Mary. They'd be like two piranhas in a goldfish bowl, just tearing each other to pieces.

Bianca: That is so cruel.

Reggie: No, that is so good. Greenlee and Mary could be their own punishment. That is so good.

Bianca: That is so good!

Reggie: Oh, man, I crack myself up.

Bianca: Oh, it's almost evil.

Reggie: Yeah, evil's good.

Jack: Greenlee, I'll be honest with you, Iím not sure I can put Michael Cambias away for one day.

Greenlee: What? You wouldn't joke about that.

Jack: I just tried to bluff Michael and his attorney into taking a deal.

Greenlee: And he refused. So what's next?

Jack: Huh. I give up. You tell me. What's next?

Greenlee: You'll break him down on the stand.

Jack: Michael Cambias? The man is delusional and a pathological liar. That kind of nut doesn't crack.

Greenlee: You can get through to anyone.

Jack: You think so, huh?

Greenlee: Um, hello? I'm living proof. Before you showed up on the beach in Atlantic City, I was railing at fates and the gods and life, but you actually convinced me to give this father-daughter thing a try.

Jack: I did?

Greenlee: Well, you must have. I'm here, aren't I?

Justin: Jack?

Jack: Yeah?

Justin: Fisher & Fisher aren't doing a damn thing, but Judge Lampert is.

Jack: And what's that?

Justin: Wayne Kabak just went and spoke to her. Now she wants to see you and Kabak in her chambers in 15 minutes.

Greenlee: Is that good?

Jack: Well, I will soon find out if that's good. Greenlee, I hope to see you again soon.

Greenlee: Sure. Good luck.

Jack: Thanks.

Greenlee: Me? A cheerleader for Jackson Montgomery?

Maria: Hey.

Edmund: Well?

Maria: Well, it's over. For that, I am thankful.

Edmund: How did it go?

Maria: The written was so tough, and the oral was even worse.

Edmund: Ok, I know, I know, but -- I'm sure you aced it.

Maria: I don't know. You know, it's like the whole time I was doing the oral, all I could think of was what I wanted to go back and write on the written, but it was too late.

Edmund: They wouldn't let you do that?

Maria: No, because Joe took the booklet out of the room.

Edmund: But you think you passed?

Maria: I don't know. I can't think anymore. I can't. I think all my brain cells are totally fried. All I want to do is just sleep for a week.

Edmund: Honey, you can snore for a week and a half if you want now.

Maria: I don't snore.

Edmund: You don't snore?

Maria: I do not snore.

Edmund: I got news for you, you do. You snore like a little kitten purring, and I love it.

Maria: Are you still going to love me if I'm not a doctor?

Edmund: Hmm. Yeah. Absolutely. Try not to worry.

Maria: Hey. Well? Was it as bad as I thought?

Joe: Well, you impressed the heck out of the review board.

Maria: Ok, you don't have to be nice, Joe. Please just be honest.

Joe: I'm not, Iím not. You did very well.

Maria: Maybe I did ok in the orals, but I know that I didn't in the written. The written was awful.

Joe: Hmm, hmm, maybe, maybe. Looked pretty good to me.

Maria: Seriously?

Joe: Mm-hmm, seriously. I mean, I only scanned your answers, but I didn't catch any errors, not a single one.

Edmund: I knew it.

Maria: Really?

Joe: Really. Of course, now, other people are going to review it very carefully, but I think it's a fair guess that this time next month, you're going to be seeing patients again.

Maria: You wouldn't lie to me about this, right?

Joe: Uh-uh.

Maria: Did you hear that? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Edmund: You did great.

Maria: I can't believe this. I can't believe it. Oh!

Edmund: Believe it!

Maria: It did not seem possible.

Edmund: Believe it, Dr. Grey!

Maria: Ah!

Carlos: Think of all the things you've done for Fusion. You've made that company what it is today.

Simone: Yeah -- Michael Cambias' brand-new toy.

Carlos: Stop running yourself down. It's a waste of energy.

Simone: Yeah, why bother when the rest of the world can do it for me, right?

Carlos: No one would say these things about you.

Simone: Right.

Carlos: You're smart, Simone --

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: And gutsy. You've done a lot for that company. Think of all the times you've gotten arrested for what you believed in.

Simone: Well, this is true.

Carlos: Yeah, it is. So use your energy to fix what went wrong. Don't give up.

Simone: You think I can fix it?

Carlos: You, my little black sheep, can do whatever you set your mind to.

Simone: You know, for five cents, I'd fall for you again. Juan Pablo? Phooey. Greenlee can have him. Oh, I'm sorry.

Carlos: No, it -- it's ok.

Simone: No, no, I thought that you were over Greenlee.

Carlos: No, I am, I am.

Simone: Well, then why are you acting all jealous about Juan Pablo?

Carlos: I'm not, I'm just -- I'm busy. I got to hang this new watercolor show for Mr. C --

Simone: Right, sure, sure.

Carlos: And I got to go.

Simone: Well, I don't want to keep you. Thank you.

Carlos: No, yeah. Remember, there's nothing you can't fix if you want to.

Simone: Ok.

Simone: I wonder if that's true.

Juan Pablo: Si, quedeta tranquila. Bueno estoy tratando de hacer todo lo posible. Te tengo que dejar ahora. Despues hablamos. Ciao. Translation: "Yes, stay calm. Iím doing everything possible. I have to leave you now. Weíll talk later. Bye!"

Greenlee: Where is everyone?

Juan Pablo: They are seeing to other matters. You look pleased. Your meeting with your father went well?

Greenlee: I went about Michael and Fusion.

Juan Pablo: Ah, yes, yes. It was entirely business, but did it get personal?

Greenlee: You're incorrigible.

Juan Pablo: Thank you. I accept the compliment.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Juan Pablo: But tell me, you and he are closer now?

Greenlee: Jackson and I took a step forward today.

Juan Pablo: But not so big to call him father?

Greenlee: No. No, but it was -- you know, it just felt good to be able to go to Jackson and talk to him on a whole different level.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm.

Mary: I knew it was only a matter of time.

Greenlee: Behind every silver lining, another cloud.

Mary: Thank heaven I finally caught up to you.

Greenlee: Heaven had nothing to do with it, Mother.

Mary: Hi. I don't think I've been introduced.

Greenlee: Well, you're not going to be. We were just leaving.

Mary: But, darling, we haven't had a chance to speak since you've run off from the wedding. I --

Greenlee: That puzzles you? Let me clarify -- I have nothing to say to you.

Reggie: Look, this is great. We solve our family problems.

Bianca: Ok, but, Reggie, we're not a family yet.

Reggie: Well, look, you hire the plane and the pilot and I'll take care of the rest. Then we take on the world.

Bianca: Ok, all right, one potential problem.

Reggie: What?

Bianca: What if Mary and Greenlee Smythe join together to survive on the island instead of destroying each other?

Reggie: Well, what do we need? I'll get it.

Bianca: We need a spoiler. We need a man for them to fight over.

Reggie: I mean, like who? The guy would be torn apart, in pieces.

Bianca: I know. Who do we want to throw at them?

Reggie: Hmm -- how about one of those sexiest man guys? The Smythes will rip him apart on the first day. It'll be so great.

Bianca: Oh, my -- Uncle Jack. I don't know how you did it. Reggie told me. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for avoiding a trial.

Jack: I'm afraid Reggieís announcement was a little premature.

Reggie: What was that?

Jack: I offered Cambias and his attorney a deal, but they rejected it.

Reggie: Well, offer them something else, something they'll take.

Jack: No, because what they want is for me to drop all the charges.

Bianca: No, what they want is for me to go to court. He wants to do it to me again.

Jack: You know, if I could've avoided this, I would have. Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.

Reggie: Some justice.

Palmer: Kendall, look at me.

Kendall: No, I canít. Palmer, I -- you're the only person that I could trust. You're the only person that I could turn to. I thought you loved Erica and Bianca.

Palmer: Well, I do. I love all of you. That's why I have to say no.

Kendall: No, you don't understand. You're helping Michael go free.

Palmer: Huh. Never, never. I'd die before Iíll let that happen.

Kendall: Well, don't you see? Don't you understand? That's exactly what you're doing.

Palmer: Kendall, if the law doesn't make Cambias pay for his sins and his crimes, I'll take care of it.

Kendall: But you just said that there was no way --

Palmer: No, no, no, I'll see to it, and you -- you won't be involved, not at all.

Kendall: No, this was my idea.

Palmer: Kendall, Kendall, I -- I've led a full life. I can take risks that you're not going to.

Kendall: No, Palmer, I don't want you to take this on by yourself.

Palmer: Shh. Hush. You have no idea how resourceful I can be and what Iím capable of. Well, you see -- ahem -- I -- I haven't always been the kindly man that you've come to know.

Kendall: But I don't want you to get hurt.

Palmer: Not another word, not another word. No, Cambias will pay for what he did to your sister. Don't you worry.

Bianca: No, I'm ok. Just don't worry about me, Uncle Jack. I'm going to be just fine.

Jack: Honey, you're going to have to take the stand.

Bianca: Yes, I know. You will question me and then his lawyer will cross-examine me, but I'll be fine. You and I will have a few months to get ready for that and, by the time I have to see Michael Cambias in court, I'll be prepared.

Jack: Sweetheart, we don't have a few months. The judge has asked for a preliminary hearing.

Bianca: What for?

Jack: To ascertain if we have enough evidence to actually go to trial.

Reggie: And you really let him get away with this, Jack? You let him get away with it?

Jack: Reggie, I didn't have any choice.

Bianca: Ok, well, so when is it?

Jack: Tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., and you're going to have to testify.

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