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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/11/03

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Greenlee: Ok, thunder and lightning, come and get me. I dare you! You think I'm afraid of you? Just try and hurt me. I'm Greenlee Du Pres, and I can't be hurt any more. Do you hear me?

[Greenlee screams]

[Greenlee groans]

Greenlee: You think I care? Damn you. Do you?

Juan Pablo: We've not been formally introduced.

Jack: I'm Jackson Montgomery. I'm the district attorney of Delamont county in Pennsylvania.

Juan Pablo: Does that mean you have a search warrant?

Jack: No, but you tell me where my daughter is and I'll be out of here.

Juan Pablo: You're her father?

Jack: That's right. I'm Greenlee Du Pres' father. And I'm not leaving this room until you tell me where she is.

[Door opens]

Boyd: Hey.

Erica: Oh, Boyd, thank you so much for coming by so quickly.

Boyd: Of course. Your message sounded urgent. What's up?

Erica: It's Bianca.

Boyd: Is everything all right?

Erica: I hope so. It's just that I haven't been able to reach her, and so I wondered, do you know where she is?

Boyd: I'm sorry, I don't. I haven't seen her since -- well, since the announcement about Jackson. I think she just probably wants to be left alone for a while. She took the breakup with Lena pretty hard.

Erica: Yeah.

Boyd: Erica, is something wrong? Why is it so urgent?

Erica: Well, I've seen Bianca just shut down like this before. I hope she's not doing that again. I would want her to come to me about anything. I just am not sure that's what she's doing right now.

Boyd: Ok, well, if it'll make you feel better, I'll look for her.

Erica: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Boyd.

Boyd: Sure. And try not to worry, all right? I'll take care of it. I'll find her.

Erica: Thank you.

Boyd: Ok.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: Bianca.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh -- Bianca? Oh. What -- what do you want now, Mary?

Mary: I won't take up much of your time. Wait -- wait. Erica, you can blame everything on me if you want to, but we have a problem on our hands. We have to reconcile Jack and Greenlee. So I'm willing to stand here and take any insults that you have to throw at me in exchange for your cooperation. Please, just listen to me.

Erica: Mary, just how big a fool do you think I am?

[phone rings]

Woman: Front desk. Front desk.

Kendall: Uh -- is -- is this a hotel? I dialed a number, so I'm not really sure --

Woman: Your party didn't answer. The call was transferred.

Kendall: Oh.

Woman: Would you care to leave a message?

Kendall: Um -- no, no, thank you. Wait, wait, wait, are you still there?

Woman: Yes.

Kendall: Maybe I got the wrong room number. Could you -- could you tell me if you have a guest registered there by the name of -- of Ryan Lavery?

Woman: One moment. Hello, miss? We have no one by that name registered here. I'm sorry.

Kendall: That's ok. Thank you.

[Kendall hangs up]

Aidan: Kendall? What's up? What's wrong?

Kendall: Have you ever thought about someone so much that you started hearing their voice in your head?

Aidan: Every day.

Maria: Did you miss me?

Edmund: Every day I didn't have you. Come on.

Maria: Edmund.

Edmund: What is funny?

Maria: You know, I guess I'm funny because you would think that I wouldn't be surprised by this anymore, by these romantic settings, but I am. I am every single time, and I -- I love it. It's -- this is beautiful.

Edmund: Not as beautiful as you.

Maria: What is the occasion?

Edmund: It's an anniversary.

Maria: Ok. I give. Which one?

Edmund: The anniversary of the day that I lost you.

Maria: We both lost so much. I didn't -- I didn't think anything positive could ever come out of that.

Edmund: Until now. You know, for years, it was probably the hardest date on my calendar. But now -- now I'm sitting next to you, and I look at you and I can touch your face, and I can kiss you, and I realize how lucky I am.

Maria: Thank god we were given a second chance.

Edmund: Honey, we were given a miracle.

Maria: Yes, we were.

Edmund: And that's what I want to celebrate. To you, to us, to no more sadness, and to the rest of our lives together.


Maria: Hmm. Wow. That's some serious thunder.

Edmund: You remember the first time we made love in a thunderstorm?

Maria: Well, yes, I do, as a matter of fact. Mm-hmm. It was in that old turret on the grounds.

Edmund: Yeah, we're going to have to raise that thing from the ground up.

Maria: Who needs a turret?

Edmund: Good point.

Edmund: I think I have turret's syndrome right now.

[Maria laughs]

Edmund: I must kiss you.

Maria: Ok.

Maddie: Mommy? Daddy?

Edmund: Yes, sweetheart?

Maddie: Uh -- can I -- I'm scared of the thunder. Can I stay in here with you?

Edmund: Uh -- um -- sweetheart, you know, the thunder is, like, very far away, and it's not even raining yet.

Maddie: Please? I'll be quiet. I'm really little, so I won't take up too much room.

Maria: Oh, of course you can, honey. Come on up.

Maddie: I knew you'd say yes. Whoo!

Kendall: I thought you said you were getting past Maureen.

Aidan: I am. I just have these silly relapses.

Kendall: I wonder if it's possible for a person to really get past the past.

Aidan: You know what? I think it is, but it's hard. You just have to be prepared to leap over those memories until they're buried away again.

Kendall: Is that what you do?

Aidan: What brought this subject up?

Kendall: Just before when we were -- uh -- never mind. Doesn't matter. It's -- it's all safely buried inside again.


Aidan: Oh.

Kendall: Oh. Listen, Aidan, do you think -- could you give me a rain-check on that drink?

Aidan: I could, but I'm not quite sure I want to leave you alone. Not with your memory in overdrive.

Kendall: Oh, no, forget that. I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just this storm is coming, and I really think I should check in with Erica. She doesn't really do thunder and lightning too well, so I want to make sure she's not alone for this one.

Aidan: All right. Well, we'll just do this another time, then.

Kendall: Ok, yeah. I'll call you.

Aidan: Kendall --

Kendall: What?

Aidan: Don't go anywhere near Michael Cambias without me. And take care out in the rain tonight.

Kendall: I'm just going to see my mother.

Aidan: That's what I mean. That could turn out to be dangerous in its own way.

Kendall: We're ok. We're doing ok.

Aidan: I just remember the last time she took you in. She no sooner spit you out in the street. I'm sorry, all right? I know you don't need a protector. I got it.

Kendall: Well, if I did need one, I could do a lot worse. Besides, things are great. Things are going really well with Erica and I, I mean, I was a bridesmaid in her almost wedding.

Aidan: Right, an event Erica might want to forget.

Mary: Erica, I don't want to stand here and argue with you. I just want to do something to take away Jack's pain. Now, were you able to calm him down after I left and were you able to reschedule your wedding?

Erica: Oh, I see. Well, it didn't take you long to get to the real reason for your visit.

Mary: I beg your pardon?

Erica: Look, just rest assured that Jack and I will be husband and wife.

Mary: So I'll take that as a no, you did not reschedule your wedding?

Erica: Mary, please. I want you to leave now.

Mary: I would like to leave. I have to go and find Greenlee. The poor darling is utterly freaked.

Erica: "Poor darling"? No, I'd say she's lucky. She's very lucky.

Mary: Well, I don't think she's feeling very lucky just now.

Erica: Well, she should because Jack will always do the decent thing. Jack will always extend the olive branch. And if Greenlee is smart enough to take it, then at least she will have one decent parent.

Mary: Well, Erica, I guess you're right. I -- maybe the sins of the mother are visited on her children, and that probably explains why you have daughters that are an anorexic lesbian and a tramp.

Erica: Oh, my god. There's just nothing beneath you, is there? Oh, Bianca, honey, where are you?

Juan Pablo: I suggest you leave now.

Jack: Listen, please, just listen to me for a second. I'm not here to hurt Greenlee. I'm just trying to find her to make sure she's all right.

Juan Pablo: As I said, I haven't seen Greenlee. If I do, I'll be sure to let her know you're looking for her.

Jack: Look, Juan Pablo, all I'm asking -- well, isn't this interesting? This is the dress that Greenlee was wearing the last time I saw her. Now, if she hasn't been here, how do you explain this, huh?

Juan Pablo: I don't have to explain anything to you.

Jack: No? No, you tell me where Greenlee is right now!

Juan Pablo: Greenlee's not here. But she's well.

Jack: And I'm supposed to take your word for that? Huh? Is that it? How do I know you haven't done something to her?

Juan Pablo: If anyone has done something to her, it's you.


Greenlee: This is what I get for saying I don't need anyone. There is no one. There's never been anyone but Leo, and L should be grateful for that. Still, I'm Jackson Montgomery's little girl now. I should be able to shout out to him and he should ride in to the rescue.


Greenlee: Daddy! Daddy! Jack! Don't you care that I could be struck by lightning or drowned by the tide or eaten by sharks? Where are you when I need you, Jack? Now that you finally know I'm your daughter, shouldn't you be here?

Jack: Here I am.

Jack: What is it, Greenlee?

Girl: Daddy! Help!

Jack: Hey, don't worry, Greenlee, honey. Daddy's right here. Come here. What's wrong?

Young Greenlee: I want my sandcastle, daddy. It went away.

Jack: Oh, sweetheart, that's ok. We can build another one.

Young Greenlee: But it took us all day.

Jack: Oh, don't you worry about that. We've got all the time in the world.

Young Greenlee: You won't go away?

Jack: Well, of course not. The most important thing in the world is to dry these tears here. There you go.

Young Greenlee: They're all gone, daddy. They're all gone.

Jack: Good. Now, after we build ourselves a new sandcastle, what else do you want to do today?

Young Greenlee: Ride the ferris wheel?

Jack: Oh, I just love the ferris wheel. Just the two of us now.

Young Greenlee: After that --

jack: Yeah?

Young Greenlee: Swing on the swings?

Jack: I'll push you as high as you want to go.

Young Greenlee: And after that, will you twirl me around and around in circles like I like it?

Jack: Just like you like it. You know why? Because you are my little princess, and I just love you.

Young Greenlee: Will I always be your princess?

Jack: Will you always be my princess? Only forever and ever.

Young Greenlee: Now, daddy, now! Twirl me around now!

Jack: Ok! Now then, come here, you!

Young Greenlee: Whee!

[Young Greenlee laughs]: You're the best daddy, the best daddy in the world.

[Young Greenlee laughs]

Jack: Look, I know that Greenlee's angry.

Juan Pablo: I'm afraid she's more than angry. Her exact words were, "my mother is a liar, and my father is the lie."

Jack: Just how did you become involved in Greenlee's problems?

Juan Pablo: I found her last night in tears, about to rush off in her car. If I hadn't stopped her and brought her here, she might have hurt herself.

Jack: How is she now?

Juan Pablo: Better. Calmer.

Jack: Good. I appreciate what you did for her. You didn't have to lie to me, though.

Juan Pablo: Mr. Montgomery, I don't know you. You may want the best for Greenlee, you may not.

Jack: Fair enough. But for the record, I do want the best for Greenlee.

Juan Pablo: Then you let her be for now. She's not ready to see you.

Jack: I just think it's important that she knows she doesn't have to go through this alone.

Juan Pablo: As you see, she's not alone.

Jack: Yeah.

Juan Pablo: And, really, the wise thing would be for you to go.

Jack: All right, listen, you tell Greenlee that I was here, and you tell her that I was asking about her. All right? And you give her this card. It's got my number on it. You tell her she can call me if she wants to. All right?

Juan Pablo: I'll tell her.

[Maddie screams]

Edmund: Here comes the whirlybird! One whirlybird moving in for a landing! Whoa, and the whirlybird, and it's landing -- ah!

[Maddie laughs]

Maria: So I guess she didn't go right to sleep.

Edmund: No, we're having too much fun.

Maria: Is this the game you wanted?

Maddie: Yep, that's it. Gingerbread House.

Maria: Ok.

Maddie: If you don't know how to play, I'll teach you. It's my favorite game. Sammie's, too.

Maria: Ok.

Maddie: Maybe we should wake him up.

Maria: I don't think we're going to have to. I think he's going to show up eventually. Let's see. You got to show me how to play. Are you going to be the peppermint stick?

Maddie: No, Sammie's always the peppermint stick. And I'm always --

Maria: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, let me guess -- you're the honey-drop.

Maddie: That's right. How'd you guess?

Maria: Because you are so sweet.

Edmund: And because bees like to buzz around you!

[Maddie screams and laughs]

Maddie: Daddy -- daddy!

Maria: This is going to make it hard to play.

Sam: You're all up?

Maria: Hey.

Edmund: Hey, Sammie.

Maria: What'd I tell you?

Maddie: Were you scared of the thunder?

Sam: No.

Edmund: No, no, he just wanted to make sure that Maddie wasn't scared, right?

Sam: Right. Are you?

Maddie: Nope, not anymore. I'm going to stay with mommy and daddy in their bed tonight.

Maria: We're going to play Gingerbread House. Are you in?

Sam: No. That game's for babies.

Edmund: Ok, then, I'll be the peppermint stick.

Sam: No, no, no, no! You be the lollipop.

[Maria and Maddie laugh]

Maddie: You love Gingerbread House. You love gingerbread house.

Sam: I never said I hated it.

Maddie: And you're scared of the thunder.

Sam: Am not.

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Maddie: Are, too!

Sam: Am not!

Edmund: You know what comes next, don't you?

Maria: Yeah. Pillow fight.

[Maddie screams]

[Sam and Maddie laugh]

Edmund: I bet on Sammie.


Erica: Bianca, honey, I'm sorry to keep on calling. It's just that if you're coming home for dinner, then I'll have Coral make something special, you know, some -- one of your favorites. But if you have to work late, you know, of course I understand that. Just -- so if you're not coming home, I'll give Coral the evening off. So please do call because, of course, Coral would like to know, you know, if she has the time off or not. Ok, sweetheart, I'll talk to you later.

Erica's voice: What are you actually saying, David? You don't mean that Michael --

David's voice: I can't be sure --

Erica's voice: But --

David's voice: Yes.

Erica's voice: Well, you certainly wouldn't have come over here unless you thought --

David's voice: The worst. Yes.

Myrtle's voice: Darling, whatever it is, now, just say it.

Erica's voice: Rape, myrtle. I think -- I think that Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias.


[Erica gasps]

Greenlee: Now I'm really losing it. Sandcastles and swings and hugs and kisses. Jack wouldn't have made a better father than anyone else.


[tree falls]

Greenlee: I have to get out of here.

[Greenlee grunts]

Jack: Well, it looks like maybe you could use some help?

Jack: I saw you from the parking lot there.

Greenlee: Uh -- how could you see me from all the way over there?

Jack: Well, actually, I didn't know it was you. I just saw somebody who looked like they were in trouble, so I --

Greenlee: Oh, so this is just a generic good deed.


Jack: Yeah, I guess so. You know, it's about to pour.

Greenlee: I know that. I'll be long gone.

Jack: I don't see how. That rock looks like it weighs about as much as you do. Why don't you just stay still for a minute, I'll help you get out of there.

Greenlee: I don't need your help, so just stay away from me.

Erica: You scared me coming up behind me like that.

Kendall: I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have, but you just seemed so preoccupied.

Erica: Well, there's a storm coming up again, for heaven's sake.

Kendall: Well, that's why I came here -- to make sure you were ok.

Erica: I appreciate that. I do. But I'm fine. I'm fine, thank you. If I seem preoccupied, it's because I was thinking --

Kendall: Erica, it's ok. I understand.

Erica: No, I mean that I was thinking about Bianca. I was just hoping that she would come home.

Kendall: I'm sure Bianca's fine. She knows to come in from the rain.


Kendall: Erica, do you want me to make some tea?

Erica: Tea won't do any good. I mean, thank you, but I just don't feel like a cup of tea right now.

Kendall: Well, obviously, you don't feel like talking to me, either.

Erica: Oh, no, Kendall, this has nothing to do with you. It's not you.

Kendall: Well, I just thought that after the night of the other storm, maybe you would want some company, but apparently not, so I'll go.

Erica: No, no. Please, Kendall, wait. Kendall, the night of the other storm --

Kendall: Yeah?

Erica: After you left here, you saw Bianca. You told me that you saw Bianca in the park?

Kendall: Yeah, I saw her in the park.

Erica: So right after the storm, Bianca was in the park. Didn't that seem strange to you? I mean, how did she act?

Kendall: Why are you asking me this?

Erica: Please, just tell me, how did she seem to you? How was she acting?

Kendall: I told you and Jack that she -- I mean, she was a little off. And then there was that thing with the match.

Erica: What about the thing with the match?

Kendall: Well, she -- you know, she was holding the match. She was standing over the garbage can holding this lit match. And when I asked her what that was all about, she made up some excuse about looking for a lost earring or something like that. It made absolutely no sense.

Erica: Well, why not? I mean, why -- couldn't she have dropped an earring? It was dark, and so she was looking for it with a match?

Kendall: Well, because after you sent me looking for her, I went back to the park, and I found Bianca's shirt that had been burnt, and it was in the same garbage can.

Erica: Well, didn't you ask her what she was doing?

Kendall: Yes, I did --

Erica: And what did she say? What did she tell you?

Kendall: To mind my own business, more or less.

Erica: Well, why didn't you just keep asking her? I mean, since it seemed so odd, why didn't you just keep after her?

Kendall: Erica, what is this all about? I mean, if you want to know why Bianca was burning her shirt, why don't you just ask her?

Erica: Maybe it's too late.

Kendall: Why is it too late? Too late for what?

Erica: Never mind.

Kendall: Look, people -- everybody thinks that Bianca's problem is Lena. When people break up, they do really weird things sometimes. What's the big deal, anyway?

Erica: What's the big deal? My goodness, you find your sister standing there in the park with a match in her hand, and you just let it go?

Kendall: I -- I'm sorry -- Erica --

Erica: Didn't it seem odd to you? Didn't it seem even dangerous to you? I mean, why couldn't you just stop for a minute and really talk to Bianca? What kind of a sister are you? Don't you even care about Bianca at all?

Ryan: Excuse me. How's the old guy doing?

Nurse: Are you a member of the family?

Ryan: No.

Nurse: I can't give you information, then. Sorry.

Ryan: But I'm the guy who brought him in here when he got sick, so --

Nurse: I see. You'll have to talk to the hospital administrator, then.

Ryan: Wait. You know what? I really wasn't planning on sticking around, you know? So maybe you can tell me just -- just tell me if, you know, he's going to make it.

Nurse: No, I can't because we don't know yet. Sorry.

[Monitor beeps]

Alexander: You spoke to Michael?

Ryan: Yes. He's sorry, you know, about what happened.

Alexander: But he's not coming.

Ryan: No.

Alexander: He probably said I should rot in hell? Did he? Did he?

Ryan: Hey, hey, now, don't get yourself all worked up, all right? Just --

Alexander: He's useless. He's no good. But I expected no less from him.

Ryan: Well, then I'm sorry.

Alexander: Don't be. In the end, it'll be Michael who'll be sorry, be rotting in hell. And you -- and you --

Ryan: Calm down.

Alexander: You are going to make sure that my son pays. 

Sam: Ok, now it's my turn.

Maria: It is your turn. Ok.

Sam: Four. One, two, three, four.

Maria: Oh!

Sam: Oh, no!

Maddie: Fudgey Forest -- you lose your turn

Sam: Mommy, she's laughing at me.

Maria: Maddie --

Maddie: You started it.

Maria: Ok, come on, you guys. You both have a really good chance of winning.

Edmund: How about we all take a break for chocolate sundaes?

Sam and Maddie: Yay! Chocolate sundaes!

Sam: Can I make them?

Edmund: Sure.

Maddie: I'll help you. Uh!

Maria: Happy anniversary.

Edmund: It is.

Maria: Now, it's not exactly the way we had planned --

Maddie: Where's my spoon?

Sam: Oh, use this one.

Maddie: No, where's my spoon?

Edmund: Let me tell you something. I was just in the kitchen, you know, and I stopped myself, and I realized I was singing.

Maria: You were singing? I'm afraid.

Edmund: I remembered all the thunderstorms that I spent with the kids without you and all the -- all the three-handed games of poker because you weren't there. And now I look at you and I just can't believe my luck.

Maddie: Yummy.

Edmund: Nothing is better than this.

Maria: Nothing is better than this.

Maddie: That's too much!

Sam: I like them with lots of cherries!

Maddie: You're going to get sick. Daddy?

Edmund: Yes, sweetheart?

Maddie: Sammie's taking all the mosquito cherries.

Edmund: All the mosquito --

Sam: Mosquito cherries?

Edmund: Oh, well, let me see about that. I think there's plenty of mosquito cherries to go around. But I got a great idea. Why don't you let daddy make the sundaes?

Maria: Oh, brilliant idea.

Maddie: Yeah, let daddy make the sundaes.

Edmund: Ok.

Sam: Ok, but with lots of whipped cream, dad.

Edmund: Ok.

Maria: Hey, daddy? Don't use up all that whipped cream because we might need some for later.

Jack: Lose the outrage for just a second, will you? You know, this is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.

Greenlee: I really don't care how you feel about --

Jack: Fine, fine. You know what? Then just stay here and get struck by lightning, but wait for me to go, ok? Now I'm going to move that rock whether you like or not, so shut your big piehole and let me get this done. Watch out here. All right, go ahead. Get out, get out, get out, get out.

Greenlee: Ah! Ow, ow, ow. Ah.

Jack: All right, so clearly you're not going to make it back to the hotel by yourself. Why don't you let me help you?

Greenlee: I can make it on my own. I always have and I always will.

Jack: Greenlee, you hurt your ankle. Can't we take care of that?

Greenlee: I -- I can take care of it. I was thrown into the deep end years ago to sink or swim. My father -- or the man I thought was my father -- was too busy with booze or women to show up, or maybe he just knew that I wasn't his daughter and he didn't care. Whatever! I didn't need a father then, and I sure as hell don't need one now.

Jack: Oh, really? Is that right?

Kendall: Erica, why are you angry with me? Of course I care about Bianca. But she told me to leave her alone, and so I did. When are you going to realize that she's all grown up?

Erica: Well, she needs us. She needs us all right now.

Kendall: Yeah, well, if her problem is Lena, then she'll get over it. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, Lena and Michael can fall into a hole and never be heard from again.

Erica: Did Bianca mention Michael?

Kendall: No, though he made a few comments about her.

Erica: What? What did he say?

Kendall: Just that she was a lot sweeter than I am or something like that. You know how sleazy he is. And how if I was more like Bianca, he would like me better.

Erica: No. No, it just can't be true. Not Bianca, not my baby.

Kendall: What -- Erica, what are you talking about? What's wrong? What -- did something happen to Bianca?

Erica: Michael couldn't have. No, it didn't happen.

Kendall: What -- what didn't happen? Erica, what -- what do you think Michael did?


Kendall: No. No.

[Monitor beeps]

Ryan: Um -- you know what? I -- I think it's probably about time for me to hit the road.

Alexander: No, it's not.

Ryan: I -- you know what? I don't want to get between you and your son and get in the middle of everything. And, really, if you think about it, the best way for you to get back at him is just for you to get better, so --

Alexander: I still owe you a check for your troubles!

Ryan: No, forget it. No, no, no, forget it, forget it.

Alexander: I don't want you to leave, not before you know what I --

[Alexander coughs]

Ryan: Before I know what?

Kendall: There was panic in her face.

Erica: Yes. When Maggie was holding a knife on Michael after the wedding, David said that Bianca was in panic mode.

Kendall: Well, that doesn't mean --

Erica: Well, David was convinced enough to come here and tell me and warn me.

Kendall: Erica, I'm sure you're just letting your imagination get the best of you.

Erica: You really think so?

Kendall: Well, you know, we're all afraid of Michael, even though we don't want to admit it. That's why Jackson has guards for us.

Erica: Something happened. Something happened to Bianca. She hasn't been herself since that night. I mean, the running away from Myrtle's, and not eating, and this burning of her clothes. And I don't think it's Lena. I've never thought it was Lena.

Kendall: Erica, stop. You can't really think that -- you can't think that, can you? You can't -- you can't think that Michael -- that he did to Bianca what he tried to do to us?

[Door opens and closes]

Bianca: Hey. Mom, Boyd said that you needed me?


Juan Pablo: No messages from Ms. Du Pres? Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Juan Pablo: Oh, menos mal. Ya volvio.

Jack: You know, this tough girl act of yours -- it's not working for you. At least it's not working on me.

Greenlee: How can I make you understand that I don't give a damn what you think? You're nothing to me.

Jack: No, actually, I'm your father -- whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not. You can be as big a pain in the butt as you want to be about it, you're not going to chase me away, so you might as well get used to it.

Greenlee: Want to bet? Ow! Ow!

Jack: You know what? That's it. You're coming with me.

[Greenlee groans]

Jack: Come on. Come on.

Greenlee: Let go of me.


[Greenlee gasps]

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Kendall: Tell me what you did to my sister.

Erica: No, Bianca, no!

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