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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/8/03

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[Knock on door]

Jack: Coming! Ooh, tell me you know something about Greenlee. Tell me you know where she is.

Tad: Not yet.

Jack: Well, Tad, I mean, gee, why not? I mean, people don't just vanish off the face of the earth. There must be a trail of some kind.

Tad: Nothing we've been able to find.

Jack: Well, what the hell have you been doing?

Tad: We've been looking.

Jack: It's one person, Tad. How tough can it be to find one person?

Tad: Hey, we don't know that it's one person. She may very possibly be with Juan Pablo, and if she is, it's going to make finding her a hell of a lot more difficult. I mean, a guy like that, he's going to have money, he's going to have influence. He can take a hundred-mile radius and turn it into God only knows what. He's got a plane. Simple fact is it's going to take some time to find her, ok, but I'm on it. Anna's on it. We will track her down.

Jack: I know, I'm -- I'm sorry. I know you're doing everything you can. It's just that -- well, you were at the wedding. You saw Greenlee. You saw the kind of pain that she's in. I'm her father, Tad. Now, what if Iím the only person that can actually help her right now?

Greenlee: Whoo! Agh! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Now, that is how you do Atlantic City, baby!

Juan Pablo: You like to win.

Greenlee: Hah! Hell, yeah. It's about time something went my way. Oh, isn't that beautiful?

Juan Pablo: Very beautiful.

Greenlee: Why are you looking at me like that?

Juan Pablo: I admire your spirit.

Greenlee: You sure it's not admiring the dress? Which you didn't have to buy for me -- although it is fabulous. But I could have paid for it myself.

Juan Pablo: I didn't want your credit card giving you away. You know there are people looking for you.

Greenlee: Let them look! They're never going to find me.

Juan Pablo: And why is that?

Greenlee: Because you're going to kidnap me.

[Michael groans]

Simone: Oh, my God. Who -- what happened?

Mia: Get off of him!

Michael: What the hell are you trying to do, kill me?

Simone: No!

Michael: No, I saw you push that cart right at me.

Simone: What?

Michael: Excuse me. You know what?

Simone: No --

Michael: Don't even think you're going to get away with this. Why don't you do something useful like your job. I want her arrested for assault.

Simone: Assault?

Michael: Yes.

Simone: Are you kidding? Did it hit you in the head? It was an accident, Officer. I mean, look at my shoes. I tripped. Wait -- now, Mia, you saw the whole thing. Tell him it was an accident. Tell him!

Mia: She's right. I did see the whole thing. I -- I saw her deliberately push that cart right into him.

Ryan: I said Iím looking for Michael Cambias. Who is this?

Aidan: Hey. Kendall, who was it?

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no. It couldn't be.

Marian: And then Mary burst in, declaring it was all true, that Greenlee really was Jacksonís daughter. Well, I mean, you can imagine the ruckus that little bombshell caused.

Stuart: And poor Greenlee was so angry and hurt she stopped their wedding cold.

Carlos: My God, what did she do?

Marian: Oh, darling, she went right up to the altar and she read from her mother's diary. She read about the part where Jackson got her mother into trouble all those years ago.

Carlos: In front of everyone?

Marian: Yes!

Stuart: Very uncomfortable.

Marian: Yeah, well, Erica was the most uncomfortable of all, because apparently, she knew that Greenlee was Jacksonís daughter all along and she kept it to herself.

Carlos: Greenlee must be coming apart.

Marian: Oh, darling, she's definitely coming apart. I mean, she stood there, she declared herself an orphan, and she ran out.

Carlos: You sound like you enjoyed it, like it was some sort of show.

Marian: Well -- of course, I didn't enjoy it, darling. It was -- it was tragic. I mean, I wouldn't wish that kind of situation on anyone. Well, I mean, that's not necessarily true, but, I mean --

Stuart: Marian, Marian, sweetheart, could you give us a minute?

Marian: Oh, of course, darling. Oh, Carlos, please forgive me. I'm so sorry if I upset you. I just get terribly carried away sometimes. I'm so sorry.

Carlos: God. I mean, how could Greenleeís mother do this to her, Stuart?

Stuart: I don't know. I don't know, she kept the secret for a long time.

Carlos: You know, I can't stand lies or liars.

Stuart: Me, too.

Carlos: I should have been there, Mr. C. I should have been there.

Stuart: You still care about her, don't you?

Carlos: A lot. I mean, Greenlee -- she has a hard time opening up. She doesn't trust people, you know? For a little while, she was able to trust me.

Stuart: Well, that's good, right?

Carlos: I just didn't appreciate it the way I should have. I mean -- and now she must feel like she doesn't have anyone to trust. I mean, who does she have to turn to?

Juan Pablo: I'm going to kidnap you?

Greenlee: Yes. But I'll make it easy on you. No kicking, no screaming, no pasting letters together for a ransom note. Not that there's anyone to send a ransom note to.

Juan Pablo: Uh-huh. So, what do you want me to do, then?

Greenlee: Just whisk me away on your yacht or your jet. I'll even ride sidesaddle on one of your polo ponies if I have to.

Juan Pablo: Mm-hmm. And where exactly do you want me to take you?

Greenlee: Argentina.

Juan Pablo: Argentina?

Greenlee: Yes! Yes. I want to see a ranch. Your country -- it sounds so amazing. And wait until you see me in cowboy boots.

Juan Pablo: You are very impulsive.

Greenlee: Hmm, that's me. So, can we leave?

Juan Pablo: I wish it were that simple.

Greenlee: What? Don't tell me you've never brought a girl home to meet your parents before.

Juan Pablo: My parents would adore you.

Greenlee: Then why do I get the feeling you're going to say no?

Juan Pablo: Because at the moment it's not feasible.

Greenlee: Well, who cares about feasible? Let's just go!

Juan Pablo: Greenlee --

Greenlee: You said yourself that if I went back to Pine Valley Iíd only get hurt again. I'm agreeing with you. I don't want to go home -- not now, maybe ever.

Juan Pablo: So I kidnap you and take you away from everything?

Greenlee: Oh, exactly.

Juan Pablo: Uh-huh.

Greenlee: And I'm not asking you to support me. I would access my own money once I got there. Think about how great it would be -- you and me on the road, or trails of Argentina.

Juan Pablo: It's not that Iím not tempted. I am.

Greenlee: Then get into it. I thought you were all about being adventurous, running wild with beautiful women. Isn't that what you told me?

Juan Pablo: Yes, it was.

Greenlee: Ok. Then either it's just me or that was all talk, because it's not like you have another reason to stick around here. Unless you do. That's it, isn't it? There's a reason, what you wouldn't tell me the other night. Just another stupid secret, right? You're just somebody else who can't be honest with me.

Simone: Mia, are you trying to get me locked up?

Mia: Sorry, Simone --

Simone: Sorry?

Mia: But I saw what I saw, and I saw you push the cart right into Michael.

Simone: I did not.

Man: Which is it?

Michael: Oh, she did, all right, but what I'm trying to figure out is why this one is trying to sell out her buddy on my behalf.

Simone: Yeah, you and me both.

Mia: I'm not selling anyone out, and it's certainly not on your behalf. It's just that you're in a position to help us, and I don't see the point in antagonizing you.

Man: Clearly, Mr. Cambias, you haven't been injured. A little ego bruising doesn't justify the amount of paperwork that an arrest would warrant.

Simone: Yes, I agree.

Man: So, this is what's going to happen. You are going to stay away from him --

[Michael scoffs]

Man: And anything with wheels.

Simone: Gladly. Yes.

Man: And please, get yourself some sensible shoes. Understand?

Michael: Oh, man, you know, the corruption in this town is appalling. I'm going to file a complaint right now.

Mia: Oh, Michael. Michael, wait.

Michael: What? You have a dessert tray you'd like to take for a spin or something?

Mia: Simone shouldn't have attacked you like that.

Michael: No kidding.

Mia: It's just that she -- sometimes she doesn't think before she acts, but I do.

Michael: Meaning what, exactly?

Mia: Meaning I've been giving some thought to your offer to help us with this mess with the IRS.

Michael: Oh, have you, now?

Mia: Yes, I have.

Michael: Good. Well, you know, your sister's fairly wealthy. Why don't you ask, you know, Liza for the money?

Mia: Yeah, well, she's out of town right now. Otherwise, I would, and she's also helped us a lot in the past.

Michael: So Iím your second choice. I guess I should be flattered or something?

Mia: Why don't you -- why don't you have that long-overdue drink with me and we'll find out?

Michael: You know, I will have that drink with you, you know, just out of curiosity.

Mia: Good.

Michael: Shall we? You know, I knew it. I knew it. What are you two trying to pull here?

Mia: Nothing. Nothing. I'm sorry!

Michael: Oh, well, you will be.

Simone: What do you mean?

Michael: What's up with here? I mean, why are you trying to keep me here with the luggage rack and, you know, the drinks?

Mia: I'm not. You just made us an offer and I wanted to talk about it.

Michael: Yeah, well, forget it, sweetheart. Deal's off.

Mia: Oh, well, wait, Michael. Please -- oh, damn! Damn it, damn in, damn!

Simone: You skank. You tried to sell me out.

Mia: Simone, have you forgot what we're doing here? We were supposed to keep Michael here. He cannot find Kendall at his place.

Simone: Yeah, well, that's why I tried to run him over with the luggage cart.

Mia: What's our next move? Because she's breaking into his safe right now.

Aidan: What's the matter with you? Did you recognize the person's voice? Is it someone that could tip Michael off?

Kendall: No. No, no. We're fine, we're fine. Wait -- what are you doing?

Aidan: He's got Caller I.D. on his phone.

Kendall: Well, does it have a name on it?

Aidan: No, it doesn't have a name. It's a number from Nevada. It's probably just a telemarketer.

Kendall: Nevada? Nevada? Let me see. I want to see.

Aidan: Well, we haven't got time, but if you want Fusion's debt to be paid off by Michael Cambias, we need to get the money out of this safe and get out of here now. Come on, help me lift it. Get around on the side.

Kendall: All right. Fine.

Aidan: You ready? On my count.

Kendall: Do it.

Aidan: One, two, three --

[Kendall grunts]

[Phone rings]

Jack: Ok, thanks, Anna.

Tad: Hey, you know what I just realized? You got yourself a brand-new daughter. So we should celebrate, and you were out of cigars, so cheers.

Jack: What do you think we should drink to exactly, Tad, the fact that Greenlee ran off or the fact that I know so little about my daughter I have no idea where she might have gone?

Tad: Nobody expects you to.

Jack: Oh, come on. Now, if Jamie ran off, I bet you'd have a good idea where to go look for him.

Tad: Well, just a second now, all right? You know, I've had 17 years to figure out how that kid thinks. You've had what, 17 hours?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Tad, I missed so much. I mean, I'm not even talking about the big things like prom and graduation. I'm just talking about the little day-to-day things -- tying shoes, buttoning buttons, and -- Roger got all that. And to Roger, Greenlee was just an inconvenience. He didn't care. He didn't enjoy it. She deserved better than that from her father. She deserved better than that.

Tad: Yeah, she did. So you both got cheated. And now you got a chance to make up for it.

Jack: Greenlee's a grown woman. She's made it very clear that she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Tad: People say a lot of things when they're confused or angry. She was lashing out at everybody in the Valley Inn.

Jack: So what do you propose I do, Tad? Just kind of force my way into her life?

Tad: Why not? You don't think she's not going to need you, do you. I still turn to my father when the chips are down.

Jack: Yeah, but see, the thing is she doesn't seem me as her father. She sees me as just another guy who --

Tad: Hey.

Jack: What?

Tad: Take it from me, ok? I'm a guy who's been there. You just show up, over and over and over again, and that will change.

Jack: I appreciate what you're trying to do. I do. But as far as Greenlee goes, I just don't hold a lot of hope. I canít.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hey. Just a second. Huh-huh! Hey. Yeah. Yeah, go. Give me a minute.

Jack: What? What? What? What? What is it?

Tad: We may have found her.

Juan Pablo: Lies are part of life.

Greenlee: Not mine, not anymore.

Juan Pablo: Yes. They can be cruel, but sometimes very necessary.

Greenlee: Necessary?

Juan Pablo: Yes.

Greenlee: Lies are necessary? Ok. Since you know so much, enlighten me. Tell me why every person in my life has lied to me every single day -- my mother, my-- Roger-- everyone.

Juan Pablo: Please, calm down.

Greenlee: I don't want to calm down. I want the truth.

Juan Pablo: About what?

Greenlee: About anything. About why Carlos lied to me about his e-mails, why Ryan led me on when it was Gillian that he was after, why Leo -- even Leo lied to me. God. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just not worthy of being told the truth.

Juan Pablo: I'm sorry you've been hurt.

Greenlee: Spare me your sympathy. I don't want it. I want the truth just once from one person. Is that really asking for too much?

Juan Pablo: No, it's not. And I'll prove it to you. If you want to know why I came to Pine Valley, I'll tell you.

Stuart: Carlos, you ok?

Carlos: Yeah. I just -- I don't know. There's got to be something I can do to help Greenlee out, something I haven't thought of.

Stuart: Yeah. Well, if I think of anything, I'll let you know.

Carlos: Thanks, Mr. C.

Stuart: Carlos, you're a good man. You have a big heart, and I know, I'm sure Greenlee knows that if she needs to she can come to you.

Mary: That's what I'm hoping.

Stuart: Mary.

Mary: Hi, Stuart, Carlos. I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm wondering if I could just have a moment with Carlos.

Stuart: Oh, yeah. Of course, yeah. I'll be in the back with Marian, and -- Mary, I hope everything works out ok.

Mary: Oh, thank you, Stuart. That's very kind. Thank you. Carlos --

Carlos: I have nothing to say to you.

Mary: Please listen to me. Greenlee is very angry at me, and I was wrong keeping the truth from her like I did, and I regret it terribly. It just came out in the worst possible --

Carlos: Yeah, ok, ok, ok, look, what do you want from me?

Mary: She's taken off somewhere and I have no idea where she is.

Carlos: Oh, and now you're concerned about her?

Mary: Yes. She's my daughter.

Carlos: Well, coming from you, that doesn't mean much.

Mary: I need you to help me find her.

Carlos: No.

Mary: Please, Carlos. I know we have our differences, but I'm begging you.

Carlos: You know, Mary, even if I knew where she was, you'd be the last person Iíd tell.

Mary: Can't you see Iím trying to make things right?

Carlos: Right. Right.

Mary: If you help me find her, Iíll give you exactly what you want.

Carlos: And what is it you think I want?

Mary: Greenlee, of course.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: I got it. Just put it down.

Kendall: It's Mia.

Aidan: Mia?

Mia: Aidan?

Simone: Aidan?

Aidan: Hey.

Mia: Are you with Kendall?

Aidan: Yeah. What's up?

Mia: Look, it's not good, ok? We tried to keep Michael here, but I think he's on to us, and I think he's headed home. You have to get out of there now.

Aidan: Got it.

Kendall: What? Is it Michael?

Aidan: Yeah. He's on his way over. We have to make it look like this place, like we haven't even been here.

Kendall: Oh, God, you're kidding me. I thought if anybody could trap a man, it would be Simone.

Aidan: I know. Yep, how's that?

Kendall: All right, that's exactly as we found it.

Aidan: Now, you dust it, make it sparkle.

Kendall: Thanks. Ok, it's perfect.

Aidan: Let's go.

Kendall: Yeah.

Kendall: Wait. Aidan, don't!

Aidan: What?

Kendall: I forgot something inside. Just, Aidan, two seconds, I promise. Oh, there's no way it's him. There's no way. God, Iím losing my mind.

Aidan: Come on, let's go.

Kendall: All right. What?

Michael: Oh, this is beautiful. You know, why don't you two get a room and get away from my door?

Kendall: Michael, I didn't even know you were there.

Michael: Oh, that's funny, because I often felt the same way when I was kissing you.

Aidan: You know, I should knock some sense into you, Cambias.

Michael: Oh, please, go ahead, because I've got this cop right out here who's waiting in the parking lot watching over me. I would love to see him lock you away.

Kendall: You know what, Aidan? Don't even waste your time. He's not worth it.

Michael: Oh, well, listen, I'd invite you two in, but I'm not sure that your new boy toy here is housebroken, so if you'll excuse me --

Kendall: You know what? You don't have to worry about Aidan, ok? He's twice the man that you are in every way.

Michael: Well, bravo.

Kendall: Let's go.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah. I'm looking for Michael Cambias.

Michael: Yeah, you found him.

Ryan: Listen, you don't know me, but --

Michael: Sorry, I'm not interested.

Ryan: No, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Don't hang up. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

Michael: Well, what kind of bad news? I'm sorry. Who is this again?

Ryan: Your father's had a heart attack. Are you there?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan: I'm really sorry to have to tell you this kind of thing over the phone, but your father's been admitted to St. Jude's hospital in Las Vegas.

Michael: Huh. So the old man finally needs me, huh? That's interesting. Tell me something, stranger. Where was my father when I needed him?

Ryan: Whatever your beef is, you know, that's between you and him. I'm just the messenger here. I don't want to get in the middle of anything.

Michael: Well, messenger, thanks for the call.

Ryan: Oh, hold on a second. I'm really not sure how long he's going to be able to hang in there, you know?

Michael: So?

Ryan: Well, so, is there anything you want me to tell him before you can make it out here?

Michael: Well, I am not going anywhere, but I guess you could tell him that I hope he rests in peace and that he should know that his company and his money are in good hands.

Simone: You know what? I expect to be sold down the river by Greenlee, maybe even Kendall, but you? You? We're supposed to be on the same team.

Mia: Simone, do you think there was anyone in here who didn't see you push that cart into Michael Cambias, which, by the way, didn't work, so I had to think of something to stall him.

Simone: I see. So you'd rather have me to go jail instead of Kendall.

Mia: Do you know what Michael would have done to her if he found her robbing him blind to save Fusion? Do you?

Simone: Please. Aidan was with her. She was fine.

Mia: I didn't know that. Did you know that?

Simone: No, all right, but that's not the point. You know what? Forget it. I'm done. You know, Kendallís probably already got the money to pay off the IRS, so from here on out, every girl for herself. I'm out of here.

Mia: Oh, please, what are you talking about?

Simone: I am so sick and tired of busting my butt for a company that doesn't give me shares in the profits, so you know what Iím going to do, Mia? I'm going to win this little bet we have and I'm going to get my stock with or without you.

Mia: Hey! Huh! Where are you going?

Simone: To find myself some true love.

Carlos: I can't be bought. Leave.

Mary: You've just blown your last opportunity with Greenlee, young man. I can assure you of that.

Carlos: You -- you have no idea what your daughter wants or how she feels. She ran away from you and your lies. Hell, all she ever wanted from you, Mary, was for you to love her, but you couldn't do that, could you? You couldn't be bothered, no, no, always too busy putting your own happiness ahead of hers, right?

Mary: And who are you to judge me? You're a nobody broom-pusher. I'm her mother, damn it, and I love her.

Carlos: You don't know how to love. You know how to manipulate. You bargain to get what you want, Mary. But I'm not going to let you trade favors for Greenlee, oh, no. No, I'm not. You love her? Huh? Let her go, because you'll only poison what's left of her life.

[Adam chuckles]

Tad: Well --

Jack: So?

Tad: We've found Juan Pablo.

Jack: Well, where is he?

Tad: In a hotel in Atlantic City.

Jack: Is Greenlee with him?

Tad: We don't know, but it's the best lead we've got so far.

Jack: Ok, so what hotel? I mean, is he staying on the boardwalk? Where?

Tad: What do you think you're doing?

Jack: I'm going to go down there, Tad. That's what I'm doing.

Tad: Why? I just told you, we don't know if she's with him yet. Just let us check out the situation.

Jack: And what? And me cool my heels here? No, no. I'm going to go down, and, look, I know people there. I can find out just as easy as you can if Greenleeís with him or not.

Tad: And what if she's not?

Jack: Well, then Iíll ask Juan Pablo where she is.

Tad: No, listen, you can't just go kick in the guy's door. You can't go charging down there.

Jack: I'm not charging down there.

Tad: Yes, you are! You're halfway out the door. You don't know where he is yet. You wanted me to find Greenlee so you would know how to approach her, right?

Jack: Yeah, all right, all right, but listen to me, Tad, if she sees you first, she's going to know I sent you and she's going to think that I don't care, that I don't realize what kind of pain she's in. Now, she's already had one father like that. I'd like to show her that Iím different.

Tad: Jack --

Jack: No.

Tad: I'll be the soul of discretion, ok?

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure you would be, but my mind's made up. I'm going, so why don't you just tell me the name of this hotel, Tad? You owe me this. What's the name of the hotel?

Tad: He's at the Classico.

Jack: Thank you.

Juan Pablo: You asked me for the truth, and Iím willing to trust you with it.

Greenlee: Ok. I'm sorry.

Juan Pablo: I meant what I said. I really want to invest in Fusion. I believe in your company's potential. But there is another reason why I came to Pine Valley. It's because of my family.

Greenlee: Wait. Juan Pablo, stop. Stop.

Juan Pablo: What is the matter?

Greenlee: Whatever it is you're about to tell me, don't.

Juan Pablo: I thought this is what you wanted.

Greenlee: Well, I donít. I have enough weight-of-the-world confessions to deal with. I don't need yours, too. I appreciate what you're trying to do. I do. But whatever it is that you have to tell me, it doesn't matter, because it doesn't involve me. I know that sounds really selfish, but it's for your own good right now that you don't trust me with it.

Juan Pablo: Where are you going?

Greenlee: I'm going to go for a walk to clear my head.

Juan Pablo: But the weather has turned. It's better if you stay here or --

Greenlee: You think Iím afraid of a little storm? I can take care of myself. I have ever since I was a little girl.


Juan Pablo: Yes, I believe you.

Greenlee: I need to do this. Please, don't try and stop me.

Mary: May I help you with something, Adam?

Adam: No, no. You've done quite enough. Thank you. I haven't laughed like this in ages.

Mary: At somebody else's expense, you mean?

Adam: Oh, Mary, come on. Don't be so sensitive. It's really remarkable, being told off by the queen of Pine Valley one day and the neighborhood janitor junk sculptor the next.

Mary: Oh, Carlos is hardly one to put anybody in their place.

Adam: Well, you certainly got this town buzzing with your little news. Hmm. Greenlee's the D.A.'s daughter. Impressive lineage.

Mary: All right, if you're going to poke fun at a private matter about which you know absolutely nothing, by the way --

Adam: No, no, I'm not, believe me. I know exactly what you're going through.

Mary: You do?

Adam: Absolutely.

Mary: Well, I mean, it has been terribly difficult keeping it to myself all these years. It's, you know --

Adam: Oh. I can imagine.

Mary: And I wanted to tell Greenlee the truth months ago, but Erica wouldn't let me, and Lord knows you know what she's like. You were married to her.

Adam: Unlike Jackson.

Mary: I just wanted Greenlee to know who her real father was, regardless of the cost to me.

Adam: So what you're saying is you're the true victim in all this?

Mary: Well, yes. Can't you see it?

Adam: Oh.

[Adam laughs]

Mary: What? What's so funny now?

Adam: You are, my dear. Forgive me, but you are the most exploitive, self-centered, calculating victim Iíve ever seen.

Mary: Excuse me? Excuse me?

Adam: No, no, no. No. No, let me finish. Believe me, I find those qualities very alluring in a woman.

Mary: You do?

Adam: Oh. Very alluring. If there's ever anything that I can do for you, don't fail to get in touch with me.

Simone: Oh.

Mary: Please move.

Simone: Looks like I didn't sleep with Greenleeís father after all.

Mary: Doesn't make you any less of a whore.

Simone: Ugh, I hate that woman. Carlos? Sweet thing? Carlos? Hey. Good news. It's gone.

Carlos: Thank God.

Simone: Yeah, and if we're lucky, maybe she'll get hit by a bus. Buh-duh-bum.

Carlos: Hmm, so have you heard anything about Greenlee?

Simone: No. No, not yet. I'm just trying to keep Fusion afloat while she's absent. Actually, that's why Iím here.

Carlos: I'm not doing another commercial.

Simone: No, no, no, no. It's nothing like that.

Carlos: Ok, thank God.

Simone: Actually, this involves creating some real heat.

Mia: Oh, God. Thank God. Thank God you guys got out of Michaelís den in time.

Kendall: Yeah, well, don't start celebrating yet.

Mia: What? Why not?

Aidan: Well, we didn't get the money.

Kendall: Yeah, Michael changed the combination to the safe.

Mia: Oh, God. It figures. Well, what are we going to do now?

Kendall: I don't know. I don't know. I really, really wanted Michael to pay for what he did to Fusion.

Mia: Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it could get a lot worse, real fast.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Mia: Well, we're selecting another finalist for the Sexy Man Contest, right?

Aidan: So?

Mia: So, so we're not going to have a company for this finalist to represent. Possibly, when this is all over with. Kendall, Iím sorry, but I'm afraid that we're going to get sued or something.

Aidan: Kendall?

Kendall: What? Yeah.

Aidan: Did you hear what Mia just said? Are you still thinking about that phone call?

Mia: What -- what phone call?

Kendall: Oh. No, nothing. It doesn't matter. It's just -- that voice -- it just sounded so much like him.

Aidan: Yeah, "him"? "Him" who?

Kendall: No one. Forget it, it doesn't matter. There's no way. I mean, what could he possibly have to do with Michael?

Ryan: Your father's in really bad shape, man. I mean, he asked for you. That's got to mean something to you, doesn't it?

Michael: Well, I don't know. Should it?

Ryan: I guess not.

Michael: I'm sorry. How is it that you know my father again?

Ryan: Look, I'm just someone who stopped to help him with his car, ok? I really think the man is dying.

Michael: Yeah, well, not soon enough.

Ryan: Damn, you are a cold son of a bitch.

Michael: Well, you know, it's a testament to my father. As a matter of fact, I'm sure that he would be thrilled to hear you say that.

Ryan: Yeah, so there's nothing you want me to tell him?

Michael: You know, it wasn't too long ago that I was in pretty bad shape myself, and when I called my father to ask him for his help, he told me that I was dead to him. So I guess he should have sent that jet after all. I just hope that his version of hell is a lot nicer than the one he's left me here to rot in, here in Pine Valley.

Simone: So, all either Mia and I have to do is find some guy that will fall in love with us first, and then Greenlee and Kendall have to make us partners in Fusion.

Carlos: Ok.

Simone: Ok, yes.

Carlos: So what does that have to do with me?

Simone: I need you to fake it.

Carlos: Fake what?

Simone: Being in love with me.

Carlos: Oh, Simone, that's cheating.

Simone: What? No, it's not. It's called strategy, and games are won by it all the time. Oh, come on. It couldn't be that hard to pull off. Please, you don't know how many times I've faked it -- being in love with someone.

Carlos: Hmm, uh-huh. It's definitely one of the most interesting propositions Iíve heard today.

Simone: But you're going to turn me down.

Carlos: Yeah.

Simone: Ok.

Carlos: I mean, I just -- I don't think I can do that to Greenlee, not with everything that she's going through.

Simone: Oh, yeah, Greenlee. You guys broke up.

Carlos: It doesn't matter.

Simone: Ok, fine.

Carlos: I mean, whatever happened to that new guy, that new guy you wanted me to go check out for you?

Simone: Oh -- oh, Pablo, the promised land. Well, it turns out that the Argentinean hot thing actually is only interested in my business. Yeah.

Carlos: What did you say his name was?

Simone: Oh, get this. You'll think he's royalty. Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de Vasquez. Try saying that three times fast.

[Knock on door]

Jack: I take it you're Juan Pablo? Where's my daughter?

Juan Pablo: I assume you're referring to Greenlee.

Jack: Yeah, that's right. Is she here?

Juan Pablo: No, she's not here.

Jack: Well, pardon me if I don't take your word for it. Greenlee? Greenlee!

Greenlee: You think I can't handle this? Bring it on! Give me your best shot! I don't need anyone! You hear me? I don't need anyone!

Michael: This is almost too easy. $500,000 generous, and a little wire transfer to the lovely ladies of Fusion. They aren't going to know what hit them.

Mia: Ok, well, I guess I had better get back to the office while there still is one.

Kendall: All right.

Aidan: Well, thanks for stalling Michael for us.

Mia: You're welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't keep him longer. Well, who knows? Well, maybe one of the finalists will bribe us with $500,000.

Kendall: Yeah, well, let's hope.


Aidan: Wow.

Mia: Good night.

Aidan: Good night. Take care out there. So, are you going to let me buy you a drink?

Kendall: Oh, we're celebrating?

Aidan: Yeah. Why not?

Kendall: Well, yeah, we broke into Michaelís condo, but we didn't get the money.

Aidan: Oh, but we didn't get caught either, did we?

Kendall: Good point.

Aidan: I'm definitely thinking of recruiting you on my next mission.

Kendall: Like you're not on my speed dial the next time I feel like a late-night B & E.

Aidan: So, how about that drink then, partner?

Kendall: Ok. Just give me two minutes. I have to make a quick phone call.

Aidan: All right.

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: See you in there.

Kendall: Bye.

Ryan's voice: I said Iím looking for Michael Cambias. Who is this?

Kendall: There's no way it's him. No, there's no way.

[Phone rings]

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Mary: We have a problem on our hands.

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Greenlee: I can't be hurt anymore!

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