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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/4/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: You're my father, Jackson.

Jack: No, I am not your father.

Mary: Yes, you are, jack.

Erica: Oh!

Jack: So you save this announcement for my wedding day?

Mary: I couldn't tell you because Erica was blackmailing me.

Jack: I can't do this until I know the truth.

Bianca: After everything that has happened, somebody was supposed to be happy!

David: Will you marry me?

Greenlee: Lies. Nothing but lies.

Greenlee: Ugh!

[Phone rings]

Erica: Jack? Oh, yes, yes, what can I -- no, no, the wedding has not been canceled. It's just been postponed for a few hours. The food for the reception? Well, I suggest that you keep the crab claws and the champagne on ice, and then we will treat our wedding guests to a really sumptuous late supper. Yes. Thank you, Armand.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: The Valley Inn.

Opal: Erica, hon, what say we just get you out of that dress for a bit, huh?

Erica: Why would we want to do that, opal?

Opal: Well, we just don't know. I mean, it could be quite a while until Jack gets back from the hospital.

Kendall: That's true. And you don't want to chance your gown getting ruined.

Erica: I'm not going to ruin anything. Nothing's going to be ruined, Kendall. And I'm not going to get out of my wedding gown until after Jack and I are married.

Opal: Well, we just don't know. I mean, that could be quite a while.

Erica: Opal, don't be silly. Any minute, Jack's going to come just walking right through that door. He's going to whisk me up and take me back to the Valley Inn. We are going to finish that walk down the aisle.

Kendall: But, Erica, maybe you --

Erica: No buts about it. By this time tomorrow, Jack and I will be husband and wife.

Anna: You're serious. Last week you said that we were over, and now you want us to get married?

David: Well, nobody ever accused me of being predictable.

Anna: So you've gone from thinking that there was no hope to talking about our future. I'm just trying to understand, David. I --

David: I think it in part has something to do with Erica and Jackson. Just today, they were supposed to seal their lives together in marriage, and we watched the whole thing explode in their faces like some cheap trick cigar.

Anna: So we should seize the day, then, before it's too late?

David: Well, you see, that's just it, Anna. It could never be "too late" for us. Our whole world was already leveled when we lost our little girl. I mean, the worst that could happen has already happened. We have somehow survived the unimaginable. Anna, the worst is behind us.

Anna: You really believe that?

David: I really want to.

Anna: So do I. Oh, god, I want to. But my life has taught me that wanting something doesn't always make it so.

Maggie: Bianca --

Bianca: It's one flower. It's just one flower. What, my mom can spring for a whole new bouquet.

Maggie: Bianca, why don't you just --

Bianca: Uh -- you know, Maggie, my grandmother used to say, "a place for everything, and everything in its place."

Maggie: Listen, you don't have to do anything. It's not your job.

Bianca: Yes, Maggie, it is my job, ok? I'm making my mother's and Uncle Jack's wedding picture-perfect.

Maggie: There's no such thing.

Bianca: Yes, there is! And I'm going to prove that. Today is going to prove that. When they walk in that door and they see that everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be, exactly the way they left it, as if nothing ever happened. Exactly the way it was before, like nothing at all happened, ok, Maggie?

Maggie: No, no, watch your back!

Bianca: Nothing -- no!

Jack: Joe, what are the odds that Greenlee's not my daughter?

Joe: About one in 10,000.

Tad: You're sure about that?

Joe: The only way to be 100% sure is to run a D.N.A. comparison. We still have a sample of Greenlee's blood and yours, too.

Jack: Well, then, do it, please, run the test.

Joe: Ok. I'll put a rush on it.

Jack: Thanks, Joe. I appreciate it.

Tad: So what do you need? You want me to find Erica, bring her down here?

Jack: No. No, Tad, right now the only person I want you to find is Greenlee.

Jack: Well, Greenlee's not at home. Thank you for letting me use the phone. Tad, will you please, please go try to find her?

Tad: I will in a while.

Jack: What's wrong with right now?

Tad: You just had the shock of your life. You need some time to process, ok? Take it easy.

Jack: Since when did you become so concerned about what I need, Tad?

Tad: Well, believe it or not, I am your friend.

Jack: Yeah, well, friend, you know what? I need the chance to process that Greenlee might be my daughter before my wedding day.

Tad: I'm sorry. I made a judgment call --

Jack: It wasn't your call to make, was it?

Tad: Jack, don't you think I know how badly this sucks?

Jack: Well, then why didn't you say something to me, Tad? Just come and say something to me?

Tad: I couldn't. I didn't have that option. In the first place, there's a little thing called client privilege, ok? Secondly, it wasn't my secret to tell. Hey, let's not forget, you know, rounding third, the fact that the person whose job it was to tell you about Greenlee kept her lips zipped a lot longer than I did. But by all means, if it makes you feel better to pound on me, then go ahead.

Jack: I'm sorry. It's nuts.

Tad: I know, I --

Jack: I'm sorry.

Tad: I am, too.

Jack: Now will you please, please go find Greenlee? Please.

Tad: Ok, fine. You want me to bring her here? You want me to give her some kind of message?

Jack: No, no, no. I don't even want her to know I sent you. I just want you to go make sure she's all right, make sure she doesn't do something stupid.

Tad: That I can do. Ok, I'll check in with you, all right? Just do me a favor, try to take it easy?

Greenlee's voice: I saved your life, daddy. I saved your life.

Bianca: Look what I did. Stupid, clumsy.

Maggie: Bianca, stop.

Bianca: Look what a mess I made!

Maggie: You didn't. Come on, it's not your fault. We'll have someone else clean it up.

Bianca: No, Maggie, it is my fault, and I need to clean it up myself.

Maggie: Please, stop. Just cut yourself a break.

Bianca: You don't understand.

Maggie: Yes, I do. Ok, I understand more than anyone.

Bianca: I need to get this cleaned up before my mother gets back and finds out what happened.

Maggie: To the flowers or to you? Just -- I'll help you clean this up in a second, ok? I just want you to calm down, ok? Take a breather. Relax. Ok? Come on, let's -- let's just go sit down.

Bianca: My mother and Uncle Jack are supposed to be dancing their first dance together as husband and wife. They're supposed to be laughing and toasting to their future without a care or a worry in the world.

Maggie: Stuff happens, you know?

Bianca: No, Maggie. My mother deserves that, and she's going to get it. And nothing that has happened is going to change it.

Maggie: Ok. Ok, and say it all goes down the way that you say it should, and your mom and your uncle -- Uncle Jack have a golden day. It still doesn't change what has happened to you. One wonderful wedding will not make that night go away until you learn how to deal with it and face it.

Bianca: Damn it, Maggie! Why do you keep bringing that up? Why can't you just let me be?

Maggie: Be what?

Bianca: Try happy!

Maggie: Because I love you. And because I'm so scared that if you don't face what has happened to you, then you will never be happy again.

Erica: Gee, I wonder if I should call for a car to take me back to the Valley Inn and wait for Jack there.

Opal: Well, now, honey, we just don't know how long he'll be.

Kendall: That's true, and Jackson said for you to wait for him here.

Opal: Yeah.

Erica: Well, then, maybe I should have the orchestra set up, you know, while I'm waiting.

Opal: Sweetie-pie, don't you think we ought to just run a little reality check here?

Erica: Opal, the reality is that Jack loves me, and he's waited for this day longer than I have. And there is no way that he's going to let Mary Smythe's agenda get in the way of our happiness.

Reggie: Yeah, I heard that. Jack's onto Mary. He knows she's crazy. She's been dissing Ms. Kane since the door. Look, she tried every trick in the book to get in between you and your man. She destroyed your wedding cake, and now that story about Greenlee being Jack's kid? What, are you scared Jack will buy that story? There's no way my man Jack's going to believe Mary's word over Ms. Kane, and you can believe that.

Kendall: Anybody hungry?

Opal: Starving.

Kendall: All right, let's go get some food. We'll be in the kitchen if you need us.

Erica: Ok, but don't spoil your appetite for the reception.

Reggie: Look, no worries, right Ms. Kane? Jack's the D.A. If anybody can sniff out a lie, he's the man. He's not going to drive himself crazy over some made-up story that he's somebody's long-lost daddy. It is a lie, right? Greenlee isn't Jack's kid. No way.

Erica: Reggie, no matter who says what, what story is told, what tests are done, there is no way that anybody is going to come between us -- not Mary Smythe and not Greenlee.

Reggie: Wait a minute. Mary wasn't handing out lies. Greenlee is Jack's daughter, and you knew that and you kept that away from Jack. Erica!

Bianca: I know you're scared for me, Maggie.

Maggie: Of course I am.

Bianca: But you have been so great. I mean, you have helped me so much, more than you know.

Maggie: It's not enough.

Bianca: It is enough. It is, Maggie, just knowing that I have somebody who loves me and who understands. You're exactly what I need.

Maggie: I'm just feeling my way along here. You know, I'm not a crisis counselor and I'm not a shrink and I just don't know -- god, I don't know the first rule about what I should be doing in this situation.

Bianca: The first rule is that you care.

Maggie: Yeah, and what if I'm messing you up?

Bianca: You are not messing me up.

Maggie: If you were in an accident, and if you were hit by a car, I wouldn't just slap a band-aid on you and hope for the best. I would send you to a doctor.

Bianca: Oh, Maggie, no -- no doctors.

Maggie: Why don't you just talk to David? You know that he could help you.

Bianca: No. I said no.

Maggie: Why not? Why not?

Bianca: Listen, Maggie, you swore to me that you were never going to breathe a word of this to anyone. You swore on our love for Frankie.

Maggie: Yes, and I -- I did swear to you and I will not break that promise -- ever. Just promise me that you'll think about it. Ok?

Bianca: Ok, I'll think --

Maggie: Promise me.

Bianca: I promise. Now, really, Maggie, I -- I need to get this stuff cleaned up before my mom and Uncle Jack get back, ok?

Maggie: You know what? I have a better idea. Why don't you put this down for a sec? I'm going to go get us some drinks, ok? And then I'm going to come back and we will clean this all up together. Deal?

Bianca: Deal.

Maggie: Ok. I want you to sit --

[Bianca chuckles]

Maggie: And I don't want you to move one muscle.

Bianca: Not one.

Maggie: Ok. Don't move.

David: Anna, I know I've let you down. I know I've shut you out time and again, and I also know that it's not going to be easy to just pick up the pieces and start our lives all over again. But I also feel that we owe it to ourselves, to Leora, to everything that she represented for us to start again, to try again.

Anna: You really think we can be back where we were?

David: No. No, I -- I don't think so. I think it's going to have to be something new, something wholly different.

Anna: Yeah.

David: But at least we'll be in a place where we can be free to love each other again. And I do believe that if we stick to it and we take it slow, that -- that we can do it.

Anna: I'd like to think so.

David: But?

Anna: But getting married? Well, that's not my idea of taking it slowly.

David: No. No, you're right. No, marriage might be moving a little fast. But will you at least be open to the possibility so that I know that -- that there's still hope and that you haven't given up on us?

Anna: I wouldn't be here if I had.

David: So, would it be moving too quickly if I offered to buy you another drink?

Anna: No, I need one. Another glass of wine wouldn't be pushing your luck.

David: Good.

Bartender: Two club sodas with lime, right?

Maggie: Yes, please.

David: Hey, you. Didn't know you were still here.

Maggie: Hi. Yeah, well, Bianca still thinks that the wedding's going to continue.

David: Really? Well, then, she's not as cynical as I am. That was something, huh -- wedding interruptus?

Maggie: Yeah.

David: Bianca was pretty upset.

Maggie: Yeah. She was. But you know, we were just talking -- really bonding, actually. And I have hope that she's going to be ok.

[Door opens]

Bianca: Now, that's what I call speedy service.

Erica: Reggie, Mary Smythe came after Jackson and me with the sole intention of destroying our relationship, the life that we have worked so hard to build, a life that includes Bianca and Kendall and Lily and you. Reggie, Jack thinks of you as his son. We're a family, all of us, and there was no way that I was going to let Mary Smythe or anybody else just waltz in here and take that, just take that away from us.

Reggie: Ok. I need to sit down.

Erica: Reggie? Please understand. I did what I had to to hold on to what matters. Do you blame me? Do you blame me for trying to protect the life that Jack and I share, for wanting to look ahead to the future that we all want?


Tad: Greenlee? Greenlee! Jeez. Greenlee! Are you in -- Greenlee!

Erica: Oh, Jack. Jack, thank heavens. This whole evening has been -- oh, it's been an eternity! Ok! Well, then all I have to do is I just have to grab Kendall and Opal and you, Reggie, and we can all just ride together in the same car.

Jack: No, we're not going anywhere.

Erica: Well, of course we are, Jack. We're getting married.

Jack: Reggie, could you give the two of us a little time alone, please?

Reggie: Well, I just hope you realize what a two-faced liar, you know, that Ms. Smythe chick is. She's not worth half the trouble she caused.

Opal: Oh, Jack! Oh! We didn't even know you were back.

Kendall: Is everything ok?

Jack: I just need a little time alone with Erica.

Opal: Well, of course, sure. Oh, I ought to be heading home anyway, make sure that Petey hasn't hogtied the babysitter.

Kendall: And I should probably go to Fusion and check out our contest.

Reggie: And -- yeah -- I'll be at the crib if you need me, ok?

Jack: Ok. Thanks, Reggie.

Reggie: And just to let you know -- that toast was on ice.

Opal: You call me, you hear, no matter how late it is.

Erica: Ok.

Opal: All right?

Erica: Thanks.

Opal: All right.

Kendall: Me, too. Bye.

Erica: Bye.

Erica: Oh, Jack, hey, you look exhausted. Come on, sit down. I'll fix you a drink.

Jack: I'm good. So it turns out that Greenlee was my blood donor.

Erica: Really? Are -- are you absolutely sure?

Jack: Yes. She saved my life.

Erica: Thank god she did, Jack.

Jack: Greenlee's my daughter, Erica. She's my flesh and blood. She's my child. But you already knew that, didn't you? Why did you try to keep me from my daughter?

Liza: Tad, what the hell happened here?

[Liza coughs]

Liza: Oh!

Tad: That's funny. I asked myself the same question when I walked in and found the apartment on fire!

Liza: Did you call the fire department?

Tad: No! I was busy putting out the sofa! It's a good thing I walked in when I did. The whole building could've gone up.

Liza: Wait -- what, what are you doing? I mean, are you all right? I mean, what are you doing here? Why'd you call me to be here? Where's Greenlee?

Tad: Oh, watch out! Ooh! Ooh!

Liza: Just stop it!

Tad: Thank god I'm here.

Liza: Oh!

Tad: I called you because I needed your advice. I'm doing a favor for Jack and I had no idea where to find Greenlee.

Liza: Well, did you try Fusion?

Tad: Yeah, I tried Fusion, I tried her grandparents'. I even tried the boathouse, but no luck.

Liza: Yeah, well, sorry. It's not my day to watch her.

Tad: That's ok. When I was saving the day, I realized I do have a hunch where I might find her.

[Liza coughs]

Liza: Well, you don't sound that thrilled.

Tad: I'm not, not if I'm right. You know, there's more than one way to get burned.

Mary's voice: I was wrong, Greenlee. God knows I might never have said a word, but when Jack nearly died, it was as if fate pushed me into doing what I should've done years ago.

Jack's voice: Whatever Mary told you to get you to do this, I am not nor will I ever be your stepfather or surrogate father.

Erica's voice: And it's a lie, the entire story.

Mary's voice: If you think about the timing, you know we're telling the truth.

Erica's voice: I told you Mary would do anything to ruin our wedding.

Jack's voice: Mary, I meant it when I said it was over between us. Whatever you've imagined, I haven't felt anything for you in a very long time so stop using Greenlee to interfere in my life with Erica.

Mary's voice: I'm not using her, Jack.

Jack's voice: I won't deny that your mother and I had an affair --

Greenlee: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! What the hell do you want?

Bianca: What are you doing here?

Michael: Oh, the Erica/Jackson nuptials are already over, huh? I guess my invitation must've got lost in the mail.

Bianca: You weren't invited.

Michael: Well, probably because Mr. D.A. was afraid I'd put a damper on the festivities. That's why he had me locked by his goon squad into the dumpster, or was that your bright idea?

Bianca: I don't know what you're talking about.

Michael: Well, you know what? It doesn't really matter because the wedding is over, we're alone, nobody else is here -- just the way I like it. Huh?

Bianca: Don't take one more step!

Michael: Oh, what's going to happen, huh? Bianca, you should know by now that when I want something, I will not be stopped.

Bianca: Let go!

Michael: Or course, that little limey bastard and his goon squad thought differently, but guess what -- here I am, I made it.

Bianca: Let go of me!

Michael: Bianca, I am not going to be dismissed -- not by you, not by my father, not by anyone.

Bianca: Oh!

Maggie: Get your hands off of her!

Michael: Ooh, you want a piece of me, little one, huh? Do you? Do you --

[Bianca screams]

Michael: Come on. Come on, bring it on, sweet pea.

Michael: Ooh, come on. Oh, you guys like to play rough, do you?

Maggie: You --

Michael: Ooh, ooh, god. Come on, bring it on.

[Maggie screams]

Bianca: Get your hands off of her!

Michael: What are you going to do, huh? What are you going to do?

Maggie: Oh, you are a sick --

Michael: You should know --

Maggie: Son of a bitch.

Michael: You should know that dirty talk only turns me on.

Bianca: Let go of her.

Michael: Ok, ladies, ladies, ladies --

Bianca: Let go!

Michael: I'll tell you what -- there's no need to fight about all this. There's plenty of me to go around, ok?

Maggie: It's ok.

David: You ever lay your hand on my cousin again and I'll break both of your arms!

Anna: What is going on?

Michael: I'll tell you what's going on -- this little whack job over here jumped me with a knife. I want her arrested and booked.

Maggie: You're the one who deserves to be in jail.

Michael: I know my rights.

Anna: You're out on bail!

Michael: Yeah, well, I didn't start this.

Anna: You're going to have a hell of a job convincing a jury that a girl half your size is guilty of anything.

Michael: Well, I guess a jury wouldn't have any trouble believing that your cockney nephew Aidan, Tad Martin, and Boyd Larraby stuffed me into a dumpster.

David: Maggie? Are you all right?

Maggie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Michael: I mean, what's all this talk about the court -- not holding up in court anyway?

Anna: You don't have any eyewitnesses or physical evidence other than the way you look. So it's sort of like when Kendall and Erica accused you of attempted rape.

Michael: Oh.

[Michael chuckles]

Anna: Michael, it's your word against theirs.

Michael: Oh, Kendall and Erica, Kendall and Erica. Are you going to take my statement or not?

Anna: It's not going to make any difference.

Maggie: No, don't worry. I'll take care of her.

Anna: Come on.

David: We'll both take care of her. Bianca? Did Michael, did he -- did he hurt you? Did he -- did he try to do anything to you?

Bianca: No -- David, he didn't do anything to me. Nothing.

David: Because if he did, you can tell us. You know that, don't you?

Bianca: God, won't you just leave me the hell alone?

Maggie: Bianca. Wait.

David: Maggie? Bianca's secret.

Juan Pablo: Move over.

Greenlee: What the hell is this -- a carjacking?

Juan Pablo: Consider it an act of mercy.

Greenlee: You think you can just commandeer my car?

Juan Pablo: You are what I believe is called an accident waiting to happen.

Greenlee: So you just took it upon yourself to save me from myself and an unsuspecting public? Well, I sure as hell don't want to do a replay of your don quixote-to-the-rescue routine.

Juan Pablo: And what routine would that be?

Greenlee: Get over yourself. You don't think I don't know the number you've been running since you came to this town?

Juan Pablo: What number is that?

Greenlee: Rescuing damsels in distress? Let's see -- how many has it been so far? When Kendall was doing her skittish-mare routine, you helped her find Bianca, you saved Simone from death by freight elevator -- oh, and let's not forget Mia.

Juan Pablo: Greenlee, why you are so angry?

Greenlee: I'm not angry.

Juan Pablo: Oh, no? Then what are you?

Greenlee: I'm sick to death of people who lie about who they are, and that's what you do and that's who you are down to your calfskin loafers and your impossibly white teeth, only I'm not going to fall for your game because I don't need you to fix me or help me or save me or any of the above, so pack up your phony concern, give me back my keys, and get the hell out of my car.

Juan Pablo: I can't let you drive like this.

Greenlee: Oh, you can't let me?

Juan Pablo: I can't.

Greenlee: Give me the damn key. Give me the key! I mean it. Don't make me hurt you.

Juan Pablo: I take my chances.

Greenlee: Give it to me. Give it to me -- give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me!

Liza: Oh, brother. I mean, what is with Pine Valley? It's like the wedding capital of hell.

Tad: Yeah, well, either Erica and Jack will work it out or they won't.

Liza: But you're worried about Greenlee.

Tad: Aren't you? Life really kicked her in the face today, you know?

Liza: I -- I have no idea where she is.

Tad: Well, it's a pretty safe bet she's feeling for herself and our new friend, Juan Pablo, is her own personal tour guide.

Liza: Hmm. I don't know that she's the one he's really interested in.

Tad: I knew it. You sap. The South American killer bee has finally arrived and you are the honey in its hive.

Liza: Oh, you know -- do you listen to yourself? What do you care anyway?

Tad: I don't, you know? If you want to do the Vida Loca with some Antonio Banderas knock-off, please, be my guest, if you're really stupid enough to think that's what you need.

Liza: Oh, and you know what I need?

Tad: Anybody but Juan Pablo. Talk about sleeping your way to the middle.

Liza: Mm-hmm, and I deserve better, right?

Tad: So does Greenlee, which is why I need to find Juan Pablo.

Liza: So, since when did you decide that you were her protector?

Tad: Since I did nothing to stop the train wreck I saw coming down the track.

Liza: And?

Tad: And a friend needs my help, like I need yours.

Liza: Juan Pablo's business card.

Tad: Oh, yeah. It's a good thing you're here. This says "Buenos Aires."

Liza: Yes, but you need to look at the cell phone number.

Tad: Hmm.

Liza: It's all right?

Tad: It's all right.

Erica: Jack, why are you turning this on me? I mean, one minute, we were about to be married and then the next, you -- you discovered that you may have a daughter.

Jack: No, I do have a daughter. But you didn't think I needed to know that, did you?

Erica: No, I didn't, all right? Look, Mary Smythe told me about Greenlee and -- well, you know what? I take that back. She baited me is what she did. The whole time that you were fighting for your life, she just dropped hints on me like some sort of a -- a slow water torture. She just pushed me to believe that Greenlee was your daughter, but she gave me no real way that I could believe it.

Jack: No?

Erica: Jack, put yourself in my place. Mary Smythe was -- was maneuvering herself into a takeover position and you, Jack, you were the definite object of the takeover. I mean, to me, it was just some obvious, desperate ploy of hers to try to take you away from me.

Jack: And at no time did you think it might be a good idea to share this with me?

Erica: Jack, my god, you were fighting for your life. You were in a coma. And Mary made it clear that she wanted me to be the one to give you the bad news, and that's when I knew that I was being set up.

Jack: Set up? For what exactly?

Erica: Oh, Mary's plan was for me to drop that bomb on you about Greenlee being your daughter. And I'm sorry. There was just no way that I was going to allow her to use me to hurt you.

Jack: So you hired Tad Martin to dig up some dirt on her so you could blackmail her into keeping her mouth shut?

Erica: Yes, I did, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

Maggie: I promised I wouldn't say anything.

David: Of course. I wouldn't want you to go back on your promise.

Maggie: I have to go find my friend.

David: Yeah.

[David sighs]

David: Dear god.

Greenlee: Take me away from here.

[Car starts]

Jack: Wow, this is amazing -- you're not even going to try to deny it.

Erica: Jack, why should I deny trying to protect the -- the little piece of happiness that we own?

Jack: Because it was not about just us.

Erica: Oh, yes, Jack. I swear to you, it was only about us. The minute Mary Smythe found out that we were engaged, she tried to break us up. And that's why she just pushed and pushed and pushed me to believe this outrageous story about Greenlee being your daughter.

Jack: But it turned out not to be an outrageous story. It turned out to be the truth.

Erica: I had no way of knowing that.

Jack: So you turned the screws on Mary to keep her quiet.

Erica: Well, let me just tell you something -- I didn't have to turn them very hard, that's for sure. She is completely shameless. Do you know -- do you know that she was deported from France because she was fooling around with a 17-year-old boy? He happened to be the son of a diplomat. She's not even permitted to step foot --

Jack: You know --

Erica: In France for the rest of her life.

Jack: I didn't know that, Erica, and frankly, I really don't want to hear the sordid details.

Erica: Jack, you had a forgotten teenage fling with Mary Smythe, nothing more. And if she had offered me one shred of solid proof -- but she didn't. She never did. And just because she said it didn't make it true. There was no way I could believe that woman.

Jack: And just maybe you didn't want to believe her. And just maybe, Erica, way down deep inside, you knew that Mary wasn't lying, that against all odds, Greenlee was my daughter. So you said to yourself, "well, what Jack doesn't know won't hurt me." And that's the honest-to-god truth of this, isn't it?

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Maggie: Tell her what Michael did to you.

Man: You don't look so good. I think you got heat stroke or something.

Greenlee: What's Argentinean for "I want you"?

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