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All My Children Transcript Monday 7/28/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Man: Get off the table.

Bianca: No! Don't touch me.

Michael: You guys don't think I don't know who's up to this?

Tad: I just figured out why you want to blackmail Mary Smythe.

Mary's voice: "Oh, Jack, if there were only a way for us to be together with our child, I'd be so happy."

Greenlee: This is for you. It's from my mother. Why don't you open it up and put us both out of our misery?

Kendall: Oh, this is so beautiful. I mean, this room is absolutely breathtaking.

Erica: Oh, it is, isn't it?

Kendall: Well, I mean, you slaved over every last detail. Jack really is the one you've been waiting for all your life, isn't he?

Erica: Yes. Yes, he really is. He's everything to me.

Kendall: Oh, I'm so happy for you guys. And thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this.

Erica: Well, Kendall, I should be thanking you.

Kendall: Me? What?

Erica: For these votive candles. This was wonderful of you to bring these. They're beautiful.

Kendall: Oh, thank you. Well, I used the ribbon that Bianca used to tie the bird seed together.

Erica: Yes, I know. I see that. They're gorgeous. Thank you.

Kendall: Oh.

Erica: Oh, and I'm so glad that Bianca has this wedding to focus on now, you know? Except that I just hope that the wedding somehow doesn't make her feel bad about what she thinks that she's missing with Lena.

Kendall: Well, I'm sure she's so excited about being your maid of honor, she's not thinking about anything else.

Erica: Oh, speaking about thinking about anything else, I never spoke to the maitre d' about the parking. Excuse me.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Ok.

Mary: Oops.

[Mary gasps]

Mary: Oh!

Kendall: What in the hell? What in the hell -- what in the hell is wrong with you? You know, I hear you have a talent with pool boys. Well, your talent better extend to pastry bags or you're going to be sorry.

Tad: Once a month.

[Tad and Jack laugh]

Greenlee: So -- hey.

Jack: Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You said your mother wrote me a letter?

Greenlee: I don't know, but she left it on my desk.

Jack: And it's addressed to me?

Greenlee: Yes, it's addressed to you, and she said it was important, so read it and weep.

Jack: So, what do you suppose it says, huh?

Tad: I don't think you want to read that.

Jack: And why not?

Greenlee: Yeah, why not?

Man: Come on, little girl. Show's over.

Bianca: No!

Man: Get down from there --

Bianca: No!

Man: Oh, nobody tells me -- ok, sweetheart, get down off the table.

Bianca: Stay away from me! Get back!

Man: Hey, come on, let's get her.

Bianca: No! Don't touch me! I swear to you, I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! I swear to god! Stay back! Stay back! Get back!

Man: Oh, you're in trouble now, baby.

Maggie: Hey, boys! Hey, I got cold beers on the house!


Maggie: Come on! Take them, take them. Bianca -- Bianca, calm down.

Bianca: It's ok, Maggie. I'm not afraid of them. I'm not going to let them hurt me.

Maggie: Bianca? Bianca, but I'm a little scared for myself right now, ok? So if you come down, then you can help me.

Bianca: Ok. Yeah, ok. It's going to be ok. I won't let them hurt you, Maggie. I promise.

Maggie: Ok. I believe you, ok? Just come down.

Bianca: Ok. All right.

Maggie: Come on, come on. Come on, you've got to go. Come on.

Man: Hey, what about all these drinks? Who's going to pay for them?

Maggie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just put them on my tab!


Maggie: Ok. Give me your keys because you can't drive right now.

Bianca: You're ok, right? They didn't hurt you. You promise me?

Maggie: I'm fine. I swear, yes. You saved me, ok? Oh, my god, I've never seen you this drunk before. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, where are you going?

Bianca: I have to go home. I have to go back to my mom's.

Maggie: No. No, you don't.

Bianca: I do, Maggie. It's her wedding tomorrow to Uncle Jack. She needs me.

Tad: What are you guys talking about? I don't know anything about a letter. No, that's not true. I know one thing.

Jack: And what would that be?

Tad: It's screwing up my bachelor party.

Jack: Your bachelor party? His bachelor party.

Tad: My bachelor party, ok, yes. You are the groom, which officially makes you the guest of honor. But I am the host, so it's my party. And you're going to start answering your mail? I don't think so. Unless a stripper jumps out of this thing, we're in big trouble, so do me a favor, just take it back. You can give it to him at a more opportune time.

Greenlee: But --

Tad: Greenlee, please, just take it.

Greenlee: Fine. Like you care what my mother has to say, anyway. You're already marrying one self-centered nightmare. Nobody needs two.

Jack: Well, thank you for your thoughtfulness, I guess.

Greenlee: Anytime.

Greenlee: Sorry about that.

Juan Pablo: Is everything ok? Can I help?

Greenlee: Absolutely.

Juan Pablo: Tell me what to do.

Greenlee: I need you to tell me what brings someone like you to Pine Valley. And I mean more than a private jet.

Juan Pablo: That's going to help?

Greenlee: More than you know.

Juan Pablo: I heard there was magic in this town and great beauty.

Greenlee: Hmm. What is it I think you're not telling me? Oh, that's right. The real reason you're here.

Tad: Oh, no, you don't. I told you. I warned you, didn't I? All right, the night is on me. Your money is no good.

Jack: Well, you owe me money, anyway, as I recall.

Tad: How's that?

Jack: I gave you some money. I hired you to find my elusive blood donor. Tell me, Tad, have any luck with that, old chum of mine?

Mary: Oh, no, you know what happened is I bumped into the table, and the cake just flipped right over. Please tell Erica I'm so sorry. The frosting looked wonderful.

Kendall: Oh, no, no, I saw what you did. My mother's wedding cake did not just slip.

Mary: Yes, it did.

Kendall: Mary, I warned you, I am not going to let you ruin my mother's wedding day.

Mary: Oh, calm down. If it stresses you so much, here. Another one on me, please.

Kendall: Oh, are you kidding me? My mother could buy this whole town.

Mary: Your mother? Please don't call Erica your mother. You could buy her 100 wedding cakes, and she would never consider you her daughter.

Kendall: You're wrong. And if you were invited to the wedding, you would know that I'm in it. Our relationship is real.

Mary: Well, good. What does she get from you? She must want something.

Kendall: She doesn't want anything from me. She loves me, and she cares about me.

Mary: Yeah, she loves and cares about you the way she cares about Jack and manipulates him and is making decisions about which he knows nothing that will affect his entire life. That is not love. That's obsession!

Kendall: Yeah, well, you would know the way you've been pining after him your whole, empty, pathetic life.

Mary: My love for Jack is selfless. Erica wants to keep him in the dark.

Kendall: What the hell are you talking about?

Mary: She's denying a young girl her birthright simply because it's inconvenient for her.

Kendall: Ok, you are making zero sense right now.

Mary: Listen to me, young lady! I will not have Erica dismiss my daughter the way she's dismissed you all these years. Greenlee deserves better than that.

Kendall: Greenlee? What the hell does Greenlee have to do with my mother marrying Jackson?  Answer me. How does Greenlee fit into all of this?

Mary: She doesn't.

Kendall: No, you just said that she does.

Mary: Doesn't matter what I said.

Kendall: Well, I think it does. You just accused Erica of denying Greenlee her birthright, of keeping something from Jackson.

Mary: That should cover the cost of the cake.

Kendall: No, Mary, wait. No -- Mary, you cannot just walk away from this. You cannot walk away from this, Mary.

Erica: Oh, my god. The cake! My beautiful wedding cake! What happened? Kendall, I'm talking to you. What did you do?

Kendall: No, mother. What did you do?

Tad: Ok.

Aidan: About bloody time.

Boyd: Yeah, we were starting to think maybe you got scared and ran off with Erica and eloped.

Reggie: Without his best man? I don't think so.

Tad: No. It just so happens that the groom was making time with a very sweet young thing over at the bar.

Jack: Just stop.

Reggie: Oh, go ahead, dog. It's your night. Do your thing.

Jack: It was Greenlee.

Reggie: Oh.

Aidan: So, Tad, who is this that you said you were trying to find?

Jack: My blood donor.

Aidan: No luck?

Jack: No effort.

Tad: Come on, now. I've been busy. You're not my only client.

Boyd: Oh, really? So the P.I. Business is good, is it?

Tad: No, actually, lately, it's more like a dating service.

Aidan: Oh, really? How's that?

Tad: Well, it just so happens I've been gainfully employed to find a very mysterious, very attractive guy who single-handedly managed to whip most of the eligible women in Pine Valley into a feeding frenzy.

Reggie: Dog, why you looking? I'm right here.

Boyd: Easy, junior. So, who was it that hired you, anyway?

Tad: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Aidan: Oh, come on. You've got to give us more to go on than that, Tad.

Tad: No, I don't. I'm going to sit here and divulge a bunch of trade secrets to schmandoons like you?

Reggie: All right, Tad, you can tell me. Look, it was Erica, wasn't it?

Jack: Oh, very funny. This from my best man. You like this kid?

Boyd: Well, so, come on, man. Don't just leave us hanging. Spill.

Aidan: Spill the beans.

Boyd: Talk up.

Juan Pablo: We've only just met. I'll settle for us to learn about the other.

Greenlee: Well, then, why don't we get started? Why don't you tell me about your first memory --

Simone: Hey.

Greenlee: You know what? I'm feeling like a nightcap. Suppose we finish this at my place?

Juan Pablo: I'd enjoy that.

Greenlee: Excellent. Come on. This way -- it's quicker.

Simone: Hey, do you want to sit at the bar or get a table? Carlos?

Carlos: That guy -- did you see him? The one that just left?

Simone: Uhˇ-- no. Why?

Carlos: Nothing. I thought I recognized him.

Tad: All right, what I'm about to tell you you will be tempted to pass on to somebody else, but you can't, all right? Promise me. Because in the wrong hands, hell hath no fury. So this goes no further. Do you understand?

Jack: Boy, you can really tell a story, Tad.

Aidan: Boy, let's hope so. Come on.

Tad: Just listen, all right? Did you all happen to get a good look at the guy that Greenlee was with tonight?

Reggie and Jack: No.

Boyd: Yeah, what about him? What? I notice people.

Tad: Uh-huh.

Boyd: What?

Tad: It just so happens that that's the man that four different women in this town have hired me to find.

Jack: Really? Why?

Tad: Well, I guess they want to put him on their to-do list.

Aidan: No, no, I don't believe you.

Tad: No?

Aidan: You're kidding.

Boyd: Four different women?

Reggie: Four?

Maggie: Ok. All right, all right.

Bianca: Oh, god.

Maggie: Light. Right over there. Right there. Yes. Ah, thank you.

Bianca: Oh, god. Oh, I can't be here.

Maggie: Yes, you can. Why not?

Bianca: I can't. I -- I am my mother's maid of honor.

Maggie: Oh, that's tomorrow.

Bianca: But she's expecting me tonight.

Maggie: No, no, no. Look, just stay right there, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Maggie: Don't move. Don't worry. I called her in the car, remember?

Bianca: Oh, yeah. Hey, did you say hi to her for me?

Maggie: Yes, I did. And then I told her that you'd be spending the night here, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Maggie: So don't worry. You know what? Let's just get you to bed because you do not want to be spilling your cookies all over Erica's dress tomorrow.

[Bianca giggles]

Bianca: Oh, god. That is not funny, Maggie.

Maggie: I'm sorry.

Bianca: Don't say those kinds of things to me --

Maggie: I'm sorry.

Bianca: Not now.

Maggie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Bianca: Oh --

Maggie: What?

Bianca: Oh, god. Oh, no, I need to lie down.

Maggie: No, no, no, you don't. No, you don't. Is the room spinning? Is the room spinning? Ok, because --

Bianca: All over the place.

Maggie: Ok, you're going to be sick. We got to go to the bathroom. Listen, listen -- really, close your eyes. Close your eyes. Shh. Close your eyes. I know. Ok. Listen.

Bianca: Oh --

Maggie: You just have to trust me, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Maggie: Come on. We're going to walk to the bathroom. I know, I know, I know. Hurry, hurry. We want to make it to the bathroom.

Erica: The cake -- what happened to it? What happened? Did you dive into it? And what's this?

Kendall: It's from Mary.

Erica: Mary Smythe? Mary -- she was here? Did she do this?

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: How could she do this? Why didn't you stop her? I could kill her. Why didn't you stop her?

Kendall: I didn't come in until it was too late. It's not like I helped her.

Erica: Vicious woman. Oh, it's ruined.

Kendall: We can get another cake. It's all right. She's just jealous, you know.

Erica: She wants Jackson for herself.

Kendall: Why does she even think she has a chance with him?

Erica: I don't know. But there is nothing that that woman could do that could stop Jackson and me from getting married tomorrow.

Kendall: There is something she could say.

Erica: What?

Kendall: That Greenlee is Jackson's daughter. But you already knew that. You're the one keeping it from him.

Erica: Greenlee is Jackson's daughter? Where did you ever hear such a ridiculous thing?

Kendall: That's the secret, isn't it? That's what Mary has on you. Damn it, Erica, talk to me.

Erica: No.

Kendall: You have to trust me now.

Erica: No, I have to talk to the caterer now about the cake.

Kendall: Mom, forget the stupid cake. The cake is not going to stop you from marrying Jackson, but Mary might.

Erica: Are you going to tell them, kendall?

Kendall: Oh, my god. It's true?

Erica: Yes.

Kendall: And you knew? You love Jackson. How could you not tell him?

Erica: I am not going to tell them, Kendall. I've made my decision.

Kendall: No, you don't mean that.

Erica: Do you think this has been easy for me, that I haven't been struggling with the choices that I've made? It's too late. I mean, when I started this, I was so sure that I was doing the right thing keeping quiet. But now -- if I were to come forward now, no one would understand why I did what I did.

Kendall: You're afraid that Jackson will leave you, that he'll hate you for keeping him from his own daughter.

Erica: And, of course, Greenlee will encourage that.

Kendall: No. No, she wouldn't.

Erica: Come on, Kendall. Greenlee would ruin my life in a heartbeat if she had the chance.

Kendall: Ok, and you're using that to justify keeping the truth from them?

Erica: Kendall, Greenlee has caused us nothing but pain.

Kendall: "Us"? No, don't you mean "you"?

Erica: No, I mean us. She blackmailed Bianca when she found out that she was gay.

Kendall: Ok, how long are you going to make her pay for that? Bianca has gotten past that.

Erica: How long did you make me pay? I mean, you were just a child when you found out about us, and you made it your life's mission to destroy me.

Kendall: Yeah, but that was totally different.

Erica: How?

Kendall: Erica, you knew about me. You kept me a secret. Jackson, he -- Jackson has no idea that Greenlee is his daughter.

Erica: Unless you tell them.

Kendall: This could be the best thing that ever happened to either one of them.

Erica: Or the worst. Kendall, I've heard you say sometimes that you wish that you never found out about us. Do you want to send Jackson and Greenlee down that same painful path?

Juan Pablo: So did I pass?

Greenlee: Pass what?

Juan Pablo: This little test of yours. Napoleon. I assure you, there's no need to access me.

Greenlee: So it would seem.

Juan Pablo: And so it is.

Greenlee: We've both been raised to appreciate the finer things in life.

Juan Pablo: And to show others we know the difference, which clearly you do. A toast to you, Mrs. Du Pres. Salut.

Greenlee: Salut.

Aidan: So these four women that are all chasing the same guy, Tad --

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: Who are they?

Boyd: Yeah. Do we know them?

Reggie: More importantly, do they all know they're chasing the same guy?

Tad: And you thought I couldn't tell a story.

Jack: I'm still not convinced.

Tad: You're such a fool. Well, it so happens that the first woman in question is Greenlee.

Aidan: Yeah, well, we know that because we saw her with him.

Tad: Easy, Airdale. Second is Kendall.

Boyd: Whoa, whoa. Kendall?

Tad: I'm sorry, Boyd. You snooze, you lose. Mia. And the fourth -- it should come as no surprise to anybody -- is --

Simone: Hi, boys.

Jack, Reggie, and Boyd: Simone.

Tad: Simone.

Reggie: Simone.

Aidan: No way. I'm sorry. I don't believe it.

Tad: It's the god's honest truth. I didn't believe it, but those four women are chasing after the same man.

Reggie: Well, he's not all that impressive to me.

Tad: I think it's some kind of contest.

Boyd: What, you mean this Fusion search for the sexiest man in America?

Tad: No, no, that's professional. I think this is a bet.

Aidan: Yeah -- who can find true love first. I know. Mia told me.

Reggie: Well, that's no contest. My man Jack and Erica got that whole bit all wrapped up.

Jack: See, what he said. You give it up.

Simone: You thinking about Greenlee?

Carlos: Sorry.

Simone: It's all right. Don't be sorry. Do you want to talk about it?

Carlos: Everything I ever told her about myself was a lie.

Simone: Carlos, a little white lie to spare someone's feeling is not a bad thing. And if that's what you did with Greenlee --

Carlos: No, I -- no. I didn't lie to spare Greenlee's feelings, Simone.

Simone: Well, did you lie to spare yours?

Carlos: I don't know. Have you ever hated your life so much that you'd do anything possible to get away from it, just never look back?

Juan Pablo: Am I keeping you from something?

Greenlee: What? No, no. Why would you say that?

Juan Pablo: That letter.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I wasn't even aware that I was staring at it.

Juan Pablo: Is it important?

Greenlee: Depends on who you ask.

Juan Pablo: What do you mean?

Greenlee: It belongs to my mother, but I'm sure she wants me to read it.

Juan Pablo: She wrote it to you?

Greenlee: No. No, to Jackson Montgomery, that man that I was talking to at S.O.S.

Juan Pablo: Ah. And why would she want you to read a letter she wrote to somebody else?

Greenlee: Huh. My mother is not exactly direct.

Juan Pablo: The situation obviously troubles you.

Greenlee: Yeah. Oh, yeah. It does. I want to know what the hell she's up to.

Juan Pablo: Then -- read it and find out.

Greenlee: No. My mother's neurosis can wait until we have nothing better to talk about.

Juan pablo: What would you like to talk about?

Greenlee: You.

Juan pablo: Me? Back on that.

Greenlee: This time it's business-related.

Juan pablo: Uh-huh. Go on.

Greenlee: Since you told me that you have acres and acres of inheritance --

juan pablo: I was referring to land.

Greenlee: In the end, it's all the same, isn't it?

Juan pablo: You have a point. What about my inheritance?

Greenlee: Well, I was just wondering if i could convince you to invest some of it in my company.

Juan pablo: In fusion?

Greenlee: Yes. Yes, we're gaining momentum and national exposure every day.

Juan pablo: That's right. You're having a contest.

Greenlee: Oh, yes, yes. We're having the search for the sexiest man in america, and you wouldn't believe the response we've already had. We've already narrowed it down to 25 guys, and voting started today on the first five finalists.

Juan Pablo: That's very impressive.

Greenlee: It's only the beginning.

Juan Pablo: I admire your passion and your marketing strategy, too.

Greenlee: So is that a yes?

Juan Pablo: I'm considering an investment in Fusion, yes.

Greenlee: How big of an investment?

Juan Pablo: You're getting ahead of yourself.

Greenlee: But you just said --

Juan Pablo: There's no rush. I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: You're staying in Pine Valley?

Juan Pablo: Are you anxious to see me go?

Greenlee: I'm just trying to figure out your angle. And don't tell me you don't have one. Everyone does.

Juan Pablo: And you think if you know mine, you will know who I am.

Greenlee: Maybe not. But it will make me feel better. Retaining an air of mystery is one thing, but keeping secrets is another.

Juan Pablo: And you have no secrets?

Greenlee: I do. I do. Which goes to show you that you can trust me with yours.

Juan Pablo: If you ask me, you're not keeping secrets. You're hiding from them. Good night, Mrs. Du Pres.

Simone: Honey, running is my middle name. And if you want to throw in a couple uncomfortable emotions for motivation, I can break every track record you want me to.

Carlos: Maybe we can pace each other.

Simone: Maybe. How about if you do me a really big favor?

Carlos: I don't know, Simone. Every time I do you a favor and I don't know the details, I end up in trouble or in jail.

Simone: Oh, please. Oh, that's so not true.

Carlos: Yes, it is.

Simone: I'm not asking you to, like, you know, raid a television station or anything like that. I promise. No, see, I saw --

Carlos: What?

Simone: This is actually kind of really weird to say this to you. Ok. I met an amazing man. I mean, the type of guy that's, like, stunning and, like, take your breath away type of guy. Actually, he's a lot like you -- you know, the perfect gentleman, you know, that kind of way.

Carlos: Lucky you.

Simone: Yeah. Well, that's what I'm hoping.

Carlos: So what? What? What do you want me to do?

Simone: Check him out for me? You know how I tend to, you know, jump into these things and I miss the obvious warning signs. Everything gets messy and ugly. I just don't want that to happen with this guy.

Carlos: Ok, ok, ok.

Simone: Yeah?

Carlos: Ok, I'll check him out.

Simone: Yeah?

Carlos: So where do I find him?

Boyd: So, anyway, I've been doing the math on this thing.

Tad: Let it go, Boyd.

Boyd: Wait a second. Just hear me out, all right? The way I see it, I've got a one in four chance that this guy -- what'd you say his name was?

Tad: Juan Pablo blah blah blah Mas Guapos.

Boyd: Right -- one in four chance that this guy Juan Pablo won't choose Kendall because, well, hopefully, he's an idiot.

Reggie: And even if that happens, why would you want to be with her if it goes down like that?

Boyd: Hey, man, look, I'm just good at math.

Reggie: Look, you're not a second stringer, all right? Look, you're going to put in all the time, you're going to run all the right plays, and then she's going to trade you in? I don't think so.

Tad: I got to admit, I like this kid.

Jack: I love this kid. Are you kidding me?

Tad: He knows what he's talking about. Women and sports. You should take note.

Reggie: Well, you know, it's just simple hooking up. You got to know your stuff.

Tad: Ok. I propose a toast. To my very, very dear friend Jackson Montgomery.

Aidan: Hear, hear.

Tad: And to the woman who single-handedly turned romance into a spectator sport -- the one, the only Erica Kane.

Aidan: Erica.

Boyd: Erica.

Jack: Boys.

Aidan: Cheers.

Kendall: Erica, I've been kept in the dark before, and it hurts.

Erica: Well, it would hurt Jackson more if he knew the truth.

Kendall: How?

Erica: Because Jackson would be vulnerable to Greenlee and her mother. He would feel guilty, and they would take advantage of him in every way they possibly could -- emotionally, financially, everything possible. And believe me, deep down, I feel that Greenlee is no different than her mother.

Kendall: Well, if I keep quiet about this, neither am I.

Erica: Well, if you expect me to apologize for what I've done, I'm not going to.

Kendall: I didn't think you would.

Erica: Can you understand that I love Jack so much that I don't want to risk him being hurt?

Kendall: So that's your decision, then?

Erica: Yes, it is. But -- I won't stop you if you feel that you need to tell Jack that Greenlee is his daughter.

Kendall: What if I do?

Erica: I'll lose jack, and that will be something that I will have to learn to live with.

Kendall: But you'll blame me, right?

Erica: Kendall, I don't want you in the middle of this. Mary Smythe dragged you into this because she wants to break up Jack and me. But this is not a test. Whatever the outcome, you're still my daughter. I still want you to stand up with me tomorrow at my wedding.

Kendall: Why are you doing this?

Erica: Because I'm giving you your choice -- to speak now or forever hold your peace.

Maggie: Did the shower help?

Bianca: Uh-huh. Thanks for the t-shirt.

Maggie: You're welcome.

Bianca: Maggie, I don't know why you put up with me tonight. I am such a mess. I am so sorry.

Maggie: Bianca, you don't have to apologize. I care about you and I'm worried about you, that's all. I know something is terribly wrong with you, and I just don't know what it is, and I need you to tell me. Can you tell me, please? I've never seen you drink like that. You scared me tonight the way that you threatened those guys. You're not that type of person. You're just not like that.

Bianca: I was scared.

Maggie: You were scared? Scared of what? What happened?

Bianca: I didn't want it to happen again.

Maggie: You didn't want what to happen again?

Bianca: Rape. Maggie?

Maggie: Yeah, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Bianca: Will you make sure that he doesn't come?

Maggie: What?

Bianca: He always comes when i sleep.

Maggie: Just sleep. You're safe. And I won't let him come.

Jack: Listen, Aidan, before this little soiree breaks up, I just want to thank you again for whatever it was that you did -- and I do not want to know what it was -- to keep Michael Cambias out of the way.

Aidan: Let's just say that he will definitely be holding his peace at the wedding.

Jack: Thanks again.

Aidan: Have a great day.

Jack: Thanks.

Boyd: All right, gentlemen, good night.

Reggie: All right, see you later, man.

Boyd: Jackson, I'm taking off. Again, congratulations, man. She's -- she's a terrific lady.

Jack: More than that, Boyd. Thank you very much.

Boyd: Anytime. Listen, I'll see you tomorrow.

Jack: All right. Ooh, the little gang of mine breaks up, huh?

Tad: Ooh. Damn it, I lost count. You nervous yet?

Jack: Yeah, a little bit, I guess. I mean, I've wanted this for so long, and now it feels like the final piece of my life is falling into place.

Tad: Ah --

Jack: All right, look, I've had a couple of drinks. Let me just say it this way -- it's like a dream come true, ok? There. I said it.

Tad: I know what you mean. I felt the same way with Dixie -- three times.

Reggie: Well, you know, Erica did make you wait and wait and wait --

Jack: Yeah, but you know what? The wait was worth it because now we know what we have is solid and no matter what comes our way we'll be able to handle it together. It'll be nice.

Tad: I'm going to hold you to that. No matter what happens from here on out, you just remember how you feel about her right now.

Jack: You got it. Good advice. Reggie, son of mine and my best man, let's get out of here. We got an early day tomorrow, and we don't want to be late.

Reggie: All right.

Tad: I'm going to stick around for a while.

Jack: Listen, thank you for the drinks and the advice.

Reggie: Thank you for the drinks --

Tad: Give me that.

Jack: Will you stop it?

Reggie: All right, man, see you later.

Tad: See you later.

Jack: Put you on a leash with a short collar.

Aidan: You all right?

Tad: Yeah, fine.

Aidan: You sure?

Tad: Sure. It's nothing. Or it's a disaster of monumental proportions waiting in the wing.

Aidan: Doesn't sound like nothing to me.

Tad: Did you ever speak English? You know, if I was smart, right now I would move to Greece, put on a toga, and start drinking wine.

Aidan: And you'd probably have a nasty headache constantly.

Tad: I could live with that.

Aidan: Come on.

Carlos: So, this guy that's swept you off your feet -- you don't know his name or where he lives?

Simone: No.

Carlos: I don't know, Simone. Something just doesn't sit right with me.

Simone: Oh.

Kendall: I hated you for denying who I was. You made me feel like I wasn't worth existing.

Erica: Kendall --

Kendall: No, Erica, please, just -- just let me say this because it's not easy.

Erica: Yes, of course.

Kendall: I think what you're doing is wrong.

Erica: Kendall, please understand. Mary Smythe started this whole mess years ago when she kept the truth from Jackson, when she told Roger that Greenlee was really his daughter.

Kendall: Yeah, but you're perpetuating it, Erica, and not for Greenlee's sake or for Jackson's. The only person you're protecting here is yourself.

Erica: So you're going to tell them?

Kendall: No, I'm not.

Erica: Well, why not? I mean, if you think what I'm doing is so wrong?

Kendall: I'm keeping your secret because it's important to you and because you're my mother.

Erica: Oh, Kendall. Thank you. I can't believe that you would do this for me. Thank you. I'll never forget you for this. I'll never forget what you've done. Because of you, I'll have my wedding day.

Juan Pablo's voice: If you ask me, you're not keeping secrets. You're hiding from them.

Greenlee: This is ridiculous. Ok, mother. What is it that you want me to know? What's going to change my life forever?

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Tad: I've heard a lot about you.

Juan Pablo: From whom?

Tad: From all the women you've targeted.

Maggie: If you were raped, you have to talk to someone about it. You have to let it out.

Reggie: Between me and you, there might not be a wedding.

Jack: Are you really sure you want to marry me?

Greenlee: It can't be.

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