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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/16/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Simone: Adios, amiga.

Maggie: Ok. That's not funny, Simone. Let me out right now.

Carlos: Where's Maggie?

Simone: Oh, she had a call.

Jack: Give the napkin back to your Green Bean and pretend you never met her.

Erica: Mary Smythe thinks that she can stop me from marrying Jack?

Bianca: Leave me alone.

Michael: Never.

Waiter: Penne pasta?

Mary: Thank you, yes, and can I have another one of these, please?

Waiter: Sure.

Erica: Carbo loading?

Mary: Erica.

Erica: Oh, no, you mustn't talk with your mouth full.

Mary: What are you doing here?

Erica: I called Jack's office. They told me he was here, having lunch with you. So, was inviting Jack to lunch part of your grand scheme?

Mary: You're jumping to conclusions.

Erica: Well, obviously, you failed, just as your attempt to sabotage my wedding failed and your attempt to convince Kendall to help you.

Mary: Considering how badly you've treated her, I didn't think it would take much.

Erica: You don't know Kendall.

Mary: Well, I certainly didn't realize she was a snitch.

Erica: Well, my daughter Kendall is loyal. Now, that is something, of course, you would have no possible way to understand.

Mary: Well, my relationship with Greenlee may not be quite as evolved as the one you have with your girls, but at least my daughter can always -- ahem -- turn to her father.

[Greenlee and Jack laugh]

Jack: Well?

Greenlee: Well, if it hadn't been for you, I'd be meeting Mama Jer-bear right about now.

Jack: Oh! What a scary thought that is. I'm glad I could help. Come on. What is this look?

Greenlee: Oh -- for once in her life, my mother got it right -- you'd make a hell of a dad.

Mary: Look at them, Erica. They look so natural together.

Erica: Did you set this up? Did you lure Jack here so that Greenlee could ambush him?

Mary: They found each other. They were together when I got here. Jack and Greenlee need to know, Erica. Every girl needs her father.

Bianca: Somebody help me! Please, if you can hear me, come out here, please!

Michael: There's nobody here but us, and nobody else can hear you.

Bianca: Stop it. Stop it. Stay away from me.

Michael: I'm not going anywhere. It's you and me forever.

Bianca: Leave me alone, please.

Michael: Come on, don't be that way, Bianca. Don't fight me.

Bianca: Don't touch me. Don't touch me, please. Don't touch me, please!

Bianca: No! Please!

David: Bianca --

Bianca: Please, don't --

David: Bianca -- Bianca, it's me! It's me -- David!

Bianca: Oh, my God! David. Oh, my God!

David: It's all right, it's ok. I've got you. You're safe. I won't let you go.

Bianca: David --

David: Whatever this is, whatever's going on with you, I'm going to help you through this, all right? All right?

Bianca: Ok.

[Bianca cries]

Bianca: Thank God you were here. That was close.

David: "Close"?

Bianca: Yeah. David, thank you. Thank you for your help. I got -- I got to go. I got to get out of here.

David: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Bianca: What? What?

David: Do you know where you are?

Bianca: Yeah, of course. I -- David -- David, come on, I lost my balance. I'm not crazy.

David: Bianca, I brought you to the clinic to check you out because you had fainted. Your heart rate was elevated, you looked like hell, and then you skipped the examination, and you came up here. Why? What's going on with you?

Bianca: I just -- I needed air, David.

David: That's the best you can do?

Bianca: The best I can -- the -- the best I can do? My -- you know I hate hospitals, I hate clinics, the -- the smell. I just had to get out of that room.

David: What's wrong with the front door?

Bianca: It's nice up here, ok? There's a view, there's a breeze, it's quiet. For God's sake, David, I just needed a minute to myself, ok?

David: Oh, and so that's what caused you to come up here and dance at the edge of the roof?

Bianca: Can we just drop this?

David: No, we can't drop this, Bianca, not until you tell me what is going on.

Bianca: There's nothing going on, ok? I'm sorry. I've been very busy, and I'm stressed out.

David: All right. That's it. Our deal is off. You leave me no choice. I'm taking you to Erica.

Bianca: David, I really wish that you wouldn't threaten me.

David: That is not a threat, Bianca. It's a done deal, and we both know that your mother is not going to stop until she gets the truth out of you.

Jack: What?

Mary: Erica, please. It's time for Greenlee and Jack to know they're father and daughter.

Erica: Why is that, Mary? Because you say so? Here's a news flash for you -- I don't run my life according to your schedule.

Mary: Your life? What about their life?

Erica: Oh, please, spare me. This isn't about them. It's about you. It's only about you. You have been using Greenlee to try to snare Jackson.

Mary: Well, that might have been true in part in the beginning. I was hoping to rekindle a spark, but I know better now.

Erica: Oh, really? And you expect me just to believe that you've changed, just like that?

Mary: Do you have any idea why Jackson invited me to lunch today?

Erica: He invited you?

Mary: Yes, he did. To let me know in no uncertain terms that he loves you and that I would have a better chance of making it with Frosty the Snowman than becoming the next Mrs. Montgomery.

Erica: You accept it?

Mary: I didn't have any choice. The only thing I want to do right now is what's best for Greenlee and Jack.

Erica: Oh, yes. You just want to do what's right. Well, Mary, let me tell you something -- you could have presented Jack with his bouncing baby girl many years ago, but you chose not to. You chose to remain silent. In all this time, you have never, ever said a word. So why now, Mary?

Mary: Because it's time. I've cheated them by saying nothing. Erica, just allow me to correct my mistake and let them know the truth.

Greenlee: Are you sure I can't buy you a thank-you margarita?

Jack: No, no, it's never a good idea. Thank you, though, but it's never a good idea for the D.A. to come back to the office on one leg.

Greenlee: Well, I owe you. Not many people would have helped me out.

Jack: It was my pleasure. Really. Hey, listen. As long as Iím in a helping-out mood, I wonder if I could offer you a little advice, as well.

Greenlee: Go ahead.

Jack: Picking up strangers at a bar is not the way to meet the man of your dreams.

Greenlee: I don't do it ever, really, but I've got this bet. Fusion has this Sexiest Man Contest going on.

Jack: Yeah, they passed me right over. I don't understand why. Why is that?

Greenlee: Well, my partners and I decided to search for our own sexy man, so we're each looking for the man of our dreams, and it kind of turned into a bet.

Jack: So, the first one that finds their hunk wins -- ah.

Greenlee: Wins. Exactly, and it's going to be me.

Jack: Just be careful. You know? I mean, Michael Cambias -- he's not the only predator out there.

Greenlee: Well, I'll be sure to do a background check the next guy I slip my number to. Happy?

Jack: Yeah. I'll sleep tonight.

Mia: Oh, sorry I'm late. Hi, Jackson.

Jack: Hi, Mia. How are you?

Mia: Listen, thank you for my bodyguard. He's a total babe.

Jack: Well, as long as he's protecting you from Cambias, it's making me happy.

Mia: Yeah.

Jack: Listen, I need to go. I'll pick up the tab.

Greenlee: Oh, thank you. I'll get it next time.

Jack: My pleasure, ok? See you.

Mia: So, where's Simone? I thought we were going to have a powwow about the 25 finalists for the Sexy Man Contest.

Greenlee: Last time I checked, she was drooling all over Carlos. What a surprise -- he's gone and so is Simone.

Simone: Isn't it great we both have a couple of hours to kill?

Carlos: I really should go and work on another one of my pieces. I told Stuart I'd have another one ready.

Simone: Give me dos minutos, ok? I'm going to go shred these clothes and hop into my swim gear.

Carlos: Simone, no!

Simone: What? Do you want to help me choose? I have a bikini, tankini, thong --

Carlos: A thong?

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: No, no, no. I'm really not up for the beach.

Simone: Oh, come on. It'll be fun! Think about it -- surf, sand, sweat, you, me -- mmm.

Carlos: Thanks, but I think Iím going to pass on this one.

Simone: Why? Is it because of Maggie blowing you off for Henry?

Carlos: It's not that big of a deal.

Simone: Really? Because I kind of thought that you and she, you know, were kind of --

Carlos: No, look, look, look, Maggie is very sweet, but we didn't even make it through lunch.

Simone: Yeah.

Carlos: You know, it's not like we had history.

Simone: No.

Carlos: It's not like --

Simone: Greenlee.

Carlos: Yeah. Why did I set myself up for that one? Why did I let myself fall when I knew that this was going to happen?

Greenlee: So, the next thing I know, this total loser Jer-bear is all over me like Velcro. Thank God Jackson rescued me. He was awesome.

Mia: Since when are you such a big Jackson Montgomery fan? I thought he rode Leo pretty hard.

Greenlee: At times, but that was his job. Jackson seems like the kind of guy that throw himself into something 100%. He was all over this guy. He couldn't get out of here fast enough.

Mia: Am I picking up a vibe?

Greenlee: What vibe?

Mia: I don't know, your cozy little conversation, Jack rescuing you, that silly smile on your face. Greenlee, are you trying to snag Ericaís guy?

Erica: You honestly expect me to believe that after all these years you are suddenly moved to announce the truth because of a high-five?

Mary: I had my reasons for not revealing Greenleeís paternity before now.

Erica: Well, then, why don't you hold on to all those reasons and forget about all this?

Mia: Because they have vanished, and with Rogerís death, the last obstacle is gone.

Erica: And now you see an opportunity to try to worm your way back into Jacksonís life.

Mary: No. I see a chance to reunite a father and daughter who have been apart for years.

Erica: And haven't suffered for it.

Mary: Erica, you of all people should know what it's like to be separated from your father. It's a void that can never be filled no matter how old you grow.

Erica: I will not allow you to manipulate this situation.

Jack: Ladies, ladies, ladies, may I join you?

Mary: Hi.

Mia: She nearly shredded you when you went after her counter space at Laceyís. If you go after her guy, you're going to need a bodyguard and a bomb shelter.

Greenlee: But it would be worth it, wouldn't it? Just to see the look on Ericaís face?

Mia: Greenlee!

Greenlee: Relax. Jackson's not on my radar.

Mia: Are you sure?

Greenlee: He used to date my mother, for God's sake. The ick factor alone --

Mia: Oh, my God. Jackson and your mom were an item?

Greenlee: Can you imagine? Nothing good could have come out of that.

Jack: What are you doing here, anyway?

Erica: Your office told me you were here.

Jack: Well, I'm glad they're in. May I ask, is there something I should know?

Erica: Sit down, Jack. There's something I need to tell you.

Jack: Oh, brother. Ok. Have a seat.

Erica: Thank you. Jackson --

Jack: Yes.

Erica: How would you feel about another bridesmaid?

Jack: That's your call, sweetheart. Anybody I know?

Erica: Kendall.

Jack: Kendall? I think that's terrific.

Erica: Oh.

Mary: There's more, Jack.

Erica: Yes, yes, that's right, there is. Mary was just telling me about your little chat, and I think it's very gracious of you, Mary, to realize that Jack and I were simply meant for each other. Thank you for respecting that.

Mary: You're most welcome. I'd hate to stand in the way of true love, really.

[Pager beeps]

Jack: Whoa, and I hate to stand in the way of the wheels of justice. I need to get out of here.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: See you later.

Erica: See you later.

Jack: Mary.

Mary: Bye.

Erica: Bye.

Jack: Bye, sweetheart.

Mary: Nice move.

Erica: Don't play the game if you can't keep up.

Mary: This is a game to you, isn't it? It's just a game.

Erica: No, actually, Mary, we call this my life, and I'm certainly not going to allow you to try to run it from the sidelines.

Mary: Well, what if I just decide to go ahead and tell Jack the truth?

Erica: You won't, because if you do, then everyone will know about your tryst with that 17-year-old French boy --

Mary: First of all, he said he was 20.

Erica: And your deportation. You are banned from ever stepping foot in the country of France for the rest of your life, I believe.

Mary: Well, maybe the truth is more important than my reputation.

Erica: Well, speaking of your reputation, how do you think Woody would react to the news? Can you really afford to disappoint Woody again?

Mary: You know this is wrong to keep this a secret, Erica. Greenlee deserves --

Erica: Oh, enough about Greenlee. You don't care about Greenlee, and Greenleeís an adult, for heaven's sake. She doesn't need a father. She needs a leash, and what she really needs and has always needed is a better mother.

Mary: Erica --

[Erica screams]

Erica: Oh!

Simone: You're a whole lot of things, Carlos, but you're not psychic. There is no way that you could have known that your thing with Greenlee was going to go bust.

Carlos: No, Simone. From the first time I saw Greenlee, I knew everything about her.

Simone: Oh, yeah? Well, what can you tell about me?

Carlos: That you're nothing like her.

Simone: Is that good or bad?

Carlos: No matter what she says, Greenlee could never be with the man I am today.

Simone: And who's that now, and who were you before?

Carlos: Just a guy.

Simone: Oh, you're a whole lot more than just a guy.

Carlos: Not to people who are all about money and status.

Simone: You know, is money really such a bad thing?

Carlos: If all I really wanted was money, I could have --

Simone: You could have what?

Carlos: I could have modeled for Fusion. You know, made some extra cash. It'd be the right type of job, and all of a sudden, I'd be acceptable.

Simone: Well, you're acceptable the way you are.

Carlos: Oh, no. Why do people with money assume that they are better than everybody, that they have the God-given right to treat everybody further down the money chain like trash?

Simone: You know, not everyone's rich and screwed up, Carlos. There are people that actually care about more than bank accounts, people who value who you really are inside.

Carlos: Really?

Simone: Believe it, because one of them is right here.

Carlos: Yeah?

Simone: Mm-hmm. You don't know what I would do just to be with you.

Maggie: Help! Someone, please help me get out of this bathroom! You think that someone would have to go to the bathroom in a restaurant because they serve drinks and food, but, no.

[Door opens]

Maggie: Oh, hi! Hello! Hi! I'm sort of stuck in the bathroom. Can you please let me out of here?

Erica: Haven't you done enough?

Mary: We're not through!

Erica: You back off right now, or I swear I will press charges.

Mary: I don't think Jack will allow that.

Erica: You leave Jack out of this!

Maggie: Erica! Ooh! Is that you? It's me. Can you let me out of the bathroom? I'm sort of --

Erica: Not now!

Mary: Pipe down! We're busy!

Maggie: Oh, I don't believe this!

Mary: We're going to settle this, Erica.

Erica: There is nothing to settle. Jack and I are going to be married, and you are going to leave him alone.

Mary: You can't ignore this!

Erica: Oh, but I can.

Mary: This is not about you! There are other people's lives involved!

Erica: Yes! That is quite right, and everyone will live quite happily ever after if you will just forget this nonsense.

Mary: This is not nonsense.

Erica: Neither is your French connection.

Mary: I can't believe that you're so desperate that you have to bring that up.

Erica: I'm so desperate? No, I'm not the desperate one. I'm not the one who's panting after a man who clearly doesn't want you!

Mary: For the hundredth time, this is not about Jackson!

Erica: No. It's about you. It's been about you from start to finish.

Mary: You can't play God forever. You canít.

Erica: Watch me.

Mary: The truth will come out, Erica.

Erica: The truth is that everyone is happy the way things are.

Bianca: Look, David, I appreciate your concern, I really do, but you're just --

David: You're afraid. You're afraid to tell Erica about this. Why?

Bianca: It's just stress. That's all it is, and I tell you something, the last thing my mom needs is another thing to deal with right now.

David: That's what mothers are for, Bianca -- to help you through these type of things.

Bianca: Have you seen my mother, lately? She's getting married, David. She's planning the wedding of the millennium. After losing Chris and almost losing Uncle Jack, she has finally found peace, and I am not going to mess that up with --

David: Mess that up with what?

Bianca: A misunderstanding.

David: A misunderstanding?

Bianca: Yes.

David: Is that what you're calling this?

Bianca: Yes!

David: Well, you were just about to do a belly flop off this roof.

Bianca: I lost my balance, David.

David: Oh, come on, Bianca! You were fighting me.

Bianca: Well, you startled me!

David: No! You did not want me to save you.

Bianca: Well, I don't need saving, ok? God!

David: Bianca, I know what it's like to stand on the brink. When Leora died, I wanted to bury the pain any way that I could.

Bianca: I'm sorry you lost her, David, I really am, but you're wrong about me.

David: Bianca, listen to me. These last couple of years I have seen you grow into an incredible young woman. How could you expect me to just stand by and do nothing when it's obvious to me that you are in pain?

Bianca: I'm not. I'm not.

David: I'm not going to let you kill yourself, Bianca. I can't lose another little girl. I canít.

Bianca: David, I don't want to kill myself. I swear it. I want to live.

Adam: Where have you been?

Jack: Tell me, Adam, what was so important that you had to have me paged?

Adam: It's Michael Cambias.

Jack: What about him?

Adam: Well, my investigator tells me that he hasn't been in his condo for days. He hasn't been seen since the storm the other night. He's gone. He's missing. How in the hell could you let Michael Cambias make bail?

Jack: That was the judge's call, Adam, not mine, and you know how bail works. As a matter of fact, I believe you paid the bond for Michael the first time, didn't you?

Adam: I was setting him up, Jackson, so even you can win the case against him.

Jack: Well, you know, it's hard to win a case without a perpetrator. So much for your plan, huh?

Adam: Ok, find him. He has to be stopped.

Jack: Now, you listen to me. I am well aware of the danger that Michael Cambias represents to this community. So you tell me, why are you all of a sudden so concerned?

Adam: This time he's gone too far.

David: You want to live? Then why did you push me away when I grabbed you?

Bianca: I just -- I panicked. That's all, David. David, come on! Like I would pitch myself off a roof right before my mother gets married?

David: That's exactly the way it looked like to me.

Bianca: Well, I would never do that to her -- or to myself, ok? God, David, you know, I have too much going on in my life right now to off myself. I have a great family, friends, a career, school. There is even a woman who's in love with me, and we have plans, David. We have real plans. She wants to show me Europe. She wants -- she wants us to follow our hearts, and I want it, too.

David: I'm happy you finally found love, Bianca, but you can't ask me to turn a blind eye from what I've been seeing from you lately. When I approached you in the park, you nearly jumped out of your skin, and then at Myrtle's, you fainted, and then this? Bianca, come on. Please, don't hide from me. Let me help you.

Bianca: Like you couldn't help Leora? I mean, that's what you meant, isn't it, when you said that you couldn't lose another little girl? I'm not Leora, David. I'm someone else's daughter.

Mary: If Jack knew the truth --

Erica: You leave Jack out of this. He's none of your concern. He just told you that! Why do you insist on forcing --

Greenlee: What's going on?

Erica: It's your mother. Look. Totally out of control again.

Greenlee: You did that?

Mary: It was an accident. My plate slipped.

Greenlee: Oh, and Ericaís lap got in your way?

Erica: It's all right. You know what? It's over, and I'm sure that your mother's going to be very careful about spilling things in the future. Aren't you, Mary?

Greenlee: What is with the two of you? Every time I see you, you're mixing it up.

Mary: Ask Erica.

Greenlee: Erica, what gives?

Erica: I have nothing to say. Mary -- au revoir.

Greenlee: Well, I didn't expect her to cooperate. Your turn.

Mary: I wish I could explain, darling, I really do, but for now it's just between me and Erica. I have to run. Ciao.

Greenlee: Mother, what the hell is going on?

Maggie: Psst, hey, you want answers? Let me out of here.

Mary: Ok, Erica. You're not the only one that can play this game. Oh. This won't do. Ah, perfect. "My dear Jack, as I write this, I can hardly stop my tears."

Jack: So tell me, Adam, you have something to add to the charges already against Cambias?

Adam: Yes. I suspect that he's attempting yet another takeover of Chandler Enterprises.

Jack: So, the assaults he's committed, his threats against women, those don't rank very high on your list of concerns, do they?

Adam: Of course they do. Don't be snide, but I would hope that the S.O.B. could be stopped before he does any more serious damage to my company.

Jack: All right, don't bust a blood vessel here. Just tell me -- what has he done?

Adam: He used his tenure at Chandler Enterprises to ferret out private information from some of my major stockholders, and now he's using that information to blackmail them into selling off their shares.

Jack: Well, you know, Adam, you hire a snake, you're bound to get bit.

Erica: Jack, I -- Adam.

Adam: Erica, you're to blame for this.

Erica: What?

Adam: And whatever Cambias has done, it's on your head.

Bianca: David, I don't mean to hurt you. You have been nothing but kind to me. I just -- I don't need your help.

David: You're not going to tell me what's wrong? All right. At least come downstairs and let me examine you.

Bianca: No, David. Look, I -- I have a date, ok, with Lena, and I don't want to be late.

David: Travel brochures, flight schedules?

Bianca: Right, right, something like that.

David: All right, look, do me a favor, all right? If you're not going to let me examine you, at least see your own doctor.

Bianca: I will.

David: By tomorrow?

Bianca: Ok. I promise. Can I go now?

David: If you're taking the stairs.

Bianca: Thank you, David.

David: One more thing, Bianca. Please take care of yourself, all right? Eat something, get some sleep.

Bianca: Yeah, ok. I will.

David: You better, because I'm going to check up on you.

Maggie: How desperate is Simone for her to lock me in there just so she can go make a play for Carlos? It's pathetic, really.

Greenlee: Like you're not making a play for him?

Maggie: Oh, I don't need to lock anyone up in a bathroom to get his attention, thank you. Is he still out there?

Greenlee: He's gone. So is Simone.

Maggie: Are you serious? Damn it! Wait a minute -- you are done with Carlos, right?

Greenlee: He's all yours, or Simone's, or the bartenderís.

Maggie: If Simone's going to play dirty, she's got to deal with me.

Greenlee: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I saved your butt. We're not through yet. I want you to tell me what Erica and my mother were doing in here.

Maggie: I don't know. I guess they were fighting over Jackson Montgomery, I think, yeah.

Greenlee: Jackson? What'd they say?

Maggie: I don't know, Greenlee. Something about your mom wanted Erica to do something -- yeah.

Greenlee: Do what? To whom?

Maggie: I don't know. I guess Erica just said that she was happy that everyone was happy the way they were.

Greenlee: Yeah. What else?

Mary: Something about France, I think.

Greenlee: That's it?

Maggie: I didn't know there was going to be a quiz.

Greenlee: What the hell is my mother up to?

Maggie: I don't know, but it seems like your mother really has the hots for Jackson.

Greenlee: Well, he totally blew her off, and she's still trying to glom on to him. Talk about desperate.

Maggie: Hmm. Sounds like someone I know.

Simone: Ok, if you don't want to go to the beach, then how about a Spanish lesson, in private?

Carlos: En tu cuarto?

Simone: Uh-huh?

Carlos: In your room.

Simone: Uh-huh. You see, I really need some help.

Carlos: I shouldnít.

Simone: Oh, come on. I'll make some of Myrtle's killer lemonade, and we'll have a fiesta, just the two of us.

Carlos: Oh, you are so hard to resist.

Simone: Then don't.

Carlos: But if I did go upstairs with you, I would be no better than the people I can't stand.

Simone: Rich?

Carlos: A user.

Simone: Well, then, use me already.

Carlos: No, no. You deserve better.

Simone: No, I donít.

Carlos: Mm-hmm.

Simone: Really, nuh-uh.

Carlos: Yes. Look, Simone, I'm all over the place. I mean, if I do get involved, it'll be a no-strings-attached type of thing going, and with you, I can't be casual.

Bianca: Simone! What are you doing with him?

Simone: Carlos and I are just hanging out. Bianca, what's wrong?

Simone: What was that about?

Bianca: Get it together. He is not real. He does not exist.

Michael: Why would you say that?

Bianca: Oh, God. Not again! Oh, no! Oh, God.

Michael: It's like I told you. You can't get away from me, not now, not ever.

Maggie: Well, if Simone thinks her skeezy little tactics are going to get Carlos, I swear she has another thing coming.

Mia: Whoa. What's her problem?

Greenlee: A man. What else?

Mia: Oh. Carlos.

Greenlee: Who else?

Mia: I'm sorry things ended so badly with Carlos.

Greenlee: You know what? Why should I be any different? Jake cheated on you, you caught Edmund in bed with his estranged wife, my mom and Erica are clawing each other's eyes out over Jackson, and don't get me started on Kendall and that monster, Cambias.

Mia: Well, we've just had bad luck.

Greenlee: Oh, no, no, no. This isn't about luck. It's about men. They're not worth it, and the sooner we realize that, the better off we'll be.

Mia: You speak for yourself. I intend to win this bet, get my man and my share of Fusion stock.

Greenlee: Trust me, stock is a much safer bet than a man any day.

Mia: Wow. Carlos really did a number on you, huh?

Greenlee: I'm glad, because now I know Iím never going to let that happen to me again. You know, men, they say all the right words, they make all the right moves, and then they treat your heart like a hockey puck. Who needs all the grief?

Mia: You found Leo. You know how good it can be.

Greenlee: That was once in a lifetime. As of today, I quit. The bet and men. If I never see another man as long as I live, I swear. Oh!

Man: I'm so sorry, miss. Are you all right? Miss?

Greenlee: Yes?

Man: May I help you?

Carlos: Do you want to go upstairs and check on your friend?

Simone: You know what? Bianca keeps to herself, but I would definitely like to go upstairs.

Carlos: Simone, I canít.

Simone: Try. You were willing to try with Maggie.

Carlos: Yeah, but sometimes it's easier to move on with people you don't know.

Simone: Well, then, let's pretend. Carlos, who?

Carlos: Come on, Simone.

Simone: What?

Carlos: Sweetie, I really care about you, and I'm not going to risk losing you.

Simone: Well, that's the sweetest rejection I think I've ever heard. Maybe there's still time for you to go work on that project you were talking about.

Carlos: If you don't mind, I would like to stay here and hang out with you.

Simone: Really?

Carlos: Yeah. Still offering me some of Myrtle's killer lemonade?

Simone: Yeah.

[Carlos and Simone laugh]

Simone: Bianca, where are you going? Bianca?

[Door slams]

Erica: Adam, what on earth are you talking about?

Adam: I set Cambias up for you, and now he's coming after Chandler Enterprises.

Erica: Well, I appreciate what you did, but I'm not going to take the blame for his greed.

Adam: But I hired him so you could get enough dirt on him to take him down for good.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that's true, but you also hired him to suit your own purposes.

Adam: Really? How's that?

Erica: Adam, you've had your eye on Cambias Industries for a long time, especially since young Alex died. The company has been weakened by Michaelís exploits. You saw an opportunity. You took it.

Adam: Really? Well, that's an amusing speculation, but now he's taking down my company from the inside, and I have no legal recourse!

Jack: Without proof, the commonwealth doesn't have any legal recourse either, Adam.

Erica: Adam, Adam, you are a genius at corporate maneuvering. You really are, and, I mean, Michael may be smart, but he's inept. You know that. His emotions always get the best of him.

Adam: Yeah. Which makes him even more dangerous, Erica. I'm warning you. I may be on his revenge list, but so are you.

Erica: Well, Jackson is certainly doing everything in his power to get Michael off the street as soon as possible.

Adam: Yeah, well, until that happens, I strongly advise you to protect everything you hold dear, because he's gone underground, but he's out for blood.

[Door closes]

Jack: Always a ray of sunshine, that one, no?

Erica: Oh. Jackson, when is Michael Cambias going to be out of our lives?

Jack: I am going to have him in a cage as soon as I possibly can. I promise you, he will never hurt anyone.

Erica: Oh, you make me feel so safe.

Jack: Good, good. That's all Iím concerned about, is your safety. That and our impending nuptials with my kick-butt best man Reggie and your new bridesmaid Kendall. I'm so proud of you for doing that, by the way.

Erica: I just can't wait for us to be a family.

Jack: I've waited for this forever, and nothing -- and I mean nothing -- is going to stop us from getting married. Come here.

Mary's voice: "I wish I had the courage to look into your eyes and tell you that Iím carrying your baby, Jack. Coward that I am, I told Roger the baby is his. Oh, Jack, if there were only a way for us to be together with our child, I'd be so happy, but I know it's impossible, and my heart aches for what might have been."

Mary: Ok. Eight months before Greenlee was born -- June -- June 22, 1976.

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Carlos: Maggie, what happened?

Maggie: Why don't you ask what that psycho woman did to me?

Man: Let me get some ice for your foot.

Greenlee: I got to hand it to you, Simone. Your fake foot injury actually works.

Erica: If anything has happened to Bianca, I will hold you responsible for the rest of your life.

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