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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/9/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Henry: You're coming with me.

Maggie: Excuse me? Get your hands off me!

Henry: I'm not kidding, Maggie.

Simone: We need to save some of our creative juices and save our own love lives.

Erica: I'm better because you are here.

Bianca: There's people upstairs.

Michael: There's no need to lie. You and I are going to be together for a while.

Simone: Oh, I don't know. Are you sure I look all right?

Mia: Oh, yes. Definitely you.

Simone: Yeah? Thanks.

Greenlee: Sexy attracts sexy, right?

Simone: Yeah.

Mia: You know, it's going to be hard to find anyone sexier than Carlos.

Greenlee: Can we not discuss him? Tonight is about cutting my losses.

Simone: Yes.

Mia: Right. Ok, so our bet's on. Find our own personal sexiest man.

Greenlee: Yeah, well Kendallís got to agree to it first. I left her a message to meet us here.

Mia: Ok, well, there's nothing wrong with getting a head start, is there?

Simone: Right, right. And we're hot, and we've got a plan, and there's plenty of action inside.

Greenlee: And action is why we're here.

[Crowd murmurs]

Henry: Hey, hey, hey!

Myrtle: Nothing on earth would stop them.

Mia: Well, you wanted action.

Officer: You saw who started it?

Maggie: Yeah. He did. I tried to stop him, but I couldn't.

Officer: So, what happened next?

Myrtle: All hell broke loose.

Boyd: Here you go, slugger.

Myrtle: Oh, oh, darling. Oh, you are a sweetheart. Thank you.

Ofc. Lyman: Look, are you going to be all right, ma'am?

Myrtle: Yes, Iím fine. You ought to see the other fellow over there.

Ofc. Lyman: You did that, Mrs. Fargate?

Myrtle: Well, it was self-defense. But it's nothing compared to the haymakers that that fellow behind me was throwing around.

Carlos: Get the hell off me.

Officer: Sit down and cool off.

Greenlee: That looks painful.

Carlos: I'll live.

Greenlee: Maybe you should see a doctor.

Carlos: I'm all right.

Greenlee: You've been in the slammer once already. Do you need a lawyer?

Carlos: What do you care?

Greenlee: Because this fight was about me, wasn't it?

Jack: Erica? Erica? Are you all right?

Erica: I'm fine.

Jack: Yeah?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: Well, good. I mean, I know how you hate thunderstorms. I just wanted to make sure that you were ok.

Erica: Thank you, Jack. That is so sweet of you to come over here and see how I am. Thank you.

Jack: Well, sure, honey.

Erica: But, you know, the storm has passed, and Iím fine, and I've never, never felt safer or happier.

Jack: Or damper. You must have gotten caught in the thick of it, huh, sweetie?

Erica: We did. But Kendall helped me get through it.

Jack: She did, huh? Was that before or after the --

Kendall: Oh, this was an accident. She didn't mean to do it.

Erica: No.

Jack: Oh.

Erica: Jack, thank you for coming over here to check on me. Really, I really appreciate it, especially because I know that Reggie must be waiting for you and doing God knows what.

Jack: Yeah. Listen, Erica, something's happened.

Erica: What?

Jack: Honey, I tried everything I could to stop it, but I just couldnít. I just couldnít.

Erica: Jack, what? You're scaring me.

Kendall: What is it?

Jack: Michael Cambias was released on bail tonight.

Carlos: You are the most self-involved, ego-tripping, egotistical bruja que conocido.

Simone: Ok, Carlos, look, Greenlee is not a witch, all right? She's just --

Greenlee: You called me a witch?

Carlos: You think this was about you?

Greenlee: Admit it. You tore this place apart, and I'm the reason why.

Carlos: You should leave now.

Simone: Ok, all right, all right. Everyone just settle down. Let's just cool it, ok?

Greenlee: Why don't you leave us alone.

Simone: Look, I'm trying to help, ok? You know, Officer Lyman is --

Greenlee: Listen, Simone, not now.

Simone: But I want to help. Look, you know what? If Carlos is facing --

Greenlee: Haven't you interfered enough for one night? Ok, so you didn't fight about me. Then what was it, huh? They didn't leave a worm at the bottom of your tequila? The band wasn't playing salsa?

Carlos: You want to know what happened? I met the most amazing woman tonight.

Greenlee: A woman?

Carlos: Oh, yeah. Bought her a couple drinks, listened to some music. We were having a real good time till her psychotic boyfriend comes along and lets loose on me. Are you happy now?

Greenlee: You were trying to score?

Simone: Come on, Greenlee --

Greenlee: A nanosecond after you dump me, you're trolling for a good time?

Carlos: You asked.

Greenlee: After all that self-righteous drivel in the hotel room, you're out getting in a brawl over a barfly? Which one of these 4-year-olds were you hot for?

Maggie: Oh, that would be me. And I'm not a barfly, and, well, I haven't been 4 in a really long time.

Erica: Jack, didn't you tell the judge about all Michaelís threats?

Jack: Erica, I did everything, everything. I used everything in my arsenal. Fact is, though, I mean, I had no proof of those threats. So the judge had no reason not to set bail based on the charges in front of him.

Erica: I don't understand. I really don't. I mean, Alexander virtually disinherited Michael, and he refused to bail him out last time, so why now?

Jack: Well, despite Alexanderís feelings for his son, he evidently didn't want the family's name thrown into scandal again, so he didn't want Michael behind bars any longer than possible. So he got him out. Didn't want the family stock to dip, I suppose.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Hold on. So Michael -- Michaelís back on the street?

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: Oh, my God. If Michaelís out, then his first target is going to be Lena, and Biancaís with Lena.

Jack: Whoa, whoa.

Erica: I have to call her up to warn her.

Jack: It's ok. Erica, Iíve taken care of that, and I've assigned a police officer to any woman that might be a target. That includes the two of you.

Kendall: Ok, well, what about Mia?

Jack: I've called her. I've talked to her, and I've left a message for Lena.

Kendall: So then, you think that Michael would actually -- Michael would actually make good on his threats.

Jack: Yeah, I do. I do. Look, if I couldn't keep this son of a bitch in jail, I'm going to make damn sure that Iím going to keep the women that he has threatened safe, especially the ones in my family.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of us, but I still want to call Bianca.

Jack: Ok, just -- just don't scare her, and give her my love, ok? I'm really, really sorry about Cambias getting out.

Kendall: He always beats the system. It's no wonder he's so damn arrogant.

Jack: Just be careful, please. Be careful.

Kendall: I will. I feel a lot better knowing that someone has my back. Thank you.

Jack: I've got your back, Kendall, and thank you. If you hadn't done what you did, we never would have arrested this guy.

Kendall: When I think about -- when I think about what he's done to this family and to Erica --

Jack: And to you.

Kendall: Well, thank God we know what he is now.

[Phone rings]

Myrtle's voice: Please leave a message, darling.

[Answering machine beeps]

Erica: Hi, sweetheart, it's me. I know you're with Lena, and I don't want to interfere, but there is something I need to tell you. But don't worry. I mean, no one's sick or anything like that. But please, sweetheart, when you get this message, it's very important that you call me back tonight, all right? I mean, I don't care how late it is. I just -- we're all going to be fine, Bianca, I promise you. No one will ever, ever hurt my sweet, beautiful daughter. I love you, baby.

Greenlee: You were picking up Maggie Stone? She's the amazing woman?

Maggie: You said that about me?

Carlos: Yeah, I did, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Greenlee: He didn't mean it. He said it to make me jealous.

Carlos: Oh, don't listen to the Greenster. Esta completamente loquita.

Greenlee: Oh, right. Trot out the espaŮol to impress her.

Maggie: Carlos is just being himself. I appreciate that.

Greenlee: He's on the rebound and willing to settle for whatever baggage sits next to him.

Maggie: What's your problem? I --

Officer: All right, the other guy is not pressing charges. You're free to go.

Carlos: What? That little punk over there is the one who threw the first punch. Did he mention that?

Officer: I take these off, are you going to behave yourself?

Carlos: I'm not the one who threw the first punch.

Simone: Chill, Carlos, all right? Say, "Yes, sir," and no one goes to jail.

Carlos: Ok. Yes, sir. It's all right.

Officer: No trouble, you understand?

Simone: Yeah, he understands. He understands. Don't you?

Carlos: Yeah, yeah. Just get them off so I can get the hell out of here.

Simone: Oh, great.

Carlos: Get out of my way.

Henry: I'm not stopping you.

Boyd: Hey, what the hell is wrong with you two? Henry, come on, man. Just call it a night and go home.

Henry: After what this punk did?

Carlos: All I did was enjoy the company of a charming young woman.

Henry: If you think you can hit on my girl --

Maggie: I am not your anything.

Henry: Come on, Maggie, let me take you home.

Maggie: No, I can get home myself, thank you.

Myrtle: Boyd, I am going somewhere where it's quiet and safe.

Boyd: Myrtle, I'm with you. Just give me a minute, ok?

Myrtle: I'll wait for you in the car.

Boyd: Ok.

Simone: Mia, what did Sean say?

Mia: Well, the cops are leaving, and management's not going to press charges against Carlos or Henry. But you guys should clear out of here unless you want to pay for damages.

Boyd: So this is over, right? Right?

Ofc. Lyman: Is there a problem here?

Boyd: No, there's no problem, Officer. These two gentlemen were just about to shake hands and let this go. Weren't you?

Ofc. Lyman: We're waiting. Gentlemen?

Kendall: I still don't understand how Michael walked. Didn't you say he was facing, like, a century worth of charges?

Jack: Oh, he is, believe me. But the judge considered those white-collar crimes, so there's no threat of bodily harm in that.

Kendall: Yeah, unless you're a woman who's crossed him.

Jack: Look, I am going to get this guy back in his cage as soon as I possibly can, believe me. And I'm going to make sure he serves every second of his sentence. I promise you that.

Erica: And then we're going to be free. Then we're going to be free to concentrate on the rest of our lives together. Justice never, never looked brighter.

Jack: Yeah? Is that because you're about to marry the man of your dreams, hmm?

Erica: Oh, that's part of it.

Jack: Good. Ok, all right. Look, will one of you please tell me what happened after you guys left the police office?

Erica: Well, the storm hit. And Kendall was with me.

Kendall: Erica had sort of a little meltdown.

Jack: And you got in the way of that meltdown?

Erica: I'm so sorry.

Kendall: I told you, it's nothing.

Erica: Well -- and then we reached a new understanding.

Kendall: All right, I should probably go. I don't want to jinx anything, you know.

Erica: Kendall? I hope that we can talk again.

Kendall: I'd like that.

Jack: Kendall, if Cambias tries to contact you, you call me immediately, ok?

Kendall: Oh, I will. First, can I kick him where --

Jack: No, no, no. You just call me.

Kendall: Ok, I will.

Jack: And I've assigned Officer Turpin to watch over you, ok?

Kendall: Thank you.

Erica: Kendall, I will never forget what you did for me tonight.

Kendall: I will never forget what you let me do.

Erica: Good night.

Erica: What?

Jack: "What?" If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

Erica: It's really quite amazing, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah, it's quite amazing. Maybe you'd like to tell me about it?

Erica: Oh, Jack. What happened with Kendall tonight -- it just makes me feel like a weight has been lifted from me and maybe, finally, for good.

Lena's voice: Bianca?

Bianca's voice: Mm-hmm?

Lena's voice: I want to take you away somewhere for a long weekend. No, no, make that a week.

Bianca: How about the whole summer?

Lena: Don't tempt me.

Bianca: Why not? We could do it. I mean, you said that you wanted to take me to Prague. Let's just go.

Lena: I mean, we could. We could start in Prague and then go where our hearts lead us.

Bianca's voice: Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Lena's voice: Oh, look. Be careful. It looks like you'll be racing the storm.

[Bianca screams]

Bianca: Please! No!

Kendall: Bianca? What are you doing?

Kendall: Are you ok?

Bianca: Yeah. I'm -- Iím fine.

Kendall: Yeah, well, people who are fine don't wander around in the dead of the night playing with matches. What's -- what's going on?

Bianca: I lost something.

Kendall: Out here? What?

Bianca: An earring.

Kendall: An earring? Ok. Well, that must have been some earring for you to leave Lena, especially at this hour. I can help you look for it if you want me to.

Bianca: No, that's ok. I can find it myself.

Kendall: Ok. Did something happen with -- I mean, where is Lena, anyway? I thought you guys had plans.

Bianca: Yeah, Lena and I were here earlier, and then -- it doesn't matter.

Kendall: Did something happen with Lena tonight?

Bianca: You know what, Kendall? What happened is none of your business.

Kendall: You're right. It's not.

Bianca: Right. So why are you bothering me?

Kendall: Well, because, Bianca, there's something that I have to tell you -- about Michael. It's ok. It's all right. Don't worry. It's nothing for you to freak out about, not really.

Bianca: What is it?

Kendall: Michael was released on bail. But it's ok. It's ok. It's nothing to freak out about. Jackson has officers looking over everybody. He's got them -- he's got Lena. Lena's protected, and Erica and Mia and me. My gorilla's right over there. I just wanted you to know that everything's going to be ok. Lena's protected. So there's nothing for you to worry about.

Boyd: Home, sweet home.

Myrtle: Ooh. Thank you, darling. I am beat. It's bed and a nightcap for me.

Boyd: So, how's your hand?

Myrtle: Didn't even break a nail.

Lena: Good evening.

Boyd: Hey.

Myrtle: Hey. Lena. Good morning, it really is. Are you here to see Bianca?

Lena: I know it's very late.

Myrtle: Oh, it's never too late for love. It's just a little late for my bed. On my way up, I'll knock on her door and I'll tell her you're here.

Lena: You know what? If she's not down here, she's probably asleep. I just wanted to tell her something, but it can wait.

Myrtle: Well, I'll tell you what. There's a paper and pen on the desk. Leave her a note.

Lena: Thank you. That's very kind.

Myrtle: Well, I like to keep a bright eye on that girl. Well, I'm going to have that nightcap.

Boyd: Good night.

Myrtle: Oh, Boyd -- thank you so much for keeping those bucks apart.

Lena: There was trouble?

Myrtle: There was a very ugly fight starting, and this brave fellow helped to break it up. Bye.

Boyd: Good night, Myrtle.

Lena: You always seem to be coming to someone's rescue.

Boyd: Well, my friends mean a lot to me.

Lena: I know. I know Bianca trusts you.

Boyd: Well, she wants to trust you, too. Look, I'm going to give you some privacy. Listen, Lena-- look, you make Bianca happy. Just take care of her, ok?

Lena: You have my word. I'll keep her safe.

Boyd: Good night.

Kendall: Are you sure you're ok?

Bianca: Yes. God, Kendall, what is this?

Kendall: I just -- if you want me to help you look for your earring, I don't mind.

Bianca: No, it's ok. I can do it all by myself.

Kendall: All right, it's just that you -- I don't know, you're acting kind of weird. Did something happen with Lena?

Bianca: No. Everything is just great, ok?

Kendall: Ok, fine.

Bianca: Ok.

Kendall: Don't say I didn't try to help. Bianca?

Bianca: What?

Kendall: I was with Erica tonight.

Bianca: Why? Did something happen?

Kendall: Yeah, you could say that. Erica had -- she had a total meltdown. But the amazing thing was that she needed me. She really needed me, and I was there for her. I was actually able to help her. I mean, can you believe it? After everything that's happened, I actually -- we finally connected.

Bianca: That's good.

Kendall: Good? It's amazing. It's wonderful. It's totally worth this ugly busted lip.

Bianca: Mom did that?

Kendall: Yeah. Well, she was really freaked out.

Bianca: About what?

Kendall: About the rape.

Jack: Erica, I think what Kendall did for you was terrific. There's no doubt about that.

Erica: But --

Jack: But Kendallís always been motivated by what Kendall wants, not by what anybody else wants or needs, and certainly not by what you want or need.

Erica: You doubt her sincerity?

Jack: I just don't want you to get hurt. You know, I don't want her to use this. I don't want her to use you.

Erica: You should have seen her. You really should have seen her. I mean, if I hadn't seen what I did with my own eyes tonight, I wouldn't have believed it, either.

Jack: I'm sorry, I just -- I just can't get my mind around the idea of Kendall Hart being a giving person, you know?

Erica: She was. As I said, I wouldn't have believed it myself.

Jack: Well, I'll tell you what. If she managed to get you through this, to make peace with the past, then as far as Iím concerned, I'm all for this mother-daughter reunion.

Erica: It makes me so glad you feel that way.

Jack: Mm-hmm. And you know what? The timing's perfect. Now we can have her in our wedding party.

Maggie: You couldn't just shake Carlos' hand. Is that some macho thing?

Henry: He was all over you.

Maggie: I thought you were giving me my space.

Henry: Look, I blew it, all right? It's just that what I said about backing off, it's not what I want.

Maggie: Because you don't know what you want.

Henry: Yes I do. I want us to be together again, but I guess not, right? Not if you're putting yourself out there for other guys. I just want what we had, and when I saw him touching you, I -- I lost it.

Maggie: Get over it. This possessive thing is really unattractive.

Henry: Maggie --

Maggie: No, and it's not changing my mind, Henry.

Henry: Wait.

Greenlee: How could you hit on an innocent girl like Maggie Stone?

Carlos: I wasn't hitting on her. I was enjoying myself.

Greenlee: Oh, well you must have done something to make her boyfriend --

Carlos: Ex-boyfriend.

Greenlee: Go medieval on you. What are you doing? Don't walk away from me.

Suzanne: Was tonight wicked enough for you?

Carlos: I'll try not to total the bar next time.

Suzanne: I hope there is a next time. Oh, you should take care of that. There you go.

Carlos: I will.

Greenlee: You know, I tried to take care of that cut, and you blew me off.

Carlos: Suzanne was concerned. You had an agenda.

Greenlee: I did not. Suzanne? You were cruising Maggie and the bartender?

Carlos: Think what you want.

Greenlee: Carlos, you led me on for months. The notes, the flowers, the sculptures. I thought that you actually cared about me, but that's just your basic M.O.? I mean, does this work on everyone, or am I only the sucker?

Carlos: You know, I'm the fool to think that a rich elitist could have anything to do with the guy that doesn't have the right job description or car, mind you.

Greenlee: You know what? That's just an excuse. You dumped me, and you couldn't wait to score fresh meat.

Carlos: You know what? This little outfit you have on doesn't scream "heartbroken."

Greenlee: You thought I would just curl up and cry about what might have been? That's not me.

Carlos: Especially since everything worked out the way you wanted it, right?

Greenlee: I wanted to spend the night with you.

Carlos: Come on, you wanted out, sister.

Greenlee: You barely let me in.

Carlos: And when I did, you used me.

Greenlee: I did not use you.

Carlos: You used what I told you about Diane Lacey because it was the fastest way out of whatever we had.

Greenlee: I told you that what went down with Diane Lacey was just business. It had nothing to do with us.

Carlos: It's late.

Greenlee: So that's it? You can just walk away?

Ofc. Lyman: Excuse me, Mr. Reyes? We're taking off. It looks like we have all the information we need, so you can clear out if you want. This is over.

Carlos: Yeah, Lyman, it sure as hell is.

Simone: That was gnarly.

Mia: Sorry.

Greenlee: Sorry? It's the best thing that could have happened. Yo, Suzanne! A margarita, grande, and keep them coming! We've got a bet on, don't we?

Maggie: I guess nobody got the girl.

Henry: Maggie, stop.

Maggie: You know what? We've been over this. You are completely out of line.

Henry: But the way he was coming on to you --

Maggie: We were laughing, enjoying music, your music. That's it.

Henry: No, it wasnít. Not by a long shot. He was all over you, and if I hadn't intervened --

Maggie: You intervened with a right hook, and I don't need that kind of help.

Henry: So, what, so it's cool for you to just flirt with any dog that throws down a drink for you?

Maggie: Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is.

Henry: You know, I thought we were trying to find our way back to each other.

Tia: Don't forget your guitar, Henry.

Henry: Thanks, Tia.

Tia: You rocked tonight. So, I'll see you at rehearsal tomorrow.

Maggie: You've got to be kidding me. You go ballistic if a polite young man buys me a drink, but that's ok?

Henry: We're in a band. It's nothing.

Maggie: Please.

Henry: What, you don't believe me?

Maggie: You know what? I don't really care what you do.

Henry: No, wait. Look, you're overreacting.

Maggie: Overreacting? Who was throwing punches in there? I'm leaving.

Erica: I would love to have Kendall attend our wedding.

Jack: As a guest.

Erica: Well, I mean, considering our past, I think that that's a really huge step. Listen, are you sure you don't want some tea, or aren't you hungry? I mean, Coral, I know she left some crab cakes, and I could heat them up for you.

Jack: You're going to go fool around the kitchen? Sit down here. This has been a really strange and miraculous night.

Erica: All right. All right, Jack. What do you want to know?

Jack: Ok, since you asked. Are you really ready to start a relationship with Kendall, or was this just kind of a one-night deal?

Erica: I'm ready. I'm really ready. It's just that I have made a lot of mistakes with Kendall, and so I think it's best if I just take it slowly.

Jack: Oh, oh, I get that. I get that totally. I'm not suggesting she be our maid of honor.

Erica: Oh, no. I already asked Bianca.

Jack: Your real daughter.

Erica: Jack, what do you want me to say? I mean, what happened tonight between Kendall and me, this was a completely unexpected relief.

Jack: Yeah. I'm thinking for both of you, huh?

Erica: Yeah. I'm very ready to have a relationship with Kendall, and I hope it's more than just tonight, but you know nothing can erase the fact that Bianca is the daughter that I have completely built my life around.

Kendall: Tonight was like -- it was like fate, you know? I mean when Erica flashed to her rape, it was like I was the only person who could connect with her. It's weird. It's like the one thing that made her hate me was the same reason that I was able to help her and help her get past her pain. It was amazing, and now my relationship with Erica -- it's never going to be the same. It's changed forever. What is wrong?

Bianca: What? Nothing.

Kendall: Oh, nothing. Yeah, right. Bianca, you've been acting like a pod person since I came here. Are you meeting somebody? What?

Bianca: No, I'm -- Kendall, just leave me alone.

Kendall: Fine. Whatever. You should go home. Get some sleep.

Erica: No matter how much Kendall and I connected this evening -- and we did -- it's just, I mean, we have barely liked each other, and so this one night can't completely magically erase all that distance.

Jack: No. No, of course not. But maybe it opens a door. A door through which you can show Kendall some of the love that she so craves from you.

Erica: Why is this so important to you?

Jack: I don't know. I mean, doesn't it make sense that the child who grew up without you would need your love the most?

Greenlee: Why do we always end up alone?

Simone: With each other.

Mia: But if we're with each other, then we're not really alone, right?

Simone: So much for kicking off our bet.

Mia: Yeah. What a bust.

Simone: Maybe not for you. There's a man over there, 5:00, who keeps watching you all night long.

Mia: Really?

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Mia: Oh. That's just the guard dog that Jackson assigned to watch me. Don't ask, please.

Simone: Ok, so you're telling me that the only man that's given us any attention all night long is being paid to do so?

Mia: Uh-huh.

Simone: Oh, my God. We are so pathetic.

Kendall: Hey, guys, I got your message.

Simone: Hey!

Kendall: May I please have a bottle of champagne and four glasses, please? Guys, we're celebrating.

Greenlee: What, your fat lip?

Kendall: No. This day, this night. The heat finally ended. The rain finally came. You can almost smell the possibilities.

Mia: Stale tequila and beer?

Kendall: No, Mia, get out of your own head. This world is clean and alive and beautiful.

Greenlee: What have you been smoking?

Mia: Yeah, and what happened to your lip?

Kendall: I'm just -- I'm high on life.

Greenlee: What happened exactly?

Kendall: Tonight, my -- my whole entire life changed forever, and nothing will ever be the same again for me and my family.

Lena's voice: "Bianca, my sweet. I wanted so much to wake you and tell you how much I love you. To hold you close and promise that the joy you have given me will light every day of our future. But it's late, so I leave you to dream your sweet dreams and to sleep in peace, knowing that you'll always be safe in my heart. Good night, my angel. Rest well and know that you're loved."

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