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All My Children Transcript Thursday 6/26/03

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Doug: Nothing is happening in my home unless I say so! Now get out -- all of you!

Brooke: You owe it to yourself and to your daughter to listen.

Doug: Wait -- who are you busting in here?

Laurie: Ms. English has experience with interventions.

Brooke: And you need to understand the impact of your actions.

Doug: You don't know anything about me and my family.

Laurie: Daddy, please --

Doug: No, honey, we'll settle this on our own. We don't need them.

Laurie: I do. When you first started drinking after Mom died, I understood because it seemed to make you hurt less. I thought it made your pain bearable, but now you're killing us both.

Jamie: I hope you're hearing this, Mr. Lewis.

Doug: Shut up. I said Iíll talk to my daughter later.

Tad: Talk to her now.

Doug: Get out of my way.

Maggie: Every copy at Campus Convenience sold out. I checked.

Bianca: "Ms. Kundera has been linked romantically with Michael Cambias and Erica Kaneís daughter Bianca Montgomery."

Maggie: You know, it's really not that bad. Well, what does Lena say?

Bianca: Same old story. It's a mistake. The photo was doctored. She's innocent.

Maggie: Well, maybe she is.

Bianca: Innocent?

Maggie: Ok, all right, at least the rest of it?

Bianca: You know, for a woman who's so incredibly smart, she certainly finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time an awful lot.

Maggie: So are the two of you through?

Bianca: Just every time I overlook one of her mistakes -- like corporate espionage or sleeping with Michael Cambias -- you know, I get slapped in the face with something else, like this. I mean, how many times can you leave yourself open to getting your heart broken?

Maggie: Well, you are asking the wrong girl.

Henry: Mrs. Fargate and Bianca. Maggie -- this is perfect!

Joni: You'll feel better if you tell the truth.

Reggie: I'll feel better if you leave me alone and stop throwing your father at me.

Joni: You can talk to me, Reggie.

Reggie: Ok, look, Joni, forgive me. I have sinned. I've -- I've been stealing copper pipes to remodel Jack's loft. I'm so sorry. Don't be stupid.

Joni: If you tell me the real deal, then we could probably fix this together. And if not, Mr. Montgomery is going to find out. Then what?

Mary: All that's missing is a desk and a phone that won't stop ringing.

Jack: Hi, Mary. Yeah, I'm just trying to ease myself back into things here.

Mary: Good. But you shouldn't do too much too soon. So, what can I get you that the hospital won't provide?

Jack: Well, actually, I'm doing very well with the standard hospital fare. Thanks for asking.

Mary: Yes, you are, aren't you?

Jack: Apparently, although I can't seem to get Dr. Joe to sign me out of here.

Mary: Jack, I was so grateful that they found a donor for you in time.

Jack: You were grateful? Bianca gets to pick anywhere in the world she wants to go on vacation. Her choice, my expense.

Mary: Bianca?

Jack: Yeah, my niece who gave blood and saved my life.

Mary: Bianca wasn't a match.

Jack: No? I figured since she was a blood relative, she had to be the --

Mary: Oh, you know what? I -- I was thinking I would bring a DVD player in this evening to watch a Brazilian film Iíve been wanting to see. I thought you might enjoy it.

Jack: I wouldn't want you to go to any trouble, Mary.

Mary: Oh, right. It's because Ericaís monopolizing all your time.

Jack: What's going on between you and Erica? Why are you at each other's throats?

Mary: It's simple. She knows my secret, and she's terrified I'm going to share it with you.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, don't tell me about the heat in Miami, Sharon. I am swimming in my own glow. The air conditioner belched white smoke and died. Ok, ok. So, we got the sexiest man contest tapes from Atlanta. WSTR did such a fantastic job promoting us there. Now, Miami, Florida -- Miami. Yes, we sent the contest T-shirts. We shipped them directly to the Cafe Iguana. Yes, yes, you'll get them in time. Ah! Well, at least where you are, you're watching gorgeous, sexy guys. Whew. Listen, Sharon, I got to go, ok? I'll talk to you later. Bye. Please tell me you can fix the air conditioner.

Carlos: Doesn't need fixing.

Greenlee: It died a fiery a death.

Carlos: It needs new parts. I mean, the compressors are shot and the motor is burnt out.

Greenlee: Oh. Well, I'll have to buy new portable air conditioners.

Carlos: Well, in this heat wave, you can't even find a paper fan. But I might have something that might help.

Greenlee: Oh, it's cold! It's cold. Carlos -- Carlos, thank you, thank you. Mmm. Ah.

[Elevator doors open]

Greenlee: Oh.

Simone: Well, hello.

Kendall: So, this is why it's so hot in here.

Greenlee: We were trying to keep cool.

Mia: Oh, right.

Simone: Oh, yes, well, it's hotter in here than it is outside. It's actually even hotter than that tape you gave me of those guys in the Matrix Club in Boston.

Carlos: I better get to work.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: All right, so what the hell is up with the air conditioner?

Greenlee: There is none. We need compactors or something.

Mia: Well, even if we did have them, with these rolling brownouts, the power company's asking people not to use them unless there's a health emergency.

Greenlee: Us frying to death is a health emergency.

Simone: I agree.

Greenlee: Oh. Not bad.

Mia: Uh-uh.

Simone: So sorry we interrupted your little sizzle break with Carlos.

Mia: Oh, you are not.

Simone: Oh, I am, too. Just because my love life is the Sahara doesn't mean that I want you all to suffer.

Mia: Ha!

Simone: I donít. So, you know, how is everything with -- you know, with him?

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Simone: Carlos. In bed. Is he everything that we imagined he would be?

Greenlee: I am not discussing the details of my sex life.

Mia: Oh, I don't need the details.

Simone: No, just big, broad strokes and a picture would be just fine.

Greenlee: N-O.

Simone: Ok, then I vote that we go see a sexy movie in an air-conditioned theater.

Mia: Oh, yes, seconded.

Greenlee: Overruled, overruled. While Carlos is gone, we need to discuss a very delicate situation.

Kendall: Like what?

Simone: Spill.

Greenlee: I'm on the verge of toppling Enchantment.

Mia: Shut up.

Simone: Get out.

Kendall: How?

Greenlee: I've got a secret I am this close to discovering that I am going to use to disarm Erica.

Jack: Erica has some deep, dark secret that she's using against you?

Mary: That she's holding against me.

Jack: Ok, what is it?

Mary: Ah. It doesn't -- it doesn't really matter.

Jack: Well, that's good because I have no idea what the hell we're talking about here, you know that.

Mary: All right. I never intended to tell you.

Jack: Tell me what?

Mary: Remember our last night together?

Jack: Dimly. I mean, like it was in another lifetime, yeah.

Mary: Well, for me, it might as well have been yesterday. It was unlike anything that I have ever experienced.

Jack: Mary --

Mary: It was unforgettable. It was.

Jack: Well, obviously it wasn't too unforgettable because the next day you dropped me like a hot potato for Roger Smythe.

Mary: It wasn't that simple.

Jack: Really? I didn't see you agonizing over your decision very much.

Mary: Jack, you had turned your back on your family.

Jack: I turned my back on my family and their money --

Mary: And you lied to me.

Jack: Yeah.

Mary: Both you and Roger lied. You about being poor and Roger about wanting a real marriage.

Jack: So is that your big, dark secret? That I lied to you about being poor, and Roger wasn't the guy you thought he was, that he was a philanderer instead? What?

Mary: No. No. Jack, if you'd just told me the truth, things could have been so different.

Jack: Mary, you already had money. If you really loved me, what difference did it make if I came with an inheritance or not?

Mary: Because my parents raised me to have certain expectations.

Jack: Yeah, I know. Tell me something, why are we dredging this up now?

Mary: Because I want you to understand. They led me to believe that you couldn't really love me for me, that you were only drawn to me because of their money.

Jack: Yes, I know that. If I wanted money, I would have stayed in at home in Charleston with my family.

Mary: Yes, and I know that now.

Jack: Look, I told you how I felt about you, but you listened to your parents, you made your choice.

Mary: And I regretted it ever since. I couldn't believe that you actually wanted silly, vapid, little me.

Jack: Mary, give yourself some credit, ok?

Mary: You really loved me for me, didn't you?

Jack: Yeah.

Mary: And I broke your heart when I chose Roger, didn't I?

Jack: Oh, I think we got off the subject here a little bit. You know, you were talking to me about some information Erica has about you, some big, dark secret?

Mary: Jack, I know that you're engaged to Erica, but she can only love you by torturing you and controlling you --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Mary, what --

Mary: And she doesn't want me to be anywhere near you because she knows I'm still in love with you. Jack, please let me show you that we can still have a chance.

Doug: You better get out of my way, Doc.

David: Are all of you here to help Laurie?

Brooke: And her father.

Doug: Listen, why don't you just get a life and stop interfering in mine!

Jamie: You touch my Mom --

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Just wait, all right? He's not going to hurt anybody, are you? Since this is an intervention, you've got nothing to do with it, why don't you take off now.

David: Interventions are usually run by family and friends. You guys don't qualify as either.

Doug: Listen, I want you all out -- now!

David: I've been subjected to this guy when he's drunk on numerous occasions. I've patched him up and I've seen exactly what he does to Laurie.

Doug: I don't give a damn what you think.

David: You're a disgrace. Not only as a father but also as a man. You humiliate yourself and your daughter, and you're too soused to even realize it. You don't deserve a daughter like Laurie. And I swear to God, if you don't pull your act together, I'm going to make sure you lose her for good.

Reggie: Look, I didn't steal anything, ok?

Joni: I just asked what happened to it.

Reggie: Well, how the hell would I know?

Joni: You signed off on those deliveries, didn't you?

Reggie: Well, once they're delivered here, anybody could come along and take them.

Joni: Yeah, but you and I are the only ones that have keys to the storage shed.

Reggie: You know what? Maybe I should be grilling you, huh? The guilty party always tries to accuse somebody else to take the heat off them.

Joni: Don't shrug this off, Reggie.

Reggie: Oh, I'm not. Robbers have a million and one ways of gaining entry. None of them require a key.

Joni: No, no, this isn't going to go away.

Reggie: Because you won't let it.

Joni: You know where the copper piping is.

Reggie: Why are you always coming after me, huh? Why don't you look at the other volunteers? What do I have that Billy and Johnny and what's-his-name don't? It's because Iím black, isn't it? It's because Iím black.

Joni: You can't make this about race!

Reggie: I don't have to. You already did.

Joni: I'm not prejudiced!

Reggie: Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Joni, ma'am. You're just -- you're just so positive that Iím a thief for no good reason.

Joni: No, I'm not racist. I like you. I really like you. But, no, you don't even know that because you don't even pay any attention at all to me!

Joni: What was that?

Reggie: You really need to get out more. That was called a kiss, you know.

Joni: Yeah, I know. I just -- I mean, what were you thinking?

Reggie: Well, you know, that's a dangerous question, you know, to ask the guy.

Joni: I just -- you never seemed interested.

Reggie: It was a kiss, not an invitation. Relax.

Joni: I am. You just -- you surprised me, that's all.

Reggie: Well, now that you know what's going on, you want some more?

Joni: No. You tell me the truth first.

Reggie: Will you please forget the copper pipes?

Joni: No, you look me in the eye and you tell me why you wanted to kiss me.

Reggie: Do I have to put in words everything for the person who knows everything?

Joni: I think you used the kiss as a distraction to get off the hook.

Henry: Maggie, you did this. I owe you -- what, I just --

Maggie: You just -- you just grabbed me.

Henry: Well, I've got great news.

Bianca: Hey, Iím going to go read my horoscope, let you guys talk.

Henry: No, stay. I want you to hear this, too.

Maggie: This is your house. You stay. I have to go back to my dorm.

Henry: Hey, what's up with you? I just got a job with a band, Maggie. A real band, Frequency. You haven't heard of them yet, but -- well, neither had I until I answered their ad -- you will, ok? It's music, Maggie.

Maggie: Congratulations, Henry.

Bianca: Henry, that's great.

Henry: I never could have done this if you hadn't dragged me out in front of an audience that first time. You know what matters to me.

Maggie: And, hey, who knows? Maybe one day I'll be picking up Frequency's latest CD.

Henry: Let's go to S.O.S. And celebrate.

Maggie: Yeah, I don't think so.

Henry: Well, someplace else, then. Wherever you want --

Maggie: Henry, I can't. Ok? I hope everything works out for you. I really do.

Henry: Hey, did I -- did I do something else that I don't know about?

Maggie: No, no.

Henry: Well, I thought we made a start here. I thought we were on our way back to being how we were.

Maggie: Bianca, call me later, ok?

Bianca: Yeah, of course. Thanks for stopping by.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. Bye.

Bianca: Bye.

Henry: Maggie got Mrs. Fargate to give me a room on faith. How come we've gone backwards to zero?

Bianca: That would be my fault.

Mia: I don't know. Should Kendall be in on this?

Kendall: I'm no closer to Erica than any of you are. So come on, Greenlee, how you going to bring down my mother?

Greenlee: Well, the plan's not entirely in place.

Simone: Oh, I knew it was good to be true.

Greenlee: No, I've got strategy. I just lack the details.

Mia: Oh, yeah, those pesky little details again.

Kendall: So, what's the deal with you wanting Carlos gone while you tell us about this?

Simone: I don't even know what we're being told.

Greenlee: Ok, you know that Carlos and I were locked in Laceyís overnight.

Simone: Oh, yes. Yeah, lucky you.

Greenlee: Well, when Mrs. Lacey found us, she mentioned some sort of history with Carlos.

Mia: Carlos and Mrs. Lacey?

Simone: Had an affair?

Greenlee: Well, she has some secret that she wants to keep secret.

Kendall: Yeah, don't we all?

Mia: Yeah, so? So what?

Greenlee: So, learning what it is will help me have some leverage with Mrs. Lacey.

Kendall: And you can leverage Enchantment out of their front counter space into the back room.

Greenlee: Exactly!

Mia: Yeah, but -- ok, hold on a second. It's only one department store.

Simone: No, no, no, no, no. Lacey's is a chain and the linchpin for Enchantment's retail operations.

Kendall: So as Laceyís goes --

Mia: So do the other stores.

Greenlee: Yes. Fusion will be seen as the up-and-comer.

Kendall: And Enchantment will be the dusty, dried-up has-been. That's brilliant. Brilliant.

Greenlee: I am, aren't I?

Simone: Ok, maybe it's just my own, you know, legal run-ins that give me pause, but aren't you suggesting blackmail?

Kendall: Well, think of it as someone doing a favor for us because Greenleeís keeping her mouth shut.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: Exactly right. Mrs. Lacey will scratch my back in return for me keeping her little secret from Mr. Lacey.

Simone: Ok, well, if no one else, you know, minds any legal run-ins, Iím in.

Kendall: Mia, what's your problem with it?

Mia: I just want for one of us to have someone to love. I mean, Greenlee, is product placement really worth losing Carlos?

Mary: Jack, we've been given the time to explore the life we missed.

Jack: Mary, listen to me. We can't just pick up where we left off.

Mary: Why not?

Jack: For thousands of reasons, not the least of which is I'm engaged.

Mary: So? You've been engaged to Erica before. I know that I did a horrible thing by choosing Roger over you, but think of how many men Erica has chosen over you.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, just -- whoa. Now, everything that Erica and I have been through, those are the things that have brought us where we are today.

Mary: She'll only hurt you again.

Jack: Look, Mary, when you dropped me for Roger, I was hurt, yes, but we were kids. That's part of youth. You mess up, you move on.

Mary: Some people want to try and fix their mistakes if they're given the chance.

Jack: Not people who have made peace with them, who have chosen to move on, not people who are happy with their lives.

Mary: Or think they're happy. Jack, haven't you ever once had one speck of sorrow or regret? Don't you ever think, what if?

Jack: Sure, I have. Mary, I haven't -- we hadn't spoken in years. You show up for Greenleeís wedding, we say a couple of words to each other, and then I don't hear a peep out of you since then.

Mary: I know. I'm sorry --

Jack: You know, you could have called. You could have said, "Hey, let's go have a drink," "Let's go have dinner," "Let's go to a movie," but nothing. I don't hear a word out of you, nothing. And all of a sudden you come through this door and you start talking about undying love, and I want to know what the hell is really going on here, Mary.

Jack: Because there's something going on here, Mary. I mean, there's something behind all this sudden passion of yours, and don't try to blame it on the heat.

Mary: Well, now you've embarrassed me. Here Iím pouring my heart out to you, and you're accusing me of having an ulterior motive.

Jack: I'm just feeling a little bit ambushed, you know?

Mary: Jack, when I heard you'd been shot, I nearly collapsed. I mean it. My reaction was so strong and so visceral.

Jack: Well, Mary, I'm not surprised. I mean, it probably caused you to relive Rogerís death.

Mary: No. It was entirely about you. It reminded me of how I felt when I said goodbye to you. And I couldn't bear it if I lost you again.

Jack: Mary, I mean, when we look back at relationships, oftentimes we remember just the good things. We forget about the fights and the arguments --

Mary: But ours weren't serious.

Jack: Mary, listen to me. I -- I don't want to be unkind here, but I got over our breakup a really long time ago.

Mary: Right. Silly me. Well, you asked me why Erica hated me, and I just got a little sidetracked trying to explain it, so -- why don't you get some rest.

Jack: Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why don't you say what you came here to say. Maybe it'll help you forget.

Mary: I don't want to forget. And I don't want you to forget, either. We have a bond, Jackson Montgomery. A bond that never can be broken.

Greenlee: It's not like I'm going to implicate Carlos in any way.

Mia: Yes, but he confirmed that Mrs. Lacey had something to hide.

Greenlee: In so many words, yes.

Mia: And you didn't want to discuss any of this in front of him.

Greenlee: Of course not.

Mia: Because?

Greenlee: Because he's such an upright guy.

Kendall: Oh, she's right, Greenlee. This is only going to cause trouble for you guys.

Greenlee: He doesn't need to know what Iím up to.

Mia: Oh, good, there's nothing like deception for strengthening a relationship.

Greenlee: You know what? It's too hot for negativity.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, you know what? You have to weigh this out carefully.

Simone: Yeah, you know, if Erica had a bomb that she could use on us, nothing would stop her.

Greenlee: You would love to see Carlos dump me, wouldn't you?

Simone: How can you say that?

Mia: Oh, gee, I wonder.

Kendall: Busted, Simone.

Greenlee: That way you could move in on him again.

Simone: Your happiness comes first.

Mia: Wait, wait, wait. Say they did break up. You wouldn't hit on Carlos?

Kendall: The truth?

Simone: Ok, you know what? I'm not dead or insane. And no matter what the temperature is outside, Carlos is always hot.

Mia: Ok, that's it. You have no vote in this escapade.

Greenlee: This is business strategy, pure and simple.

Kendall: Yeah, I have to say I agree. I agree. I think your personal interest voids out your vote.

Simone: Oh, really? And your little thing to crush Erica doesn't, you know, weigh on personal interest?

Kendall: It's not about me.

Greenlee: Hey, truce, truce, please! I'm going to find a way to bring down Erica and keep my relationship with Carlos intact.

Carlos: Hey, Iím going to go to the hardware store, so does anybody want me to bring them back any cold drinks?

Simone: Ooh, a frozen margarita with salt.

Kendall: Simone.

Simone: What? We need to replace the salt that we're losing through perspiration.

Carlos: Anyone want a nonalcoholic drink?

Mary: Aren't you considerate.

Greenlee: Um -- mother, Carlos is not going to play your personal waiter.

Mary: Well, of course he's not. But I know you're busy. I thought I would save you a trip. What would you like, Greenlee? A lemonade? You like lemonade, right?

Greenlee: Ok, mother, you're not in training for a job waiting tables, so what are you doing here?

Doug: You're nothing but a criminal. I heard what you've done. Nobody's going to turn my daughter over to you. This guy's some kind of pervert, that's what he is!

Tad: Easy, Hayward, easy. He doesn't even know what he's saying.

David: Laurie needs to be protected from being dragged by down by the likes of you! You shouldn't even be allowed to be in the state with her!

Doug: The hell with you!

Brooke: Do I need to point out this is not the way to conduct an intervention?

David: It's the only way to get through to someone like him.

Doug: Yeah? You want to try, huh? You want to go outside?

Tad: No, no, no, wait. Wait just a second, ok? Please. I think the point the doctor is trying to make in his own way is that your selfishness is causing your daughter an awful lot of pain.

Doug: I love my daughter.

David: How? How do you love her? You show her the love every day, don't you? You embarrass her in front of her friends. You scare her. You humiliate her. Every child is a precious gift, and you don't deserve yours.

Doug: Well, what do you know about being a father? I don't see you with any kids.

David: I have a daughter, but she's dead. She was taken away from me. So whenever I see someone like you screwing it up and taking that miracle for granted, it makes me sick!

Tad: Maybe you should lighten up.

David: You know something? Why don't we try a little experiment here, all right? Here. It smells great, doesn't it? How much would you give for a shot of this?

Doug: Just leave me alone.

David: No, come on. You love it, don't you? You love the warmth going down your throat. You love it lying there in your gut. You love the way it dims your memory. You even love it more than your own daughter, don't you?

Doug: I do not. I don't love anything more than my daughter.

David: Then why do you choose this over her every single day? Why is it more important for you to suck this down into your system than being there for your own daughter's graduation?

Doug: I love you. You know I love you, don't you?

Laurie: You change when you drink, Dad. You get angry and you get mean.

Doug: Honey, I just need to unwind, that's all.

Laurie: Does hitting me help you unwind?

Doug: Honey, I never hit you.

Laurie: You have! You drink so much that you don't remember, but I do.

Doug: No, I would never hurt you.

Laurie: You hurt me all the time, Dad. And you hurt yourself just as much. Why do you want to die?

Doug: I donít. I -- it's just that when your mother passed away, you know, something broke when I lost her --

Laurie: Stop using Mom as an excuse! You're the one that opens the bottles. You're the one that swallows the booze. And I'm the one that ends up feeling like hell afterwards. Well, no more. That's it. I'm not going to sit around here and watch you kill yourself.

[Bottle breaks]

Doug: I'm sorry, Laurie. I love you, and Iíll never do it again. I promise. Please don't leave me. Don't leave me.

Bianca: I've been venting about Lena begging for chance after chance and then stomping on my heart again, and that's when you walked in.

Henry: Great timing, huh?

Bianca: Yeah. Well, it happens. Sometimes when the timing's off, it's a sign the relationship's off, too.

Henry: No, don't say that. Look, thanks to Maggie, I'm going after what I love. I should be able to share it with her.

Bianca: Yeah, but you can't force her to trust you.

Henry: I thought we were working that out. You know, I mean, I moved out of my mom's place, and Maggie got -- helped me get set up here.

Bianca: Yeah, well, Maggie is kind and generous and she --

Henry: Yeah, she what?

Bianca: She loves you. That makes it harder. I mean, she knows that if she puts her heart on the line again --

Henry: Well, how can make it better? Huh? What am I supposed to do?

Bianca: If I knew the answer to that, Iíd tell Lena. But unfortunately, I have a knack for losing trust in people and never getting it back.

Reggie: Look, why can't you cut me a break?

Joni: Pipes are missing, and I didn't hear you say that you didn't take them.

Reggie: Because you ask me a question, I answer you. I tell the truth, and you don't believe me.

Joni: Why did you kiss me?

Reggie: Because I wanted to, and I felt like it.

Joni: That is such a crock.

Reggie: See? That's what I'm talking about. Why do you even ask me questions if you already know the answers?

Joni: You've ragged on me since the day we met.

Reggie: You have some weird stuff going on in your life. It doesn't mean I hate you.

Joni: You've made fun of me from the way that I dress to my church, and you still do.

Reggie: Not as much. Look, Joni, I'm trying to get used to you.

Joni: Why? Because we're into hip-hop? Big deal.

Reggie: Oh, you have so many issues.

Joni: You dis me for months, and then all of a sudden I tipped your little scam, you suddenly kiss me?

Reggie: I don't have a scam.

Joni: You're playing me, and I resent it. Just say it. I can take it.

Reggie: What, is there something wrong with me liking you? Is something wrong -- I can't find you pretty or attractive?

Joni: You think that one little kiss is going to, you know, get you off the hook? I'm so stupid, it probably would have. But I know you're faking.

Reggie: All right, I stole from the work site. I took the stuff. You were right all along.

Jamie: Maybe I should go inside, see if Laurieís ok.

Tad: No.

Brooke: She's fine.

Tad: She'll shout if she's not.

Brooke: You know, David, this is not what I would have scripted, but thanks for your help in, you know, getting through to Laurieís father.

David: I understand him. I know what it's like to want to bury your pain.

Brooke: I'm so sorry about Leora.

Laurie: My dad called the treatment center.

Brooke: Oh, Laurie, that's wonderful.

Laurie: Jamie, can I -- can I talk to you for a second?

Jamie: Sure. So, this rehab place, is it close to the university?

Laurie: He's going to Minnesota.

Jamie: Oh, so you can visit him on holidays and weekends, right?

Laurie: Jamie, I'm going with him.

Mary: I was just trying to save Carlos a trip and offer to get you girls refreshments.

Carlos: Yeah, well, I got to go out anyway, so --

Simone: Well, I'll take a lemon sorbet and an iced tea, then.

Kendall: Yeah, make that two.

Mia: If you see more of these, grab them, would you?

Carlos: Will do.

Mary: Ooh. How do you stand it? It's sweltering in here.

Greenlee: We're working. We need to be here. Why aren't you at an indoor pool sipping a piŮa colada?

Mary: I wanted to see how you were.

Greenlee: When everyone else is frying eggs on the sidewalk?

Mary: Well, I thought we could go shopping if you had a minute and sit somewhere where it's cool and have a family dinner later, invite Carlos.

Greenlee: Grandfather put you up to this.

Mary: No, he didnít. Why do you always have to question my motives?

Greenlee: Because they're always so questionable. So stop tap-dancing, mother. Why are you suddenly being so sweet?

Mary: Because I no longer have a choice.

Jamie: Laurie, you know you can't stay with your dad while he's in rehab.

Laurie: Yeah, I know, but my sister Cathy's house is about 20 miles away. She's been after my dad to get into this program forever.

Jamie: So she's nearby. I mean, you can stay here.

Laurie: Jamie, Iíve got to go up with my dad. I'm going to have our stuff packed up and shipped.

Jamie: Just like that, huh?

Laurie: Yeah. I mean, it's not like we're never going to see each other again, right? I mean, who knows? Maybe next year I'll be at P.V.U.

Jamie: Who knows? All right, well, e-mail me, ok?

Laurie: Absolutely.

Jamie: All right, well, I got to get out of here.

Laurie: Ok.

Tad: Where's Jamie?

Laurie: He -- he had someplace to be. Thank you so much for getting through to my father.

Brooke: He loves you, Laurie.

Laurie: I think you helped him remember that.

David: Well, let's hope he never forgets.

Laurie: I don't care what anyone says, Dr. Hayward. You're a great guy. Anyway, I better go back in. Daddy's a lousy packer.

Tad: For what it's worth, thank you.

David: Laurie needed to be protected, just like my daughter did.

Jack: What the hell is this?

Joni: Well, yeah, there's no other explanation, right?

Reggie: Look, I have reasons for what I did, ok?

Joni: What, Mr. Montgomery wasn't feeding you enough? Did he not buy you a new pair of jeans?

Reggie: Get off it, Joni, ok?

Joni: You're going to have to tell somebody sometime.

Reggie: Well, I'm going to wait till that happens.

[Phone rings]

Joni: Habitat for Humanity.

Jack: Joni, this is Jack Montgomery.

Joni: Hi, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: Hi. Listen, I'm catching up on some paperwork, and there's a note here from your dad about some supplies missing from the building site?

Joni: Missing supplies -- yeah.

Jack: Yeah, I mean, I'm sure there's a simple explanation for these discrepancies.

Joni: I'm sure there is, too.

Jack: So Iíll tell you what Iíd like you to do. I'd like you to bring over last month's orders and this month's invoices so I can get to the bottom of this, please?

Joni: Sure. Definitely. Ok. All right, bye. Told you.

Reggie: Well, he doesn't know everything. Nobody does -- but you. You're going to tell him, aren't you?

Mary: I'm continuing to take stock of my life, and I'm finding myself sorely lacking in many areas.

Greenlee: Before I fall down.

Mary: I am ashamed of my reaction to your relationship with Carlos.

Greenlee: So this is what, a visit to right your wrongs?

Mary: Well, I didn't want to leave things the way they were. And you can never tell what's going to happen. Things change so quickly.

Greenlee: You don't sound like yourself. Are you dating a self-help guru?

Mary: Darling, it's just that seeing Jack in the hospital so close to death reminded me of how precious life is.

Greenlee: And you're reminding me that you and Erica were battling outside his room and you never told me why.

Mary: Erica is an insecure, unstable woman. You of all people should know that.

Greenlee: True. Well, thanks for stopping by.

Mary: Ok. So, we'll have dinner soon? And -- you and me and Carlos, yes?

Greenlee: Sure.

Mary: Thank you. Thank you so much.

[Elevator doors open and close]

Simone: So, what, you think she's up to something?

Greenlee: To search your soul, you have to have one.

Kendall: Ok, so what's really going on?

Greenlee: I don't know, but I think it has something to do with the screeching fight that my mother had with yours.

Kendall: I didn't realize they knew each other well enough to hate each other.

Greenlee: Neither did I.

Kendall: Well, I'm sure it's probably no big deal.

Greenlee: Oh, it's huge for my mother to play contrite.

Kendall: Well, whatever it is, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Greenlee: Yeah, I have to find out what her game is and fast, or Iíll end up hit -- and very hard.

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Jack: I'd very much like to thank the person who saved my life. I'd like you to find my blood donor.

Opal: No!

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