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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Adam: Get your hands off my daughter.

Tad: We just agreed. You're not going to follow my example, right?

David: You just go on like Leora never existed.

Anna: You carry on with the love that that little baby gave us.

Officer: Are you Lena Kundera?

Lena: Yes. Is there a problem?

Officer: I'm afraid so. You're under arrest.

Michael: Yeah, I understand that Lena Kundera was arrested and booked last night. Uh-huh. And her arraignment is set for today. Well, thank you very much, Sergeant.

[pounding on door]

Adam: See the headlines?

Michael: No. I haven't had a chance. Why?

Adam: Damn it! I hired you to be a viper in your father's nest, not Chandler Enterprises'.

Michael: Adam, you've lost me.

Adam: Someone just snapped up a huge block of Chandler stock. That someone was named Lena Kundera. Doing your dirty work. Deny it! I dare you.

Lena: Michael's behind this. He set me up. I'm willing to bet my last paycheck.

Bianca: What did they charge you with, Lena?

Lena: With abusing my position at the Greenlee Investments to buy up Chandler stock for myself and some Chandler executives, some Bob something or other. I don't know who he is.

Bianca: Well, I'm going to talk to Anna and see what's going on. Anna 

Anna: Have you been here all night?

Bianca: Yeah. Look, Lenaís really freaked out about this, and, frankly, so am I.

Anna: Well, she's facing serious charges.

Bianca: I know, but they're bogus. Do you have any proof at all?

Anna: There's an extensive e-trail. And I don't usually pay much attention to this, but we do have an anonymous tip.

Bianca: Anonymous? It's Michael Cambias. Look, Lena is certain that Michael is behind this. Have you ever talked to him? Have you talked to this C.F.O., this Chandler guy?

Anna: Bob Barrett?

Bianca: Yeah.

Anna: He's implicated here also.

Bianca: Well, why would Lena risk a prison sentence for a man that she's never even met?

Anna: Is that what she told you?

Bianca: Yeah, and I believe her.

Anna: Well, if she's never met him, I don't know how you explain this.

Jamie: Where's dad? I am starving.

Brooke: Oh, who knows? In this heat, he's probably stuck to his car seat.

Jamie: Hmm.

Brooke: Thank God for refrigerated air.

Jamie: Speaking of refrigerated air, when are we getting our air conditioning fixed?

Brooke: I don't know. The repairman is booked solid because of this heat wave.

Jamie: I almost fried last night.

Brooke: I think you'll just have to think cool thoughts, honey. I'm sorry.

Jamie: Thanks, Mom.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Elisabeth: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Elisabeth. Hi.

Elisabeth: Want to hook up later or what?

Jamie: Sure. Whatever.

Elisabeth: I've got my dad's car. Pick you up about 8:00?

Jamie: Perfect. Sounds good to me. See ya.

Brooke: Jamie, did you and Laurie -- did you have a falling-out?

Jamie: A what?

Brooke: Well, this non-eye contact thing that you have going on with her. Did you have a fight?

Jamie: A fight? What would we fight about? I mean, it's not like we're together or anything.

Brooke: Well, no, I guess not, since you're obviously seeing another girl. And what's her name? You know, you didn't introduce us.

Jamie: Mom --

Brooke: I just asked for her name, not her rank and serial number.

Jamie: Her name's Elisabeth.

Brooke: Oh. Well, she's very pretty. Is she somebody special, like exclusive, or --

Jamie: No. No, no, no. I'm not into that exclusive thing anymore. I mean, this summer -- this summer's going to be different. I'm going to be the one guy who gets around and, you know, scores.

Brooke: And who would this guy be?

Jamie: The grand poobah himself.

Brooke: Oh.

Tad: Hey. Easy. Where are you going in such a big hurry?

Reggie: Oh.

Joni: Hey.

Reggie: Hey, what's up?

Joni: Nothing. What are you doing, Reggie?

Reggie: Oh, nothing, just working really hard. You know, it's really really hot, and I thought your father put you on punishment, like, forever?

Joni: Yeah, he did, but I can still work.

Reggie: Oh, tough break. You know, you could have been home watching the vampire channel or whatever that's about.

Joni: Reggie, what did you hide under that tarp?

Reggie: Oh, that? Nothing. It was just nothing but my stereo. You know, I put it underneath there so, you know, nobody won't run off with it and -- hey, I was just about to listen to this new C.D. I got, you know, if you want to listen to it.

Joni: Cool.

Arthur: I'll take that.

Joni: Dad, what are you doing here?

Arthur: Joni, I told you to stay away from that young man.

Joni: Ok, but we work together, Dad.

Arthur: Work from a distance. That goes for you, too, and I mean it.

Reggie: Whatever.

Arthur: Uh -- now, Joni, Iíve been reviewing the supply orders in Jack's absence. There's a discrepancy.

Reggie: A discrepancy? Really?

Arthur: This doesn't concern you.

Reggie: Whatever.

Arthur: Yeah.

Joni: Dad, what's the problem?

Arthur: Well, this inventory. Now, a load of copper piping was ordered and delivered, but now not all of it can be accounted for.

Joni: But it has to be because I double-checked it. I even signed off on it. Look.

Arthur: Hmm. Hmm. Well, if I were you, I'd double-check your records, try and reconcile the shortfall.

Reggie: Your dad really has a hate for me, doesn't he?

Joni: No, he doesn't. He's probably still mad at me because I lied to him about the beach party.

Reggie: Oh, you think that's it? That's what you say. I think he doesn't want his baby girl messing around with trouble like me. Joni?

Joni: What?

Reggie: About what your father said, about he wants you to stay away from me -- is that what you want, too?

Joni: That's nowhere near what I want. Get back to work. We have to get back to work.

Adam: The terms of our deal were clear-cut.

Michael: Yeah. Absolutely. You brought me on to help divest my father of Cambias Industries.

Adam: Then explain this stock purchase, which is the first phase in the takeover of my company.

Michael: Adam, my hands are clean.

Adam: Really?

Michael: Yes.

Adam: Then how did this happen?

Michael: Well, I don't know. I suppose that Lena got greedy, which isn't that surprising.

Adam: That's your excuse? That's your defense?

Michael: Well, I was hoping I wouldn't need a defense. If Lena was stockpiling shares of Chandler Enterprises, she did it without my knowledge or my help.

Adam: Really?

Michael: Oh. So you don't believe me.

Adam: You and Ms. Kundera have been partners in bed and out. The plan was to take down Enchantment.

Michael: Yes, and as you'll recall, Lena turned on me when she turned state's evidence. She also switched her romantic focus to Bianca Montgomery.

Adam: Yes, well, the -- the course of true love has run amok.

Michael: Isn't this your C.F.O., Bob Barrett?

Adam: Oh, yes, and what appears to be a very compliant Lena.

Michael: Oh, well, she certainly looks doable.

Adam: How do you explain that?

Michael: Well, when it comes to cash, Lena can be insatiable.

Adam: Bianca Montgomery is worth a small fortune.

Michael: Yeah, well, I can only surmise that Erica made mama lion noises when Lena tried to get too close, snuggled up too tight to Biancaís trust fund. I guess she just moved on to more lucrative pastures.

Adam: And you know nothing about Lenaís business dealings?

Michael: Adam, look, you have done something that even my own father refused to do. You gave me a second chance to prove myself. Do you know how much that means to me? I would never turn the tables to try and put a stranglehold on Chandler Enterprises -- never.

Adam: I only wish Bob Barrett shared your sense of loyalty.

Michael: Well, maybe if you talk to him.

Adam: Talk to him? I'd strangle him if I could find him.

Michael: Well, you're telling me the guy skipped town?

Adam: Yeah, so it would appear. So the two of you have not decided to go into business together?

Michael: Oh, come on. What, me and Bob Barrett? Are you kidding me, Adam? Please. I have barely met the guy. I think I might have met him once at the Chandler board meeting.

Adam: And you both just happened to be Lenaís type?

Michael: Lena's type is anybody who can bankroll a high life. I'm just surprised she was stupid enough to get caught with her panties down.

Adam: How do you explain that?

Michael: Well, I don't know. Maybe walking the other side of the street with Bianca made her reckless.

Adam: Reckless enough to land in jail?

Bianca: I don't believe this.

Anna: Yeah, it was left at the station in this unmarked envelope. I'm really sorry, honey. It's also been sent to the tabloids, apparently.

Bianca: And that --

Anna: That's Bob Barrett, C.F.O. of Chandler Enterprises. And Lena says she doesn't know him?

Bianca: Has he been arrested, too?

Anna: There's an A.P.B. out on him, and when he's found, he will be charged along with Ms. Kundera as co-conspirators in insider trading.

Bianca: She told me -- she promised no more lies.

Anna: Oh, Bianca, I'm so sorry. It's awful when you trust someone and they let you down time after time. After a while, it's about all you expect.

Tad: If you're here to take another shot at my son, maybe you should just turn around and leave right now.

David: I don't give a damn about you or your son. I'm here for breakfast.

Tad: Try the waffles.

Brooke: Jamie, this plan to be like your father was when he was in high school -- where did that get to be such a good thing?

Jamie: From the great one himself.

Brooke: Lovely.

Jamie: I mean, he was telling me that I shouldn't rush to being serious. I mean, part of finding out who I am is seeing myself with different -- ahem -- women.

Brooke: Uh-huh. Well, right now I'd like you to concentrate on who you are when you're with your mother, ok?

Jamie: Come on, Mom.

Brooke: I just want you to respect girls and women. The end, ok?

Tad: Hi. I'm sorry I'm late.

Brooke: Uh-huh. I hear you've been lecturing your son on the finer points of playing the field?

Tad: A little -- you know, there are some things about being a teenaged kid that don't go out of style, so --

Brooke: Yes, I know. And you wrote the book.

Tad: Yeah. It's a classic.

Brooke: Oh, it is. It is a classic. It is a classic Tad Martin, and thanks to you, it is on your son's number one choice for his summer reading.

Laurie: Here you go, Dr. Hayward.

David: Thank you, Laurie. Listen, I want to apologize for the trouble I caused you last night.

Laurie: Oh, it's really ok, Dr. Hayward.

David: No, it's not. I embarrassed you, and there's no excuse for that.

Doug: I've got a right to see my little girl!

Laurie: Oh, God.

[Doug and Mr. Hanks argue]

Mr. Hanks: Look, come on, come on. Just --

Doug: Ok, all right, all right, all right.

Mr. Hanks: Just take it easy.

Laurie: I'm so sorry, Mr. Hanks.

Mr. Hanks: This isn't the first time your father's shown up here drunk and disorderly.

Laurie: I know. Listen, I'll talk to him, I promise. I'll make him understand he can't do this.

Mr. Hanks: You better, or Iíll have to let you go.

Doug: What's up his butt?

Laurie: Dad! You can't do this anymore. If you come in here one more time and mess me up, I'm going to get fired. I can't afford to lose this job because you're not working and you drank away all the money that I put down for my dorm. The dorm room that Iím going to live in this fall?

Doug: Oh, Laurie, you're not going to live in the dorm. You're going to live at home with me, where you belong.

Laurie: No, I don't want to live at home. I just want the chance once to be like every other kid.

Doug: Ah --

Laurie: Dad -- forget it. I don't even know why I try.

Doug: Don't turn your back on me, Missy. Come here, turn --

Jamie: You ok?

Doug: What happened, Laurie? What, did you slip or something?

Jamie: No, Mr. Lewis. She didn't slip.

Doug: I'm not talking to you.

Jamie: I'm talking to you. Why don't you just cut her a break and leave her alone? Careful. Don't cut yourself.

Laurie: Thanks.

Jamie: Thank you.

Laurie: Thanks.

Mr. Hanks: Laurie, I warned you.

Laurie: I know. I am so sorry, Mr. Hanks. It will not happen again.

Mr. Hanks: You got that right. I can't afford the damage your father causes every time he stumbles in here.

Laurie: No, pl-- please don't fire me. I'll work overtime to pay for what's broken. You can have the money from my tip jar.

David: Why don't you give the kid a break, all right? I'll cover the cost. Just send me the bill.

Tad: Why don't you let me drive you home, ok, so you can sleep this one off?

Doug: I can drive myself home, thank you.

Brooke: Tad, you can't let him drive in this condition.

Doug: Laurie, please, I'm sorry. I --

Laurie: Dad, just stop.

Tad: You all right? Be smart. Give me the keys. Come on.

Doug: Listen, I don't need a thing, and who are you to be butting into my family's private business?

Tad: Wait a minute. Just give me the keys. It's not a big deal.

Doug: Get off of me, all right? Just stay out of my way!

Tad: I'm in your way. You're not driving home, ok? If you try, you'll have to go through me to do it.

Michael: Lena's in jail, exactly where she belongs.

Adam: You wouldn't be contemplating anything foolish, would you?

Michael: Such as?

Adam: Such as making her bail and getting a couple of first-class tickets to any country without an extradition treaty?

Michael: Adam, when are you going to get that I'm on your side? What do I have to do to prove this to you?

Adam: We'll have to take that up back at the office. Meanwhile, I have to do some major control, damage control, with a lot of very nervous stockholders.

Michael: Right, well, I'll get busy on a press release.

Adam: Yeah, you do that. And try to find something -- think of something about Lena that might help the police track down Mr. Barrett.

Michael: Well, if anything should surface, you'll be the first to know. Was there something else?

Adam: Yeah, something else. I just can't quite put my finger on it. Yet.

Michael: Ah, Lena. So beautiful, so totally busted.

[knock on door]

Michael: Barrett, I thought I told you to get out of town.

Lena: What did she say? Have they found this man Iím supposed to be making a run with?

Bianca: No. They haven't found him yet.

Lena: What's that?

Bianca: It's proof.

Lena: Proof of what?

Bianca: Proof of what a fool I was to ever believe you, to ever believe one word out of your lying mouth.

Lena: Bianca, where did you get this?

Bianca: From Anna, when I asked her if she had any evidence that you were in bed with the Chandler C.F.O.

Lena: This is unbelievable that someone would go to these lengths to make it look like this is me.

Bianca: You're saying it's not you?

Lena: Of course not. This picture has been doctored. I mean, it's the work of an expert, but it's still a fake.

Bianca: It looks pretty real to me.

Lena: No, no. Look, if you look closer, you can see that -- if you look closer, you'll see that once again Iíve lied to you and led you on.

Bianca: I guess I shouldn't be surprised, not after everything you've done.

Lena: Everything Iíve done? Like -- like what? Like breaking it off with Michael, like testifying against him, getting a job, working night and day to prove myself worthy of your love or your forgiveness? You think I would throw that away to sleep with some man for money? Maybe I'm the fool to have ever believed in you.

Bianca: Lena, more than anything I wanted to believe that love was the right thing for us, for me. And then Anna shows me --

Lena: Anna shows you a picture of me in bed with some man. This ridiculous pose, this computer-generated lie. And you see what you want to see -- the old me, the manipulator, the liar who's out to make a fool of you. Bianca, you're obviously blinded by what happened in the past. You can't see what you know is the truth -- that I would sooner die than see you suffer because of me.

Bianca: That's the truth, Lena. That picture is the truth.

Lena: What if I were to prove that it's not? Huh? Would that make a difference? No. You've already made up your mind, because given the choice, you choose to believe the worst of me. Well, it's a safe, familiar, predictable choice. And I think deep down you actually need to believe that I cheated on you.

Bianca: Oh, you are so wrong.

Lena: Well, this is what you wanted. This is what you've been waiting for. This is what your mother has been drilling into you ever since you've been old enough to hold your hand to someone else.

Bianca: Yeah, what's that?

Lena: No one will ever love you like your mother loves you.

Bianca: I guess she's right.

Lena: I guess maybe you're more like her than you care to admit.

Bianca: What is that supposed to mean?

Lena: You've often told me how terrified Erica is of love, how scared she is of affection, of intimacy, how impossible it is for her to give herself completely to anyone.

Bianca: What does that have to do with me?

Lena: Well, you're obviously doing the same thing. You're throwing away what we have for the sake of a lie, and to be honest, I think you're doing it with a sigh of relief.

Bianca: You couldn't be more wrong.

Lena: I wish I were. Look, at least you don't have to worry about becoming like your mother anymore. It's already happened.

Michael: Have you completely lost your mind showing up here, Barrett?

Barrett: Nobody saw me.

Michael: You just missed running into Adam.

Barrett: I waited across the street till his car pulled away.

Michael: Oh, good, good, good. Well, you know, if he'd seen you, you'd be under arrest right now. You're supposed to be on a plane to the Cayman Islands.

Barrett: Yeah, driving into a blazing Caribbean sunset, never to be heard from again.

Michael: Uh-huh, that was the plan.

Barrett: The plan's changed, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, well, I want you to get out of here right now.

Barrett: What, are you worried about me or what will happen to you if word gets out that you masterminded this insider trading scam?

Michael: Well, I paid you to keep your mouth shut.

Barrett: Your hush money didn't factor in my personal risk.

Michael: I see. So you're putting the squeeze on me. Is that it?

Barrett: Look, you want me to keep my lips zipped, I need more incentive -- money to make me forget that you're running this fraud to destroy Lena Kundera's credibility so that her testimony against you won't carry weight. And that little piece of memory lapse should cost about, oh, what, 100 grand? Easy.

Michael: Hmm.

Barrett: You get me the money.

Michael: Ok -- you listen to me. Ok? I didn't just pick you at random. I photo-shopped you into that frame with Lena because you were already cooking the books at Chandler Enterprises, lining your own pockets. So you just remember, before you start leaning on me and making threats, you need to know that I have what it takes to bury you and keep my hands clean. Do we understand each other?

Reggie: Damn, it's hot. Joni, not that I care or anything, but did you mean what you said earlier?

Joni: What? What?

Reggie: I mean, about, you know, how you don't want me out of your life.

Joni: Yeah, I meant it, but I can't focus. We're missing copper supplies that we ordered.

Reggie: Because they're over there on the dolly.

Joni: No, my dad said the delivery came up short.

Reggie: Because maybe he added it up wrong.

Joni: No, actually, I double-checked it, and -- look, you even signed twice. You signed off on both deliveries.

Reggie: Because you weren't around. What am I supposed to do, return it to the sender? Am I supposed to hold up housing for the homeless because you weren't around?

Joni: Ok, Reggie, I just asked if you checked the numbers with the full supply, to make sure we had full supply.

Reggie: Ok, and what are you getting at?

Joni: I'm not getting at anything. I'm just saying that I usually cross-check the orders with the delivery when the delivery person comes and before they take off. Did you?

Reggie: Did I what?

Joni: Did you cross-check the order with the delivery?

Reggie: I can't believe this. I can't believe this.

Joni: What are you talking about?

Reggie: I actually thought we had something going on, something real.

Joni: Reggie, this is not fair.

Reggie: You know what's not fair? Me actually thinking we could have something special, and one word from your father and, what, Iím public enemy number one? But what? That's all I can be, right?

Tad: Come on, don't be a jerk. You know you don't want to go another couple rounds with the police, right?

Doug: Everyone is all all fired high and mighty around here. Here. Don't scratch the paint.

Brooke: Oh, thank God you got those away from him.

Tad: I think he did enough damage without them.

Laurie: So, my dad took the money that Iíd saved up for my college dorm room and he just poured it down his throat. He said that I should be happy to stay at home and clean up after him and throw away his empty beer bottles.

Jamie: Laurie, Laurie, you have to know you can call me anytime, especially when your dad starts hassling you. Do you hear me?

Laurie: It's really not that bad. It's fine.

Jamie: Laurie, he treats you like crap. You don't deserve to be treated like this.

Laurie: It's just the alcohol talking. I mean, when he sobers up, he always feels so bad.

Jamie: Laurie, that is called a hangover.

Laurie: No, Jamie, he's always really sorry, and then I just end up letting it slide.

Brooke: Laurie, every time you do that you give your dad permission to do it again. And the next time it may cost you more than your college money.

Anna: Well, it's summer, finally. God. I wanted to buy you one of those little kiddie pools. I can't get used to life without you. There's such a big hole in my heart. It's ok. I feel better when Iím here, like you're not alone. I hope you're not scared. We're so lucky that we had each other, even for a short time, aren't we? Hmm?

Anna: God. I didn't think this would happen. When we were bringing you back from the hospital with us, I didn't think this would -- but you made us very happy, your daddy and me, very happy to be a family. It was really beautiful while it lasted.

Anna: Hello.

David: I guess I'll come back later.

Anna: No, donít. Please don't go.

David: I don't want to intrude on your grief, Anna.

Anna: On my grief? We're mourning our baby. Isn't there some way that we could do this together so we don't have to shoulder it alone? I --

David: Maybe there is a way, Anna, if you would stop blaming me for our daughter's death.

Jamie: I hope mom's not guilting Laurie about her dad's drinking.

Tad: I think she's trying to make her feel better.

Jamie: How's she going to do that?

Tad: By letting her know she's not alone.

Brooke: Laurie, can we sit down for a second?

Laurie: Yeah.

Brooke: I know a little bit about what you're going through. You see, I -- I was married to an alcoholic.

Laurie: Oh, I didn't know that.

Brooke: Well, it was a long time ago, but the experience has stayed with me.

Laurie: What was it like for you?

Brooke: It was like a roller-coaster ride. My husband Tom, he wasn't a happy drunk. I mean, when he drank, it made him moody, it made him unpredictable. And instead of being this gentle, caring man that I married, he became this angry, violent stranger. And life began this pattern. And he would drink almost to the point of blacking out, and he would say things and do things that would scare me to death. And then the next morning he would apologize and he would promise to lay off the booze, and I believed him, honey, because I wanted to. And he would make promises, you know, that I had no way of knowing that he was not able to keep. I just thought he would stop drinking because he wanted to.

Laurie: But he didn't?

Brooke: He didn't, no, because Tom's drinking -- it was a disease, and it needed to be treated like a disease.

Laurie: I asked my dad to go to A.A., and he does sometimes.

Brooke: I know, but you know what, Laurie -- his problem can't be taken care of by going to meetings sandwiched between bottles and -- you have to take charge, because you need to do it for yourself and you need to do it for your father.

Laurie: Me?

Brooke: Yes, you. You. And I know it's going to feel like you're disrespecting him, and I know he may call you all kinds of names and he may say he's going to cut you out of his life and he may ask you to be more understanding, and you are going to want to give in. You're going to want to give in the way he gives in when life gets rough and when he takes a drink.

Laurie: Ms. English, what if I lose him? He's going to think that I don't love him. I know it.

Brooke: When it's all over, he is going to know how much you love him because you have taken action and you've done something for him that he cannot do for himself. And you know what -- I think that you are strong enough to do this.

Bianca: I am nothing like my mother, Lena. If I were, then I would never have put myself out there and taken a second chance on love.

Lena: Yes, that's right. You did. You put yourself out there in spite of everything that I did to you. You took me back because you decided we were worth a second chance, a chance you're prepared to bail on the moment anything goes wrong.

Bianca: God, can you blame me?

Lena: No. Bianca, I don't blame you. If we were to trade places, I doubt I could be as forgiving as you've been, but the point is you came through for us because you obviously felt there's something here worth saving.

Bianca: I don't know what you want from me.

Lena: Bianca, I want you to trust what we have. I want you to believe in that something that keeps drawing us back. Please, don't let Michael win this again. Bianca, you must trust me one more time.

Anna: I don't want to blame you for Leora's death, and you shouldn't blame me or Tad or Joe, anyone. No one caused this to happen. It just did. It was her time.

David: No. No. It wasnít. And I will not believe that.

Anna: David, please don't go.

David: I can't do this with you, Anna. I wonít.

Anna: It's ok. Daddy's just sad.

Joni: Reggie --

Reggie: I'm working.

Joni: What I said before, or what you think I said about you having something to do with the missing building supplies -- the truth is the reason I asked you about it is because, one, you signed off on two of the deliveries, and, two, aside from me, you're the only other person on the site that has a key to the storage shed.

Reggie: And what?

Joni: So, this all could be a humongous coincidence, except for the fact that you went postal when I asked you about the missing supplies. Which makes me think you know more than you're owning up to. So who do you want to answer to, me or my father?

Doug: Oh, jeez. Oh. Oh.

[door closes]

Laurie: Put the bottle down, Dad.

Doug: I'm -- I'm sorry, Laurie, about your job. I mean, your dad can be a real jerk sometimes. I won't go over there again. I promise it'll never happen again.

Laurie: You're right, Dad. It's not going to happen again, because I won't let it.

Doug: What are you doing? What's going on?

Doug: What are they doing here? Huh? It's hot enough as it is in here. It's like an oven. What are you doing, bringing more people home here?

Laurie: Something's got to change, Dad. And if you're not going to make it happen, then we will.

Michael: So there you go, Bob. You keep your mouth shut and you can have a free ride, hmm? Oh, and just so we're clear, if you ever get the urge to contact me again, I will turn up the heat in your tropical paradise and make your life a living hell, ok?

Bianca: I'm sorry, Lena. I can't do this again.

Lena: I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry that you couldn't see past your fear and allow yourself to be happy. And, you know, before this, I would blame myself, but I learned something this past hour that I didn't see before. No matter how much you say you want to be loved, the only thing stopping you is you.

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