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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/24/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Myrtle: Lena is at S.O.S.

Bianca: Is she on a date?

Myrtle: Go and find out.

Lena: I'm not afraid of you.

David: Don't worry, sweetheart. This is not over.

Father Claude: I declare that they are husband and wife.

Tad: Is there any woman on the planet you wouldn't mind me being with?

Liza: Well, I don't know, why don't you pick one?

Tad: You?

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Liza: You think -- you think that -- you think that I think that --

Tad: I think you should string a thought together.

Liza: Oh!

Tad: That's what I think.

Liza: You are out of your mind!

Tad: No, I am not! I am right on the money here.

Liza: Oh.

Tad: You didn't come over here because you're worried about Mia.

Liza: Yes, yes, I did come over here --

Tad: No, no, no! You told yourself that so you wouldn't turn around on the way over. You're here because you don't like the idea of me moving on with my life.

Liza: You know, please, I want you to move on.

Tad: Yeah, as long as it was somebody who's, like, you know, unavailable or uninterested or not hot.

Liza: Do you think my sister's hot?

Tad: No, Liza, she's a total beagle. Speaking of which, I could swear you're just going to start marking your territory any minute.

Liza: Oh, you know --

Tad: Maybe I should put down some plastic sheeting or newspaper.

Liza: Oh, honestly, you know, you haven't changed, not one bit. You're still the same egotistical, insolent little child that you were in high school.

Tad: That's right, baby, I still got it. You loved it then and you love it now. Admit it.

Bianca: Officially off the clock?

Lena: No more customers. I'm all yours.

Bianca: Oh, well, be careful. I'll hold you to that.

Lena: Oh, well, I might not fight you if you do. Where are we going?

Bianca: Uh, I don't know. I've got to say I'm kind of enjoying watching you do crowd control.

Lena: Stop it. Pick somewhere.

Bianca: All right. Well, let me think. What's open this late?

Lena: I don't know, but it's got to have air conditioning. I was just outside. I can't believe how hot it is.

Bianca: Huh. That's weird.

Lena: What?

Bianca: Well, I was just thinking how hot it is in here.

Michael: Ah, looks so cozy. Room for a third?

Maddie: Daddy, that's enough bug spray!

Edmund: I think I missed a spot! Ok, you're covered!

Maddie: I smell bad!

Edmund: Well, what do you think keeps the bugs away?

Maria: Oh, come on over here, stinky. We're building an outhouse for the big sand mansion. You know what I think we should do?

Maddie: What?

Maria: I think we should bury your brother in the sand!

Maddie: Cool!

Maria: What do you think?

Sam: Afterwards, can we go swimming?

Maria: No, you know what, I think it's getting a little too dark to go back in the water. I know, I know you think Iím a horrible human being, but I promise that after we bury you in the sand, we can bury your sister in the sand.

Sam: Sweet.

Maria: Yeah, I knew you'd like that.

Maddie: But no sand in my hair, ok?

Sam: Ok.

Edmund: You're amazing. It's like you haven't missed a day.

Maria: Oh, my God, what an incredible day. Oh.

Edmund: Yes, it is.

Maria: I'm just so afraid.

Edmund: What are you afraid of?

Maria: That -- I don't know, I just feel like I could wake up tomorrow morning and all this would just be gone.

Edmund: Impossible. Because this is it. This is us. This is what happens when we're together. You don't have anything to be afraid of.

Maria: Oh.

Edmund: Except maybe this.

Maria: Oh!

Sam: I see my fingers still.

Maddie: I'm going to bury you so much. I'm going to, like, bury you on your hair, your face.

Sam: Oh!

Maddie: Everything! Mommy?

Maria: Yes?

Edmund: What is it, baby?

Maddie: It's a scary man.

Maria: What? Oh. No, honey, that's David. Hi. Hi. We know him, honey. It's ok. Come here.

Maddie: He was watching me.

Maria: Oh, I know. Well, this is Dr. David Hayward, and daddy and I know him very well, so why don't you just say hi to him and then you won't be afraid of him anymore, ok?

Maddie: Ok.

Maria: This is Maddie.

David: Hi, Maddie.

Maddie: Hello.

Maria: This is my son, buried up to his torso, Sammy.

Sam: Hi.

David: Hi, Sam.

Maria: See? Is he scary? He's not scary.

Maddie: I guess not.

Maria: Yeah, see? He's not.

Sam: Can we play flashlight tag?

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, you can. Here's your flashlights over here, sweetie.

Maddie: Red one.

Maria: But you know what, don't go past those dunes over there, please, ok?

Sam: Ok.

Maddie: Ok.

Edmund: Hey, kids, make sure we know we can see you, ok?

Maddie: Ok.

Maria: Yeah, we want to be able to see where you are.

Maddie: Give me the red one!

Edmund: We should start picking up. The kids are going to be tired, all this running around.

Maria: That's a good idea.

David: I guess I must have missed something.

Edmund: Excuse me?

David: Isn't this little outing short a couple people? Where's Aidan and Mia?

Liza: You think I find this retro side of you appealing?

Tad: I think you find every side of me appealing, huh?

Liza: Oh, you know, I am not going to do this with you.

Tad: Go ahead, seriously.

Liza: Stop it!

Tad: Just look me in the eye and tell me, ok?

Liza: Forget it. No, you know what?

Tad: I want you to, really, come on.

Liza: Once the conversation turns, it's useless.

Tad: Oh, well, you've certainly perfected the art of running scared.

Liza: Scared? Scared?

Tad: No, seriously, take off.

Liza: No, no, I just refuse to have a conversation with you when you won't act like an adult!

Tad: When things get a little too close to the bone. When things get real, you take off.

Liza: Don't rewrite history, Tad.

Mia: Supposing we all just concentrate on the future.

Liza: Mia.

Tad: Hey.

Mia: Liza. What you doing here, huh?

Liza: Nothing.

Mia: Oh, wait, wait, where have I heard that before?

Liza: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I know that you said that to me when I asked you what you were doing with Tad, but this situation is completely different.

Mia: Oh, really? Why is that?

Tad: Because she's been carrying a torch for me for years.

Liza: Tad, would you --

Tad: Oh, it's ok, sweetheart. We don't expect you to admit it.

Liza: I am not carrying a torch for him.

Tad: Yeah, right, and only you can prevent forest fires.

Mia: Oh, God, look, could you guys just stop denying that you're interested in each other long enough to hear what I have to say, please, because it's very important to all of us.

Bianca: There's plenty of room for you, Michael. We're leaving.

Michael: You know, you've got spunk, Bianca. I like that. I know Lena does.

Bianca: You can be so disgusting.

Michael: Would you just learn how to take a compliment, Bianca?

Bianca: From you? No. Thank you.

Lena: Let's just go. I'll drive.

Michael: A moment before you leave, please?

Lena: Forget it.

Michael: Is it really necessary to use that tone? I did ask nicely.

Bianca: Lena, donít. Whatever he says, it's just to upset you. You know that.

Lena: Let me just talk to him and then we'll go, ok?

Bianca: No way.

Lena: Bianca --

Bianca: No. Lena --

Lena: Look, I can handle Michael.

Bianca: I don't trust the guy, not even for a minute, not after what he's done.

Lena: It's ok, we're in a public place. He wouldn't dare touch me. I know him. He obviously needs to get something off his chest. Once he's done that, he'll leave us alone and then we can have the rest of the night together, I promise.

Bianca: All right. I guess the rest of the night is better than none of it. I'm going to be right over there, and if you need me --

Lena: I'll always need you. Two minutes, ok?

Michael: Very persuasive. I'm impressed.

Lena: I told her two minutes.

Michael: Well, in that case, I will get right to it. I have been hearing this ugly rumor about you, Lena, this deposition? You've been working with Biancaís uncle, the D.A. He's been coaching you on your testimony against me.

Lena: I don't need coaching, Michael. I'm intending to tell the truth.

Michael: You know it's dangerous to cross me.

Lena: That might have been the case before, but let's face it, the police have you and there's nothing you can do about it. You're finished.

Michael: Well, if that's the case, so are you.

Simone: Ok. Where are you guys from, what club? Ok, Eleven 50, Atlanta. Oh, wow, talk about some southern hospitality. Hello! That's what I'm talking about. They definitely put something in the water down there. Jason.


Kenny: Simone.

Simone: Oh, hey. Hey. Kenny, what are you doing here? What's going on?

Kenny: I -- I ran up the -- the elevator took too long.

Simone: Yeah. Ok, breathe. Deep breath. Ok, good. Do you want me to get you some water?

Kenny: No, no, listen -- I --

Simone: What?

Kenny: I -- I want to marry you, Simone.

Simone: You're crazy.

Kenny: Simone, I -- I want to marry you.

Simone: No, you donít.

Kenny: Yes, I do.

Simone: No, you donít. No, no, no, how could you possibly want to marry me? Ok, we -- we barely even dated. We -- we haven't even kissed, really.

[Simone sighs]

Kenny: Right there -- passion, you and me.

Simone: Oh, Kenny. Oh, if that's what it takes to make a marriage, then I hate to break it you -- Iíve been a big time bigamist since the seventh grade.

Kenny: Simone, I -- I just know in my heart that we can make this work. I just -- the way I feel about you --

Simone: What? Are you saying that you're in love with me? Oh, you're not. See? That's great. You just hesitated when I asked you if you loved me.

Kenny: No, no, no, you just --

Simone: No, you did. You totally did.

Kenny: You took me by surprise.

Simone: Oh, opposed to your wedding proposal? That's great. Kenny, what is going on? You know, what? What? I've never seen you like this. What is happening?

Kenny: I'm being transferred.

Simone: Transferred?

Kenny: And I don't want to go without you.

Simone: And -- and that's why you asked me to marry you? That's not why you ask. It's not even how you ask a girl to marry you. I mean, where are the flowers? Huh, ken? Where's the declarations of love? How about the ring? You think about the ring?

Kenny: Well, I guess I didn't think it through.

Simone: I mean, what girl wants a wedding proposal without the ring?

Kenny: They told me I was going to be transferred. I just nodded and I sort of ran out and came here.

Simone: Well, where are you going?

Kenny: The firm's sending me to Georgia.

Simone: Oh, Atlanta. Great, that's not that bad.

Kenny: No, no, no, no. The former soviet state.

Simone: Oh, my God. I'm like the reverse mail-order bride.

Kenny: Simone, I do love you. I have loved you ever since I saw you in custody at the police station. I can't -- I can't lose you.

Mia: I don't want you two fighting anymore, ok? I just -- I don't, and I don't want anyone fighting anymore.

Tad: Oh, it's ok, sweetheart. This is how we communicate. We're actually pretty good at it.

Mia: Well, listen, just don't do it because of me, ok, because I'm benched. I am officially taking a break from the dating game, officially.

Tad: Does this mean you won't be, you know, tackling any more innocent strangers on the beach?

Mia: Nope. Done.

Tad: Uh-huh.

Liza: You know, I -- I don't mean to upset you, but I don't believe you.

Mia: Why don't you believe me?

Liza: Well, because when I left the office, I didn't tell you where I was going, so unless you followed me --

Mia: I didn't follow you.

Liza: So what are you doing here? Why are you at Tad's house?

Michael: We are not done yet.

Lena: Yes, we are. My mother's safe. She's out of hiding. You can't touch her.

Michael: Lena, my dear.

Lena: She's got her life back, and so have I. You can't hurt us anymore.

Michael: Well, who said anything about hurting you? You really are awfully paranoid these days.

Lena: Our relationship, business or otherwise, is over.

Michael: Hmm. Is that what you want?

Lena: Yes.

Michael: You know, we used to be in this together until you cut a deal to save yourself, sacrificing me in the process.

Lena: I was only looking out for myself -- a trait you used to admire.

Michael: Well, as long as it worked to my benefit. But if you keep working with the D.A. to lock me up, I can promise you this immunity that you think you so richly deserve won't be worth the paper it's written on.

Lena: Another threat. If anything were to happen to me, you would be number one suspect.

Michael: You know, maybe you're right. Maybe you are untouchable. But there are others.

Lena: Others?

Michael: People you care about, people you love, people who aren't so protected.

Lena: Are you threatening Bianca?

David: Wow. You guys seem to have this happy little family thing down pat.

Maria: Uh, David --

David: What? Hey, I think it's great. You know, kids need their parents, right?

Maria: No, look, we -- we heard about what happened with Leora. And I -- we're so sorry for your loss.

Edmund: Truly. We can't imagine what you're going through.

David: No, you canít. You have your children. They're healthy. You get to watch them grow up. Tell Maddie I'm sorry I scared her.

Edmund: David, how's Anna doing?

David: Well, you know what they say about tragedies bringing people closer together. I mean, Maddie's situation obviously brought about a real bonding moment for the two of you, right? And unlike Maddie, my kid didn't make it. And unlike you, our experience didn't bring Anna and me together. So --

Edmund: I'm sorry to hear that, really.

David: Yeah.

Edmund: Listen, we should be thinking about heading home, ok?

Maria: Yeah, ok. Yeah, I've got get Sammy up early, actually, in the morning for swim class.

David: You're already spending the night? I mean, aren't you worried about confusing the kids?

Maria: No, I'm not. I'm their mother.

David: Since when? I mean, being their mother doesn't just turn on and off at your convenience.

Maria: No, but I got my memory back.

David: All of it?

Maria: Yeah.

David: When? I mean, how -- how did that happen?

Maria: Um -- when Maddie was in danger and -- you know, I really -- to tell you the truth, I really can't explain it, I wouldn't even begin to know how to explain it, but it all came rushing back to me.

David: Huh. Well, I guess I must have missed that part in the papers.

Edmund: We're telling people gradually, ok? The kids have their mother back, I have my wife back. That's all that really matters.

David: Yeah. I mean, you two seem to have it all, don't you?

Maria: Believe me, I know how lucky we are, how lucky I am.

David: Oh, yeah, you and Edmund and that really special love you both share, right?

Edmund: This helping you, attacking us?

Maria: Honey, Iím just going to talk to him myself for a second.

Edmund: Right, you and Hayward alone on a beach? It's a little deja voodoo.

Maria: Yeah, I know, but you're going to be, like, just a few feet away and I can -- I think I can totally handle this. Please?

Edmund: I'm going to see the kids.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: All right.

Maria: Thanks, babe.

David: So where's prince charming going?

Maria: Ok, enough, David. Um -- I know that you never completely heal from losing a child. But Leora really showed you how to love, unconditionally and completely. And if nothing else, maybe you could be grateful for that.

David: I'd rather hold my daughter in my arms. I don't give a damn about my feelings. Those I can bury. I just didn't want to bury my daughter. It's so weird, you know? A couple of weeks ago, I was so happy. I was so content. Me. Having Leora gave me the feeling that I could be a better person. It's strange how quickly things change. I'm sure you feel this is retribution, right, payback for everything Iíve done to you?

Maria: No.

David: Come on, you got to be kidding me. I mean, isn't this ironic? You get your family back and I lose mine?

Maria: It's not what I was thinking.

David: Why not? That's exactly what I'd be thinking. Hell, I'd even say it to your face.

Maria: Well, you're not me, are you? And that's not what I want to tell you. I want to tell you thank you.

Michael: Did I mention Bianca's name?

Lena: You just threatened --

Michael: No. But I did give you fair warning.

Lena: Warning?

Michael: You want to challenge me? Stay on your game or Iíll crush you.

Lena: I'm not afraid of you, Michael, and Iíll do whatever it takes to protect the people I care about. And that's not a warning, it's a promise.

Michael: You know, I admire your gumption, but you don't stand a chance.

Lena: Oh, really?

Michael: Yes, really.

Lena: Which one of us is it, I wonder, that has immunity and which one is looking at a very long prison sentence?

Michael: Hmm. Has Bianca seen this vindictive side of yours? I highly doubt she'd find it very attractive.

Lena: You go near her and I'll tear you apart with my bare hands.

Michael: You know, I'm not sure if it's the accent or these empty threats, but I do find you absolutely ridiculous tonight.

Lena: You listen to me, you miserable --

Bianca: Lena, donít.

Lena: Your pathetic need for revenge is going to take whatever little soul you have left and crush it. So just give it up, Michael, huh? Give it up.

Bianca: Are you ok? What did he say to you?

Lena: Nothing I want to repeat. It's over.

Simone: Oh.

Kenny: Simone --

Simone: Oh, wow.

Kenny: Simone, look at me. Look at me, please.

Kenny: I love you. I am in love with you. It's now or never.

Simone: Oh, my God.

Kenny: What?

Simone: You really mean that.

Kenny: Yes, I do. But you don't love me, do you?

Simone: I'm sorry. I wish I did. I would give anything to feel that same way about you, Kenny. I mean, you're so smart and you're kind 

Kenny: No, you don't --

Simone: And you're always there for me.

Kenny: You don't have to say that.

Simone: No, no, I do. I have to because I don't want you to leave here, I don't want you to walk out of my life without you knowing that I really do care about you.

Kenny: I should go.

Simone: Now?

Kenny: Well, I got to -- I got to go to the bookstore, get an English Russian dictionary. I mean, you'd think they'd give me one at work, but --

Simone: Yeah. Really. I can't believe this is going to be the last time that I see you.

Kenny: I know.

Simone: I'm never going to forget how it felt to look into your eyes and see love. Thank you.

Kenny: Wish I could say the same.

Kenny: Simone? Be happy.

Simone: You, too. You, too. Ok. All right. Yes. Yes, for the first time in your life, girl, you made the right choice, the right decision for you. Yes.

Mia: I came here to apologize to Tad. I didn't think I would see you here. I was going to apologize to you when I saw you at home.

Tad: [German accent] Now do you believe her?

Liza: Honestly.

Mia: I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. I haven't been myself lately. I've been sort of --

Tad: [Normal voice] Hurt.

Mia: Yes, among other things.

Liza: Mia, you've had some really tough breaks.

Mia: Yeah. But that's no excuse for the way Iíve been behaving.

Liza: Well, what are you going to do?

Mia: I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and I'm going to stop trying to make everyone else around me as miserable as I've been.

Tad: You know what this is? A real live Mia culpa. I'll be over here.

Mia: Great.

Liza: Thank you.

Mia: Liza, I -- you have been so supportive, and I have done nothing but throw all of the mistakes that you made back in your face, and I'm really sorry.

Liza: I forgive you. I love you.

Mia: I love you.

Tad: What?

Liza: Oh.

Mia: And, Tad, you're right, I did bait and continually throw myself at you and I put you in all these awkward positions, and Iím -- I'm truly sorry.

Tad: You know, as awkward positions go, it's one of the best, so no worries, ok?

Mia: Ok. And so now I think Iíll just get out of here and let things get back to how they probably should be.

Liza: Mia, there is nothing going on between the two of us, honest.

Mia: Oh, come on, Liza, the three of us know better than that. Oh.

Tad: Mia? I just want to say that, you know, some of the things I said to you on the beach about you and Jake and the way things worked out -- well, they were out of line.

Mia: Yeah, but some of them are true, so -- no worries, ok?

Tad: Yeah, ok.

Mia: Night.

Tad: Night, sweetheart.

Liza: Night.

[door closes]

Liza: So, now what?

Simone: Ah, Myrtle.

Myrtle: Hi, Simone.

Simone: Oh, my gosh, you're not going to believe the day I had. Oh, may I?

Myrtle: Go ahead.

Simone: Oh, it's hot! Mmm. Mmm.

Myrtle: Good?

Simone: Oh, you spiked the lemonade.

Myrtle: Well, I like to think of it as sweetening, you know?

Simone: Yeah, so what kind of day did you have?

Myrtle: Well, apart from the A.C. going out on me, everything was ok, pretty good.

Simone: Oh, well, my day was pretty typical -- outside of Kenny Adler proposing to me.

Myrtle: Ex-- excuse me. Did I hear you say that someone asked for your hand in marriage today?

Simone: Yeah. Yep, yep. But he didn't have it, you know?

Myrtle: And why not?

Simone: I don't know. Maybe because he's moving to the Republic of Georgia, which is, you know, right there where it used to be, the Soviet Union.

Myrtle: Soviet -- oh! Oh, oh, Russia!

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Myrtle: Oh, gosh.

Simone: Right next door to Russia. And then secondly, I don't know, I just -- I just didn't feel it for him. You know what I mean, that spark?

Myrtle: Spark?

Simone: Yes.

Myrtle: Honey, I tell you, a spark is essential.

Simone: I agree. And I wish so badly that I felt that for Kenny. I mean, he is such a nice guy, myrtle. He's so sweet, he's adorable. He comes from such a normal family. And he really does love me.

Myrtle: Darling, why are you surprised? You're a gorgeous girl. Why shouldn't he love you? Any man would be crazy about you.

Simone: Oh, Myrtle, you do not have enough lemonade for me to explain that one to you. Do you think I made a mistake, Myrtle, turning Kenny down?

Myrtle: Did you feel passionate?

Simone: Passion? Well, yeah, I mean, he's an amazing friend.

Myrtle: Oh, honey, honey, passion is the big difference between friendship and -- and romance.

Simone: Yes, but don't you think, like, a really good romance starts with friends first?

Myrtle: Look, honey, I think there's a very, very good reason why you decided not to spend the rest of your life with Kenny, and I don't think it's got a darn thing to do with traveling.

Simone: But what if Iím waiting for a man that's not even -- not even out there?

Myrtle: Honey, don't -- don't go quitting right now. I mean, love is slow. It's not just sitting there. It isn't. You haven't found it yet.

Simone: Oh, I don't know.

Myrtle: Oh, hey, listen, this bag -- has it got any of these hot numbers?

Simone: Yes.

Myrtle: Sexy men?

Simone: Yes, the Fusion sexy man contest.

Myrtle: The Fusion sexy man?

Simone: Yeah, that's what's in there.

Myrtle: Well, now, I have news for you.

Simone: Hmm?

Myrtle: The A.C. is off, but the V.C.R. is on.

Tad: What do you mean, "now what?" How am I supposed to know?

Liza: Don't you have all the answers?

Tad: No. Then again, I didn't come knocking on your door. You came over to my house to torture me about trying to get nasty with your little sister.

Liza: Which, it turns out, you weren't really doing.

Tad: And didn't I tell you so?

Liza: Well, she seemed genuinely sorry.

Tad: That's because your sister is good people. On the other hand, it could just be a phase.

Liza: Oh, stop being so cynical. She let us both off the hook and you know it.

Tad: Why were you on the hook?

Liza: Oh, I was trying to control her life. I did tell her to stay away from you.

Tad: And isn't that a big steaming pile of irony.

Liza: What do you think she meant, though, you know, that there's a lot more going on than we're both willing to admit?

Tad: I don't know, what do you think she meant?

Liza: You think that it's possible? Maybe there is?

Tad: What?

Liza: Well, you know, I mean, we could -- I mean, you know, should consider the possibility.

Tad: Are you?

Liza: Are you?

Bianca: You did?

Mia: Hi, Bianca. Hey.

Bianca: Hi, Mia.

Mia: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you two.

Bianca: Oh, not at all.

Gil: No. What can I get you?

Mia: Oh, something very, very cold. It's hot outside. How about a beer?

Gil: A beer. Sure, coming up.

Mia: So, how are you?

Bianca: I'm great. Can't complain.

Mia: Great. So, tell me what your secret is. Love to know it.

Bianca: Oh, dear. Why? What's up?

Mia: Oh, no, I'm just joking. I'm just a single girl looking for trouble.

Bianca: Oh, looking for trouble?

Mia: I'm just joking about the trouble part. I'm actually just, you know, a single girl.

Bianca: I'm sorry.

Lena: Sorry I kept you waiting.

Bianca: Oh, do you guys know each other? Mia, Lena. Lena, Mia. She works at Fusion --

Mia: Lena. Oh.

Bianca: With Greenlee and Kendall and Simone.

Mia: Right, yeah, it's nice to see you again.

Lena: Oh, again?

Mia: Yoga class.

Lena: Oh.

Mia: Yes, you probably didn't remember me. You were very focused on Bianca.

Lena: Well, I still I am.

Mia: I can see why you're doing so well.

Bianca: Yeah.

Gil: Lena, hey, I thought you were off.

Lena: I am. We're just staying for the free A.C.

Mia: Bianca, you and Lena, I think it's great. It's really great.

Bianca: Thank you.

Mia: Yeah.

Bianca: I think so, too.

Lena: Listen, do you mind? I would really love Bianca to meet some of the people I work with.

Bianca: Oh, cool. Yeah, let's go.

Lena: Come on.

Mia: Yeah, go. Yeah.

Bianca: Bye.

Mia: So popular. Boy. Thanks. How much do I owe you?

Gil: It's already taken care of.

Mia: What? Well, if that isn't the lamest move ever.

Michael: I thought it was pretty friendly.

Maria: Don't get me wrong, I will never be ok with the years that I lost or the pain it caused my family thinking that I was dead all that time, but because of you, I'm here. Because you found me on the beach, because you used that experimental drug on me, I am here. And without you, I would be dead.

David: Yeah, but that drug erased your memory. And I convinced you that you were someone else, that you were responsible for another man's death, all because I didn't want you reporting me.

Maria: Yep, not your finest hour. And I will -- I will never understand the choices that you made. But you saved my life. And that enabled me to come back to a family that I love and people that mean the world to me. And I'll never forget that. I canít.

Myrtle: Listen, that -- do you think there's a fellow there who might like a mature, clever beauty? Like me, you know?

Simone: Yeah, yeah. Well, they'd be absolutely stupid if they didnít.

Myrtle: Listen, you kids get all this? You get paid for it?

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Myrtle: You -- and all the young ones? Gosh.

Simone: This is hard work, Myrtle. I mean, you know, who knows how many tapes Iím going to have to look at before the June 30 deadline.

Myrtle: Oh.

Simone: Then there's the whole elimination process. We got to cut it down to 25 finalists. I mean, it's going to be difficult. I mean, look at these guys. I mean, they are hot.

Myrtle: He's hot.

Simone: Yes, he is.

Myrtle: He can melt my V.C.R. any day.

Simone: Oh, yeah. What a way to spend an evening, huh, Myrtle?

Myrtle: Hey, you know, if you'd said yes to Kenny, this might have been your wedding night.

Simone: Well, on that note, I'd better have some more lemonade.

Myrtle: Yeah, I think I can top it up, too.

Simone: Yeah, I know you can.

Tad: I'd be lying if I said that -- that I hadn't, you know, once or twice sort of thought about a reunion.

Liza: Really?

Tad: Yeah. Haven't you?

Liza: Maybe.

Tad: Ok, so maybe I am, too.

Liza: But I'm not.

Tad: Oh, well, me, neither. Come on.

Liza: Yeah, I mean, no need to relive the past.

Tad: Yeah, who -- who wants to do that?

Liza: Yeah, been there --

Tad: Done you.

Liza: Thanks.

Tad: Anytime.

Liza: I should go, I guess.

Tad: Ok. Ok. Sure.

Liza: Ok.

Tad: Yeah.

Liza: Bye.

Tad: See you.

Maddie: Hey!

Edmund: Cleaned them up as best as I could.

Maria: Hey, you guys, let's see. Ah, you're still a little sandy, but you can stay. We'll keep you.

Sam: Hey.

Maddie: Dr. Hayward, look what I found. It's sea glass. Feel how smooth it is.

David: That's really nice, Maddie.

Maddie: Thank you.

David: I got to go. Excuse me.

Edmund: Hayward going to be all right?

Maria: I hope so. I think it's a little too much for him right now to see anybody happy.

Edmund: Hmm.

Edmund: You think he's resentful that you got your memory back without his help?

Maria: Know what? That guy, anything's possible.

Edmund: Well, don't worry, I'll protect you.

Maria: My hero.

Edmund: You're damn straight.

Mia: Thank you, Gil. Good night.

Michael: You leaving so soon?

Mia: Yeah. I think one beer is my limit for the evening.

Michael: Well, I'm disappointed. You sure you won't reconsider?

Mia: Maybe next time.

[Bianca laughs]

Bianca: All right, all right, I think we are finally ready to get out of here, and Iíve even thought of a place that we can go.

Lena: Do I know it?

Bianca: Maybe. It's called the Blue Angel.

Officer: Excuse me. Are you Lena Kundera?

Lena: Yes. Is there a problem?

Officer: Well, afraid so. You're under arrest.

Bianca: Under arrest?

Sean: If you'll turn around for me, please?

Bianca: For what? Wait, no, this is a mistake.

Sean: You have the right to remain silent.

Bianca: You can't arrest her. She hasn't done anything wrong.

Sean: You have the right to an attorney.

Bianca: I don't think you understand, she -- she's a star witness. She has immunity. My uncle is the D.A. This has got to be a mistake.

Sean: Do you understand the rights that have just been read to you? Come with me, please.

Bianca: What is going on? Lena, don't worry.

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