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Jamie:  And I had one sip of beer -- not even enough to get a buzz. So we can forget about me being drunk and -- and having a hangover. So can we, like, ground me later?

Tad: No. So, like, sit down. Like, now. You obviously mistake me for a father that doesn't give a damn.

Jamie: Dad, Iíve heard this speech before. The "shot liver, dead liver" stupid speech.

Tad: Not the way I deliver it, you havenít.

Jamie: My dad, Tad the cad, is going to preach me abstinence? This is going to be good.

Opal: Hey, there. What gives? Last time I saw you, Jack was on the mend. Now I find you staring off into space.

Erica: Yeah, well, Joe Martin's in with -- with Jack right now.

Opal: And?

Erica: And -- and what?

Opal: Well, I mean, thanks to that matching blood donor, he's going to be ok, right?

Erica: Yes, thank God. I mean, Joe says that Jack's going to be fine.

Opal: Well, then why the long face? I mean, you ought to be doing nip-ups singing whoop-de-do. A miracle like that doesn't come along every day, you know?

Erica: Opal, this miracle may also be a disaster. Jack's donor was Greenlee.

Opal: Greenlee?

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Opal: Well, isn't that a kick in the head -- I mean, that Jack's savior should be your worst neighbor.

Erica: And probably Jack's daughter.

Opal: Um, wait a minute, I didn't quite catch that.

Erica: Oh, it is no coincidence. No wild coincidence whatsoever. Opal, I think that Jack is Greenleeís father.

Opal: Well, clear a space.

David: It's all right here, ok? Joe Martin assembled an inferior team to work on my daughter.

Kenny: You and your wife didn't know who was assigned to perform your daughter's surgery?

David: Yes, we did. But Joe convinced Anna to keep me out of the process.

Kenny: Still, you knew their names, their reputations.

David: Yes, of course I knew their reputations, which is exactly why I opposed it adamantly right from the beginning. But Joe led Anna to believe that this pacemaker surgery was necessary.

Kenny: Isn't that a medically sound opinion?

David: No, not -- not in Leora's case. I told Joe over and over again that Leora needed to gain strength. But he did not want her to gain strength. He did not want her to survive.

Kenny: You want to file criminal charges?

David: No. Listen, our D.A., Jackson Montgomery, is in Joe Martin's pocket -- I mean, old family friends and all that garbage. So Joe knows the D.A. will protect him. Montgomery hates me just as much as the Martins do.

Kenny: That's quite a theory.

David: It's not a theory, it's a fact. And this hand-tooled autopsy report will prove it.

Kenny: It looks legitimate to me.

David: Yeah, well, looks can be deceiving. I'm telling you, Kenny, this -- this is a cover-up, and it's dictated by Joe Martin.

Kenny: Ok, so criminal action's out of the question. Do you want to pursue a civil suit? Malpractice?

David: I want Joe Martin and his son Tad to be penniless and disgraced.

Kenny: What does Tad Martin have to do with this?

David: Look, just -- just take the time to read this, ok? It's all right there. Tad is the one that kept me out of that O.R. So you find something. I don't care -- I don't give a damn what you do, but you find something that'll stick, all right? Wrongful death, conspiracy to commit murder. You just find something that'll make him pay for what he did.

Kenny: I'll read this. I'll get your take on the incident.

David: If Tad had let me go in that O.R., Leora would still be alive today.

Kenny: But you weren't part of the surgical team. You weren't cleared to operate.

David: Kenny, you listen to me. Joe Martin has been jealous of my skill from the second I stepped foot in this town. Now, when Dixie Martin fell in love with me, that is exactly what pushed Tad and Joe over the edge. From that point on, they've been trying to find anything, any opportunity that they can to destroy my life. Well, Anna handed it to them when she agreed to the surgery, ok? So you find something. You find something that's going to make them regret this. You find something that's going to make them suffer, do you hear me?

Kenny: But if we can't win?

David: We can't win? What are you talking about? Can't prove the truth? Are you telling me that you can't get justice? You can't find peace for my little girl? Wait a minute. You don't have the guts to go after the Martins. They have you running scared.

Tad: We're not talking about me, James.

Jamie: I am.

Tad: All right, fine. You want to know, then ask. I will tell you because I know firsthand how stupid I was.

Jamie: Dad --

Tad: I screwed up a lot. I hurt a lot of people -- mostly myself. And, gee, if it's all right with you, as your dad, I would love to spare you that.

Jamie: Dad, I can't even compare to your record, ok? Not even if I tried.

Tad: That's just it, James. You're not going to try.

Jamie: Will you chill out? My only sins are getting smashed at a party, yelling at Adam Chandler, and kissing a prostitute, ok?

Tad: It's what's coming around the next bend in the road that's got me concerned, especially after one of your keg parties.

Jamie: So this is the speech about drugs and unwanted pregnancies?

Tad: Well, would it hurt you to hear it? Come on, your brother's already had his problems with drugs.

Jamie: That's his trip, not mine, ok?

Tad: Ok, so, fine, let's talk about your trip, ok? Your -- your habits, and the next party, or the party after that, and shots are involved, ok, and you are away from home. You got to get behind the wheel of a car, and the fact is it screws with your judgment, your reflexes. All it takes is one tree.

Jamie: Dad, mom hasn't gotten over little Laura being hit by a drunk. I didn't drive home last night. I swear. Mom would kill me if I ever did that.

Tad: Do me a favor. While you're out there, trying on your life for size, just remember one thing. It's always the little things, the stupid things that don't even seem important at the moment that can destroy your life.

Jamie: I get it. I get it, ok?

Tad: Be careful.

[phone rings]

Tad: Hello? Yeah. Hang on, he's right here. It's never for me anymore.

Jamie: Hello? Hey, Elizabeth. Yeah, it's cool. Yeah, of course I would. Tonight? Yeah, yeah, that'd be fun. All right, cool. Yeah, yeah. Bye. Dad, if we're done here, I'm going to take off.

Tad: To hook up with this Elizabeth?

Jamie: Huh?

Tad: What do you think, they came up with sex last week? I'm not so far-gone I don't recognize a come-on, even when I only hear one half of the conversation.

Jamie: You think she's offering me sex? Cool.


Carlos: What's that?

Greenlee: The point of no return passing by.

Carlos: I'm serious.

Greenlee: You think I'm not?

Carlos: Shh, listen.


Greenlee: You think it's a robber?

Carlos: It could be. Get dressed.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Get behind the counter! Get --

Carlos: Who's there?

Woman: Carlos, is that you? Carlos?

Carlos: Yeah, it's me.

Greenlee: Who's that?

Carlos: Mrs. Lacey.

Greenlee: As in Mrs. Lacey of Lacey's?

Carlos: Yes. Diane, Iíll come to you.

Greenlee: "Diane"? Oh, God. Oh, God.

Carlos: Diane?

Diane: What are you still doing here?

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Carlos: I got locked in.

Diane: Oh, no! I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: Hi.

Diane: Well, I see you have found some of the comforts of home. You're nothing if not resourceful, Carlos. Hello, Ms. --

Greenlee: Dupres. Greenlee Dupres.

Diane: Right. I believe we've met.

Greenlee: Several times.

Diane: Uh-huh.

Carlos: Of course, we'll clean up the mess we've made.

Greenlee: And I'm buying the dress. I always intended to, believe me.

Diane: Oh, I do. I'm just embarrassed you got locked in.

Carlos: We made the best of it.

Diane: Indeed you did, dear. Well, I'm glad I forgot the employee awards for the company picnic. Otherwise, the two of you might have been stuck here until tomorrow.

Greenlee: Oh. Not that.

Diane: Carlos, why don't you come to the office with me? I'll pick up what I need, and I'll give you the new security codes so this can't happen again.

Greenlee: And -- and Iíll stay here and I'll tidy up. And I'll write you a check for the dress.

Diane: Accept it as a souvenir. I wouldn't have my Carlos pay for anything.

Greenlee: Oh -- your Carlos?

Carlos: We go way back.

Diane: Carlos has been invaluable to me. Wear the dress in good health.

Opal: Greenlee is Jack's daughter? No, that can't be.

Erica: Well, her blood type matched his rare phenotype. And the chances of that happening are about one in 10,000 if the parties are not related.

Opal: Well, still, one in 10,000 -- I mean, that's no big deal. How come you got to jump to the conclusion that she's his daughter?

Erica: Well, I didn't jump. I was pushed by Mary Smythe. Mary Smythe suggested very strongly, very pointedly that I find out who the donor was for Jack so that the person could be rewarded. And of course when I found out it was Greenlee, well, I just assumed that of course, you know, Mary wanted to cash in on it -- you know, make points with Jackson, points with the town -- "my daughter saved Jackson Montgomeryís life."

Opal: Well, that still doesn't point to him being the daddy.

Erica: Look, Opal, I was under the impression that Mary Smythe and Jack were just, you know, casual acquaintances from the country club or whatever. Mary Smythe told me that they knew each other well.

Opal: "Well"? Ew. That sound you hear is my stomach doing cartwheels. I mean, the thought of Mary Smythe and Jack -- our Jack.

Erica: Yeah. They had an affair.

Opal: Oh. Stranger than fiction. You haven't had a chance to dance this around with Jack at all?

Erica: No. He hasn't regained consciousness yet.

Opal: I got a feeling that when he does, he's going to wish he hadnít.

Joe: Erica, good news. Jack's awake and he's asking for you.

Erica: Oh.

Opal: Well, that's something, at least -- I mean, that he's saying your name.

Erica: Joe, you mean that he -- he's ready for visitors?

Joe: Indeed. Just don't get him worked up.

Erica: No.

Opal: Good luck.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you, Joe.

Jack: What, you're not happy to see me?

Erica: Jack. I love you. I love you so much.

Anna: This really wasn't necessary.

Sean: Yeah, well, only seemed right.

Anna: And the donation is very kind. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Officer: It's -- it's good to have you back in charge.

Second officer: Well, we should all get back to work, huh?

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

Sean: Right, right.

Anna: Thanks, guys.

[knock on door]

Anna: Yeah? Yes, come in, come in. Aidan.

Aidan: Working too hard already?

Anna: Yeah, I am. Trying to get up to speed.

Aidan: Are you sure this is a good idea, coming back to work so soon?

Anna: Oh, yes, very sure. I need the distraction.

Aidan: Well, couldn't you just run off to an island in the pacific or something?

Anna: No. Could you?

Aidan: No.

Anna: How are you? I heard about Maria.

Aidan: Well, I knew her memory was returning. And when it did --

Anna: She'd probably go back with Edmund.

Aidan: Yeah. Well, let's face it, the odds were in his favor, really.

Anna: It happened so fast, though.

Aidan: I know. There's nothing that can be done.

Anna: You feel like the woman you knew has entirely disappeared and 

Aidan: Now is entirely Maria. But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about you. How are you doing?

[knock on door]

Anna: I -- yes, come in. Ok. I'm going to need --

Sean: Chief?

Anna: Yeah?

Sean: There's someone out there you might want to see.

Anna: Oh. Hold on a second.

Aidan: All right.

Anna: I'll be right back. Thanks.

Man: The room's destroyed. I got a better chance of renting out a bomb crater than that room.

Officer: Have you got an inventory, Mr. Wolfe?

Mr. Wolfe: What's to inventory? There's not a piece of furniture worth burning. Even the mirror's smashed.

Officer: Seven years' bad luck, huh?

Mr. Wolfe: What, is that supposed to be funny? My misfortune is a source of amusement to you?

Anna: I'm watching this why?

Officer: No, Sir. Your room --

Mr. Wolfe: I want an officer that cares!

Officer: I care.

Mr. Wolfe: This Aidan Devane -- he's related to your captain. You're going to make my complaint disappear.

Officer: No, Sir, that's not how we operate.

Mr. Wolfe: I won't be able to rent that room until I replace everything. I'm going to lose a fortune, all because Devane went nuts and took off. No one here seems to care. Well, I guess it's my money that's being lost.

Aidan: Wow. Leora's autopsy report.

Carlos: Hmm.

Greenlee: Ta-da!

Carlos: Very nice. How'd you get rid of all the graffiti?

Greenlee: Makeup remover.

Carlos: Thank you for putting all the Enchantment stuff back where it belongs.

Greenlee: Well, it doesn't belong here. Fusion does. But I didn't want to get you in trouble with Diane. So where is she, anyway?

Carlos: On her way back to the Laceyís company picnic.

Greenlee: Hmm. So we're all alone?

Carlos: Completely.

Greenlee: But you've got the codes. We could leave if we wanted to.

Carlos: If we wanted to.

Greenlee: I want --

Carlos: So do I.

Erica: Oh, Jack. I've been such an idiot.

Jack: No, sweetheart, no.

Erica: Well, when I saw Anna in your pajamas at your apartment, I -- I'm sorry. Just all the jealousies came flooding in.

Jack: Listen to me. You have nothing to be jealous about, not ever. Ok?

Erica: Did I do this to you? Did I make you worse?

Jack: You mean did I burst a blood vessel over you? Hmm. Well, maybe not this time.

Erica: I shouldn't have argued with you.

Jack: Listen to me. This was not your fault, so knock it off, ok, honey?

Erica: You just -- you need to rest now. Quietly. So Iím just -- Iím just going to sit here.

Jack: I got a couple of questions, though.

Erica: Well, Joe can answer them for you all later.

Jack: I heard a nurse. She was saying something about finding a blood donor?

Erica: Yes. They found a match. Oh, Jack, there's something that I need to tell you. There's something that you need to know, and it can't wait.

Anna: So the manager at the Pine Cone motel is outside filling out a complaint.

Aidan: Uh -- oh, I'm sorry I have to do that to you. I -- I lost it for a second.

Anna: It just took a second to reduce the furniture to kindling?

Aidan: All right. It was more like half an hour.

Anna: This is because Mariaís gone back with Edmund, is it?

Aidan: No, this is because Maria has -- has remarried Edmund.

Anna: Why didn't you tell me?

Aidan: Because my problems are nothing compared to what you're going through right now.

Anna: This isn't a contest. You should come to me when you need to.

Aidan: You've got enough of your own to deal with, Anna.

Anna: We're family. We don't have to go through this alone, right?

Aidan: I know. And you should know that, too, that I am here for you.

Anna: Well, then you call me the next time you want to trash a room.

Aidan: There's nothing you could've done to stop me.

Anna: No, but I have some anger issues of my own Iíd like to get out.

Aidan: And this -- you should take this home. I think maybe you're not really looking for a distraction.

Anna: I can't get Leora out of my mind.

Aidan: I know.

Anna: I moved out of the cabin temporarily.

Aidan: It's probably for the best.

Anna: Yeah. It's certainly best for me.

Aidan: What about David?

Kenny: I am not intimidated by Joe Martin, but in order to build a case, we need evidence, witnesses.

David: You know something? I don't know what I was thinking calling you. That's ok. I want an attorney that's not taken in by the Martins.

Kenny: Pursuing this suit might get you more than you're prepared for.

David: All right, thank you very much. You can go now.

Kenny: David, Joe Martin's been pretty generous so far.

David: Are you -- are you out of your frigging mind?

Kenny: He allowed you into the hospital despite the restraining order against you. He hasn't filed charges for various violations like you breaking into his office --

David: You listen to me. What Joe Martin did was worse than negligence, Kenny. He killed my daughter.

Kenny: David, I think you should get some help. Go home, rest, and find someone you can talk --

David: Go, go. Get out! Get out.

Jamie: I know what to do and what not to do to keep out of trouble.

Tad: So you're going to go out and hook up with Elizabeth, right?

Jamie: Am I grounded?

Tad: No, I'm just confused. I thought you were dating Laurie.

Jamie: Well, I'm kind of in a hurry here.

Tad: Well, that's a good reason for you to stop and think for a minute.

Jamie: I'm not a kid anymore.

Tad: So act like a man.

Jamie: I'm trying my best, thanks. See you later.

Tad: Are you or are you not dating Laurie? Yes or no?

Jamie: We get together sometimes.

Tad: I guess I'm just going to have to take that as a yes.

Jamie: But she -- she makes it very hard.

Tad: You're never going to meet a woman who doesnít.

Jamie: And you've met a lot, huh?

Tad: We just agreed -- you're not going to follow my example, right?

Jamie: Well, if Elizabeth is a mistake, then I'm going to take it.

Tad: Ok. Before you make your mistake, why don't you talk to Laurie first, ok? Then you can hook up with Elizabeth. Don't you think you owe Laurie that much? I'm glad you agree with me.

Jamie: I didn't agree.

Tad: You didn't disagree. Get together with Laurie first, talk to her. Tell her what you want, what you're after. If she disagrees, then you can turn the page. All right?

Jack: Well, it sounds like you have big news.

Erica: I do. You were right and I was wrong.

Jack: Boy, am I glad Iím laying down. I just wish I had a tape recorder. So what was I right about?

Erica: About everything. About how I try to drive you away, about how I keep testing your love because I am afraid that every man is going to leave me because my father did.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you for saying that, but you don't have to go into this now.

Erica: Yes, I do. I owe it to you. I owe you the truth. I owe you everything. And I just want to spend the rest of my life trying to repay you.

Jack: Erica --

Erica: Jackson, will you marry me, just as soon as we are both able to walk down that aisle?

[knock on door]

Joe: Jack? This may not seem fair since we just put it in you. We're going to need a vial of that blood back for tests.

Jack: Well, as long as I haven't already drained the supplier, sure.

Erica: Oh, no, you can always get more. I'll -- I'll wait outside.

Jack: Love you.

Erica: Love you.

Opal: Well? So, how did Jackson take the news about being Greenleeís father?

Erica: I didn't tell him, and I'm never going to.

Carlos: I want to, but not here.

Greenlee: But we're alone again.

Carlos: Someone could walk in again.

Greenlee: Someone? Or Diane? Just exactly what is your history with Mrs. Lacey?

Carlos: There's nothing to tell, nothing interesting.

Greenlee: Hmm. I'll be the judge of that. Tell me.

Carlos: There's nothing to tell.

Greenlee: Well, nothing would be, "I hooked up her computer at home, I relined her swimming pool." This must be a little juicier.

Carlos: Your imagination is running wild.

Greenlee: Oh -- never bothered you before.

Carlos: No.

Greenlee: So tell me when you and Mrs. Lacey first met.

Carlos: I don't remember. It's been a while.

Greenlee: Is this something that you or Mrs. Lacey would want to keep quiet?

Carlos: I can't speak for Diane.

Greenlee: You have something to hide, huh? Because if you do, Iíll find out.

Carlos: Search away. You won't get anything out of me -- not any dirt, anyway.

Laurie: Dr. Hayward.

David: Just get me another drink.

Laurie: I canít.

David: You can't cut me off after just one drink. Laurie.

Laurie: I'm not allowed to serve alcohol. I'm sorry.

David: All right, then just find somebody who can, all right? Double scotch, on the rocks.

Laurie: I'll get Charmayne. But after my mom died, alcohol -- alcohol only made things worse for my dad.

David: Laurie? Just -- just get me another drink, another coffee, all right?

Laurie: One coffee, on the house.

Jamie: Hey, Laurie.

Laurie: Hey.

Jamie: Got a minute?

Laurie: Yeah. My shift just started, though. Hey, thank you so much for last night. Without you, things would've been awful for my dad.

Jamie: Yeah, I just -- I just wish he'd get into rehab or something.

Laurie: Me, too.

Jamie: Can this all wait for a second?

Laurie: Yeah. What is it?

Jamie: I really like you, Laurie. I know that's not news. But I needed to say it anyway because -- because I think we have a chance, Laurie. I think something could happen, you know?

Laurie: I think so.

Jamie: I want more. And I -- I think you do, too, but you keep playing this "come here, go away" kind of game and it's frustrating and I can't deal with it anymore. And I got to know if you want to make this work. Because if not, I'm going to hook up with somebody else.

Greenlee: You're not going to trust me, are you? You're not going to tell me your lame secret past with Mrs. Lacey. Do you have any idea how insulting that is?

Carlos: We're just starting to know each other.

Greenlee: Honesty helps a relationship progress.

Carlos: So does trust.

Greenlee: What are you saying, you don't trust me?

Carlos: You played that childish game with the Enchantment display.

Greenlee: I put everything back exactly the way it was.

Carlos: Obviously you did.

Greenlee: But -- but this secret of yours -- it's so big, so awful that you can't even confess it to me?

Carlos: Next, we work to reduce you from drama queen to drama duchess.

Greenlee: You like me just the way I am.

Carlos: Keep a little of your devilish streak. I like spice.

Greenlee: Ok. Ok. You're not going to tell me your secret. I have one to share with you.

Carlos: You can tell me anything.

Greenlee: We weren't really trapped in here. We could've called for help anytime. Spicy enough for you?

Opal: Well, you know, it's possible that this could be the best time to tell Jackson that he's Greenleeís daddy -- you know, when he's still weak and groggy.

Erica: Opal, I told Jack what he needs to know now -- that we are going to get married just as soon as he is ready.

Opal: Well, hon, that's fantastic.

Erica: It is! He doesn't need any bad news.

Opal: Well, you know, it's possible that Jack won't think this is bad.

Erica: Opal, how could you say that? I mean, Greenlee has been a monster. She has just tormented Bianca about her sexuality, she's clearly out to sabotage me and Enchantment.

Opal: But still, I think that Jack and Greenlee deserve to know the truth.

Erica: Don't you think that I have been through enough by now? And what about Jack? Hasn't he? Look, we don't need a demonic stepdaughter interfering in our marriage.

Opal: Thus the rush to the altar.

Erica: Excuse me?

Opal: It isn't just because you came close to losing Jack again. You are in a hurry to seal the deal, and I know why.

Erica: Because I love Jackson.

Opal: You want to get him branded and tied to you pronto before Mary can make her move.

Erica: Well, Mary can make all the moves she wants. Opal, I'm certainly not threatened by some fling Jackson had with Mary Smythe.

Opal: Well, maybe not, but what was flung during that fling is giving you conniptions. And the flinger, whose initials just happen to be Mary Smythe, is going to spill.

Erica: No, she wonít. I won't let her.

Aidan: You still think Davidís responsible?

Anna: I wish I didn't.

Aidan: Is there anything I can do?

Anna: Oh, I'm so furious at him. And I am so bitterly disappointed. And yet I'm still worried about him.

Aidan: Don't waste your energy.

Anna: You know, I've seen him angry before, but this is like he's lost everything.

Aidan: You know, part of this is Davidís fault. He may have lost Leora, but he has thrown you away.

Anna: That may well be. There's no telling what he'll do. It's like he has a score to settle with the Martin family or something.

Laurie: Jamie, what are you asking me to do?

Jamie: I just want to know if there's a future for us or something.

Laurie: Jamie, I just graduated. I don't know what I'm doing. My dad's messed up.

Jamie: Your dad's totally screwed up. His life is hopeless. And he's going to drag you to the ground.

Laurie: What?

Jamie: If he doesn't get off the booze, you should kick him to the curb.

Laurie: I can't do that.

Jamie: You're going to let him run your life for you? He's going to ruin every chance for something better.

Laurie: Jamie, Iím trying to work. My life is one big question mark. My dad's an alcoholic. It's a disease. And you want me to sign on to I-don't-know-what and turn my back on my father?

Jamie: Forget it. Forget it, ok?

Laurie: Thanks. I'll try.

Jamie: You know what? I should've dropped you, like, yesterday. And instead I came here to give you a second chance.

David: Hey, you better back off before you get hurt.

Carlos: You said you left your phone in the car.

Greenlee: I -- I thought I had. I mean, I thought so at first, but --

Carlos: But it rang.

Greenlee: Uh, yeah.

Carlos: I did hear a phone ring. I heard your phone ring.

Greenlee: I fibbed.

Carlos: You lied to me.

Greenlee: I bent the truth a little.

Carlos: You ripped -- you ripped it to pieces.

Greenlee: I just wanted us to enjoy ourselves. And you did, didn't you?

Carlos: Very much.

Greenlee: So you can't be mad at me now.

Carlos: No. But don't ever lie to me again. Because if you do, watch out.

Greenlee: Afraid Iím too hot to handle?

Carlos: As hot as you can dish it, I can take it.

Opal: Well, I mean, short of homicide, I don't know how you're going to glue Maryís trap shut, but I will keep quiet.

Erica: Ok, thank you. Thank you.

Opal: For now. I just -- oh, here --

Erica: Joe?

Joe: Hmm?

Erica: Can I go back in again?

Joe: You may, yes.

Erica: Thank you.

Opal: Give Jack my congratulations, too, all right?

Erica: I will.

Opal: And, Erica, do be careful.

Erica: Ok. So where would you like to have the ceremony? I mean, it can get really hot outside this time of year, but the arboretum --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's -- what's the big rush all of a sudden?

Erica: Well, I want to marry you. I love you.

Jack: Well, I mean, I know Iíve been pushing for this for a long time. What's --

Erica: Well, I know now that you have been absolutely right.

Jack: Let me tell you something -- if you flip-flop on me again --

Erica: I am not going to flip-flop anymore. Jack, I want to marry you more than anything in the world. I need to spend my life with you.

Jack: I hope it's not because I would've died if they hadn't found a blood donor.

Erica: I love you. I just want to marry you as soon as we can.

Jack: And there's nothing more to it? Nothing that I don't know?

Mary: Please, let me answer that.

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