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Erica: District Attorney Jackson Montgomery is a rare individual, and he also has a rare blood type. Right now he is in desperate need of a donor.

Simone: We're just going to go swimming, Kenny. Well, what are you waiting for? Strip.

[Music plays]

Laurie: Looks like Reggie and Jamie found the keg.

Joni: Yeah.

Laurie: You're ok with the guys drinking?

Joni: No, I'm not the party police. I'm not crazy about it, but I'm not their mom. It's ok.

Laurie: Wow. I figured, you know, the way that you feel about things -- I mean, you dumped Jamie because he got drunk once.

Joni: Well, I'm not going to freak out about it. I mean, it's your graduation, and I kind of just want to have fun.

Reggie: You know, I'm not hot for Joni.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Reggie: No, seriously, I'm not. She does nothing for me.

Jamie: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Reggie: It was getting late down at the Habitat center, so I was like, "why don't you just come along?" And she just kind of followed me down here.

Jamie: Mm-hmm, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Reggie: Jamie, what was I supposed to say? Go home?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Reggie: Whatever. Whoa. Look, look -- whoa.

Jamie: What? What? What?

Reggie: Look.

Jamie: Whoa!

Reggie: Yeah, yeah, the party's started.

Jamie: Yeah!

Simone: Oh, gosh, it's beautiful out here, Kenny. You're kind of cute when you drool.

Kenny: Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Simone: Just -- just think of it as a bikini.

Kenny: Bikini -- bikini, right, right.

Simone: Well?

Kenny: Well, what?

Simone: Are you going to join me, or are you just going to be a big chicken?

Kenny: You mean right here, now in my --

[Simone imitates chicken]

[Kenny sighs]

[Simone laughs]

[Simone hums striptease music]

Simone: Not bad, Kenny. Not bad at all.

Kenny: You like them? I got them over the Internet -- unmentionables. com

Simone: I wasn't talking about your boxers, Kenny.

Kenny: Then what -- what were you --

Simone: Let's go.

Erica: Please, come to Pine Valley Hospital. Your blood may mean the difference between life and death for district attorney Jackson Montgomery. And after all he's given to us, this is our chance to give him the most precious gift of all. Thank you.

[Greenlee turns TV off]

Greenlee: Incredible. Erica's always in the public eye.

Mary: What did you say?

Greenlee: Mother, what is with this plus-size reaction to Ericaís one-woman blood drive?

Mary: It's not Erica. Jackson's an old friend of mine. Naturally, I would be concerned about him.

Greenlee: "Naturally"?

Mary: Forget it, Greenlee. You wouldn't understand.

Greenlee: Please. First you tell me that you're settling down in Pine Valley. Now you're all weepy over an old friend. Usually takes at least a split of champagne to make you this sentimental.

Kendall: Ok, Greenlee, you can torture your mother another time. Right now we have to get to the hospital and we have to give blood.

Mary: Kendall's right. Just hurry as fast as you can, please.

Kendall: Ow! What --

Greenlee: We're not going anywhere, Kendall.

Joe: Erica, I just heard about your plea for blood donors.

Erica: Oh, yes. Well, Joe, I hope it helps.

Joe: Oh, a plea from Erica Kane? My goodness, we'll be flooded. We've set up an emergency blood donation center in the sun porch.

Erica: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Joe. We are going to get your blood type, do you hear me? I promise. But, Jack, you have to make a promise, too. You have to promise me and everybody who loves you you are going to hold on until we get that blood you need. And we will. We have to.

[music plays]

Girl: Hey, Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, Elisabeth.

Elisabeth: Yeah.

Jamie: So --

Elisabeth: So, having a good time?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Elisabeth: Jamie --

Jamie: Yeah?

Elisabeth: I have, like, this confession to make. I mean, not a confession really, but -- see, I just graduated, right? And then Iím going abroad this summer and then, you know, college in the fall, so this is, like, now or never.

Jamie: For what?

Elisabeth: Well -- ahem -- I wanted to know if maybe you'd be interested in going out, maybe? Together? Soon? I've liked you for, like, forever. I just never got the nerve to say anything -- till now.

Joni: Reggie?

Reggie: Oh, yes.

Joni: Hey, what are you doing?

Reggie: I'm just hanging out. You following me?

Joni: No. No, I'm just, you know --

Reggie: Yeah. How about we go back to the party?

Joni: Ok.

Reggie: Come on, let's go.

Simone: Oh! Oh, my -- that is cold! Oh, gosh, it's mid June! Shouldn't the water be, like, room temperature right now?

Kenny: Well, there was an unusual amount of snowfall this past winter. I'm sure the --

Simone: Kenny, can the scientific thing. Kenny, just find my clothes, please.

Kenny: Yeah, sure, sure.

Simone: Oh, my gosh!

Kenny: Uh -- where are they?

Simone: What do you mean, "where are they?" They're where we left them.

Kenny: Not anymore.

Simone: What do you mean? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I -- Iím at a high school graduation party in my underwear!

Kenny: Maybe if you think of it as your bikini, you --

Simone: Just look! Look!

Joni: Oh, my gosh. I can't wait till summer. I'm going to go to the beach, get tan, hang out. Yeah.

Reggie: What, aren't you forgetting one thing? Don't you need, like, a job?

Joni: Yeah, I'll work at the church or something -- Habitat. And I'll probably get an internship and visit colleges. You know, summer stuff.

Reggie: So you're going to do the whole school thing?

Joni: Yeah, of course.

Reggie: Mm-hmm. And how many banks does your daddy own again? Like 15, 20?

Joni: No, you don't understand. I need a major scholarship for that. My dad doesn't --

Reggie: Excuse me, Miss, you know, community service. What, you're going to major in God and communications or something like that?

Joni: No, I was actually thinking about social work.

Reggie: You?

Joni: Well, I could work at Habitat, and -- I don't know -- do stuff that helps people. Why not? What? What?

Reggie: You're not like any other social worker I ever met before.

Joni: Thanks. I'm glad you think Iím so funny.

Reggie: No, you're just not getting it. Anybody that was ever there for me was just picking up a paycheck. They're all the same.

Joni: So it's all about the money?

Reggie: Exactly. It's the only thing that never lets you down. Forget college. Forget the beach. Forget the party. As soon as I get my hands on some real money, I'm never letting it go.

Simone: Oh --

Kenny: The clothes are gone, Simone. Now what?

Simone: Oh! I don't know! I'm in my underwear in public! God, this is just like a dream I had.

Kenny: Me, too.

Simone: What?

Kenny: I mean, not me. You know, we should just go back to the car. Everybody's having such a great time. I'm sure they won't even notice us.

Boy: Hey, look over here!

Simone: Oh, my God!

Boy: Yo! Check this out!


Greenlee: This whole "Kendall to the rescue" routine -- it won't fool me and it won't fool her, either.

Kendall: Who?

Greenlee: Is this national play dumb for Greenlee day? You're not marching over to Pine Valley Hospital to give blood to Jackson Montgomery. You want to score more points with Erica.

Kendall: Ok, we're not having this discussion.

Greenlee: Who, F.Y.I., will take anything that she can get from you before she dumps you at the speed of sound.

Kendall: Greenlee, can I please ask you in the nicest way to shut up?

Greenlee: I just don't want to watch you get hurt --

Mary: Greenlee, you have no business interfering in Kendallís relationship to Erica.

Greenlee: Yeah, I do. Kendall's my partner and my friend, and who knows more than I do about surviving a rejecting mother?

Mary: Fine, I'm the worst mother since Medea. Now let's just settle all of that and run to the hospital as quickly as we can. A man's life is at stake.

Carlos: What's going on?

Greenlee: My mother's playing humanitarian of the year. She wants us all to rush off to help Erica Kane.

Mary: It's not about Erica. It's about saving Jackson. I'm going to get the elevator back.

Carlos: What, there's something wrong with Mr. Montgomery?

Kendall: Yeah, he's in the hospital again and he needs blood, but he has a very rare blood type. And my mother was just making a public appeal for donors, so we need to get over there.

Carlos: So, yeah, we'd better hurry. We can take my truck.

Greenlee: You know, what are the odds that any of us has this blood type? That's why they call it rare. The hospital will find someone. What's the point?

Carlos: It's the right thing to do.

Greenlee: Ok, there's that.

Mary: The elevator's here!

Woman: Thanks for coming to donate blood. Please go to the end of the hall and follow the signs to the sun porch.

Man: Thank you.

Woman: Can you believe the response? I have never seen anything like this.

Second woman: The switchboard started lighting up as soon as the broadcast was over.

Bianca: See? It's working.

Erica: If only -- if only we can find a match for Jack now.

Opal: Oh, honey. Goodness, I just saw you on the tube and threw myself in the car. How is Jack?

Erica: Oh, he's holding on.

Opal: He is? Well, good, because that poor man -- I mean, here having his life at risk again.

Erica: I know, I know. And it's my fault again.

Opal: I think I got here just in the nick of time. Now, we are going to sit you right down and find that strong woman that I just saw on television.

Lena: Oh, Bianca, I heard on my car radio.

Bianca: Lena.

Lena: I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle.

Bianca: Thank you.

Lena: So, where do I go to give blood? I'd like to help if I can.


Simone: Laugh now. Make them stop. I'm freezing, Kenny! Oh, God, if I say something, it'll make it worse.

Kenny: Ok, that's enough. You've all had your fun.

Boy: Not as much as you.


Kenny: Ok, whoever took our clothes, give them back before I come after you with my bare --

Boy: Bare what?

Joni: Reggie, help them, help them.

Reggie: Why me?

Kenny: Let's be reasonable. We don't want to start anything.

Boy: That's not how it looks.

Simone: Oh, no threats, Kenny.

Kenny: Ok, look, I am prepared to offer a reward for any information leading to the safe return of our clothing.

Reggie: Um, how much would that be?

Joni: Do you know where their stuff is?

Reggie: Yeah, I might know something about some people taking their stuff --

Joni: You mean when I found you before?

Reggie: Yeah, back then.

Joni: Well, the only person I saw there was you, Reggie.

Simone: Oh, please. If you know where our clothes are, please give them to us.

Reggie: Can you go back to the "reward" part?

Joni: You weren't kidding about being ruled by money.

Reggie: Did I ask for money?

Joni: Well, you weren't turning it down.

Reggie: Because I'm not stupid.

Kenny: Ok, 25 bucks.

Reggie: All right.

Simone: Oh, thank God.

Reggie: For the socks.


Joni: Reggie, stop it!

Laurie: Oh, my God --

Boy: Socks!

Laurie: Dad --

Doug: Hey, sweetheart. You having fun?

Laurie: Yeah. So much fun I almost forgot you stood me up at my own graduation.

Doug: Oh, I'm sorry about that. You know, at the last minute I had to do something. But I'm here now, right? Let's celebrate, you and me.

Laurie: I don't think so. I don't think so. I think you already got started, anyway.

Doug: Oh, come on, honey. This is your daddy here. Come on --

Laurie: Please, please, stop.

Doug: No! I'm not leaving till I come to say what I come to say!

Boy: Yo! Is that --

Second boy: Yeah, man, pushbroom, and he looks bombed!


Jamie: Oh, man.

Elisabeth: What is it?

Jamie: Oh, nothing good.

Doug: My little girl, huh?

[crowd hoots]

Doug: My little girl, she's all graduated, all grown up, huh?

Laurie: Please, Dad. Please, stop.

Doug: Oh, honey, Iím so proud of you. I'm so proud. Your mother would be so proud of you, you know that? Your grandmother.

Bianca: Thank you for coming and helping out my uncle Jack.

Lena: No, no, he was very fair to me after everything.

Bianca: Have you ever donated blood before?

Lena: No. Actually, needles scare me a little.

Bianca: Oh, well, don't worry one bit. I'll be there to help you out.

Erica: What's she doing here?

Bianca: Mom, she's here to give blood.

Erica: Oh. Thank you, Lena.

Bianca: All right, let's get you tested.

Opal: Well, good for you, girlfriend. You didn't even lose your temper in the face of that awful traitor.

Erica: I couldn't. She's here to give blood.

Opal: Well, I guess we need even hers, huh?

Erica: I don't think that is blood in Lenaís veins. And Jack sure doesn't need ice water.

Opal: Let's just forget about Lena for the time being for Jack's sake.

Erica: I'll try.

Opal: Good. I got to go do a little donating of my own, honey. Are you going to be all right here by your lonesome?

Erica: Oh, yes, of course, I'm fine. You go ahead. Go ahead. Thanks.

Opal: All right, Iíll catch up with you in a bit.

Erica: Ok.

Kendall: Thank you so much for meeting me here. I'm sorry I had to cancel for tonight.

Boyd: Don't worry about that, all right? I'll take a rain check. This can't wait. So, you ready?

Kendall: Uh, yeah. Listen, why don't you go to the donation center, and I'll meet you there.

Boyd: Sure. I'll save you a gurney.

Kendall: Yeah.

Mary: You go sit. I'll find out where they give blood. Hi, excuse me. I wonder where they've taken Jackson Montgomery?

Nurse: In cubicle number one.

Mary: Thank you.

Kendall: I came to donate blood. And I brought Boyd. And I contacted as many people as I could on the way over.

Erica: Oh, yes, thank you.

Kendall: And I also came to be with you. I mean, this is so terrifying. On top of everything else, the thought of Jackson being so close to death --

Erica: No, I'm fine. I'm fine, really.

Kendall: Well, how can you be? I mean, first the shooting, and then Michael Cambias attacking you, and now this?

Erica: Ok, Kendall --

Kendall: Well, I just -- I want you to know that I'm here for you and I'll do whatever I can to make this easier on you.

Erica: Well, thank you. Then you know what? You could go to, perhaps, the donation center now --

Kendall: Oh, oh, I will. I will do that. But right now, my place is with you. So, what can I do? Can I get you coffee --

Erica: No, really. Nothing is more important than going and donating blood.

Kendall: And -- Iím not going to abandon you.

Erica: Kendall --

Kendall: Please, please, Erica, just tell me. What can I do for you?

Erica: Kendall, if you want to do something for me, please go to the donation center now.

Greenlee: Nice work. You sure cured Kendall of her self-esteem.

Erica: Why don't you just go away?

Greenlee: You think Jackson Montgomeryís condition gives you the right to act like a monster? It doesn't.

Erica: What, are you making this your personal campaign to harass me?

Greenlee: Oh, so you're the injured party now?

Erica: Look, first you go out of your way to help the woman who hurt my daughter Bianca. Now you're here to badger me when I get my daughter Kendall to go --

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: I knew this would happen. I knew this would happen. I warned Kendall if she came down here, she was setting herself up for more disappointment from mother dearest.

Erica: I am not her mother!

Simone: Where -- where are you going? What --

Joni: Reggie, this is blackmail, ok?

Reggie: Ok, I have something they want, and I want something for it. When a rich guy does it, they call it business, right?

Simone: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What exactly do you want in exchange for our clothes?

Reggie: It's not going to cost you a nickel.

Simone: Yeah, uh-huh. So what is it going to cost me?

Reggie: I was doing pretty good at that beauty shop you have until, what, you guys fired me, right?

Simone: Ok, first of all, Fusion is a cosmetics company.

Reggie: Whatever.

Simone: And secondly, you were fired because you sent Kendallís brother to prison -- not exactly the best way to impress your boss.

Reggie: Ok, I was just doing my job, ok?

Simone: Oh, ok, yeah.

Reggie: If you hire me back, I'll give you your clothes back for nothing.

Joni: Reggie -- Reggie, Reggie, Reggie -- listen, you're not going to do this to my friend, ok?

Reggie: Is she my friend?

Joni: I am, am I?

Reggie: You're ok.

Joni: All right, listen. Ok. Please do this for me because, see -- see, Simone, she did something -- she got me through really tough stuff once, and I kind of owe her big-time, all right? And I think this is the perfect way to, like, pay her back. And if you just give them their clothes back, then I can do that. Please, just please give them their clothes back. Please.

Reggie: And what's in it for me?

Joni: My thanks and the fact that you did something right.

Simone: Oh. Oh --

Reggie: The deal's off, ok?

Simone: Thank you.

Reggie: Just think about that job, ok?

Simone: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Constantly.

Reggie: Thank you.

Simone: Can't wait to work with you again.

Joni: How do you feel?

Reggie: Like a loser. A pathetic loser.

Joni: No, you donít.

Reggie: How would you know?

Joni: I know.

Simone: Oh, God!

Kenny: What -- what's wrong?

Simone: Well, my -- my clothes are soaked. I can't put these on. I'm freezing as it is. I'm going to get sick!

Kenny: Ok, here, here, put this on. You can wear this back to the car. Uh, I'll just find my keys and we'll get out -- my keys -- they were in my pocket --

Simone: Oh, no.

Kenny: They must have -- they must have dropped in the sand.

Simone: Oh, great, your keys are in the sand. Oh, that's just beautiful. Oh, great.

Boys: Whoo!

Boy: Oh, yeah!

Simone: Ok, you know what? Just forget it because if I start looking, these guys will come back over here before we can say "testosterone."

Kenny: You can count on that.

Simone: Yeah. Easy for you to say. A pair of pants and a bare chest and you're like any other hunk on the beach.

Kenny: I am?

Simone: Sure.

Kenny: I am working out.

Simone: Yes, you most definitely are working out just fine.

Reggie: I could've really cleaned that guy up bad.

Joni: What? What?

Laurie: Come on, please. Can we go, please?

Doug: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait --

Reggie: Yo, what's Mr. Lewis doing here? That guy really loves his liquor, man.

Joni: Yeah, more than anything.

Reggie: I thought I was bad.

Laurie: Daddy, please, ok?

Doug: Not, not -- wait, wait, wait. Not till I give you this, all right? Come on.

Laurie: Dad --

Doug: I spent all afternoon trying to find it. That's what I was doing, see? Huh?

Laurie: You ditched my graduation looking for some old ring?

Doug: This is your mom's graduation ring. That's why I didn't buy you one. Hmm? See if it fits. Which finger -- there we go. Perfecto.

Laurie: Oh, Dad.

Doug: Aw. Hey. Oh. It's ok. It's ok.

Bianca: Lena? How are you feeling?

Lena: Maybe if you just talk to me about something, anything, would take my mind off --

Bianca: Ok. Um -- all right. So you saw me at the Valley Inn. What else did you see?

Lena: You were with a very beautiful woman. Do I know her?

Bianca: No. Um -- neither do I. It was a blind date.

Lena: Oh. Does your mother know about this?

Bianca: She set it up.

Lena: No.

Bianca: Yeah, I swear. I couldn't believe it, either. But then things started to fall into place, like I love horseback riding and, by amazing coincidence, so does she. And I love fashion and, by amazing coincidence, so does she. I'm gay --

[Lena laughs]

Bianca: By amazing coincidence --

Lena: Oh! Oh, it's good to laugh with you again.

Boyd: Hey. What's up? Something got you down?

Kendall: Someone.

Boyd: Erica?

Kendall: I wanted to stay with her and help her, but she just screamed at me to get lost.

Boyd: Hey, Iím sorry. Listen, Kendall, I know that you and Erica have gotten closer. Ok, and I know you want that, and that's great. It might be a good idea if you took things slow, you know?

[Kendall sighs]

Boyd: Just let things happen.

Kendall: No, no, Boyd, I don't want any more warnings about Erica, ok? I know how to handle her. I mean, come on. She's my mother.

Greenlee: Excuse me -- you gave birth to Kendall. And unless they rewrite the laws of nature, that makes her your daughter and you her mother.

Erica: I am her biological mother, yes, but her real mother and father are the ones who loved her and raised her.

Greenlee: You think you can deny Kendall just because she's a child of rape? She saved you from a second rape. That should cancel out any karmic debt.

Erica: Look, for your information, I have already thanked Kendall many times for saving me from Michael Cambias' rape attempt, but nothing can cancel out what happened to me -- nothing. And I have the right to bury that disaster forever.

Greenlee: Oh, but you can't bury Kendall. However she got here, she exists.

Erica: Yes, of course she exists, and she got here thanks to me, ok?

Greenlee: Oh, you're --

Erica: Is that enough?

Greenlee: You're good. One minute the victim, the next the heroine. But you see, there's a problem with this -- you do this to everybody.

Erica: I do what?

Greenlee: You make them beg for your love -- the men in your life, even your own children. When they don't get it, they blame themselves. But the truth is you keep everyone at arm's length because you have nothing to offer.

Erica: Ok, Greenlee. I have an engagement ring on my finger and I have both daughters at my side, so now you take a long look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself, "who has nothing?"

Carlos: Come on, Greenlee. Let's go give blood.

[music plays]

Simone: We're going to dig our way to Tahiti before we find the keys.

[Kenny chuckles]

Simone: Well, I'm glad you find this amusing, but I am not defrosting.

Kenny: I'm sorry. I was just remembering something, that's all.

Simone: What?

Kenny: It's -- it's nothing.

Simone: No, long stories are about the only thing a situation like this is good for.

Kenny: Well, my family used to spend every summer at the beach. And on my 10th birthday -- it was early in the season -- my dad gave me this metal detector.

Simone: Oh.

Kenny: Yeah, so Iíd spend every evening out on the beach, finding hidden treasure -- thimbles, watches --

Simone: Thimbles?

Kenny: Yeah -- lots of lost change.

[Simone chuckles]

Kenny: That's what kept me in the ice cream store till the fall. I was just thinking I wish I had that metal detector now.

Simone: Yeah. You know, Kenny, this is the first time you've ever talked about yourself.

Kenny: Sorry.

Simone: No. No, tell me more.

Kenny: Well, Simone, I'm the only child of a nice Jewish couple. My dad's an accountant. Mom volunteers. I was born and raised in Center City.

Simone: Really?

Kenny: Yeah. Moved to Pine Valley. I go home once a week for dinner.

Simone: Oh, no, you donít.

Kenny: Yes, I do.

[Kenny and Simone chuckle]

Kenny: Yeah, I had a happy childhood, a happy adolescence, and now I'm a happy adult -- happy enough, anyway.

Simone: That's it?

Kenny: That's it.

Simone: Well, that doesn't sound so terrible.

Kenny: It's not. It's not terribly exciting, either. That's my dark secret -- I have no dark secret.

Simone: Oh. Well, that's fascinating.

Kenny: You're kidding.

Simone: No. No, I'm not. No, I've never met anyone as incredibly normal. No, really, compared to me, you are -- you're exotic.

Kenny: Really?

Simone: Really.

Joni: I guess Laurie and her dad are good.

Reggie: Yeah, they all right.

Joni: Look good.

[phone rings]

Reggie: Hello? Uh-huh. All right, all right. All right, thank you, Miss Kane. All right. Jackson's back in the hospital.

Joni: What happened?

Reggie: He's in bad shape. He needs blood. I have to go.

Joni: Ok, well, I'll find us a ride somewhere -- I think.

Reggie: Joni, "us"?

Joni: Yeah. I'm going with you.

Reggie: All right. Come on.

Doug: Ooh. Hey, excuse me for a sec.

Laurie: No.

Doug: It's not every year you graduate, right? Let's celebrate. You guys maybe have a beer for the father of a grad, huh?

Laurie: No. Dad, please, no. He's had -- no.

Doug: Just one. One.

Lena: He's had too much.

Doug: One, one, one, one, one. Come on, come on. You don't want to hog it all for yourself.

Boy: Hey, this is a private party, all right?

Doug: Private party, huh? Well, I drop a quarter to the cops, things could get ugly around here. Come on. Why don't you just give me --

Laurie: Dad --

Doug: Come on!

Laurie: Dad -- Jamie, he wants a beer. We can't let him have a beer.

Jamie: It's a little late for that -- Mr. Lewis --

Doug: What?

Jamie: Mr. Lewis?

Doug: What?

Jamie: I think you should go home.

Kendall: Think we can avoid the E.R.?

Boyd: You mean avoid Erica? Come on.

Bianca: Greenlee, thank you for coming. I -- I assume you saw my mom on television?

Greenlee: I did. And I decided to come anyway -- no offense.

Bianca: Right. None taken. I'm just grateful that you're here. And I wanted to thank you for finding Lena a job.

Greenlee: All it took was a few words to my well-connected granddad.

Bianca: Well, it really meant the world to her and to me. And I think Leo would've been proud of you.

Greenlee: Hmm. He's the one you should be thanking. He's still keeping me on my best behavior.

Carlos: So you're still feeling a little faint?

Lena: No. I think thinking about it is worse than actually doing it, you know?

Carlos: Most things are like that, you know?

Bianca: Hey. Are you ready to get going?

Lena: Sure.

Bianca: Bye.

Lena: Bianca, that date that your mother set you up on -- will you see her again?

Bianca: Yeah, I might.

[Greenlee sighs]

Carlos: So how are you feeling?

Greenlee: I'm fine, I'm fine. I'd like to electroshock some sense into Kendall, draw and quarter Erica, and send my mother on a cruise to hell.

Carlos: Wait -- Greenlee -- Greenlee, you --

Greenlee: I'm fine. It's nothing. I just realize all of a sudden how tired I am.

Carlos: You just gave blood, so --

Greenlee: No. No, I've been tired like this for a long, long time. I'm just so tired of --

Carlos: Of what?

Greenlee: Myself. Others. Mostly, I'm just tired of always fighting.

Erica: All right, thank you. Oh, Opal, this is not working.

Opal: What, honey?

Erica: The blood drive. They still haven't found a match for Jack.

Opal: Oh, now, they will. They will. We just need to have a little patience and a little time.

Erica: Oh, Opal, Jack doesn't have time. He needs to have the surgery now.

[monitor beeps]

Mary: I should have chosen you.

Doug: Now, is this the way you want to do it, kid?

Laurie: No, Dad --

Doug: Is this the way you want to do it, huh?

Laurie: Dad.

[Doug groans]

Laurie: Dad! Oh, my God.

Jamie: He's -- he's out, Laurie. All right. All right. Gwen, you haven't been drinking, have you?

Gwen: No, I'm -- Iím fine.

Jamie: Can you drive?

Gwen: Yeah, no problem.

Jamie: Ok, you can drive. All right. Everybody, let's get Mr. Lewis out of here, ok? Here we go. Up on three, huh?

Boy: Yeah. Come on.

Second boy: I got his leg.

Jamie: All right. Ok. Everything's going to be ok. All right?

Laurie: Ok.

Jamie: We're going to take your dad home.

Laurie: Ok.

Jamie: Come on.

Boy: Top it off.

[sirens approach]

Boy: It's the cops.

Girl: Oh, my God.

Simone: Oh -- ok. I -- Iím not going to cry. I'm going to count to 10 --

Kenny: Uh --

Simone: And then Iím going to cry.

Kenny: Oh, no. We --

Simone: Oh, not again!

Kenny: We got to get out of here.

Simone: Wait -- I'm not going anywhere now, not like this!

Kenny: The police are coming.

Simone: Yeah? Well, when is losing your keys a felony?

Kenny: Simone, I told you we were the only adults at a party with underage drinking. We're culpable.

Simone: Oh, no! Wait, wait, wait, wait. I am not running through Pine Valley in my panties!

Kenny: Would you rather get arrested in your panties?

Simone: Ok, on second thought, let's go. Let's go.

Sean: Kennedy, down by the beach there's a couple of stragglers making a run for it.

Ofc. Kennedy: I'm on it.

Sean: Go.

Simone: You don't have --

Sean: You have got to be kidding me. Well, Ms. Torres, long time, no see.

Kenny: Officer Lyman, I'm sure we can work this out without pressing any formal charges.

Sean: Sure. Start talking, Mr. Adler.

Kenny: Uh -- this is all a misunderstanding.

Sean: Oh! Another one?

[Simone chuckles]

Simone: You know --

Sean: Better be good.

Boyd: Here.

Kendall: Oh -- I don't think I should drink this, not after giving blood.

Boyd: Come on. One sip is not going to kill you. Besides, you're all strung out. You need to relax.

Kendall: No. Wine will not help me, trust me. I think -- I think maybe you should just go.

Boyd: No. No, I'll stay for as long as you need me.

Carlos: Feeling any better?

Greenlee: Hmm -- much. I was just spaced out from giving all that blood.

Carlos: No. There's more to this.

Greenlee: Um -- look, no speeches about how I'm not the monster I want everyone to think I am.

Carlos: Well, you really think you are? All right, sorry. No speeches.

Greenlee: So, Carlos --

Carlos: Yeah? What?

Greenlee: Ahem. What were you doing at Fusion earlier? I mean, there's nothing broken there at the moment.

Carlos: I came to apologize.

Greenlee: For what?

Carlos: For upsetting you the last time.

Greenlee: Well, doesn't take much these days.

Carlos: No -- what you're going through with you and your mother and what you did for Bianca -- it's none of my business.

Greenlee: Well, not yet, anyway, but I'm sorry that I get so defensive. I shouldnít. After all, you are on my side.

Carlos: Always. Want to get out of here?

Greenlee: Don't you?

Carlos: Yeah. Where to?

Greenlee: Anywhere on the planet, preferably -- sorry -- a place where my mother and Erica Kane don't exist.

Carlos: Ok. Let's go.

Greenlee: Where are we going?

Carlos: You'll see.

Greenlee: You know, I haven't seen my mother anywhere around this donation center. After all that fuss about giving blood, it's so typical.

Reggie: Erica, how is he?

Erica: Oh, Reggie. We still haven't found a donor.

Reggie: Oh, so where do I go?

Joe: That won't be necessary, young man. I've just learned that we've found a compatible donor.

Opal: Oh!

Erica: Oh, Joe! Oh, Joe, that's wonderful news!

Joe: It is, it is, and believe you me, finding a donor not Jacksonís family but the same rare phenotype -- boy, the odds are very, very low, believe you me.

Opal: Well, when do you start to work your magic, doc?

Joe: Well, as soon as the blood is processed. We'll prep Jackson for surgery very shortly.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Opal: Thank God!

Erica: Thank you so much, Joe. Ok, I'm going to go tell Jack the good news.

Opal: You do that!

Mary: You're going to be all right, Jack. Your donor's here. You're going to get the blood you need.

Erica: How do you know that? Joe Martin just found that out himself. How do you know that they have the donor?

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