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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Joe: Sooner or later, you will have to accept the fact that there was nothing anyone could have done to save Leora.

Kendall: Erica has a right to know what Greenlee did.

Palmer: At the expense of turning on your friend?

Jack: I'm just a human being who is sick to death of you constantly trying to push us apart.

Erica: Jack? Jack! Jack --

Joe: Contact the Red Cross blood bank. Tell them our supply is severely depleted. As soon as they can. Yes.

David: Joe, I want some answers.

Joe: And let me know the E.T.A. on the delivery when you can, huh? Thank you. Yes, David, what is it?

David: Where is Leora's autopsy report?

Joe: Let's talk about this in private.

David: No. No. Unless you have something to hide, we're going to talk about it right here.

Joe: David, there's nothing to hide. Nothing. We simply haven't received all the autopsy results yet.

David: That's a bunch of garbage, and you know it.

Joe: Can you give it a day or two, please? That way, when we have all the information, we'll make a better judgment as to what happened.

David: I know what already happened, and you know what already happened -- you killed my daughter. And you're stalling now because you know that that report is going to prove it.

Reggie: I said Iíd handle it.

Luis: Yeah, well, music appreciation isn't what I had in mind.

Reggie: She's gone, isn't she?

Luis: She better stay gone! And if you ever disrespect me like that again, you're not going to live long enough to collect that 10%.

Reggie: I'm straight. We're cool.

Luis: Yeah, well, eyes on the prize, dog. So let's quit wasting time, ok? We'll move the copper tomorrow. I got some buyers in mind for all this choice electrical. Think fast, or she'll never know what hit her.

Reggie: Oh, Joni, what -- what are you doing here?

Joni: My dad's still in a meeting, my mom can't pick me up, and Iím stuck here with you.

Reggie: Oh, well -- you know, it doesn't have to be a total loss.

Joni: What's that supposed to mean?

Reggie: I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to a party or something, down at the beach.

Kendall: Ok. Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles --

Greenlee: Give me that.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Greenlee: This is confidential Fusion info.

Kendall: Yes, and Iím a partner. Since when do we keep secrets from each other?

Greenlee: Since you went to the competition.

Erica: Jack? Jack. Jack. Talk to me, Jack! Jack, please!

Anna: Oh, my -- what happened? What happened?

Erica: Jack -- I don't know. I don't know.

Anna: Let me see. Jackson? Jackson! Jackson. Ok, can you call 911? Did you hear me? Erica -- call 911!

Erica: No, I canít. I can't leave him. I can't leave him.

Anna: If you don't work with me, we could lose him. I don't know what's wrong with him. Jackson? Jackson? Can you hear me? Jack!

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: Trust. Why did you set a land speed record ratting me out to Erica? You couldn't wait to tell her that I got my grandfather to hire Lena.

Kendall: Ok, it's no big deal. Erica would have found out eventually.

Greenlee: But I didn't expect her to find out from my partner. What I can't handle and what Fusion doesn't need is a traitor.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Greenlee. It's not like I gave up our company secrets.

Greenlee: You gave me up to score points with Erica.

Kendall: She had a right to know.

Greenlee: What is she going to have a right to know next, hmm? Our campaign strategies? Our marketing ideas? Our product development?

Kendall: No, I would never do that.

Greenlee: You seem to have forgotten that when we started Fusion, our goal was to beat Enchantment.

Kendall: Yeah, it still is.

Greenlee: When you're not sucking up to Erica.

Kendall: She's my mother.

Greenlee: That piranha will never be the mother you want her to be.

Anna: Oh, Jackson! Can you hear me? Jackson, can you -- what happened, exactly?

Erica: He -- he -- we were arguing, and he -- he collapsed. I tried to tell him, and he wouldn't listen.

Anna: Ok, listen, can you call 911 for me? Could you just do that? Please. Jack! It's Anna here. Can you hear me? Come on.

Erica: Yes, I need your help. A man has collapsed. Yes. Oh, the address is -- 400 Lake Drive. 400 Lake Drive.

Anna: Can I --

Erica: Yes.

Anna: This is chief Devane here. The patient is Jackson Montgomery. He -- well, his pulse is very rapid and his breathing seems to be shallow. Unresponsive totally. Yeah. We need an ambulance, E.M.T.s It's apartment 3-G. Yes. Thank you. And hurry.

Joe: David, I promise you'll be notified as soon as we receive all the autopsy results. I was in contact with the pathologist this morning.

David: Those tests aren't going to tell me anything I don't already know. My daughter's dead because of you.

Joe: All right, look, can we talk about this someplace else?

David: Trust me, when Iím through with you, everyone in this hospital's going to know that you're incompetent.

Joe: All right. I know how hard this is for you, but there's no use discussing it until we have all the facts.

David: The facts? You want to know the facts? The facts are this -- you kept me from saving my daughter's life, that when you had the chance, you chose to let her die. And I'm telling you, Joe, God help you when I get those results.

Doctor: Is there a problem, Dr. Martin?

Joe: No, no, no, no. No, everything's under control. Isn't that right, David?

David: You can hide behind your title and your reputation all you want, but when the truth comes out -- and I swear to you, it will, Joe -- I'm going to sue you and this hospital for everything you've got.

Doctor: You want me to call security?

Joe: No. The man buried his child today. Come. Let's go.

Man: I have to get this report to the lab immediately.

Woman: Right away, Doctor.

David: Where is it? I know it's here. It's got to be here. Leora Devane Hayward.

Joni: You're asking me to go to a party with you?

Reggie: Yeah, a graduation party down at the beach.

Joni: But we're not even seniors. We can't crash a party --

Reggie: Chill out, church lady. Get over it. We're going to go, we're going to chill. Who's going to care?

Joni: Ok, hold on a second. First you blow me off, and now you want me to go to a party with you?

Reggie: Yeah. There's going to be food, dancing. Going to have a lot of fun.

Joni: Um -- I canít. No, my mom's coming.

Reggie: So why don't you just call her, tell her there's a change of plans?

Joni: The party's not even chaperoned. She would not let me go, anyway.

Reggie: So why don't you just lie to her?

Joni: I can't lie to her.

Reggie: Look, you lied to her -- you went to jail, and they let you live, so it's going to be easy.

Joni: No. Forget it, no. Just go. I'll wait here. That's fine.

Reggie: You --

Joni: Go. Go for it. Go ahead.

Reggie: Whatever.

[Rap music plays]

Mr. Stafford: What on earth are you listening to?

[girls laugh]

Girl: Oh, my God!

Boy: What are you doing?

Second boy: Come on, bro.

[music plays]

Jamie: You aced four years of high school. Why aren't you partying?

Laurie: I'm working up to it. What's your excuse?

Jamie: I just got here. You looked hot at graduation.

Laurie: You were there?

Jamie: Didn't you hear me whistling when they called your name?

Laurie: You should've said hi or something.

Jamie: I didn't want to interrupt any family thing. And, besides, your dad's not too crazy about me.

Laurie: What family? My brother and sister -- they got into a fight with my dad, and he told them not to come.

Jamie: Isn't that your call, though? I mean, graduation is your day, not his.

Laurie: Yeah, it should be, but my dad makes all the decisions in our house, whether I like them or not. Thank God I'll be in a dorm in the next few months.

Jamie: I hear you. Your dad still must've been stoked about you getting your diploma.

Laurie: Yeah, well, he never made it to the ceremony.

Jamie: I'm sorry to hear that.

Laurie: It's no big deal. You know what I really wish, though?

Jamie: What's that?

Laurie: That my mom could have been there.

Jamie: I bet she would've cheered for you. And I know that you probably wanted somebody else to be there, too.

Laurie: Who?

Jamie: J.R.

Laurie: Honestly? I barely even thought about him.

Jamie: But you love J.R.

Laurie: Not for a long time.

Kendall: I don't have any expectations when it comes to Erica.

Greenlee: Please, that's all you have.

Kendall: You're wrong. Erica actually said that she needed me.

Greenlee: Erica doesn't know the difference between needing someone and using them.

Kendall: She's not using me, ok? You -- you have no idea what Erica and I have.

Greenlee: You have nothing. She used you to get to Michael. And now that she's got that, she's gone.

Kendall: No. Now I have a mother.

Greenlee: You know what? If you actually think that your -- Ericaís ready to be a mother to you, you're setting yourself up for a fall.

Kendall: God, you are so cynical.

Greenlee: No, I'm scarred. I had the same fantasies about my mother.

Kendall: Yeah, but if your mother reached out to you, you'd take it --

Greenlee: I'd check my pockets before she left. All I want from my mother is for her to leave town before she causes me any more grief. Are you going to finish this anytime soon?

Kendall: Yeah, sure, if you'll let me. We have to send copies of the promos to New York, Atlanta, Miami.

Greenlee: Promise me, no more running to Erica.

Kendall: All right. Ok. So, I have been reviewing some of the videotape submissions from our trip to Chicago at the White Star Lounge.

Greenlee: How'd we do?

Kendall: Really good. Fantastic, actually! We're not going to have any trouble finding our sexy guy.

Greenlee: Well, is Simone not taking the tapes home with her?

Kendall: Well, I told her that she has to share with us. I told her she has to share. We have to see them, too.

Greenlee: And she listened?

Kendall: I don't fight with Simone. I leave that to you.

Greenlee: I'm just trying to keep her focused.

[elevator door opens]

Kendall: Ok, well, we'll see if that works. Oh, well, it looks like that's not going to be a problem.

Greenlee: Who's your friend?

Man: The answer to your prayers.

Kendall: And what are we praying for, exactly?

Man: The sexiest man in America, and here I am. Your search is over.

Joe: What are you doing?

David: What does it look like Iím doing? I'm reading the autopsy results you claimed weren't ready yet.

Joe: You're reading the pathologist's preliminary notes.

David: And you've already sanitized them for public consumption.

Joe: That's not true.

David: You lied to me about these findings, Joe.

Joe: No, I did not.

David: You tried to keep me from getting this information.

Joe: Oh, this is too much, David. Too much. You've gone too far. Security -- get me security.

David: I've gone too far? I haven't even begun. This -- this proves that there's a cover-up, and Iím going to expose it.

Joe: David, there is no cover-up. There is -- no crime has been committed. And until we have all the information --

David: We don't need any more information. It's all a pack of lies!

Joe: No, David, they're facts.

David: No, these are twisted by you. You killed my daughter, Joe. You think I'm going to let you walk away from that? You think I'm going to walk away from that?

Tad: Hey, get off him.

Joe: Tad, Tad, don't, don't. All right. It's all right.

Tad: That's it. Back off -- do you understand? I've had it with you. Your daughter is gone. I am sorry about that. That does not give you the right to attack anybody, especially my father.

Erica: Anna, I am so truly sorry about your daughter.

Anna: Thank you.

Erica: I'm sure this is the last place on earth you'd like to be right now. Why don't you go home? I'll call you when there's news.

Anna: No, I'd rather stay. I want to make sure Jacksonís all right, see it with my own eyes.

Erica: Dr. Orlin, how's Jackson?

Dr. Orlin: Mr. Montgomery has what's called a slow bleeder. It's the result of the gunshot wound he sustained.

Erica: But that was long ago.

Dr. Orlin: Sometimes when there's a great deal of trauma to an area, a damaged vein continues to seep. The internal bleeding can go undetected for weeks, even longer.

Anna: So why did he pass out?

Dr. Orlin: Hypovolemic shock. It's another result of the internal bleeding. Was he agitated at the time he collapsed?

Erica: It's all my fault. Please, just tell me that he's going to be all right.

Dr. Orlin: We have to operate to find the source of the bleeding, and he needs a transfusion.

Anna: Yeah, but his chances for recovery are good, right?

Erica: What? What is it?

Dr. Orlin: Unfortunately, Mr. Montgomery has a rare blood cell phenotype.

Erica: What -- what does that mean? Please, just tell me that Jackson is going to pull through this, isn't he, Dr. Orlin?

[Rap music plays]

Joni: Dad -- what are you doing here, Dad? Mom was supposed to pick me up.

[music stops]

Mr. Stafford: I got out of my meeting early, and Iím very glad that I did. Since when did you start listening to music like that?

Joni: It's --

Mr. Stafford: Honey, I told you, no good can come from listening to trash like that.

Joni: It's not trash, Dad. It's --

Reggie: It's just mine.

Mr. Stafford: Yours?

Reggie: Yeah. I don't know how it got in there, but -- must have got in there by accident, but it's mine.

Mr. Stafford: And who exactly are you?

Joni: Dad, this is Reggie Porter. He works with me.

Reggie: Yeah. Hey.

Mr. Stafford: So you're part of the Habitat program?

Joni: Yeah, Reggie is Mr. Montgomery's go-to guy on the project.

Reggie: Yeah, I'm kind of like what you call the Jefe.

Mr. Stafford: The what?

Joni: The -- the Jefe -- it's -- it means that he's in charge when Mr. Montgomery's not around.

Mr. Stafford: You? Really?

Reggie: Yeah.

Mr. Stafford: Well, I would appreciate it if you didn't play that kind of music --

Joni: Dad --

Mr. Stafford: Around my daughter. You understand me, don't you, Reginald?

Reggie: Yes, Sir.

Mr. Stafford: Good. You ready to go, sweetie?

Joni: Um -- yeah, actually, I can't go right now.

Mr. Stafford: Why not?

Joni: Because I have to wait for a late delivery tonight.

Mr. Stafford: Ok. Then Iíll wait with you, sweetie.

Joni: But then we have to go over some vendor invoices --

Reggie: Yeah, vendor stuff --

Joni: With Mr. Montgomery when he comes back, and it's probably going to take a while for him to get here, you know.

Mr. Stafford: Well, you know I don't approve of Jackson keeping you out this late. You sure that he's going to be back soon?

Reggie: Very soon.

Joni: Positive. Yeah.

Mr. Stafford: Ok. Well, it's for a worthy cause, right? And listen, you call me when you're done. I will come pick you up.

Joni: Ok. All right. Bye, Dad.

Mr. Stafford: Great.

Joni: Ok.

Mr. Stafford: Call me.

Joni: I will.

[Joni chuckles]

Joni: Sorry about that. My dad's a little old-fashioned.

Reggie: I can't believe it, you know --

Joni: What?

Reggie: Lightning didn't strike, hell didn't freeze over. I just don't get it.

Joni: What are you -- what are you talking about?

Reggie: Girl, you just lied to your father, and if -- if I wouldn't have seen it myself, I never would've believed it.

Joni: Ok, are you going to diss me or are we going to go to a party, Mr. Reginald?

Reggie: I don't know. I kind of want to stay and work. Come on, let's go to a party.

[Joni laughs]

Reggie: Get your stuff.

Kendall: Well, he's sure got a lot of chrome.

Simone: Ah.

Greenlee: I'm surprised you're sharing.

Man: Hey, am I going to be on one of these?

Simone: I can't get rid of him. Ok, I was handing out contest forms, and studly over there keeps following me.

Kendall: Oh, worse things have happened.

Simone: Oh, no.

Kendall: Oh, I get dibs on his videotape.

Simone: Oh, please, honey, you have got to ask him contest questions before you get all mano a mano on him.

Greenlee: So, Catch, tell us what makes you sexy.

Catch: Why waste time talking?

[Catch chuckles]

Kendall: Oh, ok. All right, we get it.

Greenlee: Uh -- what do you find sexy in a woman?

Catch: Her smile and a body that won't quit.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Will you excuse us?

Catch: Sure.

Simone: Do you get it now? He's about as sexy as a sump pump.

Greenlee: And almost as smart.

Simone: Almost.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Kenny: Good. You're here.

Simone: Hey, Kenny. Did you come to see me?

Kenny: Yeah -- no. I -- I came to see Carlos. I've got some papers about his case.

Greenlee: He's not here right now.

Kenny: Oh, well, is it ok if I leave him a note?

Simone: Sure. Yeah, sure. Here. Let me help you.

Catch: Hi, I'm Fusion's sexiest man in America.

Kenny: That's quite a grip.

Kendall: All right -- whoa. Time-out, Bubba. Time-out. You -- you haven't won anything yet.

Greenlee: Yeah. You know, you have to enter the contest first.

Kendall: Yeah, and in order to enter, you have to submit a videotape. And we're running this contest nationwide. We haven't chosen any winners yet.

Simone: Right, and Iím still going through all the submissions we got from Club Ivar in L.A.

Greenlee: We know, Simone.

Kendall: Oh, besides, so many men do not know about our contest. We want to give them all a chance!

Catch: Well, I assume you accept nudity -- I mean, if it's tasteful?

Kendall: Uh, no, we don't, and your ride's here.

Catch: Try not to miss me.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Kendall: Ah, right. All right, you know what? I'm all for eye candy, but that guy was a turnoff majorly.

Greenlee: What a skeeze. Fusion's sexiest man has to be more interested in more than his reflection.

Simone: Yeah, he needs to be someone that, you know, is there for you when you need him. Someone who's real. Someone that doesn't even know that he's even hot. What are the chances that he's even in here?

Erica: Dr. Orlin, surely this hospital has enough of that blood type on hand.

Anna: What exactly is it that Jackson needs?

Dr. Orlin: He needs blood that's not only the same type but has the same phenotype as well.

Erica: Well, why do you make that sound as if it's a problem? I mean, Jack had transfusions when he was admitted here for his gunshot wound.

Dr. Orlin: Unfortunately, the hospital blood bank is experiencing a shortage.

Erica: That's unacceptable.

Anna: Have you tried the Red Cross?

Dr. Orlin: With such a rare phenotype, the local chapter doesn't have a match, either. We're checking the national registry. But the quickest and usually the most effective solution is to test family members.

Erica: All right. Well, Jack has a sister, Kit. She's out of the country, but I can call Bianca, my daughter. That's Jack's niece. May I use your phone?

Dr. Orlin: Yes. Dial nine first.

Erica: Thank you.

[Anna sighs]

Dr. Orlin: Is there anyone else directly related?

Anna: Oh, not that I know of.

Dr. Orlin: We need a larger pool of donors.

[phone rings]

Bianca: Hello.

Erica: Oh, Bianca. Thank God I caught you, honey.

Bianca: Oh, Mom, what is this about? Do you want to set me up with another girl or lecture me about Lena again? Because I'm really not in the mood right now.

Erica: Bianca, I'm at the hospital.

Bianca: The hospital? Why, Mom? Are you ok?

Erica: It's uncle Jack. He's collapsed, honey, and he needs you.

Bianca: Oh, my God. All right. I'll be right over.

Joe: Ok, come on.

Tad: What is your problem?

Joe: Tad, Tad --

Tad: Why is it always --

Joe: It's all right.

Tad: It's not all right! What are you trying to do, goad him into a heart attack?

David: Oh, please.

Tad: Is that what you're trying to do?

David: It was arrhythmia, and it was your fault.

Tad: My fault?

David: Too bad it wasn't the real thing. Then Leora and heaven knows how many other patients would still be alive today.

Tad: Oh, that's it.

Joe: All right --

Tad: You're out of here right now.

Joe: David, get out!

Tad: I'll be more than happy to help you.

David: I don't need your help. I'm leaving. But I already have everything that I want right here. This proves, Joe, that my daughter's death is because of your poor judgment and your incompetence.

Joe: You know, David, everyone in that O.R. did the very best they could.

David: Based on what information, Joe? It says right here -- "heart too weak to withstand surgery." That's what I was saying to you all along, but yet you had to move forward.

Joe: We knew there were issues.

David: Yes, we did, so why did you recommend surgery?

Joe: Because Leora's heart was overtaxed by the demands of her body. And without that pacemaker, she would've suffered massive organ failure!

David: Leora's heart did not fail her, Joe. You did. Damn it, you knew that I could save her! That's why you kept me out of the O.R.!

Joe: No, David, no.

David: Jake tried to stop me, too, when I operated on Leora in utero. But I wouldn't let him stop me. I kept going and I saved her life. You may have prevented me from saving my daughter's life this time, Joe, but you're not going to stop me now. I am not going to rest until I see justice for you murdering my daughter.

Tad: What is wrong with you? Look, what about your responsibility in all this, all right? You're the one that burst into the O.R. You're the one that interrupted the surgery, distracted the surgeon. You're as much to blame for Leoraís death as anybody!

David: Yeah, go ahead. You spin this any way you want. There is a cover-up here, and Iím going to expose it.

Joe: David, if you're unhappy with the findings, you can always consult with another pathologist.

David: Oh, really? And how do you suggest I do that, Joe? What, you're saying I should dig my daughter up out of her grave and perform another autopsy? Is that what you're saying? Is that what you want me to do?

[music plays]

Jamie: So, you're -- you're over J.R.?

Laurie: Totally.

Jamie: So you -- you've been lying to me?

Laurie: I didn't lie, exactly. I just said I was still in love with J.R. because I -- I didn't want to get involved with anyone.

Jamie: Like me?

Laurie: Like anyone.

Jamie: Why?

Laurie: Jamie, my mom married her high school sweetheart, and her life tanked. No way is that happening to me. I'm going to college, and I'm going to have a career and a real life, and then Iíll look for the right guy.

Jamie: Wow. Ok. I guess you got everything planned out --

Laurie: Yep.

Jamie: Except for one thing.

Laurie: What?

Jamie: When exactly did you hear me propose to you?

Laurie: Jamie, I just -- I got in really deep with J.R., and it made me realize that I didn't want to get serious with anyone.

Jamie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said anything about getting serious?

Laurie: Jamie, you came on so strong.

Jamie: Because I like you, not because I want to marry you.

Laurie: Look, just forget it, ok?

Jamie: I don't want to forget it. I just want us to hang out and have fun. And if anything happens, I think we should blame it on the moon or something.

Laurie: It must be a full moon. There's no other explanation.

Jamie: For what?

[girls giggle]

Joni: Hey, you guys.

Reggie: Hey, how you doing?

Joni: Congratulations, Laurie.

Reggie: Yeah, congratulations. You made it out.

Laurie: Thanks, guys. Now all I have to do is get through four years of college.

Reggie: You're a brainiac. It's not going to be a problem.

Jamie: Great. Do you want a drink, man?

Reggie: Yeah, no problem, man.

Jamie: Cool. All right.

Laurie: So, what's up with you?

Joni: Oh, we probably shouldn't have crashed, but he kind of just --

Laurie: No, girl. I mean, what's up with you and Reggie?

Simone: Really?

Greenlee: Someone who cares, who's real, who's there when you need him.

Kendall: Who doesn't even know how hot he is.

Simone: Ok. Kenny may be all those things, but he's just Kenny.

Kenny: Ok, so, would you make sure Carlos gets this for me?

Simone: Of course. Sure.

Kenny: Thanks.

Simone: Is there anything else?

Kenny: Yeah. I was wondering if -- if you'd like -- if you have the time, if you want to have dinner.

Simone: Tonight?

Kenny: Yeah.

Simone: Oh. Actually, I canít. I have to hit the grad party tonight at the beach.

Kenny: Oh, I see.

Simone: It's for work. I'm handing out, like, these samples for Fusion's, you know, body glitter.

Kenny: Wait, you're -- you're going to a gathering on a public beach with teenagers and body glitter?

Simone: What can I say? I love my job.

Kenny: Simone, that sounds like a pretty high-risk environment. I mean, as your lawyer, I suggest --

Kendall: Why don't you go with her? I mean, come on. How much trouble can Simone get into with her lawyer present?

Kenny: That's a great idea.

Simone: What a great idea.

Kenny: Shall we?

Simone: Yeah. Carlos' note. Bye.

Kendall: Bye.

Simone: Stay close.

Kendall: So, you want to check out some more videotapes and find our sexy guy?

Greenlee: I guess.

Kendall: What do you mean, you guess? A minute ago, you were totally psyched about this.

Greenlee: Checking out all these guys --

Kendall: Yeah, it's sweet, isn't it? Ooh.

Greenlee: Mostly.

Kendall: "Mostly"? What, there's a downside to this?

Greenlee: No, not for us. I mean, we're doing it for Fusion, for the good of the company.

Kendall: Yes, we're very noble.

Greenlee: It's just that my mother -- she used to do it just to do it, you know?

Kendall: Yeah, well, she's a woman. I mean, it's not like it's a crime, Greenlee.

[elevator door opens]

Greenlee: Well, you've never seen her in action. What?

Mary: Hi. Hi, Kendall.

Kendall: Hi.

Greenlee: Mother.

Kendall: Um -- excuse me. I -- I got to go.

Mary: I hope you don't mind me stopping by.

Greenlee: Why are you still in town?

Mary: I told you Marian Chandler was showing me real estate. Don't you remember?

Greenlee: You were serious about that? What happened to summering in Portofino?

Mary: My daughter's not there.

Greenlee: All right, Mother. What are you up to now?

Anna: Ok. Thank you. Sorry.

Erica: What's taking so long? Don't you think they should be finished testing Bianca by now?

Anna: Yes, you would think so, but I'm sorry.

Man: Ms. Kane?

Erica: Oh, no -- you know what?

Man: We hear your fiancť -- or is it ex-fiancť --

Erica: Please, please.

Man: Was admitted to the E.R.

Anna: Inappropriate -- ok --

Man: Your previous ex-fiancť, Agent Stamp --

Anna: Turn the camera off now!

Man: But, Chief, this is a big story.

Anna: We're going to give Miss Kane some privacy. Come over here. I will tell you what I know about the D.A. Come on. So rude.

Erica: Bianca, Bianca, did they finish testing you?

Bianca: I'm sorry. I'm not a match.

Erica: That's all right. That's all right, sweetheart. We're just going to -- we're going to keep on looking.

Bianca: It could take forever to find the right match. Uncle Jack can't wait that long.

Erica: No, you know what? We don't have to wait.

Anna: So, really, that is all I can tell you about Mr. Montgomery's status.

Erica: Excuse me. Do you want an exclusive from me?

Man: You bet we do.

Erica: Then you turn that camera on.

Joe: David -- There'll be no second autopsy.

David: That's not your call.

Joe: No, it's Annaís. I've reviewed the options with her. She decided against it.

[David sighs]

Joe: However, David, you could always have your own pathologist review the hospital's notes.

David: This is amazing. So Anna signed off on further investigation based on your advice?

Joe: I did not influence her decision.

David: Like hell you didn't! You used her grief to get her to do what you wanted!

Tad: Where were you? When she had the courage to make a decision, where were you? At least she was there to make one!

David: Don't you try to turn this on me. I know exactly what you're doing. You convinced Anna to go along with the surgery, and you talked her into getting me out of that O.R. You both manipulated her to get her to cover up your lies!

Guard: Dr. Martin, there's a problem?

Joe: Yes. Please remove Dr. Hayward.

David: I'm telling you, Joe, you ask for another lawsuit --

Tad: Get him out of here.

David: And you're going to get it.

Guard: Come on, pal.

David: Kiss your job goodbye.

[music plays]

Simone: Thank you. Oh, watch yourself.

[girls laugh]

Simone: Oh, my -- oh! Ooh, could I borrow you just for a second? This is so fun. Here -- try this.

Girl: Oh.

Simone: It's new from Fusion -- body glitter.

Girl: Thank you.

Simone: You'll love it. And, actually, you should really think about, you know, signing your man up for our Fusion contest --

Girl: Ok.

Simone: The sexiest man.

Kenny: Simone --

Simone: Thank you.

Kenny: Simone, that -- that's a keg.

Simone: Oh, I'm so glad you actually recognize one when you see it. Oh, here, here. I want to give you Fusion body glitter. It's on the house.

Girl: Thanks!

Simone: You'll love it.

Girl: Cheers.

Kenny: I told you this could be trouble, Simone. You can't have another run-in with the cops.

Simone: Kenny, will you lighten up? These are just kids. They're having fun. None of them are going to start anything. Good Lord -- oh, hey. New from Fusion -- body glitter. You'll love it.

Girl: Thanks.

Simone: You're welcome.

Kenny: That was definitely a minor with a beer.

Simone: It's a grad party. And you're right -- we are probably, like, the only adults here.

Kenny: Which makes us legally responsible for the underage drinking. Come on.

Simone: Kenny, it is a tradition, ok? Let them have their fun.

Kenny: What if something happens?

Simone: Then we will look the other way. Now, I want you to loosen up, ok? Can you do that for me? Can you just calm down and chill out? Can you do that for me? Please?

Kenny: Ok.

Simone: Ok. Oh, here's some beach Ė

Joni: There is absolutely nothing going on between me and Reggie. Nothing.

Laurie: Oh, come on. I saw you two bumping booties.

Joni: We didn't bump anything, ok? We were just listening to music over there.

Laurie: Whatever. How -- I can't believe you're even here. How did you convince your parents to let you come?

Joni: Well -- I lied.

Laurie: No way.

Joni: Yeah, well, they may find out, but I'm having so much fun. Oh, my gosh.

Laurie: I saw.

Joni: No, you didn't see. No, you didn't.

Laurie: Mm-hmm.

Joni: Reggie's -- he's fine, but I am not interested whatsoever.

Laurie: Right. Fine.

Joni: I'm not.

Laurie: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: So, how'd you get stuck with Joni tagging along?

Reggie: Well, you know, she's not so bad once you get used to her, but didn't you used to date her?

Jamie: Yeah, for a while.

Reggie: Well, what happened?

Jamie: Well, I guess I couldn't follow all the commandments, so, you know, whatever.

Reggie: Hmm.

Jamie: Looks like you made her bend a few.

Reggie: What happened? Oh, no, I didn't do that. She did it on her own.

Jamie: Wait, wait. Joni just doesn't sin for anybody. You interested?

Reggie: I'm interested who? No, man. You must be crazy. Joni? No.

Jamie: Ok.

Reggie: Thank you. All right, thank you.

Jamie: Good thing, good thing. Because if you're into a holy chick like Joni --

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Good luck, bro.

Reggie: Yeah, I know. Good luck.

Jamie: You want another?

Reggie: Yeah, pour me some.

Simone: This is your first kegger, isn't it, Kenny?

Kenny: Uh -- maybe.

Simone: You know, you really need to get out more often.

Kenny: Well, work keeps me kind of busy.

Simone: Really?

[Simone chuckles]

Kenny: Uh, Simone --

Simone: Whoo! Look at that.

Kenny: How do you get this stuff off?

Simone: Ooh, that's so pretty. Oh, water. Just water.

Kenny: I can't show up to court tomorrow with glitter on me.

Simone: Oh. Well, then, I guess we're going to have to make sure we get rid of every single little sparkly speck.

Kenny: Uh -- what are you -- what are you -- there are minors.

Simone: Yeah? We're just going to go swimming, Kenny. You do know how to swim, don't you?

Kenny: Uh -- yeah, but --

Simone: Well, what are you waiting for? Strip.

David: This is ridiculous. Would you just get off my back, please?

Tad: Why don't you just be grateful nobody's pressing charges?

Anna: What is going on?

David: I caught Joe trying to cover up why Leora died.

Tad: Oh, for God's sakes, he did not.

Anna: What?

David: Don't listen to them. Anna, everything they're telling you is a lie. Please!

Guard: Come on, let's go!

David: Look, this hospital's being run by a -- by a murderer, and I'm going to prove it!

Anna: What happened?

Joe: He saw the preliminary notes on Leoraís autopsy.

Anna: You showed it to him without me?

Tad: No, that's the thing. He broke into dad's office and stole them.

Anna: What does it say?

Joe: I had wanted to wait until all the results were in, but if you like, Iíll go through them and explain what they've found out so far.

Anna: Yeah, thank you.

Joe: All right.

Tad: All right, come on.

[Anna sighs]

[monitor beeps]

Erica: Jack. You're going to be fine, Jack.

Bianca: Yeah. When mom talks, people listen.

Erica: All we need is one person, the right person, to save you.

Mary: Darling, for once in my life, I'm up to no more than settling down.

Greenlee: But here? Isn't Pine Valley kind of boring for you?

Mary: Be that as it may, Pine Valley is where my daughter is and my heart.

Greenlee: Since when? There's a man, isn't there?

Mary: No, there's not a man, but I would like there to be.

Greenlee: Did you and Marian already cruise the latest crop of pool boys?

Mary: Greenlee, I know that you don't like the choices that Iíve made. I don't blame you.

Greenlee: I'd rather not discuss your past, Mother, ok?

Mary: I know I don't say the right thing at the right time, I know that I make promises that I can't keep, but the only way Iím going to change this is if I stay close to you so that we can spend some time together.

Greenlee: You've always been better at spending money, not spending time with me.

Kendall: You guys, Mia just called. She said we had to check this out.

Erica: As many of you know, district attorney Jackson Montgomery is a rare individual. And he also has a rare blood type. Right now, he is in desperate need of a donor. Somewhere out there, someone is a perfect match. So please, come to Pine Valley Hospital --

Mary: Oh, my God.

Erica: Tell the nurses in the E.R. that you want to help.

Greenlee: Mother, what's wrong?

Erica: Please, come to Pine Valley Hospital.

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Simone: I am not running through Pine Valley in my panties!

Kenny: Would you rather get arrested in your panties?

Greenlee: I warned Kendall she was setting herself up for more disappointment from mother dearest.

Erica: I am not her mother.

Mary: I should've chosen you.

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