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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Anna: You should have protected her. If anyone is responsible for her death, it's you.

Jake: Mia, Iíd like for you to meet Carolyn Finn, my fiancťe.

Erica: You chose the wrong person to fight with.

Mary: Jackson?

Jack: Mary?

Mary: Oh, thank God you're all right. Oh.

Tad: So the rumors are true, huh?

Jake: Word travels fast.

Tad: You have no idea.

Jake: How you doing?

Tad: Hey. I hear you're finally making yourself useful.

Jake: Yeah, finally.

Tad: Where exactly is that?

Jake: Well, for now, it's Kenya. We're doing some amazing stuff there, tad. It's really putting my life in perspective.

Ruth: Jake's been telling us all about it.

Tad: Oh, I'll bet.

Jake: So, what about you? What are you up to?

Tad: I just came back from Leoraís funeral. I'll tell you something -- seeing Anna standing next to that little casket puts things in perspective. Can't make sense out of any of it.

Ruth: Tad, let's make your brother's homecoming a happy one.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, Ma. I just thought that Jake should know that life and death go on around here, too, since he bolted out of town.

Jake: Said the man who disappeared into Ted Orsini.

Ruth: Boys --

Tad: Since when do you show up without so much as picking up a phone?

Jake: Well, why don't you relax and maybe I'll tell you.

Tad: Yeah, well, maybe I'll just listen. You can start with telling me what exactly happened with Mia just now.

Jake: How did you know about Mia?

Tad: Simone called me from Fusion. She said Mia tore over here the second she got your call. Is she still here?

Jake: No, no, she left.

Tad: Well, I'm not surprised. You hurt her when you left. You hurt her real bad. The good news is I think she's managed to heal a bit.

Jake: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Tad: Yeah, so what'd you say? Well, somebody better tell me something. I think she's still in love with you. As far as I'm concerned, you two could work things out.

Carolyn: I'd have a problem with that.

Jake: Tad, this is Carolyn, my fiancťe.

Tad: Your what?

Carolyn: I'm his --

Tad: Fiancťe, yeah. I heard him. I'm just a little confused. Are you out of your mind?

Michael: Oh, come on now. The way you're beating this bag, you look like you can use something to cool you down.

Mia: No, thank you.

Michael: All right, then. Well, how about we leave and I buy you a real drink? Besides, I can think of more creative ways for you to expend this energy of yours.

Mia: Oh, creative? Is that what you call it, coming on to a woman against her own will?

Michael: Oh, I see Kendallís been looking for more sympathy. She is the endless victim, you know that, right?

Mia: She told me what you did, and I believe her.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's your choice. Enjoy your workout.

Mia: Michael, wait. There is something you could do for me, actually.

David: So it's my fault Leoraís dead?

Anna: Yes. You wanted to wait for the operation.

David: I was the one that went in that O.R. I was the one that tried, yet again, to save our daughter's life. I never gave up on her.

Anna: And I did?

David: You -- you are the one that let Tad convince you that he should stop me. When you did that, you signed our daughter's death certificate, Anna. You killed her. I just wish you would have killed me, too.

Greenlee: I just came back from a funeral, Erica. I'm in no mood.

Erica: Why don't you just stick to the subject? You got Lena a job with your grandfather so you could spite me and make sure that Bianca never recovers from what Lena did to her.

Greenlee: You are so off base. I did someone a favor. Lena needed a job. Grandfather needed an international finance expert. There's no grand scheme here. Sorry to disappoint you. If you'll excuse me --

Erica: Oh, no way. I'm not finished with you yet.

Jake: Carolyn, Iím sorry. My brother doesn't have any tact.

Tad: Your brother is stunned. Shocked. I mean, you guys breeze into town with news like that, what kind of a reaction do you expect?

Carolyn: I understand.

Ruth: Tad, Carolyn worked with Jake in Chechnya. You remember her.

Joe: He mentioned her many times in his letters.

Tad: Carolyn with a y, right?

Carolyn: You got it.

Tad: I thought you two were just friends. I mean, all of a sudden, like this, you pop the question? I mean, Mia's still in shock.

Jake: Don't even get into that, Tad.

Carolyn: Maybe we should go.

Tad: No, no. You don't have to go. I apologize. I'm sorry. I'm sure you're perfect for each other. It's just that --

Joe: Everybody's surprised by Jakeís announcement. That's what it is. That's --

Ruth: But Jake is really happy. That's all we want, Tad.

Tad: Yeah, sure.

Ruth: Welcome to the family.

Carolyn: Oh, thank you, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Martin.

Joe: Joe and Ruth, please.

Carolyn: Oh.

Joe: Yeah.

Tad: Yeah, we're a zany family, but I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Carolyn: Jake talks about you all the time. I look forward to getting to know his big brother.

Tad: Well, I promise I'm not always this obnoxious.

Jake: Oh, sure you are, Tad.

Tad: Could I speak with you for a moment on the porch?

Jake: Actually, Carolyn was about to look through some of the family albums.

Tad: Sounds swell. Porch. Now.

Jake: I'll be right back.

Carolyn: Ok.

Tad: Was she here when Mia walked in the house?

Jake: Her name is Carolyn. What's your problem?

Tad: Right back at you. Answer the question. Was she here when Mia walked through that door?

Jake: Yeah, she was here.

Tad: Terrific. Talk about getting kicked in the teeth. What'd you say to Mia? "Gee, I know it's only been 20 minutes since I ripped your heart out, but let me introduce you to the new girl that's going to share the rest of my life."

Jake: No, no, no, no, no. Didn't I just tell you that I knew Carolyn from before?

Tad: That's not the point. You know, sometimes I think you did Mia a favor by boinking nurse Ratched in that closet. Otherwise, the two of you would have gotten married, and God knows how long it would have taken for her to figure out what an absolute tool you can be.

Jake: You know, where do you get off passing judgment on me, Tad?

Tad: It's a piece of cake. What makes you think it's all right for you to bring Carolyn back to Pine Valley so you can rub Miaís face in your big news?

Jake: Because Mia is over me. Do you understand? She just told me that. She admitted she never loved me, Tad.

Tad: And you believed her?

Jake: Oh, don't even look at me like that.

Tad: Oh, come on! Think about it for five minutes. What else is she going to say? She's trying to cover up the fact of how hurt she was when you cheated on her, dumped her, you broke the engagement and ran out of town without so much as a hug.

Jake: How do you know this?

Tad: Because I have been here. I've been walking in and out of Fusion every day for the last two months. I have seen what this has done to her.

Jake: All right, well, look, I never meant to hurt Mia --

Tad: Well, guess what. You did. Congratulations. And now -- genius -- you do something like this? Jake, you're acting like you don't care.

Jake: You don't even know how I feel, tad. All right, so why are you on your high horse here? Since when did you start caring about Miaís feelings?

Mia: Explain to me something because I'm just -- I'm a little bit curious. Why out of all of Kendallís friends did you think that you could come on to me and I would just fall for it?

Michael: No, this isn't some plot. I saw you. You looked thirsty.

Mia: Would you just stop, ok? Just answer my question. What is it? Is it my eyes? The way that I walk? The way that I was punching the punching bag that just screamed out naive, weak, pushover? What?

Michael: Is this what you always think when somebody asks you out for a date?

Mia: Oh. Oh, but you're not just somebody. I mean, you're Michael Cambias. You're the jerk who tried to assault one of my best friends and her mother.

Michael: I don't even know why I bother.

Mia: No, no, wait a second. I really want to know. I mean, did you think that Iíd just be falling all over myself to go out with you after you did what you did?

Michael: Oh, my God, I asked you if you wanted a bottle of water.

Mia: I don't want anything from you. The way that you used Kendall --

Michael: This was her version of events, Mia. Kendall turned against me, worked with her mother to wreck --

Mia: After she found out what a lowlife you are. You lied to her. You cheated on her with another woman. You made her think that you loved her, and all the while you were sleeping with Alison behind her back.

Michael: Whoa -- wait a second. Who's Alison?

Mia: I mean Lena. Whatever her name is. That's not the point, ok?

Michael: No, no. Actually, I think it is the point. This isn't about me or your friend Kendall, is it? It's about you and that guy that made you feel like a fool.

Carlos: Ms. Kane, I would appreciate it if you would --

Greenlee: Carlos, it's ok. Really. I can deal with her.

Carlos: Fine. Yell if you need me.

Greenlee: I can take care of myself, but your daughter canít. She needs all the help she can trying to escape your vise grip.

Erica: Oh, and you expect me to believe that you want to help Bianca?

Greenlee: That's right.

Erica: Is this the same Bianca you always referred to as "lesbianca," I think you always called her? Since when are you Biancaís friend?

Greenlee: All in the past.

Erica: And all this from the woman who blackmailed Bianca, who threatened to tell everybody in town that Bianca was gay just to save her own tail? And now you want me to believe that you're trying to help Bianca and Lena?

Greenlee: Yeah. I'm a sucker for true love.

Erica: Oh, you're a sucker, all right. You are trying to hurt me, and I'm not going to let you.

Greenlee: Ok, I'll admit it. It's about you. Bianca's being steamrolled by a mother who says that she loves her --

Erica: How dare you.

Greenlee: And she won't let her live her own life.

Erica: You know nothing about my relationship with Bianca, but I know where you're coming from. Because what would you know about a mother's love? Your mother was never there for you.

Greenlee: You have no idea what my mother has done.

Erica: She's the reason you demand attention all the time. Obviously, you never got that attention when you were growing up.

Greenlee: Ok, who are we talking about, me or yourself? You're still trying to get attention from every guy you pass on the street because your daddy never broke stride for you.

Erica: Oh, you don't know what you're talking about.

Greenlee: Oh, yes, I do. You come in here making threats because you can't control your own daughter.

Erica: I couldn't control my own daughter even if I wanted to.

Greenlee: Oh, no kidding. You can't even control your own life. How many times were you engaged to Jackson Montgomery? Five?

Erica: Excuse me, will you stick to the subject --

Greenlee: Jack will thank you for it, though. That way, you won't ruin his life any more than you already have.

Anna: You wish I would have killed you? I wanted to when you went in that O.R.

David: Joe should have let me be in there in the first place.

Anna: Why should he? You were putting your own need to play God ahead of your daughter's life. This time, it cost us.

David: I was trying to save my daughter's life.

Anna: You convinced me that she shouldn't have the pacemaker. Why did you stop me?

David: Because it was the right thing to do!

Anna: Oh! And I should never have listened to you! I knew you couldn't stand the thought of someone else operating on your daughter and saving her life because you had to be the one to do that.

David: That's right! That's right, Anna. I'm one of the world's most sought-after heart specialists. I couldn't possibly have been right!

Anna: And that is so important to you. David, what does it matter who's right? Our baby's dead.

David: Don't you understand? I could have saved Leoraís life. If you would have just trusted me, Anna, if you would have just backed me up with Joe, I would have done the right thing for all of us.

Anna: No, the right thing for me and my daughter would have been to keep us away from you.

David: But you didn't.

Anna: No, I didn't. And if I had -- oh. God. Oh. Oh. It was me. I'm the reason she's dead.

Jake: All right, listen, listen. I don't know how many times I have to say it. I never meant to hurt Mia.

Tad: I don't know how many times you'd have to say it, either. How many times are you going to say it before you believe it?

Jake: What? What are you talking about?

Tad: Oh, come on, Jake. I was there. Remember all those little conversations in your office? Admit it. Deep down, somewhere deep down inside, you wanted Mia -- you wanted to get back at Mia the night of that party, right?

Jake: For what, Tad?

Tad: For ignoring you, for making you feel like she put her career ahead of you. You wanted her to know firsthand what kind of mistake she'd made.

Jake: That's -- that's not why I did it, man.

Tad: Oh, come on. You were practically inviting Mia to walk in on you and Alison in that broom closet. Simone just beat her to it. That's what happened.

Jake: You actually think that's what I'm all about?

Tad: What am I supposed to think? You think it's ok to bring Carolyn back to Pine Valley with you? Why on earth would you do something like that unless you wanted to wave her around under Miaís nose? "Hey, everybody, look at me. I got a new girl, somebody's who's perfectly happy to be my wife, and she's a doctor."

Jake: Tad -- all right, maybe you are right. All right, maybe -- maybe I brought Carolyn back here to show her off.

Tad: Thank you.

Jake: What is wrong with that, huh?

Tad: Thank you very much.

Jake: I never intended on hurting Mia. I did this for myself, because I needed answers and I needed to be sure that I wasn't going to have any regrets with Mia.

Tad: And you don't?

Jake: The only regret that I have is what happened that night at the Fusion party.

Tad: Huh.

Jake: You don't understand, Tad. Carolyn is great. She is the one for me. She's -- she's it. She -- she -- she -- we like the same things.

Tad: Jake --

Jake: We want the same things.

Tad: You made me the same exact speech about Mia.

Jake: Oh --

Tad: You do know that, right?

Jake: You know, I don't know. Probably, ok. Carolyn is the real thing. I mean, Mia and Alison -- this whole thing that happened with them, it made me change the way that I see my life.

Tad: Yeah, well, I certainly hope so for Carolynís sake, you know, because it seems to me that all you're doing is taking the next big catch that just comes along and plugging her into this perfect life fantasy that you've always had.

Jake: I already told you, she didn't just come along.

Tad: What mom and dad have doesn't come easily. And if you've got to bring Carolyn back to Pine Valley with you just to consider whether or not she fits into your life, then maybe you're doing the wrong thing all over again.

Jake: No, I'm not doing the wrong thing, Tad. You don't understand because you haven't seen us together, so how can you say that?

Tad: Jake, how can I say that? I can say that because I love you, ok? I just do not want to watch you make the same mistake again.

Jake: It's not a mistake.

Tad: Well, I hope to God you're right because now you are involving yet another human being in all of this. If you really love Carolyn, if you feel about her the way you say you do, you will be honest with her.

Jake: Let me ask you something, big brother -- are you really that concerned about Carolyn and me, or is there something else going on here?

Tad: What is that supposed to mean?

Jake: I'm just -- it sounds to me like you're jealous that Iím finally happy in my life and that maybe Iím in love with someone just like you were --

Tad: Don't -- don't you dare. I don't want to hear it come out of your mouth. Don't pretend this is about me and Dixie.

Jake: All right, let me tell you something. You need to go back in there, and you can treat Carolyn like your future sister-in-law, or you can get out of here, Tad.

Erica: Jackson Montgomery and my personal life are off-limits.

Greenlee: Who says I have to play by your rules? Have you considered the fact that you could be ruining Jacksonís life the way you're going to ruin Biancaís?

Erica: No, I never have. And you just can't go around saying things like that.

Greenlee: Like what? Like what? The truth? You'd mess with your own child only because she doesn't live up to what you consider to be your dream daughter -- meaning straight.

Erica: Straight or gay, I love Bianca. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. But here's something for you to think about -- would your mother say the same thing about you? I don't think so.

Carlos: What she said about your mother --

Greenlee: Erica's just blowing smoke.

Carlos: I know she's proud of you.

Greenlee: She's not, but guess what. I don't care what my mother thinks of me.

Carlos: Yes, you do.

[pounding on door]

Erica: Jack? Open up. It's me.

Reggie: Oh. Hi, Erica.

Erica: Reggie, I need to see Jack.

Reggie: Oh, didn't you give Jack the old "see you later"?

Erica: Reggie, is he here or not?

Reggie: It's kind of complicated.

Erica: I need to see him.

Reggie: Well, you might have to get in line.

Mia: I told you to leave me alone.

[Mia gasps]

Erica: Reggie, you should have told me Jack had company.

Reggie: Well, now he's going to come home to two babes. Not bad for an old guy. What? You said you didn't want to marry him. He's got rights.

Erica: Why don't you just keep your comments to yourself?

Reggie: I have to go, yeah, to work. Or maybe I should stay in case things get ugly.

Erica: You can leave.

Reggie: You're sure? All right.

Mary: Nice to meet you, Reggie.

Reggie: Oh, and there's a first aid kit in the bathroom underneath the sink in case there's any blood.

[Mary chuckles]

Reggie: Play nice, please. Jack's things.

Erica: Well, I wonder where Jack gets the patience.

Mary: Oh, he's very kind to take Reggie under his wing, but it's not surprising.

Erica: Why do you say that?

Mary: You don't remember me, do you?

Erica: Well, you look familiar.

Mary: We've met before. I'm Mary Smythe.

Erica: Oh, I see. Yes, you're Greenlee's mother.

Mary: Yes. She worked for you at Enchantment.

Erica: Yes, she did.

Mary: Mm-hmm. Well, I was traveling with my art exhibit at the time, but her grandfather mentioned you in his letters.

Erica: Did he?

Mary: Yes, daddy said Greenlee learned so much from you about the cosmetics industry that he's sure that's why Fusion is becoming so successful.

Erica: I think that you should spend less time with your art and more time with your daughter.

Mary: What do you mean by that?

Erica: You need to spend more time teaching her manners, how not to stick her nose into other people's business.

Carlos: Don't do -- don't do this.

Greenlee: Do what?

Carlos: Hide from me. I mean, what Erica said -- you pretend like you feel nothing, but that's not true.

Greenlee: Unlike some people, I don't live for my parents' approval. I figured out real fast that it was never going to happen, so why bother?

Carlos: You have my approval. Is that enough?

Greenlee: Obviously you didn't hear everything Erica said. I blackmailed Bianca, I used snarky names and embarrassed --

Carlos: You didn't mean to hurt her, though. That's not your way --

Greenlee: Yes, I did. I aim and I fire. I knew exactly what I was doing. It served my purpose at the time, and I don't regret doing it.

Carlos: Come on, Greenlee, you're not --

Greenlee: I'm not good and virtuous, Carlos, and I'm never going to be. So maybe we should just end this now before you're my next target.

Mia: Oh, my God. Oh, I'm so sorry, Tad. I'm really sorry.

Tad: I'm fine, really. You been working on your jab for a while?

Mia: No, I just -- I thought you were someone else. I'm so sorry.

Tad: Who? Jake?

Mia: No. Michael Cambias.

Tad: That really hurts.

Mia: No, it's just that -- ok, he was here before and sort of bugging me and just trying to charm me or whatever. I don't know.

Tad: Want me to talk to him?

Mia: No, no, I've got it under control.

Tad: I'd say so. That was a hell of an uppercut. Well done.

Mia: Yeah. You're really going to feel it tomorrow.

Tad: So will you. I heard about what happened with Jake at the house.

Mia: Oh, yeah, I saw him. He looks very good, very happy.

Tad: Seeing him with Carolyn must have been a sucker punch, huh?

Mia: No, I think she's terrific. She's great, you know? I'm really glad that he met someone who can give him what he wants.

Tad: Look, I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but the fact that he would do something like this -- you know, get married all of a sudden -- it's got nothing to do with you and everything to do with him.

Mia: That's a nice try, Tad, but you don't believe that and neither do I.

Jake: All right, Mom, you have to understand, Carolyn is not -- she's not some person that I just got involved with on the rebound. And Mia wasn't the only one who was hurt whenever I left Pine Valley.

Ruth: And Carolyn helped?

Jake: She did. She did. I mean, for the first time, I have someone who wants the same thing out of life that I do. And she cares about me. She makes me feel loved.

Ruth: Then she is a very special young lady.

Jake: She is, Mom. I don't know where Tad gets off, you know, trying to police me. And all of a sudden, I'm the evil brother and he's got to protect all the women of the world from me.

Ruth: Darling, running away the way you did -- Tad was here for Mia. We all were, but -- honey, leaving like that, disappearing without a word to anyone, is not the best way to handle things.

Jake: I know. And I'm really sorry that I left like I did.

Ruth: I know, I know. Hey, listen, as soon as you and Carolyn are settled in here at home, Tad will get to know her, and he'll come around. He always does.

Jake: Well, Mom, actually, it's not going to happen quite like that. Carolyn and I are not going to stay in Pine Valley. We're going back to Kenya.

Ruth: To doctors without borders?

Jake: It's where Iím needed. Plus, you know, I got a lot of old baggage in this town, Mom. There's too many might-have-beens out there. I want Carolyn to know the best of me.

Ruth: I understand. Well, listen, before you go, I'd love to plan a little party for the two -- oh, an engagement party. Now, how does that sound?

Jake: Well, you know what? It sounds great. It does. But Carolyn and I are going to have to leave tonight.

Anna: I did this. My so-called love for you has destroyed everything. I'm so sorry. I am so sorry. I should have been stronger. I should have just taken care of you myself. I knew how to do that. But I thought that we could be a family. What I should have done is as soon as you were born I should have packed you up and taken you as far away as possible. Then you'd still be here. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Ruth: Tonight? You've only been here a few hours, and you're just going to turn around and then leave again?

Jake: I know. I know, Mom. I'm really sorry, but we had already made commitments.

Joe: Jake, your future wife pretended to be thoroughly impressed. She's very thoughtful.

Carolyn: I was impressed. I bowl strictly gutter balls.

Joe: Ah, we're going to fix that. And I was telling Carolyn you two got here just in right time because the annual Martin Fourth of July picnic is not to be missed. And I think it's a great way to initiate Carolyn into the family.

Jake: Dad, Carolyn and I won't be staying. In fact, we're flying back tonight.

Joe: Why? Did you know about this?

Ruth: Jake just told me.

Jake: Well, we'd love to stay. We would. But we are committed on my work, and we have to get back.

Joe: Well, are you going to stay there permanently?

Jake: At least for the time being.

Ruth: Couldn't you just stay for a few days?

Carolyn: Ruth, it was hard to get here in the first place.

Jake: And I wanted you to meet my future wife, so --

Ruth: Of course. All right, then I have a request -- that when the two of you do get married, we want an invitation to the wedding, and I don't care if it's in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Jake: You --

Ruth: You and I are going to the wedding.

Jake: Right. You've got it. It wouldn't be a wedding without my mom and dad.

Joe: Ok with you?

Carolyn: Yes.

Joe: Good.

Tad: Hey -- it's not a joke. If I know anything, I know my brother.

Mia: You know what? I'm really confused. Why the sudden turnaround? A few months ago, it was all my fault because I was the one who wasn't giving Jake the proper attention. I was putting too much of myself into Fusion, I wasn't paying enough attention to him, and that's exactly what you told me.

Tad: Yeah, well, maybe I was wrong. Now I'm not so sure it had anything to do with Fusion.

Mia: Well, then what? Why? What? Because I would just -- I would love to know.

Tad: Basically, Jake wants the marriage my parents have.

Mia: Who wouldn't?

Tad: He doesn't realize how hard they had to fight to get it. The minute you did something that didn't fit, that he didn't understand, he panicked and left. What do you think is going to happen the first time that Carolyn works late or spends too much time with a patient?

Mia: That is not my problem.

Tad: And it's not your fault, either. Look, it's none of my business, ok? I'm sorry I said anything. I just want you to know that I feel bad that my brother ever caused you that kind of pain.

Mia: Oh, well, thank you.

Tad: Do yourself a favor -- don't blame yourself, ok?

Mia: Look, your brother is not the first person to dump me without looking back. And come to think of it, he's not the last, either. Edmund holds that honor.

Tad: Edmund? That's -- that's totally different.

Mia: Why?

Tad: Because Edmundís still in love with his wife. You can't compete with that. Nobody can. I mean, Maria is like his --

Mia: Soul mate.

Tad: Yeah, yeah.

Mia: Well, you know what? It doesn't really matter because there is something in me that just repels men. It's like I give off negative ions or something. I don't know what it is. It seems like anytime anyone gets close to me, they just -- they drop me, just like that. And it's usually for somebody else.

Tad: From where Iím sitting, there's not a thing wrong with your ions.

Mia: Oh, right.

Tad: I'm not kidding. You're the whole package. I mean, you're beautiful, you're successful, a total master of the pugilistic arts.

Mia: Well, I tell you what -- you better look real close, because underneath, I might pull you under for good.

Carlos: Is that what you want? You want to end things?

Greenlee: No. But if you have some twisted fantasy of who you think I am, then forget it. I'm not perfect.

Carlos: I never thought you were. Besides, who wants someone that's perfect?

Greenlee: So you understand?

Carlos: I know you're not the monster that Ericaís making you out to be.

Greenlee: I told you, she's just desperate to stick it to me and control every move that Bianca makes.

Carlos: Yeah, but that was very nice of you to help Bianca, get Lena a job.

Greenlee: You didn't buy that stuff that I told Erica about true love and everything? I did it because I wanted to drive Erica crazy, and there's nothing more beautiful than the sight of Erica Kane in full throttle.

Carlos: Maybe, but there's something more to this.

Greenlee: There's also the fringe benefit of stopping Erica from controlling Biancaís life the way Mary loves to control mine.

Carlos: Can you at least tell me the truth?

Greenlee: I am.

Carlos: Trust me --

Greenlee: Trust me, you don't want to know.

Erica: That was way out of line. I apologize.

Mary: No, no need to.

Erica: Well, Greenlee is still your daughter. I'm sure --

Mary: I understand.

Erica: You do?

Mary: Yes. As you say, she's my daughter. I know her better than anybody. And Greenlee can be trying at times, to say the least. I take it she interfered where she shouldn't have.

Erica: Yes, she did. With my daughter Bianca.

Mary: She's so stubborn. She's so stubborn. And, of course, she never takes a word of my advice. But I guess all daughters are like that with their mothers, aren't they?

Erica: Well, Bianca is headstrong, but she does stop short of hurting other people.

Mary: Erica, Iím sorry for whatever Greenlee did, but I will attempt to have a talk with her and tell her to mind her business where Bianca is concerned.

Erica: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Mary: So -- I'll tell Jack you were here.

Erica: Ha! Well, I guess you're very like Greenlee. Are you kidding? Do you actually think I'd leave you here alone?

Tad: You are nuts, ok? You're smart, you're funny --

Mia: No, not smart. Don't say smart.

Tad: You are. It's the truth.

Mia: Well, I don't think Jake would agree with you.

Tad: That's Jakeís loss.

Mia: Well, let's see here -- I work too hard, I want too much, and I ignored him to the point where he did it with another woman. That's great.

Tad: Stop. Stop it.

Mia: What?

Tad: Why -- why are you so determined to act like it's your fault that you and Jake didn't work out?

Mia: It is my fault. I ignored him. I ignored him, and it's my fault.

Tad: Hey, it doesn't matter. It wouldn't have mattered if you smothered him 24/7.

Mia: So you're saying that we were just basically doomed from the beginning?

Tad: Well, I wouldn't put it like that, but, you know --

Mia: Are you trying to make me feel better? Are you? Because it's really, really not working.

Tad: I'm sorry. The fact is I just don't think it was going to happen for you with Jake no matter what.

Mia: Not for me or for me with anyone else for that matter. I think I just --

Tad: Come on.

Mia: I think I just --

Tad: That's ridiculous. You're nuts. What's that supposed to mean?

Mia: I go for the wrong guys. Hold this bag.

Tad: Ok, with the bag.

Mia: No more guys who bring flowers home to their mother and wait until the third date to get me into the sack. No more. I am through with that. I am going to get me a bad boy.

Tad: Well, that is smart.

Mia: No. No more nice guys.

Tad: Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you just haven't found the right nice guy?

Mia: Well, I'd screw that up, anyway. That's why my bad-boy theory is so brilliant. You see, Iíll only date someone that's more screwed up than I am, so when anything goes wrong, Iíll just blame it on him.

Tad: And then you can always beat the hell out of him. You are a therapist's dream.

Mia: You listened, Tad. You don't have to like it, ok?

Tad: Listen to me. Not for nothing, but once upon a time, I defined the term "bad boy."

Mia: Oh, you? Really?

Tad: Yeah, when the world was still cooling. Ok, if you don't believe me, ask Liza. My resume was good and sleazy.

Mia: A Martin, sleazy?

Tad: Uh-huh. Ah! Just take it from me, ok? You do not want to go that way.

Mia: Oh, no. I think it would be great fun -- going out all night, staying up late, partying, having a good time.

Tad: And getting lied to, dumped, cheated on? And that's before the second date.

Mia: Well, I hate to shock you, but that sounds a lot like my relationship with Jake. And I survived that, didn't I?

Mr. Lewellen: I hope Iím not interrupting.

Anna: No. It's fine.

Mr. Lewellen: I know this day must be so difficult. Is there anything I can do for you?

Anna: No.

Mr. Lewellen: Well, then it's time.

Anna: For what?

Mr. Lewellen: The hearse is here. We'll proceed to the cemetery.

Anna: Oh.

Mr. Lewellen: Unless there's something --

Anna: No.

Mr. Lewellen: I'll give you and your husband another minute.

Mary: Erica, you misunderstood me. I wasn't suggesting that you leave.

Erica: How do you know Jack? He's never mentioned you in all the years we've been together.

Mary: Jack and I go back a long way, long before he met you. We've lost touch recently, but we were very close at one time.

Erica: I see. And so you're here to catch up?

Mary: Yes, Iíve been meaning to visit him ever since he got shot. You know, when I heard about it, I realized how far apart we had drifted, and I would like to change that.

Erica: Really? It's just so funny because Jack is so good about staying in touch with people that he's close to. I mean, my goodness, he calls me every day.

Mary: Well, he should. You're his fiancťe.

Erica: Yes, yes.

Mary: So, when's the wedding?

Erica: Oh, Jack and I will both definitely know when the time is right. We are both always in great sync on everything.

Mary: As it should be.

Erica: Well, I don't think that Jack is going to be home anytime soon, so Iíll tell him that you stopped by.

Mary: It was very nice to meet you again, Erica.

Erica: Thank you. Same here. Bye.

Mary: Bye.

Greenlee: Don't push this, Carlos.

Carlos: God, I wish I knew what I was --

Greenlee: Fine! Fine! I did it for Leo.

Carlos: Leo?

Greenlee: Bianca was his best friend. Even though she's not exactly my favorite person in the world, I owed it to Leo to do it for her. If he were here, he would say, "Greens, you got to help Binks out. She loves this Lena chick. She wants to give her a second chance, just like you did with me." So I got Lena the job. Not to mess with Erica Kaneís head, not to hurt Bianca, or for any other reason. I did it for Leo! Happy now?

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