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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: You preyed on my daughter Bianca.

Lena: No, Erica, I love Bianca --

Luis: How many of these deliveries come through here every week?

Reggie: A lot. Why?

Luis: Because I think we can do some business.

Anna: I can't do this on my own.

David: Just do what you think is best. Leave me out of it.

Man: And the last day of Ms. Kundera's employment?

Erica: Oh, it's right there on her termination notice.

Man: Uh, yes, I see. Ok, that wraps it up. I appreciate you contacting immigration service, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Oh, I'm merely doing my duty as a good citizen. So, Ms. Kundera has been notified that she will be deported?

Man: Yes, she has.

Erica: And what is the time frame on this? Are we talking about weeks, days?

Man: Actually, Ms. Kundera will be escorted onto a plane in a matter of hours.

Erica: Oh.

Boyd: Excuse me? You're having Lena deported?

Erica: This doesn't concern you, Boyd.

Boyd: Erica, going after Lena is probably the worst move you can make.

Lena: Ms. Dupres, you may not remember me, but --

Greenlee: You're the polish predator who crashed the Fusion party and did scout work for Michael crummiest. Why aren't you in jail?

Lena: I -- I agreed to cooperate with the district attorney.

Greenlee: In exchange for immunity.

Lena: Look, I know I made a terrible mistake.

Greenlee: This is another one.

Lena: I'm trying to rectify some of the damage --

Greenlee: Save it.

Lena: Ms. Dupres, I got a letter this morning from immigration. My visa's been revoked.

Greenlee: What does that have to do with me?

Lena: I need a job.

Jack: All right, you got it?

Reggie: I got it, man.

Jack: Reggie, Reggie, where is your work belt?

Reggie: I don't need one.

Jack: Yes, you do. You're going tear your back up.

Reggie: No, I donít. Look, I got this, all right? I got it.

Jack: All right.

Man: Hey, Reg. I've got another load of two-by-fours here.

Reggie: Oh, no problem. I'll sign.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- that's ok. I got it. You know what? Let me sign for that. I could use your muscle to clean up the mess you just made.

Reggie: I'll take care of that later. I got it.

Jack: Look, Reggie, I appreciate your enthusiasm in this project. I do. But you can't do everything, ok?

Reggie: Yes, I can. I need --

Jack: No, you canít. So will you please just go do that? Joni --

Joni: What?

Jack: From now on, when inventory comes in, do me a favor -- check it out, sign off on it. You are now in charge of inventory, ok?

Reggie: Oh, so Joni gets my job? I am not taking orders from Joni, ever.

Tad: You know what mom used to say when I'd study too hard? Not a damn thing. It never came up. What're you doing?

Joe: Ah, skimming some articles.

Tad: Why?

Joe: Looking for answers.

Tad: As to why Leora died?

Joe: If there's anything anyone could have done --

Tad: You'd have done it. You know that as well as I do.

Joe: Well, but they're blaming themselves.

Tad: No. Anna's blaming herself. David is blaming us for dragging him out of her surgery.

Joe: I know. The death of a child is always very, very difficult to accept. It's only natural to lash out.

Tad: Yeah. Well, he certainly went off on both of us.

Joe: Yes, he did, didn't he? Let's just hope he's a little more rational this morning.

Tad: Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?

Joe: Have to. Can't delegate that. Besides which, I promised your mother I'd do it.

Tad: Ok. Come on. I'll drive.

Joe: I'll be with you in just a bit. I have to -- I have to leave some instructions for my secretary.

Tad: Pop --

Joe: Yeah?

Tad: You did everything you possibly could to save that little girl. Try to let it go, ok? I will wait in the hall.

Anna: Did you sleep at all? David, don't.

David: Leave it.

Anna: I can make some coffee if you want. I talked to the funeral director last night, Mr. Lewellen. He would like us to come down this morning and talk about the arrangements. He wanted me to -- to bring something for Leora to wear at the -- when she gets buried. I thought this -- her Easter dress.

David: I bought her that dress.

Anna: I know. We were all at the mall, and you saw it in the window and couldn't wait to get it on her, so -- we got her all dressed up, had her picture taken with the Easter bunny. I couldn't find the shoes. I looked in the wardrobe. Think I'll just check around a bit more. I know they're somewhere. And you'll get a shower and get ready? Mr. Lewellen is expecting us.

David: I'm not going.

Anna: David, we can't put this off. Decisions have to be --

David: I said Iím not going.

[phone rings]

Aidan's voice: Hi, this is Aidan. Leave a message after the beep.


[phone rings]

Jack: Yeah, Jack Montgomery. Hello. Jack Montgomery here.

Anna: Hi. It's me.

Jack: Hi, Anna.

Anna: I'm sorry to bother you, but I have to go to the funeral home this morning to make arrangements, and David can't come.

Jack: Which funeral home?

Anna: It's Lewellen brothers, on Pine Street.

Jack: Right, right. You need -- do you want me to come get you?

Anna: No. That's ok. I'll meet you there.

Jack: All right, I'm on my way.

Anna: Thank you.

Jack: Yeah.

Jack: Listen, you two, something's come up. I've got to get out of here.

Reggie: Oh, no problem. I'll take care of everything, all right?

Jack: Just remember Joniís in charge of inventory, ok?

Reggie: Oh, so I don't get a say-so in this?

Jack: Yeah, you get all the say-so you want when we get home later. Right now, just do as I say, ok? I got to go.

Joni: What's with the attitude, Reggie, huh? What?

Luis: Recess is over. You, heel. And just what are you looking at?

Joni: Nothing.

Reggie: You show your face around here too much. You just missed the D.A.

Luis: Actually, Jack ain't got nothing on me.

Reggie: That's good, and you need to try to keep it that way, too.

Luis: I got the pickup out back. Let's go load it up.

Reggie: It's not going to happen today. I'm not in charge anymore.

Luis: Since when?

Reggie: Since Jackson gave the job to Joni, your friend, remember?

Luis: Then I suggest that you get your woman in line and you make sure she stays out of my way.

Erica: Agent Fleming, I appreciate your prompt attention in this matter.

Agent Fleming: Thank you, Ms. Kane, for apprising us of Ms. Kundera's change in work status.

Erica: Well, please, just let me know if I can be of any further help.

Agent Fleming: Good day.

Erica: Good day. Boyd, the R&D meeting is not until after lunch.

Boyd: Erica, look, I'm the first to blast Lena for her ethics, all right?

Erica: As if she had any.

Boyd: Look, I know she used people, ok, and abused their trust. I was one of them. But I really believe that Lenaís sincere about wanting to turn her life around. And, besides, does Bianca know you're having her girlfriend deported?

Erica: Her ex-girlfriend, and I'm doing no such thing, Boyd.

Boyd: Erica, you sicced I.N.S. on her.

Erica: Boyd, I'm running a business here. I agreed to sponsor Lena as long as she was employed by Enchantment. Now she's no longer on my payroll, and it was my civic duty --

Boyd: To what, turn her in?

Erica: I merely notified the I.N.S. of a change in her work status. That is what I am obliged to do to meet the criteria for the federal mandates.

Boyd: Oh, come on, Erica. That's bureaucratic bull, and you know it. You're trying to run Lena out of the country any which way you can.

Erica: That is your perspective. And even if I were, since when did you become the great defender of this lying, conniving thief?

Boyd: Maybe since I found out there's more to Lena than her mistakes.

Erica: Mistakes? Boyd, Lena is a corporate saboteur. She stole your revolutionary anti-aging formula.

Boyd: Erica, please, admit it. This isn't about Enchantment.

Erica: This is all about Enchantment -- our cutting-edge research, our hard work, our success. Yes, it is. And if at the same time I can protect Bianca from Lena, then it is worth it.

Boyd: You see?

Erica: Oh, fine. Ok. You're not onboard with this, then maybe you ought to go clear out your lab and join Lena in a battle that you can't win.

Greenlee: Uh, Lena, let me see if Iím getting this. You angled to bring down Enchantment, and on the basis of your stunning deception, you want me to give you a job?

Lena: I'm very good at what I do.

Greenlee: Hey, Iíll tell you what. You leave me your card, and when I have an opening for a backstabber, Iíll give you a jingle.

Lena: Ms. Dupres, I have an M.B.A. and a further degree in international finance. The reason I got my work permit was thanks to my very specialized expertise.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know what you're good at.

Lena: Erica Kane employed me because of my background in finance with a focus on the cosmetics industry. And now that Iíve left Enchantment --

Greenlee: You mean got kicked out on your kielbasa.

Lena: Look, I think Fusion will be the perfect venue. We each have something the other one needs. I won't make excuses for what I did behind closed doors, but I will tell you that my hands were tied.

Greenlee: No, you know what? Save your S&M exploits for your memoirs. I'm out of here.

Lena: Ms. Dupres, I know it's a lot to ask. You're probably the last person on earth who'd offer me a job.

Greenlee: Gee, you think? Kendall Hart is my business partner. You remember her? The woman who got sucked into thinking Michael Cambias loved her? The woman he wined and dined and bedded while he was tearing up the sheets with you, the whore of Warsaw?

Lena: Have you never done something because you were desperate?

Greenlee: How desperate do you have to be to use your body as a bargaining chip?

Lena: I hope you never have to find out.

Boyd: Erica, I challenge your motives, and now you're threatening to fire me?

Erica: Boyd, challenging my motives is not part of your job description. I am about five seconds away from calling security and having them escort you from the building.

Boyd: You sure you want to do that?

Erica: Oh, why, do you think you're indispensable? No one is indispensable, Boyd. I already own the patent on your anti-aging formula.

Boyd: Yeah, you own my formula, Erica, but you don't own me, and you sure don't own Bianca or dictate her life.

Erica: How dare you.

Boyd: Look, I dare because I care about your daughter.

Erica: If that were the case, then why would you wish that Polish plague on her?

Boyd: Because Bianca and Lena love each other, Erica, and I've learned that you take love where you find it.

Erica: Lena has caused my daughter nothing but misery.

Boyd: That's not true, Erica. Lena's given her a lot more than that. And if you were half as honest as you expect Lena to be, you'd own up to that.

[knock on door]

Casey: Erica? Oh, excuse me. We said 9:30, right?

Erica: We did, Casey. Of course we did. Please, come in. You know my lead chemist, Boyd Larraby?

Casey: Sure. Boyd and I are old friends. Kudos on your breakthrough formula, although I hate you for not shopping it to me first.

Boyd: Yeah, well, Erica had first dibs, and my commitments mean something.

Erica: Well, then, I'll see you at the R&D meeting, Boyd.

Boyd: Take care, Casey. In fact, Iíd proceed with extreme caution.

Erica: Casey, please, sit. Thank you for stopping by.

Casey: What's up?

Erica: Well, I wanted to warn you about a certain corporate shark who just might be making the rounds. Her name is Lena Kundera.

Casey: Ah, the stealth slut who worked with Michael Cambias.

Erica: Ah, exactly. And the worst hire I ever made. So just be on the lookout, you know, in case she decides to storm Giovannaís gates.

Casey: Oh, say no more. Lena Kundera will never eat lunch in this town again.

Lena: Please, Greenlee, I need to stay in America. I need to stay close to Bianca. If Iím deported --

Greenlee: That is so not my problem.

Lena: Bianca mentioned she was close to your late husband.

Greenlee: You really are good.

Lena: The only reason I mention it --

Greenlee: Is to guilt me into giving you a job, because that's what Leo would have wanted.

Lena: I've offended you.

Greenlee: This whole conversation offends me. Have a nice trip.

Lena: Is there anything I can say to change --

Greenlee: Nothing.

Lena: Thank you for your time.

Bianca: Hey, what was that about, you and Lena?

Greenlee: She was making a play for me.

Bianca: What?

Greenlee: Your Polish pastry is being deported, so she hit me up for a job. Seems she wants to stay in the U.S.A. and be your good-time girl.

Bianca: So what'd you tell her?

Greenlee: I told her to get lost. I have no use for a lying, conniving --

Bianca: Oh, don't, Greenlee. You have no idea what Lena has been through.

Greenlee: Boo-freaking-hoo.

Bianca: Her whole life has been one struggle to the next.

Greenlee: Binks, how can you side with her when she used you, tried to ruin you and your mother?

Bianca: People change.

Greenlee: Not true.

Bianca: All right, then, what about Leo? How do you explain him?

Anna: Tell me I'm not here. Tell me this isn't real.

Jack: Here he comes.

Man: Ms. Devane?

Anna: Yes.

Man: I'm Mr. Lewellen. Please, accept my sincere condolences.

Anna: Thank you.

Mr. Lewellen: Come in.

Jack: Thanks.

Mr. Lewellen: Is this Dr. Hayward?

Anna: No.

Jack: No, actually, I'm Jack Montgomery, a friend of the family.

Anna: Dr. Hayward's -- he couldn't bring himself to be here.

Singer: Who can say for certain maybe you're still here I feel you all around me your memory so clear deep in the stillness I can hear you

Anna: This is her little dress. I couldn't find the shoes.

Mr. Lewellen: Not to worry. I usually ask if there's a special memento or keepsake you might like to place inside the casket. A teddy bear, perhaps.

Anna: Oh. Well, her blanket. She can't sleep without her blanket.

Singer: Watching over me from up above fly me up to where you are beyond the distant star I wish upon tonight to see your smile if only for a while to know you're there a breath away's not far to where you are I can see you here inside my dreams

Mr. Lewellen: Have you given any thought to what type of service you'd like for Leora?

Anna: No.

Mr. Lewellen: That's perfectly normal. Take your time deciding what would best suit your needs.

Anna: I need to lay my daughter to rest for everyone's peace of mind. I want to bear witness to the life -- and -- I'm sorry. I want to -- life and death of our little child.

Mr. Lewellen: That's very well put. Do you feel up to the task of choosing a casket?

Singer: Up to where you are beyond the distant star I wish upon tonight to see your smile if only for a while to know you're there a breath away's not far to where you are

Anna: See, daddy set the camera up. Look! Smile for daddy.

David: Oh, great. She's too small to smile.

Anna: Nonsense. She just has to hear your voice and she smiles.

Singer: That love will live on and never leave fly me up to where you are beyond the distant star I wish upon tonight to see you smile if only for a while to know you're there a breath away's not far to where you are I know you're there a breath away's not far

David: Daddy does love my little girl. Hey. Daddy loves you, honey.

[knock on door]

David: Daddy loves you, baby.

Mr. Lewellen: Thank you, Ms. Devane. I'll see to all the arrangements.

Anna: I'll bring Leora's blanket next time.

Mr. Lewellen: Please feel free to stay in our chapel as long as you like.

Jack: Thank you. Is there anything I can do?

Anna: You're doing it.

Jack: I'm happy to. But, Anna, Iíve got to ask you, I mean, what happened to David?

Anna: He just can't cope with this.

Jack: I see.

Anna: You know, I asked him last night if he could help me, talk about the arrangements. And he said that he couldn't, so I -- I called Mr. Lewellen myself. And while I was in the other room, he smashed the cradle to bits. And then this morning when I showed him the dress, he shut himself inside the bedroom. He shut himself away from me.

Jack: Well, I'm here for you. Whatever you need, you let me know.

Anna: Thank you. I really need my daughter's father.

Joe: David, Tad and I are here to offer our condolences.

David: Anna's not here.

Joe: Ruth is out of town, but she asked me to convey her deepest sympathy.

David: Did you get the autopsy results?

Joe: Not yet.

David: Well, you must have some conclusions. How long did Leora struggle with her breathing in surgery?

Joe: The anesthesiologist noticed a high-pressure buildup about the time you entered the O.R.

David: Did anybody have the good sense to check the wires?

Joe: David, you know Tuttle. He's one of the top men in his field.

David: Well, you're the chief of staff, Joe, and yet everyone keeps forgetting that you stepped aside due to diminished capacity.

Tad: David, if you're looking for someone to blame, that someone is not my father.

Joe: It's all right, Tad. It's all right. David has the right to question his daughter's treatment. David, sooner or later, you will have to accept the fact that there was nothing anyone could have done to save Leora. Her condition was too grave.

David: What about your condition, Joe? When are you going to finally accept the fact that you're just not good enough?

Reggie: Here, Joni, let me help you with those papers.

Joni: No, no, I didn't ask Mr. Montgomery for this job, ok?

Reggie: You didn't tell him no, either.

Joni: Why should I?

Reggie: Because it was my job. I'm supposed to be taking care of the business.

Joni: Well, I guess he thinks Iím more qualified than you are.

Reggie: Well, then, I want my job back. Just tell him that the work was too much for you, ok?

Joni: But it's not.

Reggie: Just do it, ok?

Joni: No, Reggie. Make me, ok?

Greenlee: Bianca, you're comparing Lena to my Leo?

Bianca: You don't see the connection? Leo came to Pine Valley after your money, acting under the influence of his mother. Lena came to Pine Valley after Boydís formula, acting under the influence of Michael Cambias. It's the same M.O.

Greenlee: No, not the same. I forgave Leo. You gave Lena her walking papers. So why are you defending her?

Bianca: Because of you.

Greenlee: Me?

Bianca: Yeah. Leo hurt you down to the core. That night at your engagement party when you found out that he had been married before -- not for love, for money -- you broke it off. You told him that you never wanted to see him again.

Greenlee: I remember that night. Leo came to my loft, begging me to forgive him and give him another chance. But I didn't let him in.

Bianca: Not right away. But you did forgive him.

Greenlee: So, if Iím such a shining example, what are you waiting for? Go find Lena. Kiss and make up.

Bianca: Is that what you did?

Greenlee: No. I made him suffer and me along with him. It was hell for both of us.

Bianca: How did you know that you could trust him again, after everything that he had done to you?

Greenlee: I just looked at him, deep into those big brown eyes, and I knew it was right. We were right. And if you're lucky -- I mean, really lucky -- you'll feel it, too. Excuse me.

Erica: Bianca, sweetheart, what are you doing?

Bianca: I'm here for the trade show.

Erica: No, I mean, what are you doing with Greenlee?

Greenlee: You want to know what Binks and I were talking about? Her love life.

Erica: Excuse me?

Greenlee: I was telling your darling daughter to go for the girl, give Lena a second chance.

Erica: Bianca is way too savvy to take your advice about anything.

Greenlee: Actually, she did most of the talking, comparing Lena to Leo.

Erica: Leo was charming and caring.

Bianca: So is Lena.

Erica: Bianca, honey, why don't we just head right into the dining room?

Bianca: No, no, I've already seen all of the displays. I'm going to go back to work.

Greenlee: You're not going to win this one, Erica.

Erica: I beg your pardon?

Greenlee: Lena is --

Bartender: Thank you.

Greenlee: Ga-ga over Binks, and I think it cuts both ways.

Erica: Well, I have no intention of discussing --

Greenlee: What, discussing your daughter's love life? You'd have to wash your mouth out with soap.

Erica: Casey Wexler told me about this little contest you're running, the search for the sexiest man in America? Color you desperate, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Really? Did Casey also tell you that Fusion girls are lining up their boyfriends in clubs from coast to coast, giving us national name recognition?

Erica: Yeah, fad promotions are a dime a dozen.

Greenlee: This is a solid-gold idea, and you can't stand it because you didn't think it up first. The heat you feel is me breathing down your neck.

Erica: Yeah. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Greenlee: Just like one of Bianca's girlfriends. How long before Binks does the math, figures out you engineered Lenaís return to her motherland?

Erica: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: Oh, come on, Erica. Lena gets a call from the I.N.S. telling her she's being deported? That has Erica Kane written all over it.

Tad: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come.

David: What did you both expect, huh? That you'd come here, I'd welcome you with open arms? I'd suddenly realize I made a mistake and beg for your forgiveness? And that sweet little speech of yours yesterday, telling me that you know how I'm feeling, comparing your loss with mine?

Tad: I wasn't comparing my loss to --

David: It doesn't even come close. Your pregnant ex-wife died thousands of miles away in a car crash. Your baby wasn't anything more than a sonogram left in an empty apartment.

Tad: To you, maybe. As far as I'm concerned, I lost a wife and a daughter.

David: No. You lost your wife the second she slept with me, Tad, and now you finally got me back. You dragged me out of that O.R., and you kept me from saving my little girl.

Tad: You are out of your mind.

David: You have no idea.

Anna: I'm really worried about him.

Jack: Well, I can certainly see why.

Anna: You know, I've often wondered what it must feel like to hold someone's heart in your hand and bring it back to life. You know, Davidís done that dozens -- hundreds of times -- saving someone's life. So why wouldn't he assume that he has the power over life and death?

Jack: What do you think? Do you think David could have saved your baby's life?

Anna: No. No, I don't think he could have. And he'll never forgive me for that, ever.

Luis: Yo, what's up with Pollyanna?

Reggie: Yo, she's not a problem, ok?

Luis: You sure? Because if she opens her mouth --

Reggie: Yes, Iím sure. She's not a problem. I have it under control.

Luis: Man, you got a thing for her.

Reggie: No, I don't have a thing for her, man.

Luis: Shh. Yes --

Reggie: I donít.

Luis: Look, I understand, all right? I'm down with that. Pollyanna be looking mighty tasty. Might have to help myself to some of that.

Reggie: You touch her again, I swear to God Iíll kill you.

Erica: Lena Kundera is a cancer on this town.

Greenlee: And you're going to remove her with surgical precision.

Erica: Why would you even care, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Gee, let's see. Maybe I don't like it when mothers get in their daughters' way. Or maybe I do think Lenaís love life rates a second act. Or maybe, just maybe Iím a hopeless romantic who wants to see Lena and Bianca hook up so they can live happily ever after and float down Main Street in the gay pride parade.

Erica: Oh. You know why you hate me so much?

Greenlee: Why don't you tell me?

Erica: Because you want to be me when you grow up. And in spite of all your desperate hype and your spin and your inflated sense of who you are, you know that you will never be me. You stay away from Bianca. You're the last person on earth that she would need any help from.

Greenlee: Hi, Granddaddy. Good, thanks. Listen, I have a lead on a brilliant financial mind, a good friend who needs a job ASAP. Lena Kundera. Yeah. Promise me you'll hire her, no questions asked?

Jack: You know, Anna, when life throws you something this horrific, this unbearable, it's hard to believe it'll ever be better. So anything David says in the next few days or weeks, I wouldn't take to heart --

Anna: No. Everything gets better with time, right?

Jack: Well, it does for most of us, yeah.

Anna: David isn't most of us, though.

Jack: Yeah.

Anna: If he were, I wouldn't have been so drawn to him. He wouldn't be the father of my child -- have been the father of my child.

Jack: So he shuts down, he shuts you out, but you're at fault because you don't measure up?

Anna: No. No, I'm not going to do that to myself, no.

Jack: Good.

Anna: Leora was conceived out of love, but the power of love couldn't really save her. Jackson, Iím going to miss her every day of my life. Isn't that strange?

Jack: No. Why would you think that's strange?

Anna: Because I hardly knew her. Really, I didn't know her for very long.

Jack: Anna, did you love her any less than if she would have grown up to do and be all the things you dreamed for her?

Anna: I just wanted her to be healthy. I just wanted her heart to beat next to mine. That's all I really dreamed for her. Oh.

Jack: Here.

Tad: I'm trying real hard to feel sorry for you, but you're determined to turn this into some kind of vendetta. You need help, and it's obviously not the kind of help that we can give you.

David: Why don't you just go to hell?

Joe: David, these are Leoraís things from the hospital. I thought you might want to go through them. Take care of yourself.

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