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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/4/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Tad: I got some bad news for you. It's about Leora. She didn't make it. Now, Davidís pretty shaken up. He kind of took off.

Greenlee: I have to find him.

Mia: I had the time of my life, but time's up. Maria's back.

Aidan: You're going to let go of Kendall.

Michael: All right. It's not over between you and I.

[Kendall giggles]

Kendall: Hot. Hot.


Kendall: Ok. Ahem.


Kendall: Michael?

Kendall: Michael, I know you're outside. I'm not afraid of you. You lurk around in my shadows all you want, you freak. By the way, I'm armed and I will call the police.

Boyd: Kendall, it's ok. It's me, Boyd. Kendall, come on, it's me. Just open the door.

Kendall: Well, tell me something first, Boyd.

Boyd: What?

Kendall: What are you doing sneaking around outside my place?

Michael: Father, I appreciate you touching down on your way to D.C. I felt that this required more than a phone call or an email -- and eye contact.

Alexander: I was surprised you managed to raise bail.

Michael: Don't worry about those charges.

Alexander: I'm not worried. In order to worry, Iíd have to care.

Michael: I'll make you care, whether you like it or not, Father.

Simone: We are a new cosmetics company called Fusion.

Mia: And we are having a contest to find the sexiest guy in America.

Simone: Fame, fortune, tons of free makeup for the lucky lady of your choice. Uh-huh.

Mia: And all you have to do is put yourself on tape.

Simone: And fill out this card and let us know why you are Fusion's sexiest man in America. Oh, and send in your tape.

Mia: And then we'll make you a star.

Maria: Whoa!

Simone: Oh!

Maria: Oh, my God! I'm sorry.

Simone: Oh, no. I was not looking where I was going.

Maria: I am very sorry.

Simone: No, I'm so sorry.

Maria: I bulldozed you. What is this? "Sexiest man contest."

Simone: Ah, yes. It is a contest. You don't happen to know him, do you?

Maria: Well, yeah, actually, I do, because my guy is very sexy. Very, very sexy, yeah.

Simone: Great. Is he here?

Maria: Well, he's -- he's paying for dinner.

Simone: Nice. Well, I'd love to meet him.

Maria: I don't know if this is really his thing, but --

Simone: Oh, come on. Oh, this'll be fun. And what man doesn't want his woman to think that he's a winner, you know?

Maria: Ok, good point.

Simone: Yeah.

Maria: Totally good point. I'll -- I'll be right back.

Simone: Oh, great.

Maria: I'll get him.

Simone: Ok.

Mia: Wow. All right.

Simone: Oh, I think I got a live one.

Mia: Oh. You do? Good.

Simone: Yes, I just ran into this woman --

Mia: Oh, and she knows this is a sexy man contest?

Simone: Yeah, thanks for your clarification. She has a boyfriend and she says he's a total hottie.

Mia: Oh, good.

Simone: Yeah, she's going to go get him and bring him over.

Mia: Great.

Simone: I know.

Mia: Good.

Simone: It'll be excellent. Oh, here she comes.

Maria: You might as well do the contest --

Edmund: Hey, wait, I --

Maria: Because you are the sexiest Ė

David: How did you find me?

Greenlee: I just sort of knew. This is where we come when we're lost and we need Leo. She's with him now, David. Leo's holding your little girl in his arms --

David: Stop --

Greenlee: Making her laugh.

David: Stop. Please?

Greenlee: I need to believe that, David. Because it makes this just the tiniest bit bearable. I know how you feel. That horrible, hollowed-out feeling. It can just swallow you up. Everything goes dark, but you still have some light, David. You still have Anna. You have to hold on to that. If you can't, then Iíll hold on for you, ok? Let me help you the way you helped me.

David: I'm not going to jump, Greenlee. Don't worry. I have way too much to live for.

Maria: Oh, you're with Fusion?

Simone: Yeah. Yeah.

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Maria was talking about some contest, but I didn't make the connection.

Mia: Yeah, I'm sure that Fusion is the last thing on your mind these days. Hello, Maria.

Maria: Hey. How are you?

Mia: Oh, I'm great, thanks.

Maria: Good. Uh -- you want to give me the keys and Iíll go get the car?

Edmund: Yeah.

Maria: Ok. You got them?

Edmund: Thanks. I'll be right -- um --

Maria: Yeah -- no, take your time. Take your time. Good night.

Mia: Good night.

Maria: Bye.

Simone: Whew. Yeah, I'm -- Iím going to just go. The cards --

Edmund: I'm sorry. I didn't make the -- oh, jeez -- the connection of -

Mia: Edmund, you don't have to explain anything, ok? You got your wife back, and I hope you're very happy, and everything's great. Just great.

Edmund: Mia, you're an incredibly beautiful woman, and this is impossible.

Mia: You don't need to tell me things like that anymore, ok?

Edmund: Ok. I should go.

Mia: Yeah. Go.

[Mia sighs]

Edmund: Ok.

Simone: Oh, Mia, I am so sorry. Please don't hate me.

Mia: God, I don't hate you, ok? I don't hate you, I hate Edmund.

Simone: No --

Mia: What is it about men? What is it that they think they're the be-all and end-all to what makes a woman happy?

Simone: Oh --

Mia: I don't get it.

Simone: Oh, come on. Not all men are like that.

Mia: Oh, right.

Simone: Yeah, look at -- well, look at --

Mia: Look at what?

Simone: Well, look at -- that couple at the bar. See? She looks happy to be with him.

Mia: Yeah, well, he should be happy to be with her, ok? I sat on that same stool with Jake. Oh, and with Edmund, too, thinking, "oh, gee, I am with the greatest guy in the world. He's so perfect." Huh. You know what's going to happen to her, don't you? You do know? She's going to get stomped on. She's just like the rest of us, anyway. I'll prove it to you.

Simone: You're going to prove it?

Mia: Just watch. Watch.

Simone: Oh, Mia.

Man: Hi.

Mia: Hi, yourself. You care to buy a girl a drink?

Kendall: Why are you sneaking around outside my condo, Boyd?

Boyd: Look, I'm sorry if I scared you, ok? But I heard about Cambias almost raping you. And Erica. And I almost lost my mind. It made me sick. Since he lives right across from you, I just wanted to make sure you were safe. Can I come in?

Kendall: Yes, of course. Come in. I can't -- I can't believe that you -- that you still care about me after everything -- after the way I treated you.

Boyd: Kendall, come on. You know I care.

Kendall: I know. Thank you. Oh, but I don't think you have to worry about Michael anymore.

Boyd: Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Kendall: Well, Aidan was here earlier. He pretty much put the fear of God into Michael.

Boyd: Aidan was here?

Kendall: Yeah. We had a drink, we talked, you know.

Boyd: What about?

Kendall: I don't know, stuff, same old thing.

Boyd: So, does this mean you guys are -- are getting back together?

Anna: We should have had the operation sooner. That's what Joe said.

Aidan: There is no way of knowing if that pacemaker was fitted sooner that anything would change.

Anna: But there was a chance.

Aidan: Anna, you were not about to gamble with Leora's life.

Anna: No, I let David talk me into waiting.

Aidan: That's because you trusted him. This is his field.

Anna: But he couldn't be objective. I knew that. I knew that.

Aidan: Listen to me, I'm not going to let you stand here and blame yourself. This is no one's fault, definitely not yours.

Anna: David --

Aidan: David -- if David was here, he would agree with me.

Anna: No, I don't think he would. He didn't want her to have the operation at all.

Aidan: Come here. David should be here. He should be here with you. I don't know what he's thinking, anyway.

Greenlee: I'm not very good with words --

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: So Iím going just going to say this. I love you, David. I know you loved Leora. I loved her, too. I began to see so much of Leo in her. Her smile was crooked, just like his was.

David: Stop, please. Stop. Stop.

Greenlee: You have to let it out, David. You have to grieve. Crying -- it'll make you feel better. Otherwise, you're just going to keep hurting. Is that what you want? I just did it, didn't I? Exactly what I said I wouldn't do. You know, maybe there is something I can say to you. You should go home, David. Go home and be with Anna.

Michael: I need you to give this to me, Father. I need you to give me a second chance so I can prove --

Alexander: A second chance? You mean 200th -- 300th.

Michael: Please, I have given everything up to make you proud of me. It's never been enough.

Alexander: What have you given up?

Michael: All my self-respect, my dignity.

Alexander: For me? Is that what you're saying? You've given all this up for me?

Michael: You know, ever since Alexander died, I see the way that you look at me.

Alexander: Don't talk to me about your brother.

Michael: Well, why not? I didn't kill him. You seem to forget that I lost a brother, as well. I didn't take him away from you.

Alexander: Michael, stop this.

Michael: I'm all you have left.

Alexander: Is this some pathetic plea to stay in the will?

Michael: I am your son.

Alexander: And you have disgraced me, over and over again.

Michael: Oh, please. You're the one that let me swing in the breeze at the press conference. I mean, if I can't count on you, then what?

Alexander: Huh. You made this mess in Pine Valley all by yourself. Now you know how it feels to never know what it is to be safe.

Michael: Don't you see what Iím trying to do? I am trying to protect you -- your precious company, the legacy that you've always said comes above and beyond everything else.

Alexander: Protect me from Erica Kane? Don't you think I can keep her well in hand?

Michael: I'm not talking about Erica Kane. I'm protecting you from Adam Chandler. I'm protecting Cambias Industries. Feel like listening now, Father?

Alexander: Adam Chandler? I've circled him for years. He's never showed any interest in going to war with me.

Michael: Well, that's because he's never seen an opening. But now, since you humiliated me in public, he swooped in like a vulture.

Alexander: And you're the weakness he can exploit.

Michael: Like hell, I am.

Alexander: What has he offered you?

Michael: A chance to get even with you.

Alexander: And what did you say?

Michael: I told him Iíd take it. But my plan is to hand Chandler Enterprises to you on a silver platter, Father. That is, if I still am your son.

Kendall: Whoa, Boyd -- slow down. Aidan and I, we're just friends.

Boyd: Ok. And what about you and me, Kendall? Are we just friends, or are you finally ready to give us a chance?

Kendall: I can't believe that you still want to be with me after everything Iíve done to you.

Boyd: Yeah, well, I'm here, aren't I?

Kendall: Yeah, you are here. Well, a woman has to be very selective about the kind of men that she chooses to associate herself with.

Boyd: Right, I heard that.

Kendall: Yes, yes, a certain criteria has to be met and maintained.

Boyd: Oh, of course. And I presume you have a screening process.

Kendall: Oh, I most certainly do. Um -- I like to know about past experiences. Yeah, special talents, background -- that sort of thing.

Boyd: And references upon request?

Kendall: Oh, definitely references. So, tell me, Mr. Larraby, do you have any special references?

Boyd: I may have a few.

Kendall: Really?

Boyd: Uh-huh.

Kendall: So what do they have to say about you, other than the fact that you're a brilliant chemist?

Boyd: Oh, right. Well, they'd tell you that Iím honest. I was an eagle scout. But I have a dangerous side, too. Oh, yeah.

Kendall: Hmm.

[Kendall giggles]

Boyd: White-water rafting enthusiast, martial arts. I even had a pet tarantula when I was a kid. But don't worry. I still like to walk puppies in my spare time.

Kendall: Really? Puppies? All of that and a soft spot for puppies?

Boyd: Yeah.

Kendall: Well, how is it that you're still single?

Boyd: You can't figure that one out, either, huh?

Kendall: No.

Boyd: Actually, to tell you the truth, I was kind of a geek in high school.

[Kendall laughs]

Boyd: Yeah, it was a lot worse than that. Did you ever see the movie "Weird Science"?

Kendall: Uh-huh.

Boyd: You know, where those two kids want to be cool, so they try to- 

Kendall: Yeah, yeah.

Boyd: Invent the perfect woman?

Kendall: Wait, hold on. Hold on a second. Hold on. You became a chemist because you wanted to create the perfect woman?

Boyd: I know, I know, it's sad, but true.

Kendall: Yeah, a little bit. So, did you find out their formula?

Boyd: No, no, unfortunately not, but --

Kendall: No? Hmm.

Boyd: I'm not worried about it, because I think I finally found her.

Kendall: Really?

Boyd: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: The perfect woman?

Boyd: Yeah.

Kendall: Well, where is she?

Boyd: Standing right in front of me.

Aidan: I know you said you didn't want one, but it might make you feel better.

Anna: Thanks.

[phone rings]

Aidan: Hello? Robin, hi. It's Aidan. Um -- we haven't been back from the hospital that long. Look, I don't think I should be the one to tell you. Here, I'm going to hand you over to your mother.

Anna: Hi, love. No, don't be silly. I was going to call you. Um -- no. The operation didn't go well. There were complications. We lost her, sweetheart. Robin? Are you ok? Yeah. Yeah, the doctor said that there was no capture, or something, that -- Leora didn't respond to the pacemaker.

Aidan: Hey, David, I don't know where you are, but you should be here with Anna. She needs you. Don't make her go through this alone.

Anna: No, don't do that. I -- yes, I know. I want to see you, too. But David and I, we haven't talked about what we're going to do yet. So -- I don't know. He's not Ė

[door opens]

Maria: Hi. Oh.

Joni: I know she should be in bed, but she wanted to wait up for you guys.

Maria: Ok. Hey, sweet, sweet. Hey, love.

Maddie: Mommy.

Maria: Hi, honey. We're home. Did you have a good time, munchkin, with Joni?

Maddie: Uh-huh.

Maria: You did?

Maddie: We drew a picture for you and daddy.

Maria: Where is it? Can I see it?


Maria: Babe, what was that?

[Maddie screams]

Evan: Move and you're a dead man!

Maddie: Make him go away, Mommy! Make him go away!

Maria: It's all right, sweetheart. What do you want?

Evan: To finish what I started. Say goodbye to mommy, kid!

[Maddie screams]

Maddie: Mommy!

Maria: Maddie? Maddie, honey, are you ok?

Maddie: Mommy!

Maria: Baby? Wake up, sweetheart. What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?

Maddie: I -- I had a bad dream. The bad man -- he came back! He had a gun and --

Edmund: Oh --

Maria: It's all right, sweetie.

Edmund: It's ok.

Maria: Ok, honey.

Edmund: Listen to me -- the bad man's never coming back again, ok?

Maria: No, no.

Edmund: I promise he's gone. I promise you.

Maddie: He wanted to take you away. He told me to say goodbye. I don't want you to go away again.

Maria: Oh, honey, Iím not going anywhere. Don't you worry, sweetheart. I am not going anywhere, I promise. I'm going to be here forever.

Maddie: Really?

Maria: Yeah, really. Really.

Edmund: We're a family again, baby. We're a family again, ok? You and me and Sammie and mommy. And you know what that means? That means no more bad man.

Maddie: Ever?

Maria: Never, never, never. I'm not going to let anybody get to you, sweetheart. No one's going to hurt you again. I won't let them.

Mia: What did I tell you?

Simone: So he bought you a drink. Maybe he was just being a gentleman.

Mia: Look what it came with.

Simone: Oh, well, looky there -- his number.

Mia: Work, home, and cell.

Simone: And cell -- I see that. Oh, wow, what a score. And you took it?

Mia: Well, Simone, I'm just trying to prove a point -- men are all the same, making promises that they cannot keep.

Simone: Uh-huh. Ok, A, I know what men are like, and, B, this is about you not dealing with your breakup with Edmund.

Mia: Oh, really?

Simone: Yes, it is.

Mia: Oh, ok.

Simone: It's not about all men.

Greenlee: Hey, have you guys seen Carlos? Is he here?

Simone: No.

Greenlee: God! You know what? Why can't people just stay where they're supposed to? I mean, is that too much to ask? Is that too hard? I mean, I just want to know why, I mean, and how -- how you can blink and they're just gone, just gone. You know?

Simone: No. No, I donít.

Mia: Oh -- you've been crying.

Simone: Yeah, your eyes look puffy. What's wrong? What happened?

Greenlee: Leora's surgery was today -- you know, Anna and Davidís baby?

Mia: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: And she didn't make it, and I just -- I don't understand why.

Simone: Oh. She -- I'm so sorry.

Mia: Oh, God.

Anna: Yes. Ok. Ok, love. Yeah, I love you, too. Bye.

Aidan: I'm going to go. I'm going to leave you two alone.

Anna: Ok. Thanks for everything.

Aidan: You call me if you need anything, anything at all.

Anna: Yeah, I will.

Aidan: That goes for you, too, David. I'm sorry.

Anna: Robin called.

Alexander: You think you can topple Adam Chandler on your own?

Michael: No. I need your help.

Alexander: I want no part of some reckless scheme.

Michael: This isn't reckless, it's perfect. But I do need some capital and I need my access to the Cambias Industries database back. Look, think about it. You cannot go head-to-head with Chandler Enterprises and beat him at this. I'm on the inside here.

Alexander: You're taking risks with my company like you always have.

Michael: I am not! I am -- can't you see I am trying to protect you?

Alexander: Do you call it being protective to be accused of attempted rape by a mother and her daughter --

Michael: Oh!

Alexander: Within a week of one another?

Michael: Please, please, they're insane, both of them.

Alexander: Like that girl in Milan -- was she insane, too?

Michael: Ok, ok. Please, please don't. Donít. Look, father, I -- I just want the chance to prove to you that I can be the son you want me to be. I can be who you want me to be. I -- I just need --

Alexander: Money. Computer access.

Michael: No, I need you. And you need me. I'm all you've got left, Father.

Kendall: I am hardly a candidate for the perfect woman, Boyd.

Boyd: Don't even try to sell yourself short -- ok, at least not with me because you know Iím not buying it. Look, I'm ready to take this as slow as you need me to. I just need to know you want this, too.

Kendall: Well, if somebody has to save you from slipping back into geekdom --

Boyd: It may as well be you, right?

Kendall: Yeah. Might as well be me.

[knock on door]

Kendall: Oh --

Boyd: Hey, it's ok. Look, don't worry about it. I'll get it.

Kendall: No -- Boyd, be careful, please.

Boyd: Just stay there.

Kendall: Ok.

Kendall: Aidan.

Aidan: I'm sorry. I'm -- Iím interrupting. I'll come back another time.

Kendall: No, donít. Wait, stop -- no. Don't go. What is it? What's wrong?

Aidan: It's nothing, really.

Kendall: No, Aidan, it's a little late to just drop by.

Boyd: Look, guys, I don't want to interrupt, so --

Aidan: No, Boyd, I don't want to run you out. You stay.

Kendall: Will you please stop? Please come in and tell me what is going on. What is wrong? Ok?

Aidan: Yeah, ok.

Kendall: Aidan, what is it? Come on, Aidan -- Aidan, you're starting to scare me. What?

Aidan: Leora's surgery, it -- she -- she didn't make it.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, God, Iím so sorry. Aidan, Iím so -- so sorry.

Boyd: Listen, guys, I don't want to intrude, so I'm just going to go.

Aidan: No, Boyd, really --

Boyd: No, Aidan, really. It's ok. Don't worry about it. You need a friend right now.

Kendall: Are you sure you're ok with this?

Boyd: Look, you said yes to giving us a shot. I'm more than ok, ok? You be with Aidan -- he needs you right now. Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Kendall: Ok, thank you so much. Good night.

Boyd: Good night. And, Aidan, I'm, again, really sorry.

Aidan: I'm sorry. I -- I should've called before I came over.

Kendall: No, stop, stop. No, please. I mean, how many times have you been there for me, huh? Now it's your turn. Whatever you need, ok?

Aidan: You promise me you won't disappear?

Kendall: No. That's the easiest promise Iíll ever make.

Greenlee: She was named after Leo and she would've been just like him, too. It's just not fair.

Simone: Well, what did you say to David?

Greenlee: God, I don't know. Half the time I was just talking. I wasn't saying anything.

Mia: But you know what? You were there for him, Greenlee, and that's what you do.

Greenlee: I loved holding her, you know, the way she smelled.

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: And sometimes she would smile at me and I know she knew who I was.

Simone: Here, honey.

Greenlee: Ok, I know Iím, like, really emotional right now, but you guys are, like, the best friends Iíve ever had.

[Simone chuckles]

Mia: Oh, you have friends?

Simone: Hey, hold on, it's even worse -- she has best friends.

Greenlee: Apparently, I'm going to have to appreciate that from now on.

Simone: Oh, my gosh. Give me that back because now Iím going to cry.

Mia: Are you going to be ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm not even concerned about me if you can imagine that. It's David. He was so closed off. And if he shuts down on Anna, I don't even want to think about that.

Anna: David, could you hold me, please?

David: I don't know what you want me to do, Anna. I can't bring her back.

Anna: Look at me. Talk to me. I don't know what we're supposed to do next. Robin wanted to come over here, but I -- I guess we're supposed to make arrangements or something. I can't do this on my own. I feel like I need to do something, that I have to keep busy because if I don't, I'm going to think about what's really happening here.

David: Just do what you think is best. Leave me out of it.

Anna: God, David, you act as if you are the only one who lost a daughter today.

[phone rings]

Anna: Yeah? Yes? Yes, this is she. Uh -- no, we don't have a funeral home. David and I haven't talked about that yet.

Maria: That dream scared her to death. I mean, she was shaking the entire time I was trying to get her to go to sleep.

Edmund: I'm surprised she hasn't had nightmares before now.

Maria: Well, I don't know what the heck I was thinking suggesting that we even go out. We should've been here. I'm like, "ah, everything's back to normal" when, no, this is a huge adjustment for our kids.

Edmund: For everybody.

Maria: Edmund, I'm sorry. I am so -- I mean, what I put all of you guys through. And when I think about how many times the kids must've woken up in the middle of the night calling for me and I wasn't here and I didn't come running and I -- I mean, no wonder she thinks Iím going to abandon her.

Edmund: But you're not.

Maria: No, but there's nothing that I can say that's going to make her feel like I'm not, you know? I -- I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

Edmund: I think I do.

Maria: You do? Ok. Well, lay it on me because Iím -- Iím willing to try anything.

Edmund: This is not something that you can just, you know -- ahem -- you got to build up to this.

Maria: Is this -- is this the writer in you coming out, because I kind of like things straightforward.

Edmund: After five years, you can indulge me.

Maria: Ok. Ok.

Edmund: Maddie's like you. She's very headstrong, very opinionated. Sammie's like that, too.

Maria: You're winning me over by the second here.

Edmund: Just hear me out. What Iím trying to say is you can't expect our kids to accept anything at face value, you know? I mean, they've got to -- they've got to see it and they got to test it to make it real. I mean, just because we say we're a family -- I mean, you know, you can't expect them to believe it.

Maria: Ok. Well, it's a good thing they've got my common sense.

Edmund: Exactly. Um -- so what I'm saying is we have to show them.

Maria: Uh-huh. And? I mean, you -- ok. We're going to show them we're a family. How? How are we going to do that?

Edmund: Marry me. `

Aidan: Anna's blaming herself. But I said to her it's not her fault and she's not responsible. But she doesn't -- she doesn't want to listen to me.

Kendall: Aidan, she's not -- she's not counting on you to tell her, you know, what's going on. She -- she needs you there. She needs to know that you're there. She needs to have somebody to listen to her when she's ready to talk. And I happen to know you're very good at that. And when it gets to be too much for you, you come to me and I'll be there for you.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: I'll listen to you.

Aidan: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe I'll just -- Iíll be interrupting again, you know?

Kendall: No.

Aidan: So you and Boyd, huh?

Kendall: Yeah. Maybe me and Boyd. We're -- we're going to see what happens.

Aidan: Well, the guy's been crazy about you for a while.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. I've never really considered it -- I mean, seriously.

[Kendall sighs]

Aidan: And you are now?

Kendall: Yeah, I am. I mean, who knows, you know? Maybe he's the one you were talking about.

Aidan: Eh?

Kendall: The guy who's going to love me the way I deserve to be loved. Maybe that's Boyd.

Aidan: Yeah, maybe.

Simone: Ok. Wow. I'm going to get out of here, too. I'm ready to go. You want to come?

Mia: No. I'm actually going to stay and finish handing out my cards.

Simone: Really?

Mia: Yeah.

Simone: Are you sure you're ok?

Mia: I'm fine. Go ahead, I'm fine.

Simone: Ok.

Mia: Ok.

Simone: I will see you tomorrow?

Mia: Yeah --

Simone: Ok.

Mia: At work.

Simone: All right.

Mia: Right.

Mia: Thanks.

Michael: Well, you look like you could use a drink. What'll it be?

Mia: From you, nothing.

Edmund: We have a second chance at perfection. And, baby, that is so rare, trust me.

Maria: Wow.

Edmund: Wow?

Maria: Wow.

Edmund: I lay it out like that and all you can say is "wow"? I'm losing my touch.

Maria: Oh -- nah, you're a crazy kookem still. No, it's just that you did this to me the first time you proposed. It was totally -- totally out of the blue like this.

Edmund: I think I got a definite "maybe."

Maria: Yeah, well, I remember my head was spinning, but the one thing that you -- the one thing that calmed me down was the way that you said you loved me because I knew you meant it with all your heart. And it's just like I mean it now with you -- with all my heart.

Edmund: When you say what?

Maria: I love you.

Edmund: And? You're killing me. Please.

Maria: How could I not want to marry you? Of course I will marry you. Of course I will marry you. Yes.

Edmund: Yes.

Maria: Yes. Yes!

Edmund: Yes. Yes.

Maria: Yes!

[Maria laughs]

Anna: David, it's the hospital. They want to make arrangements about Leora. Do you have any preference where we go? Ok.

[David sighs]

Anna: David! David!

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Lena: I need a job.

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