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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/15/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: We are not going to bring Michael down by sheer will alone.

Kendall: What else can I do, steal his files?

Mia: You're the guy from the park. You want Maddie. You're not getting near her!

Maria: Oh, my God.

Jack: Reggie, I thought we were friends.

Reggie: We are friends. So you want me to lie to you? That makes a lot of sense.

Jack: No, I want you just to tell me exactly what happened in that alley.

Reggie: Jack, look, I walked by the alley. You were lying on the ground. You were bleeding, ok? Joni called the ambulance. The ambulance came, they took you to the hospital --

Jack: Right, those are the basic facts. I want you to fill in the blanks.

Reggie: I can't fill in the blanks if I don't know anything!

Jack: You're breaking my heart here, you know that?

Reggie: Hey, Jack, I kept you alive, ok? I saved your life while the ambulance took its sweet time to come and get you. What else do you want from me?

Jack: I want you to tell me who else was in that alley.

Reggie: Joni, and you know that.

Jack: No, I know that there was somebody else there.

Reggie: You're bugging.

Jack: No, I don't think so.

Reggie: Yes, that's your problem.

Erica: No, Reggie, that would be your problem.

Reggie: Isn't she supposed to be soaking in a bubble bath or something?

Erica: No, here's a concept -- why don't you come clean, instead? You have any information? Somebody tried to kill Jack and somebody might come back and finish the job, and if you know who that is, then you tell us that right now, because otherwise you can pack your bags and you can get out right now.

Michael: What did I interrupt?

Kendall: Nothing. I just -- I left my purse. I had to come in and get my purse.

Michael: Right, this purse right here? This purse?

Kendall: Yeah, I was --

Michael: You had this purse when you walked with me to the car. You double-crossed me, didn't you? As soon as we made our deal, you went straight to mommy Erica, right?

Kendall: You're crazy.

Michael: No, come here! Look at this! What did you -- what are you looking for, huh? What are you hoping to find in here, Kendall?

Kendall: Ok, ok! Yes! Yes, I did break in here! I was looking for something I could use against you.

Maria: I love you so much.

Maria: Don't you worry, sweet pea. Mommy's back. Mommy's back.

Aidan: She's asleep, isn't she?

Maria: Yeah, yeah. She is.

Aidan: Is there anything I can do?

Maria: Uh-uh.

Aidan: Hey, you don't have to be afraid, Maureen.

Maria: I'm not. I'm not.

Aidan: I heard you before. You -- you said, "mommy's back"?

Maria: Aidan, I just -- I just remembered being her mother.


Reggie: Aw, you're going to throw me out? Shoot. Why don't you just open the window? I'll take the fast way out.

Jack: All right, knock it off.

Reggie: No, that's some kind of sorry threat. You're acting like I asked to be here. This place is like a museum. You want me to leave? Fine, I'm going. It's not like I had time to unpack my bags anyway.

Jack: Reggie, please, will you just sit down for a sec?

Reggie: No, you sit down. I'm evicted, remember? I'm leaving.

Jack: No, I'm afraid you can't do that.

Erica: Let him go.

Jack: No, I can't do that.

Reggie: Yeah, it's not like you wouldn't want to see me go, but it's a legal thing. I'm his responsibility.

Jack: No, it's not a legal thing.

Reggie: Jack --

Jack: I care about you.

Reggie: Jack, I'm an obligation and you know it!

Erica: No, you're ungrateful, that's what you are.

Reggie: Jack, if you marry this lady, you're going to be seriously whipped for the rest of your life.

Jack: All right, you watch your mouth.

Erica: Do you really not care if Jack gets killed? Are you helping the person who did this?

Reggie: If you wasn't a female, I --

Jack: Whoa, whoa.

Erica: What, what would you do? Come on, bring it on. Give me your best shot.

Jack: Whoa, "bring it on"? Why don't both get back to your corners here for a second?

Erica: How do you put up with this?

Jack: I think Reggie maybe has a reason for keeping quiet.

Erica: Now you're defending him?

Jack: Erica, will you please, please just let me handle this?

Reggie: Yeah, please let the man handle this. Fall back.

Jack: He threatened you, didn't he?

Reggie: There is no "he." Stop bringing him up. There is no "he."

Jack: Reggie, I'll protect you. I'm not going to let happen to you what happened to your brother.

Reggie: My brother? Who told you anything about my brother?

Jack: I know your brother was shot and killed.

Reggie: And who told you that? It was Joni, wasn't it?

Jack: No --

Reggie: She doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.

Jack: It was not Joni, it was Janelle, and I thank her for it.

Reggie: Janelle? Well, you tell Janelle to keep my brother's name out of her mouth, and out of yours, too. My brother's dead. Let him stay dead.

Jack: I'm sorry for your brother. But I can protect you if you'll just tell me who you're protecting.

Reggie: Jack, you're looking pretty good for somebody who just got shot. Enjoy life. It's not worth it. Stop looking for trouble.

Jack: And that's it? That's all you have to say to me?

Reggie: Yeah, that's it, that's all I have to say to you. The guy who shot you is probably O.D.'d in the alley all by himself, so just chill.

Erica: If I’d known about his brother, I wouldn't have been so harsh.

Jack: It's ok. Obviously, Reggie gives as good as he gets. Look, it may be hard to tell, but he really is grateful for you allowing him to stay here while I recuperate. Erica, we're both grateful to you.

Erica: And I guess we'll survive.

Jack: Yeah, I guess we will. So suppose you tell me what else it is that's bothering you.

Erica: Nothing.

Jack: I'm thinking it's Kendall. Am I right?

Michael: You don't listen. You're not even bright enough to be afraid of me!

Kendall: I know. I know how powerful you are.

Michael: Really? You know, I warned you, Kendall. I warned you about the consequences of double-crossing me.

Kendall: I'm not double-crossing you. I may not be a genius, but I'm not suicidal.

Michael: Really? Then talk, and talk fast because I've got plans for you, Kendall.

Kendall: Ok, ok, yes, I did break in here to see if I could find something I could use against you if I have to for leverage. I needed leverage. I mean, once we've accomplished the takeover, what's to stop you from backing out of our deal?

Michael: Why would I?

Kendall: I don't know, maybe you want to put someone else in Erica’s office -- Lena or some girl you just met in a club. I don't know. Tell me -- tell me you wouldn't want insurance in my place.

Michael: Well, you know what? Kendall, I wouldn't be in your place right now.

Kendall: Well, we all have to look out for our own interests.

Michael: Yeah. Sadly, we do.

Kendall: I learned that from you, Michael. I mean, look at you and your father.

Michael: My father has nothing to do with this.

Kendall: That's what I’m saying. You could've coasted on his reputation and accomplishments, but that's not who you are. You orchestrate your own opportunities. You know how to ensure your own success.

Michael: You're right about that.

Kendall: You've been an education for me in more ways than one, Michael. That's why you found me here.

Michael: Hmm. So tell me, Kendall, what did you find? What exactly -- what kind of ammunition have you discovered?

Kendall: Well, none yet.

Michael: Hmm. You see, you should've waited. You should've waited until my plane was in the air.

Kendall: See? I'm still learning.

Michael: Yeah, you're too impetuous. You're not methodical enough.

Kendall: Well, that's why we make a great team. You balance me.

Michael: Well done. You've earned yourself a temporary reprieve.

Kendall: Only temporary?

Michael: I'm not allowing you another slip-up, Kendall.

Kendall: But we're still working together? I haven't ruined that?

Michael: No. No, I'm still willing to hand you the reins of Enchantment. But you're going to have to put something on the table that proves your loyalty to me.

Kendall: I'll give you anything you want.

Michael: See? You do know how to get on my good side.

Kendall: Ok. So what'll it be?

Michael: Oh, well, a little of this, a little of that.

Kendall: Ok, fine. Um, I'd like to go home first and change if I could.

Michael: You know, you're right about the importance of insurance, Kendall. And right now you're mine.

Kendall: Ok, I'm just going to run home and --

Michael: If you're stalling me or saying no, it'll be your second and last mistake, you understand me?

Aidan: So you -- you remembered what, exactly? Another flashback or memory from when Maddie was a baby?

Maria: Yeah. And no. I mean, it was -- I was just -- I was singing her a lullaby and it hit me that I sang that same lullaby to her when she was just a tiny baby.

Aidan: So it was -- it was another memory?

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, but it was -- it was just so much deeper than that. It was -- this feeling just -- it just shot through me. It filled me with this incredible -- I mean, really, this incredible feeling.

Aidan: That -- that's so different to any other time that you've got one of these memory flashback things?

Maria: Yeah, because, you know, before, it was -- it was just like watching it happen to somebody else. Do you know what I mean? It was like watching a movie. This was remembering in my -- in my heart and in my gut.

Aidan: Well, this is good. Well, then this is good news, because Maddie's crazy about you.

Maria: No, no, no, you don't understand. Aidan, this is -- this is not just a flash of a maternal feeling. This is here. They're here. And -- they're so overwhelming that I -- I can't even begin to describe it.

[Evan chuckles]

Evan: Oh, you bitch. You drew blood, huh? You just grazed me. You try anything stupid like that again, I'll put a slug right in your heart! Now get up! Get up now! Right there, against the desk. Stay right there. Stay right there. Don't move.

Mia: Ok.

Evan: Give me an excuse. There, now I can keep an eye on you. Now where's the kid?

Mia: Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

Evan: Oh. Wow, you're pretty tough for half a cripple, aren't you?

Mia: Crippled enough to shoot you, huh?

Evan: That's a good point. So the next one, maybe I won't kill you. Maybe I'll just get creative if you don't want to talk to me. Now, where's the kid?

Mia: I don't know where Maddie is.

Evan: Oh, you don't, huh? Why don't you take a guess! It's a big house. Where would you be if you were a kid? Where? I'm going to count to five. You'd better answer me or you're dead.

Evan: Five, four --

Mia: With an uncle. An uncle Ricardo who lives on the west coast. Maybe they took her there. In Portland somewhere. Or in Florida maybe. There's -- they have their cousins just outside of Miami. Maybe she's there. I don't know.


Evan: What was that? Well, let's go find out. Let's go find out. Go find out. Want to fight? Get up! Get up! Come on! Ok. All right, who's in charge now, huh? Who? Who?

[gun clicks]


Edmund: You all right?

Mia: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Edmund: You ok?

Mia: Yeah, I'm fine.

Edmund: Ok, ok.

Mia: No, Edmund, don't! No come back! Edmund!

[sirens approach]

Erica: It's not as if Kendall can't handle herself. I mean, she can be every bit as devious as Michael Cambias.

Jack: No, it's just all of a sudden you guys find yourself on the same side, and she is your daughter, after all.

Erica: I just expected her to call before this.

Jack: Well, you don't think Cambias has caught on, do you? I mean, the man's not stupid.

Erica: No, Kendall can -- can really handle him. I mean, she's a very good liar.

Jack: But you're still worried about her. Why? Is it because maybe you're seeing her as your daughter for maybe the first time?

Erica: Jack, would you please not over analyze this?

Jack: You know what I think?

Erica: No, and I really don't care to.

Jack: I think that no matter what Kendall has done in the past, there's a part of you that still wants to love her.

Erica: Jack, please, I really don't want to get into this right now.

Jack: Okey-doke.

Erica: And I can't wait for Kendall to call because it really is time to move into phase two.

Jack: All right, listen, Ms. Phase two, you be careful. Promise me.

Erica: Oh, I will carefully and completely destroy Michael Cambias.

Jack: Hmm.

Erica: And, uh, if you and Reggie are hungry, I think you need to start over because most of his sandwich ended up on the floor.

Jack: Yeah, it did. Will do, will do. See you, sweetheart.

Erica: Bye.

Reggie: Later, Jack. Janelle just got off the phone with me and said she wanted me to come down and move some stuff around. And since you got me on that whole human habitat thing, I just thought --

Jack: Reggie, you know this investigation's not just going to go away. Somebody tried to kill me. I take that personally.

Reggie: Jack, it's best to let some things go.

Jack: Some things, yes, but not this. You know, Reggie, I'm learning a lot from you. I hope if you learn just one thing from me it's that some things are worth fighting for.

Reggie: Yeah, some things are worth fighting for. But not dying. I'm not ready for that.

Jack: Go on.

Reggie: Later.

Jack: Hi, this is Jack Montgomery. Listen, I wonder if -- frankly, I could use your help.

Kendall: I only want to know, was your trip to Argentina real or was it a fake-out?

Michael: Hmm, would I lie to you?

Kendall: Huh. Only a million different ways for a million different reasons.

Michael: My trip to Argentina was for business, but my plane's grounded until the morning. Mechanical trouble.

Kendall: And commercial flights are so beneath you?

Michael: You know, if this is your idea of stalling, Kendall --

Kendall: No, I -- I’m just saying if -- if postponing the flight in any way threatens our success --

Michael: You know what? You'd better just concentrate on proving your loyalty to me right now.

Kendall: I can prove it anywhere.

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: We can book two seats on the next flight to Argentina and we're out of here.

Michael: I fly alone on my own plane.

Kendall: Oh. Who is she? Who is she?

Michael: What are you talking about?

Kendall: You want to sleep with me tonight, and sleep with who in Argentina tomorrow?

Michael: Hmm. You know, Kendall, what I do and with whom is none of your concern. You did say I was the best lover you ever had, didn't you?

Kendall: Yeah.

Michael: Well, then how do we start?

Kendall: Isn't very romantic.

Michael: Well, not all sex has to be romantic. Doesn't mean it's not good. Besides, you are going to remember this for the rest of your life. Mmm.

Kendall: Not too sure of yourself, are you?

Michael: Well, now, that's part of the attraction, isn't it -- my power, my self-confidence? You think it's sexy, don't you, huh?

Kendall: I don't respond to force.

Michael: Well, then right now I suggest that you work up some enthusiasm. Hmm?

Kendall: I'll do what I can.

Michael: Good.

[knock on door]

Erica: Michael, I saw your car! I know you're home.

Kendall: Go away, Erica!

Erica: Michael, open the door!

Kendall: Erica -- you're not wanted here, Erica.

Erica: Michael, open the door now. Michael!

Kendall: Erica. How unpleasant to see you.

Erica: Kendall, you, uh, look so used.

Michael: What is it, Erica? We're a little busy here.

Erica: I need to talk to you, Michael. I have a -- a proposition, a business proposition for you. Kendall, why don't you just run along, then?

Kendall: Michael, call me when she's gone.

Michael: Hmm. Interrupted a very tender moment there.

Erica: Oh, yes, I can just imagine.

Michael: Hmm. But I'm curious, what is it exactly that you came to offer me at this late date?

Erica: I've been informed that several front men have been buying up shares of Enchantment for you.

Michael: Well, it's a good investment, isn't it, Erica? Hmm?

Erica: I am not interested in a battle that neither one of us will win.

Michael: Oh, there will be a winner. It's just not going to be you.

Erica: I'm suggesting a compromise.

Michael: Hmm. Oh, come off of it, Erica. You're here to surrender.

Maria: Now that I have these feelings, these maternal feelings, how could I ever have forgotten them? I mean, this -- I can understand my memory and my identity being wiped out, but not -- not this. This feeling of having a child is -- I don't know, it's just -- it makes you feel so strong and so vulnerable all at once.

Aidan: This is really big, Maureen. This is really big.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah. Are you scared? Are you afraid that this means that everything might come back?

Aidan: I always knew it was a possibility.

Maria: Could be a lot closer.

Aidan: Yeah, it could. Or not. Or maybe it's just because your feelings are heightened because Maddie’s in danger.

Maria: I don't think so.

Aidan: I mean, I feel way more protective and a lot closer to her.

[Maria sighs]

Maria: I'm just so afraid of what this whole ordeal is going to do to that poor little baby. I'm so proud of her, though. She's -- she's so sweet and she's so strong and she's so brave through this whole thing, and I -- what's a real miracle is that she's mine, she's part of me. That is amazing.

Aidan: Yeah, it is. It is a miracle. And I don't want you to think that you can't enjoy this time right now because of what it might mean to us later on.

Maria: We may not have to deal with anything later on.

Aidan: But Maddie needs her mum right now. You are so caring and so loving.

Maria: I love you. I love you more than ever.

Aidan: I love you, too.

Maria: Hmm.

Maddie: What are you doing?

Maria: Oh.

Aidan: We're stargazing.

Maria: What are you doing? Come here.

Aidan: Looking at the stars.

Maddie: I woke up and you weren't there.

Maria: I'm sorry, Sweet Pea. I'm sorry. I'm here.

Aidan: Maureen's right here, Maddie.

Maddie: It's still ok for me to call mommy "mommy"?

Aidan: Yeah.

Maria: Yeah, of course.

Maddie: Isn't it?

Maria: Yes.

Aidan: Of course it is.

Maria: That's exactly what I am, sweetheart. I am your mommy, and I always will be. I am forever and ever. Forever and ever and ever.

[Maria chuckles]


Officer: We'll dust it for prints.

Mia: Oh, God, he was wearing gloves the whole time.

Derek: Let me see that. So, I'm out my pride and my pistol.

Mia: Please, is someone here going to go after Edmund and that killer? Please, somebody?

Derek: Officer Ross?

Ofc. Ross: Tagliatti and Beachum are on it, Sir.

Derek: Yeah, we're setting up a roadblock.

Mia: Great, but Edmund is --

Derek: Edmund will take care of himself. What kind of description can you give us?

Mia: I don't know. I don't know. He was wearing a ski mask the whole time.

Derek: What about his build or clothes he was wearing?

Mia: He was six feet tall, I guess. Um, he was wearing black. His arm -- his arm was wounded. I shot him. It was grazed -- his right arm.

Derek: Was there anything else? Anything unusual about the way he moved, his voice? Did he have a regional accent?

Mia: Yeah, his voice, his voice. He had this deep, thuggish voice. Oh, God, please! Would someone please just go after Edmund? He's going to do something crazy. He'll do anything to protect his daughter. Would you or just you go after him and find him, please?

Edmund: No need. Hey, Derek. Where'd you disappear to?

Mia: Thank God. Thank God you're ok.

Michael: Aw, poor Erica. You're not used to crawling, are you?

Erica: I don't crawl for anyone.

Michael: I'm sorry, can you speak up, because it's hard to hear you when you're on your knees.

Erica: Gee, Michael, you're enjoying this far too much.

Michael: Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead. Please, please, continue to wave the white flag.

Erica: I'm not surrendering. I told you, I'm here to present you with a compromise --

Michael: Hmm.

Erica: A merger that will save us both a lengthy legal battle.

Michael: Oh, that's very considerate of you, thank you.

Erica: Well, a fight will only hurt both our companies.

Michael: You know, when the dust settles, Erica, you won't have a company.

Erica: Well, now you are underestimating me.

Michael: Oh, I don't think so. Hmm.

Erica: Michael, tell me something -- why should we both waste our time and energy making the lawyers rich? Why not work together? Enchantment's new miracle product will certainly generate enough profit for both of us.

Michael: Certainly, but if -- you see, if I continue with my plan, I have everything to win and you have everything to lose.

Erica: So what is it you're actually after, Michael? The thrill of the fight? Ok, fine. I admit it -- you won, you caught me asleep, and, yes, you probably could take over Enchantment. But the question is, would it be worth taking over?

Michael: Why, you'd dismantle it from the inside, would you?

Erica: No. But certainly in order for it to remain a prize worth taking, I'd have to remain as C.E.O.

Michael: See, how would that look, Erica? I mean, Cambias Industries takes over an ineptly run company and allows the regime that ruined it to remain in place? Public confidence in us would be shaken, huh?

Erica: Well, I can't walk away with nothing.

Michael: Well, you won’t. Please, Erica, I -- I would let you save a little face, give you a gold-plated parachute, farewell party.

Erica: Michael, I am Enchantment. The public would never accept anyone else in my place.

Michael: Well, unless you pass the torch on to your daughter -- Kendall. I mean, think -- think how wonderful it would be. It would be the most touching part of the farewell.

Erica: Kendall Hart? No, never. I would die first.

Michael: Erica, she's earned the position.

Erica: Yeah, please don't tell me how. No, no, I will do anything to keep you from committing that atrocity.

Michael: Well, those are my conditions.

Erica: Then I will fight you tooth and nail. I will fight you to the end. And if that means that I wind up with nothing and Enchantment is left a rubble, then so be it. But you and Kendall Hart will never get your filthy hands on my company.

Michael: Well, end up with nothing. I never needed a merger or a compromise. That was just you trying to save face.

Erica: No wonder your father has no respect for you. You're a complete disgrace to the Cambias name.

Michael: Get out.

Erica: At least your father has some intelligence and some finesse and some scruples.

Michael: I said get out.

Erica: This is not over, Michael. You haven't won, and you won’t.

Joni: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Joni: Uh, you're looking much better.

Jack: Well, I feel much better, thanks.

Joni: So what did you -- what did you want to talk about? Habitat for humanity?

Jack: No, Joni, actually, I was thinking about when you and Reggie found me in that alley.

Joni: Hmm.

Jack: Joni, I remember hearing a voice. I remember somebody else being there besides the two of you.

Joni: You know what, Mr. Montgomery, um --

Jack: You need to be completely honest with me, please. Now besides you and Reggie and me, who else was in that alley?

Joni: I can’t. I promised Reggie I wouldn't say who it was.

Derek: I don't suppose you saw his face?

Edmund: No such luck.

Derek: So Maddie’s still our only witness.

Edmund: Yeah, you mean Maddie’s number one on his hit list.

Derek: You know, we're going to get this guy, Edmund, but from now on we do it my way.

Edmund: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Derek: If you hear anything, you let me know.

Edmund: You do the same.

Derek: Come on, you guys.

Mia: If you hadn't come when you did --

Edmund: But I did.

Mia: You saved my life.

Edmund: Come on.

Mia: Oh.

Edmund: Got to keep this guy away from Maddie.

Mia: Yeah. Where is she? Wait. Never mind. Don't tell me, don't tell me.

Edmund: She's with -- with Maureen and Aidan. Even if you knew, I knew you wouldn't tell him.

Mia: I'm going to crack that guy's skull in.

Edmund: Me, too.

Mia: If I get another shot at him, I will.

Edmund: I'm not going to let that happen.

Maria: Whoo!

Aidan: Thank you, thank you. I'm here till Saturday. Please don't hesitate to be very generous with your waitress.

Maria: Brilliant. Bravissimo. Encore. Encore, encore, encore.

Maddie: I want another!

Aidan: Oh, I don't know, maybe we should wait till the morning. What do you think?

Maddie: No, now. Please?

Maria: Uh, I think he said the morning!

[Maddie squeals]

Maria: I think that's what he said!

Maddie: Stop! Stop!

Aidan: You're a cheeky monkey! Ok, here we go. We're going to do one last one, ok?

Maddie: Ok.

Aidan: All right, I want you to choose a card.

Maria's voice: Mommy's right here.

Aidan: Don't show me the card. Remember it. Stick it back in the pack, anywhere. Done?

Maddie: Yeah.

Aidan: All right. You start shuffling.

Jack: Joni, I do respect that you want to keep your word to Reggie, but I really need for you to look at the bigger picture here, you know?

Joni: Yeah, I usually -- I don't tell half-truths, normally.

Jack: Look, if this was a minor infraction, some kid breaking a window, that'd be one thing, but this was attempted murder. And whoever tried to kill me may try again or somebody else may end up dead.

Joni: Luis.

Jack: Luis?

Joni: Some punk kid that Reggie knows. He was in the alley and -- I don't know, we can't exactly prove that he shot you, though.

Jack: So what was this Luis doing in the alley?

Joni: I don't know. He -- he didn't let Reggie call an ambulance.

Jack: A real good Samaritan type, huh? Joni, thank you. Really, I appreciate you being honest with me. You did the right thing.

Joni: Why do I feel so guilty?

[door opens]

Reggie: What, so Erica leaves and Joni comes in for a visit?

Joni: Ok, I was just dropping by, ok?

Reggie: What, you brought him another one of your pot of poison ivy? I don't think so. What did you tell him?

Jack: We were just discussing the habitat for humanity project.

Joni: No, you know what? No, I don't want to lie to Reggie and I don't want you lying for me.

Reggie: Oh, so you sold me out?

Joni: I had to tell him about Luis, ok?

Reggie: Your word means nothing to me.

Jack: Look, I pressured her quite a bit.

Reggie: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you had to slap her around a lot! I told you both how to play this, but, no, you want to do things your way. Fine. When one or both of you winds up in an alley bleeding to death, don't expect me to save your lives.

Michael: Kendall, as soon as you get this, slip into something that's easy to slip off and come back to me. We have 11 hours to fill.

[knock on door]

Michael: Hmm, maybe that's you reading my mind.

Man: Hello, Michael. Still not shaving, I see.

Michael: Father. Um, it's good to see you.

Kendall: I -- I couldn't go home. I couldn't stand to hear his voice.

Erica: Kendall, Michael didn't actually hurt you, did he?

Kendall: You didn't give him the chance. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Edmund: Sit down and rest.

Mia: No, I'm fine. Shouldn't you call Maureen?

Derek: You were right. We found the car this guy stole ditched in the woods about a mile south on Franklin road.

Edmund: That means the killer's still at large.

Derek: You'd better get your security people back on the grounds.

Edmund: I already did that, but I don't think he's coming back here.

Derek: Well, you never know. Better keep vigilant.

Edmund: All right, thanks, Derek.

Derek: I'll keep in touch.

Mia: Guess I should go.

Edmund: No, no, I want you to stay.

Mia: Good.

Edmund: I mean, unless you feel more comfortable someplace -- Valley Inn, somewhere?

Mia: No. No, and I could stay in one of the guest rooms or I could sleep down here on the sofa.

Edmund: I think we can do better than that. You must be exhausted.

Mia: Yeah, I am. Aren't you?

Edmund: No, no, leave those.

Aidan: Did you shuffle them good?

Maddie: Extra good.

Aidan: Ok. Then why is your card right -- here?

Maddie: He found it!

Aidan: So this is your card?

Maddie: Mommy! I showed it to mommy. Mommy, he keeps finding my card.

Maria: Really?

Maddie: Mommy?

Maria: Yeah?

Maddie: You look kind of weird.

Maria: I'm just -- I'm feeling a little bit seasick, I think. I'm going to go out and get some air, ok?

Erica's voice: Yes, go with the contraction! Just breathe with the contraction! Go with the contraction! Yeah! He's coming now! Come on, push! Yes! You hear?

[Maria screams]

Erica: I've got him! I've got him! I've got him!

Maria: Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.

[baby cries]

Maria: Oh, my God!

Aidan: Maureen?

Maria: Oh, baby! Oh, Maddie!

Aidan: Maria?

Maria: What? What?

[Evan sighs]

Evan: Oh, surprise, surprise. Oh, look at this. What a great feature. Caller I.D. lets me see who calls. All right, little girl, call your daddy. Call your daddy so uncle Evan can give you a big surprise.

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Kendall: You care about me.

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