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All My Children Transcript Friday 5/9/03

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Reggie: What did you do?

Luis: You are not a doctor, and you're not going for one.

Shambala: Why did you feel the need to copy your answers off of Henry's exam?

Maria: Are you sure that the man with the gun actually saw you?

Maddie: He looked right at me.

Michael: Get me what I want, you'll never have to see me again. I'll be waiting, darling.

Edmund: Wait a minute, we know that -- that Maddie saw the shooter. What are you telling me, that -- that he saw Maddie?

Maria: He pointed his gun right at her before he dragged the body away.

Edmund: She can identify him.

Maria: Yeah, and he knows that.

Edmund: All right, we got to get the cops to pick this guy up.

Maria: Yeah, before he comes after her.

Myrtle: We don't want any.

Kendall: Myrtle, please, let me in.

Myrtle: Listen, if you want to lose that foot, just keep it there.

Kendall: I need to see Boyd.

Myrtle: Oh. Well, won't do any harm. When pigs fly.

Kendall: What the hell?

Lena: Bianca, what's -- you're crying. Your Uncle Jack -- is he worse? Come in. Sweetheart, tell me what's wrong.

Bianca: Did you think that I wouldn't find out that you're having an affair? That you're sleeping with somebody else?

Shambala: I'd appreciate a response.

Maggie: You think I cheated off of Henry's exam?

Shambala: You both received the same score for identical responses.

Maggie: We had the exact same answers?

Shambala: Even in Section C, when you could have chosen different formulas or methodology.

Maggie: That still doesn't mean that I cheated off of his exam.

Reggie: What are you doing here?

Joni: I changed my mind.

Reggie: Oh, God.

Joni: Are you visiting, or are you reading?

Reggie: They're for Jackson, not you.

Joni: He's going to hate them.

Reggie: What are you talking about? Cars and girls? That's all we like. You know nothing about us men.

Joni: Ok, well, I know you had a jelly doughnut for lunch.

Reggie: So what?

Joni: Come on, let's go.

Reggie: Look, remember, Luis was nowhere near that alleyway when Jack got dumped.

Joni: Ok, I'm not going to lie.

Reggie: Yes, you are. You were clear with it yesterday.

Joni: No, I wasn't, ok? I'm here to set the record straight, ok?

Reggie: No -- like hell you are, ok?

Nurse: Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor, I didn't know you were in here.

Flanders: Shh.

Nurse: That's right, the sedative. Thank you.

Maddie: [Muffled] Mommy!

Flanders: Say good night, kid.

Edmund: Thanks. Derek's on his way over.

Maria: Ok, good. Was there any chance that they might have already arrested the shooter?

Maddie: Mommy!

Maddie: Mommy!

Edmund: Doc, is everything --

Maddie: Daddy! Daddy! Mommy!

Edmund: What, sweetie? Just try and relax, honey.

Maria: What's wrong, honey? Did you have a bad dream?

Maddie: He was here! The bad man was here!

Edmund: No, no, it's just us, honey.

Maria: Yeah, just us.

Maddie: No, I saw him!

Maria: No, no, I think you were probably just having a bad dream, sweetheart.

Maddie: He just left!

Edmund: No, that was the doctor, honey.

Maddie: He's not a doctor. He's not. In the park he had a gun! Just now he had a pillow and he was going to put it over my face, but then I called Mommy and --

Edmund: Ok, stay here.

Maddie: He left!

Maria: No, are you sure, sweetheart? Because, you know, Dr. Joe just gave you a sedative and that might make you a little bit confused.

Maddie: No --

Maria: You positive?

Maddie: He said a bad word when I called to Mommy!

Maria: Ok, ok. It's all right, sweetheart. It's all right, love. It's ok, Mommy and Daddy are here for you to keep you safe. Don't you worry.

Edmund: Sweetie -- nothing. I'll be right outside, ok?

Derek: Hey, Edmund, officers combed the park --

Aidan: There's no sign of Maddie's gunman.

Edmund: Derek, just seal the hospital.

Derek: What?

Edmund: He's here. He was here -- the shooter. Maddie saw him close up.

Aidan: Wait a second, he knows that Maddie --

Edmund: Can identify him, yeah.

Derek: Yeah, ok, I'll secure the hospital.

Edmund: Thanks.

Aidan: So how do you now he's in the hospital?

Edmund: Because he was dressed up like some doctor, and he was in there with a pillow trying to smother my daughter, and then --

Aidan: Oh, my God. Did anyone else get a look at him?

Edmund: I don't know. I just saw him for a second. He -- he took off that way, down the hall.

Aidan: So he could have taken off, right.

Derek: Look, I'll get a sketch artist down here, but for the time being, give me a description.

Edmund: Uh -- 5'10", a white guy, well-built, maybe 45.

Derek: Eye color?

Edmund: I didn't get -- I really didn't see his face.

Derek: Ok, well, maybe Maddie can fill in the blanks.

Edmund: No, no, wait a minute, wait a minute. He may be here trying to finish the job.

Derek: Which is why I need to question her.

Edmund: No, no, he could be here, trying to kill her!

Derek: Which is why I need to question her!

Edmund: Derek, I want you to tear this place apart and find him, or I will!

Joni: Unless you want to wear this plant, you're going to let go of me.

Reggie: You better pray to God to make you smarter.

Joni: Ok, the thug routine really doesn't work, Reggie. Ok? I'm not afraid of you and I'm not afraid of Luis, either. Ok? If he comes after me, I'll just turn him in to the cops so fast --

Reggie: Look, here's the deal, ok? Look, listen to me -- if you shoot off at your mouth, he shoots a gun. It could be aimed at you or somebody close to you. Don't fool around with Luis.

Jack: He's hoping later on today. Well, look at this. Aren't I Mr. Popular.

Reggie: Yeah. Shouldn't you be resting, sleeping, or something?

Joni: Hi, Mr. Montgomery. My -- my mom sent this with me from her garden for you.

Jack: Well, aren't they pretty. Tell your mom thanks a lot.

Janelle: So where are you two headed?

Joni: No -- no, we're not together.

Reggie: Yeah, no way. What are you doing here?

Janelle: Visiting. And hoping I can help find whoever shot Jackson. You know, maybe we could offer a reward for information. I could hang fliers at the clinic.

Reggie: Hey, why don't you just stick to being a doctor, ok? Just leave the police stuff alone.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. Ease up.

Reggie: No. It's not going to do any good, getting in something she has no part of.

Janelle: I am part of it. Jackson is my friend. I take that personally.

Jack: I need all the help I can get. Anybody that knows anything about who put me in this bed, who shot me, I'd be grateful to hear it.

Joni: Mr. Montgomery, I might be able to help you.

Kendall: How dare you shut me out! You'd better let me in, myrtle. Tell Boyd I'm here!

Myrtle: The whole street knows you're here. How dare you chase him like this. Get out of here!

Kendall: Well, who the hell made you his guard dog?

Myrtle: And who did you think you were, coming into my living room dressed like a hooker and trying to turn my house into some kind of passion pit?

Kendall: Oh, please.

Myrtle: I suppose you thought you'd get Boyd drunk, and then you would seduce him into leaving Erica and Enchantment?

Kendall: Ok, relax. You know why? You're going to burst a blood vessel.

Myrtle: I should bust your fanny with buckshot.

Kendall: All right, fine. Fine, I'll leave, ok? I'll leave. But can you just please -- please tell Boyd I came by?

Myrtle: What makes you think he'd care?

Boyd: Actually, I do care.

Myrtle: Oh.

Boyd: It's ok, Myrtle. Come on in, Kendall. I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Lena: I'm not having an affair --

Bianca: Don't! Don't! I just saw him leave.

Lena: Bianca, there's no other lover. Let me explain.

Bianca: Did you make love to him right here, in the same bed that you shared with me?

Lena: No, I -- look, Bianca, you got it all wrong.

Bianca: I know about Michael Cambias. I know about everything.

Lena: There's nothing to know.

Bianca: I know you're sleeping with him. I know you work for him.

Lena: I work for your mother.

Bianca: Only because Michael placed you there so that you could take down Enchantment from the inside.

Lena: Bianca, who told you all this?

Bianca: Just don't deny it, Lena. God, you've already humiliated both of us enough.

Lena: All right. I won't deny it. It's true.

Maggie: I aced that exam. But because you don't know me very well, and because I'm not top on your list, you think that I cheated.

Shambala: Your exam is a photocopy of Henry Chin's -- every symbol, every nuance duplicated.

Maggie: We studied hard together. Henry and I reviewed everything. We memorized how to reach all those conclusions in the same way.

Shambala: There was too much opportunity for divergence, but you didn't.

Maggie: If I cheated, I would have changed some of the answers. Ok? I may not be your prize student, but I'm not stupid.

Shambala: Maggie, this university has a no-tolerance policy against cheating. You signed that policy when you enrolled in classes.

Maggie: I didn't cheat. I didn't. If I did, I would have changed some stuff.

Shambala: Well, maybe in a way you wanted to get caught.

Maggie: You can hook me up to a lie detector, ok? I didn't do it.

Shambala: You're on probation, Maggie.

Maggie: That's not fair.

Shambala: Hmm. Dean Schantz and I will discuss how to handle your case.

Maggie: You mean how to handle me.

Shambala: We'll be in touch.

Maggie: You're going to kick me out of school, aren't you? You can't because I want to be a doctor!

Shambala: Expulsion might be your punishment, yes.

Maggie: I can't let you do this.

Shambala: I'm really terribly sorry it has to happen this way.

Maggie: Prof. Stevens, wait. I can prove to you that I didn't do it.

Shambala: Don't make this any worse, Maggie.

Maggie: Like it could get worse.

Shambala: If you really had proof that you hadn't cheated, you would've shared it right away.

Maggie: I didn't want to -- I don't think it's my place to give it to you.

Shambala: Hmm. Well, one of you copied the other. If you're accusing Henry, you won't help your case.

Maggie: I'm not accusing Henry. I'm just saying that I didn't do it.

Shambala: And you claim to have proof. Well, maybe you'll feel like presenting that to the dean.

Henry: You look like Prof. Stevens beat you up.

Maggie: Worse. She accused me of cheating, Henry.

Henry: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Maggie, I'm so sorry.

Maggie: It's ok. We'll figure it out.

Henry: What are we going to do?

Maggie: Well, you're going to have to tell them the truth. And don't worry because I'm going to be beside you, ok? So however you want to handle this, you just let me know.

Henry: Don't do anything.

Maggie: What do you mean? I want to be beside you. So when you go to Prof. Stevens and Dean Schantz, I will be by your side.

Henry: Maggie, I -- I can't do that.

Jack: Just how is it, Joni, you think you could help me find who did this to me?

Reggie: Look, Joni, you going to have to lay off the "Charlie's Angels" stuff, ok? She thinks she's Cameron Diaz. It's all right.

Joni: Um, if it's ok with you, I'd like to put you on the youth group prayer list. We meet on Wednesday nights.

Jack: Well, that's another kind of help. I certainly would appreciate that. Thanks.

Joni: Yeah, I'm going to put the guy who shot you on, too. I just -- I'm hoping that maybe he'll realize what he's done and, you know, keep him from hurting anyone else.

Jack: Again, a great idea. I'll pray for that myself.

Reggie: Yeah, well -- yeah, Jack. Yeah, I can get down with that, too. I bought you these.

Jack: Magazines. Great. "Fast Cars." I don't really think you're old enough to buy that last one, Reggie. Thanks, I'll read myself to sleep.

Reggie: Yeah. Come on, why don't I buy you a burger or something. You know, are you hungry?

Joni: Yeah. Good night, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: Thanks, again, Joni, for everything. Well, kids seem to be getting along better, huh?

Janelle: Yeah, tragedies have a way of bringing people together.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. Janelle, I didn't die.

Janelle: You came close.

Jack: It's too bad Reggie couldn't get any leads as to who put me in this bed.

Janelle: Who says he didn't?

Reggie: You like making me sweat, don't you?

Joni: What? What?

Reggie: Acting like you're going to turn in Luis and then backing off. You're not afraid you're going to wind up in hell with a pitchfork rather than your little harp of yours?

Joni: You know, I'm sick of being mocked, because I believe in God, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, ok?

Reggie: Hey, I'm not asking you to be ashamed. Personally, I really don't care.

Joni: Maybe you just -- you just need faith in a higher power, because otherwise you probably wouldn't have such a messed-up life.

Reggie: Ok, look, do you really think me getting on my knees and praying to God is going to save me? I don't think so.

Joni: Why not? He saved me. Reggie, without God, I'd have died a long time ago.

Lena: Yes, Michael Cambias and I have been involved, but not in the way you think. He approached me because of my position at Enchantment. Listen, Bianca, about a month ago, Michael offered me a huge amount of money to help him take over Enchantment, and I refused.

Bianca: And did your refusal make him just want you more?

Lena: Bianca, please, don't do this.

Bianca: Oh, me? Me? What, is that the end of your story?

Lena: No. He did -- he was interested in me even though I refused -- on a personal level.

Bianca: Yeah, sure, why not? You're quite a catch. I told you that so many times myself.

Lena: Bianca -- yes, he wanted to sleep with me, but you must believe me. I wanted to tell him to go to hell, but I thought maybe if I string him along, it would be better for the company. I could stay one step ahead of him.

Bianca: So you slept with him for the good of the company? Oh, boy, Lena, my mother's going to love that on so many levels.

Lena: Listen to me. I was just going to pretend to be interested, but -- until today, and today I told him. I told him I can't pretend anymore, and it's never going to happen, and the last thing I wanted was for you to misinterpret my intentions. Bianca, I didn't want to hurt you.

Bianca: How stupid do you think I am?

Myrtle: You men are all the same -- I mean, pushovers for a pretty face.

Boyd: Look, Myrtle, I appreciate what you're trying to do, ok, but I can protect myself.

Myrtle: I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.

Boyd: I'll be sure and yell.

Myrtle: Yell, well, throw her out as soon as you can.

Boyd: Look, if you're here for a second crack at my formula, you can just forget it.

Kendall: No, I came here to tell you how sorry I am. Trying to get your discovery, it was -- it was disgusting. Michael made me think it was life or death to him. I thought I was proving my devotion to him. Anyway, I'll regret what I did for the rest of my life.

Boyd: Yeah, well, it doesn't have to be for that long. I'm sure you'll get over it.

Kendall: Boyd, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. I guess I -- I woke up a little late.

Boyd: Well, better late than never, right? Congratulations.

Kendall: Thanks. Boyd, do you -- do you think there's any chance that maybe you could trust me again?

Maria: Maddie, honey, you have been very, very brave.

Aidan: Yeah, I have to agree with you. If I'm ever in a tight spot, I would want you on my side. Hey --

Maria: Yeah?

Aidan: How are you doing with this?

Maria: Oh, I'm -- well, I'm going to be a lot better when they catch this guy. Definitely. But now that we know what happened, we're going to make sure that you stay safe. We're going to keep him far away from you, aren't we?

Aidan: I have to say, you got some very powerful friends, kiddo.

Edmund: Yeah, and one of them, Lt. Derek Frye right here, he's got the entire police force looking out for you. They're going to guard you just like you were a princess.

Maddie: With a dragon?

Edmund: Yeah, with a dragon. Absolutely. You know you have your very own policeman?

Maddie: Honest?

Edmund: It's true. He's going to be right outside that door, day and night.

Maddie: All mine?

Derek: Yeah, just like your daddy said, he's going to be right outside that door. His name is Ofc. Wright and he answers only to you -- and me.

Maddie: Good.

Edmund: Listen, sweetheart, we need something, and you are the only one who can help us, ok?

Maddie: Ok.

Derek: Do you think you can describe the man you saw holding the gun?

Maria: Edmund, I don't think this is a good idea.

Derek: The man you saw shoot the gun -- what did he look like?

Maria: Derek, I really -- I think this is too soon.

Derek: I won't push.

Edmund: You remember, don't you, honey?

Doctor: Tanya, can I speak to you for a minute?

Maddie: Yeah. He's as tall as my daddy --

Edmund: Uh-huh.

Maddie: And -- that's him! That's the man!

Doctor: Hey! Get off me! Help --

Livvie: Come on. I won't bite.

Derek: Hey, let go of him! Let go, I got him! I got him! Let him go!

Doctor: Call Psych on 4! Get a jacket down here!

Derek: Hey, Lt. Frye, Pine Valley Police -- Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis: Subdue that man!

Derek: That won't be necessary.

Dr. Davis: The hell it won't!

Edmund: That badge could be a fake.

Dr. Davis: What's this all about?

Nurse: They're coming down right away, Dr. Davis.

Derek: Dr. Davis, there's been a mistake.

Edmund: Listen, um -- yeah. I'm sorry. A man matching your description tried to attack my daughter.

Derek: Yeah, the little girl saw you and thought you were the man.

Dr. Davis: I assure you I'm not.

Derek: Right.

Edmund: Ok, listen, I -- I overreacted. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Derek: Look, Dr. Davis, can I have a minute with you, please? The man we're looking for, he's masquerading as a doctor.

Maria: It's all right, here comes Daddy. It's all right, sweetie.

Maddie: Don't let him get me, Mommy.

Maria: No, no, no, no --

Maddie: Mommy.

Maria: No one's going to get you. No one's going to hurt you, honey.

Edmund: It wasn't him, sweetheart.

Maria: It wasn't?

Edmund: No.

Maddie: Stay with me, Mommy, please.

Maria: Ok, I will.

Maddie: Stay with me.

Maria: I will, honey. I will. You know what? I'll crash right here with you. We'll just have a big slumber party, ok?

Edmund: Yeah, I can order some pizza just like the old days.

Maria: Yum.

Edmund: What do you think about that, huh? And then maybe later we can get some dessert.

Maddie: Yes, please.

Maria: How about if we have, like, mint chocolate chip hot fudge sundaes?

Maddie: Can we?

Maria: Yeah, we can.

Edmund: Oh, for a hero like you? Absolutely.

Maddie: I'm a hero?

Maria: Yeah, you are.

Edmund: Oh, you are the best hero. But I'll tell you what, sweetheart, even heroes get a little bit tired, and they need their sleep.

Maria: Want to try to take a little nap?

Maddie: I am kind of tired.

Maria: Ok. You try to sleep.

Edmund: I'm sorry I had to call you.

Maria: No, no, I'm so glad that you called me. Nothing mattered in the world except for getting down here and trying to get to her. I just -- I got here, I saw her laying in the bed, and she's calling my name, just calling, "Mommy, Mommy," and it's breaking my heart because I just -- I wish I could've taken her place. I would've done anything to be the one who kept her from seeing that shooting.

Edmund: I know, I know. If we could take it all on, we would.

Maria: In a heartbeat.

Edmund: Being a parent -- it's the best and the scariest job, isn't it?

Maria: Yeah.

Henry: Look, I know I should confess, but if I do, my medical career will be over.

Maggie: What about mine?

Henry: Well -- look, I've got a 4.0. If it gets around that I cheated, everything will be questioned.

Maggie: So to hell with me?

Henry: Maggie, no. But remember, I was going to come forward, and you convinced me I had to keep quiet.

Maggie: Yeah, and that was before Prof. Stevens thought that I was the one who cheated. I thought you cared about me. I thought -- you're going to let my throat get cut just because you're afraid to disappoint your mother?

Henry: Hey, my mother sacrificed her life so that I could become a doctor.

Maggie: And now you're asking me to sacrifice my career so you can have my dream!

Henry: Well, we might both get caught.

Maggie: Well, if you find the guts to go and tell them, then maybe -- then maybe I can still stay!

Henry: Tell -- look, the truth is that you knew I was copying from you. You encouraged it, you allowed it. And when I wanted to come clean, you convinced me to shut up.

Maggie: Oh, my God, are you serious? You expect me to take the rap for you?

Henry: Look, it's not just about me. All right, my mother and my uncle, they've worked their entire lives so that --

Maggie: Oh, please. You know what, you're not the man I thought you were.

Henry: Come on, Maggie, let's talk about this. I don't want to hurt you.

Maggie: You have, and the truth is that you don't give a damn!

Lena: I don't think you're stupid, just the opposite. What I said about Michael --

Bianca: That was true?

Lena: Yes!

Bianca: You've been lying to me ever since you came to Pine Valley.

Lena: No, I haven't, not to you.

Bianca: Oh, please. All you had to do was smile, pretend to be kind, and I'm so pathetic that I bought every single word.

Lena: Bianca, you're wrong. It's not what I did, not with you.

Bianca: You know what? I've heard just about enough of this, and I think I'm going to be sick.

Lena: No, no, don't go. You're wrong, Bianca.

Bianca: Just smile. Just whisper anything in my ear. You know I'm going to believe you. Let go of me.

Lena: No, I won't, I can't.

Kendall: So Michael thinks that we're working together, that I'm keeping quiet about his agenda while mine remains --

Boyd: Toppling Erica and becoming the Goddess of Enchantment.

Kendall: Sounds like me, doesn't it? Well, as long as Michael thinks I'm his devoted minion trying to gain Erica's throne, I'm safe.

Boyd: Look, I don't know, Kendall. I mean, I still think you're taking a big risk playing double agent. What if Michael finds --

Kendall: No, trust me, it's worth it. It's worth it. I can't wait to ambush that lying pig, to see his little face when he learns that I would join forces with Erica just to bring him down.

Boyd: Look, Kendall, I'm not kidding, ok? If Cambias finds out about your little plan, he's going to come after you.

Kendall: You're worried about me.

Boyd: Yeah, I am, ok, and you should be, too.

Kendall: You care, even after all the awful things I've done to you?

Boyd: Look, I know that wasn't you. Ok, I know you. I know it was Michael.

Kendall: Well, you can relax, ok? The only thing I'm going to get out of this is -- is self-respect. And if I'm lucky, maybe your respect, too.

Boyd: Yeah, well, you've already got that.

Kendall: I do?

Boyd: Yeah, you do. And I want to help. If you're going to take Michael down, I want in.

Jack: So, Janelle, you don't know for sure that Reggie's withholding information about who shot me.

Janelle: I wouldn't be surprised if he was. Has he told you anything about his family?

Jack: Not much. I know he's got a couple of sisters.

Janelle: His older brother, George, was shot a few years back, in the chest.

Jack: Just like me.

Janelle: And he was left in an alley, also like you.

Jack: Who shot him?

Janelle: Someone that didn't like him talking to the cops. He had witnessed a crime, and he told the police everything he knew.

Jack: I appreciate you telling me this, Janelle. It explains a lot.

Janelle: But there is one important difference between you and George. He didn't make it. He's dead.

Reggie: So it was a party and there was drinks. A shot of liquor wouldn't kill you.

Joni: No, there's nonalcoholic punch, too.

Reggie: And you were drinking it down.

Joni: Yeah, because I didn't know that some idiot had spiked it with Ecstasy.

Reggie: You were on X?

Joni: No, no, they put it in my drink.

Reggie: Yeah, sure. That's your story. You liked the high, don't you?

Joni: No -- I don't know because I passed out, and I went into a coma.

Reggie: No way.

Joni: No -- yeah, I did, and I felt like one of those kids in the commercial where, you know, "It takes one hit and you can die" thing. I don't know. Everyone else turned out just fine.

Reggie: So how come you got so ripped?

Joni: I guess -- well, I think it's because I needed to find what I was missing.

Reggie: Oh, we're to the God part now? You want me to pray?

Joni: The doctors told my parents I wasn't even expected to live. I mean, if I lived, I would turn out like a vegetable, and my parents -- they didn't freak out, they prayed for me, and they had everyone at church praying for me. And the whole time they just -- they begged God to use my body as an instrument to -- to, you know, convince people of the power of his love.

Reggie: And here you are today?

Joni: Hey, three weeks later, I -- I woke up because of that, and the doctors couldn't even explain it, not -- not medically.

Reggie: Oh, so you're a miracle? Am I supposed to be impressed?

Joni: Reggie, prayer works. I am living proof of that.

Reggie: So what happens to the people that get prayed for that don't wake up? What, their prayer's not good enough? They're not as important to God?

Joni: No, everybody is equally as important and loved by God. Everybody.

Reggie: So why don't you tell that to my brother, ok? Oh, yeah, you can't, because my brother's dead. I guess I wasn't speaking your God's language that day. I mean, I guess the big man just didn't want to be bothered.

Bianca: What do you hope to accomplish with this, Lena?

Lena: Bianca, I am not prepared to lose this.

Bianca: What, all the cash that you're going to kiss good-bye when Michael finds out that I'm on to you?

Lena: Listen, for the first time in my life I've found something, someone who's changed my life.

Bianca: You're talking about Michael Cambias, right?

Lena: You. Bianca, you make me happy. Really, truly happy.

Bianca: Yeah, well, of course I do. Because of me, you're going to get everything you want.

Lena: Stop it. Whatever pain I've caused you, you must be aware of the feelings I have for you. Bianca, I thought these feelings only existed in fairy tales or poetry.

Bianca: Yeah, you just -- you sound just like me. Last night.

Lena: That's because we share the same feelings. I feel just like you do.

Bianca: I thought you did, but --

Lena: I do. Bianca, you are all that matters to me. I love you.

Edmund: You know there's nothing I wouldn't do to keep my daughter safe.

Maria: I know you would die for her. And so would I, but I just don't think that that's going to stop this guy.

Edmund: There's no way that murderer is getting near her.

Maria: His safety hinges on shutting her up.

Edmund: It's possible that maybe -- maybe him being so close to getting caught just scared him off, you know.

Maria: Edmund, I think that he's going to keep trying. I think he's probably at Wildwind right now scoping out the place.

Edmund: If he does that, it'll be the biggest mistake of his stupid life, because I'll be there waiting for him.

Maria: What? Do you have any kind of plan?

Edmund: Yeah. Step one, throw the rule book out the window.

Maggie: I forgot my cell.

Henry: Look, Maggie, you know I love you.

Maggie: If you love me, you would tell Prof. Stevens the truth.

Reggie: My brother took a bullet right here. But it could've gone either way when he got to the hospital. Me, my mother, and my sisters, we kneeled all night in this chapel. You know, we prayed, we cried, and we begged. But we got screwed. Well, George did, anyway. But, you know, maybe we got our wires crossed, huh? Maybe we didn't get heard by your God.

Joni: I -- I guess we can't always understand why he sends these challenges.

Reggie: Challenges? Me and my family went through more challenges than you could ever dream of. We needed a miracle, Joni, but I guess your God could only give out a certain number of those a year, right? Yeah, I think that's it.

Joni: Can you -- can you take any comfort in knowing that that was God's will?

Reggie: God's will? You think, I mean, for his own private reasons that he wanted my brother dead? Thanks a lot, Joni. I feel a lot better. Um, I'm going to see you in church, ok?

Lena: You must know it's true. You must have felt it.

Bianca: How can you love me and lie to me?

Lena: Bianca, I'm not lying about the way I feel about you. It's new and it's incredible. I don't think I can ever live without it again. Bianca, I love you. I'm not lying about loving you. I can't. You must believe me.

Bianca: I do. Of course, I do.

Edmund: It'll work.

Maria: I don't know, I -- I guess if you --

Edmund: Nothing?

Derek: Yeah, nobody around here has seen anyone or anything unusual, and nothing turned up in the park. So, listen, Ofc. Wright is going to stay here while Maddie's in the hospital. But when she goes home, I'm going to have an officer posted on site, 24/7.

Edmund: That'll put it over.

Derek: What?

Edmund: I'm not giving this guy another chance to get at my daughter.

Derek: Edmund --

Edmund: Look, when he shows up at Wildwind, all he's going to find is me.

Derek: No.

Edmund: Derek, listen to me. Sammie's going to stay with Isabella, ok? I'm going to make it look like Maria and Maddie are going to Wildwind, but they'll be going to a safe house.

Derek: You don't really expect me to ok this, do you?

Edmund: Derek, you really don't have any say what I do with my family or where they go.

Derek: Look, Edmund, your being a mercenary is not ok with me.

Edmund: Don't you want him off the street?

Derek: Yeah, but not at the --

Edmund: Look --

Derek: Not by risking your life to do it.

Edmund: Better my life than my daughter's. Listen, you know damn well you putting my daughter in Wildwind, it is like bait for that murderer.

Derek: All right. Listen, let's say we try it your way. I'm not so sure that Maureen and Maddie in some remote location someplace is all that good of an idea.

Edmund: Listen, they both need protection, but I can't be in two places at the same time. So what do you say, Aidan? You up for the job?

Kendall: I feel a lot better about this.

Boyd: Me, too.

Kendall: I have missed your friendship so much.

Boyd: Look, just don't forget, ok? You need me, you call, all right, and I'm there.

Kendall: It's great to know that you have my back.

Boyd: Just promise me you'll call.

Kendall: I'll call.

Boyd: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

Kendall: You are such a great guy.

Boyd: Yeah? Well, then I should get the girl.

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