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All My Children Transcript Thursday 5/8/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Aidan: Will you marry me?

Kendall: Lena is lying to you. She is working with Michael Cambias. They're lovers.

Erica: Chris is going after whoever it was who shot you.

Edmund: Maddie! Maddie! Maddie! Maddie! Maddie, where are you? Maddie!

Erica: Okay, let's not talk about Chris anymore, all right? Because you're going to find out that he's not the one who shot you just as soon as the police find out who did. Oh, Derek? Hi. What perfect timing. Is it good news? Did you find the man who did this to Jack?

Derek: Not yet, but we're working on it, I promise. As requested.

Jack: Thanks.

Erica: Oh, no, wait a minute. You didn't bring Jack work, did you? I mean, he's in no condition --

Derek: No, it's not work, it's --

Jack: It's a favor. Thank you, buddy.

Derek: My pleasure. Good luck.

Jack: Thanks.

Erica: Jack, I mean it. You just had a bullet taken out of your chest. Forget about work. You have assistants. Delegate work.

Jack: Yeah, well, this is one case that I have to plead myself.

Erica: Jack, come on. What case could possibly be this important?

Jack: Us. Here. Open this.

Erica: Oh, Jack. Are these wedding rings?

Jack: Yeah. They come in his and hers, you know? I got yours to match the engagement ring I bought you.

Erica: It's beautiful. They're beautiful.

Jack: Oh, good. I'm glad you like it.

Erica: But, Jack, couldn't this have waited until you were on your feet?

Jack: No. I don't want to wait anymore, Erica. I want to marry you today.

Kendall: What in the hell did you hit me for?

Bianca: I finally have somebody great in my life, and I'm not going to let you poison it with your lies.

Kendall: Bianca, I'm not lying to you. Lena is using you. She targeted you and Enchantment --

Bianca: Kendall, you don't know anything about her!

Kendall: Yes, I do. Lena and I have a lot in common. Bianca, your girlfriend is sleeping with my boyfriend.

[Lena gasps]

Lena: Michael.

Michael: Did you get it? Did you get into the safe?

Lena: Yes.

Michael: Oh! Finally, that miracle in a jar is mine. Lena, this is going to make us billions. Oh.

Maria: Oh, my God. I don't -- I don't even know what to say, Aidan.

Aidan: Don't -- don't say anything. Just listen. I've never in my life felt like I belonged anywhere. I never had a home of my own.

Maria: But you want one now?

Aidan: I have one now. I have you. You're my heart. You're everything. You taught me how to love. And it will take a lifetime to repay it, but I'm going to try.

Maria: Oh, my God, Aidan.

Aidan: Let me spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you've made me. Marry me, Maureen.

Edmund: Maddie! Maddie! Maddie! Maddie. Maddie. Maddie. Oh!

Edmund: Are you okay? Those loud noises -- did they scare you?

Maddie: He had a gun. A real gun.

Maggie: Don't stop.

Henry: I don't want you to hear it till it's done. It's kind of for you.

Maggie: You're writing a song for me?

Henry: It seemed like it kind of wrote itself.

Maggie: Oh, that's so sweet. Really. You know, I almost forgot, I have something for you, too. It's not as impressive as writing a song for someone, but it's a new guitar strap because your old one is looking pretty sad.

Henry: Aw, thank you. I love it.

Maggie: Good.

Henry: I love you.

Maggie: Can you say that again?

Henry: I will. I'm working on a new way.

Maggie: Well, hurry up.

Henry: Hey, do you want speed or perfection, huh? Wait, I'm kind of stuck on one part. What rhymes with "Maggie" besides "baggy" and "saggy" and "waggy"?

Maggie: Hey, hey, hey -- you can do better than that.

Henry: I plan to, okay?

Maggie: Yeah.

Henry: Come here.

Henry: You ready to study?

Maggie: Oh, please. You think my mind is on O-Chem right now?

Henry: Well, isn't that why you wanted to meet me here?

Maggie: No. Actually, Prof. Stevens called me in.

Henry: Here? What for?

Maggie: I don't know. She didn't say.

Henry: Oh, man. She's going to nail me for cheating.

Bianca: Lena is not cheating on me. She wouldn't. Not with Michael Cambias, not with anybody.

Kendall: Bianca, I wish that were true. I do. But the only reason that Lena is with you is because Michael told her to seduce you.

Bianca: What?

Kendall: Lena was following orders.

Bianca: I don't believe you.

Kendall: Listen to me, okay? Lena has been working with Michael since she came to Pine Valley. He got her that job at Enchantment. She's his spy there.

Bianca: That is ridiculous and completely lame. It's a cosmetics company, not the national security agency.

Kendall: Bianca, you know that Enchantment is getting a new product that's going to be worth a fortune.

Bianca: Yeah, Boyd's anti-aging cream. So what?

Kendall: So -- so Michael tried to use me to get the formula out of Boyd. When I failed, he sent Lena to seduce it out of you.

Bianca: Oh, you know what, Kendall? Shut your filthy mouth, okay? If you say one more word against Lena, I swear to you, you're going to be the one needing a hospital.

Lena: I'm afraid your celebration is premature. The formula wasn't in the safe. Erica must be taking extra precautions with it.

Michael: Oh, damn it. You know, you -- you better not be holding out on me. One call to the Polish authorities, your mother's in prison before you can board a plane.

Lena: Michael, if I could get you the formula, I would. We could stop this sick game, and I wouldn't have to look at your face again.

Michael: You never used to think our games were sick until you got tangled up with little baby Kane.

Lena: Don’t.

Michael: You better not forget who's calling the shots here. Now, I've got another job for you. And this time, you'd better succeed.

Jack: Honey, I know you wanted a big ceremony and the designer dress and everything --

Erica: Well, Palmer wants to walk me down the aisle.

Jack: Well, Palmer is going to get his chance, believe me. Because when I get out of here, I'm going to throw you the biggest, most lavish wedding ceremony that Pine Valley has ever seen. But right now all I want to do is hear you say "I do."

Erica: Jack -- Jack, you're tiring yourself out.

Jack: I'm fine.

Erica: No, no, you're not. You really have to rest. Oh, my God.

Jack: What?

Erica: Jack, you're not -- you're not dying, are you? I mean, is that why you want to marry me so soon?

Jack: No, Sweetheart, I'm not dying.

Erica: Because your doctors assured me that you were going to pull through, but you do have to rest.

Jack: Listen to me. I'm not asking you to marry me because I'm dying. I'm asking you to marry me because I love you with all my heart and because, my God, haven't I -- haven't we waited long enough?

Erica: Oh, boy. Your doctors told me when they brought you in that you may never be the same.

Jack: What, are you worried that that bullet affected my brain?

[Erica laughs]

Jack: You know, I remember everything you said to me when I was in postop. I heard it, and I remember -- I remember you saying that you wished you'd had the courage to listen to your heart.

Erica: You actually heard that?

Jack: Yeah. You know what else? I think maybe that's what brought me back to you. I want you to do something for me. I want you to listen to your heart now. Is it telling you to wait for white doves and the 500 guests at the reception? Or is it telling you to choose love right now and don't waste another second?

Erica: Oh, Jack, I won't make you wait any longer. Let's do it. Let's get married today.

Jack: All right.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Oh. If that's Judge Horowitz telling me he's got to cancel, I'll kill him. Do you mind?

Erica: I don't mind. There you go.

Jack: Jack Montgomery. Yeah, right here. It's for you.

Erica: Hello?

Lena: Erica, I'm so glad I found you.

Edmund: Are you sure you're all right? You're not hurt?

Edmund: Come here, baby.

Mia: Oh. Oh, God. Oh. You found her. Thank God. Is she okay? Are you okay?

Edmund: I think so.

Mia: Oh, God. That noise -- that wasn't a car backfiring, was it?

Edmund: Maddie says she saw a man with a gun.

Mia: Oh, God.

Edmund: It's okay, Sweetie. It's okay. It's all right. Nothing's going to happen to you. Daddy's here, okay? Call 911.

Mia: Yeah.

Mia: Hi. Yeah, I have an emergency. There's a man with a gun in memorial park. I don't know. Two shots were fired. My friend's daughter saw him. I don't know. Yeah, we're at the south entrance by the -- by the grove of trees. No, not hurt, no. Just very scared. Okay. Please, hurry. Okay, the police are on their way. I think they're sending EMTs.

Edmund: Okay, good.

Mia: Okay.

Maddie: I think I'm going to be sick.

Edmund: Come on, take some deep breaths, Sweetie, okay? Deep breaths. That's it. That's it. Okay. Okay, Darling.

Mia: Maddie, it's okay. It's okay. The police are going to catch the man, okay?

Edmund: Yeah. Do you think you can tell us what happened? You said you saw a man with a gun, right? Did you -- did you see him shoot the gun? Was anybody hurt?

Maddie: The other man. I -- I think he's dead!

Aidan: I know this is -- this is a lot to take in, Maureen.

Maria: I -- I just -- I guess I just never expected it.

Aidan: I'm pushing too hard, aren't I?

Maria: No, no, you're not at all. I -- oh, Aidan, I love you, and you know how much I love you. And everything you just said about never having a home and not feeling like you belonged anywhere -- that's exactly how I feel because I've been on the run all my life. I mean, my life that I remember, anyway. And I -- Aidan, you are the first person who's made me feel safe. And I will love you forever for that.

Aidan: But?

Maria: I'm just wondering why this is all happening so fast. You're packing us up, you want to move us out of here, and suddenly you're proposing. Why all the urgency?

Aidan: Well, you know Jackson Montgomery was -- was shot.

Maria: Are you afraid that maybe the shooter knows who you are and knows that you were working with Jack? Are we in some sort of danger or something?

Aidan: No, no. No, it -- it just puts things in perspective. Look, I know I want to be with you now. And there's no doubt in my mind that I want to be with you forever.

Maria: And I want that, too. I really want that, too. But you remember that I felt this way, supposedly, about Edmund at one time.

Aidan: Well, I thought we both said we weren't going to let that get in the way of us.

Maria: No, I don't want it to get in the way, but what if it does? What if I -- what if I do remember being Maria? And what is that going to do to us? I mean, what -- I mean, where does that put us? Aidan, I wouldn't even know what name to put on the marriage certificate, Maureen or Maria.

Aidan: It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that we're together. And we can't predict the future, Maureen. No one can. I could get knocked over by a bus tomorrow.

Maria: No, my God, don't even say that.

Aidan: This world is an uncertain place, especially now. I mean, I'm not going to live my life waiting for the sky to fall in. I'm certain of one thing, and that's you.

Maria: That's what I'm certain of, too.

Aidan: Well, then marry me. End all these years of running. Oh, I know it's scary. I do. I know it's scary. But life is full of chances. Take one with me. Marry me.

Kendall: Look, Bianca, I know how much this hurts, okay, but it's only going to get worse if this thing with Lena continues.

Bianca: "This thing with Lena"? She cares about me.

Kendall: Are you sure about that? I mean, think about it, Bianca. Has Lena ever acted weird? Has she ever tried to gain access where she doesn't belong?

Bianca: No. She's not using me.

Kendall: Well, I said the same thing about Michael.

Bianca: You know, Kendall, don't compare Lena to your boyfriend the corporate raider.

Kendall: Oh, you know what? This is completely useless. I wouldn't listen, either, when everyone tried to warn me about Michael. I was in love and it felt so good, I didn't --

Bianca: You know what, Kendall, don't compare me to you, either.

Kendall: Why not? More than anything, we both want someone to love us, to believe in us. Maybe -- maybe that need to be loved -- maybe we inherited that from our mother.

Erica: Tell me, Lena, what is Michael Cambias up to now?

Lena: There's been a run on Enchantment stock. He's buying it through dummy corporations, but I'm sure that Cambias is behind it. Erica, he's trying to take over your company.

Erica: Well, yes, Lena, I'm -- I'm aware of that. But as you know, there's no need for us to be concerned about that because the way we've set it up is that once Cambias buys enough stock, the price will drop significantly, and he'll realize that he has been wasting his time as well as his money.

Lena: Yes, of course, you're right. He'll never expect the poison pill I put in place.

Erica: Exactly. What would I do without you, Lena?

Lena: I'm just doing my job.

Erica: And you do it so well. Really. Okay, then I will see you back at the office. Thank you. Oh, God. Please let Kendall get through to Bianca before Bianca loses her heart to that scheming witch.

Jack: Well, I tell you what, I never thought I'd see the day that you'd need Kendall Hart for anything.

Erica: I don't love the idea. I'm not happy about it, believe me.

Jack: You know what, Erica? It seems like you've got a pretty full plate right now.

Erica: I do. But I still want to marry you. And as soon as that judge shows up, I'm going to get Bianca over here. That'll keep her out of the clutches of that traitor.

Jack: For what, maybe an hour?

Erica: That woman cannot get her claws into my daughter. I just can't allow that. Jack, isn't there something that you can do? Something? I mean, can't you arrest Michael Cambias?

Jack: I'd love to. But we can't prove that he's broken any laws, Sweetheart.

Erica: I know. I know you're right. And -- and I'm just playing into his hands by getting so worked up, but I realize that now. I -- I should just forget about Michael Cambias and Lena and just focus on us.

Jack: I can't tell you how much I love you for wanting that. But you've got a major crisis on your hands. When we get married, I don't want you to be distracted on our wedding day.

Erica: What are you saying?

Jack: I'm saying I'm going to call Judge Hurwitz and I'm going to cancel. I'm going to postpone our wedding, and I want you to get out of here and go kick Michael Cambias Lena Kundera's collective butts.

Erica: Are you sure?

Jack: I am positive.

Erica: Oh, Jack, you are the most understanding, most thoughtful man on the planet.

Jack: You can kiss me. It doesn't hurt.

[Erica laughs]

Jack: Ooh, maybe a little. Listen, just knowing that you're ready to say "I do" -- that's going to keep me going, but not for too long.

Erica: Oh, Jack Montgomery, I am going to marry you before too long. And when I do, you are going to be the only person on my mind. I promise.

Edmund: How is she?

Paramedic: Well, she has no visible injuries, and her vitals are well within the normal limits.

Edmund: She said she was feeling sick to her stomach.

Paramedic: Well, she could be going into shock. We'll get her to the hospital and we'll get her checked out.

Edmund: Okay, thanks.

Mia: Did you hear that, Maddie? You are going to get to ride in an ambulance. Maybe they'll even turn on the sirens for you, huh?

Edmund: Could you do me a favor? Can you check on my friend? She hurt her ankle.

Mia: No, don't worry about me. I'm fine.

Edmund: Just let him look at you.

Paramedic: Let's take a look.

Edmund: Thanks.

Derek: Look, I want every entrance closed. Interview anybody in the park this afternoon. I want witnesses. Edmund, can you tell me what you saw?

Edmund: I didn't see anything, Derek. Just -- I just heard some shots.

Derek: How many?

Edmund: Two.

Derek: Where was Maddie?

Edmund: She was playing hide-and-seek over there.

Derek: Hey, sweetie peetie, I hear you saw a man with a gun. Can you tell me about him?

Edmund: She's not ready right now, okay, to talk. They said she may be in shock. Can this wait a bit?

Derek: Look, Edmund, we got no body, we got no shooter. We just got Maddie's word that there was a gun. I need to know exactly what she saw.

Edmund: Derek, she's been traumatized! Would you just -- just back off, okay?

Maddie: Daddy.

Edmund: Yes, Sweetie. Sweetie, I'm right here. It's okay. It's okay. I'm right here. So is Mia.

Mia: Maddie, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do, Sweetie.

Maddie: I don't want you! I want Mommy!

Aidan: I understand. You don't have to say anything.

Maria: Aidan, you know, you're the one who's actually made me see that I can have a future. It's you. You're the one who -- you made me believe that we can really make each other happy.

Aidan: Sorry, I -- I don't understand. What are you saying?

Maria: I'm saying yes.

Aidan: You're saying yes?

Maria: Oh, yeah.

Aidan: Say that again.

Maria: I was saying yes.

Aidan: Oh, my God, you had me going there.

Maria: I am saying yes! Of course, yes!

Aidan: Oh, baby!

Maria: Of course. I love you. Where's the ring? Where is that ring? It's gorgeous.

Aidan: It's here.

Maria: I'm sorry --

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Oh, no, no, don't get it. I don't want to share this day with anyone.

Maria: Oh. Well, in case it's important, let me just get it really quick. I'll answer it really quick, I'll get off, and then we're going to spend the rest of the day celebrating. Okay?


Aidan: Yeah.

Maria: Hello?

Edmund: Maureen? It's Edmund.

Maria: Hey, what's wrong? You don't sound so good.

Edmund: It's Maddie. She -- she saw something in the park.

Maria: What happened?

Edmund: There was a shooting.

Maria: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Is she okay?

Edmund: I think so. We're just going to take her to the hospital just to be sure. But she's asking for you.

Maria: Okay. Tell her that I will be there immediately, and tell her that I love her so much, and -- okay, I'm on my way, all right? Bye.

Aidan: What happened? Is it Maddie?

Maria: It's Maddie, and we've got to go to the hospital. And I'll just --

Aidan: Then I'll drive. I'll take you there, okay?

Maria: I'll fill you in on the way.

Aidan: All right.

Maggie: There's no way that Prof. Stevens could know that --

Henry: That I copied off your midterm?

Maggie: Henry, you knew all of the -- all of those answers. You knew them as well as I did.

Henry: Look, it's still cheating.

Maggie: If Prof. Stevens knew anything about the midterm, she would've called you on it when you first got your test back. Okay, and she wouldn't have asked to see me. She would've asked for you.

Henry: Then why did she call you?

Maggie: I don't know. I thought it was because there was a summer research program opening up.

Henry: Did you apply?

Maggie: Well, of course I did. Didn't you? What? Do you think that she's going to choose me over you?

Henry: No, that's not -- no. Look, I hope you get what you want. Look, I have to go. I have a class.

Maggie: Are you okay?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: You sure?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: Okay, then, you know, you should come back after class because we really do need to study.

Henry: Okay. We will. It's a date.

Maggie: Okay.

Henry: Okay.

Maggie: Hurry back.

Shambala: Good. You're here.

Maggie: Yes, I am very prompt. And that's important for a research assistant, right?

Shambala: Research assistant?

Maggie: Yes. Isn't that why you called me here?

Shambala: No, it's not, Maggie. This is about the midterm. I have serious questions about your exam.

Joe: Her heart rate is elevated and she's very anxious. I'd like to give her a mild sedative just to calm her down.

Edmund: Okay, if you think that's best.

Joe: Yeah.

Maddie: Mommy. I want Mommy.

Edmund: Okay, I'll tell you what, Sweetheart -- I'll call her again, all right? And in the meantime, Dr. Joe's going to give you a little medicine to make you feel better, huh?

Maddie: Will it taste bad?

Joe: Nah. No, it'll be fine.

Maddie: Okay.

Joe: She'll be in good hands.

Edmund: Thanks.

Maria: Edmund, how is she? Where's Maddie?

Edmund: She's -- she's in there right now with Dr. Joe.

Maria: She's okay? I mean, there's nothing -- they didn't find anything wrong with her, right?

Edmund: She's a little shaky and they gave her something to make her calm down. She'll be okay physically.

Maria: Okay. Thank God.

Bianca: If Lena wanted Boyd's formula, she could've gotten it straight from him. She didn't need to go through me.

Kendall: Well, maybe Boyd turned her down like he did to me, so then Michael sent her after you. I mean, come on, Bianca, you're close with Erica, you're close with Boyd. You could give Lena far more access to Enchantment.

Bianca: But she's never asked me for anything.

Kendall: But she will. This is why I'm trying to warn you.

Bianca: Why? What's in this for you, Kendall? I mean, you don't care if I give away Enchantment secrets.

Kendall: It's not Enchantment I'm concerned about.

Bianca: Right. So, since when are you concerned with my feelings?

Kendall: It's -- it's too complicated to get into it now, okay? But trust me, I'm telling you this for your own good.

Bianca: You know what? Now you sound like my mother.

Kendall: Our mother.

Bianca: So this is what that's about, huh? You're jealous. You just can't bear to see me happy. You're just such a cruel and vicious excuse for a human being that you --

Erica: Bianca, stop! Kendall is just trying to save you.

Lena: Erica is convinced that the poison pill I set up is going to stop you.

Michael: You'd better not give her any reason to believe otherwise.

Lena: Michael, I'm not about to compromise my mother's safety to save Erica Kane.

Michael: Good. Good.

Lena: Now will you go?

Michael: Oh, you're in such a hurry to get rid of me. You know, I remember there was a time when you -- you know, you wanted me to take it slow.

Lena: Well, too bad you never did.

Michael: Hmm. So what do you think Erica did with Boyd's formula?

Lena: I have no idea.

Michael: Well, what about her penthouse? Does she have a safe in there?

Lena: How should I know?

Michael: Well, I think you should get in there, scope it out.

Lena: Michael, I'm an employee. I don't have access to Erica’s private home.

Michael: Yeah, well, Bianca does. I'm sure your little lover will let you in.

Bianca: Oh, my God. You put her up to this, didn't you? You two are double-teaming me.

Erica: I asked Kendall to speak to you about Lena, yes.

Bianca: So what did she offer you, Kendall? Forgiveness? A place in her heart? Don't hold your breath because it ain't happening.

Kendall: I'm not doing this for Erica’s approval. Okay, Bianca? The only thing Erica and I have in common is wanting to protect you.

Bianca: You know, I honestly cannot believe that you would team up with Kendall to do this. I mean, are you so unable to accept who I am that you would make a deal with the devil just to split me and Lena up?

Erica: Hey, Sweetheart, if you meet a woman who really cares about you, who really were to love you, I would accept that. I would embrace that, I promise you. But Lena -- Lena is using you.

Bianca: Says who? Says -- says Kendall?

Kendall: Bianca, it's true. She was working with Michael way before she ever came to Pine Valley.

Erica: And, honey, to tell you the truth, I don't even think that Lena is really gay. I think she's just pretending to be gay so she can get close to you.

Bianca: You know what, Mom? I have news for you. Lena is not pretending. I would've noticed when we spent the night together last night. Lena is most definitely gay and she loves me, which is more than I can say about you.

Edmund: I tell you what, when I heard those gunshots and I couldn't find Maddie --

Maria: Where was she?

Edmund: She was hidden behind some trees. >From what she could tell us, she saw the shooter.

Maria: Okay, but he didn't see her. She was hidden, right?

Edmund: I don't know.

Maria: Okay. Can I just see her, please?

Edmund: Yeah, sure.

Maria: I just want to hold her. I just want to --

Edmund: That's a good idea.

Maria: Honey, this might take a while, okay?

Aidan: Yeah, of course. Of course. I'm going to go and check on the investigation and see what I can find out.

Edmund: I appreciate that.

Maria: Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

Aidan: I love you, too. See you.

Maddie: Mommy!

Maria: Hi. Hi, my sweetheart. Oh, thank God you are okay. Thank God you're all right. I love you.

Joe: The sedative should begin working very soon. I'd like to admit Maddie so we can monitor her.

Edmund: Okay, sure. Thanks, Joe.

Joe: Yeah.

Maddie: I saw a really scary man.

Maria: Yeah, I know, Honey. I know. Daddy was just telling me all about it. It's okay, Sweetie.

Mia: I guess mommies are the best medicine, huh?

Edmund: Yeah, sometimes. How you feeling?

Mia: Oh, I'm great. I'm just -- this is nothing. I just have to wobble around on these crutches for a little while. But it's no big deal. It's fine.

Edmund: No, it is a big deal to me. You hurt yourself trying to get to Maddie.

Mia: No, I didn't. It's -- it's nothing.

Edmund: Do you know how incredible you are?

Mia: Yes.

Edmund: I mean it. Thank you.

Maria: So you had a pretty scary day, huh?

Maddie: The man with the gun looked really mean.

Maria: I'll bet. Well, it's a good thing that you were hiding and he didn't see you.

Maddie: But I didn't hide till after he left.

Maria: What do you mean? What do you mean? Did the man see you?

Maddie: And he did what sometimes Sammy does, even when Daddy tells him not to.

Maria: What's that? What did the man do?

Maddie: Sometimes Sammy pretends he has a gun and he points it right at me, and he's not supposed to.

Maria: Honey, are you saying that the man pointed the gun at you? It's okay.

Maggie: Is -- is there something wrong with the midterm?

Shambala: I have to say I am incredibly disappointed. I had hoped that you would at least be honest.

Maggie: I -- I don't understand what's wrong. I --

shambala: You and Henry answered every question identically.

Maggie: Well -- well, yes, we're partners. We did all of the labs together, we studied for hours. Believe me, we knew those answers cold going into that midterm.

Shambala: Well, if that's the case, then why did you feel the need to copy your answers off of Henry’s exam?

Kendall: I'm sorry. I tried to get through to her.

Erica: It's not your fault. It's Lena's -- Lena's and Michael Cambias.

Kendall: Well, I've been where she is, and I know she's going to get her heart crushed.

Lena: I will not use Bianca that way again.

Michael: Would you rather your mother go to prison, hmm? You wormed your way into Bianca’s life. Getting into her mommy's inner sanctum shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Lena: I hate you.

Michael: Well, that hurts. Get me what I want, you'll never have to see me again. I'll be waiting, darling.

Derek: I want a full sweep of the area. There's got to be shell casings or something. None of the uniforms came up with anything on canvass?

Officer: Not yet.

Derek: All right.


Aidan: Lt. Frye.

Derek: Aidan Devane.

Aidan: You were tracking me at the -- at the bus station.

Derek: Waste of my time, as it turns out. Jack Montgomery tells me you're working with us.

Aidan: Yeah. I'm helping him out on a case. Is there -- do you know what went down here?

Derek: What's your interest?

Aidan: The little girl, Maddie Grey. I'm a good friend of her mother's, who is very worried about her daughter. Did you find any evidence of a shooting?

Derek: We found some fresh blood on the ground. We'll have it analyzed, see if we can match the D.N.A., and there may have been a drag mark.

Aidan: But no body?

Derek: No, and no shooter, either.

Aidan: Well, somebody must have heard something, surely, or seen --

Derek: Plenty of people heard something, but there was only one witness. Maddie Grey.


Maria: Honey, are you sure that the man with the gun actually saw you?

Maddie: Uh-huh. He looked right at me, but then Daddy called and the bad man took the dead man away.

Maria: Oh, my God. Okay. Okay, well, that's all over now, Sweetheart. Okay? And he's gone and he can't get to you, so why don't you -- why don't you just take a little nap and I'm going to be right here. I'm just going to run outside for a quick second and go tell your daddy what you told me. Okay?

Maddie: Okay.

Maria: Take a little nap?

Maddie: Okay.

Maria: I love you. Good girl.

Edmund: How's Maddie?

Maria: She's okay. She's taking a nap right now, but you're not going to believe what she just told me. She wasn't hiding that whole time. The shooter actually saw her. He knows she witnessed the murder.

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