AMC Transcript Tuesday 5/6/03

All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/6/03

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Maddie: I still wish you'd leave my daddy alone!

Simone: Turn on WRCW.

Tad: Fusion promo, take one!

Carlos: No words can reveal what's in the heart.

Tad: We were on the air?

Jack: Will you marry me, Erica?

Erica: Yes.

[Phones ring]

Simone: Fusion. This is Simone.

[Phones ring]

Simone: Yes. Oh, well, we're trying -- the other line, other line.


Simone: Yeah, we're trying to keep up. Oh, yes. Oh, you did -- a special order? Of course.

Carlos: Hello. Fusion.

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: Hello. Oh. Damn.

Simone: Well, yes, we can.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Certainly. Well, let me just take down your information.


Carlos: Simone --

Simone: Just --

Carlos: Hello. Fusion. This is Carlos. Yeah, I am the guy from the commercial.

[Phones ring]

Carlos: Oh, thanks.

Tad: Carlos --

Simone: 30 cases?

Tad: Is the man, the Fusionator.

Simone: Sure. Excellent.

Tad: What's up with fingerprints?

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: You --

Simone: Thank you.

Tad: You --

Simone: No, thank you.

Tad: Give me five, huh? Huh? Don't leave me hanging. What is wrong with you? Why don't you cheer up? And obviously, your phones are -- you know, they're ringing off the hook. People want more Fusioneyes, more Fusionlips, more FusionCarlos.

Liza: You think you're so clever.

Tad: No, I donít. I just simply think that, you know, Simone's little impromptu commercial was a real home run for Fusion.

Liza: "Home run"! Oh -- "home run." What was going through your pea brain last night?

Erica: Good morning. Well, good morning, sleepyhead.

Jack: Erica, thank God you're here.

Erica: Well, where else would I be?

Jack: Listen to me.

Erica: What? What is it? Did the doctors give you some bad news?

Jack: Where were you?

Erica: Oh, I got here as fast as I could.

Jack: I called you last night. I tried several times. You never picked up.

Erica: Well, I was home. I just went to bed. Look, is something wrong? Let me call the nurse.

Jack: No, no, no, no. No. It's just when I couldn't reach you, I just had, I don't know, crazy things going on in my head.

Erica: Whoa, listen to me. You just have to concentrate on getting well, because I'm fine.

Jack: No. No. When Chris Stamp realizes that he couldn't get to me, he's going to come after you.

Chris: Flanders, I know you're getting my messages. Call me.

[Knock on door]

Chris: What do you want?

Aidan: Can I come in? I know you didn't shoot Jackson, Chris.

Chris: Oh, I'll sleep much better now.

Aidan: But I think you know who did, and I need your help.

[Phone rings]

Chris: You? Why?

Aidan: Because I'm Jackson's friend.


Chris: I think you need to mind your own business. Yeah.

Flanders: Yeah. It's Flanders.

Chris: It's about time.

Flanders: You played me, Stamp. Now get ready for payback.

Flanders: We had a deal. What were you thinking? Just change your mind? You forget who you're dealing with?

Chris: I'm not backing out.

Flanders: Good. I sent a message to Montgomery just like you wanted. Now I'm looking for my ticket and my passport out of here.

Chris: Don't worry. I have it.

Flanders: Well, make a dead drop.

Chris: No, no, no. We got to talk first.

Flanders: No way.

Chris: Oh, you want to hang around Pine Valley?

Flanders: You better come clean, Stamp. If you're packing more than a ticket and a passport, you and Ms. Kane are dead.

Chris: Just shut up. Where?

Flanders: Two hours, in the park in the grove.

Aidan: Who was that? What was that about?

Chris: Bureau business. I'm still a Fed, you know.

Aidan: Well, maybe for not much longer if you keep playing things like this.

Chris: What, is that a threat?

Aidan: No, of course it isn't. Look, I'm just here to help you, Chris.

Chris: Oh. Right. Is that why you were working for Jackson and bugging my phone conversations?

Aidan: You can't do this solo. This mess has just gone way too far.

Chris: I'll handle it.

Aidan: Look, you are way smarter than this, Chris. Flanders is way out of control.

Chris: I said I will handle it! It got screwed up. It's my job to straighten it out.

Aidan: So, the job you got Flanders was to take out Jackson?

Chris: No, no, no. I had Flanders on a separate case. He had his own agenda. I'm not going to get into details with you. I'm telling you right now, Jackson's shooter will get what he deserves.

Aidan: I don't want you going into this solo.

Chris: Nobody --

Aidan: I want to help you.

Chris: Nobody else gets hurt. You got that?

Aidan: If you insist. Do what you got to do. Good luck.

Chris: Aidan, do yourself a favor. You watch your back. Flanders knows you taped those conversations, and he's not a man to be fooled with.

Aidan: Okay. I got it. Just take care, Chris.

Chris: See you around.

Erica: Jack, listen to me. Chris didn't do this to you.

Jack: Erica, how do you know?

Erica: Aidan. Aidan told me. He told me he's been following Chris according to your orders, and he told me that he is sure that Chris is innocent. Chris is not an evil man. He couldn't do --

Jack: Look, I never said -- I never said he was an evil man. I said he was a damned angry man.

Erica: Yes, yes, and he was. But even so, he would never resort to murder, never, no matter what he said. Really, please. Please, Jack. I know Chris, and know that I'm right about him.

Jack: Come here, you. Come here. I just love you so much. But just promise me; just promise me that you're going to be careful. Please promise me.

Erica: I promise you. And I mean it, but you have to promise me that you are going to listen to the doctors so you can get out of here.

Jack: I will, I promise. After all, I have great incentive -- you, our wedding.

Erica: Don't get ahead of yourself.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. The sooner, the better. I'm sure you've already come up with 100 reasons why you want to postpone it.

Erica: Jack --

Jack: You know, I mean, the stars aren't in alignment, your hairdresser's poodle had a hernia, the dress doesn't fit either way you want it to -- or, oh, gosh, look who's here.

Erica: Oh.

Derek: How's the patient?

Erica: Well, why don't you come over here and have a look for yourself.

Derek: I was about to write you off, my man.

Erica: Don't you dare. He's getting stronger every minute.

Jack: Thanks to the doctors and thanks to that woman standing right there, yeah.

Derek: So, are you up for a few questions?

Jack: Sure. Where do you want to start?

Erica: Jack, are you kidding? You're supposed to be resting --

Jack: Erica, listen to me.

Erica: And you're supposed to be avoiding stress.

Jack: I can't lay here in this bed doing nothing while whoever put me here is out there planning their next move. I can't do that.

Erica: All right, five minutes.

Jack: Okay, boss. What do you know so far?

Derek: Not much. We canvassed the area around S.O.S., but so far, nothing.

Erica: Somebody had to see something.

Derek: We're not giving up. What about you, Jack? Do you remember anything from that night?

Jack: No. I wish I did.

Derek: I hate to ask you this, Jack, but is there anybody out there that wants you dead?

[Phones ring]

Simone: Oh, wonderful. Well, we can ship this afternoon.

Carlos: Yeah.

Simone: Actually, no. I don't think the man of Fusion will be delivering personally.

Carlos: Yeah, that was me on the commercial. No, I'm not lying.

Simone: Uh-huh.

Carlos: Look, okay -- don't scream. Hold -- let me let you talk to the marketing director.

Simone: That's actually a great idea.

Carlos: Hey -- hey, Simone --

Simone: You know, wait -- just handle it, okay? Just deal with it. And I'm on the line. Excuse me. I'm so sorry.

[Phones ring]

Simone: Right. Actually, you know, the man of Fusion might be interested in doing a personal appearance.

Carlos: Look, I'm sorry. You're going to have to call back. Yeah.

Simone: Uh-huh.

Carlos: Okay. Tough. All right, bye.

Simone: What do you think you're doing?

Carlos: Get off the phone.

Simone: What -- no, I'm right here. Uh-huh. Well, you can expect your shipment by the end of the week. No. Thank you.

[Phones ring]

Simone: If you can't handle the phones, Carlos --

Carlos: Look, I'm not your secretary or the man of Fusion, Simone.

Simone: Well, you're acting like this is a bad thing. You're famous.

Carlos: I didn't do it for fame.

Simone: Okay, well, we'll play you eventually -- something.

Carlos: Look, I don't want your money. I did it for Greenlee, to reach out to her, and it didn't work.

Simone: Well -- okay. I'm sorry about that, Carlos, really. We all know that Greenlee can be a brat. But the best way to mend over a broken heart is work, and this is a fabulous opportunity for you.

Carlos: I'm not your poster boy, Simone! Get it through your head!

Simone: But they love you!

Carlos: Well, forget about it! Find some model to do this or something.

Simone: What --

Liza: You turned my television station into a joke.

Tad: A joke? No, Liza, a joke is that infomercial you run about that Czechoslovakian speed chopper that doesn't work in the first place.

Liza: Was this your plan all along?

Tad: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's right. Simone and I got together and we plotted out the whole thing.

Liza: So you were going to trick me, make me think you were filming just a commercial, and then you go live.

Tad: Liza, relax, okay? Look at me. I swear to you, I swear to you, I didn't know it was happening until after it was over.

Liza: Well, you're lying.

Tad: No, I am not lying. I just explained to Simone about going live. I didn't tell her to do it!

Liza: You could have stopped it --

Tad: No. No.

Liza: And you chose not to.

Tad: Once again, by the time I knew what was happening, it had happened.

Liza: But look at you. You -- you love it.

[Tad laughs]

Tad: Look, you got to admit it is kind of amazing.

[Phone rings]

Tad: I mean, the phones haven't stopped ringing since I walked in the room, you know?


Tad: This is called an economic rush, and I know you remember what it feels like -- unless, of course, your ex-husband has completely deadened your nerve.

Liza: You know what? I'm all for adrenalin and the natural highs in live television, but not at the expense of my station. This fiasco --

Tad: "Fiasco"? "Fiasco"? You are making money hand over fist.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Boy, have you lost your edge!

Liza: No, no, no! Don't you turn this on me! That's so typical of you!

Tad: Liza, Liza, look, face facts, okay? It was just a little tiny infomercial --

Liza: Hmm.

Tad: For a little tiny cosmetics company in the middle of the night. So what if every insomniac in Pine Valley now wants a piece of Fusion?

Liza: How about every insomniac in the country?

Tad: Huh?

Liza: Yeah. Exactly, because, see, I don't think you knew that when you were going live, you were on the national feed.

[Phone rings]

Tad: We went live across the country?

Liza: Yeah, let's check this out. Look, here -- Portland, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and -- oh -- New York.

Tad: Wow. Well, I guess that's it. I guess you're going to need some more Fusion everything.

Liza: You know what? The F.C.C. does not look kindly on to stunts like this. We will be fined.

Tad: Well, call it a hunch, but I'm guessing that Fusion can pick up the tab.

Liza: It's not about the money. The trade papers are going to eat us for lunch.

Tad: Exactly! So you issue a public apology! That way you get even more press. Liza, wake up. This is a win-win situation. It's good for Fusion and it's good for wrcw.

Simone: Whoo-hoo! We did it! Oh! Yeah!

Liza: What now?

Simone: We've got shelf life, baby. Three of the biggest department stores in New York City want to stock their shelves with Fusion cosmetics. We've arrived.

 [Phones ring]

Simone: They promised us primo shelf space. Apparently, there were people outside the store this morning before they even opened, requesting Fusion cosmetics.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Fusion. This is Simone. Oh, of course --

Tad: A simple "thank you" would suffice.

Liza: Dream on.

Tad: No, you dream on, because this is your dream, okay? It's your dream come true. Your product is going to fly off your shelves.

Liza: You know, I have a marketing director that loves to go to jail, and I have a best friend --

Tad: Who loves you. So why don't you forget your troubles and come on and get happy because whether you like it or not, everything is going to work out.

Carlos: Thank you, yes, and it's a pleasure to do business with you, too, also, ma'am. Bueno hay nos vemos. Yeah, bye.

Simone: Thank you so much. We'll make sure we get that right out to you. Still don't want to be the man of Fusion? Hmm.

Carlos: No.

Simone: Fine, come on. A personal appearance here and there, autographs, pictures.

Carlos: No, I canít. I'm not a model, Simone.

Simone: Yeah, but it's your face -- I mean, your commercial that made all of this happen.

Carlos: Yeah, well, nothing happened for me. I did it to reach Greenlee, and it didn't work.

Simone: Well, you know, she'll come around.

Carlos: Yeah, well, she hasn't called me yet, so --

Simone: Well, she's at a conference with Kendall.

Carlos: They have phones there, you know.

Simone: Oh, Carlos, please. As soon as Greenlee sees the commercial again, oh, your baby hazels will just melt our favorite ice queen.

Carlos: I don't think so. She's pretty cold.

Simone: No, you know, she'll know that you were actually talking to her -- you know, straight from the heart.

Carlos: You know, there's just a minor detail.

Simone: What?

Carlos: All those words that I was talking from the heart?

Simone: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: You wrote them.

Simone: Well, it's a minor detail. I won't tell.

Carlos: You know, look, she's going to figure it out, and then when she does, she's going to hate me even more.

Simone: No, she wonít. She'll understand. I mean, look at what you've done for Fusion.

Carlos: She wants honesty, Simone, and I keep letting her down.

Simone: Oh -- how? I mean, look at you. I mean, you're this mega-hunky kind, sweet, sensitive guy. I mean, and if you need a little help to explain how you feel, big deal.

Carlos: It's like, look -- it's like every time I say something I just -- I mess up.

Simone: You know, if I had a guy like you that was so into me, I would be feeding you grapes in a French maid's uniform.

[Carlos and Simone giggle]

Carlos: Come -- you have a uniform like that?

Simone: No.

Carlos: Oh.

Simone: But I could, you know, buy one if you're the man of Fusion.

Sean: And there she is.

Simone: Sean. I mean, Ofc. Lyman.

Sean: Simone.

Simone: Yeah?

Sean: A day without arresting you is like a day without sunshine.

Mia: Hi.

Edmund: Hi.

Mia: Stella said I'd find you here.

Edmund: Uh-huh.

Mia: And here you are.

Edmund: I was just about to go for a ride. Want to join me?

Mia: No, no. I -- I really need to talk to you.

Edmund: Should I be nervous?

Mia: No. It's not you. It's just that -- well, I was up all night thinking about what happened with Maddie yesterday and how upset she was to find us together.

Edmund: Oh, listen, it's okay.

Mia: And I just -- no --

Edmund: She just needs a little time to adjust --

Mia: I really think that we just need to put the brakes on this relationship.

Edmund: What?

Mia: Just until Maddie can sort of --

Edmund: No, no, whoa, whoa, Mia, Mia, we got something good going on here, okay? We can't just throw it away.

Mia: I just don't think that Maddie is ready to see you with another woman.

Edmund: Well, I'm ready. Listen, I would die for my daughter, okay, but she has to accept the fact that I -- that I like you and that I want you in my life, okay? Come here.

Mia: You like me that much?

Edmund: Oh, yeah. And we will work through this and we will give Maddie lots of love and lots of assurance.

Mia: I do love her, you know.

Edmund: Yeah.

Mia: I just wish that she'd sort of, kind of like me a little, you know?

Edmund: You know, I think she does, and she will even more. You'll see. I promise you. And I apologize for not, you know, getting to finish what we started.

Mia: Oh, yeah.

Mia: Thank you for believing in us. I can't wrap my brain around it. I just can't.

Edmund: Tell me.

Mia: Well, after Jake, I just wasn't looking for anyone or anything, and here we are.

[Mia sighs]

Edmund: Mia, you're the first woman I've wanted to be with in a long time. You're not getting away from me that easy.

Mia: Good.

Edmund: Good. Besides, with two kids and an amnesiac ex-wife, I'm not exactly an easy sell.

Mia: Oh, my God. You don't know what a catch you are, do you?

Edmund: No.

Mia: Well, it's a little weird getting the looks.

Edmund: Oh, you got them already?

Mia: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because this whole town is rooting for a Maria-and-Edmund reunion, and I'm just -- being seeing with you doesn't make me feel very popular.

Edmund: Well, listen, I got news for you -- I was rooting for a Maria-and-Edmund reunion, okay, but Maureen didn't give me any choice. She made her choice and -- I want to be with you. Okay? So no more talk about slowing down this relationship. You got it?

Mia: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Edmund: Okay.

Derek: No cases that stand out?

Jack: Not particularly, although I'm sure there are quite a few people out there who wouldn't mind seeing me six feet under.

Erica: Oh, Jack, really. No, no. Derek, don't you think that's enough for one day?

Derek: Okay, all right. But if you think of anything, give me a call. In the meantime, we'll get a list of recent convictions and we'll canvass the family members --

Jack: Don't bother. You're wasting your time. This has nothing to do with my job.

Derek: What does that mean?

Jack: Look, things between Chris Stamp and me lately have been pretty strained for obvious reasons.

Derek: You think Chris Stamp shot you?

Erica: Jack, we've already been over this, and you know that Chris could not have done this to you.

Jack: I think it's worth looking into, Derek.

Derek: Has he threatened you?

Jack: No. He's too smart for that.

Erica: Stop it, both of you! I mean, you're acting as if Chris is some sort of a common criminal.

Derek: Look, I just want some answers, but you do know I'm going to have to go to Chris and get his side.

Jack: Just don't go straight at him, Derek, if you follow what I mean. And do me a favor -- stand a watch outside Erica's place until we get this figured out.

Erica: No, that is not necessary.

Jack: Look, you want me out of here? I'm going to recover a lot faster knowing that you're safe, Sweetheart.

Derek: Well, that's not a problem. I'll call it in.

Jack: Thanks.

Erica: All right, I'll -- and I'll do this just for you.

Derek: I will keep you both posted. See you.

Jack: Thanks, Derek.

Opal: Hey, there. Mr. Montgomery, you gave us a terrible scare. Howdy, Derek.

Derek: Howdy, Opal.

Opal: How are you holding up?

Erica: Oh, I'm okay, I guess.

Opal: Well, you -- you look paler than whipped cream on a vanilla float.

Jack: Oh, I can always count on you to say the sweetest things, Opal.

Opal: I think I'm going to have to make some of my famous garbanzo guacamole surprise, put some color back in those cheeks, huh?

Jack: Oh, great.

Erica: Opal, would you sit with Jack for just a minute? I want to go and check on the office.

Opal: Well, I'd be happy to.

Erica: Thank you, great. Okay, I won't be long.

Jack: Okay. Love you.

Opal: I'm not kidding, Mister. You gave me new some new gray hairs.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I got a few myself, I think.

Opal: Look, I wasn't going to tell you this, but, I mean, you just coming out of a coma and everything like that -- I've been getting these vibes, bad ones, and you know how I --

Jack: I know how you get vibes.

Opal: Yeah, well, I really -- these were the real McCoy, Jackson, and they were about you.

Jack: Okay, Opal, why don't you give me some specifics on these heebie-jeebies of yours.

Opal: Well, now, you can laugh if you want to, but I had a premonition that something awful was going to happen to you, and then, boom, you got shot.

Jack: Well, next time warn me.

Opal: But you made it. You didn't die.

Jack: Sorry to disappoint.

Opal: No, don't you get it, Jackson? You weren't supposed to survive. I mean, that means that -- well, that death could still be planning to pay you a visit.

Erica: Hello, Chris.

Chris: Been here all night?

Erica: No, no. I went home.

Chris: Ah. How is he doing?

Erica: He's getting better all the time. I mean, it may take a while for him to get back to normal.

Chris: Yeah, sure. I'm glad to see he's going to pull through, though.

Erica: I'd let you go in and see him. It's just that the doctors are being so strict about visitors.

Chris: Yeah, well, I came here to see you, and -- is there somewhere private we can go to speak?

Erica: Chris, I don't -- I don't know that --

Chris: Know that what I have to say is not going to take long. I -- I just want to apologize for everything, for everything that's happened.

Erica: Look, Derek may be contacting you. He may be contacting you to ask you some questions.

Chris: Yeah. I'll help out in whatever way I can.

Erica: I know. I know that I said some pretty hateful things yesterday.

Chris: You had every right to.

Erica: Aidan told me. He convinced me, you know, what I already knew was true -- that you didn't do this. You couldn't do this.

Chris: You know, hearing you say that means everything to me. You know that, don't you?

Erica: I'm so glad you came here to clear the air. Now when I look at you, I -- I see the man that I love.

Chris: I -- I came to say goodbye.

Liza: Kenny, it's Liza. Call me. We've got a situation.

Tad: Well, don't look at me. How was I supposed to know she had a talent for getting arrested every week?

Liza: Oh, you're not going to accept a shred of responsibility?

Tad: No. Why should I? It was Simone's idea. I didn't know what she was going to do last night.

Liza: Oh, I can't believe this, that you're going to just do this. You're the one who said you liked high adventures at wrcw, pirate broadcasting, and breaking F.C.C. rules.

Tad: Yeah, I did. I loved it. That doesn't mean I designed it.

Liza: Simone's rap sheet didn't clue you in? The woman breaks into a school; she invites a police officer to a party --

Tad: Rap sheet? What rap sheet? I don't know about a rap sheet. I wasn't keeping score.

Liza: You know, it's a good thing she's in jail because when Greenlee and Kendall find out, they're going to want to track her down and throttle her.

[Tad imitates a buzzer]

Tad: No. Thank you for playing. Not when they see all the orders that are coming in. Take a look at this.

Liza: You know what? I don't want to look at it.

Tad: Just look, just look.

Liza: No! Forget it! You know what? It doesn't matter. Did you even consider what this did to your best friend?

Tad: Yeah, and you know what? Honestly, I think offhand my best friend is just a little bit jealous that she didn't get to partake in the caper.

Liza: Do you understand that I'm facing a divorce?

Tad: Oh, come on, Liza. You can't be serious. You don't think that Adam is going to try to use this against you?

Liza: Barry Shire and his team of attorneys will do anything to twist around what goes on.

Tad: So -- so he's a weasel. So we won't let it get that far, okay? We'll just -- we'll talk to Jackson.

Liza: Jackson? Jackson can't help me. He's in the hospital! My television station, which is the only thing I have left besides my daughter, might lose its license to broadcast. Was your walk on the wild side with Simone really worth what you did to your best friend?

Simone: No, no. No, Ofc. Lyman. No, you cannot do this, okay? Look, it was an accident, all right?

Sean: "An accident."

Simone: Yes!

Sean: This time it was an accident. Last time it was a -- what? Misunderstanding?

Simone: Exactly!

Sean: Right. Look what's here. Your favorite cell just happens to be empty.

Simone: Oh. Oh, your humor is so --

Officer: Not anymore.

Sean: Ahem.

Simone: To involve Carlos in this is a miscarriage of justice.

Sean: Oh, look out. Somebody's found a few fancy phrases from all those court appearances, eh?

Simone: This is not fair, okay?

Sean: Come on, Miss Torres, this should be routine for you by now.

Simone: "Miss Torres." You know what? It is routine, and I know, Seany, that I get a phone call.

Sean: Oh, right.

Simone: Mm-hmm, yes.

Sean: Yeah, she's got this attorney on speed dial. The kid that comes running every time his little girlfriend's in trouble.

Simone: Kenny is not my boyfriend, okay?

Sean: Oh, yeah. Whatever you are, I don't think he'd appreciate you hanging out with this model boyfriend.

Simone: Uh-huh.

Carlos: Excuse me, Officer. Is it Lemon?

Simone: No. It's Ofc. Lyman.

Carlos: Oh, Ofc. Lym-- Lyman. I'm sorry. Well, you see, I have something to tell you.

Sean: Oh, okay. And what's that?

Carlos: Well, you see, Ms. Torres doesn't have anything to do with this. The commercial, the TV station bit that I did -- I did it alone.

Simone: Oh, Carlos, stop it, okay? You cannot do this!

Carlos: Oh, keep quiet, woman!

Simone: No! I'm not going to keep quiet.

Carlos: Yeah, keep quiet. Look, I'm the one that let the commercial go live, Lemon -- I mean, Lyman.

Simone: Oh, you know what? He has no idea what he's saying. English is his second language, okay?

Carlos: And -- no -- and I'm willing to take full responsibility for it, yeah.

Simone: You know what? If you continue in this manner, I am never going to forgive you. Do you understand that? Comprende?

Carlos: I mean, she was there, but, I mean, she didn't know what was going on. She doesn't even know what's going on right now.

Simone: Oh, my gosh! Just shut it!

Carlos: You're lying!

Simone: Shut up.

Carlos: About what?

Simone: Oh, my God. Thank God.

Carlos: Are you going to let her go or what, Officer?

Simone: What took you so long?

Sean: I don't know.

Carlos: Yes!

Simone: You know what? Your "knight in shining armor" routine is really getting old. He's tying to, like, take the blame for what I did. Will you please stop him?

Liza: Simone, could you please shut up!

Sean: Wait a minute. What about --

Liza: Let Tad and I deal with this.

Sean: What about Kenny?

Simone: I haven't been able to call him, remember?

Sean: Hmm.

Liza: All right. Officer, I'm the owner of wrcw where this alleged incident and crime took place.

Simone: No, it's an accident.

Liza: Took place.

Simone: Liza, we're calling it an accident today.

Liza: Simone, that is just what I said.

Tad: Look, if anybody's to blame for this, it's just me, okay? I was there, I let it happen, I'm responsible.

Carlos: No, come on, Tad! I'm the one that did it! You need to --

Tad: I appreciate the thought, Carlos --

Carlos: I'm singing like a canary here!

Tad: But why don't we just let fact--

Liza: You know, haven't you done enough damage? Could you please let me deal with this!

Sean: All right, enough! Look, I'm the arresting officer. Anybody that wants to talk about getting charges dropped or making confessions, you're going to have to take it up with the D.A.'s office, all right?

Liza: Well, listen, I am the owner of this television station.

Simone: Seany, did you even happen to see this commercial?

Liza: I should be the one to decide if Simone and Carlos get prosecuted.

Tad: Prosecuted? What are you talking about? Just tell us when's the bail hearing.

Liza: Would you stop this!

Carlos: What do you mean, bail? I just said it was my fault! You need to let her go. You --

Sean: No. Miss Colby, Miss Colby, you and your friend here are going to have to leave.

Liza: You know, I just want to resolve this. Could I please speak to your superior?

Sean: Sure. I can arrange that.

Liza: Oh, no -- no, no. I don't --

Tad: Wait, wait.

Liza: Not that.

Sean: Look, Miss Colby, we'd appreciate your cooperation now.

Tad: Just everybody calm down.

Liza: Well, yeah!

Tad: Okay, let's take a deep breath. We'll wait for Kenny to get here, okay, and he'll take care of it.

Simone: You are such a jerk --

Carlos: Oh --

Simone: A big fat kind of jerk.

Carlos: I'm a jerk? Well, you know what? You're real stubborn. I mean, I want to know, were you born half mule or did you just grow up like that?

Liza: Fine, I'll take this up with your commanding officer.

Kenny: No, excuse me!

Simone: Oh, Kenny! Oh, thank God you're here!

Kenny: Yeah, well, don't be too happy to see me.

Simone: Why? No, no, no. You can fix everything. You can get me out of here, right?

Kenny: I'm afraid I've got some bad news.

Mia: So the kids have a half-day of school today, right?

Edmund: You remembered?

Mia: Oh, yes. I remember everything you tell me -- I do -- like Sam has recital practice today.

Edmund: Very good.

Mia: Yeah. So I was thinking that maybe we could have a picnic in the park, just you and me and Maddie.

Edmund: I think Maddie would like that a lot.

Mia: Yeah. Show her some special attention.

Edmund: That's great.

Mia: And I'm glad you think that because I have a little surprise planned for her.

Edmund: Oh, really?

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Edmund: Well, you know, I don't know if she deserves it. She hasn't exactly been an angel lately.

Mia: No. She's been a kid, and in my experience, kids need to be spoiled sometimes.

Edmund: Okay.

Mia: Okay.

Edmund: You want to tell me the surprise?

Mia: No -- later. Can you pick up Maddie and meet me at the park?

Edmund: Can do. A woman of mystery -- I like that.

Mia: You better just brace yourself because I'm going to pull out all the stops to win your daughter over.

Edmund: It shouldn't be too hard. You already won over her dad.

Mia: Wish me luck.

Edmund: Luck. Hey, Mia?

Mia: Yes.

Edmund: I feel real good about this.

Mia: Me, too.

Opal: Don't take this personal, Honey. I want to see you up and well, alive and kicking for years to come. It's just that this was so perplexing. I mean, I saw it. I saw it so clear as day, and someone got shot, and then someone died and -- and then your face --

Jack: Opal, maybe the old vibe-o-meter just needs a tune-up, huh?

Opal: Yeah, maybe so. Well, the main thing is that you are okay.

Erica: Goodbye? What --

Chris: Erica, I'm leaving Pine Valley.

Erica: When? Where are you going?

Chris: Italy first, but I wanted to come see you before I left.

Erica: Well, why now? I mean, why in the middle of all this?

Chris: Erica, I can't stay here.

Erica: Well, the police are going to -- I mean, you're going to look very suspicious.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I know, but that's a chance I'm going to have to take.

Erica: I don't want you to leave on my account.

Chris: I've made up my mind, okay? But I want to make something perfectly clear -- I did not shoot Jackson, and I promise you this -- whoever is responsible for it, I will make them pay.

Erica: Wait. Are you saying that you know who shot Jack?

Chris: Please. Just trust me, okay? I'm going to set this right if it's the last thing I do.

[Opal gasps]

Opal: Oh. Oh, my God!

Jack: What, Opal? What?

Opal: Oh! It just happened again! Oh, Jackson! You are not safe, not by a long shot!

Kenny: Liza, I'm going to do whatever I can, but they could be looking at a felony charge.

Liza: All for a stupid commercial.

Kenny: It's going to take a little more than my usual fast talking to make this one disappear.

Liza: Yeah. Keep me posted.

Simone: I screwed up -- again. I -- I will talk to the judge. And Kenny, he's great. You know, he'll find a way to work this out. Say something.

Liza: You know, it was bad enough when you pulled the stunts and you nearly ruined Fusion. But you've jeopardized wrcw. That's the legacy for my daughter. And if I lose that television station --

Tad: Liza, you're not going to lose wrcw.

Liza: You know, what you did was worse than Simone, because you knew that it was wrong and you still did it, just for the thrill. Have fun in jail, all of you.

Tad: Liza, come on.

Simone: Liza, please.

Tad: Liza, wait.

Simone: No, wait, Liza -- oh.

Tad: So, come here often?

Sean: Oh, yeah.

Edmund: Whoa!

[Maddie screams]

Edmund: Okay, ready? I can skip, too.

[Maddie giggles]

Edmund: Can you skip like this?

Maddie: Up!

Edmund: Up!

Maddie: Up!

Edmund: Okay. Up. Up this way.

[Maddie screams]

[Edmund laughs]

Edmund: Whoo!

Mia: Hi!

Edmund: Well, hi, there.

Mia: Hi.

Edmund: Wow!

Mia: Yeah!

Edmund: That is a lot of food.

Mia: Hi. Hey. Hi, Maddie.

Edmund: Maddie?

Mia: It's okay. Don't push.

Edmund: Okay. Did you make all this?

Mia: Yeah, well, it's just a picnic, Edmund.

Edmund: Well --

Mia: So it's so cool that you got out of school early today, huh?

Edmund: You know, Mia made this day especially just for you.

Mia: Yeah. And we are going to have so much fun, okay?

Jack: Opal, please calm down. If you don't, you're going to end up in the psych ward of this hospital.

Opal: Oh, I know, I know. I'm -- ahem -- here to try to help you feel better, but I'm telling you, Jack, that was just like somebody crossed right over my grave. The danger is close.

Jack: All right. Let's say that you're on the mark this time.

Opal: So you do believe me?

Jack: Let's just say I do, Opal. Could it be Erica that's in danger?

Opal: No. No, no. I would know if it was her.

Jack: Well, then, who?

Opal: I don't know. It's why I want you to promise me to stay on guard. Jack, there's a reason that that happened, just now at this moment.

Erica: But you've established a life for yourself here. I mean, you can't just uproot yourself.

Chris: Erica, it's -- it's for the best.

Erica: I know it wouldn't be the same, but we can still be close.

Chris: Oh, sure. I can go and watch you and Jackson get married and then we can go to dinners together -- you know, maybe even take a vacation or two or three.

Erica: All right, maybe not. But I've been friends with other men I've been involved with.

Chris: Erica, am I like some other man?

Erica: No, you're not. But still, I --

Chris: Come here.

Erica: Chris.

Chris: I loved you more than I thought I could love anyone -- more than life itself. Ciao, cara mia. Ciao.

Opal: What just happened here?

Erica: Oh -- Chris just told me goodbye. He's leaving Pine Valley for good.

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