AMC Transcript Wednesday 4/30/03


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/30/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

Michael: We do.

Erica: Tell me about Jacksonís enemies. Is there somebody who might kidnap him? Is there somebody who might kill him?

Joni: Is he alive?

Reggie: Yeah, barely. Go call the cops. Jack, please, talk to me!

David: You better try to calm down.

Anna: I'm perfectly calm. I meant what I said. If you try to block Leora's operation, Iíll have you arrested.

David: For what? For what? What, disagreeing with you?

Anna: For violating your probation. I know you conducted experiments for a serum to help bring back Mariaís memory, didn't you? And Edmund paid you for it, and he gave her the drug without her consent, right?

David: Anna, that is not exactly how it happened --

Anna: Oh, don't -- don't lie to me, not when we're talking about our daughter's life.

[music plays]

Greenlee: I told Kendall and Simone that this yoga class was mandatory. The whole point of the partner thing is to do this together.

Mia: Hmm. I should invite Edmund sometime. You should invite Carlos. How's that's going, by the way?

Greenlee: He's really beginning to open up to what's on his mind.

Mia: I hope that's you.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, he's not exactly chatty, but I know he wants me.

Simone: No, you --

Carlos: Ok, all right.

Simone: Give, give, give? Oh -- hi.

Erica: Oh, Jackson. Where are you?

Erica: Jack, if you're trying to punish me, you've succeeded. Where are you? I'm so worried. Look, I'm sorry that we fought. I'm really sorry that I said -- please; just call me when you get this message. Please. Jack, just let me know that you're all right.

Val: You can't go in there!

Kendall: Get out of my way!

Val: I told you she's --

Kendall: No.

Val: Erica, Iím sorry.

Kendall: Get -- get -- get off of me!

Erica: What is this?

Kendall: I'm sorry, Erica. I had to see you. It's very important.

Erica: Well, isn't it always?

Val: I'll call security.

Kendall: If you throw me out, you're going to regret it.

Erica: Val --

Kendall: I mean it, Erica. I'm here to save you.

Erica: You're here to save me?

Kendall: Yes, that's right. And for the first time in your life, you're going to thank me.

Opal: Thanks for the lemonade, Tommy.

Tommy: You're welcome.

Chris: Oh, Opal, have you seen Jackson?

Opal: What, are you looking for a rematch? I'm still recovering from the last slugfest. No.

Chris: I want to find him. I need to talk to him.

Opal: Oh, my.

Chris: Opal? What's wrong? Are you ok?

Opal: Yeah. I'm fine, but somebody isn't. Oh, Chris, someone is going to die.


Nurse: Do you want me to call the blood bank?

Joe: Yes. Vitals?

Paramedic: B.P. is 90/50. His heart rate is 80. We've got the fluids wide open.

Joe: Did you find the exit wound?

Paramedic: Vic's too critical. We wanted to get him here breathing. Rhythm is normal.

Joe: All right. Jackson, we're going to take care of you. Cube one.

Reggie: Come on, Jack, you can't leave me.

Joe: Hold on, hold on --

Reggie: You can't quit on me.

Joe: Hold on, hold on.

Reggie: But, Doc, look, I got to be with him.

Joe: Jackson's your guardian, right?

Reggie: Yeah.

Joe: All right. You stay here.

Reggie: Is he going to make it?

Joe: You stay there.

Nurse: Dr. Martin!

Reggie: Hey, Doc, how's Jack?

Joni: Hey.

Reggie: What are you still doing here?

Joni: Mr. Montgomery is going to be fine.

Reggie: And you know that, right, Miss Know-it-all?

Joni: Reggie, did -- did Luis shoot him?

Reggie: Why do you have to run your mouth about something you don't know?

Joni: Well, I -- I heard him threaten you and Mr. Montgomery at the community center.

Reggie: You didn't hear anything.

Joni: Ok, you know what? I saw you two. Hey, I saw you, you know, standing over him when he was on the ground.

Reggie: And you didn't see anything, either.

Joni: No --

Reggie: Don't you have someplace to be, like some homework?

Joni: You -- no, you wanted to -- you wanted to get help, and -- and I heard you. And Luis -- he wouldn't let you do it.

Reggie: Mind your business and stay out of my life, plain and simple.

Joni: But it's -- it's my business, too. I was there. Ok? I want to help. I want to do something.

Reggie: You want to help, do something? Shut up and stay shut up. Keep your mouth shut.

Joni: We have to tell somebody. We have to do something.

Reggie: Look, if you open your mouth and you tell somebody, then they're going to find me and you in the alleyway, and we're not going to be as lucky as Jack.

David: Anna, listen to me --

Anna: Donít.

David: How did you find out?

Anna: I'm a spy. It wasn't that hard. I know the password to your computer anyway.

David: So you've known all this time? Why didn't you say something?

Anna: I hoped that with Leora in our lives, everything would just be all right.

David: Anna, it's over, all right? I stopped the research.

Anna: Good. I believe you.

David: But you would still throw me behind bars?

Anna: Yeah. You don't give me a choice, yeah.

David: For doing what's best for our daughter?

Anna: Joe thinks that her situation, her condition needs to be reevaluated.

David: Anna, would you listen to yourself? People come to me from all over the world because they trust my medical judgment as a cardiologist. But you don't think I know what Iím talking about.

Anna: I know it took an awful lot of courage to operate on your daughter and me. I know that.

David: All right, so you trusted me then. What has changed?

Anna: It's your fear. It's like you think God is going to punish you through this child.

David: No, no, no. That -- that's not true.

Anna: Yeah.

David: That is not true.

Anna: It isn't? At the beginning, you were blaming yourself for her condition. And now everything is a threat. If someone tries to touch her, you go on the attack. If she sneezes, you take her temperature. I think your fear is jeopardizing her health.

David: Oh, how could you even say that? I would do anything for her! I would give my own life if I thought that would help!

Anna: I know. You can't have this operation for her. We can't avoid this, David. Our little baby's not getting any stronger. I feel like her time is running out. You've lost perspective of this whole thing.

David: No, no, no, you, Anna. You're the one who's lost perspective here. You're second-guessing my medical judgment? You're going behind my back and signing consent forms? You're threatening to throw me in jail?

Anna: Yes, because Iíve given in to you for too long. I want her to have this operation whether you like it or not.

[music plays]

Greenlee: Where's Kendall?

Simone: Uh -- AWOL, so Carlos said he'd fill in for me. Big improvement, huh? And yoga is so good for the muscles.

Carlos: Hope you don't mind.

Simone: Oh, she's fine.

Greenlee: Practice your breathing. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Simone: Of course.

Mia: Let's stretch.

Greenlee: What's going on?

Simone: I needed a partner. Carlos said he was available.

Greenlee: Oh, rosemary chicken is busy? You had to bring Carlos?

Simone: You have a problem with that?

Greenlee: I just -- I don't think it's appropriate.

Simone: Oh. I see. It's because you're jealous. Greenlee is jealous because Simone's going to swap sweat with Carlos and you're stuck with Mia.

Greenlee: No, you're stuck with Mia.

Simone: I am?

Greenlee: Don't you get it? Carlos only came here because he knew I would be here.

Simone: Really? Is that right? What?

Greenlee: Bianca. I think it's totally cool mommy hired you a girlfriend. Beats the personals.

Simone: Whoa.

Bianca: Greenlee -- cute.

Simone: But tell me something -- how do you do it? Erica by day, Bianca by night?

Erica: Greenlee, you should be thanking Lena, not dissing her. She's the one that nailed that freak that tried to frame my mom.

Greenlee: For filing the phony lawsuit against us?

Simone: Wow, that's great.

Lena: Anyway, maybe we shouldn't discuss this here.

Greenlee: So, who did it?

Bianca: This peeved ex-Enchantment accountant named Barton Phillips.

Greenlee: Wait a minute. I know everyone at Enchantment, and I never heard of a Barton Phillips.

Lena: Yeah. He works for outside auditors.

Greenlee: Really?

Lena: Anyway, maybe we should warm up.

Bianca: Oh, great idea.

Carlos: I have to warn you -- I've never done yoga before.

Simone: Well, neither have I. You'll do just --

Greenlee: Warning taken. Let's warm up.

Carlos: But I thought Simone --

Greenlee: No, Simone had her heart set on partnering with Mia. How could I say no?

Lysistrata: Hello, hello, hello!

Greenlee: I didn't know you were taking this class, too.

Lysistrata: Taking it? I'm teaching it. Everyone, get your partner and stand facing me. Welcome, you lucky people. We're about to discover the divine in ourselves and each other. Now, I want you to gaze into your partner's eyes -- go ahead -- and find the spirit behind the veil. Together you'll challenge perceived limitations, go to the edge, and return with new trust in yourself and your partner. Now, let's begin with our --

Greenlee: Get ready. With Lysistrata in charge, anything could happen.

Lysistrata: Inhale through the nose. And exhale.

Kendall: Just give me three minutes, Erica -- three minutes. You won't be sorry.

Erica: I'll be the judge of that.

Val: Erica?

Kendall: Erica, please.

Erica: It's all right, Val. Just give us a little time.

Val: Ok. Three minutes. Then can I call security?

Erica: I will call you if we need security. But until then, please, no calls -- I mean, unless it's Jack.

Val: Yeah.

Kendall: You seem a little -- is something going on with Jackson?

Erica: You came here to talk to me about Jack?

Kendall: No.

Erica: So --

Kendall: No, I didn't.

Erica: You finally put the moves on Boyd?

Kendall: He told you?

Erica: Yes. Boyd, of course, tried to be a gentleman, but --

Kendall: Oh, but of course, as usual, you assumed the worst about me. Well, about Boyd, you were right.

Erica: Boyd told me what you did and why.

Kendall: Erica, Iím here to help you. Could you please not go for my throat?

Erica: You have already tried to help yourself to my chemist, to his formula. I don't think I need any more of your help.

Kendall: Oh, you know, what was I thinking? Forget I said anything. But you know what? When Michael comes after you, just remember I tried to warn you.

Erica: No, Michael will never take me down because I will never allow myself to be his victim as you did.

Kendall: Well, you got me there. I was his victim all the way. But I'm the one playing him now.

Erica: Kendall, what are you talking about? You're way out of your league.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that. I know that. That's why I need your help to make this work. And like it or not, Erica, you need me, too.

David: So that's it, huh? Unless I do it your way, I go to jail?

Anna: I love you, David. I've compromised my career for you. I lied to protect you. I sacrificed all my principles. I am not going to sacrifice our daughter.

David: I am not asking you to do that, Anna.

Anna: Yeah, you are. I see her getting weaker, and you are asking me to ignore what I see, my instincts, what all the experts say.

David: Well, since you've forgotten, Anna, I am an expert.

Anna: We're not going around this again. I want her to have this operation. Please, David. I want her to live a normal life.

David: Not unless she dies on the table in the process, right?

Anna: She could die on her way there. Why won't you stand with me on this?

David: Well, I mean, obviously you've placed more confidence in your own advanced medical training than you do in me. I mean, why else would you take our daughter's life in your own hands?

Joni: Are you afraid of Luis?

Reggie: I'm not afraid of anybody, ok? I just want to live.

Joni: Well, if we tell the cops about Luis, they'll arrest him and then we'll be safe.

Reggie: You can't be serious.

Joni: We have to tell the truth, Reggie.

Reggie: The truth? The truth won't do me and you any good if we're six feet under the ground.

Joni: Reggie -- Reggie, if we tell the cops that Luis was going to just let Mr. Montgomery lay there and die, they'll take him in, they'll find his gun, they'll do one of those gunpowder tests, and then he'll be put away forever.

Reggie: No, he won't. If he goes to jail, he'll get out before dinner. And you and me --

Joni: We'll be six feet under.

Reggie: Do you think this is a game? Does it look like I'm playing? Luis has a gun, ok? A gun. And if he doesn't use it, he'll get his crew to mess you up for fun.

Joni: Mess me up?

Reggie: Yes, mess you up for fun. Look, Joni, you did your job, ok? You got Jack some help, so just go home to your milk and cookies and forget what you saw.

Joni: Oh, no, no, no, no. I just -- I can't forget something like that.

Reggie: Ok, look, just forget. You are so hardheaded.

Joni: And you are -- you're a hero.

Reggie: It was -- it was no big deal.

Joni: Are you kidding? Reggie, all that blood? You knew exactly what to do. Where did you learn that?

Reggie: Look at me -- I'm from the street, ok? I learned. I had no choice.

Anna: David, please --

David: There's nothing more to say, Anna.

Anna: Yes, there is.

David: Oh, great. That punk is here. Come on, let's go.

Anna: He's harmless, David. Please, I want to talk about --

David: What are you talking about, he's harmless? He held you hostage. He threatened to slit your throat.

Joni: Isn't that the woman --

Reggie: Can we just forget about that?

Anna: I think we have more important things to discuss.

Officer: Chief, you're here about the D.A.?

Anna: Jackson? What about him?

Officer: He was shot.

Anna: Oh, my God. What happened?

Officer: That's what I'm here to find out. Someone found him in an alley, called 911.

Anna: Ok.

Joni: It was me. I called 911. It was -- it was me.

Anna: Ok.

David: I'll go check about his status with the desk.

Anna: I'll be right back.

Officer: Were you at the scene alone?

Joni: No, no. He was there.

Officer: Oh, yeah? And what do you know about this?

Reggie: I don't know anything, all right, Officer?

Officer: That blood says otherwise. You packing?

Reggie: No, I'm not packing.

Officer: You sure?

Reggie: Yes, Iím sure. Come on, man!

Joni: Hey, wait!

Reggie: This is whacked!

Joni: Stop it! What are you doing?

Reggie: Get off me, man!

Chris: Erica's told me that sometimes you have these visions.

Opal: Well, it's more of a feeling, you know, like the grim reaper himself was tickling the back of my neck.

Chris: Yeah, ok, but do you know who it is, who it might be?

Opal: Well, I can't say for sure, but we were just talking about Jack.

Chris: Jackson?

Opal: That doesn't mean it's him, but Iíd feel a whole lot better if you found him, Chris, you know, just to make sure he's safe.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. Listen, Opal, have these -- these feelings of yours, have they ever been wrong?

Opal: Never.

[music plays]

Bianca: That felt good.

Lysistrata: Yoga is about stilling the movement of thought --

Greenlee: That shouldn't be hard for Simone.

Lysistrata: And the mouth. Now let's move into navasana. Now, always be mindful of your pose and each other. Be in the moment and at one with each other.

Simone: No offense or anything -- I love you and all -- but I was really hoping Iíd be one with Carlos.

Mia: Well, those two seem very in the moment.

Lysistrata: Don't forget your pranayama, people. Breathing helps you move more deeply into the poses, more fully into intimacy with your spirit and your partner's.

Carlos: Are you all right? What's wrong?

Simone: What is it?

Carlos: I don't know.

Greenlee: I don't know.

Erica: What do you mean, I need you?

Kendall: Trust me, Erica, you do. I have information about Michael that could change everything.

Erica: For all I know, Michael sent you here.

Kendall: He didnít.

Erica: And I should believe you because?

Kendall: Michael cheated on me. It's over between us.

Erica: I tried to warn you, Kendall. You refused to believe me.

Kendall: Yes, you did. Yes, you did. He was using me to get Boydís fabulous formula, which, by the way, you have got to protect that.

Erica: I've already taken care of that, Kendall. Boyd's product is already protected. He's written it all down. We've filed for a patent. That product belongs to Enchantment now.

Kendall: That explains it. That explains it. Michael really is planning to take over Enchantment.

Erica: Kendall, you're a few pages behind. Michael has already tried and failed.

Kendall: No. This time he won't stop until your company belongs to him.

Erica: What makes you so sure?

Kendall: He all but confirmed it when I told him to put me in charge of Enchantment.

Erica: You told him what?

Kendall: I had to, Erica. I had to say it. If Iím going to bring Michael down, I had to convince him that I would help him bring you down.

Erica: That's not a far stretch.

Kendall: I don't care about your company, Erica. I could care less about your company. What I really want is to see Michael suffer -- a lot.

Erica: So let me get this straight. You lied to Michael about being on his side, but now you're telling me the truth about being on mine?

Kendall: Yes, I swear it.

Erica: Michael Cambias may not be half the man his father is, but he's lethal, especially when he's crossed, and so am I. This is a very dangerous game you're playing.

Kendall: This is a game that will get us both what we want -- you keep Enchantment and your product and I see Michael squirm like the worm he is before we both crush him.

Erica: "We"? Kendall, I can handle Michael Cambias alone.

Kendall: He has a secret weapon.

Erica: And I have a poison pill. So let Michael Cambias throw everything he's got. Enchantment is safe.

Kendall: No, Erica, you are still vulnerable.

Erica: All right, Iíll bite. What is Michael Cambias' secret weapon?

Kendall: Ok, if I tell you -- if I tell you, you have to promise me --

Erica: Are you kidding? Now you're negotiating?

Kendall: You have to promise me that you'll trust me.

Erica: Kendall --

Kendall: If you trust me on this, we can bring down Michael Cambias together.

Reggie: Come on, man!

Joni: Let go of him! He didn't do anything wrong!

Officer: You want to tell me where you stashed the gun?

Reggie: I didn't stash a gun!

Anna: Do you want to ease up, Officer, please?

Reggie: Yeah, ease up. I didn't do anything. He's my friend. Come on, man.

Anna: Well, do you want to tell me what happened?

Reggie: I was walking by the alley. I saw Jack lying on the ground. He was already shot. And Joni was behind me, so she called the police.

Anna: Did you see anything?

Joni: No, all I saw was Reggie helping Mr. Montgomery.

David: Helping himself to Jacksonís wallet, more likely.

Anna: David --

Joni: No, the paramedics said that Reggie saved his life.

Anna: Well, good. Thank you.

Officer: Why don't I take this kid in?

Anna: No, that's not necessary.

Officer: Are you sure, Chief? It's not a problem.

Anna: No, Jackson trusts him. That's good enough for me.

Reggie: Jack trusts me?

Anna: Yeah. Just not with his leftovers.

David: Joe.

Reggie: How is he?

Joe: He's alive.

Reggie: Can I go see him?

Joe: No, no, no, no. Not for a while.

Reggie: But he's all right, though, right?

Joe: Jack has lost a lot of blood. The bullet pierced his lung.

Reggie: But he's going to make it, right?

Joe: We're doing everything we can.

Joni: Reggie?

Lysistrata: We'll do our "ohms" next time. Namaste, kids.

Mia: Are you feeling better now?

Greenlee: I feel like an idiot.

Simone: Why? Just because you fell apart in front of everyone?

Mia: You know, all this enlightenment is making me really thirsty. Would you like to go get some juice?

Simone: Sure, yeah. You want something? Ok. Never mind.

Lysistrata: Good work.

Greenlee: I blubbered. You should have warned me.

Lysistrata: Where's the fun in that?

Greenlee: I knew there should have been some -- there would have been some trick.

Lysistrata: There was no trick, Greenlee. My guess -- those tears opened your second and fourth chakras.

Greenlee: Big deal.

Lysistrata: It is a big deal. The second chakra is related to relationship issues, the fourth to issues of trust and love. You're unclogged, girl.

Greenlee: I was never clogged.

Lysistrata: Sweetie, your spiritual plumbing is a mess. Now, I have an appointment to go to. Come. But I want you to stay here -- sit down -- and focus on issues of trust and love. Namaste.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I feel like an idiot.

Carlos: Why? Because you showed emotion? I mean, why do you hide your feelings? That's what you do. You hide your heart behind your beauty and your work and your tantrums. You don't have to hide your feelings. Not with the people who care about you.

Greenlee: I should go.

Carlos: No, no, no, you should stay, talk.

Greenlee: If I do -- I got to get to Fusion, but thanks.

Carlos: Why do you do this? Every time you let me in -- at least, I feel that you want me to -- and then you just push me away. Why?

Greenlee: I don't know. I wish I did.

Carlos: Look, maybe that's the answer. You just breathe deeply, look behind the veil, see what's going to happen next.

Erica: You want me to trust you, Kendall? You've lied your way through a tri-county area. You stole from this company. You stole from this office.

Kendall: You set me up.

Erica: You took the bait. Val? Time's up.

Kendall: I'm not dangling bait, ok? This information I have about Michael is legitimate. It could blow him back to Europe in pieces.

Erica: Val, hold on a minute, please. All right, Iíll trust you on this. But I swear to you, if I get one inkling that you are conning me --

Kendall: I'm not.

Erica: Val, Iíll get back to you in a few minutes. Ok, tell me. What don't I know about Michael Cambias' takeover plans?

Kendall: Ok, I'll tell you. But you can't cut me out this --

Erica: Just tell me, Kendall, before I change my mind.

Kendall: Ok. Michael has a mole at Enchantment.

Erica: Of course. Barton Phillips. The man who framed me for this ridiculous Fusion lawsuit. He's been fired.

Kendall: Yeah, even if he really existed. Michael's spy is your chief financial officer.

Erica: Lena?

Kendall: Yes, Lena. She's been selling out Enchantment and sleeping with Michael. All this time, I thought he loved me and he was with her.

Erica: I -- I had my doubts about Lena but nothing concrete. She's done so much for Enchantment.

Kendall: Yeah, well, she's doing a lot more for Michael.

Erica: Are you sure about this?

Kendall: Yeah, I saw them together. Michael confirmed it.

Erica: Boyd tried to warn me about Lena, too. I should have listened to him.

Kendall: Yeah, well, he was right. She is so good -- she is so good at conning people that they don't figure it out until they're too far gone.

Erica: Oh, my God. Lena and Bianca. What if Bianca is their target?

Kendall: Yeah, well, it makes sense. Lena was supposed to seduce that concoction out of Boyd, but that failed. So then Michael used me. And of course, that was a failure, as well. I mean, what's next? He sics Lena on Bianca, and she gives it up, so to speak.

Erica: Dear God.

Kendall: I mean, Binks is looking for love. A little sugar from Lena, she might spill the formula.

Erica: I'm not worried about the formula! I don't want anyone to hurt Bianca.

Bianca: I've never been in the middle of a meltdown in a yoga class before.

Lena: I felt the heat myself.

Bianca: Well, me, too, but I meant Greenlee. It's such a shame. She's such a diva to the rest of the world, but she's miserable inside.

Lena: Not everyone's as open as you, Bianca.

Bianca: I guess I'm kind of obvious.

Lena: No, it's charming. I wish I had the guts to -- how do you say? -- Put myself out there, you know?

Bianca: No. Are you kidding me? That sophisticated, mystery thing that you've got going is completely irresistible.

Lena: Here -- turn around.

Bianca: Oh.

Reggie: Joni, what are we doing here?

Joni: Praying for Mr. Montgomery.

Reggie: I don't pray.

Joni: Prayer is very powerful.

Reggie: Well, where was all the power when Jack got shot?

Joni: Well, if you'd give it a chance --

Reggie: I did that. My mom dragged me to church every Sunday. She sang the songs. She prayed the prayers. I even stayed awake during the sermons. And what is she now? A junkie.

Joni: That doesn't mean that prayer can't help.

Reggie: Look, prayer is for little white girls that think real cops are TV cops. I deal my own way.

Joni: By fighting? And lying?

Reggie: Oh, you're going to preach to me? You're fresh off a lie yourself. You're going to hell just like me.

Joni: Ok, so leave. I don't care what you think.

Reggie: Um -- excuse me. What are you saying to -- you know.

Joni: I'm asking him to give Mr. Montgomery strength and peace.

Reggie: Oh.

Joni: Why don't you give it a try?

Reggie: Um -- do you mind keeping this, like, between --

Joni: Reggie, just --

Reggie: Um -- yo, God, what's up? I know you're supposed to be perfect and all, but you really messed up, you know, letting J take a bullet like that. And, you know, he's good people. He's my friend. And he needs your help. Which is only right because he didn't deserve to be shot in the first place. Anyway, I'm not real square on how you run things up there, but he needs taking care of. And I was just wondering if you could throw down some of that -- that strength that Joni was bragging on.

Reggie: And if Jack pulls through this, then Iíll owe you one. And that's about it. Um -- well, thanks for listening.

Joni: Amen.

Reggie: Amen.

Erica: How dare Michael Cambias use Bianca like that? She is so trusting.

Kendall: Michael used me, too.

Erica: I know. I tried to warn you. And how I wish you would have listened. But now to toy with Bianca's heart like that -- it is just -- it is unforgivable. Well, when I am finished with Cambias, he is going to be so sorry that he ever even looked at my daughter Bianca, let alone tried to use her like that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, technically, Lena is doing the hands-on work.

Erica: Yeah, Lena. Lena. I can understand corporate espionage, but pretending to be gay just to take advantage of Biancaís innocence?

Kendall: Bianca's an adult. Maybe Lena isn't totally pretending to be gay.

Erica: Look, I don't care. Whatever Lenaís doing, she's obviously up to no good.

Kendall: What are you doing?

Erica: I'm calling Bianca. I have to warn her.

Kendall: No, maybe -- maybe you should wait.

[intercom buzzes]

Erica: Val, I told you, no calls whatsoever -- all right, all right. Put him on. Yes, Joe, what is it?

Joe: Erica, there's no easy way to say this. Jack has been shot.

Erica: Oh, my God!

Joe: If you want to see him, you should get over here as quickly as you can.

Erica: Yes. Yes, Joe. I am -- I'm on my way.

Kendall: Erica, what -- what happened?

Erica: Jack's -- Jack's been shot.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Is he ok?

Erica: Joe says he may not -- I have to get to the hospital. I have to be there. I have to tell Jack --

Kendall: I'll take you.

David: How's Leora?

Anna: She's really good. She's sleeping like a little angel. Her fever's down, and they want to wait till she's completely over the strep --

David: Before they perform the surgery.

Anna: Yeah. Are you going to fight me on this?

David: From behind bars? What chance do I have?

Anna: I don't know what chance Leora has without this surgery. I wish you could see it was the right thing to do.

David: It doesn't really matter what I think, does it? You've made the decision for all of us, haven't you?

Anna: Yeah, I have.

David: Well, I hope you don't regret it, Anna.

Greenlee: I don't want to push you away.

Carlos: Then don't.

Greenlee: I wish we could just stay here.

Carlos: So do I. But I really have to get back to Fusion. Can I give you a lift?

Greenlee: I'd rather open more chakras -- with you.

Carlos: Sounds great. Are you free tonight?

Greenlee: Yeah. How about dinner at my place?

Carlos: Ok. It's a date.

Greenlee: Yes. Yes, it is.

Carlos: All right.

Greenlee: Carlos?

Carlos: Yeah?

Chris: Excuse me. Isn't Aidan supposed to be working now?

Tommy: Yeah, he was supposed to, but he called in. I got to work a double.

Chris: Damn.

Chris: Flanders? Return my calls. You listen to me. Montgomery's gone missing. If you've had anything to do with it, you're going down.

Reporter: This is WRCW's Chad Edwards --

Chris: Do you hear me?

Chad: Coming to you live from Pine Valley Hospital. Sources confirm that district attorney Jackson Montgomery has been shot. Montgomery was rushed to Pine Valley Hospital, where his condition is listed as extremely critical. No word yet on the shooter or the circumstances behind the shooting. All we know at this point is the D.A. was found barely conscious, suffering from a bullet wound to the chest.

Chris: Flanders, what have you done?

Lena: Mmm. This is heaven.

Bianca: I feel like a noodle.

Simone: Bianca, are you in here?

Bianca: Yeah, I'm here. What's up?

Simone: No, you got to get out.

Bianca: What?

Simone: It was on TV. Your uncle Jack's just been shot.

Lena: Oh, my God.

Simone: He's at the Pine Valley Hospital. Come on.

Bianca: I have to go!

[monitor beeps]

Erica: Joe! Joe, how is he? How is Jack?

Joe: Well, I've tried to stabilize him and get him into the O.R.

Erica: What do you mean by that? Is he conscious? Can he talk? I have to see him!

Joe: No, no, no, no, no.

Nurse: Code blue, Doctor! Code blue!

[monitor flat lines]

Erica: Jack! Jack! Oh, my God, Jack. No! No, Jack, don't -- don't you leave me, Jack! Don't -- you cannot go! You promised you would never leave me, Jack! Jack! Jack!

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