AMC Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/29/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

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Michael: Oh, I was hoping for some peace and quiet today.

Kendall: Or a visit from your piece on the side?

Michael: Kendall, we've exhausted this nontopic.

Kendall: Oh, maybe she's here already.

Michael: There is no "she." There was no other woman.

Kendall: Oh, come on, save it. I saw her with my own eyes.

Michael: Oh, Kendall, would you just go, please?

Kendall: You know, I thought you were just sleeping with another woman. But then last night, when I found out it was Erica Kaneís chief financial officer? What a fascinating turn of events.

Michael: Hmm.

Joni: That's real useful.

Reggie: Yeah, you know, I'm practicing my standup.

Erica: Sounds like a really lofty ambition.

Reggie: Yeah, you know, I'm going to get my own sitcom, everything.

Erica: Good. Is Jack in the back?

Reggie: What, did you burn the caviar pancakes or something? He ran out on you?

Erica: I'm sorry, I don't follow.

Reggie: He didn't say goodbye to you this morning and he walked out without saying goodbye.

Erica: Listen, Jack wasn't with me. Didn't he come home to the loft last night?

Reggie: Nope. Jack must be out spreading the wealth, huh?

Erica: Look, if by that you mean --

Reggie: I mean that Jack's out making another lady happy. They're probably laying in each other's arms right now, making each other very, very happy.

David: Anna, don't pull away from me.

Anna: Oh, I just feel like Iím being smothered.

David: I understand, but can I at least hold your hand?

Anna: I'm sorry. I feel like I can't breathe. And I just keep thinking, "what if?"

David: Hey, Leora is not going to die, ok? She's not going to leave us.

Anna: Well, that's not up to us, is it?

David: Of course it is.

Anna: Yeah, maybe.

David: She's going to pull through this just fine.

Anna: You think we made the right decision about the pacemaker?

David: Anna, the fever has nothing to do with her heart.

Anna: No?

David: No.

Anna: So why are you always hovering over her, waiting for her to cough or sneeze?

David: Because Leoraís immune system has been compromised, that's why.

Anna: She'd be stronger, though, wouldn't she if she had a pacemaker? Wouldn't she?

David: Leora might not even survive the surgery, Anna. We did the right thing. Ok? We did.

Erica: Uh, I'm sure you're wrong about Jack.

Reggie: Wait, it's ok, I understand. No lady likes to admit that her man's moved on. But here's the deal -- you know, you jerked Jack around, you know, you made him real crazy. And why shouldn't he be kicking back, you know, knocking boots with another one of his ladies?

Erica: Jack doesn't have other women. If he were going to stay out all night, Reggie, I know that he would've let you know how to reach him.

Reggie: Yeah, maybe, or maybe not. You know, he might've just got caught up slipping in between the sheets, you know? Us guys do that. We have one-track minds.

Erica: Look, Reggie, last time you were with Jack, what did he say?

Reggie: He said he was going down to the scene at S.O.S. but chill. It's ok. He probably just got caught up with something, he forgot to call.

Erica: Yeah, that's what Iím worried about.

Reggie: Look, if he calls, I'll tell him you're looking for him.

Erica: Ok, great. Thanks, Reggie. Thanks a lot.

Joni: You are unbelievable.

Reggie: Huh? What'd I do?

Joni: You just dissed Erica Kane.

Reggie: Ok, please don't preach to me, not today. I don't --

Joni: Don't you know who she is?

Reggie: Yeah, she's the girl that my man Jack just kicked to the curb.

Joni: No, no, she -- Erica Kane is the most powerful, wealthiest woman in the country.

Reggie: Ok, she's not my type. Why would I care?

Joni: Let's get back to work.

Reggie: Ok, well, once you get done filing, we don't know what we're supposed to do until Jack get back, so --

Joni: Well, we can figure something out, Iím sure.

Reggie: Why? Excuse me.

Joni: Never mind. Dumb idea.

Reggie: So I guess you don't think I'm motivated, huh? I have more motivations than you ever dream of.

Reggie: Hey. What's up, Moose?

Luis: What'd you tell him, huh?

Reggie: I didn't tell anybody anything.

Luis: No, your daddy D.A. pulled me in and mad cops swept me.

Reggie: I ain't got nothing to do with that.

Luis: Let me tell you something, Reggie --

Reggie: Yo, yo.

Luis: They were out for my blood. And if you talk to the man, it's not my blood getting spilled. It's going to be yours and it's going to be the D.A.'s.

Michael: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I just started seeing Lena Kundera. She's helping me get over you.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, I bet she's helping you get into all sorts of things.

[Michael sighs]

Kendall: Like insider info on the financial workings of Enchantment.

Michael: You know, what Lena and I have is not connected to business.

Kendall: Oh, save it. You and Lena came on the scene at almost the exact same time, and it wasn't a coincidence.

Michael: It wasn't?

Kendall: No. She was working for you, in more ways than one.

Michael: Well, that hurts.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, like you have any feelings. Anyway, Lena was working for Erica per your orders. She's your spy. And then, when you took that little barstool next to me at Aspen, that was phase two of your nice, little plan.

Michael: I'm sorry. When did this paranoia set in?

Kendall: No, no, no, back to phase one -- Lena moling her way around Enchantment. Why? What was her mission?

Michael: Gee, I can't imagine.

Kendall: Huh. To get the patent on Boydís anti-aging cream. What do you think?

Michael: Ah, of course, yes.

Kendall: Yes, of course. But when she tried to seduce Boyd, Lena failed desperately because Boyd thought he was in love with me. That's what made you so attracted to me, right, Michael?

Michael: Do you always think so little of yourself, Kendall?

Kendall: You know, you really thought that you could use me to get Boydís formula.

Michael: This -- this is incredibly farfetched.

Kendall: Oh, it's 100% true. I was just a means to an end. And when I wouldnít do what you wanted me to, when I wouldn't sleep with Boyd to get what you wanted, you dumped me. Oh, by the way, we found out that little lawsuit against Fusion -- it leads right to Enchantment's front door. Hmm, Enchantment, where Lena works.

Michael: You are quite a talented little storyteller, I have to tell you.

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no, no. I'm not making this up.

Michael: Well, doesn't matter. Nobody's going to believe you, especially not Erica.

Kendall: Just tell me this, just tell me just this one thing --

Michael: Hmm?

Kendall: I'm right all the way down the line, aren't I?

Michael: Well, doesn't really matter one way or the other, does it?

Kendall: Oh, but it does.

Michael: I'll tell you what, Kendall, even if you were right, there's no way you could stop me.

Kendall: Oh, I don't want to stop you, Michael. I want to join forces with you.

Anna: Hi.

David: Hey.

Anna: Thanks. No one's come out or gone in, ok?

David: Well, I guess that's good news.

Anna: Yeah. Want to sit?

David: No. You?

Anna: No.

David: I know the coffee tastes like garbage, but --

Anna: It's awful.

David: Yeah, I know, but it's coffee, right? Excuse me. Hello? Hello? Hi, excuse me. If you don't mind -- I mean, just --

Anna: Be nice, be nice.

David: It's really becoming irritating.

Anna: Sorry.

David: All right?

Anna: Please. Thank you. It's -- oh, Joe. How is she?

David: What have you got?

Anna: Is she all right?

Joe: Her fever has subsided. We're treating her for strep.

Anna: Is that all? What else?

Joe: She's getting antibiotics. I think she's going to be fine.

Anna: She's going to be fine?

David: Anna, Leoraís ok. Didn't I tell you? It's strep, that's all. It's just strep.

Anna: Yeah. Joe, is this in any way related to her heart condition?

David: I already told you, Anna, that --

Anna: I'm asking Joe.

Joe: Her heart condition did not cause this, no. But her weakened immune system has made her more vulnerable to infection.

David: Which is why I make sure that no one goes near her, in case they have a cold or some other illness. I mean, that's why we're taking these precautions.

Anna: The question of a pacemaker --

David: Oh --

Anna: Should we rethink that, Joe, please?

David: We're not going to go through this again. Joe has already backed me on this. We want her to be older, to be stronger.

Anna: But that was then. I'm asking maybe whether we should reevaluate the situation.

David: No, we shouldn't.

Anna: I'm asking Joe!

Joe: It might not be a bad idea to reconvene Leoraís doctors and reconsider this.

David: Why? Why, why, what, we have to all second-guess each other, is that it?

Anna: You can't just dismiss this, David.

David: We're going to get a bunch of second-rate doctors together to make points at my daughter's expense?

Anna: Oh, David, please.

David: Forget it!

Joe: Oh, come on, now, that would hardly be the case.

David: All right, look, can we just drop this right now? Can we go see our daughter, please?

Joe: Yes.

David: Anna, come on.

Anna: I'll be in in a minute. Joe, this scare and everything that Iíve read and heard --

Joe: Mm-hmm?

Anna: Leora would be stronger with a pacemaker, wouldn't she?

Joe: It's not my call. This is something you and David really have to disc--

Anna: Please. I'm asking your opinion, Joe. If this was your baby, what, if anything, would you do? Please?

Joe: Ok. Ok. From what I've seen, and taking the strep infection into consideration, Leora is not getting any stronger.

Anna: She's not, is she?

Joe: No. And so I honestly don't think that waiting is the best option anymore.

Anna: All right.

Joe: Something to consider.

Anna: Yeah. I'm going to need your help, Joe. Um, I'm going to need your help.

Michael: Brilliant.

Kendall: Oh, yeah? Yeah? You like my idea?

Michael: No, no, brilliant tactic, this sudden ambush.

Kendall: Oh, this is not an ambush.

Michael: Mm-hmm, hoping to wheedle a full confession out of me?

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no, I'm making you an offer.

Michael: Which is, what, you and I working together?

Kendall: Yeah, that's right.

Michael: Even though that I never cared about you, that I was only using you?

Kendall: Yes. Once I found out your agenda, it was sort of a wake-up call for me.

Michael: Mm-hmm. In which way?

Kendall: Well, I drove Ryan away because I wasn't the type of woman he deserved. And so I tried to become that girl, even though he was gone. And where did it get me? Nowhere. So maybe you're right, maybe you're right. Maybe I should go to Erica. But you know what -- just like you said, she's not going to listen to me. And even if she does, she's going to turn everything around on me. Better off Iím on your side.

Michael: Eh. Can't be sure that you'd be useful to me.

Kendall: Oh, what, I have to spell it out for you? Like you didn't have someone find out every single little fact about me before our little chance meeting in Aspen?

Michael: Well, I did know a few things about you.

Kendall: Yeah, like my past as a grade-A manipulator?

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: I once got Erica to stab Dimitri, for God's sakes. But you? I bow down to the master! Oh-ho!

Michael: So, you see us as a team despite everything?

Kendall: Why try to fight you when I know you'll win? I'm through being a loser.

Michael: So you're hot to join forces out of the badness of your heart, so you can recapture your evil past? Hmm. So what else? What's the real payoff for you?

Kendall: Well, to get Boydís fabulous anti-aging formula, you have to take over Enchantment. And once you've accomplished that, you kick Erica out and I assume the throne.

Chris: I got to know what's going on, Flanders. You give me a call after you get this message. You do not make a move until you talk to me, you got that -- nothing.

[knock on door]

Chris: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Chris: If -- if you're looking for Devane, she's not here.

Erica: No. No, no, I'm not. I began by speaking to Derek Frye, but when he told me that you were back here, I --

Chris: Well, look, I'm in the middle of something right now. What can I do for you?

Erica: Well, I just feel that something has happened. It just feels better to -- to speak to you.

Chris: Erica, you know I don't fix parking tickets.

Erica: Chris, I trust you. And -- and I just don't know what to make of this.

Chris: All right. What's going on?

Erica: I don't really know, but I just have a feeling that something has gone terribly wrong.

Chris: Like what?

Erica: Jackson is missing.

Jack: Help me. Help.

[bottles clatter]

Jack: Help me. Someone help me.

David: My poor little baby. That was really scary, huh? Mm-hmm, you were so uncomfortable.

[Leora fusses]

David: But you're a lot cooler now. It's going to be ok. It's all right.


David: Here you go, here you go. You're going to get better. Your daddy's going to make sure that his little girl gets nice and big and strong. [fusses] she's going to be just fine. It's ok, baby. There you go.

Anna: Hi.

David: Oh, look who's here -- mama.

Anna: Hello!

David: Mommy's here.

Anna: Hello, sweetie. Oh, she's much cooler now.

David: She's doing a lot better, yeah. They're taking her over to a cubicle across the hall.


Anna: Shh, shh, shh.

David: Hey, hey, hey. Yeah, yeah.

Anna: Can I talk to you outside for a minute?

[Leora coughs]

David: Sure.

Anna: Aw.

David: It's all right. There you go.

[Leora fusses]

David: Shh. Maybe get the nurse back in here.

Anna: Ok.

David: Mommy and daddy will be right back, ok?


David: Ok.

Nurse: It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

David: I don't care what Joe said, Anna.

Anna: I want to make it clear that I want what's best for Leora.

David: Great. Well, great, then we're both on the same page then, aren't we?

Anna: No, we're not. I signed the consent forms. Leora's scheduled for surgery.

Reggie: Where'd you run off to?

Joni: I came in before, but you were busy.

Reggie: Yeah, real busy.

Joni: What is with you, Reggie?

Reggie: Don't you got some work to do? Can't you go do something?

Joni: Why are you still hanging with that creep from the park?

Reggie: You don't let him hear you say that, ok?

Joni: He's a thug.

Reggie: He's my business, not yours.

Joni: Oh, well, you know what, that day in the park where you fake-mugged me? You made it my business.

Reggie: Can you leave it alone? Let it go, Blondie, let it go.

Joni: No, I don't want to.

Reggie: Look, I thought you were smart, but I guess my blond jokes kind of hit home, doesn't it?

Joni: No, I heard him threaten you.

Reggie: I can take care of myself, ok?

Joni: What about, uh, Mr. Montgomery? I mean, he's out for his blood.

Reggie: Ok, look, can you just stay out of it? Leave it alone! Leave it up to me!

Joni: No, you should call the police.

Reggie: Look, I'm not calling the police, all right? You stay off crack. It kills.

Joni: Ok. I'll call.

Reggie: No, no, no, no. Look -- ok, look, no cops, all right? You cannot call the cops. No way!

Joni: Way, Reggie.

Reggie: Look, you want to make matters worse? You want everything to start up? Do you want everything to ignite? You bring the cops in this and everything will get worse. Trust me, I know. Look, what if I promise that Iíll take care of everything, all right, that I'll make sure nobody gets hurt? Will you trust me?

Joni: I don't know.

Reggie: You don't know? Try. I got this, all right?

Joni: Do you know more about Mr. Montgomery than you told Ms. Kane?

Reggie: You forget what you saw and you forget what you heard, ok? I got this.

Chris: How long has he been missing?

Erica: Well, we had some business together this morning, a meeting scheduled about Enchantment, about that lawsuit, but he wasn't at the office, and he's not answering any of his calls there or at home or on his cell.

Chris: How long?

Erica: All right, it hasn't been 24 hours yet --

Chris: Well, if it hasn't been 24 hours, you know we can't put out an A.P.B.

Erica: But he's the D.A. He wouldn't just fall off the face of the earth.

Chris: All right. All right. Ok. After you left me last night at the Valley Inn, did you go to see him?

Erica: No, I didn't. I went home. I stopped at my office.

Chris: Did you call him, did you contact him?

Erica: No. Why?

Chris: Come on, Erica, you two might've had a fight; I mean, an argument and he may be intentionally avoiding you.

Erica: No. When he wasn't at his office this morning, I actually stopped by the community center on my way here. Jack does some charity work there. But Reggie told me that Jack never even made it home last night.

Chris: Who's Reggie?

Erica: Reggie is the teenage boy who lives with Jack now. Jack is Reggieís court-appointed guardian.

Chris: There any idea where he was last seen or by whom or --

Erica: Well, Jack told Reggie that he was going to S.O.S., so on my way here I drove by S.O.S., and Jack's car is still in the parking lot.

Chris: Erica, maybe he locked the keys inside and he hitched a ride home with somebody else. I mean --

Erica: But he didn't come back this morning to pick it up?

Chris: Maybe he had a few drinks. I mean, look, Erica, he's a smart guy. He's not going to get behind the wheel of a car. He took a cab home.

Erica: But he didn't get home. That's what I told you. He never made it home. Something's wrong.

Chris: Maybe another woman?

Erica: I actually wish it was that. At least then I would know he was safe. But Jack, he's not like that. He's not a bed-jumping kind of a man. I mean, he wouldn't sleep with one woman and then -- he wouldn't do that. Ahem.

Chris: All right, I'll tell you what, why don't -- why don't we make up a list of names of places he might go and people he might contact, all right? We'll start there.

Erica: Chris, Iím telling you I've already contacted everyone I can even think of. I've called Bianca, I have called his brother Travis' widow, Barbara, I even contacted his daughter at school, but nobody has seen him. You're worried, too. Oh, my God. Oh, Chris, you know what happened to Jack. Well, then you have to tell me! Chris, tell me right now!

Jack: Help me. Help me.

Luis: You wish. Hey. Mr. Big D.A. You had some good night out, huh? You still alive?

Jack: Oh!

Luis: Yeah.

[Jack coughs]

Luis: But not for long, though, huh? As long as Iím here, nobody's going to help you and nobody's going to find you. You're mine, chump.

David: Behind my back, you signed the consent form?

Anna: We both want what's best for Leora.

David: You didn't even ask me?

Anna: You've made your position perfectly clear.

David: And I've explained to you completely why I think waiting is the safest course. But you don't respect that or me.

Anna: This isn't about you.

David: You're right! It's about our daughter's life, Anna.

Anna: Yes. I'm trying to keep her from getting sick any more.

David: So am I -- without taking radical action that could cause more harm than good!

Anna: Please, David.

David: Anna, look, I know that rushing here was terrifying. I understand that. But you're -- you're panicking, you're overreacting.

Anna: No, I'm not.

David: Yes, you are. Look, I see it all the time. You know, people, they jump to taking these radical medical procedures because they're afraid that another crisis is going to come up. But the fact is, more often than not, it's the worst possible thing they can do.

Anna: Why are you talking to me like Iím one of your patients?

David: I'm trying to get you to understand --

Anna: I'm her mother.

David: I'm trying to get you to understand that this is not the time to make rash decisions. You're panicking, Anna.

Anna: I'm not panicking.

David: Yes, you are, and after a minute, a little while, you're going to calm down and you're going to see that this was not the time to force our daughter into some invasive procedure.

Anna: She needs the surgery, David. You wanted to postpone it, and we have. But now is the time. Joe agrees with me.

David: Joe isn't -- he's not a heart specialist, is he? I mean, he's better known as a semi retired medical bureaucrat!

Anna: What about all the other doctors that wanted to give her a pacemaker at the start?

David: They're wrong, they're wrong, ok?

Anna: They're all wrong?

David: Yes, and Iím not just one of the other doctors off the street, Anna. When are you going to trust me?

Anna: It's not trusting you, David. I'm scared, too. But we have to be strong for Leora. We have got to be behind her 100%.

David: You're right. You're 100% right. That's what we've got to do, so why don't we just table this for now, all right? We'll cancel the procedure, we'll take Leora home, and we'll discuss this further?

Anna: No. I'm not delaying any more. Why won't you stand with me on this?

David: I can't, Anna. And if you insist on proceeding, I will not only fight you but I will win.

Michael: Well, so much for your devotion to Fusion.

Kendall: Well, starting the company was challenging and fun, but why struggle?

Michael: Sure, when you can latch on to a million-dollar company.

Kendall: See, you think exactly like I do.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: It'll take years and years for Fusion to become a major force in the marketplace.

Michael: Hmm, yeah, and by that time, you could be the head of Enchantment, top of the heap.

Kendall: Exactly. With us working together, you'll have Boydís formula, along with the billions of dollars you'll make from it and the funds from Enchantment, and I get --

Michael: Hmm, the crown?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: And I do look fabulous with jewels -- fabulous.

Michael: Yes, Iím sure you do, but you know, there is one thing you've forgotten about this whole arrangement.

Kendall: Like what? Trust? Hmm. Fundamentally, we both still want the same thing, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, well, you'll have to prove that to me.

Kendall: Ok, how about this -- how about I stay really quiet about your little affair with Lena?

Michael: That's a start. But I'm still not sure how useful you can be to me.

Kendall: Oh, come on. Come on! With me on your team, with me onboard, we'll both realize our dreams. Without me, well, you're in for a difficult time. There's all sorts of people I can talk to.

Michael: That's all right. Who would believe you?

Kendall: I don't know. You want to test me?

Michael: Hmm. Still not certain of your allegiance, though.

Kendall: Oh, come on! Come on, why not? Why not? I mean, let's be honest here -- where else am I going to go? My mother and my sister hate me.

Michael: Hmm. Still the lost little girl?

Kendall: Not so much. I've learned a lot from you so far.

Michael: Really? Like what?

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Like how to be cold-blooded when I have to be.

Michael: Ooh. You are still way too easy.

Kendall: Hmm, don't count on it. This is business now. So, do we have a pact to bring down Erica?

Michael: We do.

Michael: There's only one little thing you've forgotten about this theory of yours. You thought I never wanted you. You were wrong. You were wrong then and now.

Erica: Look, Chris, I know you're still angry at me, but please don't use that against me now.

Chris: What are you talking about, "angry"?

Erica: I hurt you very badly, and so did Jackson, but I'm worried about him. I have to know where he is.

Chris: What makes you think I have any information about this?

Erica: Because you two have worked together on cases and because when I first told you that I thought Jack was missing, you got a look on your face like you knew something, and it wasn't good. I can still read you, Chris.

Chris: No, no, not on this one.

Erica: No, you are holding back on me. Look, I know, Chris, you're on the inside. Jack was probably investigating someone who was particularly dangerous, right, someone who might harm him, someone who would gain something by getting him out of the way. Am I close?

Chris: Erica, look, it's like you said -- Jacksonís a D.A. They all make enemies.

Erica: I'm not interested in all of them, Chris. Tell me about Jacksonís enemies. Is there somebody who might kidnap him? Oh, my God, is there somebody who might kill him?

Chris: Erica, Erica, look, just calm down. There's nobody we were working on that comes to mind.

Erica: You would tell me? You wouldn't hold back on me, would you, Chris?

Chris: Erica, will you listen to me for a second? Jackson's going through a lot. Now, he probably had a few too many drinks. He's going to wake up in a place he doesn't even recognize with the worst hangover of his life.

Erica: No, I don't think so. I just have this feeling. He's in trouble, Chris, and we've got to do something now.

Chris: All right. All right, Iíll do everything I can to find him, I promise. We'll find him.

Luis: Yeah, man. I'm going to go make sure nobody disturbs you. So you take your time. But not too much. I'll be standing guard.

Reggie: What's up?

Luis: Get gone.

Reggie: Why, you got something going on?

Luis: Like Iíd cut you in.

Reggie: I'm not. I'm just looking, I'm not asking.

Luis: Oh. Well, I got some things lined up right now.

Reggie: Mm-hmm?

Luis: I'm kind of busy, so if you come back later, maybe I'll have something for you.

Reggie: Whatever, man.

Luis: Yeah, oh, take the street, dog.

Reggie: Why? This way's shorter.

Luis: Get some exercise.

Reggie: For what? It makes no sense. All I do is hop over the fence and I'm on Franklin Street.

Luis: Well, good for you, but not this morning.

Reggie: Is that blood?

Luis: Uh, looks like. I guess somebody must've hit a dog and then drug the dog -- yo, yo, I'm not playing!

Reggie: Damn, man, who's that? What did you do?

Luis: I didn't do nothing!

Reggie: Yeah, Jack warned me about you. He said you'll pull more robberies and there will be a body count.

Luis: Jack?

Reggie: Yeah, Jack.

Luis: Well, you don't got to sweat the D.A. no more, man.

Reggie: What are you -- no! Oh, man, what did you do?

Luis: Yeah, we can get out now, man. We could run.

Reggie: Oh, man, what did you do, man? Jack? No, what did you do?

Luis: I found him this way! You don't believe me?

Reggie: No, I don't believe you, all right? I don't believe you. He's still breathing.

Luis: Well, hardly. And as soon as he's stone-cold, me and you, we in the clear.

Reggie: And how you figure that, huh? How do you figure that? What, you think your -- your rap sheet is just going to disappear, it's going to get buried with the D.A.?

Luis: Look, I was in a good mood before you came in here. Now, you want me to turn?

Reggie: Nah. He's lost a lot of blood.

Luis: Well, he's a big guy and there's a lot to lose.

Reggie: Jack, come on. I got you.

Luis: Yo, yo, yo, where you going?

Reggie: I'm going for an ambulance! Get off me!

Luis: Like hell you are. He is mine.

Reggie: Get off me, man! He's still alive! I can save him!

Luis: You are not a doctor and you're not going for one!

Anna: Leora is not getting any stronger. I don't understand why we're waiting.

David: I'm not changing my position on this, Anna. I will not force our daughter to undergo surgery.

Anna: It was always in the cards.

David: All right. If you want to fight me on this, then I will get a lawyer and we'll settle this in court.

Anna: We can't settle this ourselves?

David: How? How? You've made it perfectly clear that it's either your way or no way at all.

Anna: But we're not going to court.

David: I have my rights, Anna, and I can legally prevent this surgery.

Anna: You'll never make it to court because Iíll have you locked up. I have information that would result in you being put away, so don't make me use it.

Michael: Mmm. Mmm. Well, that was, um, different.

Kendall: Well, what did you expect?

Michael: I'm not sure.

Kendall: What, something more pliant, more giving?

Michael: More involved, like you used to be.

Kendall: Yeah, well, different kisses for different dynamics.

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: And ours has changed. I mean, you can't expect for us to have the same passion we used to share.

Michael: Oh, I expect it and I know just how to get it. All I have to do is deliver Enchantment.

Kendall: Hmm. Hmm, I love it when you talk sexy.

Michael: Yeah, well, now, if you've lied to me about any of this, Iím very good at killing passion, along with other things, and you don't want to experience what I can dish out.

Chris: Yeah, right. Ok, yeah, she'll be relieved to hear it. Thank you, Lieutenant.

Erica: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, Chris.

Chris: No, don't thank me. Lieutenant Frye's the one who made the decision to put out the A.P.B.

Erica: Yeah, because you convinced him that it would be in Jack's best interest.

Chris: You know, five bucks, five bucks says that they find him in a doughnut shop nursing a gallon of black coffee.

Erica: Yeah. You don't believe that any more than I do.

Chris: Erica, it's early. He's going to come walking through that door and he's going to be wondering what the heck was all the fuss about.

Erica: You're very good at whistling in the dark.

Chris: Well, no point thinking about the worst.

Erica: I'm never going to forget you for this, Chris. I mean, in spite of everything, you've really come through for me and for Jackson.

Chris: Don't thank me. It's all right.

Reggie: You going to kill him or something? You're going to be in solitary for the rest of your life!

Luis: Yo, I'm not killing nobody.

[sirens approach]

Luis: I'm letting nature do its thing.

Reggie: Oh, that's nature? Look at him. Get off! Get off me!

Luis: You keep your mouth shut and don't talk to the police and no one will know we were here.

Reggie: You hear that? That's sirens, all right? Somebody must've seen you and Jack and called the cops! Get off me!

Luis: Yeah, well, let them come because ain't nobody saving his sorry ass now.

Reggie: Jack? Jack, please talk to me. Oh, man, Jack. Jack. You alive?

Joni: I called 911!

Reggie: Aw, Jack.

Joni: Is -- is he alive?

Reggie: Yeah, barely. He's here, he's here.

Joni: Should I do something?

Reggie: No. Go call the cops. That's all we could do for him right now. I don't know how bad it is. Jack?

Joni: Luis -- he did it.

Reggie: I don't know.

[brakes squeal]

Reggie: I don't know and I don't care! Go and get the cops! I don't care. Jack, stay with me. No, big dog. Yo, Iím here, dog. Dog, hold my hand. Dog, Iím here. Don't go nowhere, Jack. Jack?

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