AMC Transcript Thursday 4/24/03


All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/24/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

Michael: I was wondering how long it would take you to charge over here to defend Kendallís honor.

Boyd: Yeah, well, somebody's got to take you down.

Michael: Well, go ahead, Boyd. Take your best shot.

Boyd: Look, your little plan didn't work, Cambias. Trying to use Kendall to get my formula -- that was a serious miscalculation. You must be losing your touch.

Michael: No, Boyd, it was just a temporary setback.

Boyd: No. No, it's permanent. Because I've taken action to make sure you never get it.

Michael: Did you scribble it down, put it in a safe-deposit box?

Boyd: You can laugh all you want, all right? But Erica and I have filed for a patent. You're too late, Cambias. It's over.

Michael: Come on, Boyd, it's not over till I say it's over. Hmm?

Aidan: Yeah, Maureen? Say it again. Well, that will keep me until I get home. I love you, too.

Kendall: Another tender heart about to be broken.

Aidan: Are you talking to me?

Kendall: Uh-huh. I recognize the warning signals.

Aidan: No, I think you've got the wrong guy.

Kendall: Hmm. You and I definitely should have stuck together, Aidan. Could have saved ourselves a ton of heartache.

Aidan: Um, Maureen and I are doing fine.

Kendall: Oh, yeah. Please. The two of you are not meant to be.

Lena: I shouldn't have let that happen.

Bianca: No, no, no, it had to happen. Lena, holding you feels so good.

Lena: It does for me, too.

Bianca: We can't pretend like we don't feel the way we feel.

Lena: I should be boarding my plane.

Bianca: No, please, donít. Don't make this the end. Make this the beginning. Lena, please, you don't really want to go, do you?

Lena: Come with me. Bianca, come with me. Let's go together.

Chris: Evan? Why are we here? We're in the shadow of Enchantment.

Flanders: Well, you wanted me to continue surveillance. I got something. And I didn't want to move.

Chris: What do you got?

Flanders: Your old lady with the district attorney up there in her penthouse right now -- alone.

Chris: You're sure about that?

Flanders: Yes, Iím sure about that. I also know I could take him on his way out. You want him whacked?

Erica: Jack, you can't be serious. You know I had nothing to do with that lawsuit against Fusion.

Jack: The paper trail says otherwise, Erica.

Erica: Oh, Jack. You can do better than that.

Jack: Look, I am here, Erica, because a crime has been committed.

Erica: Not by me.

Jack: Liza Colby called my office.

Erica: Liza?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: Well, you know very well that you can't take anything she says very seriously. And, Jack, you don't have to work so hard. Come in. Sit down.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Erica, this is not a social call.

Erica: No, of course not.

Jack: I have a few questions I absolutely need to ask you, ok?

Erica: I know. That I understand. Let me save us both a little time. It's ok. I forgive you.

Lena: Prague is so beautiful and so romantic. You'll love it. Even if you don't, it doesn't matter. I have savings. We can go traveling all over Europe. We can go wherever you want.

Bianca: It wouldn't matter where we were, Lena, as long as we were together. I don't think I would even notice.

Lena: Then come with me. This is our last chance.

Bianca: I can't just drop everything and race off somewhere. I have a life here. I have work. I have classes. I mean, why do we have to run away? I mean, I don't even have a toothbrush with me.

Lena: Bianca, I can get you anything you want the moment we land.

Bianca: I know, but why? What's the rush?

Lena: You want to be with me?

Bianca: Well, yes.

Lena: Then what's more romantic than flying off together?

Bianca: It is. It's incredibly romantic. It's just, why can't we just stay here and get to know each other better? Why do we have to run off somewhere?

Lena: Because --

Bianca: Lena, what's wrong?

Lena: Bianca, I have had many experiences, but this -- how I feel about you -- it's completely unexpected. It's new to me, and Iím scared.

Michael: So you and Erica are patenting your formula.

Boyd: That's right.

Michael: Like a patent can stop me. Well, you're very naive, Larraby. No wonder Kendall preferred me.

Boyd: Yeah, well, don't flatter yourself. You know, Kendall really wanted to believe you cared about her.

Michael: Well, it wasn't that hard. Kendall's surprisingly easy.

Boyd: How do you do it? You know, I'm curious. How could you make her believe you loved her when all you were ever after is my research?

Michael: You know, when Iím doing business, Boyd, I just -- I prefer all the perks that come along with the job.

Boyd: That's all she was to you, huh? A perk?

Michael: Well, that and a means to an end. You know, it's interesting. You actually seem to be insulted that she was willing to sleep with you to get that formula.

Boyd: Tell me, what did you expect? That I would be flattered? Or willing? Because I'm nothing like you, Cambias.

Michael: Oh, I don't know, Boyd. You know, maybe you should have taken her up on your offer. It might have been your one chance to discover just how eager to please Kendall can be.

Boyd: You son of a --

Michael: You do that again, and you'll be carried out of here in a plastic bag. Understand?

Aidan: Kendall, how much have you had to drink?

Kendall: This is my first one.

Aidan: Well, if you keep this up, it's going to be your last.

Kendall: You can't cut me off for telling the truth.

Aidan: You must be pretty drunk to suggest that me and you should get back together.

Kendall: I'm just playing "what if."

Aidan: You know, we were together for, like, a second and a half, and we drove each other miserable.

Kendall: Yeah, well, at least Iíd know what to expect, wouldn't feel so incredibly stupid.

Aidan: Well, for your information, Maureen makes me feel incredibly happy, and I'm not about to mess that up.

Kendall: You don't have to. It'll fall apart all on its own.

Aidan: You want take this doom and gloom to another bar?

Kendall: You know, Michael and I were actually really happy for a while. We were. But it never lasts. People always screw you over eventually. It's just a matter of time.

Aidan: Why don't you tell me what happened between you and Michael.

Kendall: What always happens. I'm the wrong person at the wrong time. I think I'm doing the right thing, and it just blows up in my face.

Aidan: Surely it can't be that bad.

Kendall: Why not? You've seen me in action. I'm trapped by my own self-destructive patterns.

Aidan: Well, whatever I can do, really, you can come to me.

Kendall: It's too late for me. Just keep your eyes open and try to keep from getting your heart broken, ok?

Aidan: Yeah. Well, I don't think Maureenís going to break my heart.

Kendall: Maybe not. But Maria Grey might.

Flanders: You say the word, and Jack Montgomeryís a dead man. I'll make it look like an accident.

Chris: Why are you so anxious?

Flanders: I told you, he sent my brother off to the place where he was killed, and now he's breathing down my neck.

Chris: You're telling me Montgomeryís nosing around?

Flanders: Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up because I'm taking a lot of heat from the D.A.'s office, no thanks to you. I thought you were running interference.

Chris: I am. As long as you cooperate.

Flanders: I am, damn it. And I've got friends of mine telling me that he's asking all kinds of questions. Let me tell you something -- I could put an end to that very quick.

Chris: Look, I'm not going to green light some revenge trip of yours.

Flanders: Oh, really? Don't tell me you don't got no score to settle with Montgomery, Stamp. I mean, after all, he went after your old lady, didn't he? I'd off him just for that if it was me.

[phone rings]

Chris: Hello? Hello? Hello?

Flanders: What's the problem?

Chris: Interference. Like there's a transmitter around here or something.

Flanders: Like a radio?

Chris: No, like a bug. You wired?

Flanders: Me? Wired? No, I'm not wired. I'm on your side. There's no way I could be -- you want to check? Come on, look. Here. I'm clean.

Chris: Then where? Hey.

Flanders: Well, Mr. F.B.I., looks like you're the one who's wired. What do you want to do? Where you going?

Jack: You forgive me? Erica, Erica, do yourself a favor -- listen to what I'm saying, not what you want to hear. I did not come here to apologize. I did not give you an apology.

Erica: All right. All right. In deference to your male pride, I won't say another word. You don't want to admit that you were out of line? Fine. It's forgotten. Over. Like it never happened.

Jack: Erica, please, please, please, listen to me. The charges against you are very serious.

Erica: Jackson, if I were seriously being charged with committing a crime, wouldn't Derek Frye be here?

Jack: Yes, he would, except I came to you as a courtesy to help you keep the press from the door for as long as possible.

Erica: Oh, Jack, because you still care about me. You are such a wonderful man. Jackson to the rescue, as always.

Jack: No. No, Erica, those days are over. I'm here because all of my assistants are busy in court. I am here against my better judgment, both professionally and personally, with the suspect.

Erica: "The suspect"?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: That would be me?

Jack: That would be you.

Erica: And these so-called "charges" --

Jack: These charges, Erica, are very serious. They could land you behind bars for over 20 years.

Erica: 20 years? Behind bars?

Jack: Ah. Now I've got your attention, huh?

Erica: Jack, I haven't done anything wrong. You already know that.

Jack: Liza wanted to launch a police investigation.

Erica: Oh, Liza.

Jack: I'm trying to spare you that.

Erica: No, you're trying to punish me.

Jack: No, Erica, I am not. Liza has proof. She has substantial evidence to back this complaint.

Erica: Liza Colby and her confusion cohorts are so jealous of Enchantment that they can't even see straight.

Jack: Erica, I would not be here unless there was proof involved.

Erica: I know exactly what proof you're talking about. Here it is. Here's the proof that Liza Colby brought me. Let me tell you something -- proof can be manufactured.

Jack: All right, Iíll grant you that.

Erica: Well, then how can you do this, Jack? How can you let them use this against me?

Jack: Erica, I simply came here to hear your side of this.

Erica: One phone call from Liza Colby, and you turn against me? I mean, just a few days ago, you were professing your undying love to me, and now you want to put me in prison?

Jack: Look, maybe you think instigating a phony lawsuit is just a prank, but down where I work, we take it very seriously.

Erica: I had nothing to do with that lawsuit.

Jack: You want to hear how seriously? Let me just read a list of the charges pending against you and some of the penalties involved, all right? Let's see. To start off with, we have solicitation to commit theft by deception, conspiracy to commit theft by deception, and conspiracy to commit perjury. Those each carry a sentence of 3 1/2 to seven years. Let me go on. Then there's false swearing and attempting to obstruct the administration of the law. That's one to two years.

Erica: And the grand total is?

Jack: Well, if I can work an abacus, about 23 1/2 years.

Erica: I am so disappointed in you.

Jack: Yes, we've established that. Do you deny these charges?

Erica: You want to continue this pigheaded charade? You want to pretend that we're strangers? Fine. I am innocent of all of those ludicrous charges. But, Jack, I didn't even know there was a lawsuit till Bianca told me. But you have to feel like a big man by bringing someone to justice? Then you do the following. You go after the real perpetrator. You go after Michael Cambias.

Boyd: Look; you're not getting my formula, Cambias, all right? So why don't you do us all a favor -- go back to Europe and leave us alone.

Michael: Even if I did go home, you think I couldn't pull strings here? You have no idea how much power I have, how far my reach is.

Boyd: Far enough to get me hired at Lenska?

Michael: You think?

Boyd: Yeah, I think you organized my job offer there last year.

Michael: Come on, Boyd; let's be civilized about this, really. How much do you want for your formula?

Boyd: More than you've got.

Michael: No one has more than Iíve got, Boyd.

Boyd: Go to hell, Cambias.

Michael: Whoa, Boyd, you don't seem to understand. I'm not offering you some piddling six-figure income like you're making at Enchantment with adequate pension. I can get you out of this hellhole tomorrow. You can buy homes in the most exciting locales around the world, from Venice to Tahiti. I can give you the good life, Boyd.

Boyd: That's all you care about, isn't it? The things money can buy?

Michael: Well, I like people that money can buy, too.

Boyd: Yeah, well, your money can't buy me.

Michael: Well, funny thing about the moral high ground -- it has a way of crumbling underneath your feet when you least expect it. Think about my offer, hmm? Think about what you really want and get back to me with a price.

Boyd: I won't make you wait. My formula's not for sale, and neither am I.

Michael: Well, smarten up, Boyd. If somebody's going to become rich off your formula, it might as well be you.

Bianca: Nobody is more scared than I am, Lena. I mean, when I came here and saw you here, I was absolutely terrified. I mean, what if I put everything out there and then you just slapped me down? But I knew that I had to risk it.

Lena: I know, Bianca. You're very brave in so many ways.

Bianca: So don't disappoint me.

Lena: I don't want to do that.

Bianca: Good. Because I would like my running days to be over.

Lena: I know you've been hurt before.

Bianca: Yeah, it was getting to be a habit.

Lena: Oh, Bianca --

Bianca: Lena, stay here. And if things go the way they should, we can vacation in Prague.

Lena: You make it sound so easy.

Bianca: Well, you haven't told me why it's not. Lena, is there somebody waiting for you in Prague?

Lena: No.

Bianca: You say that it's not me, that I haven't done anything wrong, but --

Lena: You're so open, and you're just lovely.

Bianca: Ok, so stay, and we'll get closer.

Lena: I'd really like that.

Bianca: If you're worried that Iím too young or that Iím inexperienced, I don't want you to let that stand in our way. I mean, I've been through more than you know.

Lena: So have I.

Bianca: So we'll have a lot of late nights and we will talk and we will grow closer and just see where it takes us. I mean, for what it's worth, Myrtle says that Iím an old soul.

Lena: Then how can you be so unspoiled?

Bianca: You know, if you stick around, you'll see my rotten, spoiled side.

Lena: Oh, Bianca, I don't believe you have one.

Bianca: I've done some incredibly stupid things, but I know that I can't run away from my choices or from who I am.

Lena: You shouldn't want to. I wish I were more like you.

Bianca: Lena, you can be whatever you want. You're strong. Come on. You can do this.

P.A. Announcer: Flight 159 boarding, gate six. This is the final call for flight 159, boarding at gate six.

Lena: That's my flight.

Bianca: They'll make it without you.

Aidan: Don't fold. Fix it.

Kendall: Aidan, I don't know if I can. I donít. I don't think Michaelís ever going to forgive me.

Aidan: Well, then he didn't deserve you in the first place.

Kendall: You're a great guy, Aidan. I hope to god your love life goes a lot better than mine.

Aidan: Well, yours isn't over.

Kendall: You know what? I got to go fix my makeup. If I look as terrible as I feel, I'm going to scare everybody in this place away. See you.

Aidan: Kendall, you look great.

Kendall: Thanks. Bye.

Aidan: Whoo-hoo.

Chris: You've been tailing me. You've bugged my conversations.

Aidan: I don't know what you're talking about.

Chris: Don't lie to me, Aidan! Why are you shadowing me?

Chris: Stay where you are. F.B.I. everything's under control. Isn't it?

Aidan: Yep, everything's fine.

Chris: Explain this.

Aidan: Looks like a transmitter.

Chris: Don't insult me, Aidan. I had the signal tracked. I found your little recording setup. Guess what -- I destroyed the tape. You know, I went to bat for you. I gave you your first job in this town. I trusted you.

Aidan: Yeah, well, that goes both ways.

Chris: Who put you up to this? Who put you up to this? When did you tag me with this thing? Listen to me. The last time I saw you was at the community center, just when I was getting ready to nail -- Jackson. Jackson's got you in his pocket? Don't you see? That bastard is not satisfied stabbing me in the back with Erica. He's trying to destroy my career now, too.

Jack: Michael Cambias, huh? Ok, I'm listening.

Erica: Michael Cambias came to this town to get his hooks into Enchantment, and when he failed, he turned to Fusion.

Jack: And to Kendall.

Erica: Michael Cambias has been attempting a hostile takeover of Enchantment, and Michael Cambias wants a formula that Boyd Larraby created for us. Now, attaching himself to Kendall, who's friendly with Boyd, put Michael Cambias closer to his goal.

Jack: Ok. And the lawsuit?

Erica: That was put in motion by Michael Cambias, and then he created this phony paper trail to me.

Jack: Why bother?

Erica: Because it would -- it would really bond Kendall and Boyd Larraby against me, the "villainess" who's trying to crush Kendallís company.

Jack: Do you have any proof of what you're telling me?

Erica: My word should be proof enough for you, Jack. Aren't you supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?

Jack: Erica, Iím interested right now in proving that Michael Cambias is guilty.

Erica: Well, then I will get you all the proof that you need.

Jack: When?

Erica: Believe me, Jack, I am already on this. I have several calls into my C.F.O. to discuss some of the finer points.

Jack: And that would be --

Erica: That would be Lena. Do you remember Lena, the European woman?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: She has mesmerized my entire staff.

Jack: And you think she's going to tip to Cambias?

Erica: I think that she will know if and who on her staff would have helped Michael Cambias create this phony paper trail to me, yes.

Jack: Ok.

Erica: Ok. Sounds like you actually believe Iím telling the truth.

Jack: I believe it's possible that somebody could have hacked into your accounts and set you up, yes.

Erica: Thank you.

Jack: Erica, for what it's worth, I wish this visit hadn't been necessary.

Erica: Jack, I don't want you to leave like this. Don't be stubborn. You know we can come back from this even stronger than ever.

Jack: No. Not this time.

Erica: But nothing's changed.

Jack: I've changed. I've changed. I've -- I've reached my limit.

Erica: What are you talking about? How long do you want me to suffer? Ok, when is it Iím going to have enough, you can decide Iíve had enough, and you're going to let me off the hook? You can do this? After all the time we've shared? After all we've been through. A lot of times it was just you and me, and that was it. You can just forget all we've been to each other and all we've gone through?

Jack: No. No, in fact, I will remember every minute, every second of it, Erica, but I can no longer live my life this way.

Erica: Well, fine, then. Leave. I'm so sorry that I took any more of your precious time.

Jack: You had to know this is not what I wanted.

Erica: Oh, obviously it is. You're the one who's doing this. You're the one who's turning your back on us. You're the one who's walking out on me. But just know, if you do leave, that is the end. You cannot just come waltzing back into my life after you have thrown it all away on some pretext, concern for Bianca or whatever.

Jack: I wouldn't think of it.

Erica: No lame excuse to come back into my life.

Jack: You think these legal charges were lame excuses for me to come back to your life?

Erica: I'm completely innocent of those charges, and I will do everything to prove that I am innocent of those phony legal charges. Anything to get you out of my life once and for all.

Jack: Goodbye, Erica.

Erica: Goodbye, Jackson. And hello, fabulous, full, free life.

Chris: Are you going to give Jackson up, or am I going to have to go down there and rip the truth out of him? I'm going to enjoy this.

Aidan: Wait, Chris. I only got involved because I'm your friend.

Chris: No, no, no, no, no. You see, a friend wouldn't betray me. A friend wouldn't wire me.

Aidan: Jack came to me because he wanted me to get the goods on you, but that's not why I came onboard.

Chris: How much? How much did he offer you?

Aidan: I didn't do it for the money. I took on this job to prove Jack wrong.

Chris: Yeah, right.

Aidan: Unfortunately, all I did was prove him right.

Chris: Pal, Iím clean.

Aidan: I didn't just start back there at the community center, Chris.

Chris: So what do you think you've got?

Aidan: We've got you on tape with Flanders. Jackson's got another copy, so it doesn't matter what you destroyed.

Chris: So what? I talked to Evan Flanders. He's a source of mine. That's nothing.

Aidan: A source? You were discussing how to handle the problem of Jack Montgomery with a known hit man.

Chris: Montgomery was a strategic move. That's part of my cover.

Aidan: And the bureau buys that?

Chris: Let me tell you something, Evan Flanders is a major link in some federal cases. Jackson -- Jackson is stepping over the line. He's going to compromise these cases.

Aidan: But you can't pin this on Jackson. Ok, you went over the line. You, Chris. You did this to yourself.

Kendall: Ok. Ok, I know I deserve this. Let me have it. Bring it on. Pile it on.

Boyd: Kendall, what do you expect me to do? I mean, what do you want from me?

Kendall: Look, if it's any consolation, I hate myself just as much as you do, ok? Seducing you was -- it was disgusting.

Boyd: Yeah, it was. Look, I don't hate you.

Kendall: You don't?

Boyd: No. And I don't blame you, either. I know this was Cambias' doing.

Kendall: No, this wasn't Michaelís fault.

Boyd: What? Man, you got to be freaking kidding me. I can't believe him. That manipulative son of --

Kendall: Ok, you know what? If I hear one more person attack Michael, I swear Iím going to scream. I'm sick of it.

Boyd: Are you telling me that he's got you believing he's the victim here? Kendall, wake up. Ok, that lawsuit against Fusion --

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, Gertrude Stark and her injured --

Boyd: It's all designed to bring Fusion down.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that. But Erica is not going to succeed. I'm not going to let her.

Boyd: No, it's not Erica. Kendall, it's Michael Cambias. That old lady suing you -- she's on his payroll. You know what this means? It means the whole time he was dating you, he was working to blow your company apart.

Kendall: If Cambias industries wanted Fusion, they could have taken over by now.

Boyd: He doesn't want Fusion, ok? He's after my formula. He was counting on you to get it for him. And if you or your company got destroyed in the process, he didn't give a damn.

Kendall: Yeah, but what about the lawsuit? I mean --

Boyd: It was designed to corner you, ok, make you desperate enough to come to me.

Kendall: No. No, Michael wanted to stay here in Pine Valley with me. He wanted me to help him with his father.

Boyd: It's all fiction, Kendall. Ok, the guy's been playing you since he got here.

Kendall: No, that can't be. You don't understand. Boyd, his father is ill. He's ill. He's dying.

Boyd: Look; if it came from Cambias, I wouldn't believe it.

Kendall: No, he can't be lying. I mean, he couldn't have just made that up.

Boyd: Kendall, you got to listen to me. Ok, I know this is tough, but you've got to accept Michael for what he is, ok, what he's been doing to you.

Kendall: Do you have proof?

Boyd: Look, I was just at his place, all right? We had it out.

Kendall: Did he confess?

Boyd: No, he didn't confess to anything, but he didn't deny it, either.

Kendall: Well, what did he say?

Boyd: Look, Kendall, he admitted he's after my anti-aging formula. What more do you want?

Kendall: You don't understand. He had good reasons for that. Very good reasons.

Boyd: Yeah, like what? Like he's a greedy megalomaniac? Listen, Michael Cambias loves one thing, and that's power. Ok, and the money it brings him.

Kendall: No, he did this for his father and for me.

Boyd: Kendall, listen to me. Ok, he showed me the real Michael Cambias today. There's nothing too low for him. Ok, remember that.

Kendall: Yeah, well, maybe he said things he didn't mean, maybe because of what I did. Maybe I just --

Boyd: Stop this. Stop beating yourself up over this, ok? Cambias isn't worth it. Look, have I ever lied to you?

Kendall: No. But, Boyd, if what you're saying is true, then -- then everything I trusted, everything I believed was true is a lie.

Boyd: Look, I know it's a lot to take in. But you got to get through this.

Kendall: I can't stand this. I have to go. I have to know -- I have to know for sure.

Boyd: Wait, where are you going?

Kendall: I have to settle this once and for all.

Lena: Well, I wasn't gone long enough for them to rent my room. Thank you.

Bellhop: Now that you and your gorgeous sister are back, it makes me want to work here forever.

Bianca: We're not sisters.

Lena: We're together.

Bellhop: Well, yeah.

Lena: No, I mean, we're together.

Bellhop: Really? That's cool.

Lena: Yes, well, thank you.

Bellhop: Have fun, ladies.

Bianca: Um -- say that again.

Lena: Thank you.

Bianca: No, the part before that. What are we?

Lena: We're together.

Bianca: Don't be surprised if I ask you to repeat that now and again.

Lena: You won't have to ask.

[phone rings]

Bianca: That's probably my mother. She's picking up on our vibes with her supersensitive gaydar.

Lena: Hello?

Michael: Well, well, well. I thought you'd be halfway to Europe by now.

Lena: No.

Michael: Well, I hope you've cooled off.

Lena: Yes, Iím feeling better than I have in a long time.

Michael: Well, that's good news. So why don't you slip into something sexy, find Bianca Montgomery, and get to work.

Aidan: Get a hold of yourself now, Chris, before anyone gets hurt.

Chris: Jackson is going to use those tapes against me?

Aidan: Yeah, but what can he do? It's not as if you've broken any laws yet. Or have you? If you rein it in now, there's no harm.

Chris: I know him. He's not going to lay off.

Aidan: I know you got a raw deal with Erica, but don't let it wreck your life, Chris.

Chris: You don't know anything about that, Aidan.

Aidan: I heard you on the tape with Flanders, remember? The guy is a shooter. Look, Jackson wouldn't want me talking to you about this, but you were really good to me.

Chris: My mistake.

Aidan: Chris, Iím trying to be your friend.

Chris: All right, all right. Ok. Ok. Look, maybe I talk too tough. Maybe I talked to the wrong guy. But that doesn't put me on the wrong side of the law.

Aidan: Well, you've got to cut this Evan Flanders character loose because the guy seems to have his own agenda.

Chris: All right. Ok. Maybe -- maybe this is the wake-up call I needed.

Aidan: So it ends here, all right?

Chris: Yeah, it ends.

Michael: Did you hear me?

Lena: Yes. But I'm not interested.

Michael: Oh, you're not? Who do you think you're talking to? Would you like for me to take over? How do you think your new lover will react when she finds out how many times you've shared my bed in the last month?

Lena: Like I said, I'm not interested.

Michael: Stupid, ungrateful bitch.

Bianca: So I guess that wasn't my mother.

Lena: No.

Bianca: Well, what was it?

Lena: Oh, nothing important. Really.

Bianca: I'm so glad you stayed.

Lena: So am I.

[knock on door]

Bianca: Oh, are we cursed?

Lena: Maybe it's our friendly bellhop.

Bianca: Oh, I sure hope not.

Lena: Whoever it is, they're not staying.

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: Lena, I have left messages for you everywhere. I have a crisis that -- Bianca.

Bianca: Hi, Mom.

Aidan: Chris -- now, you said you were going to chill. You're going to let it go.

Chris: You don't see me pulling my gun, do you?

Aidan: No, I don't, but let's keep it that way, can we?

Chris: All right.

Jack: So, would you like to tell me what just happened here?

Aidan: Not much.

Jack: What were you talking to Chris about, Aidan?

Aidan: He found the bug, Jack. My cover's been blown.

Jack: How much does he know?

Aidan: Everything.

Jack: All right, I guess that was inevitable. So how do you read this guy? What's his deal?

Aidan: He knows he's on the brink. He's going to try and pull back.

Jack: And you think he can?

Aidan: Well, yeah. He's going to try hard. See, the thing is, is it going to be worth it for him?

Jack: Look, my only concern ever was Erica. Now, if this guy's going to play by the rules, I don't have a beef with him. Do you understand me?

Aidan: Do you think he will?

Jack: After the look he just gave me? No, Aidan, I don't think he will.

Flanders: You trace it? What the hell's going on?

Chris: We've got a problem -- a big problem. Every word we've said to each other is on a tape at the D.A.'s office, and Jackson Montgomeryís got it.

Flanders: Well, that's it, then.

Chris: He got to this guy I thought was a friend. He sold me out.

Flanders: Yeah? Well, you tell me his name, and that will be my second stop.

Chris: No, we've got to figure out our first move.

Flanders: I got it covered.

Chris: Ok, Evan, I want you -- Evan? Evan?

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