AMC Transcript Thursday 4/17/03


All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/17/03

By Eric
Proofread by Alicia

Jack: Erica. Well, looks like my wait is over, huh?

Erica: Yes.

Jack: Come on in, you. Please. Let me take your coat.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: In a fit of unbridled optimism, I went and got a bottle of sparkling cider and put it on ice, just in case we, you know, have something to celebrate. So, tell me, did you come here to complete my life or to break my heart?

Kendall: So, I heard that a nice bottle of wine goes with anything. You want to do the honors? That's ok. I always come prepared. The guys at the wine merchant's told me about this one. It's an Orsini Montrachet. I heard you mention it before. 3E9EFA23.JPG

Boyd: Kendall, are you going to tell me what happened tonight?

Kendall: What happened tonight was I got in my car and I drove to the wine cellar.

Boyd: You know what I mean. I thought you were with Cambias.

Kendall: Open your eyes, Boyd. I'm here to be with you.

Greenlee: Carlos.

Carlos: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Why are you still here?

Carlos: I offered to cook you dinner, remember?

Carlos: I'm sorry about before.

Greenlee: It's not your fault my husband died. Seems like every time I turn around, something reminds me of Leo. You remind me of him -- your eyes, your smile. You're gentle and giving. Everything I lost when I lost Leo. Oh, god. I keep doing this. 3E9EFA79.JPG

Carlos: What?

Greenlee: Leading you on, pushing you away.

Carlos: I have no expectations.

Greenlee: I have expectations of myself. I want more for my life. I want more for me. I want to move on with someone. I'm just not sure that someone is you.

[Music plays]

Myrtle: You know, that Lenny Vlasik was a sleazy -- a really sleazy kind of fellow, even by carnie standards. I mean, he was all charm and snake oil, what we used to call a flimflam artist.

Lena: "Flimflam"?

Myrtle: Well, that's someone who pretends to be one kind of person but is actually another.

Lena: Well, I must say, leading a double life must be terribly exhausting. 3E9EFAAA.JPG

Myrtle: No, no, not really, dear. I mean, flimflam artists travel very light. No heart, no conscience.

Bianca: Oh, I don't know about that. I mean, Lenny, A.K.A. Langley Wallingford, did make good when he married Phoebe, right?

Myrtle: Well, he had to get off that crooked path, darling. I mean, there's always someone at the end of it, someone you've done dirty to, who's waiting just to get their own back.

Lena: What a colorful life you've lived, Mrs. Fargate.

Myrtle: Oh, no, it's Myrtle. Myrtle, queen of the midway, sees all, knows all. I must say, you girls were sweet to let me join your date tonight.

Bianca: Oh, well, Myrtle, you promised us that we'd get to see some of your famous dance moves. 3E9EFAD4.JPG

Lena: Well, maybe we should all find some partners.

Myrtle: Well, they seem to be short of available men. Listen, is this ladies' night?

Bianca: No. Myrtle, it's just a normal after-work crowd.

Lena: But the men are in the minority.

Bianca: Hey, I think I know a way we can even things up here.

Boyd: What's the deal, Kendall? Are you telling me you and Cambias are over?

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Why don't you get that. I'll -- I'll take care of the wine.

Boyd: Hello?

Bianca: Boyd, drop whatever you are doing, put on your zoot suit, and haul it down to S.O.S. 3E9EFB0B.JPG

Boyd: What?

Bianca: Come on, the music is hot, and Myrtle is looking for a boogie-woogie bugle boy.

Boyd: I can't, all right? Kendall's here. I got to go.

Bianca: Well, it seems that Boyd has other plans for this evening.

Lena: Playing with his chemistry set?

Bianca: No, playing with fire. Kendall's over there.

Lena: Oh. Maybe Boyd's going to get lucky.

Myrtle: On my sitting room sofa?

Kendall: Who was that?

Boyd: It's nothing.

Kendall: Good. Then here's to no more interruptions.

Boyd: Kendall, what is all this? I saw you last night with Cambias. 3E9EFB3A.JPG

Kendall: And I saw you with Simone. And that's when I realized I'm with the wrong man.

Boyd: Just like that? You know, it sounds to me like you're trying to one-up your girlfriend. Look, if you're trying to use me to prove something to Simone --

Kendall: No. I'm trying to prove something to you.

Erica: Jack, it was so sweet of you to keep a bottle of sparkling cider on hand just for me.

Jack: But we don't have anything to celebrate, do we?

Erica: Of course we do. We love each other. We have for years. And that's not going to stop just because --

jack: You're a coward.

Erica: Excuse me? 3E9EFB6B.JPG

Jack: You heard me. You're a coward.

Erica: How can you say that? Do you think this is easy for me?

Jack: I think you could do this in your sleep.

Erica: I have agonized over this decision.

Jack: Oh, please, please, save this spin for June Landau and "the news at five," ok?

Erica: No, you need to listen to me. You need to hear me out.

Jack: Why? I've heard it. I've heard it all before, Erica, all your empty excuses. I've stood here and I've watched you walk away from me time and time again, and I promised myself 3E9EFB87.JPG I would never let myself in for another one of these long goodbyes of yours. 

Erica: This is not goodbye.

Jack: Oh, isn't it?

[Music plays]

Myrtle: You know, once, I was engaged to a fire swallower. But my love turned out to be heartburn.

Lena: Ladies, the round is me. Bianca, the same thing?

Bianca: Cranberry and soda.

Lena: Coming up.

Myrtle: Lena's a really lovely girl. But, listen, how much do you really know about her?

Lena: Another round, please. Good news. Your plan seems to be working. Larraby's with Kendall.

Michael: Well, let's hope he talks in his sleep.

Lena: If she manages to get him in bed.

Michael: Well, why wouldn't she? Kendall's very seductive. 3E9EFC7B.JPG

Lena: She also happens to be madly in love with you.

Michael: Which is precisely why she'll go all the way with the boy chemist.

Lena: She's not like us, Michael.

Michael: I'm not so sure about that. She's had her fair share of dirty deeds in the past. She'll come through for me.

Lena: For us.

Michael: Having fun tonight?

Lena: Well, like Kendall, I have a job to do.

Michael: You do it very well. Well, just close your eyes and think about me.

Bartender: Here you go.

Lena: And you, my dear Michael, can go to hell.

Boyd: What do you have to prove, Kendall?

Kendall: That my feelings for you are real. 3E9EFCAB.JPG

Boyd: Since when?

Kendall: Since Enchantment. Don't you remember all those lunches we had when I'd sit perched on your table and you'd heat up soup on the bunsen burner?

Boyd: Yeah, well, we don't do lunches anymore, do we? Not since Cambias got your attention.

Kendall: Look, Boyd, I know what you're getting at. I do. And I know that you wanted us to be more and I turned you down.

Boyd: Yeah, more than once. And now you're here plying me with wine and kisses? Which is obviously leading to something.

Kendall: Well, can't you guess what that is?

Boyd: Well, since the last time I saw you, you were with Michael, I think you better spell it out for me. 3E9EFCD9.JPG

Kendall: Ok, look, you know what? Michael and I are different. We're way too different. I -- I was raised in the Florida swamps. I mean, the cultural scene was the alligator farm and the local dairy freeze.

Boyd: And Cambias?

Kendall: And Cambias speaks five different languages. He rubs shoulders with royalty. He's used to the best of everything.

Boyd: You're right. He is. Which is exactly why he wants you.

Kendall: I think you idealize me a lot more than he does, Boyd.

Boyd: Come on, Kendall. You know you're beautiful.

Kendall: Well, I feel that way when I'm with you. You're interested in who I am inside. 3E9EFD06.JPG

Boyd: And Michael isn't?

Kendall: No, he just -- he just doesn't get me. He can't really relate, you know? I -- I tried to tell him what it was like, you know, being raised in a small town. In fact, I would tell him about all the Saturdays we used to spend at the Farley drugstore, trying on makeup and sipping cherry cola, and he just laughed. But what Michael didn't get is that no matter how far I've come, at heart, I'm always going to be that small-town girl.

Boyd: Are you? I mean, what happened to your big city dreams? Like the one where you and Erica run rival companies?

Kendall: Oh, you mean when I outsell and outclass Enchantment? 3E9EFD3B.JPG

Boyd: Yeah. That one.

Kendall: It's still there. I just need someone who gets me to share it with me.

Boyd: Like me?

Kendall: Yeah. Like you. Oh, man, I wish it was summertime and I was riding on the handlebars of your bike. We could go to McCaskey creek, where we'd skinny-dip and then we'd crawl up on the banks and lie in the sun and dry ourselves off.

Boyd: You know, this is the first time I've ever heard you say you wish you were a kid again.

Kendall: A kid? No. We're not kids anymore. And one thing leads to the other, and3E9EFD7F.JPG suddenly we're all tangled up together and it's heaven on earth. 

Boyd: It could still be, you know, if you can answer me one thing.

Kendall: Anything.

Boyd: What do you really want from me, Kendall?

Erica: Jack, you're angry.

Jack: Well, Erica, it's a hell of a letdown, you know, but not in the way you think.

Erica: Well, you love me --

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: And you said you want to marry me.

Jack: You bet. You bet. I wanted nothing more than to love you the way you need to be loved for the rest of your life.

Erica: But you'll always be in my life.

Jack: Yeah, and we know what I'll always be in your life, too, don't we? Faithful Jack. Good old reliable Jack -- the guy who puts the pieces of your life back together when your world comes tumbling down around you. 3E9EFDAA.JPG

Erica: You think that all I do is use you?

Jack: I think I'm 911 on your speed dial, Erica. You call anytime, day or night, sound the alarm, I've got a soft shoulder and a change of clothes packed, waiting by the door.

Erica: And now you're making fun of me.

Jack: No, not of you, honey. Never of you. Of me. Because I'm the one that keeps hope somehow. After all the times you told me you loved me and then ran away from me, I'm still back for more, and you're still running away from me.

Erica: Jack, look, maybe you're willing to risk everything that we've shared, but I'm not. Jack, you are my closest, dearest friend. I don't know what I would do without you. 3E9EFDD6.JPG

Jack: Well, you're about to find out.

Erica: What?

Jack: Erica, you have been clean and sober ever since the day you walked out of rehab. I think that's wonderful. I do. But there's one habit you've never kicked, and that's me. Every time your life tanks, I'm your crutch. No more. I'm through. Starting right now, you're going to have to find yourself another fix.

Greenlee: Aren't you going to say something?

Carlos: What do you want me to say?

Greenlee: How about, "you're all about you"? "You're rude, impatient, stuck on yourself"?

Carlos: Greenlee, you're so much more. I feel you when you're apart from me inside. 3E9EFE0A.JPG

Greenlee: What does that mean? Cue the guitar and the starlit sky? There's nothing I love more than a little romance, but that's not going to fill me up. Not even close.

Carlos: Look, I know Leo -- he fed all your appetites, and then he was gone. And now, finally, you're ready for something to fill you up again, something new.

Greenlee: I think we're talking about more than dinner.

Carlos: Only if you're ready, only if you're ready.

Greenlee: How do I know if I'm ready?

Carlos: Move out of your head into your heart. I think you'll find the answer in there.

Greenlee: I have to go.

[Music plays] 

Bianca: Well, Myrtle, Lena and I are still in the "getting to know you" phase of our relationship, but I think that she's just terrific.3E9EFF39.JPG

Myrtle: Yes, I can see that.

Bianca: What, you think that I'm rushing things?

Myrtle: Well, maybe a little. You know, you young people give your hearts away so easily.

Bianca: No, Myrtle, that's not me anymore. I mean, I'm far less open and trusting than I used to be.

Myrtle: Darling, I don't mean you should build a fortress around your heart, but just be careful who you let in.

Lena: Myrtle, this charming gentleman was just admiring you from across the room, and he asked for an introduction.

Man: My name's Alvin Armbruster. 3E9EFF62.JPG

Myrtle: Well, I'm Myrtle Fargate. Very nice to meet you, Alvin.

Alvin: I wonder if you would like to burn it up on the dance floor.

Myrtle: Oh. Well -- yes, I think I'd be delighted. You girls behave yourselves.

Bianca: Of course. Oh.

Lena: Alone at last.

Bianca: Ah, yes. When you invited me out tonight, I guess you didn't expect a chaperone.

Lena: Myrtle's fabulous. I love the stories about her carnie days.

Bianca: Yes, well, Myrtle loves to talk. She's sort of like a surrogate grandma/auntie mame to me.

Lena: Like my auntie Rula.

Bianca: Auntie Rula? 3E9EFF90.JPG

Lena: Oh, she was a neighbor from back home in Poland. I used to go there after school. Her kitchen used to smell of hot coffee and ginger. She used to tell me stories about gypsies and caravans, amazing adventures -- all of which featured a young girl called Lena.

Bianca: Oh. Was she a friend of your mother's?

Lena: My mother? Please. Uber models have no time for little girls and silly old women.

Bianca: So your mother was a model, as well?

Lena: Like yours. And like yours, she had trouble accepting that I was different.

Bianca: Really? I'm surprised. I -- I just thought that Europeans had such a "live and let live" attitude about everything. 3E9EFFBE.JPG

Lena: Not when it comes to their daughters.

Bianca: Wow. Well, maybe someday.

Lena: Sadly, my mother died before we reached an understanding.

Bianca: I'm sorry. I know how that feels.

Lena: You do?

Bianca: My father -- he -- he also passed away before I got the chance to really tell him that I was gay.

Lena: But he knew?

Bianca: Ah, I like to think he did, that he was just waiting for me to feel comfortable enough to go to him. But, you know, I never got the chance.

Lena: Finding someone who accepts you for who you are -- it's everything.

Bianca: You think?

Lena: I know. 3E9EFFF1.JPG

Bianca: Well, I know that my dad would have really liked you, Lena.

Lena: Why do you say that?

Bianca: Because you're so honest.

Lena: You don't know that.

Bianca: Well, I trust my instincts.

Lena: And your instincts have never led you astray?

Bianca: Actually, yes, they have, but I know that I have to keep taking chances.

Lena: You're very brave.

Bianca: My uncle Jack says that you need to stand on the edge of where you are and look at where you want to be and keep both eyes wide open and just jump.

Lena: You're not afraid?

Bianca: I'm scared out of my skull.

Kendall: Boyd, I'm not really sure what you're asking. 3E9F0038.JPG

Boyd: You want something, Kendall, and I'm not sure it's me.

Kendall: You think this was easy for me to come here and see you and open myself up and show my vulnerability to you?

Boyd: So why are you here?

Kendall: I'm here to own up to my mistake. I got involved with the totally wrong guy.

Boyd: Cambias? Oh, come on, Kendall, he's an operator. You're the one that's way too good for him.

Kendall: No. Boyd, you're the one who's way too good. And I'm sorry.

Boyd: For what?

Kendall: For taking you for granted. You know, before I left home and came to Pine Valley, my mother told me there would be two paths of life I could choose -- the light or the dark. 3E9F006E.JPG

Boyd: Yeah, and which did you choose?

Kendall: You're the light, Boyd. Let me in. Give me another chance.

Boyd: Come on.

Kendall: What? Where are we going?

Boyd: Upstairs. My bedroom. Unless you want to make love right here.

Erica: For you to insinuate that I use you like some sort of a drug, that is --

jack: Insinuate? I thought I stated my position fairly clearly.

Erica: All right, now you're trying to hurt me.

Jack: Oh, and this is my cue to take you in my arms and to comfort you and to apologize to you.

Erica: I thought you were the one person who could understand. 3E9F00A8.JPG

Jack: Oh, I do understand, Erica. I understand every twist and turn in that gorgeous brain of yours, and I'm always two steps ahead of every move you make, and you don't like that, do you?

Erica: Please don't do this. Please don't be sarcastic now. I'm being honest with you, Jack.

Jack: No, you're not. You're lying to me. And worse yet, you're lying to yourself.

Erica: Ok. Ok, Jack, what would be the truth?

Jack: The truth? You telling me that you love me, that you know that I would never, ever leave you, that you know that there is nothing that you could ever say to me that would make me stop loving you, that you would take my hand and you would leap off into space, eyes wide open, knowing that wherever you landed, I would be there to catch you. That's the truth I wanted to hear. 3E9F01E7.JPG

Erica: Jack, I wish there was something I could say to make you understand that this really is for the best.

Jack: You've got to be kidding me, right? I opened a vein, I poured out my soul to you, and I get a line from a greeting card?

Erica: Jack, please. I'm trying to let you know how I feel.

Jack: Oh, more greetings from the "can't we just be friends" line. You know what, Erica? I think I'll skip this.

Erica: Jack, this is not about being friends. My god, you're family.

Jack: We could be husband and wife.

Erica: Look, Jack, whatever else we've meant to each other, we couldn't be closer if you were my own -- 3E9F0211.JPG

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. If you say "brother," I don't know what I'm going to do. I swear to god, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Erica: Please, please. I can't imagine you not in my life. You are my very closest, my very dearest friend.

Jack: Right. So why would you want to marry me? Because then if the marriage goes bust, you've got nobody to call in the middle of the night. So why take the chance that it might actually work, huh?

Erica: You know, I hate it when you analyze me.

Jack: No, you hate it when I'm right. Erica, I know what you're doing here. You're trying to protect yourself by pushing me away again. 3E9F0231.JPG

Erica: No, I'm trying to keep you close.

Jack: As a friend?

Erica: Jack, you say that as if it's nothing.

Jack: It is nothing! It's nothing. Compared to what we could be, it is nothing at all.

Erica: This is what I want.

Jack: Let me see if I've got the rules straight. Now, by definition, friends -- they don't sleep together, do they?

Erica: No, I guess they don't.

Jack: No, I guess they don't. So you're not only telling me that you don't want to marry me, you're also telling me that you don't want to be lovers, either, right?

Erica: I want things to stay the way they are.

Jack: There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you, Erica. But I won't do that. 

Kendall3E9F0262.JPG: You want to make love to me?

Boyd: It's what you want, isn't it?

Kendall: Yeah.

Boyd: You trust me, don't you?

Kendall: Of course I do.

Boyd: So come on, show me how much I mean to you.

Kendall: Boyd --

Boyd: What? What's wrong?

Kendall: Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just -- I can't. I'm not -- not tonight.

Boyd: Not tonight or not ever? What's Michael going to say, huh?

Kendall: Michael?

Boyd: Yeah, Michael. I mean, he's the one who sent you here, right? Try to seduce me, steal my formula? 3E9F0286.JPG

Kendall: No, no, this has nothing to do with --

Boyd: Stop lying to me!

Kendall: This has nothing to do with Michael. This was totally my idea.

Boyd: Then you've sunk even lower than I ever thought you could.

[Music plays]

Myrtle: Oh, oh. Girls, clear the decks. I have not danced so much since v'day.

Bianca: Are you ok, Myrtle?

Myrtle: I think so. I think so. Well, I have a tiny, little headache. Nothing. Listen, girls, I think I'm going to take a cab home and leave you two to enjoy yourselves.

Bianca: Oh, no, there's no way that you're taking a cab home, Myrtle. We'll drive you. 3E9F02AC.JPG

Myrtle: No, no. I'm not going to interfere with your evening. You just enjoy your date, and I'm off.

Lena: Myrtle, maybe if you rest a few minutes, your headache will go away. You don't want to miss the jitterbug contest.

Myrtle: I jittered my bug long ago. No, no, I am for home.

Bianca: Oh, well, then it's settled. We will drive you there, and I don't want any back talk.

Myrtle: Oh, stubborn like your mother.

Bianca: You bet I am. Come on.

Myrtle: Oh.

Michael: Evening, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Oh, this day just gets better and better.

Michael: I assume you're referring to Fusion's legal troubles. 3E9F02DD.JPG

Greenlee: No one ever accused Kendall of being discreet.

Michael: Well, Kendall and I don't have any secrets from each other. We're practically engaged.

Greenlee: Riddle me something. Michael Cambias, gazillionaire playboy, meets Kendall Hart, penniless swamp girl, and follows her to Pine Valley, which happens to be a jet set flyby zone. Why?

Michael: I'm following my heart.

Greenlee: Please. There has to be something more in it for you.

Michael: Aren't you a bit young to be so cynical?

Greenlee: Cynical and smart. It's the law of the jungle -- survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten. 3E9F02FB.JPG

Michael: Well, that lawsuit could swallow Fusion whole. That would be a shame.

Greenlee: And you would care? Why?

Michael: Kendall loves Fusion, so if it would fold --

Greenlee: We're not going to fold.

Michael: Oh, so you're close to a settlement, then?

Greenlee: We'll survive.

Michael: Well, listen, Greenlee, you guys are a fledgling company barely off the ground. Now, if you guys should find yourself in need of assistance, Cambias Industries could be a very good friend.

Greenlee: You making me an offer?

Michael: I'd consider it.

Greenlee: We get your help. What do you get?

Michael: A small piece of the company. 3E9F0321.JPG

Greenlee: How small?

Michael: Barely a mouthful.

Greenlee: Let me get this straight. First you wanted to get into bed with Enchantment, and now you want a piece of Fusion's action. What's your final agenda?

Michael: I thought my motives were obvious. Look, Greenlee, I'm a legitimate businessman who happens to be in love with Kendall. Kendall loves Fusion, therefore, I just want to do what she wants.

Greenlee: Yeah, right.

Michael: What, you doubt my sincerity?

Greenlee: You cruised into Kendall's life on a phony name. Now you're playing media tag with her mother and offering fusion a limited bailout. It just doesn't add up.

Myrtle: Well, so little in life makes sense, but there isn't anything you wouldn't do in the name of love. Am I right?


3E9F0400.JPGGreenlee: Does this recycled Moulin Rouge routine actually work on Kendall?




Boyd: You know, I thought I knew you, Kendall, who you were deep down, what you really wanted.

Kendall: You wanted me. You did. You wanted me. You've wanted me for months.

Boyd: Yeah, and you used that. You used it to score a win for your boyfriend.

Kendall: No, this has nothing to do with Michael. This isn't for Michael. This is for me. This is for Fusion. Fusion's in trouble, and we needed your formula. 3E9F0420.JPG

Boyd: So what did you think, huh? Just one roll in the sheets, and I was going to give it up just, what, in the afterglow?

Kendall: I was desperate, ok? I was desperate. I admit that.

Boyd: No, no, I want you to admit that you've fallen for a guy so greedy, so twisted that he would let you come degrade yourself so long as you brought him back his prize.

Kendall: No, I love Michael. He knows I would do anything for him.

Boyd: You know what the hell of it is, Kendall? Despite everything you've done, I would have loved you. I want you to go. Just go!

Bianca3E9F0453.JPG: It is raining cats and dogs out there, and Myrtle is sick. Oh, sorry. Um -- I just need an umbrella for Myrtle. 

Boyd: Look, I'll go. I'll take care of myrtle, and I'll help her in.

Lena: I think Myrtle will be ok. I should go.

Bianca: Oh, no. Please stay.

Erica: Jack, what are you saying?

Jack: In simple English, I am done. It's over. I don't want you in my life.

Erica: Oh, come on. You can't be serious. You would just throw it all away?

Jack: No, no, no. I'm not the one giving up on us. That would be you.

Erica: Oh, I see. Well, why didn't you tell me those were my only two choices -- either marry you or nothing? 3E9F0482.JPG

Jack: I can't be your friend, Erica. It's not enough. I love you. I love you. I always will.

Erica: But I love you, too, jack. It's just --

jack: No, just hear me, please. I can't do this anymore, ok? I just can't do it anymore. I want nothing more than to take you in my arms right now and love you, just love you for all you're worth, but you won't let me. You've made your decision. Now you have to let me make mine.

Erica: What is that? What is your decision?

Jack: I'm through. I'm through -- finally. I'm going to take that piece of my heart that you don't want. I'm going to give it to somebody who does. 3E9F04B2.JPG

Erica: Look, Jack, if you're mad at me, why don't you just scream. Why don't you just shout, throw something. Please. Anything. Anything, but don't --

Jack: Walk away? You say you love me?

Erica: I do love you, and you know that I do.

Jack: So show me. Let me go.

Erica: Jack!

Lena: It seems our evening ended before it began. Myrtle's not well, and Boyd's upset with Kendall over something. Maybe we should try this again sometime soon.

Bianca: All right. I'd like that.

Lena: I like you, Bianca. More than you know.

Bianca: I like you, too, Lena. 3E9F05C8.JPG

Boyd: Sleep tight, Myrtle, ok? Let me know if you need anything.

Lena: Sweet dreams.

Bianca: Thank you.

Bianca: So, how is Myrtle?

Boyd: Oh, I sent her up to bed with some aspirin and chamomile tea. She'll be fine.

Bianca: I have a feeling that aspirin and tea are not going to be enough to fix what went on between you and Kendall.

Boyd: Yeah. Only, it's not Kendall. It's Michael Cambias. Can you believe he sent her here to try and steal my formula?

Bianca: Did it work?

Boyd: No. Of course not. Tonight he proved he'll do anything to get it.

Michael: Greenlee, losing your husband, the whole grieving process -- 3E9F05FB.JPG

Greenlee: Being a bitch isn't a process, Michael. It's who I am. It started way back before my husband died.

Michael: Look, Greenlee, you find a vantage point where you can look back on what you and your husband shared and lost, and you find a way to make peace with it all.

Greenlee: Whatever. Kendall isn't like me. She's not as lucky or smart or cynical, but she does have friends who watch her back.

[Phone rings]

Michael: What?

Lena: It's me. I'm afraid Kendall failed to do what you asked.

Michael: Damn it, Lena. Why? What happened now?

Lena: I don't know, but she stormed out of the boarding house in tears, and Boyd seems to be very angry. 3E9F0629.JPG

Michael: Oh, who cares what he feels? I just need that formula. Look, all right, it's time to move on to Bianca now.

Lena: What?

Michael: Boyd's other best friend is Bianca Montgomery.

Lena: So?

Michael: So the rest is up to you.

Lena: Michael --

Michael: Look, look, look, don't get soft on me now, Lena. Bianca's got to find a way to lure the formula from Boyd, and you've got to find a way to tease the formula from Bianca.

Lena: How exactly do you propose I do that?

Michael: You take her. Look, give her what she wants, as long as I get what I want.

Erica: Jack, please! Jack, you can't do this! Jack, please! I need you. You can't just throw me out of your life. 3E9F066E.JPG

Jack: Goodbye, Erica.

Erica: Jack! Jack!


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Maria: I just lied to Aidan.

Michael: Bianca is ripe for the plucking. Who better to do that than the company whore?

Kendall: I'm leaving. Don't try to stop me.

Greenlee: I'll help you pack.

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