AMC Transcript Wednesday 4/16/03


All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/16/03

By Eric
Proofread by Alicia

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Michael: I've been pressuring you to get this formula from Boyd, and I shouldn't have.

Kendall: This means everything to you, doesn't it?

Carlos: Looks like you're being sued.

Mia: What?

Greenlee: Some crackpot is claiming that Fusion lip color irreparably damaged her taste buds.

David: I let you look after Leora all the time.

Anna: Did you hear yourself? You "let" me.

Jack: I've asked you to marry me, Erica. The next move is yours, sweetheart.

Kendall: Are you asking me to sleep with Boyd to get his formula? Michael, answer me now.

Michael: Haven't I shown you how much you mean to me? I mean, do you know that I'd turn my life upside down for you at the expense of my business, my family?

Kendall: That was your choice. I never asked you to do that.

Michael: And I did it all to prove to you that I was worthy of you, of your love. And now you think that I would go off and ask you to sleep with Boyd to please my father, to secure our future? I mean, that you could even ask such a question --

Kendall: Michael, you haven't answered my question. I'm still waiting.

Greenlee: Thank you. 3E9DA8A4.JPG

Carlos: You're welcome.

Greenlee: It's beautiful.

Carlos: So, are you going to be here all night?

Greenlee: Maybe.

Carlos: That's not good. You should go home.

Greenlee: What, and stare at the ceiling? I can't sleep. This lawsuit could ruin Fusion. I just need to find those receipts.

Carlos: Well, you know, it's really hard to think on an empty stomach.

Greenlee: Think, Greenlee, think.

Carlos: Ok, stop. Allow me to cook you dinner.

Greenlee: I just took the figure out where we put the --

Carlos: Ok, you can do this afterwards.

Greenlee: Cook, huh? 3E9DA8CD.JPG

Carlos: Yeah.

Greenlee: You write amazing poetry, you fix everything from the copy machines to the plumbing, and now you want to whip up a five-course gourmet meal?

Carlos: Well, I would hardly call an omelet a five-course gourmet meal, but I'll try.

Greenlee: Well, whenever I make omelets, it turns into scrambled eggs.

Carlos: So have dinner with me.

Greenlee: All right. I just need to check one more place.

Carlos: You do that. What? What is it?

Greenlee: Leo.

Anna: Hi. I'm home.

David: Hey. I think I made Leora's bottle too hot.

Anna: She needs another one so soon? 3E9DA8F8.JPG

David: Well, she's hungry. So how'd your doctor's appointment go?

Anna: It was good. Dr. Clader was --

David: It's definitely too hot. I got to get another one.

Anna: Well, no, wait, it'll cool down.

David: Yeah, but she's hungry now. Shall I make her wait?

[Leora cries]

David: See what I mean?

Anna: Oh, those lungs.

David: No, no, no, no. It's ok. She just wants a pacifier.

Anna: Well, I can give it to her. 3E9DA912.JPG

David: Anna, it's ok. I know what she wants.

Anna: Which is obviously not her mother.

David: Did you say something? 

Anna: No, nothing.

David: Anna?

Val: Ok, now, I moved your 2:00 tomorrow to 3:00, and I moved Bob from research to 4:00.

Erica: Val, I need a moment.

Val: Oh -- and Maxie Berlin called three times, as did Paul Kent, and I put your --

Erica: I've only been gone a day. Now I need to make a phone call -- a personal call -- so everything else can wait.

Val: I'm sorry, Erica. It's just this ship goes off course without its captain. Well, buzz me when you're ready.

Erica: All right.

[dial tone]

[phone rings]

Jack: Hello.

Erica: Jack. Hi. It's me. 3E9DA95D.JPG

Jack: Well, hello, you. How's New York?

Erica: Oh, no, I'm not there. I'm here. I'm back. The conference was a complete waste of my time.

Jack: I see. You didn't feel much like working the room, huh?

Erica: Well, to tell you the truth, the only thing I thought of the entire time was your proposal.

Jack: Is that right? So, what did you decide?

Michael: No, I do not want you to sleep with Boyd. As a matter of fact, the thought of it even revolts me. You kissing another guy, another guy touching you? Ugh, God, no.

Kendall: Well, I don't know. I mean, what you said earlier about Boyd being in love with me, I just thought that's what you meant. 3E9DAA39.JPG

Michael: No, no, no. Sorry, I'm sorry. You misunderstood what I was trying to tell you. I'm sorry.

Kendall: That's ok. I guess it's -- it's my fault. When I heard you talk about your father, I couldn't help but think of me and Erica.

Michael: Really?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, I know it's not the same thing. She didn't raise me. But from the second I found out she was my mother, all I wanted to do was make her proud.

Michael: She's done nothing but reject you.

Kendall: Yeah. Rejection's an understatement. She loathes me. God, look at us. Here we are, two grown adults still seeking approval. 3E9DAA5C.JPG

Michael: Well, exactly. I mean, this is why we should do something on our own to make a difference. But, well, I guess it's not meant to be, not here, anyway.

Kendall: Michael, baby, I want to help you. I do. But sleeping with Boyd to get his formula --

Michael: No, no, no. Enough of that. I don't want you to do that, ok? So forget it.

Kendall: Ok, just I don't want to see you disappointed. I hate seeing you disappointed.

Michael: I am not disappointed. In fact, I'm fairly happy. You've kind of proved something to me tonight that's really important.

Kendall: What? 3E9DAA7B.JPG

Michael: Well, you proved that my father was wrong about you.

Kendall: You told your father about me?

Michael: Well, of course I did. What do you think?

Kendall: I don't know. What did he say?

Michael: You know, Kendall, it doesn't matter now anyway.

Kendall: No, tell me. I want to know.

Michael: You know what? We have just spent way too much time discussing, so why don't we go out and grab a late dinner, ok?

Kendall: No, Michael, no. I want to know what your father said about me. Tell me now.

Jack: Erica, you still there?

Erica: Yes, I'm still here. 3E9DAA9A.JPG

Erica: Yes, I'm still here.

Jack: Good. So, tell me. Am I going to be slipping that ring on your finger or not?

Erica: Jack, could you stop by Enchantment? I'd really like to discuss this with you face to face.

Jack: No.

Erica: "No"?

Jack: Erica, do you accept my proposal or not?

Erica: Jack, not like this. I -- don't want to do this on the phone.

Jack: It's really pretty simple. It's a yes-or-no answer.

Erica: Jack, I'm not on the witness stand.

Jack: I'll tell you what -- when you've made your decision, you give me a call. Otherwise, don't bother, ok? Bye-bye.

[Dial tone] 3E9DAABC.JPG

[knock on door]

Erica: Uh -- yes? Come in.

Boyd: Erica, hey. Do you have a minute?

Erica: For my star chemist, absolutely. Yes, always.

Boyd: Well, actually, it's funny you should say that.

Erica: What? Boyd, do you have something on your mind?

Boyd: Yeah, I do. Erica, what I'm about to tell you -- well, it could change your life.

Jack: Jack, why do you let this woman do this to you?

[knock on door]

Anna: Hi.

Anna: Oh. Shall I come back?

Jack: No, no. Come in, please. Come in. 3E9DAAE8.JPG

Anna: I thought maybe I'd take you up on that dinner.

Jack: Oh, great. Your -- your timing couldn't be better, actually.

Anna: Good.

Jack: I need a bit of a break here. I got kind of a tough case that I've been working on. Listen, what do you -- what do you have in mind to eat? Some Chinese? Maybe some Vietnamese? Some Tex-Mex?

Anna: No, I'd like the truth. What's going on?

Jack: Nothing. Nothing's going on. Thank you.

Anna: Liar.

Jack: What? No, I have a tough case. It's driving me crazy.

Anna: What did Erica do now, hmm? 3E9DAB01.JPG

Jack: Now, why would you assume that Erica has anything to do with this?

Anna: Well, the same way you know when I'm upset about David.

Jack: Very good. Fair enough. I was just sitting here thinking, "how in the world did I ever get the idea that I could actually build a future with this woman?"

Anna: Oh. Sounds familiar.

Jack: You, too?

Anna: Yeah. At least you're asking yourself the pertinent questions now before it's too late.

Greenlee: Leo gave this to me. I took it off the night of the Fusion party.

Carlos: Wh3E9DAB3B.JPGy'd you take it off?

Greenlee: It was a new beginning. Moving on. This company is supposed to -- never mind. 

Carlos: Maybe you should put it back on to remind you of leo, give you strength during this time of difficulty you're going through with your company. I can help you put it back on, if that's what you want.

Greenlee: I canít. I have to go.

David: You forget your keys? Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hey.

David: Hi.

Greenlee: Hey. Can I come in?

David: Yeah, of course. Leora's sleeping. What's wrong?

Greenlee: This.

David: The diamond necklace?

Greenlee: No, not just a diamond necklace. Yesterday and today, tomorrow -- that's what this stood for.

David: Leo gave that to you?

Greenlee: I took it off the night that we launched fusion. I thought new company, new life. I'm such a fake. 3E9DAC40.JPG

David: Why?

Greenlee: You know what? I mourned. I grieved. I went to Paris. I pour a whole case of champagne out the window. I -- I sat there and listened to that quack Lysistrata. I stood on chairs. I had water thrown in my face. I sat there as she waved her fingers in front of my face --

David: All right --

Greenlee: Like some 1970s dance move.

David: Greenlee -- Greenlee, all right, all right. Try to calm down and just tell me what's going on here.

Greenlee: Tonight --

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: I'm at my desk. Everything's fine. Well, not fine. The company's about to go under because of a bogus lawsuit. 3E9DAC5E.JPG

David: Lawsuit?

Greenlee: Forget it. I -- I open my desk and this was staring back at me, and everything came back to me in an instant, all those damn nights I spent crying myself to sleep. And all I wanted was to look up and see Leo standing there.

David: Greenlee, you're not going to be able to just shut your emotions off. Greenlee, Leo is always going to be with you.

Greenlee: And I want him to be. But I -- I thought I was ready, David, to let go just a little.

David: I mean, look at you, you're shaking. Come here.

Greenlee: I'm right back where I started from. 3E9DAC8B.JPG

David: No, you're not. Just sit down, ok?

Greenlee: And to top it all off, I made a complete fool out of myself in front of him. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

David: "Him"? Who's "him"?

Greenlee: It's nothing.

David: Well, have you met someone?

Greenlee: No, no, not someone.

David: Greenlee, come on. You don't usually rant like this about nothing.

Greenlee: I told you -- the necklace.

David: It's not the necklace. This is about some guy.

Greenlee: Why did I come here?

David: This is about some guy who is causing you to consider the possibility of life after Leo.


Jack: So I told Erica that when she made her decision she should get back to me, and if not, don't bother.

Anna: So you're just left waiting?

Jack: Well, that's ok. When it comes to waiting for Erica, I'm a veteran.

Anna: Well, I'm not going to let you sit around pining away.

Jack: Oh, I don't know. I think "pining away" might be too strong a term. I mean, after all, a few weeks ago, she was engaged to Chris Stamp. She needs a little time to think. Here you go.

Anna: Ok, so what happens if she comes back and says, "yes, I'll marry you," hmm?

Jack: We get married, we have a spectacular wedding, and we spend the rest of our lives doing what married people do. Except in the prenup, it's going to state that she must continue to laugh at my jokes. That's all. 3E9DACCE.JPG

Anna: And you're just going to prove to her what she's been missing all these years, right, and then she'll change.

Jack: Erica Kane doesn't change for anybody.

Anna: Oh, but you don't believe that, see, because you think that you can heal her, that you can make her love you the way that she should so that she never hurts you again, right?

Jack: Are3E9DACF0.JPG we still talking about Erica here? Look, before you decided to spend your life with David, you must have had some expectations, some, you know -- what were they? No, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Number one, you don't clean up in my place. Number two, you didn't come here to have dinner. You have dinner at home with David. So why don't you just tell me? 

Anna: Ok. I thought that I could do the same thing -- that I could fix him and change him. But you know better than anyone that I was wrong, that nothing can change David.

Kendall: Will you please just tell me what your father said?

Michael: It doesn't matter.

Michael: It doesn't matter.

Kendall: Tell me.

Michael: Kendall, I don't want to upset you.

Kendall: Would you spit it out, Michael, please?

Michael: Ok, my father is a very resourceful man and he's very suspicious. So when I told him about you, he hired somebody, an investigator, to find out who you were, ok? So cane go now?

Kendall: No, we can't go now. Wait a minute. What, did he dig up dirt about me? 3E9DAD0F.JPG

Michael: Well, it's not only that. He thinks that the only reason you could be after me is, you know, for my money.

Kendall: Well, I hope you told him that wasn't true.

Michael: Well, of course I did. I tried to convince him that, you know, you stand out from all the others. Kendall, no one has cared for me the way you do. Hey, me, Michael. I'm Michael Cambias, heir to Cambias industries.

Kendall: Baby, I know you've been disappointed in the past.

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: Come here. So have I.

Michael: I don't know. I've also tried to explain to my father that I want to stay because I love you and it doesn't matter. 3E9DAD35.JPG

Kendall: What did you say?

Michael: Well, that I love you.

Kendall: Michael, I --

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. No, that was wrong. That was wrong.

Kendall: No, no --

Michael: No, no, no, I definitely should not have said that --

Kendall: No, Michael -- no, no, don't take it back. Don't take it back. I'm glad you said it. It came from your heart.

Michael: Uh --

Kendall: It did. And what you said to your father -- that means everything to me.

Michael: Well, I had to defend your honor, right? Listen, I know you'd do the same with me -- or for me with your mother, so -- 3E9DAD57.JPG

Kendall: Hmm. Mm-hmm. No wonder you've been such a stress case. How long ago did your father lay all of this on you?

Michael: A couple weeks ago. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it earlier.

Kendall: Well, why didn't you?

Michael: Well, it's just I thought maybe -- I don't know -- you know what? It doesn't matter. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Kendall: No, what? Why?

Michael: Well, there were a couple moments there when I thought maybe, you know, he was right, that if I didn't -- you know, that if my bank account was empty you would leave me for another guy or you would be with another guy. 3E9DAD77.JPG

Kendall: Don't even say that. Michael, I'm with you because I can't imagine being with anybody else.

Michael: No one?

Kendall: No.

Michael: Not even Boyd?

Boyd: Now, the cream may need some minor tweaking, but it's almost ready for the mass market.

Erica: "Almost"?

Boyd: Well, yeah. I mean, you want it to be perfect, right? And the test results -- well, the pictures are right there. I mean, they don't lie. Erica, this stuff stops the aging process in its tracks. No surgery, just this cream. I mean, everybody from the 20-somethings to their grandmother will be buying it. We can market it under the idea "keep the face you have." What do you think? 3E9DAD9D.JPG

Erica: Boyd, this is a triumph. This is revolutionary! Oh, everybody's going to buy this! Everybody's going to buy our stock!

Boyd: And what's more, we can produce it at a cost that makes it affordable to almost all women. I'm telling you, Erica, your biggest competitors are going to be so jealous.

Erica: To tell you the truth, I'm thinking about the tiny competitors.

Boyd: What, meaning fusion?

Erica: Absolutely. They're about to become very desperate. Have you seen "The Herald" this morning?

Boyd: You mean that lawsuit? That's outrageous. Come on, lip color affecting taste buds? I've never heard of such a thing. It'll never make it to court. 3E9DADC0.JPG

Erica: Yeah, but, you know, it almost doesn't matter because the bad publicity is really going to hurt Fusion, and then Kendall is going to want a quick fix. So, Boyd, she may come to you. I know she has in the past, and I know she knows that you were developing something really sensational.

Boyd: Ok, I know where you're going with this, but believe me, Erica, Kendall won't try --

Erica: Kendall will. She will try to steal the formula from you.

Boyd: How?

Erica: Well, I'm not sure, but just be on guard.

Boyd: Erica, unless Kendall has supernatural powers, it can't be done. The formula's locked in my head. I never wrote it down.

Erica: And what about the product testing? 3E9DADE0.JPG

Boyd: All the test results were developed and supervised by me and me alone. And no one knows what's in my formula. Not even you.

Erica: Good. Keep it that way, at least until we get the patent, all right, because then if Kendall tries anything, she won't be able to get her hands on it.

Boyd: Believe me, Erica, Kendall would never try to compromise our friendship over some formula.

Erica: Boyd, you are so smart in chemistry and science and in formulas, but you're so naive when it comes to Kendall. Boyd, Kendall will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Boyd: I guess you're right. You're right. After all, Kendallís just a carbon copy of you.


Jack: So, Anna, what brought all this on? I mean, did David do something?

Anna: Thank you. It's the baby.

Jack: What, he's not taking to fatherhood, or what?

Anna: I mean, I can't really criticize him. It's been difficult for me, too. I nearly leapt down your throat when you suggested I go back to work.

Jack: Well, so you're saying that the baby's changed both of you. I mean, babies do that, don't they?

Anna: Hmm. Police work just seems irrelevant to me now. You know, this little creature -- I just -- I just want to keep her safe and love her and take care of her -- if I was allowed to. I really feel like she's given me a purpose in life, you know. 3E9DAF3E.JPG

Jack: Well, Anna, you could have that purpose in life without David in your life. You're a strong woman. You could raise Leora by yourself.

Anna: No.

Jack: Well, I'm just saying if it came to that, there's no court in the land that would give Hayward custody over you.

Anna: No, I know I don't need him, but I don't want to raise her without him.

Jack: Even though his lies and his incessant need to control everybody and everything in his life --

Anna: I'm not going to leave him. It's not an option. This baby -- it's a bond between us forever, I feel.

Greenlee: I haven't forgotten about Leo. 3E9DAF67.JPG

David: You can think of someone else, you know. It is allowed.

Greenlee: I just want you to know --

David: Greenlee --

Greenlee: That it's not --

David: Greenlee, you feel like you've betrayed Leo.

Greenlee: I have. And I don't understand how you could just sit there and listen to me tell you all of this and not have a reaction.

David: I am having a reaction. I think it's great. Look, Leo would understand, honey. You know, I mean, you're young, you're beautiful, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Of course you're bound to feel lonely

Greenlee: This isn't about sex. 3E9DAF87.JPG

David: Who said anything about sex? You're the one that keeps bringing it there. Look, if this guy makes you feel a little less hurt, maybe he's the one who --

Greenlee: No, Carlos isn't the one.

David: Oh. Ok. So he has a name. Where'd you meet him?

Greenlee: I never thought I'd be having this conversation with you.

David: Well, you are, so where?

Greenlee: I told you -- on the internet, sort of.

David: Oh. Oh, ok. So this is that guy that was sending you emails? Well, did you meet him on some kind of, like, online dating service or something? 3E9DAFB1.JPG

Greenlee: No, no, no. It wasn't like that. I wasn't looking for anything. He just kind of found me, and we already knew each other from fusion.

David: Fusion? I thought that was a ladies'-only operation.

Greenlee: Well, it is. He's --

David: What, a photographer? Designer? Financial advisor? Greenlee, come on. Leora's going to get up in 15 minutes.

Greenlee: Oh, Leora -- how is she? Can I see her?

David: Yeah, she's doing great, and, yes, you can see her, but, first, you have to tell me.3E9DAFDE.JPG

Greenlee: He's a handyman, all right? Building maintenance. Don't. David, don't. Don't say anything, ok? He's sweet. Carlos is very sweet, and he's a gentleman. So save the lecture about how he's not in my stratosphere and -- what? 

David: Nothing. Greenlee, I don't have a problem with what Carlos does for a living. But obviously, you do.

Kendall: How can you even say that? Boyd means nothing to me. You -- you're everything.

Michael: And you're going to think I'm totally crazy, but when you said that you thought I wanted you to seduce Boyd for the formula?

Kendall: Yeah? What?

Michael: Well, I thought maybe you wanted to sleep with Boyd.

Kendall: No. I only thought that because that's what you said.

Michael: And I have to tell you you are amazing. I mean, that you would even sleep with somebody else for me, for our future -- 3E9DB004.JPG

Kendall: Whoa, whoa -- Michael, whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought I told you sleeping with Boyd was never an option I would ever consider.

Michael: I know that, I know that, but, you know, that your mind even went there, it --

Kendall: Well, you really think we have a future together?

Michael: Well, yeah. But, you know, we can't live on love alone, Kendall. My dad's going to want me back home soon and --

Kendall: But you have a life here now.

Michael: Sweet Kendall, you don't understand my father. Look, if you got the formula from Boyd and I invested in fusion as a secret partner, when this lawsuit causes it to fail, I could step in and save your company. 3E9DB027.JPG

Kendall: No, don't -- don't even say that. Fusion is not dead yet.

Michael: Kendall, it's pretty much on life-support, and you know that. And when my father finds out that enchantment has this revolutionary new formula that I missed my chance on, he's just going to hand the reins over to -- to Cambias industries to one of his underlings.

Kendall: But you're his son.

Michael: I know, I know it's crazy, but that's my dad. It's just business for him. And I'm going to have to go work for the company, and I will have absolutely no say in what I do or where I go.

Kendall: How can you do that? I mean, you just told me you loved me. You can't just leave. 3E9DB04E.JPG

Michael: Oh, sweetheart, I know. I don't want to. And I tell you what -- I'm going to try to figure out a way to convince my father to give me another chance.

Kendall: You've come so far, Michael. You can't give up now.

Michael: I wonít. I wonít. But unless you can find a way to work your magic on Boyd, I don't see what else I can do.

Erica: Boyd, believe me, I try never to interfere in the personal lives of my employees. But when I see someone like you -- you're so intelligent and hard working and ethical -- about to be trampled --

Boyd: Be tramp-- ok, look, Erica, I know Kendall is with Cambias. I just think that -- 3E9DB078.JPG

Erica: One day what? That she will just drop everything and come running into your arms like in the movies?

Boyd: No, of course not.

Erica: Because if she comes to you, Boyd, it won't be what you imagined.

Boyd: Erica, with all due respect, how would you know?

Erica: Well, I certainly know that it's easy to sit around and dream about love. But when it actually appears, then you just have to work on it, you know, day by day.

Boyd: So you make it work.

Erica: Well, maybe you canít. Are you willing to risk the friendship you have with Kendall even though it may just blow up in your face?

Boyd: Yes. Yes, I am. Look, Erica, even if Kendall and I got together and it was a complete disaster, well, then at least we tried. I mean, what if, by some crazy chance, it did work out? And happiness only comes around so often. That's a no-brainer. I'd do it in a heartbeat. 3E9DB0B0.JPG

Erica: You'd risk everything?

Boyd: Yeah. I mean, it's the bravest thing two people in love can do. But if you don't go for it, if you don't at least try, you're always going to wonder --

Erica: What might have been.

Boyd: Exactly. Look, I think I should probably get back to work.

Erica: Yeah, I think so.

Boyd: Erica, again, thanks for all your support.

Kendall: My life would be pretty empty if you left.

Michael: No, I'm going to find a way to persuade Boyd to leave enchantment and come over to fusion, get that formula from him.

Kendall: Hello. In case you have forgotten, Boyd hates you.

Michael: Well, I'll persuade him. I'll find a way. 3E9DB1A9.JPG

Kendall: No, he would never listen to you. He's completely on Erica's side. He's devoted to Erica.

Michael: What are you being so negative for? I will figure out a way. We will do it together, ok?

Kendall: I'm sorry. I just -- I -- I just can't imagine you being away from me. I can't imagine us being apart.

Michael: Oh, sweetheart, I feel the same way. Just remember one thing, ok? No matter what happens, you're always going to have a big spot in my heart. I mean, listen, some of the greatest lovers in history have had to settle with being together in spirit only.

Kendall: I have to go.

Michael: Wait a second. Whoa, what? I thought you were going to spend the night. 3E9DB1D3.JPG

Kendall: Oh, I can't.

Michael: Why?

Kendall: You know what? I'll tell you tomorrow. Just promise me that you'll settle things up with your father soon.

Michael: Ok.

Kendall: Ok. Just -- I want you to know that our future is the most important thing to me right now. And no matter what happens, I did this for us. Just remember that. Ok. Bye.

Michael: I will.

Greenlee: Why would I have a problem with Carlos being a handyman? Because I came from money?

David: No, no. Because in your mind, you're constantly comparing Carlos to Leo. 3E9DB200.JPG

Greenlee: No, I'm not.

David: And if you keep doing that, Greenlee, Carlos is always going to fall short. Look, my brother -- he was a tough act to follow. We both know that.

Greenlee: You know, before Leo, I always thought that I'd get married and have a family. I never thought I'd fall totally and completely in love, not after the train wreck of a marriage my parents had, and I was ok with that. And then Leo --

David: Changed your life.

Greenlee: And me.

David: Well, who knows? Maybe you and Carlos can do that for one another, hmm?

Greenlee: I don't know about that. He is talented, though. 3E9DB22C.JPG

David: Really?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. He's a writer. A poet, actually.

David: Oh. So he's been writing you poetry?

Greenlee: Yes.

David: Well, I think he's had amazing inspiration.

Greenlee: So, has Anna inspired you to be a better man?

David: Absolutely. You know, the love I feel for her and for our daughter is so much more powerful than anything I could have imagined. But it could also be a little dangerous.

Greenlee: What do you mean?

David: It's not important, all right? You didn't come up here --

Greenlee: Explain yourself, David.

David: I'm suffocating them, Greenlee. 3E9DB25C.JPG

Greenlee: You're a first-time father.

David: No, no, it's more than that. You know, ever since we brought Leora home, I've been treating Anna like she's some kind of a stranger. You should see me in action. I mean, even tonight, I didn't intend to do it, but I hurt her so badly that she stormed out of here.

Greenlee: What happened?

David: Leora was crying, and Anna naturally wanted to go see her, but I wouldn't let her. You know, I was controlling, I was pushy, and I made her feel like she was completely incompetent. Next thing I know, she's -- she's gone.

Greenlee: Well, she'll be back.3E9DB28E.JPG

David: Oh, I know. I know she'll be back -- I mean, this time. But if I keep doing this, if I keep acting like this, eventually she's going to get tired and she's going to leave and she'll take Leora with her. 

Greenlee: Well, then you better make sure that doesn't happen, because that little girl needs her daddy and Anna needs you. Make this right, David, before you lose her forever.

Anna: I can't "do" my life without him. I just can't do it, you know? I love him, no matter what he does.

Jack: No matter how many times he lets you down or how many times he hurts you?

Anna: Well, he is being irrational about the baby, and I understand that.

Jack: You understand the fact that he implies that your mothering skills aren't what they should be?

Anna: Well, that's because he's even more afraid than I am of being a bad parent.

Jack: The great dr. Hayward, afraid, huh? 3E9DB2B5.JPG

Anna: Yeah. And it took a tiny little baby to do it. I wish I could just show him that he really is a wonderful father.

Jack: Well, Anna, I think that's something that he's going to have to see through his own eyes.

Anna: That's true.

Jack: Yeah.

Anna: I want to help him, though. Really, it's just the way he looks at this little girl. It's without any reservations. It just makes me love him even more.

Jack: Well, I'll tell you what my personal and professional opinion is, and that is that you've already made your choice.

Anna: I don't know why I came here, really. 3E9DB2DD.JPG

Jack: Because you miss me so much, that's why, and because of the good food. Come here. You're welcome anytime. You understand me?

Anna: Yes.

Jack: Ok.

Anna: Thank you.

Jack: Let me show you out.

Anna: Ok. Thanks for the Chinese.

Jack: Oh, listen, you'll be hungry in an hour.

Anna: I'm already hungry.

Jack: All right. Safe home.

Anna: Yeah.

Jack: All right, Erica. What's your choice going to be?

Boyd's voice: And what if, by some crazy chance, it did work out? And happiness only comes around so often. That's a no-brainer. I'd do it in a heartbeat.

David: Anna, when you get this message, please call me. All right? 3E9DB3EE.JPG


David: Hi.

David: I'm sorry.

Anna: This can't continue.

David: You're right. You're right. It's my fault, all of it. I know. I'm acting like a guard dog standing over Leora every day.

Anna: We can't have a conversation without you hovering over her crib.

David: I know. I'm sorry that I made you feel like less than a mother. You're not.

Anna: But you do everything. You do all the diaper changes and all the feedings, and I need to prove to myself that I can look after Leora, that I can be a good mother. 3E9DB41A.JPG

David: Oh, of course you are. Anna, you know what Leora needs more than I do. I mean, look at you. Before she was even born, you were the one who had the strength, through the in utero surgery, through the c-section --

Anna: I do understand what you're going through.

David: No, no. It's not right, ok? Me barking orders at people in restaurants and not letting anyone touch our daughter? It's not acceptable. It's just when I operate on someone's heart, I feel a lot of things, Anna. Exhilaration. You know, hope, determination. But never fear. Never that.

Anna: A child will do that to you. 3E9DB44F.JPG

David: I love her so much. And I love you, too.

Anna: We can help each other through this if you'll let me help you.

David: I don't know what I'd do without you, Anna, or without our little girl. I do love you.

Anna: I love you, too.

Michael: Father, it's being handled. Tonight I intend to prove to you that I am the son you raised me to be.

Michael's voice: But unless you can find a way to work your magic on Boyd, I don't see what else I can do.

Boyd: Kendall? What's going on?

Kendall: I came here to see you. May I come in?

Boyd: Yeah, sure.

Kendall: Thanks. 3E9DB4C9.JPG

Boyd: Kendall, what are you doing here? I mean, shouldn't you be out at some overpriced restaurant having dinner with Mr. Moneybags right now?

Kendall: If I wanted to be with Michael, I'd be with him.

Boyd: Ok, so, what happened? You guys have a fight or something?

Kendall: No, no, it's nothing like that. I came here to be with you.

[Knock on door]

Erica: I've come to a decision, Jack.

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Kendall: Do you want to make love to me?3E9DB5D5.JPG

Boyd: That's what you want, isn't it? Show me how much I mean to you. 

Jack: So tell me. Did you come here to complete my life or to break my heart?

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