AMC Transcript Tuesday 4/15/03


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 4/15/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

Maria: Hayward could be the key to getting control of my life.

Boyd: Lena kissed me. I think she's playing one of us.

Michael: I cannot wait until you're back in my arms again.

Jack: You and Erica are over. You don't have say any her life.

Chris: I'll tell you --

Jack: Yeah, is that right?

Aidan: Hey, break it up!

Chris: I gave you a chance! You should've taken it.

Lena: This is a little premature, isn't it?

Michael: Oh, why premature? Haven't you made any progress with Mr. Boyd Larraby?

Lena: Like I said, when it comes to Boyd, Iíve hit the wall. He's wary of me.

Michael: Well, if you've given yourself away --

Lena: Of course not. My position at Enchantment is secure, but Boydís just shut down.

Michael: So you're concentrating on Bianca Montgomery, right?

Lena: For now. Anyway, what happened to plan A, getting to the formula through Kendall?

Michael: Well, Kendallís performance and Boydís reaction continue to be disappointing.

Lena: So she hasn't seduced him?

Michael: Not yet.

Lena: Well, what about the lawsuit you engineered against Fusion? Hasn't that set enough of a fire under her?

Michael: Well, you'd think it would, but --

Lena: Well, what about the old woman? Is she playing her part?

Michael: Gertie Stark continues to put the screws to Fusion, but Kendall is slow to move.

Lena: This formula could save her company.

Michael: Well, unfortunately, Kendallís a little more hampered by integrity than I'd like.

Lena: This would all be so much easier if only Boyd had written down the formula.

Michael: Well, don't worry. Kendall will do whatever or whomever I want.

Kendall: We're going to court. Well, at least we know where we stand.

Simone: I knew it.

Mia: There has just got to be some way to end this lawsuit.

Kendall: Before it ends Fusion? No, don't bet on it.

Greenlee: Who wants to order some food?

Liza: You have an appetite?

Greenlee: I refuse to let this one setback ruin my life.

Mia: It's ruining our business.

Kendall: Yeah, we may have to close our doors down.

Greenlee: All companies face nuisance lawsuits. So some old lady can't taste the salt on her taco chips. No one's going to buy that it's our fault.

Liza: You know, I hate to bring this up, but we didn't do product testing.

Mia: Oh, you mean, like, for allergic reactions and things like that?

Simone: Yeah, but you know what, all of our ingredients are natural.

Kendall: No, that doesn't matter. Some people can still have allergies to natural products.

Mia: So how's that our fault?

Greenlee: I'm just begging you not to roll over and play dead. We can beat this lawsuit.

Kenny: Right on. That's the spirit. Never say die. You are Fusion, hear you roar.

Simone: Oh, please, Kenny, will you quit with the phony cheerleading?

Kenny: Phony?

Simone: Look, don't blow smoke up our skirts, ok? Just give it to us straight -- where do we stand on the legal front?

Kenny: On very shaky ground.

Myrtle: Oh, my, my, my. You do look fine.

Bianca: Oh, thank you.

Myrtle: Who's the lucky girl, Lena?

Bianca: Yes, Lena. What do you think, with or without?

Myrtle: Well, you don't really need jewelry to sparkle, but with.

Bianca: Oh, excellent. Would you mind checking the clasp?

Myrtle: My pleasure.

Bianca: Thank you.

Boyd: Oh, wow. Look at you.

Myrtle: Doesn't she look sharp?

Boyd: Gorgeous. But, I mean, if this is all for Lena, you know you're wasting your time, right?

Jack: Oh. I didn't know you were here already, buddy.

Aidan: I just got here. I just wanted to make sure that we were alone.

Jack: Yeah, well, even if we weren't alone, we're just concerned citizens doing good works, you know?

Aidan: Right, no bugs, no tape recorders.

Jack: Oh, you've been busy, huh? I had to listen to that tape with Stamp and Flanders.

Aidan: Yeah? What did you get?

Jack: Fits the picture I have of Stamp, that's for sure.

Aidan: As a rogue agent?

Jack: As somebody we need to watch, and I mean carefully.

Aidan: Well, he has a hit man on his payroll. The F.B.I. should be alerted.

Jack: I contacted an agent that I know.

Aidan: And what did he say?

Jack: He confirmed that Stamp's playing the bureau for suckers.

David: It's all right.

[knock on door]

David: You're so strong. Well, who could that be? Ooh, maybe it's your cousin Maggie. Would you like that? Let's go find out. Or maybe -- Maureen. Anna's at a doctor's appointment right now.

Maria: That's not who I came to see.

David: Um --

[Leora fusses]

David: Oh, no, no, no. I'm actually -- I have to put her down right now.

Maria: Ok, I came to see you, and I --

David: It's ok.

Maria: Oh, God, this the last place I thought I was ever going to have to be, especially like this.

David: Like what?

Maria: Desperate and needing help.

David: All right. Why don't you come on in? Go ahead. Shh, shh, shh. Ok, so what can I do for you?

Maria: Well, I -- that's what I came here to find out.

Kenny: All good things must come to an end. My bosses pulled the plug.

Mia: Ugh.

Simone: Doesn't Dunleavy, Porcaro, and Gould have any social conscience?

Mia: Oh, come on, it's not like we're a charity.

Simone: Yeah, but we are beautifying the landscape of America.

Kendall: Wait, is this a temporary thing or what?

Kenny: Sorry, my firm made it absolutely clear, no more pro bono work for Fusion.

Greenlee: Well, they don't have to know. You could do it on your own time.

Kendall: Yeah, do it under the table.

Kenny: I don't have any of my own time. I couldn't adequately represent you, certainly not in this lawsuit.

Simone: You're just tired of bailing me out of trouble.

Kenny: No, I put in, like, 110 hours a week at the firm. If those billable hours suddenly fall off because Iím working free for you guys, believe me, they'll notice.

Mia: This is so unfair.

Simone: Kenny, thank you. You've been great.

Greenlee: Well, Fusion can't afford to pay you, so I guess this is adios.

Liza: Forget it. You're staying put. What's your agency's standard retainer fee?

Lena: Well, the fact that Kendallís madly in love with you does strengthen your position, but she's not stupid.

Michael: Would I court an idiot?

Lena: Yes, but when you suggest that she seduce Boyd --

Michael: What a crass and disgusting idea.

Lena: Well, forgive me; I'm not the subtle manipulator that you are.

Michael: I mean, I would never suggest that the woman I love go to bed with another man.

Lena: Then how, exactly, are you --

Michael: I will create a situation, a threat to our relationship that will make her work hard at getting Boydís secret formula.

Lena: So Kendall will think this is her idea?

Michael: She definitely will.

Lena: Michael, you are the best at being bad.

Michael: Well, thank you.

Lena: You're welcome. I only hope you're not overestimating Kendallís affection for you.

Michael: Hmm, well, Ericaís rejection of her has made Kendall wonderfully vulnerable.

Lena: Hmm, instead of hardening her?

Michael: Well, Kendall, my darling Kendall, is ruled by her heart. Pulling her strings couldn't be any easier.

Lena: Hmm, good for us.

Michael: Good for me. Care to listen in?

Lena: No. I have my own project, remember?

Michael: Right, right. Well, do stop by later, will you? I do miss our pillow talk.

Lena: Won't you have your hands full with Kendall?

Michael: Probably, but waiting makes it better.

Lena: I'll leave you to work your magic.

[phone rings]

Kendall: Hello, Fusion.

Michael: Oh, thank God I found you.

Kendall: Michael. What is it?

Michael: Nothing good, I'm afraid.

Kendall: What's wrong? Is it serious?

Michael: For us, as serious as it gets.

Bianca: Boyd, you are not going to ruin this.

Boyd: Come on, Bianca, something is not right about this whole thing, including Lena.

Bianca: Oh, yeah? Why, because you're not the one going on the date with her?

Myrtle: Is that what the bet was about?

Bianca: Yes, and now Boyd doesn't want to pay up.

Boyd: That has nothing to do with it.

Bianca: All right, then, it's jealousy, plain and simple.

Myrtle: Darling, your male ego has been hit?

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Boyd: No. Look, Lena is not what she seems.

Bianca: Oh, Boyd, please, just lay off the anti-Lena kick until after I leave, please?

Boyd: Binks, Iím only telling you this because I care about you.

Bianca: Well, then be happy for me. I'm going out on a date tonight with Lena. We are going to have a delightful time.

Boyd: Yeah, that's what worries me. Then what?

Bianca: Excuse me?

Boyd: Come on, you know what I mean. You're charming, she's charming. She's funny, she's beautiful, you're beautiful.

Bianca: Oh, well, thank you. How do you like the outfit?

Boyd: Don't change the subject. I'm serious.

Bianca: I know, you're way too serious, Boyd. Lena and I are just getting to know each other. No harm in that, right?

Boyd: There is if you're counting on it leading to something more.

Bianca: Oh, Boyd, please stop it.

Boyd: Look, I just don't want you investing in some romance that's not going to lead to anything.

Bianca: Well, we don't know it's not.

Boyd: I don't know, I can't shake this feeling.

Bianca: Try.

Boyd: Look, all I'm saying is I want what's best for you, ok, a woman that wants what you want, that deserves you.

Bianca: Boyd, can I tell you the last time a woman has pursued me like this? Never. So please just let me enjoy it, if only for one night.

Boyd: Even if it means you might wind up getting hurt?

Bianca: Yeah, yeah, even then. Lena asked me out tonight. I feel more alive than I have in centuries. We're going to go out, we're going to have a marvelous time, and you're still going to owe me dinner. Live with it.

[knock on door]

Lena: Bianca. You look breathtaking.

Jack: Evidently, Stamp is still spinning the yarn that he's working Flanders for information -- you know, catch bigger fishes, make better cases, all that.

Aidan: And they buy that?

Jack: Well, I guess evidently he's given enough legitimate information that, yeah, the bureau's satisfied.

Aidan: Well, how long can he keep that up?

Jack: My guess is he'll keep it up until Flanders carries out his instructions. What do you think?

Aidan: Yeah, but to do what, though?

Jack: To do what?

Aidan: To dig up more dirt on you? You know, Chris didn't give the orders to have you whacked.

Jack: No, not in so many words, but let's face it, lad, it doesn't take a great deal of imagination to get there.

Aidan: I just wish he'd elaborated a little bit more. If he was more specific, then we could take him down.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, sure, that would've been great. But it looks like Chris is going to exact his revenge for losing Erica any way he can.

Aidan: I never would've believed it, Jack.

Jack: So it turns out he's not the nice guy you used to work for, huh?

Aidan: Yep, you're right. So have you reported this to the bureau?

Jack: Yeah, I dropped some rather unsubtle hints and, for my trouble, I was told that they really don't care about the opinion of a small-town D.A. and that I should just concentrate on the cases that come through my court.

Aidan: That could be a problem, couldn't it? I mean, how are you going to prosecute Flanders and Chris if you're the victim?

Jack: You mean the corpse? It'd be tough to make an opening argument to the jury, that's for sure.

David: All right, I think I have her down. What's going on? What can I do for you?

Maria: You can start with looking at these.

David: Blood work. C.T. sat scan results? M.R.I.?

Maria: Yeah, I just got all these from Joe Martin this afternoon.

David: I'm not your physician, Maureen.

Maria: But you were, ok, and -- look, just review those and tell me what I need to know.

David: Maureen, Iím not a neurologist. You really need to make an appointment with Dr. Gallagher --

Maria: No, no, no, no, you're the one who knows my case. No one knows it like you do.

David: Well, what are you looking for?

Maria: I need to know if Iím any closer to regaining my memory. Ok, so just review those and tell me what I need to know.

David: We already went through all of this months ago. Those tests did not indicate anything having to do with the status of your memory.

Maria: How can you be certain? How do you know that something hasn't changed and it might only be something that you would notice?

David: Why is this driving you now? What's going on?

Maria: My life -- my life is going on. It's going on without me in it. Day after day, I feel like -- I feel like I'm on the outside, I'm not actually participating in it.

David: That happens to all of us from time to time.

Maria: Not like this. This is -- you've got no idea. Ok, I am one person, and then I wake up one day and Iím somebody completely different, with bits and pieces of that coming back to me.

David: I'm sure that's very disturbing, Maureen, but what can I do?

Maria: This is making me crazy because I need to know who Iím going to end up being, and you are the one who started it.

David: Look, I was trying to save your life, ok? The options were limited.

Maria: I don't care, I don't care what your motives were, ok? I'm the one who has to live with the day-to-day insanity of it. And I'm not the only one anymore. This is affecting other people. There are other people involved.

David: So you want them to know what to expect?

Maria: Yes, I want answers. I want to know, is everything going to come back to me eventually? Am I going to end up being Maria Grey?

David: Is that your biggest fear?

Maria: I started a life with Aidan, and if Maria takes over and she comes back, and the past and everything, too, where does that leave Aidan?

David: Exactly where Edmund is right now.

Jack: Look, if this worst-case scenario does come to pass, that tape may be the only way we have to convict Chris. You keep a tight hold on that, you understand me?

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Yeah, I understand. I gave this guy way too much credit.

Jack: This is just a side of him you've never seen before. I mean, you were just being loyal to a guy that gave you a job. I understand that.

Aidan: Well, I'd seen his temper before, but it didn't seem anything out of the ordinary.

Jack: Yeah, nothing like he unleashed when he lost his woman, huh?

Aidan: Yeah, well, that's turned many a bloke homicidal, hasn't it?

Jack: That's why you were ducking bullets in the Bahamas, isn't it?

Aidan: It's lucky Maureen and I made it out of there alive.

Jack: Yeah, that's what I understand. Look, Aidan, this could get ugly, so if you want to back out, I would understand that, too.

Aidan: Nope. I'm onboard.

Jack: I thought maybe you'd like to talk to Maureen about that.

Aidan: Oh, I've already done it.

Jack: I see. Well, I didn't want to assume, you know.

Aidan: No, no, it's just only fair, you know. We're living together.

Jack: I didn't know. How's that going?

Aidan: It's going pretty good. You know, she's going back to medical school.

Jack: No, I didn't know that, either. I've been kind out of touch with her, you know?

Aidan: Yeah, well, right now, she's auditing classes and she's about to apply.

Jack: You don't seem too thrilled about that.

Aidan: Yeah, it's just the medicine and all that's part of her old life.

Jack: As Dr. Maria Grey.

Aidan: Right.

Jack: Yeah.

Aidan: If she wants it all back, I'm behind her.

Jack: But?

Aidan: But what if it brings back other parts?

Jack: Other parts like Edmund, you mean?

Aidan: She's tight with her kids. She's close with her husband. What if the whole life comes barreling back, Jack?

Jack: And you want to know where that leaves you then, huh?

Aidan: Whatever happens, if it happens, she's got my support.

Jack: That's a bigger load than Stamp's trying to dump on the F.B.I.

Bianca: I've never seen this dress before.

Lena: Well, I bought it especially for tonight. You approve?

Bianca: Oh, absolutely. It's -- you're stunning.

Lena: Well, Mrs. Fargate, we don't look like two women who work hard all day, do we?

Myrtle: You look like a pair of knockouts!

Bianca: Oh, work. I completely forgot to call Etienne Plaisant today in Hong Kong. I'm supposed to call this afternoon.

Lena: Well, it's not too late.

Bianca: No, that's right. Let's -- let's use the phone in my room.

Lena: Ok.

Boyd: There's a phone right here.

Bianca: Boyd, this is business.

Myrtle: Uh, Lena, why don't you stay here and visit with me?

Lena: Bianca might need me.

Bianca: Yeah, actually, I do. Come on up. You look so stunning.

Myrtle: Boyd, give it to me straight -- no pun intended -- do you think Bianca is heading for trouble with Lena?

Boyd: Let's just say Lenaís been a busy girl, playing both sides of the street, if you know what I mean.

Myrtle: Is that what your bet was about?

Boyd: Look, Lena planted a major kiss on me.

Myrtle: What?

Boyd: And she's made some very direct passes more than once.

Myrtle: She kissed you, she's taking Bianca out?

Boyd: Exactly.

Myrtle: I don't know what game that girl is playing, but I don't like it.

[knock on door]

Kendall: Michael, open the door.

Michael: Be right there!

Kendall: Baby, what is it? Why couldn't you tell me on the phone?

Michael: Come here.

Kendall: What? Michael, what, what? What is it? Please tell me.

Michael: I don't know how.

Kendall: Michael, will you please just tell me already? Come on, I can't take this.

Michael: I don't know, Kendall. It's just I've never felt so helpless before.

Kendall: Well, why? Did I do something?

Michael: No, no, of course not. Well, I guess there's no other way to say this except to just say it. Look, Kendall, if we don't get Boyd to come to Fusion with his formula, you and I, we don't have a future together, none at all.

Maria: There are people that need things from me. Do you not understand that? I've got family and friends and children that I don't know and then some I don't even recognize.

David: But do you want to be the person they remember?

Maria: There are bits and pieces of that person coming back to me in dreams. I feel her feelings, ok, and if that's the way it's going to turn out, I just want to know because I want to be ready for it. I want to be able to prepare myself.

David: And Aidan.

Maria: The way everything is right now, my future's totally up in the air, everything's up for grabs, and it's not fair to anyone. It's hurting everybody.

David: Especially not for you.

[Maria sighs]

David: You know, it doesn't surprise me that Mariaís memories are coming back to you in dreams. When a person's blinded, they oftentimes have dreams that they're able to see, and quadriplegics dream that they're walking or even running.

Maria: So what does that mean? Does that mean that I might be closer to a breakthrough?

David: My educated guess? No, I don't believe it does.

Maria: You don't believe it does? You know, I came here desperate for answers and I came to the last person on the planet that I really wanted to have to come to for help, David.

David: Maureen, if I could help you, I would.

Maria: Oh, yeah, sure, if there was something in it for you, right? Of course. You know what -- if you can't help me get my memory back --

David: I probably never should've thought that I could, all right?

Maria: Could you at least make sure that it doesn't come back? I mean, really, if I gave you enough money, if I hid your secrets from your wife, could you make sure that I stay Maureen Gorman?

David: Are you asking me to give you another dose of the drug that took away your memory?

Myrtle: Boyd, what do you think Lena is really up to?

Boyd: It could be some kind of power thing over men and women. I don't know.

Myrtle: Well, she's not going to get her claws into Bianca.

Boyd: Listen, Myrtle, I don't think it's a good idea to gang up on her right now. I mean, she's obviously mad at me.

Myrtle: Well, listen; I'd rather have that child mad at me than hurt.

Boyd: Yeah, but that's the whole point. I mean, let's face it, Bianca's not a child. I mean, if we don't trust her to make adult choices --

Myrtle: She'll go after Lena with a vengeance.

Boyd: Exactly.

Bianca: Good news -- I represent Hong Kong.

Lena: Your mother should be very pleased.

Bianca: I think she will. Oh, look. Our sendoff committee is still here.

Boyd: It's a slow night.

Lena: Not for us.

Bianca: Yeah.

Myrtle: Where are you girls off to?

Bianca: We're going to S.O.S. it's open-mike night, but they have dancing and carousing before the amateurs take over.

Lena: Sounds great.

Myrtle: I'll say, I'll say. Listen, count me in, girls. I feel like kicking up my heels tonight!

Liza: So what would you consider a sizable amount?

Kenny: Well, in cases like this --

Simone: That is what I call really bailing us out.

Greenlee: We owe Liza big time.

Mia: She's dipping into her personal account to hire Kenny.

Greenlee: Well, she believes in Fusion.

Simone: Well, she must if she's willing to risk a huge chunk of change.

Mia: Ever since she separated from Adam and Chandler Enterprises, Fusion has been her main focus.

Greenlee: Well, I'd cover the retainer myself, but my pockets aren't nearly as deep as hers.

Mia: Well, this just sort of ups the pressure for us to succeed.

Greenlee: All of us, including Kendall?

Mia: Well, yeah, Kendallís a huge part of Fusion.

Greenlee: Until Michaelís yang has a yen for her yin. Then she gives us the kiss-off and she's all over him.

Simone: Oh, come on, they just got together. She's in love, or at least she thinks she is.

Mia: Yeah.

Simone: Let's cut her some slack, ok?

Greenlee: Until this lawsuit is settled, we have to maintain our personal integrity and the integrity of Fusion.

Kenny: I'm still yours. Simone, you can get arrested anytime.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: No, she canít. Liza, Liza, we are forever in your debt. We will never forget this.

Liza: Fusion has been the only business that I have been involved in at the startup level. I find it and all of you inspiring.

Mia: Us?

Liza: Look, there's not enough women who take the time to realize their dream, and I'm proud to be a part of this company. I hope it sets an example for my daughter. You know, one day she may choose to be on the board.

Greenlee: I like that. We're part of Colbyís legacy.

Liza: And your daughters', too, when you have some.

Greenlee: Don't mess up this lawsuit, Kenny. Fusion's a legacy for our daughters.

Simone: And their daughters.

Kenny: Well, I wouldn't worry about it. Liza and I have mapped out a strategy. Can we contact Kendall to get her input?

Greenlee: Like we could get her on the phone when she's having a little one-on-one with the mighty Michael?

Kendall: Michael, what does Boydís anti-aging formula have to do with us?

Michael: I'm not exaggerating about this, Kendall. I wish I were.

Kendall: Michael, will you please just explain it to me before my heart stops, please?

Michael: I have never felt this way about anybody in my life. You have made me re-evaluate all my priorities. I mean, business and power, they just seem unimportant in comparison with what we have now.

Kendall: Well, it is unimportant -- isn't it?

Michael: Yeah, it's just -- oh, gosh, this is about the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Kendall, I want to stay here with you in Pine Valley.

Kendall: Baby, that's wonderful.

Michael: I mean, I want us to build a life here together.

Kendall: That's great. I'd love that. So how does Boyd and his formula fit in?

Michael: Well, I'm getting to that. You see, Kendall, I have the funds to take care of this crazy old woman's lawsuit.

Kendall: Ok, so -- you're about to say "but."

Michael: Yeah. You don't know my father.

Kendall: No. Alexander? No, not yet.

Michael: Well, he makes your mother look like an amateur.

Kendall: In what way?

Michael: Power, influence. Certainly in the way he controls his family, and he's also a pretty harsh judge.

Kendall: Oh, you're -- you're afraid he won't approve of me?

Michael: No, no, it's just -- Kendall, if I don't make my mark, my dad is going to cut me off. I'll have nothing to offer you.

Kendall: Michael, that's ridiculous. You know I don't care about your money.

Michael: The way he's arranged it, Kendall, I have nothing of my own. Do you understand that?

Kendall: We don't need what your father has.

Michael: But that's not the point. It's mine. You know, I have worked hard for many years for this, and I'm just not going to let him cheat me out of this.

Kendall: Ok, well, what can we do?

Michael: Well, we can give him what he respects most -- results. I have to prove my worth independently.

Kendall: Ok, how?

Michael: By getting Boydís formula.

Kendall: Boyd's formula, what, for yourself?

Michael: No, no, no. That's just it. See, we can market it through Fusion and we can both come out winners, Kendall.

Kendall: No, Michael, I told you, there's no way in hell that Boyd will ever give that up. I told you that.

Michael: Ok. Well, I guess that's it, then. I fold. You know, we just don't take this any further.

Kendall: Michael? Michael, it's not like Iím betraying you. I don't --

Michael: No, I know, I know. It's just, you know, I don't ask for help, you know very often, so --

Kendall: Michael, listen to me, listen to me -- you have to know there is nothing -- there is nothing that I wouldn't do for you.

Michael: I -- I used to believe that.

Kendall: No, it's true, it's true, I swear.

Michael: Well, what if I ask you to prove it to me with Boyd?

Kendall: My God, Michael. What exactly are you asking me to do?

Aidan: For Maureen to go forward, she has to grab a handle on her past, so, yeah, I do want her to get her memory back.

Jack: But you're hoping if she does that that she won't leave you then?

Aidan: Well, I'm trusting that what she feels for me is real.

Jack: Yeah, but that's just going to make it all the harder if she does decide to go back to her old life as Maria Grey, now, isn't it?

Aidan: That's a chance Iíve got to take because I love her, Jack.

Jack: You love her enough to let her walk away?

Aidan: If that's what she wants, yeah.

Jack: Yeah. That's easy to say, buddy, not so easy to do.

Aidan: Well, I'll keep that in mind. For now, in the meantime, I'm going to look out for you and Erica, and make sure that Chris --

Jack: And Ned Flanders.

Aidan: Ned Flanders -- right -- behave themselves.

Jack: Yeah. You just concentrate on Erica. I can take care of myself, all right?

Aidan: Well, as of now, Ericaís covered, so don't worry about her.

Jack: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Aidan: Cheers, Jack. I'll see you soon.

Jack: All right, Chris. What's your next move? What's your next move?

Greenlee: The defense rests. Kendall's not picking up the phone.

Mia: Well, would you if you were with -- never mind.

Liza: Well, we can vote without Kendall, right?

Simone: Yeah, that's within our rules.

Greenlee: Is this anything Kendall would object to?

Liza: I doubt it.

Kenny: Liza's agreed to settle the suit with a very generous offer.

Simone: We're going to pay off this crackpot?

Liza: Well, wait, there's a limit, of course.

Kenny: Still, it's a sizable amount.

Mia: Liza, you don't have to do that.

Liza: I volunteered. I really did.

Simone: You are too good to be true.

Mia: Thank you so much. You are so amazing.

Kenny: Let's see what our taste bud-challenged litigant has to say about Liza's generosity.

Simone: Wait, you're going to call Gertrude Stark right now?

Kenny: You want to settle this, don't you?

All: Yes!

Simone: Let me show the phone.

Greenlee: Liza, I know you're going through a hard time right now with your divorce --

Liza: No, no. Look, we both are. I think for both of us, this is going to be a rough time, and so it's a time for us to take control of what we can. I'm not going to let Fusion go down without a fight.

Maria: God, no, I don't want your damn drug.

David: But you want me to help you keep your memories from coming back.

Maria: No, I just -- I want to know what to expect. You know, I wake up every day and I actually I have to wonder to myself, "am I me? Am I Maureen or am I Maria?"

David: I'm sorry.

Maria: And you know what, I've even been excited about the fact that I'm, you know, going back to school and stuff. I'm excited about loving medicine, but, again, I'm afraid because Iím not sure if that's my interest or if it's Mariaís.

David: I really wish that I could change the part that I played in all this, Maureen, I do.

[Leora cries]

David: Look, I'm going to go check on her, ok? Just -- just hold on for a minute. I'll be back.

Michael: I don't know, I've just never been through anything like this before. I've never questioned my father's control or how he held the reins. I'm sorry, Kendall. Please forgive me. I just don't know how to handle this. I certainly didn't mean to offend you.

Kendall: No, I just want to understand what you're asking.

Michael: Well, I'm not sure myself. I only know that I just want us to have a chance together, to have a life together.

Kendall: Well, we have that.

Michael: What Iím trying to say is my father thinks Iím a failure, Kendall.

Kendall: Well, how could he think that? You're a huge success.

Michael: He doesn't respect me, you know? He takes all the credit. And now I guess, you know, he never will respect me. That's just all there is to it.

Kendall: Well, you shouldn't care what he thinks.

Michael: Oh, I can't help myself any more than you help yourself caring about what Ericaís opinion is. Kendall, look, you deserve to be loved fully by a man who will give you everything you need, without some manipulative old man standing in the shadows trying to ruin your world.

Kendall: Yeah, well, just pray that your father and my mother never team up.

Michael: Huh. They never will. There isn't time.

Kendall: What does that mean?

Michael: I know it's foolish to want my father's approval -- I know that -- but, Kendall, my father's really ill, and it's serious.

Kendall: Is he dying?

Michael: You know, I just -- I just -- you know what I wish? I wish my father could just be proud of me once. To admit that I got the job done without his help. Then he could go on his merry way peacefully and I can get what I deserve, everything Iíve earned.

Kendall: Well, you can't mean that your father would disinherit you.

Michael: A failure that he blessed with his name? Please, he'd disown me. No, but you know what, it's just not your problem, it's mine, so --

Kendall: No, Michael, no, we're in this together.

Michael: Kendall, Iíve asked too much of you already.

Kendall: Well, are you disappointed in me?

Michael: No, no, no, it's just I've been pressuring you to get this formula from Boyd and I shouldn't have.

Kendall: This means everything to you, doesn't it?

Michael: You know what -- you mean everything to me.

Kendall: Michael, if the formula were written somewhere, I would steal it for you in a heartbeat, I swear I would, but it's in Boydís head. There's no way I can get to it.

Michael: Well, no way Iíd like to consider, anyway.

Kendall: What, are you suggesting that I do --

Michael: No, no, no, no, it's just, you know, of course there's got to be a way to get that formula out of Boyd. I mean, you -- you could talk me into telling you anything. I just wish there was somebody else that Boyd loved, somebody that I could ask to do what I need done.

Kendall: Are you -- are you saying that Boydís in love with me and that if the circumstances were right, he would turn over the formula?

Michael: Oh, I know he would, and so do you.

Maria: Leora all right?

David: Yeah, she's fine. She's just like her mother. She can't stand to hear something else going on in the other room without being part of the action.

Maria: She has no idea how lucky she is.

David: Listen, I'm a little late on her feeding. Would you mind holding her for a bit while I heat up a bottle?

Maria: You kidding? No, I would love to.

David: And your mother thinks Iím so overly protective of you.

Maria: Hey, sweet-sweet.

David: Wait till she hears about this.

Maria: Uh, no, I -- I shouldnít. I -- I've got to go.

[Leora fusses]

Myrtle: Wonderful. Oh, wonderful. Oh, Clara Lee is going to try to join us.

Bianca: Well, Myrtle, I --

Myrtle: You remember Clara? You remember? Oh, of course you remember her. She used to sing with Snappy's Cynical Painters, you remember? And then she married Snappy and -- oh, around about 1940, I think.

Bianca: That's wonderful, Myrtle, but --

Myrtle: You know, I think tonight maybe Clara and I could wow the crowd with a couple of our old numbers! What about that? Oh, what a good idea!

Lena: This should be a date to remember.

Myrtle: Yes, listen -- oh, I tell you what -- if by any chance Clara can't make it, we could team up as a trio. I mean, can you girls harmonize?

Bianca: No, I don't think so.

Myrtle: Oh, Boyd, you're going to miss so much fun.

Boyd: Go. You can tell me all about it when you get back.

Myrtle: All right.

Bianca: Oh, don't worry, we will.

Myrtle: Listen, we'll tell you over breakfast. Don't wait up for us. Lena is not going to vamp her when Iím around.

Simone: She refused? Oh! Gertrude Stark just gave us the shove-off.

Mia: What is wrong with this woman?

Greenlee: Did she understand you were offering cold, hard cash?

Kenny: According to Mrs. Stark, all the money in the world couldn't compensate her for her pain and suffering.

Liza: What does she want, a pound of flesh from every one of us?

Kenny: She seems set on bringing down Fusion.

Simone: That vindictive old broad.

Mia: She ought to changer her name Gertie stark-raving-mad.

Greenlee: Why? What did we do to deserve this?

Michael: Well, at least now you understand my dilemma.

Kendall: Ok, earlier -- earlier, you suggested I prove my love to you. Now you're suggesting --

Michael: No, no, I was desperate, Kendall. I -- I only found out a few hours ago that my father was ill.

Kendall: Michael, Michael, please, just tell me, do you want me to sleep with Boyd to get the formula?

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