AMC Transcript Monday 4/7/03


All My Children Transcript Monday 4/7/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: Once the whole world gets wind of Boyd's new formula, everyone's going to want him.

Michael: Enchantment is lucky to have him, then.

Boyd: Are you straight or gay?

Jack: Let's go home.

Bianca: Well, I can't decide who I like best. I mean, Norah Jones has the most beautiful voice.

Lena: Yes, but Alicia Keyes writes and plays her own music.

Bianca: Exactly. How does a numbers cruncher from Poland know so much about American music?

Lena: You think I'm into polka? I have many tastes, you'll see. Actually, there's a band playing at S.O.S. this week that redefines American blues. I'd like to take you.

Bianca: Um -- Lena, I -- I need to ask you a question. And I need to have a straight answer from you, so to speak.

Lena: Ask me anything.

Bianca: If we go to S.O.S. together, will it be on a date? I mean, like a real, honest to goodness, woman-to-woman date?

Lena: Yes. A real date. If that's ok with you.

Jamie: Holly?

Holly: Where am I?

Jamie: My mother's house. You fell asleep on the couch.

Holly: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't usually fall asleep on the job. Thanks. I won't charge you, since we didn't actually do anything.

Jamie: Oh, oh. I feel bad I wasted your time.

Holly: Well, it doesn't have to be a waste. I mean, I don't have to be anywhere right now. Do you?

Jamie: No, but --

Holly: Good. Because I know a way to make you forget all of your problems.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Oh --

Carlos: Watch out.

Greenlee: Sorry. I -- I didn't see you come in.

Carlos: Well, you had your eyes closed. You want to dance?

Greenlee: No, it's business hours. It's time to work.

Carlos: Well, nobody's here yet. There's time for one dance.

Greenlee: No, I don't --

Carlos: Come on, just one.

Greenlee: Someone might come in.

Carlos: No --

Greenlee: See?

Man: Hi. Is this Fusions Cosmetics Company?

Greenlee: Fusion, yes, that's right. Can I help you?

Man: And you are?

Greenlee: Greenlee du Pres, one of the co-founders.

Man: Consider yourself served, Mrs. du Pres.

Greenlee: What?

Man: You and your company are being sued. Have a nice day.

Michael: Good morning, neighbor.

Kendall: I think I'm going to like being neighborly.

Michael: Good. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Kendall: I have to get to work. Don't you have some wheeling and dealing to do also?

Michael: Yeah, well, it can wait. Besides, I want to hear about you and what happened with Boyd last night. You weren't very talkative when you got here.

Kendall: Well, I didn't want to ruin your first night in your new place.

Michael: Well, thank you, but really, what did -- what did Boyd say?

Kendall: Well, it wasn't Boyd. It was Chris. Turns out that he dumped my mother.

Michael: Again?

Kendall: Yeah, again. Well, this time, it was for good. She was cheating on him. I mean, not with you, obviously. I mean, we already know that. It was with Jackson Montgomery. For, like, the thousandth time. Only this time, she didn't get away with it.

Michael: Oh. Poor Erica.

Kendall: Yeah. Poor Erica.

Jack: Good morning.

Erica: Is it?

Jack: Suppose you tell me. How do you feel?

Erica: I feel fine. Why shouldn't I?

Jack: Well, last night when I found you at Mona's grave --

Erica: I don't want to talk about that. I told you, I feel fine.

Jack: Good.

Erica: Just that I am out of coffee, so if you'd like some, then you're going to have to get that yourself.

Jack: Oh, don't, don't -- don't do that to me.

Erica: What?

Jack: Don't shut me out that way, Erica. Look, we've said quite a few things to each other lately, and you know exactly where I stand. Now I need to know how you really feel.

Carlos: God, I am so sorry.

Greenlee: It's not your fault, Carlos.

Carlos: Well, still, I -- I wish there was something I could do.

Simone: Wait till I tell you -- oh, would you look at that.

Mia: Wow. I guess somebody had a good time last night.

Simone: Huh. Ahem. Please tell me I'm interrupting something.

Carlos: Yeah, trouble.

Simone: Good trouble or bad trouble?

Carlos: No, it's bad. Looks like you're being sued.

Mia: What?

Simone: Why? We haven't done anything.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no. Don't panic. This thing is ridiculous.

Mia: How ridiculous?

Greenlee: Some crackpot is claiming that Fusion lip color irreparably damaged her taste buds. Seems the big, fat liar can no longer taste salt.

Mia: Well, she won't get very far with that. We use all natural products.

Simone: Well, this babe is obviously a nut case. Kenny will take care of her in no time. I'll call him.

Mia: Yeah, should we call Kendall, too? She's named in the suit.

Simone: No, all right? She ruined my date with Boyd last night, and I'm tired of looking at her face.

Kendall: You know, I actually feel really sorry for Chris. Erica did a number on him.

Michael: Yeah, well, that's her M.O. What did your friend Boyd think about all this?

Kendall: Oh, Boyd, Boyd. He's so loyal, he took Erica's side.

Michael: Well, did you make him an offer? About bringing the formula over to Fusion.

Kendall: You mean, you were serious about that?

Michael: Well, you were the one that said you wanted to put Fusion on the map and that your friend Boyd had this revolutionary formula. It sounds like an ideal match to me. Unless, of course, he doesn't have the goods.

Kendall: Oh, no, Boyd definitely has the goods. He's so talented, he could turn our company around in one day.

Michael: Then what are you waiting for? This is your chance to break out in the cosmetics industry and stick it to your mother at the same time.

Kendall: Yeah, well, losing Boyd won't hurt her as much as losing Chris.

Michael: Well, what do you think? Do you think he will defect?

Kendall: I just don't think now is a good time to ask him.

Michael: Why? Because your mother, Erica, is hurting? Sweetheart, you don't -- you don't owe her anything. You know that.

Kendall: I know. I know that, but Boyd thinks he does.

Michael: Well, I'm sure you could inspire Boyd to a far greater loyalty than Erica ever could.

Kendall: Oh, you're very sweet to say that.

Michael: Well, I mean it. You have me wrapped around your little finger, don't you?

Kendall: I do? All right, I got to go. I got to get away from you. Ok, I got to go before I'm late. I got to go to work, or I'm not going to have a cosmetics company anymore. Let me go. Let go.

Lena: So, you will go hear music with me?

Bianca: I'd love to.

Lena: Good.

Boyd: Morning, ladies.

Lena: Oh, Boyd.

Bianca: Hey there.

Boyd: What's with you? You look way too happy first thing in the morning.

Bianca: Oh, well, Lena actually just asked me on a date.

Boyd: Really? Well, that's terrific.

Bianca: Hey, do you want to sit down? I'm just going to run to the ladies' room and check my makeup before we head to work.

Lena: You look beautiful.

Boyd: Hey, do you mind if I have your hash browns?

Bianca: Only if you want me to kill you.

Boyd: Gotcha. So, you and Bianca, huh?

Lena: Yes, it'll be fun.

Boyd: And what about kissing me? Was that also fun?

Lena: Yes, it was. You're a very good kisser.

Boyd: Lena, just what are you trying to pull? Listen, Bianca's my friend, and I won't let you hurt her.

Lena: I won't hurt her, Boyd. I like her.

Boyd: You kissed me.

Lena: I like you, too. I like men and women.

Bianca: Laurie, hey.

Laurie: Bianca, hi.

Bianca: Hey, how come you're not in school?

Laurie: Senior privilege. Helps me pick a few extra shifts.

Bianca: Awesome. So, I guess you can't wait to graduate, huh?

Laurie: Nothing's really gone the way that I planned.

Bianca: Well, how are you? Are you still seeing a lot of J.R.? I know you were, even after he spilled that beer on you.

Laurie: Um -- J.R. left town.

Bianca: He did?

Laurie: Yeah, he joined the crew of this cargo ship.

Bianca: What? What about college?

Laurie: He blew it off. And his brother is totally freaked, too.

Bianca: Jamie Martin? How come?

Laurie: Before J.R. left, Jamie was kind of hitting on me. And now he wants us to go out, but I said no because of J.R. And everything. And he got really mad and just took off.

Bianca: Well, don't worry. Jamie is going to be fine.

Laurie: No, you don't understand. He took off with a hooker.

Bianca: What?

Laurie: This girl, Holly. I mean, she goes to P.V.U. and she hangs out around here between jobs. Oh, it's so gross. I mean, how can Jamie tell me he likes one second, and then he's with a prostitute the next?

Bianca: I have no clue.

Laurie: Oh, I just -- I don't get guys at all.

Bianca: I hear you. Trust me, women aren't that easy to figure out, either.

Holly: What?

Jamie: Uh -- nothing. I -- I feel weird doing this on the couch. Do you want to go upstairs? It's quiet up there.

Holly: Jamie, this isn't about the couch, is it? This is your first time.

Jamie: My first time? Are you kidding? No, I'm not some dork.

Holly: No, I know. You're a great guy, and I find that very sexy.

Jamie: You do?

Holly: I do. Now, just try not to think so much, ok?

Jamie: Ok.

Erica: Look, I don't know what you want from me.

Jack: I just told you.

Erica: Do we have to do this now? I mean, I -- Chris and I just broke up.

Jack: Yeah, and you and I have been locked in this dance for years, Erica. This on again, off again, close together, far apart tango. And we just can't seem to break away from it, can we?

Erica: Don't be so dramatic, Jack.

Jack: Me, dramatic? What about you? Look at this -- look at this -- this thing you're wearing here.

Erica: It's a nightgown.

Jack: Oh, no. No, nightgowns are flannel with bunnies on them. That is a -- is a weapon, obviously designed to make me crazy.

Erica: Get over yourself, Jack. I didn't wear this to benefit you. It's what I wear. I don't do flannel.

Jack: No, I guess not. May I please tell you something? You could be wearing a potato sack right now, and I would still want to take you into my arms. Can we at least admit that, hmm?

Erica: You claim to know me better than anyone, right?

Jack: Right, maybe better even than yourself.

Erica: Well, then you should know what I want without my having to spell it out. Prove that you know me. What do I want, Jack?

Jack: You want me to leave.

Erica: You're right.

Erica: I need time. That's why I wanted you to go. I mean, my God, I was engaged to somebody else just a few hours ago.

Jack: Yes, I'm very, very well aware of that.

Erica: Well, good, because then you must certainly be aware that it just wouldn't be right, I mean, on any level, for me to be with another man so soon.

Jack: Erica, I don't want you on any level to be with me. I'm here for one reason -- to make sure you're ok.

Erica: That's an excuse, Jack, and you know it. Chris is no threat to me.

Jack: You can't be sure of that, believe me.

Erica: Yes, I am. And even if I thought I was in danger, I have a staff, I have a state-of-the-art security system --

Jack: Yes, which Stamp installed himself. How long do you think it would take him to override it, Erica?

Erica: Oh, Jack, you're being ridiculous. Chris would never hurt me. Chris loves -- loved me.

Jack: All right, I'll give you the space you want.

Erica: You'll leave?

Jack: As soon as I'm sure you're safe. What?

Erica: Your devotion is -- it's -- it's very sweet. It's not necessary, but it's very sweet.

Jack: Just what all men aspire to be -- sweet.

[Intercom buzzes]

Erica: Yes, Max? Oh, ok. Thank you. Max just said that Opal's on her way up.

[Doorbell rings]

Erica: Hurry. Come on. Button.

Jack: I'm buttoning, I'm buttoning already.

Erica: Hi, Opal.

Simone: Oh, well, you're all right. My goodness, I've been trying to reach you all night. I couldn't -- oh. Oh, well -- so, I guess you two are back together already.

Kenny: Hi. I came as soon as I could.

Simone: Oh. You know what? There's really no rush. I'm sure you'll be able to take care of this, knock it off in your spare time.

Kenny: You said Fusion is being sued?

Simone: Yeah, but it's a professional suer. Knowing you, you'll take care of everything before you have lunch.

Mia: So, what's the problem with Kendall?

Simone: Oh. Obviously, she can't keep her Fusionnails off of Boyd. We went on a date last night. We went to S.O.S. Everything was great until she showed up.

Mia: Mm-hmm.

Simone: Yeah. She got all crazy because she couldn't find you know who.

Mia: Oh.

Simone: Yeah, so she totally sucks up to Boyd. And then, of course, guess what -- Michael shows up, so she totally dumps Boyd like a sack of hot potatoes.

Mia: How rude.

Simone: I know. I mean, she's got Michael. You know? Why can't she keep her claws off of Boyd? I mean, she knows I like him, for crying out --

Mia: You like Carlos, too, of course.

Greenlee: You guys, we've got a business to run, ok? Gossip less, work more.

Simone: Ok -- as soon as you tell us what happened between you and Carlos.

Greenlee: I apologized and he accepted.

Kendall: Oh, you guys, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I'm late. What's the legal beagle doing here? What, did you get arrested again?

Simone: No, he's actually here to save your butt and mine -- even though you don't deserve it.

Kendall: What is that supposed to mean?

Simone: Oh, you sabotaged my date with Boyd last night, and you know it.

Kendall: Give me -- that wasn't even a real date. Myrtle was there with you.

Simone: You know what? You chose Michael, ok? So quit booty blocking on me, all right?

Greenlee: All right, all right, all right -- leave your social life at the door, ok?

Simone: What social life? Kendall took all of mine.

Kenny: I hate to interrupt, but you ladies have a problem.

Greenlee: This lawsuit -- it's so pathetic, it's laughable.

Kenny: True, but it could finish this company -- permanently.

Simone: Oh.

Holly: I'm supposed to be giving you your money's worth, not the other way around.

Brooke: Jamie? Would you like to introduce me to your friend?

Holly: Well, I'll see you around, Jamie.

Jamie: Right.

Brooke: How long have you and Holly known each other?

Jamie: Come on, Mom, can we just forget about this, please?

Brooke: I don't think so. I'm very curious about my son's new friends.

Jamie: Curious? You're mad as hell, so why don't you just tell me what's on your mind.

Brooke: Fine. What are you doing with a prostitute in our home?

Bianca: Hey! What happened to my hash browns?

Boyd: Oh, come on. You've been gone, like, forever. I'm only human.

[Phone rings]

Lena: Excuse me.

Boyd: What?

Lena: Yes?

Michael: Hey, it's me. Are you alone? Can you talk?

Lena: Actually, no. It's not a very good time.

Michael: Well, too bad. I need to talk to you. Come over to my place now.

Lena: If you insist.

Bianca: What was that?

Lena: Oh, it's my landlord, something about a burst pipe in my apartment.

Bianca: Oh. I hope it's not serious.

Lena: Oh, I doubt it. So I'll see you two at the office. Bye-bye.

Boyd: Good luck.

Lena: Thank you.

Boyd: Easy, kiddo. She kissed both of us.

Bianca: Yeah, well, yours was a friendship kiss. I just won our bet.

Boyd: Really? You're sure about that?

Bianca: Yeah, I'm positive. When we were making plans, I asked Lena to clarify, asked her flat-out whether this would be a romantic date, and she said it would.

Boyd: So you've decided she's gay?

Bianca: I didn't decide anything. She's just made it known that she's interested in me.

Boyd: Look, I didn't want to have to tell you this, but Lena kissed me that day she helped me move into the boarding house.

Bianca: What kind of kiss?

Boyd: A kiss kiss -- sexy, on the mouth. And I just called her on it, and she said she swings both ways.

Bianca: She said that?

Boyd: Yeah. She said she likes both men and women.

Bianca: Well, so what? What, she can't be bisexual?

Boyd: Look, I think she's playing one of us.

Bianca: Boyd, why would she do that?

Boyd: I don't know. Just something doesn't feel right.

Bianca: You know what? Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe she honestly likes us both.

Kenny: Look, this lawsuit may be a nuisance and the plaintiff may never see a dime of Fusion's money, but it's still going to cost you a fortune in legal fees.

Simone: But can't you help? I mean, you got me out of jail for free -- twice.

Kenny: Yeah, and my firm came down hard on me for that. Besides, this case could rack up thousands of dollars in depositions alone.

Greenlee: Depositions? Who is there to depose -- some lying little old lady?

Kenny: She could bring in everyone who's ever tried Fusion lip color if she wants.

Kendall: No, this cannot be legal.

Simone: No, we cannot lose this company to some conniving crackpot.

Kendall: Yeah, we have poured everything we have into Fusion.

Simone: We've -- we've, you know, given up our paychecks.

Mia: And we've sacrificed our personal lives.

Kendall: If we lose Fusion over this stupid lawsuit, nobody will take us seriously ever again.

Greenlee: Erica will be laughing at us behind our backs.

Simone: Oh, great.

Kendall: What, are you kidding me? She'll be laughing in our face.

Greenlee: We can't let that happen.

Kendall: No.

Greenlee: How much is this going to cost us?

Kenny: Could be in the hundreds of thousands.

Mia: Oh, my God.

Kendall: Oh, no.

Greenlee: Well, I could liquidate what's left of my stock funds, take out a mortgage on my loft.

Simone: Oh, you can't do that.

Greenlee: What other choice do we have?

Carlos: Well, what if you call the lady that's suing you, explain to her you don't have any money, and maybe she'll listen.

Kenny: No, no, bad idea. You should only contact the plaintiff through your attorneys.

Mia: Well, we can't afford attorneys.

Simone: Yeah.

Greenlee: Carlos is right. Maybe we're making this thing too hard. Maybe we can get this woman to see reason.

Kendall: I don't see how this could hurt.

Simone: Yeah, unless she, like, wants to sue us for another $1 million that we don't have.

Mia: What have we got to lose by talking to her?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Mia: Go ahead.

Simone: All right. Yes, hello. I need a listing for a Gertrude Stark in Downington. Thank you. Could you direct connect me? Thank you. Hello, Mrs. Stark? Yes, this is Simone Torres from Fusion cos-- yes, well, actually, we received your papers today. Well, we were actually hoping that we could speak with you about that before bringing attorneys -- well, yes. I see. Well, yes, I know. Ok, of course. Well, then we'll -- we'll handle it that way. Thank you. Ok, she said she'll see us in court or in hell.

Erica: And then Chris walked in and he saw Jack and me together and he jumped to conclusions even though we weren't doing anything.

Opal: Well, besides having an affair behind his back.

Erica: We did not have an affair, Opal. It was just the one time. That's it -- just the one time. Boy, that's one time I wish I didn't tell you about.

Opal: Hey, you know, you may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but at least it had that hot body Jackson Montgomery in it.

Erica: No, it did not. Jack slept on the couch.

Opal: Why? I mean, it's not like the two of you have never seen each other in your skivvies.

Erica: Opal, come on. Jack and I are not sleeping together. In fact, we're not even together.

Opal: Not even together? Well, I don't get it. You just told me you broke up with Chris because you couldn't keep your hands off of Jack --

Erica: That is not what I said. Why can't anybody just understand me?

Opal: Well, I don't know, but with your love life, I think it takes a playbook to understand.

Erica: Oh, is that a supportive thing to say, Opal? Is that what I need to hear from my best friend?

Opal: I'm sorry. I am sorry, honey.

Erica: Ok.

Opal: Look, come on. You want to -- you want to talk? Sit down, all right? I'm all ears.

Erica: Ok. I shouldn't have to explain myself. I mean, I loved Chris. I really loved Chris. And two days ago, I thought I was going to be spending the rest of my life with him. So I -- I mean, it's just too soon. I need time. I can't just jump into something with Jack.

Opal: Well, I wouldn't really call years of flings and flirtations, a couple of marriage proposals jumping in, you know? I mean, you and Jackson -- you've got more history than the middle east peace talks.

Erica: And about as complicated.

Opal: Well, it doesn't have to be. I mean, you think that you're still holding it against him because you lost Bianca.

Erica: No. No, I don't think so.

Opal: Well, then for the life of me, I cannot figure out why you would be pushing away some guy that half of this town would kill to be with, and that includes me.

Erica: Really? You have those feelings about Jack?

Opal: Oh, come on. Earth to Erica. I mean, the guy is gorgeous. He's smart. He's funny. He's kind. And not to mention, he loves you more than life itself. I mean, what's the downside?

Erica: I don't know. I don't know. I'm just confused.

Opal: I think you're afraid of being happy.

Erica: Well, that's what Jack said. Jack says he knows what I want before I even know what I want myself.

Opal: Yeah, well, that could be pretty scary, couldn't it? I mean, having a guy who can see right through you, you couldn't get away with murder, as usual.

Erica: Opal, is that supposed to be helping things? It's not helping anything.

Opal: I am trying if you let me, yes. Now, listen, Jackson isn't like those other guys. You know? He doesn't worship you blindly. He knows you. He sees you right down to your core. And he still loves you. He loves you for all your strengths, and, god help him, he loves you for your flaws. Isn't that what you want? I mean, isn't that what anybody would want?

Erica: God, Opal, you make it sound so simple.

Opal: Well, it is. Erica, Jack is the real thing. Don't let him go again.

Jack: Aidan. Feel free to let yourself in any time.

Aidan: So, what exactly are you trying to pull, Jackson?

Jack: So, do you want to tell me what it is I supposedly have done?

Aidan: You told me this investigation of Chris Stamp had nothing to do with your feelings for Erica.

Jack: And that's absolutely true. I'm investigating Chris Stamp because I think he's a loose cannon, Aidan. You talked to his colleagues. They think the very same thing.

Aidan: But you kindly left out the fact that you're having an affair with his fiancée?

Jack: Yes, I did because it's none of your business.

Aidan: You're using my information to turn Erica against Chris. I think it is my business.

Jack: First of all, I am not doing that. Erica knows nothing about this investigation, and that is exactly the way I want it left, for her safety.

Aidan: This investigation's over as far as I'm concerned. I'm out.

Jack: Come on, you're not going to quit now.

Aidan: Why not? You got what you wanted. Chris is out of the picture, and now you've got a clear road to Erica.

Jack: Erica. Aidan, listen to me. This has nothing to do with Erica. Chris Stamp might do anything. We don't know what he's up to. He's even more dangerous now than he was before.

Brooke: So, what has been going on around here while I've been away?

Jamie: Nothing. I have been staying at Dad's house -- except when I met Holly last night.

Brooke: Last night? She stayed the night here?

Jamie: Yeah. She fell asleep on the couch. Nothing happened.

Brooke: Well, I find that a little hard to believe, considering what I walked in on.

Jamie: Mom, what are you doing home, anyway? Aren't you supposed to be on a business trip?

Brooke: I came home early. I live here, honey. And don't try and turn this around on me.

Jamie: This is nothing.

Brooke: This is spending the night with a hooker.

Jamie: Yeah, nothing happened!  What? Don't you believe me?

Brooke: Yes. I believe you, but, honey, you are such a great kid. You're too great a kid to, you know, go looking to a hooker for -- for company. I mean, what is wrong?

Jamie: What do you care? It's nothing you can fix.

Lena: Michael, are you here?

Michael: In the bedroom.

Lena: Oh. I was hoping to find you in bed.

Michael: Now is not the time. We've got business to attend to.

Lena: I'm trying. I've just come from breakfast with Larraby and Bianca.

Michael: And?

Lena: Still no luck with Boyd. He's too hung up on Kendall. Can't you get her to seduce the formula out of him?

Michael: I tried. I steered her right at Boyd last night, and she came home empty-handed.

Lena: Maybe he's not as taken with her as I thought.

Michael: The problem is Kendall. I am afraid she has a conscience.

Lena: Hmm. Sounds like you need to turn up the pressure.

Michael: Already done.

Lena: What did you do?

Michael: You'll see. Soon Kendall won't be able to stand the heat.

Greenlee: What exactly did the woman say?

Simone: She said, "if you call me again, I will arrest you for harassment."

Kenny: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Simone: Oh, well, that's a great "I told you so" when we really need it, Kenny.

Kendall: You know what? Don't beat up on Kenny. We need him right now.

Simone: For what? He's not doing anything.

Kendall: That's because you're blowing him off.  Hello. You're doing exactly what you accused me of doing to Boyd.

Simone: What? That is so different. Look, Boyd has a crush on you.

Kendall: Yeah, and Kenny thinks you walk on water.

Simone: Oh, please.

Kendall: Why else do you think he hasn't made you pay for all those legal fees? Come on, Simone. Open up your eyes and see what's right in front of you.

Carlos: I'm sorry -- again.

Greenlee: For what?

Carlos: Well, I told you to call that lady, and it just seems I made matters worse.

Greenlee: It's not your fault that she's a fortune hunter.

Carlos: It's just I know how much this is hurting you and I know how much work means to you.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I can't lose this.

Carlos: Neither can I. I mean, this is where I met you. And if I could do anything to help, I -- I could.

Greenlee: Well, unless you can write a sweet-talking email that's going to get her to drop the lawsuit, there's nothing you can do.

Carlos: Well, I only write from the heart, so I can't do that. But if I had money, I'd give it to you.

Greenlee: Thank you. That means more than I can say.

Brooke: Honey, I know I've been away, but we talked almost every day, and you didn't say anything about anything bothering you.

Jamie: I can't talk to you about this, Mom.

Brooke: Well, you used to be able to talk to me about anything.

Jamie: I'm not 5 years old anymore. I'm not going to come running to Mommy when I have problems. Ok?

Brooke: Well -- what problems?

Brooke: Tad, hi. It's me. I'm home. I think you should get over here right away, ok?

Jack: Aidan, listen to me. You cannot abandon this investigation. Stamp's own history tells us that if he's going to make a mistake, it's going to be now, when he thinks he's lost everything.

Aidan: Are you afraid?

Jack: Yeah, Aidan, I'm afraid. I'm damn afraid. Not just for myself. I'm also afraid for Erica.

Opal: I just have one word of advice for you, Erica -- don't wait.

Erica: That's two words.

Opal: You know, just because Jackson has always been around doesn't mean he's always going to be. He is devoted to you, yes, but, I mean, he can only take so much. I'm afraid that if you shove him away this time, it could be your last chance.

Erica: You're right. I've got to do something.

Opal: Oh, yeah? So, what? Fill me in.

Erica: Well, how can I make any kind of a decision about Jack when things are still so unsettled with Chris?

Opal: I thought that was all over and done with. Didn't you send his ring back?

Erica: Yes, I did, but, I mean, love just doesn't disappear overnight, opal. No, I have to speak to Chris alone.

Opal: Are you sure you should?

Erica: You know something? Now you sound like Jack. He's a positive watchdog where I'm concerned about Chris. But yes, I've got to speak to Chris. I've got to settle things with Chris.

Opal: I'm not so sure that's such a good --

[door closes]

Opal: Idea.

Kenny: You ladies are living on a shoestring. You need a complete successful product line like Enchantment to withstand financial challenges like this.

Simone: Or at least one knockout product that everyone and their mother has to have.

Mia: Yeah, like what?

Michael's voice: You said you wanted to put Fusion on the map and your friend Boyd had some revolutionary formula.

(missing a couple of minutes at the end, sorry)

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