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All My Children Transcript Friday 4/4/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Michael: So you're telling me that Boyd is more than just my rival for your affections?

Kendall: Yeah, he's an uber chemist, developed this hot, new formula that's going to totally change the cosmetics industry.

Regina: Nice going. Found some other sucker to cheat off?

Henry: It's not what you think.

Erica: What are you doing?

Jack: I'm spending the night.

Jamie: Laurie?

Laurie: Jamie. Hey.

Jamie: Hi.

Laurie: Stop it! What is the matter with you?

Jamie: Ow! Hey.

Laurie: How many times do I have to tell you? I don't love you, Jamie, I love J.R.

Michael: Hard to believe my rival's a mad scientist.

Kendall: A good-looking mad scientist. You afraid of a little competition?

Michael: Not at all. At least not from him.

Kendall: I don't know. Once the whole world gets wind of Boydís new formula, everyone's going to want him.

Michael: Everyone?

Kendall: You never know.

Michael: Well, Enchantment is lucky to have him, then. Fusion would be, too, not that I love the idea of you guys working together.

Kendall: Are you jealous?

Michael: Damn right. But I know how much Fusion means to you, so --

Kendall: Well, almost everything.

Michael: Well, listen, if you have the chance to take it to the top, I want you to go for it.

Kendall: And --

Michael: I mean it.

Kendall: Well, even if Boydís directly involved or responsible?

Michael: Well, I could only imagine the look on Ericaís face.

Kendall: You are so bad.

[phone rings]

Michael: Excuse me. I have to take this. Yes? No, those projections are from the first quarter. I agree. We're making excellent progress.

Erica: Chris -- Chris, wait, please. I need to talk to you, Chris.

Jack: Hey. The lady's talking to you, man.

Erica: You are not spending the night. How could you even suggest that?

Jack: Because you might just need me.

Erica: I would need you? Explain that.

Jack: You might need me to protect you.

Erica: From what?

Jack: No, not from what, from whom. From Chris Stamp.

Erica: Oh, don't be ridiculous. Chris would never be a threat to me. Just say good night, Jack.

Jack: Look, Erica, you did not see him in my office this afternoon. He was ready to beat the living daylights out of me.

Erica: Yeah, I've had the same urge.

Jack: Oh, for Peteís -- listen, I am not going anywhere. I am not going to take the chance that Chris Stamp is going to take his rage out on you.

Erica: Chris would never do that. Chris loves me.

Jack: Yeah, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Erica: The only one I need protection from is you.

Maggie: Spam, spam -- hmm -- naked spam. Oh, my God, my O-Chem grade. Oh, my God. Ok. No way, I got an A? I got an A! I got an A! I got an A I got an A! I got an A! I got an --

Henry: What's going on?

Maggie: Oh, good news! Guess what --

Henry: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Watch the guitar.

Maggie: Sorry.

Henry: It's ok. What? What is it?

Maggie: We aced the O-Chem test! Oh, we aced it!

Woman: I'm just checking in. I just wrapped things up with my last client. That's great. Do you have anything else for me today? No? Ok, cool. Bye.

Jamie: You love J.R. still?

Laurie: Why is that so hard for you to get?

Jamie: Because he dumped you and he never said goodbye.

Laurie: So you want me to hate him? Is that it?

Jamie: Well, I don't think you should just sit around waiting for him to come back to you.

Laurie: He might.

Jamie: Has he called you? Has he emailed you? Has he sent you a post card? This is the guy you love?

Laurie: J.R. is incredibly stressed.

Jamie: He's always mad. I would never treat you the way he does. You know that. But yet you still want to be with him. You know, you're right. I don't get this.

Laurie: What do you want me to say, exactly?

Jamie: I want you to say you're over him.

Laurie: I'm not.

Jamie: Do you even want to be?

Laurie: What I want is for things to go back to the way they were, when we were all friends -- you, me, Joni, and J.R.

Jamie: It's not going to be like that again, Laurie.

Laurie: Don't say that.

Jamie: Why not? It's true. We're not friends anymore.

Laurie: You and J.R. -- you're brothers.

Jamie: I don't care.

Laurie: Do you have any idea how lucky you are? My brother and sister don't talk to my dad anymore, and they barely talk to me because I do. But you and J.R. -- you --

Jamie: Laurie, he doesn't talk to me, either. He left. So I don't have a brother. Not anymore.

Kendall: Bad news?

Michael: I have to take care of some business. Unfortunately, the paperwork is back at my place.

Kendall: Oh, you mean, your place, the same place that's right across from mine?

Michael: That would be the one.

Kendall: Ooh, I like the way that sounds.

Michael: Well, don't get too comfortable with it. Might just be our place soon. Aren't you coming with me?

Kendall: Oh, you have a lot of work to do. I don't want to distract you.

Michael: Is that the only reason?

Kendall: I want to talk to Boyd.

Michael: Well, don't let him steal you away.

Kendall: That's impossible.

Michael: If anything, steal him away from Enchantment.

Kendall: All right, go.

Kendall: Hey, Boyd.

Boyd: Hey.

Kendall: What happened to Simone?

Boyd: She was tired.

Kendall: Oh. Are you taking off, too?

Boyd: Why do you care, anyway?

Kendall: Because I want to buy you a drink. And if you leave, I won't be able to do that.

Boyd: You want to buy me a drink? Just like that? Why?

Kendall: Because I want to say Iím sorry.

Man: Thank you, Mr. Stamp. Front desk told me Iíd find you here.

Chris: Yeah. Here you go. There's no return address.

Man: I just deliver the package.

Chris: Yeah.

Chris: Damn you, Jackson. Damn you.

Erica: You are asking me to throw out everything I know about Chris and buy into your theory --

Jack: Yes.

Erica: That he's pretending to be somebody he's not?

Jack: Yes, yes. Please, I'm begging you.

Erica: All right. If I do that, then there's something I want you to do.

Jack: Well, I'm not going to bargain with you.

Erica: Just admit why you really want to spend the night.

Jack: What?

Erica: You heard me.

Jack: Erica, will you please stop hiding that brain behind that gorgeous body? You're an intelligent woman. You can see what is going on here, can't you?

Erica: Yes, yes, I can, Jack. I can see very clearly. I see that you would do anything, make any excuse to get what you want.

Jack: And what do you think I want?

Erica: You want me.

Maggie: Hey, what's -- what's wrong? What's the matter?

Henry: Nothing. I'm fine.

Maggie: Are you sure?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: Henry, I know something's wrong. Come on. Did you not ace the exam also?

Henry: Of course I did. We had the same answers, thanks to what I did.

Maggie: You froze on a test, ok? It's not a big deal.

Henry: It's not a big deal? I cheated on a major exam.

Maggie: Shh! Will you please not -- keep your voice down? You can't just yell something like that.

Henry: Why not? It's the truth, isn't it? I'm a cheater. I cheated.

Maggie: Henry, you had a panic attack, ok? It could happen to anybody.

Henry: Well, no, it doesn't happen to anybody. It happened to me, Maggie, not you, not anybody else in class.

Maggie: Because you put a little too much pressure on yourself. If you 

Henry: What about when I'm a doctor, huh? You don't think I'll be under a lot of pressure then?

Maggie: Yeah, you will.

Henry: Well, think about it. What kind of doctor am I going to be, huh? I can't even cut it as a medical student.

Maggie: Will you stop beating yourself up over this?

Henry: No, I hate what I did, ok? Look, I'm sorry I dragged you into this, all right, for ruining your life.

Maggie: You didn't ruin my life. And your life isn't ruined, either, ok?

Henry: I promise you, in the morning, I'm going to make everything right.

Maggie: Professor Stevens isn't going to understand, Henry. Ok? She'll fail you, and then you'll be expelled.

[phone rings]

Maggie: Answer it.

Henry: Hello?

Regina: It's Regina. You there?

Henry: Yeah.

Regina: Thought you should know I ran into your mother.

Henry: When?

Regina: A little while ago. She wanted to know if our exam grades had been posted.

Henry: What did you tell her?

Regina: The truth.

Henry: What, that they had been?

Regina: Yeah.

Henry: What else?

Regina: Nothing else. You better call her.

Maggie: Is everything ok?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: Look, I'm not going to tell you what to do, ok? But I know that you're going to be a great doctor one day. Just don't throw it away all because of some stupid exam.

Henry: I don't know why you believe in me so much. I mean, I haven't given you much reason to.

Maggie: That goes to show how much you know. Everything's going to be ok. I promise. Promise. We're going to be ok.

Henry: What, "we"?

Maggie: Yes, we.

Henry: Nobody's ever -- thank you.

Maggie: Do you know how you could thank me?

Henry: Hmm?

Maggie: Will you play for me?

Laurie: Don't you ever say that J.R. is not your brother.

Jamie: Oh, what are you going to do when he finally calls? You going to tell him I disowned him?

Laurie: Jamie, stop.

Jamie: Why?

Laurie: Just stop.

Jamie: Why should I even care? He left without even saying goodbye or looking back.

Laurie: I know, but you guys are best friends forever.

Jamie: Yeah, we were. But you know what? The way he left just proves he's a jerk.

Laurie: I think he must have been really messed up.

Jamie: Messed up about what?

Laurie: All the pressure his dad was putting on him?

Jamie: Oh, come on. Will you give me a break? Deal with it.

Laurie: Maybe that is his way of dealing with it. Maybe he's upset over us kissing.

Jamie: Whatever. Whatever. It doesn't matter anymore.

Laurie: It matters to me. J.R. left me, too, like you like to point out, Jamie. I miss him. Don't you? Even a little? Don't be like this, Jamie. I just want us to be friends again.

Jamie: I have enough friends, Laurie. I don't need any more.

Laurie: You know what? J.R. is not the only one who's a jerk around here.

Woman: You look like you could use a drink.

Kendall: Hello, Mister. I would like two dirty martinis, please. Ok, I ordered you a drink, so now you have to take your jacket off.

Boyd: What exactly are you apologizing for?

Kendall: I'm apologizing for the way I acted earlier when Michael came in. I -- I just left you, and I'm sorry.

Boyd: Why? Isn't that what you always do when Michael shows up?

Kendall: I guess I deserved that one.

Boyd: Yeah.

Kendall: I know this is no excuse, Boyd, but I was really upset earlier. I thought Michael had left Pine Valley. I thought he left me.

Boyd: Well, obviously, you were wrong.

Kendall: Yeah, thank God I was. But that doesn't change the way I feel about you. You know that, right?

Boyd: Yeah. Yeah, I got a pretty good idea how you feel about me, thanks.

Kendall: We're good friends, Boyd. We're really, really good friends. Thank you. So, did Simone really leave because she was tired? I mean, that girl's a caffeine junkie. She's always wired.

Boyd: She left because she knows how I feel about you. Ok? She doesn't want to be anybody's second choice. I understand where she's coming from, so I didn't stop her.

Kendall: You know, I think you and Simone would be great.

Boyd: Don't, ok? Just don't.

Kendall: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Boyd: What won't? You running hot and cold with me depending on whether Michael shows up?

Kendall: Boyd, that's not fair.

Boyd: Maybe not, but it's the truth. And you know what? Nothing's going to change until you realize I'm right about Cambias and you leave him.

Kendall: You're not right about Michael. In fact, you couldn't be more wrong.

Chris: I -- I know I was.

Kendall: Oh. Does the F.B.I. Know you eavesdrop on private citizens?

Chris: Look; I just thought you should know that Michael wasn't the one.

Kendall: He wasn't the one what?

Chris: Who is sleeping with Erica?

Kendall: Well, I could have told you that. Oh, wait, I did -- about 10 times. So, who was the poor chump?

Chris: Jackson.

Jack: Of course I want you -- I've never denied that -- but not like this.

Erica: No? Come on. This is how you like it -- us at each other's throats, tearing each other apart. This is how it always is.

Jack: Listen to me, right now all I am is concerned for you because I think Chris Stamp could very well do something -- something reckless.

Erica: Do you really think that you know the man that I love, the man that I have spent two years of my life with better than I do?

Jack: Maybe, yes. Look, people can change, Erica.

Erica: Not overnight, they don't.

Jack: Look, Erica --

Erica: No, I am not having this argument with you, Jack. I really would like you to leave.

Jack: If I could in good conscience, I would, but I canít.

Erica: Well, I'm going to hate myself for asking this, but why not?

Jack: Because you're not the kind of woman that a man just gets over. And I should know, shouldn't I? I've been trying to for years, but here I am, still hopelessly in love with you.

Erica: And I've treated you badly because of that, haven't I?

Jack: I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question.

Erica: Everybody who loves me, I -- I treat them so badly, and I don't know why. I don't know why I do that. Why do I do that, Jack? Chris loved me so much, and I love him. Why did I push him away?

Woman: I said, how about a drink?

Jamie: No, that's ok. I'm not thirsty.

Woman: Well, I'm going to join you anyway, ok?

Jamie: Ok. Do I -- do I know you?

Woman: I know you.

Jamie: How?

Woman: From that party at Fusion.

Jamie: You were there?

Woman: What, you didn't notice me? Maybe because those two girls were fighting over you. I guess Laurie won, huh?

Jamie: So you know Laurie?

Woman: No, Joni. She was a freshman when I was a senior.

Woman: I don't think she was ignoring you.

Jamie: What?

Woman: Laurie -- she doesn't like me too much.

Jamie: Why not?

Woman: She has issues with the way Iím putting myself through school.

Jamie: Oh, you mean working at Fusion?

Woman: No. That's one place I don't work. You're funny, you know that?

Jamie: Thanks.

Woman: So, tell me, what happened between you and Laurie?

Maggie: That was beautiful.

Henry: Thank you.

Maggie: Tell me what you were thinking about just now.

Henry: You.

Kendall: Erica and Jackson again? Are you kidding me?

Chris: No, no, I'm not kidding.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Wow. How -- how did you find out? I mean, did you --

Chris: Kendall --

Kendall: Catch them together?

Chris: Kendall -- I don't think the details are important at this point.

Kendall: You're right. I'm sorry.

Chris: Yeah.

Kendall: No, Chris, I really am sorry.

Chris: No, you're just glad it wasn't your boyfriend.

Kendall: I told you it wasn't Michael, but you wouldn't listen to me.

Chris: Yeah, I made a fool of myself, didn't I? Damn fool.

Kendall: Chris, don't beat yourself up --

Chris: Come on -- just have a nice evening, ok?

Boyd: You ok?

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I just -- I wasn't expecting that. Oh, my God. Erica and Jackson? You know, I actually feel sorry for him.

Boyd: Who, Chris?

Kendall: Yeah.

Boyd: Why? That guy was completely rude with you.

Kendall: Still, anyone who gets screwed over by Erica gets my sympathy.

Jack: You know, sometimes things just don't work out with the people we love, no matter how hard we try.

Erica: No, I don't accept that.

Jack: Whether you accept it or not, Erica, that's the way life is.

Erica: Jack, you make it sound as if it's something that just happened.

Jack: Well, isn't it?

Erica: No. I destroy the people I care about. I destroyed what I had with Chris, and I don't know why.

Jack: Maybe because you realized deep down inside that he wasn't the right man for you.

Erica: Oh, no. He was. He loved me, and I love Chris, and I don't know why I -- I pushed him away.

Jack: Well, then you tell me why it didn't work out. You tell me why you let happen what happened between us.

Erica: Because I destroy the people I care about. It's what I do. There. Are you satisfied? You feel happy I said that? It's just something I guess I do. I -- I find a flaw, I find a weakness, and I just keep at it until I make everything crumble around us. I don't know why I do that.

Jack: Well, I'm not going to crumble, no matter what you throw at me.

Erica: No, Jack, you're the last person I want to make me feel better.

Jack: Well, suppose you tell me what it is you do want.

Erica: I want to be happy. I -- I don't want to be afraid to be happy. I want a glass of water.

Jack: I'll get you one.

Jack: Ok, here you -- gone.

Jamie: So, my brother ditches her and doesn't say anything to anyone, and she'd still rather be with him.

Woman: That sucks.

Jamie: Yeah. She just told me she'd rather be friends with me.

Woman: Well, what did you say when she said that?

Jamie: I said I had enough friends.

Woman: That's kind of harsh.

Jamie: Yeah, but my dad says anytime a girl wants to be friends, that's just a blow off.

Woman: Not always. You know what I think you should do?

Jamie: What?

Woman: Be her friend. Give her whatever she wants -- time, space, the whole deal.

Jamie: Yeah, but wouldn't that make me the loser that can't take the hint?

Woman: No, that's going to make you the guy that she turns to when that loser dumps her.

Jamie: Yeah, but he already has dumped her. I mean, he's on some cargo ship thousands of miles away.

Woman: Ok, so sooner or later she's going to realize what a great guy you are, and, you know, especially compared to J.R. and all the other guys she's been with.

Jamie: What other guys?

Woman: I don't know. But it's not like you have to sit on the sidelines. I mean, I'm sure there's a ton of girls waiting to get with you.

Jamie: A ton?

Woman: At least.

Jamie: Yeah. Where are they?

Woman: There's one right in front of you.

Jamie: You mean, you and me?

Woman: You want to? I'll even give you a discount because you're so cute.

Jamie: I -- I don't have any money.

Woman: Well, we'll stop at an A.T.M. You live around here, right?

Jamie: Yeah, with -- with my mom.

Woman: Oh.

Jamie: Oh, but she's out of town.

Woman: Excellent. So, what do you say? You want to get out of here?

Maggie: Wait, wait, wait.

Henry: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have --

Maggie: No, no, no. I just need to catch my breath. Does that even make any sense?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: What?

Henry: Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Maggie: Why?

Henry: I mean, right now.

Maggie: Why not?

Henry: Because everything is so messed up right now, you know? We should wait.

Maggie: For what?

Henry: I want it -- I just want the first time to be perfect.

Maggie: Oh, you mean, not in a dorm room with thin walls and no candles because they're a fire hazard? Hey, do -- do you mean your first time ever?

Henry: Yeah.

Maggie: Henry --

Henry: So maybe we shouldnít.

Maggie: Henry, it's my first time, too.

Henry: What? Really?

Maggie: Yes, and can you please not look so surprised?

Henry: No, it's just that -- I mean, I look at you and I see this whole incredible person, and -- I mean, you had this life that -- I just never thought that you hadn't --

Maggie: Well, I havenít. You know, before I came here and even after that, it was very hard for me to open up.

Henry: You opened up to Bianca. You're close with her. I mean, when I first met you, I thought you were her lover.

Maggie: Bianca was just Frankieís girlfriend when I first met her. You know? I mean -- I didn't know my sister was gay until after she passed away. Frankie was gone, I came here, and I looked just like her. Bianca was drawn to me. Naturally, right? And I was curious about her, about Frankie. And I wanted to know about her, about her life, and Bianca was closest with her.

Henry: And you never considered --

Maggie: No, I did. I considered it. Bianca was the first person who ever really got to know me, the real me. You know, I mean, she knew about my dreams and my fears. And I learned about her, too, and it was amazing. It was great. I mean, it was scary to get to know someone like that. Frankie left me this incredible gift.

Henry: So, what happened?

Maggie: Ultimately, I wasn't who Bianca needed me to be.

Henry: Frankie?

Maggie: No, I wasn't gay.

Henry: Well, that must have been hard -- for both of you.

Maggie: It was like hitting a wall of truth. Because I had feelings for her. I won't deny that I did. They just weren't sexual.

Henry: And this is? I mean, what you have for me.

Maggie: Bigtime. And you know what? Right now, right here, everything is perfect with you. Because I can be -- I can just be me. You'll accept me for that.

Boyd: You never cease to surprise me. You know that?

Kendall: How so?

Boyd: Having empathy for Chris Stamp, of all people. I don't know, I find that pretty remarkable.

Kendall: Well, I was engaged to his son. And he has been pretty kind to me once in a while, so he deserves that much in return.

Boyd: What about Erica?

Kendall: What about her?

Boyd: You don't feel bad for her?

Kendall: No.

Boyd: Oh, come on, not even a little?

Kendall: I'm not doing a little dance over the fact that she's ruined another relationship because that's sad. But I'm not offering to hold her hand and tell her it's not her fault, either, which is really all she wants, anyway.

Boyd: Ok --

Kendall: She did this to herself, Boyd. She acts like she's this great person, you think she's a great person, but she's not. She slept with Jackson. She cheated on Chris with Jackson.

Boyd: Look, I don't really give a damn who Erica Kane sleeps with, ok? All I care about --

Kendall: What? What do you care about?

Boyd: Look, all I care about is who you sleep with.

Erica: I know what you're thinking, Mom -- I did it again. I had a chance to be happy with a man who really loved me, and I ruined it. Only, now Iím alone, and this time, I think it might be for good.

Boyd: Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Kendall: No, Boyd, wait, it's ok.

Boyd: You need to figure things out for yourself. And I said Iíd stay away, and I will.

Kendall: You don't have to stay away.

Boyd: Yeah, I do.

Kendall: You donít.

Boyd: I do, ok, Kendall? As long as you're with Cambias, I need to stay clear. Thanks for the drink.

Jamie: Hey, Dad, it's Jamie calling. I'm going to -- I have a school project that I have to do, and all my notes are on mom's computer. So Iím going to stay at her house tonight. I'll see you tomorrow after school. Uh -- yeah, I think that's about it. Well, I'll talk to you later, Dad. Love you. Bye. Whew. Wow. You look awesome.

Woman: Thanks. You ready to go?

Jamie: Yeah. Um -- yeah.

Woman: Lead the way.

Jamie: Ok.

Woman: Relax. That's better. This is going to be fun. I promise.

Henry: You ok?

Maggie: Yeah. Are you ok?

[phone rings]

Maggie: Uh-uh.

Henry: Hmm --

Maggie: No, no, no. That's why voicemail was invented.

Henry: I canít. I'm sorry. Hello?

Alma: Where are you?

Henry: Is something wrong?

Alma: I saw Regina. She said your grades had been posted.

Henry: Yeah?

Alma: You didn't tell me. How did you do?

Henry: I'll tell you about it later.

Alma: Did you get an A?

Henry: Look, I said later, ok? I have to go.

Maggie: Hey, is everything ok?

Henry: I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I keep using you.

Maggie: Don't say that. That's not true.

Henry: Well, that's what it feels like. That's what it felt like after the exam, and that's what this feels like right now.

Maggie: Henry, I want to do this.

Henry: How could you want your first time to be with me after what I did?

Maggie: You didn't do anything.

Henry: I cheated on that test.

Maggie: Henry, there is more to you than that. Why can't you see that? I can.

Henry: Look, I have to go.

Maggie: Wish you wouldnít.

Henry: Look, I just need some time to think, ok?

Maggie: Ok.

Henry: I'm sorry.

Erica: I told Jack that it was all his fault -- about what happened between Chris and me. I blamed everything on him. But I know it was my fault. I know that. It always is.

Jack: Erica --

Erica: What are you doing here? Why are you here? What, you followed me? Answer me.

Jack: I didn't need to follow you. I knew where you would go because I know you better than anyone else. Let's go home.

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