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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/28/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Erica: You've been threatening Michael Cambias.

Chris: This guy is trouble, Erica. You know, he practically told me that you two are having sex.

Carlos: You think that money makes you better? That it gives you the right to treat people like -- like nothing?

Liza: Adam!

Adam: Two-bit, broken-down gigolo! You did this to us!

Tad: So, where's cheap shot Chandler? I'm ready for my rematch.

Liza: The fight's off, Tad.

Tad: What are you doing?

Liza: Oh, I was going to call you. Really big changes around here.

Tad: Oh, my God. He fired you? That is just --

Liza: Tad --

Tad: Well, come on, Liza. He can't get away with that. You can't let him.

Liza: Would you please calm down? He didn't fire me. I quit.

Tad: Why?

Liza: I'm divorcing Adam.

Tad: Again?

Liza: You're supposed to say something comforting.

Tad: Third time's the charm.

[Music plays]

Bear: It's a party

Boy: It's a party

Bear: Let's have fun it's a party

Girl: It's a dragon!

Adam: Look -- a dancing bear!

Colby: Excuse me. Can you fix my family?

Petey: Yeah, age-appropriate fun.

Laurie: I know J.R. Ran away, Mr. Chandler. So go ahead, let me have it.

Kendall: What did your mother do to you?

Greenlee: Just indulged her annual schizo maternal spasm. Hug-hug, kiss-kiss, stab-stab.

Kendall: Oh. Well, at least she didn't tell you your boyfriend's using you because he really wants her.

Greenlee: You're such a comfort.

Kendall: Look at us. Look at us -- we finally have something in common.

Greenlee: Afraid I don't see it.

Kendall: We both survived mothers from hell.

Greenlee: Don't get into an evil mom contest with me, Kendall, because hands down, I'll win.

Linus: Hey, Chris.

Chris: Linus. That the Erica Kane file?

Linus: Yep. Thought you closed that case.

Chris: Got a little ahead of myself. I'm going to sift through this, and by the end of the day, I'll know who's she sleeping with.

Jack: All right, Reggie. For the last time, who was with you the night you robbed Trey's place?

Reggie: Not again. I did the job by myself.

Jack: No, you didn't. Somebody was with you -- somebody you're covering for, somebody you're afraid of.

Reggie: Tell me what park to clean, all right? Give me a bright orange coat and I'll be on my way.

Jack: Trash detail your worst-case scenario? Son, you lack imagination.

Reggie: Look, nothing can be worse than working for you, ok?

Jack: Just wait till you meet your new boss.

Reggie: Well, show me the guy.

Jack: Here he is right here.

Reggie: What?

Jack: I'm starting a building project.

Reggie: Well, you know, I like fresh air and exercise --

Jack: Good. I hope you like hard physical labor, too, because we're going to be building houses -- houses for people who need them, so --

Erica: Oh, Jack, thank God you're here. Hi, Reggie. I need your help. You have got to stop Michael Cambias. He's trying to wreck my engagement to Chris.

Tad: You know, I mean it. I -- I was beginning to think you'd never break free.

Liza: You know, you're beginning to sound like Lysistrata.

Tad: Oh. So I guess your marital problems were beyond her skills, huh?

Liza: No, you know what? Counseling really was a giant success. Excuse me.

Tad: Oh, yeah, and that's why you're on your way to the divorce court.

Liza: Without her, Adam and I would be at war.

Tad: What do you mean, "would be"? I'm staying on high alert.

Liza: Adam has been quite reasonable, Tad.

Tad: Well, give him time. He's probably just stunned. You do realize this means you have to take care of Colby, right?

Liza: He has agreed to a very fair custody agreement.

Tad: Oh, please. You read the fine print?

Liza: Colby will live at Mia's right now. She will visit her father at his house.

Tad: What about the money?

Liza: He has offered a very fair settlement. I'm going to be working at Fusion.

Tad: It's too easy.

Liza: No, you know what, it's not easy, because I've just broken up my family. I have shattered my daughter's family, and I've blown up any picture I have of a future.

Tad: I -- I did not -- it just didn't come out the way I meant it. I'm sorry.

Liza: Look, Adam and I have survived a lot. Adultery and felonies and illness --

Tad: Yeah, and then I kissed you. Liza, did something that insignificant really destroy your marriage?

Jamie: No. I did.

[Music plays]

Bear: There you go.

Laurie: I'm sorry J.R. ran away, Mr. Chandler. I know you think it's my fault.

Adam: Laurie, my son left Pine Valley for one main reason, and that was to get away from me. But I would like to ask you one question, and I'm begging you to be honest with me.

Laurie: What?

Adam: Have you heard from J.R.? Do you know -- is he all right?

Laurie: I wish I did.

Adam: If you hear from him, will you let me know?

Laurie: Sure. I promise.

Colby: Daddy?

Adam: Hmm?

Colby: Come see the dragon.

Adam: Ok, my darling. Where is he? Do I have to slay him? Over there, all right. Good luck, Laurie.

Maddie: Colby!

Joni: I'm babysitting.

Laurie: Me, too.

Joni: Laurie, I'm sorry -- you know, for telling J.R. I'm really sorry.

Laurie: I should go get Petey.

Joni: Laurie, stop. Please, just don't walk away. I'm -- I wish I could take everything back.

Laurie: JR's gone.

Joni: I know. Can you just please forgive me? I'd do anything if we could just be friends again.

Kendall: There is no way in hell that you win the evil mom contest. Erica could've ruined Mother Teresa.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you didn't grow with Erica. You grew up with a nice, cooking-baking mom. You hunted Erica down, you stalked her.

Kendall: Yeah, that's because she threw me out.

Greenlee: It's called adoption. It's considered an act of selfless love.

Kendall: Not when you blame your own baby for being born.

Greenlee: Walk away, Kendall.

Kendall: I wish I could, but wanting my mother's love -- that's ingrained in me.

Greenlee: My parents didn't want me, either. My father flat-out told me so.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Greenlee: He tried to take it back, but we both knew it was true.

Kendall: I'm sorry. Greenlee, I'm really sorry. Unwanted is the worst feeling in the world.

Greenlee: I'm sorry for you, too; but believe me, you're better off because Erica gave you away.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, I turned out real sweet and well-adjusted.

Greenlee: You can work on that. Like I told Lysistrata, I just don't want to turn into my mother.

Kendall: Greenlee, you are nothing like your mother.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, I wish, but when Mary was talking down to Carlos like he was beneath her, I could hear my own voice speaking. It's like I just wanted to rip my heart out.

Kendall: You -- you're not always like that.

Greenlee: Well, if that's true, it's because Mary's mothering came in very small doses.

[Elevator door opens]

Kendall: And here comes one now.

Greenlee: No. Don't tell me.

Kendall: Yeah.

Mary: Greenlee? Darling, I couldn't leave things the way we did.

Greenlee: Why not? You have a nonrefundable ticket?

Mary: I'm determined to be a decent mother to you, and I will do whatever it takes.

Greenlee: Like what? Side-by-side manicures?

Mary: Maybe. And any and everything to stop you from throwing your life away in this ridiculous business in a no-name town with your janitor.

Jack: No, I think maybe you need a glass of water to clear your head.

Erica: No, I don't need that. I need you to save my engagement.

Reggie: Oh, it is official, lady. You are a player.

Erica: Well, thank you.

Jack: Oh, I don't think that was meant to be a compliment.

Reggie: Oh, yes, it is, and I'd like to thank you so very much for that reward money.

Erica: Well, turning in Trey -- that was the right thing to do, Reggie.

Reggie: Yes, it was. He burned down your crib. And -- um -- I don't know, if you're so kind, can you give me the 50 Gs in cash now?

Erica: Oh, well, Jack already put it in a trust fund for you.

Reggie: Yeah, I heard about that. The only thing that means to me is 10 years of minimum wage.

Jack: Reggie, we've spoken about this. You have a job to do. I want you to do it. I need 12 copies collated and stapled, please. Now. Go.

Reggie: Yeah, sure. I don't know how you're going to turn him on, but, please, bump in peace.

Jack: Ugh.

Erica: Reggie. He's a challenge.

Jack: Yes, he's a challenge. But thankfully, I thrive on challenges, as you well know.

Erica: Exactly. That's why I came straight to you, Jack.

Jack: Well, I'm flattered. What's going on?

Erica: The problem is Michael Cambias.

Jack: Tell me what he said.

Erica: He has driven Chris into a jealous rage. He is tearing us apart.

Jack: And what exactly do you want me to do about that?

Erica: I want you to find some legal way to get rid of Cambias. I want you to deport him, I want you to arrest him --

Jack: Erica, I'm not going to use this office --

Erica: Oh, do not give me some legal mumbo-jumbo about probable cause.

Jack: I wouldn't think of it.

Erica: Good.

Jack: I'll make it this simple. I wouldn't so much as lift my little finger to keep you and Chris together.

Tad: James, how could you have anything to do with Liza's divorce?

Liza: Well, he couldn't have. You can't blame yourself at all.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, just a second. What's wrong? Why are you feeling so guilty all of a sudden?

Jamie: I don't want to get into this now. Ok?

Liza: I'm going to give you guys some privacy.

Tad: What'd you do?

Jamie: Mr. Chandler went off on me again.

Tad: Adam goes off on everybody. What's so unusual about that?

Jamie: He said I stole JR's girlfriend and that I drove my brother away.

Tad: Jamie, that's got nothing to do with Liza or Adam's divorce. Did he say something else?

Jamie: He said that I was jealous of J.R., And that no Martin would ever best a Chandler.

Tad: What'd you say?

Jamie: I said he should ask his wife. I bet she wouldn't agree with him.

Tad: That's a good shot. But you shouldn't have said it.

Jamie: But I didn't spill that you made out with Liza.

Tad: Would you stop it? I -- I didn't make out with Liza. Technically, it was just a kiss.

Jamie: Technically, I don't want to know.

Tad: Ok, fair enough. You did not mess up Adam's marriage. You did, however, win me a really, really good shot to the chops.

Jamie: Sorry, but you were the one doing the kissing.

Tad: Hey. Hey. It's not a joke, and I'm not laughing. You've done stuff like this before. It's high time you learned something about discretion.

Jamie: From you? Like that is even possible.

Tad: Jamie --

Jamie: Dad, you're a total fake and a way worse horn-dog than me. So go set an example for yourself!

[Music plays]

Laurie: J.R. really ran away, Joni.

Joni: I know, and I wish I could take everything back.

Laurie: I'm not trying to blame you. I mean, between my dad and JR's dad, he was feeling pretty messed up.

Joni: But I need to figure out the difference between telling the truth and doing what's right.

Laurie: I think you already know.

Joni: Maybe, but I'll never narc on you again.

Laurie: So, you miss Jamie bad?

Joni: I miss you worse. I do. Can we just be friends again?

Laurie: I guess.

Joni: Deal. So guess where I spent a night last week.

Laurie: With a guy?

Joni: No, in jail.

Laurie: What? Get out of here! You? What did you do?

Joni: I broke into the school to put up Fusion posters.

Laurie: What? Why?

Joni: Because that company is the most exciting that's ever happened in my dull life.

Laurie: Oh, my God. So was jail scary?

Joni: Yeah, and the next day I went to the D.A's office, and I ran into someone who freaked me out even worse.

Laurie: Who?

Joni: Well, I'm only telling you this because you're friends with him. Reggie Porter.

Laurie: Get off it, Joni. Reggie's not scary.

Joni: Hello? Reggie's bad news dying to happen.

Greenlee: Exactly how many days do you have to kill before your next cruise?

Mary: I'll stay here as long as you need me.

Simone: Oh.

Mary: What's she doing here?

Simone: Uh, I work here. What's your excuse?

Mary: Greenlee, darling, I understand. I really, really understand that Leo was not only your husband, but your best friend.

Greenlee: So?

Mary: So, you're so desperately lonely for him that you will cling to anybody now.

Greenlee: I'm spending time with people who care about me.

Mary: Darling, she pretended to be your best friend while she was sleeping with your father behind your back!

Kendall: I bet you've slept with more men than Simone. More married men.

Mary: Are you going to let your associates speak to me this way?

Greenlee: Yes. Why try to please you now, Mother? You never approved of anyone in my life.

Mary: I loved Leo.

Greenlee: No, you love Leo now that he's dead.

Mary: I miss him, and I cry for him. Yes, I do cry for him, because I know he was your life. And all I want to do now, Greenlee, is help you through your grief.

Greenlee: It's too late, mother, because I put myself all back together again, all by myself.

Mary: Yeah, I can see that you're working very hard. You're working frantically.

Greenlee: Yeah, and you're jealous and you want to kill any bit of happiness that I've made.

Mary: How can you think that?

Greenlee: Because I know you, and you didn't come all the way back to this no-name town because you suddenly love me. You came back here because you thought I was the only person in the world who would still put up with you.

Mary: Please don't say that.

Greenlee: No, stay away from me, Mother. Yes, I'm sad and I'm scared, but I'm feeling all of it. I'm over my pathetic childhood. I'm managing without Leo. And no matter how terrifying life gets, I will never turn into a lonely user like you.

Chris: I got to be missing something, Linus. All this stuff brings me back to Cambias.

Linus: Well, I never liked him for it.

Chris: Oh? Who did you like?

Linus: Look, Erica's been logging major hours with Jackson Montgomery, but you don't want to go down that road. So I pulled all that stuff.

Chris: No, no, they're old friends. They go back a long way, but --

Linus: You're the boss.

Chris: Uh -- on second thought, why don't you show me what you got on Montgomery.

Erica: Would you please put your male ego aside for five minutes? This is not a chance for you to come between Chris and me. Michael Cambias is trying to take over Enchantment.

Jack: Oh, Erica, for Pete's sake, a lot of people have tried that. He's no match for you.

Erica: Well, he's also seducing Kendall.

Jack: What does that have to do with anything?

Erica: I don't know. But I'm sure it fits together very nicely with the fact that Michael Cambias is going around acting as if he's my lover. He's sending me flowers, he is just spewing the most outrageous innuendo. I mean, he has practically convinced Chris that I'm cheating on him.

Jack: Gee, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but you are cheating on him. With me.

Erica: That is a completely separate issue.

Jack: Oh.

Erica: And that does not justify Michael Cambias' lies. I would never sleep with him.

Jack: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Erica: And I never sleep around.

Jack: Well, that's even better.

Erica: And I never sleep with men I don't love, which is totally beside the point right now. Right now you have to see that Michael Cambias --

Jack: To hell with Michael Cambias, Erica. You just said you love me.

[Music plays]

Laurie: Reggie's a total sweetheart, Joni, just a little street.

Joni: Yeah, try urban destroyer.

Laurie: Hey, come on, give him a break. I mean, his mom's really messed up and his dad's M.I.A.

Joni: Your dad's a wreck and you don't go around threatening people.

Laurie: Not on purpose, anyway.

Joni: So, how are things with you and Jamie?

Laurie: Fine. I don't know, really. So, you want to share some curly fries?

Joni: I guess. You know, just -- just tell me if you're planning on getting together with --

Dragon: Roar! Me, too!

Laurie: Excuse us. This is a private conversation.

Joni: Yeah.

Jamie: I know.

Joni: Ok.

Liza: Mr. Lewis. What are you doing here?

Doug: I -- I -- I need my job back, Mrs. Chandler. Bad. I'll do whatever you ask to prove I'm worth the trouble. Please -- can you help me?

Erica: I did not say I love you. I was talking about Michael Cambias.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You said you never sleep with men that you don't love. You recently slept with me. Therefore, ipso facto --

Erica: Oh, ipso facto yourself. You're twisting my words.

Jack: No, I'm not, Erica. I'm listening with my heart.

Erica: Look, Jack, I adore you. I really do, and you know that. And once upon a time, I was madly in love with you.

Jack: Oh, stop it!

Erica: I'm sorry the truth hurts.

Jack: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've let this go on for so long.

Erica: You've let it?

Jack: Yes! Yes, by playing the gentleman, by backing off, by standing there pretending I'm courageous in some way and watching you vamp.

Erica: How dare you! How dare you belittle my feelings! I love Chris with all my heart.

Jack: You love me more. Admit it, Erica. You love me more than any man you've ever loved.

Chris: What? She was at his office here and here and here?

Linus: Uh-huh. And at his place here, here, here, here, here.

Chris: I thought he was protecting her because he knew about the affair.

Linus: Oh, he knew about the affair -- up close and personal.

Chris: I'll handle it from here.

Linus: Oh. You need backup, Stamp.

Chris: I said I'll handle it.

Jack: Well, it looks as though the lady may want to return this.

Laurie: Jamie, how long have you been listening in?

Jamie: Not long. Just long enough to hear Joni ask if you and I are going to get together. So?

Laurie: Nice outfit.

Jamie: Thanks. Brings out the animal in me.

Laurie: Right. Why are you in it? Why are you here?

Jamie: Well, I was at my grandma's house and she said that you brought Petey to the party, so I decided to crash.

Laurie: Very creative. Right, Joni?

Joni: Very cute.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess you two made up, huh?

Laurie: Joni's really sorry about telling J.R.

Joni: I hope you'll forgive me, too.

Jamie: Yeah. I guess things just slip out, huh?

Maddie: I have a tummy ache.

Joni: Did you eat too much cake?

Maddie: Not even a piece.

Joni: All right. I have to take her home, so call me later, ok?

Laurie: Sure.

Joni: Thanks. Bye, Jamie.

Jamie: Bye.

Laurie: Bye.

Jamie: Finally. You and me.

Laurie: And Petey.

Jamie: He can take care of himself.

Laurie: I should stop him.

Jamie: You should stop avoiding me. I've missed you, Laurie.

Colby: Why are you with Jamie?

Laurie: What?

Colby: You're supposed to be J.R.'s girlfriend.

Liza: I'm -- I'm really sorry.

Doug: I can't lose my little girl.

Liza: What do you mean?

Doug: I know a together lady like you probably can't understand, but, you know, me coming here -- it's a last resort. I need a good job to provide for Laurie. You know, to prove that I'm up to being her dad. I got my resume here.

Liza: You know, when J.R. and Laurie were involved, I -- I went down and I looked at your record. You weren't downsized out of your position.

Doug: I know. I -- I got fired. I admit it, you know? I lost my wife, I got stupid and mean and --

Liza: And now?

Doug: I can't lose Laurie, too. You know, and I'll do whatever I can to be a decent dad.

Liza: I'll talk to Adam.

Doug: I was hoping maybe you could do a little more than that.

Liza: You're right.

Doug: Lysis-- who?

Liza: That's my therapist.

Doug: No way. You know, me and shrinks -- we don't get along.

Liza: No, I -- Adam has said that, too, but he's changed. And I've always thought that the two of you had something in common.

Doug: We're both lousy dads?

Liza: No, I mean you love your children more than life itself.

Doug: Yeah. Well, thank you. Thanks for putting the word in for me.

Tad: Hey, Liza. What is Doug Lewis doing here?

Liza: Oh, he's just trying to be a good parent. What happened with Jamie?

Tad: I would say that Jamie's a chip off the old block.

Liza: Well, that's not so bad.

Tad: Are you kidding? You try raising a mini-me with Brooke's I.Q.

Liza: Well, I don't actually think I'm up to the challenge. I'll tell you, though, convincing Adam to rehire Doug Lewis -- that's going to be a hard sell.

Tad: If you were in charge, would Doug get another chance?

Liza: Why not?

Tad: No reason. We all need a second chance sometimes.

Liza: Yeah, I guess.

Tad: Matter of fact, sometimes second chances are what make life livable. You know?

Liza: Are you trying to muster the courage to ask if I'll give us a second chance?

Mary: I hope you'll learn one day when you have a child of your own what it's like to want to protect your baby, to save her from devastating mistakes.

Greenlee: By making her afraid to love? That's your legacy, not mine.

Mary: You know, you think you have this big heart and you take great pride that you're nothing like your mother -- vapid and snobbish.

Greenlee: I'm working on it.

Mary: Well, work away. It's an act. We both know it's an act. Because what you really are, Greenlee, is empty. You are so empty inside that nothing and no one will ever fill you up. So enjoy your progress, darling. It's not going to last.

Erica: You are impossible. I certainly do not love you more than anyone I've ever known.

Jack: Oh, yes, you do. That's why you keep coming back.

Erica: I am here because you are the D.A., and I need legal help.

Jack: You're engaged to an FBI agent. Go ask him for the legal help.

Erica: I can't do that because Michael Cambias has driven him into such a jealous rage that he is not thinking very clearly right now.

Jack: All right, you know what, I don't think you're thinking very clearly yourself, so why don't we talk about why you threw your ring back at Chris?

Erica: We made up.

Jack: You chickened out.

Erica: I listened with my heart.

Jack: No, you know what, you started hearing all of those scurrilous whispers. That's what you started doing.

Erica: You think this is about my image?

Jack: I think you're sick of scandal, Erica. I think you're sick of the society ladies coming up to you and saying, "Oh, Erica, darling, what last name are you using now?" I think you're sick of numbers appearing next to your ex-husbands' pictures in the tabloid press.

Erica: Well, you have just sunk lower than I ever even thought you could go.

Jack: Erica, I have seen you through a lot of men.

Erica: Well, then get a life and stop standing around like a little sad puppy while I marry Chris.

Jack: You don't want me to do that.

Erica: Yes, I do.

Jack: No, you don't. Not at all. You want love to be simple.

Erica: What's wrong with that?

Jack: Simple's not in your nature, Erica. And simple is certainly not going to keep you interested for the rest of your life.

Erica: But you are?

Jack: Yes. You bet I am. What happened in your penthouse -- that was not two friends who momentarily confused tenderness and heat. It was two lovers, Erica, who have been fighting and fighting and fighting a bond for years, and finally they just decided not to fight it anymore.

Erica: Look, we do have great chemistry.

Jack: Yes.

Erica: But it was just a moment.

Jack: Yes. It was the moment when we were our truest, most naked selves, Erica. Look, listen to me, listen to me -- look at me. I understand -- I understand why you're afraid. I do.

Erica: I'm not afraid.

Jack: Yes, you are because if you love me, you're going to have to do it without a safety net and you're going to have to really find out what you truly believe is forgivable. And hardest of all, you're going to have to take responsibility for the affair that cost you your daughter.

Erica: I've done that.

Jack: No, Erica, you have not done that. If you had done that, you would not be hiding behind Chris Stamp. Erica, it's Jack. For God's sake, look at me and for once be brave. Be brave. I want you to tell me what you really feel.

Erica: All right. I hate you. I really hate you. I hate you for being right. God help me, ok! I love you. I love you with everything I am.

Tad: I got to tell you I'd be lying if I said that that -- that kiss didn't bring back a whole lot of really, really good memories.

Liza: Me, too.

Tad: So why, when we were in Lysistrata's office with Adam, did you say it could've been anybody?

Liza: You know, Tad, I'm not up for talking about this right now.

Tad: Ok, well, then let me talk about it for a while. You know, you and I have been pretty messed up for these last few days, and --

Liza: Yeah, well, that's an understatement, isn't it?

Tad: Well, sometimes when you take two messed-up people and you put them together, you get --

Liza: You get anxiety attacks. You get weeping fits and late-night calls to the psychic.

Tad: You don't have to sugarcoat it.

Liza: Tad, I'm -- I'm sorry that you're lonely. I'm sorry that you're hurt.

Tad: But you don't think it's a good idea for us to start jumping each other? No?

Liza: No.

Tad: All right, fine. Ok, you're probably right. You get to be right again. It'd be too much fun, you know? Too easy. Besides, we've got boxes to pack.

Liza: Hey, hey. Tad?

Tad: Yep?

Liza: The kiss, that kiss -- it couldn't have been anyone. It had to be you.

Tad: Ok. That means I am either dangerously irresistible or pathetically safe.

Liza: You're my best friend, and you were there right when I needed you most.

Tad: Well, when you got it, flaunt it.

Liza: I do love you.

Tad: I know.

Laurie: Colby, sweetie, Jamie's just saying hi to me. We're not on a date or anything.

Adam: Colby, they're ready for the piņata!

Colby: Can I take a turn?

Adam: Sure, sure. Give it a swat for me. Go on. Go and have fun.

Colby: Ok!

Adam: All right.

Laurie: Look, Mr. Chandler, I really don't want any trouble. There's nothing going on between Jamie and me.

Jamie: Oh, Laurie, do you have to let him scare you into lying?

Laurie: I'm not lying.

Jamie: What do you mean? We have this connection. I mean, you call me.

Laurie: When I need a friend. Please, Jamie. We can't be more than that.

Jamie: Why not?

Laurie: Because I still love J.R. Now, I'm going to go find Petey.

Adam: Jamie, I'm sorry.

Jamie: Like hell you are. Stay away from me.

Adam: I'm trying to understand --

Jamie: No, you're trying to control something you can't control!

Adam: Listen, young man, life is trying very hard to teach you a lesson. Shut your mouth before someone shuts it for you.

Reggie: Whoa!

Luis: You keeping quiet? You protecting your Dr. A. from a world of pain?

Reggie: Yeah, I'm keeping my secrets. I'm doing my community service like I should be.

Luis: Oh, yeah. The park does look nice -- nice and clean.

Reggie: Yeah, well, you keep your end of the bargain, all right, and stay away from my Doc A.

Joni: Oh, my God. What do you want?

Luis: Your money, all of it. And you might want to start praying it's enough.

Kendall: You know what, Greenlee? I think that we should just call it a day and maybe go out for some ice cream or something.

Simone: Yeah, or drinks.

Kendall: Drinks. That was -- that was the worst mom scene I have ever seen.

Greenlee: It's not new. Someone needs to go to the shop and pick up the posters before it closes.

Simone: I'll go.

Kendall: Yeah.

Simone: Yeah, I'll go.

Greenlee: Don't get arrested.

Simone: I -- I won't. Ok.

Kendall: Bye.

Greenlee: Don't you have roses to go home and water?

Kendall: You know, there really only is one cure for a mom from hell.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I'm not willing to do 25 to life.

Kendall: I mean, Greenlee, do exactly what you're doing -- dream up a dream, work like hell to live it, and along the way, fall hopelessly in love.

Greenlee: Leave before I trade you to a greeting card company.

Kendall: Are you sure you want to be alone?

Greenlee: I need to be.

Kendall: Ok. Well, if -- if you change your mind or you need to talk or anything, my cell's on.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: Carlos? Are you there? It's Greenlee. Please call me. I need to talk to you. I'm sorry.

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