AMC Transcript Monday 3/17/03


All My Children Transcript Monday 3/17/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: Are you 100 gazillion percent sure you nailed the right name of my e-mailer?

Jamie: Yeah, Sydney Bergeron.

Henry: You shouldn't have come here, Maggie.

Maggie: Henry, what's --

Henry: Look, go away, Maggie. Just go away.

Erica: What's wrong?

[Erica gasps]

Chris: Are you sleeping with Michael Cambias? Nothing.

Michael: So, am I going to see you tonight?

Kendall: You supply the heat, and I'll bring the ice.

Greenlee: Why are you holding my scarf?

Carlos: I -- I spilled oil on the desk, and I got it all over your scarf.

Greenlee: Give it to me.

Carlos: No.

Michael: Very nice, very nice. There you go. Thank you.

Waiter: Thank you, Mr. Cambias.

Michael: You're welcome, and I'll let you know when to bring the food up, Ok?

Waiter: Yes, sir.

Michael: You bet.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Kendall. Well, aren't you full of surprises.

Boyd: Are you guys Ok?

Bianca: Yeah.

Lena: It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.

Boyd: Careful.

Bianca: Slow down, slow down. You know, we have to work together here.

Boyd: You guys, why don't you just take that one upstairs right away.

Bianca: Ok, Ok. I'll go backwards up the steps.

Lena: No, no, it's Ok, I will.

Bianca: No, Lena, I will --

Boyd: No, don't --

[Glass breaks]

Boyd: Drop it.

Jack: So, tell me, what did you find out from the feds?

Aidan: Agent Reese is still reporting to Chris Stamp.

Jack: All right, good work, good work. Did Reese give you any indication as to why they haven't brought this shooter Flanders into custody?

Aidan: Stamp didn't put out the arrest order in time.

Jack: Well, that's a little odd, don't you think? Have a seat.

Aidan: Thanks.

Jack: What's the reason? They don't have enough on this guy, or what?

Aidan: According to Reese, yeah, they did.

Jack: So you're telling me that Stamp dragged his feet and let this Flanders just slip away on us?

Aidan: Looks like it.

Jack: Well, what's his excuse? Why would he let a convicted shooter escape?

Aidan: I don't think Reese knows.

Jack: Well, then it's your job to find out, isn't it?

Mia: Well, anyway, yeah. Hi. I was really looking for something that I could sort of hook into, you know? And Liza was investing in Fusion, and so she wanted me to keep an eye on her investment, and --

Edmund: And the next thing you know, your picture's plastered all over town.

Mia: Mm-hmm, thanks to Simone. No one was more surprised about that than I was.

Chris: Hey, Edmund.

Edmund: Hey, Chris.

Chris: Mia, I'd like to talk to you.

Mia: Me?

Chris: Yeah, now, if you don't mind. It's -- it's rather important.

Mia: Um -- Edmund?

Edmund: It's fine. What are you drinking.

Mia: I'll have an iced tea, please. Thank you. So, I don't understand. Why do want to talk to me?

Chris: Because you're on the inside of Fusion, and I wanted to ask you some questions about -- about Michael Cambias and Kendall.

Kendall: I have to pick Simone up from jail and thought I would swing by for some lunch after, but it looks like you're expecting somebody already.

Michael: Actually, yes -- you.

Maggie: Did I just get that right? You're ordering me out?

Henry: Look, I have a lot of work to do. Lunch is our busiest hour.

Maggie: It's not like you're going to get fired. Regina told me that your family owns this place.

Henry: Regina. So that explains how you found me.

Maggie: Why don't you explain to me why you're so bummed out that I did.

Henry: I'm not bummed, Ok?

Maggie: Come on, David was horrible.

Henry: He's scared about his daughter.

Maggie: You were just trying to reassure him that Leora's immune system is stronger than he thinks. He didn't have to insult you like that.

Henry: Yeah, well, Dr. Hayward doesn't want to hear it from the jerk in Premed, Ok?

Maggie: Henry, that's no excuse. He should have never reacted the way he did, especially when he knows how much you respect his work.

Henry: Look, goodbye, Ok? You shouldn't have come here. I'm really busy.

Maggie: I went out of my way to track you down, Ok? You're not going to blow me off.

Lena: Boyd, I'm so sorry.

Bianca: It just slipped. What's that smell?

Boyd: My lab equipment is in -- well, was in there.

Lena: You have a lab in your apartment?

Myrtle: Hi. I -- oh, my, my, my. Oh, what a muddle. Oh, sweetheart. Listen, darling, I don't like my boarders to muddle up the house. I mean, not even the kitchen, unless I have Ok'd the menu.

Boyd: Oh, no, no, no, Mrs. Fargate, I learned my lesson. Believe me, I'm going to rent space from an independent lab, I promise.

Myrtle: Glad to hear it. Oh, what's that smell? Is that country perfume?

Lena: What country?

Myrtle: Polecat? Skunk?

Boyd: I think some of my chemicals may have spilled.

Bianca: Yeah.

Myrtle: Well, those chemicals might be biting a hole in my floor. What have I let myself in for?

Boyd: Nothing, nothing. Mrs. Fargate, I swear, you're not going to regret renting me a room.

Bianca: No, he's very responsible.

Boyd: Very.

Lena: Very helpful.

Myrtle: Very handsome. Yes, I know, I know. Ok, Ok, Ok. You better come with me and sign the rent book. Off you go, and my name is Myrtle.

Boyd: Got it.

Bianca: Well, do you want to take this thing upstairs to Boyd's room?

Lena: Is something leaking?

Bianca: Oh. No, I think it's -- it's Ok.

Lena: I think we should probably let Boyd take the rest of this upstairs.

Bianca: Yeah, that's a good idea. We've done enough damage for one day.

Boyd: Well, the deed is done.

Myrtle: He has signed away his life, and he is my new boarder.

Bianca: And my new neighbor. Congratulations, Boyd.

Boyd: Thank you, thank you.

Lena: Well, do you want to take whatever's left in there upstairs?

Boyd: Why don't you guys leave it. I'll take it up and see what I can salvage.

Bianca: Ok.

Lena: And I'll go to the car and get some of the smaller things.

Bianca: Good idea.

Myrtle: Bianca.

Bianca: Hmm?

Myrtle: He's a nice boy, that Boyd, isn't he?

Bianca: Yes, you're going to enjoy having him around, Myrtle.

Myrtle: Am I going to see a lot of that nice young girl?

Bianca: Lena?

Myrtle: Mm-hmm.

Bianca: Um -- well, she's not Boyd's girlfriend, or anything like that, if that's what you mean.

Myrtle: Is she yours?

Aidan: Thanks.

Jack: See, I feel that Stamp's inaction in this case constitutes a dereliction of duty.

Aidan: You don't know that. It might be that they're after somebody higher up.

Jack: Come on, Aidan, this is not your first barbecue. You know what we do when that happens. We bring the felon in, we try to flip him over to our side.

Aidan: Could be that Chris knew that that wouldn't work.

Jack: Sure it could be, or it could be that he's getting paid off.

Aidan: See, I don't believe that. I think Chris is a good guy.

Jack: All right. You like Chris, I like Chris, but the fact is this is not the first case that he's played wrong. He drew a two-year suspension because he used his job. He used his badge to settle a personal score.

Aidan: Isn't that what you're doing?

Jack: No, it is not.

Aidan: So this has got nothing to do with Erica?

Jack: We've been all over this, Aidan. All I'm trying to do is find out if Chris Stamp is clean or dirty. If I do that through the regular channels, he's going to find out.

Aidan: Well, I still think -- I still believe in Chris.

Jack: That's fine. You just remain objective while you're investigating him.

Aidan: Until I see Chris step over that line, I will.

Chris: Why is Michael Cambias spending so much time in Pine Valley? Is he interested in buying Fusion? Has he made an offer on it?

Mia: Listen, I don't know why you're asking me. As far as I know, Michael's not interested in acquiring Fusion. Michael loves Kendall.

Chris: Cambias loves money, period.

[Phone rings]

Chris: Excuse me. I got to take this.

Edmund: What was that all about?

Mia: I have no idea.

Kendall: Well, how could you possibly be expecting me? I just decided to drop by.

Michael: Well, oddly enough, I was about to call you and see if you wanted to spend the afternoon together, so here we are.

Kendall: No one has ever been this good to me.

Michael: Oh. Well, I'd like to be the first.

Kendall: How could I have ever thought you were interested in Erica? Can you forgive me for doubting you?

Michael: Can we please just forget about that, Ok?

Kendall: All right.

Michael: Hmm? I want you and only you. Let me open the champagne, Ok?

Kendall: Oh, Michael, Simone is waiting.

Michael: Oh, right. Fusion's most wanted.

Kendall: Yeah. I hope I have enough to cover her bail.

Michael: Tell me that Simone won't skip town.

Kendall: Uh -- she won't, but why?

Michael: Well, you fill out the amount, whatever it takes, Ok?

Kendall: I -- I -- I don't know what I ever did to deserve you.

Michael: You grew up wrestling alligators in the swamp, remember?

Kendall: Oh, yeah, that. Well, then it looks like you are my reward.

Michael: Hmm.

Kendall: I so wish I could spend the whole afternoon with you.

Michael: Really? What about the night?

Kendall: And the night.

Michael: Hmm, nice. Well --

[Knock on door]

Michael: Um --

Donald: Ah, Mr. Cambias, how does it feel to get kicked in the assets by Erica Kane?

Michael: Excuse me?

Donald: Oh, yeah, smooth, smooth, but I already know that Erica's rejected your attempt to get in bed with Enchantment, so where does it hurt?

Greenlee: No? You won't give me back my scarf?

Carlos: I have to get it cleaned.

Greenlee: Why on earth were you oiling the desk in the first place?

Carlos: Not the desk, it was the chair. It had a squeak. I'm going to go get some rags, so I can clean the desk.

Greenlee: Carlos, stop! Come back here right now.

Greenlee: I'm not debating this. Give me the scarf. Let go. Let go -- oh!

Carlos: Ooh.

Michael: I have no idea what you're referring to.

Donald: Well, quoting from "The Wall Street Herald," "Enchantment rejected the Cambias overture, calling it nothing more than a desperate attempt to gain a foothold in the American market by associating themselves with an American legend, Erica Kane."

Michael: Hmm.

Donald: Any comment?

Michael: Comment? Yeah. How's this? Enchantment approached me, and I turned them down.

Donald: Uh-huh. Well, that's not what "The Herald" source said.

Michael: They were incorrect. They should check their facts. Bye-bye.

Donald: Jeez, where is the fun in that? You think the world's going to believe that you said no to Erica?

Michael: I did say no. Your mother never quits, does she?

Kendall: No. In my experience, never.

Michael: She must have planted that lie. I guess I have to start doing some damage control.

Kendall: Yeah, I'd say. Well, I have to go and bail out my co-worker.

Michael: Not quite yet.

Michael: You make me forget everything that Erica stirs up.

Kendall: You do the same thing for me. Ok. I'm going. Bye.

Bianca: No, Lena is not my girlfriend, either.

Myrtle: Do you want her to be?

Bianca: Um -- right now, we're just -- all of us, just friends. Friend friends.

Myrtle: Sensible girl.

Bianca: Thank you.

Myrtle: That's the best way.

Bianca: All right. I'm going to make another trip.

Myrtle: I'm going to the kitchen.

Bianca: Ok.

Bianca: Oh. Oh, my gosh, are you crazy?

Lena: I thought I'd save us some trips.

Bianca: Well, is there anything left out there?

Lena: I'm afraid so.

Bianca: I'll go get it.

Boyd: Are you kidding? All right, come here. Let me grab something. I got it.

Lena: Careful, it might fall.

Boyd: Just answer me one question.

Lena: Sure.

Boyd: Which team are you on?

[Phone rings]

Lena: It might be Erica.

Boyd: I got it. Go ahead. It's Ok.

Lena: Hello?

Michael: Lena, darling, are you able to talk?

Lena: Yes.

Michael: Very nice work.

Lena: Thank you.

Michael: That reporter Steele was just here. Your counter leak to "The Wall Street Herald" worked. Looks like they've swallowed the bait.

Lena: They certainly have.

Michael: Time to start reeling them in.

Lena: You can count on me.

Michael: Michael Cambias for Erica Kane, please.

Henry: Look, Maggie, stop taking this so personally.

Maggie: I came here to apologize to you for David's behavior, and then you tell me to get lost. How am I supposed to take it?

Henry: Ok, fine, apology accepted, Ok? And I'm cool with Dr. Hayward.

Maggie: I'm not.

Henry: Well, look, you'd better chill and concentrate on the O-Chem midterm.

Maggie: Is that why you're so freaked out?

Henry: What, like you're not?

Henry: Mother, this is Maggie stone. Maggie, my mother, Alma Chin.

Alma: How do you do?

Maggie: Nice to meet you.

Man: And I am Henry's revered Uncle Lee.

Maggie: "Revered"?

Lee: And much honored for my artistry in the kitchen. You look hungry.

Lee: Have you eaten?

Maggie: No, I haven't.

Lee: Well, sit. It will only take a few minutes, huh?

Maggie: I didn't order anything.

Lee: Ah, you cannot order this dish. It is one I will create just for you. Huh? Sit. Visit with Henry.

Alma: Henry, table seven is waiting to order. I don't mean to be rude. You seem like a nice girl, but my life and all the work that I do is to give Henry opportunity, so he will make a good life. I will not let him throw this away for a girl, however nice.

Maggie: Excuse me?

Alma: Please, don't take this the wrong way, but you must leave my son alone.

Boyd: So, you never answered my question. Which is it? Are you straight or gay?

Lena: Do you ask because you're interested in me?

Boyd: Maybe, and because you seem interested in Bianca.

Lena: I am. I like Bianca very much.

Boyd: So you are gay.

Lena: I am friendly.

Boyd: Is that supposed to be my answer?

Boyd: What kind of game are you playing?

Lena: You have so many questions, and I have to go. Can you and Bianca do without me?

Boyd: I think we'll struggle through, yeah. Thanks for helping.

Lena: Anytime.

Bianca: Oh. Hey.

Lena: I have to run. I'll see you later.

Bianca: Oh. Yeah, see you later. Well, Boyd, what did I miss?

Jack: Now, you listen to me. I want the details of every case Stamp has ever worked on. Yes, including the industrial espionage task force. No, 10 years ago is not too long ago. I want it all. You understand me? And do not in any way tie this back to me. Do you follow?

Reggie: Look, Jack, we're going to have to talk, all right? You're going to have to do something about the scenery. You got to hire someone.

Jack: The scenery? What -- what do you mean?

Reggie: Ok, is there some kind of rule around here that you got to hire women that's old enough to be my grandma? Come on, for real.

Jack: Listen, those are employees, and they do their job very well. They're not supposed to be scenery.

Reggie: Duh, all right? You think looking at old desert stuff is, you know, turning you on, then you have a problem.

Jack: You know, here's something that might turn you on. I'd like you to go through all these files and separate them into three categories -- cold cases, acquittals, and convictions -- and especially look at the convictions.

Reggie: Ok. What's what supposed to mean? Why can't the old lady with the coke bottle glasses --

Jack: Because she has more important things to do and, as I recall, you need a job.

Reggie: I don't -- I miss the girls at Fusion.

Jack: I'll just bet you do, but ever since you turned in Kendall's brother for arson, she doesn't want you around anymore.

Reggie: Look, Trey said he was Ok with it, all right? He was willing to do the time --

Jack: Yes, well, evidently, Kendall is not so forgiving, so -- oh, and by the way, you're not off the hook with me yet, either.

Reggie: Look, you got me doing these little odd jobs around the office. What else do you want from me?

Jack: I'll tell you what I want from you, Reggie. I want the guy that broke into Trey's apartment. I want the guy that shot that convenience store manager.

Reggie: Work, work, work. So much work, so little time, right? Yeah. You mind if I sit here?

Jack: Go ahead.

Mia: Do you think I should tell her?

Edmund: Tell who?

Mia: Kendall, that Chris is nosing around.

Edmund: Well, this Cambias guy is not the target of an investigation, right?

Mia: Right.

Edmund: I think Kendall's got enough to worry about on a good day.

Mia: That's true.

Edmund: I ran into Simone in jail earlier today.

Mia: Oh. Yeah. Oh, God. Poor Simone. She really does great things for the company, though. She does. It's just too bad that some of them are slightly illegal.

Edmund: Yeah. She used to work for me at "Tempo." A little unorthodox.

Mia: Yes, yes, but she gets results. She does for Fusion, at least.

Edmund: Ok, good. Well, there's more to making a startup company successful than creative advertising.

Mia: Absolutely, and everybody is just amazing. Greenlee is focused and she's very devoted. She and Kendall are just amazing. They've got sensational taste, and they're very smart.

Edmund: And there's you.

Mia: Yeah, there's me. Yeah, and I'm having a great time.

Edmund: Looking out for Liza's investment.

Mia: Yeah, well, that's how it started, and then it -- what are you smiling at?

Edmund: You. You know what all women want.

Mia: That was our jumping off idea.

Edmund: Mm-hmm. Ok. I'll tell you what. You let me in on your little secret, and I'll tell all my male readers and we'll make the planet a happier place. What do women want?

Mia: You.

Aidan: That's it, man. Your shift's over.

Bartender: All right. Thanks.

Aidan: I'm here to relieve you.

Bartender: The outstanding tabs right there.

Aidan: Ok. I'll take care of it.

Bartender: Thanks.

Aidan: Thanks.

Chris: A double scotch, straight up, please.

Aidan: It's a bit early in the day, isn't it?

Chris: Well, not if you've had the kind of day I've had.

Aidan: Are you Ok, Chris?

Chris: It's not a crime to want a drink, is it?

Aidan: You're the fed. You'd know.

Chris: Right. Sorry, I just got -- I just got a lot on my mind.

Aidan: Erica?

Chris: Why would you go there?

Aidan: I just remember that look on your face when we were building her penthouse.

Carlos: Greenlee, are you hurt?

Greenlee: No. I don't think so. What the hell are you doing?

Carlos: Well, the oil was --

Greenlee: There was no oil on my desk.

Carlos: There was.

Greenlee: Were you stealing it?

Carlos: Stealing?

Greenlee: What else am I supposed to think?

Carlos: I told you.

Greenlee: Oh, you were oiling my chair, got oil on the desk and on my scarf?

Carlos: Yeah.

Greenlee: I don't believe you. You understand that? I do not believe you.

Carlos: Look, I'm not stupid. I don't act like this. I don't -- I don't act like the person that I'm not.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: What the hell are you talking about?

Carlos: I'm sorry I ruined the scarf. It was an accident.

Greenlee: You didn't oil my chair.

Carlos: I did, and the reason you don't find any oil on the desk is because I wiped it up.

Greenlee: You said you were going for rags to wipe it up when you tried to get away with my scarf.

Carlos: No, no -- you confused me.

Greenlee: And even if there was a little oil, why would you oil my chair?

Carlos: That's my job. That's what I do, and -- if you don't want that, you can hire somebody else. Trata de hacer eso, no?

Henry: Ok. Thank you.

Alma: Please, sit. Henry is the hope of our family. We all share his goals.

Maggie: Oh, I do, too. I also want to be a doctor.

Alma: Oh. What you want is not my concern. Henry is a dutiful son. He will someday become a dutiful husband and father.

Maggie: You don't have to worry about Henry.

Alma: Yes, I do. It is one of my duties as Henry's mother.

Maggie: I understand. You just don't have to worry about me, really. We're just lab partners, nothing else. I promise.

Alma: If your thoughts should go elsewhere, you will remember this talk?

Maggie: I won't forget it.

Henry: What did you say to her?

Alma: Why is your lab partner a girl?

Henry: The professor matched us up. It's the 21st century. Lots of women become doctors.

Alma: That girl wants to become a doctor, good for her, but she must do it on her own.

Henry: Look, we help each other out.

Alma: Oh, you should look after yourself and only for yourself.

Henry: You're so paranoid.

Alma: You wait, you'll see why. If a medical school must choose between you and that girl, you will not be accepted.

Henry: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Alma: I know you're a good student --

Henry: Well, it doesn't sound like it. Mama, she's really smart.

Alma: Fine, be her partner, but if you help her, you are only hurting yourself.

Boyd: Miss? What makes you think you missed anything?

Bianca: Well, because I was gone for, like, two seconds, and I come back and now you've got this mysterious, glazed-over look on your face.

Boyd: Yeah, well, let's just say our little bet --

Bianca: Uh-huh?

Boyd: You are so going to lose.

Bianca: I don't think so, my friend.

Boyd: Trust me, Binks -- you're going to owe me one heck of a dinner.

Simone: Oh, I didn't think I was ever going to get out.

Kendall: Ok, promise me this is the last time that you land in jail. Boyd.

Bianca: Kendall.

Kendall: What's up?

Bianca: Boyd's moving in.

Boyd: Yep. So, how are things with you?

Kendall: Great.

Boyd: Great.

Simone: I'm going to go get that file.

Bianca: Yeah, I'm going to --

Simone: I'll be right back.

Boyd: That's Ok, I can --

Bianca: Take some of this upstairs. No, that's Ok, Boyd. I can handle it.

Boyd: So, how are things with Cambias, the wonder boy?

Chris: Everything's great, just great, with Erica and me.

Aidan: Good. I'm real glad to hear it. So, when's the big day?

Chris: A couple of months, and she'll be sending out the invitations soon. You'll be getting one.

Aidan: Well, cheers, Chris. I'll be glad to attend. You know, I don't know what you'd do without Erica, but, you know, I'm glad to see you're doing well.

Edmund: So, in the end, it really didn't make any difference. Things just didn't work out.

Mia: But that's not your fault. You were completely devoted to Maria.

Edmund: Yeah, the problem was the woman who came back into Pine Valley was Maureen.

Mia: Still -- still, that depth of love, now, that's what women want.

Edmund: Well, um -- she moved on, and I moved on.

Mia: Yeah. Well, I tell you, it's not easy.

Edmund: No, and I know you're speaking from experience.

Mia: Yes, but I'm coming through it. I'm working -- I'm working at it, anyway.

Edmund: It's nice to know you're not alone.

Mia: Definitely. It's nice.

Maggie: I'm going to take off. I should study.

Henry: Well, it's Uncle Lee's specialty.

Maggie: It smells great. It was very nice of him.

Henry: Come on, if you don't eat it, Lee will be insulted.

Maggie: I'm not very good at chopsticks. Oh, my God.

Henry: It's good, huh?

Maggie: No wonder why he's revered. Maybe I should just take it to go.

Henry: What did my mother say to you?

Maggie: Not much. She loves you a lot. She wants you to have a great future, and she doesn't want it to be derailed, especially by an American girl.

Henry: That sounds about right. Look, my mother's father was an American soldier stationed in Taipei. He and my grandmother fell in love and she got pregnant, but they didn't get married, and so she ended up coming back to the States before my mother was even born.

Maggie: That stinks. It happens -- in any culture.

Henry: Yeah, but it's not just what her father did. When my mother was 14, her mother died and she came to America.

Maggie: Did she ever find her father?

Henry: I don't think she even looked.

Maggie: Really? You don't think?

Henry: Well, she doesn't discuss him at all.

Maggie: Oh. What about your father? Was he American, too?

Henry: No, my father was from Taiwan. He didn't like living in the States, so he left us to go home when I was only 2.

Maggie: Does your mother like the States?

Henry: Well, she likes the opportunities here, and she's always felt like America owed her something.

Maggie: So you're supposed to deliver?

Henry: That's what she's counting on, and, you know, I want to make her proud, her and Lee.

Maggie: You can only do that by being a doctor?

Henry: It's what they expect.

Maggie: So?

Henry: So they've done everything for me and now it's my turn.

Maggie: Henry, you're smart, and you're really talented. You can do whatever you want. You should do something that you love.

Henry: Well, I am.

Maggie: No, I love medicine and your mother loves medicine. You love music.

Henry: Music is a hobby, it's not a career.

Maggie: You sound like you're quoting your mother.

Henry: No, really, Maggie, this way is best. I mean, I can play the guitar any time I want. What are you thinking about?

Maggie: Us. Henry, I think that we should call this off.

Carlos: If you can't respect my work, I can't stay.

Greenlee: Respect? Carlos, you oil chairs and fix pipes.

Carlos: That's honest work, and I can do that some other place if that's what you wish.

Greenlee: You know what? It is what I wish. I'll call Cortlandt management right now and speak to your supervisor.

Carlos: No!

Greenlee: Ah -- ha! You were bluffing? Too bad. Cortlandt, Cortlandt -- here we go.

Carlos: Greenlee, wait. Come on, now.

Greenlee: You're history. Adios. Hello? Hi. This is Greenlee du Pres at Fusion cosmetics in the Greystone building.

Woman: How can I help you, Ms. Du Pres?

Greenlee: Yes, I'd like to speak to the supervisor of the maintenance staff at this building.

Woman: The Greystone? That would be Ms. Bergeron. I'll put you through.

Greenlee: Wait a minute. What? Who did you say?

Woman: Sydney Bergeron manages the building. Please hold.

Kendall: Michael's fine.

Boyd: And you and Michael, also fine?

Kendall: Yes, as far as I know. You mind if I ask why you're moving in here? You can afford much better.

Boyd: I don't know. I thought it might be fun, you know, having people around.

Kendall: Right. Uh -- Simone, hurry up! Come on! I got to get back!

Boyd: Where you going, back to Fusion?

Kendall: No, actually, Michael.

Boyd: Of course. Well, listen, I'm -- I'm glad things are working out for you.

Kendall: Thanks. Yeah, they are.

Boyd: But, you know, if things should change or Michael should come down with some horrible infectious disease --

Kendall: Ok, Ok.

Boyd: I just want you to know I'm still going to be around.

Kendall: Thanks.

Simone: Ok, Ok. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I swear, I think I'm going blind. Thank you so much for the rescue.

Kendall: You're welcome.

Simone: Really, Kendall.

Kendall: Ok, but this better be the last time. This is going to be the last time, right?

Simone: Yes, it is because I am now going to stay on the right side of the law.

Kendall: Yeah, right. Ok. Bye, girl. Simone: Bye.

Kendall: Take care, Boyd.

Boyd: See you.

Simone: So, neighbor, is there anything I can do to make you feel more at home?

Reggie: That old lady could have did this in, like, five minutes. Waste of my time. This is so -- get out of here. Stop playing. You can't be serious.

Jack: Yeah, I was very serious. You got this stuff done?

Reggie: Oh, I just got my stake. That's what I got done.

Jack: And what's that supposed to mean, Reggie?

Reggie: That means $50,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the Kane arsonist. Pay up, Jack. Pay me my money. You owe me 50 large.

Henry: Look, Maggie, if my mother made you angry --

Maggie: No, Henry, I'm not angry. I just think that it's too much to fight. Your mother has major plans for you, and you're obviously okay with that.

Henry: But, you see, I want to go into medicine. I mean, you make it sound like I'm being dishonest or something.

Maggie: She also expects you to be with an Asian girl, right?

Henry: Well, a Chinese girl, yes, but you know what? I don't even care what my mother wants. I only care about you.

Maggie: Really?

Henry: I care about you a lot, Maggie.

Maggie: Your mother is going to make this really hard.

Henry: Yeah, I know. That's nothing new. I don't want to lose you, Ok? So stick around.

Maggie: Ok. I'm already stuck.

Henry: Yeah, me, too.

Carlos: What, you're not having me fired?

Greenlee: You? You're the one who's been sending me those e-mails?

Edmund: I think we took a little detour.

Mia: Yes, we did. We took a detour. We were talking about what women want --

Edmund: Yes.

Mia: And I was giving you the answer -- from my point of view, anyway.

Edmund: At Fusion, yes, and how you fit in.

Mia: It's a great fit so far.

Edmund: Yeah.

Mia: Um -- and as for our little detour, I just want to say thank you for taking that with me. It's nice to know because now I don't feel so alone.

Edmund: You're welcome.

Edmund: Mia? What are you looking at?

Mia: The blonde, yeah. She's -- she's the one.

Edmund: Oh, the one that Jake --

Mia: Yeah. Yeah.

Edmund: I'm sorry. You see that bartender?

Mia: Yeah.

Edmund: That's the one that Maria --

Mia: Oh. We're having lunch in hell.

Edmund: Let's get the hell out of here.

Mia: Ok.

Chris: Kendall? We need to talk.

Kendall: Too bad.

Chris: You've been getting pretty cozy with Michael Cambias.

Kendall: How is that any of your business?

Chris: Well, is that why you're here now? I mean, are you on your way up to his room right now?

Kendall: So what if I am? What is your problem?

Chris: I think we both have a problem with Michael Cambias.

Kendall: Oh. So that's it. Erica's not as attentive lately?

Chris: You leave her out of this.

Kendall: Oh, come on, this is all about her. You need an excuse for Erica being Erica and losing interest in you, so you think she's sleeping with Michael.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Aha. You came.

Erica: You thought I wouldn't?

Michael: Well, for a moment there, I thought you might disappoint me. Come on in.

Erica: Really, Michael. I couldn't stay away. I had to come over.

On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee: Are you the one who's been sending me the e-mails?

Carlos: Do you want me to be?

Reggie: Just give me the money, and I'll be on my way. We can forget we ever met.

Maggie: Do you want me to just go?

Henry: No, I want to kiss you.

Michael: I have found the woman that has everything I've ever wanted.

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