AMC Transcript Friday 3/14/03


All My Children Transcript Friday 3/14/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Aidan: I've got another job, working undercover for Jackson Montgomery -- investigating Chris Stamp.

Simone: I am sick and tired of groveling for you, Greenlee. Officer Lyman, lock me up.

Anna: Maybe we should really reconsider the pacemaker.

David: No. She's fine. I'm going to make sure of it.

[Music plays]

Aidan: Ugly sucker.

Maria: [New York accent] Hey, cutie, you looking for a date?

Aidan: Talking to me?

Maria: Well, yeah. Aren't you the one checking out the goods?

Aidan: Sorry, I'm not in the market.

Maria: Really? It's funny. Don't look gay, but then again, I've been wrong before.

Aidan: Get out of here now.

Maria: Oh, come on, don't be mean.

Aidan: I'm serious, Maureen. Get lost.

Maria: Call me Mo.

Aidan: The only thing I'm calling you is a taxi.

Maria: No, no, no, no.

[Normal voice] Look, we take risks together, or we don't take them at all.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, we don't have a shop here. You're going to have to try Lacey's.

Mia: Lacey's stocks our products.

Kendall: Lacey's can't be out.

Greenlee: Well, you'll have to, because we don't sell retail.

Mia: Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for calling.

Kendall: Thank you for your interest.

Greenlee: Keep buying Fusion.

All: We're a hit! Oh!

Kendall: You guys, every Britney, Amber, and Tiffany in Pine Valley wants Fusioneyes!

Mia: Oh, my God! Lacey's is completely sold out!

Kendall: Yes!

Greenlee: The high school crowd is in a Fusion frenzy.

Kendall: And -- and who do we have to thank for that?

Mia: Simone and Joni for stocking the high schools with our mascara.

Greenlee: Carlos!

Carlos: You want me to bail out Simone?

Greenlee: No, no, no. Get all the boxes of mascara from the storeroom and deliver them to Lacey's right now.

Mia: Carlos, is that all right with you?

Carlos: Mascara? That's fine. I like to help.

Greenlee: Good.

Mia: Fine. Then I'm bailing her out.

Greenlee: No, you're not.

Mia: Simone is my friend.

Greenlee: And if you bail her out, you're unemployed.

Mia: Look --

Greenlee: I mean it -- fired.

Mia: If you don't bail her out, I quit.

Greenlee: Please --

Kendall: Oh, come on, Greenlee, you're not mad because Simone is in jail again. You have a grudge against Simone. You have to get over it.

Simone: Is anyone out there? Has the rest of the world been vaporized?

Jamie: That's a cheerful thought.

Simone: Why are we still here? When are my bail-paying friends going to show up?

Joni: They'll show up.

Simone: You know, I can't get over the fact that your parents did not spring you.

Joni: You know, I have to review my life, you know, make some changes.

Jamie: I hope one of them is butting out of Laurie's life.

Joni: Yeah, minding my own business is part of it.

Tad: Thank you. Jamie --

Jamie: Dad.

Tad: I am so sorry. I was working most of the night at the office. I got home this morning to about a thousand messages from Laurie, and she called me on the cell phone. I didn't have it with me. I would have been here sooner if I'd known.

Jamie: Hey, it's Ok. It's Ok. I'm fine.

Tad: Are you?

Jamie: Yes. Everything's fine.

Tad: No. It's not. How the hell do you go from me telling you in no uncertain terms to stay away from your brother's girlfriend to you beating up her father?

Petey: Come on, Mom. She's a no-show.

Opal: Now, just hold your horses. We're going to give her another few minutes.

Petey: But "Droids in Love" starts in five minutes.

Opal: Yeah? And how's that movie rated?

Petey: We can get in -- my treat.

Opal: It is rated X.

Petey: For exceptional?

Opal: No, for X it off your list, Mister. You're not going to be seeing that filth.

Petey: But, Mom, it's an art film.

Opal: Oh, well, if you're so interested in art, we could spend Saturday at the museum.

Laurie: Mrs. Cortlandtt, I'm so sorry I'm late.

Petey: I'm sorry I'm alive.

Opal: Yeah, well, you just mind your manners here, mister.

Laurie: I tried to reach your son, but --

Opal: It's all right, it's all right. Tad called me. He told me that Jamie's in jail.

Petey: Jamie's in the slammer?

Opal: You know, I see that your soccer game is just about to start over there. I'd like you to get on over there and join your compadres.

Petey: But I want to go to the movies.

Opal: I want you to get some exercise. Now, march!

Laurie: I'll take over now, Mrs. Cortlandt.

Opal: You know, I go by Opal. Just Opal. Why don't you sit down here a minute and just fill me in on my grandson's brush with the law.

Laurie: It happened kind of fast.

Opal: Yeah. Well, you know, there's something about Jamie hitting your daddy that doesn't quite sit right. He isn't the kind of kid who goes around swinging at people.

Laurie: It was just like a reflex. Jamie would never intentionally hurt anybody.

Opal: No, I know that. You know, I did some checking up on you before Palmer hired you to look after Petey -- just to make sure you were up to the challenge.

Laurie: I am.

Opal: Yes, yes, of course you are, but I do know that you've had some difficulties.

Laurie: Everybody has --

Opal: Your daddy isn't easy, is he?

Laurie: Everybody has problems with their parents.

Opal: Yeah, but yours are more than the typical teen troubles, wouldn't you say?

David: Anna? Anna! Oh, for crying out -- what were you thinking?

Maggie: Hi, David. What are you doing?

David: Maggie. Have you seen Anna?

Maggie: No. What happened? Is everything Ok?

David: I was at the clinic this morning putting in my community service hours. I get home, and I find this note.

Maggie: "David, it's such a gorgeous day, I'm taking Leora out for a walk in the park." So?

David: "So?" A walk in the park could kill our daughter.

Joe: Leora, aren't you the fine looking girl.

Anna: Well, she's awfully cute, isn't she, if I say so myself.

Joe: Well, you look tiptop to me. Yes, you do, sweetheart. Yes, you do. She been having any residual problems?

Anna: Her mother's driving herself crazy researching dysrhythmia online. You know, all the doctors say how important it is to implant a pacemaker as soon after birth as possible.

Joe: Mm-hmm, and you want to schedule the procedure?

Anna: Well, no. David refuses to consider it. So I want you to examine her --

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Give me your opinion.

Joe: Does David know you're here?

Anna: No.

Joe: Anna, David is -- you've trusted David with your life. You've trusted him with your baby's life. Why don't you trust him now? David's a brilliant cardiologist.

Anna: Well, yes, of course he is, but his emotional involvement is clouding his judgment, in my opinion. He is terrified that we will lose her if we do the surgery now.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Anna: But I'm just as terrified we'll lose her if we don't.

Joe: David wants to wait until she's older before the pacemaker's implanted.

Anna: Until she's stronger.

Joe: Yeah.

Anna: But a lot of things can happen in the meantime.

Joe: And you're under a lot of stress now, huh?

Anna: Does Leora need a pacemaker now? And if we wait, what are her chances? Is she going to make it?

Joe: Hmm. Well, why don't we try to find out?

Anna: Thank you.

Maggie: Why is being out on a beautiful day bad for Leora?

David: It's more than bad for her --

Maggie: David, I really think that you're --

David: Leora's heart is defective, Maggie.

Maggie: David, she's not running a marathon. She's being carried around on a beautiful day. It's good for her.

David: Oh, really? Really? And you know this? How? I mean, some kid coughs on her or somebody with a virus comes in contact with her and that could be it. I mean, any virus, any infection takes hold, and we could lose her.

Henry: But, Dr. Hayward, aren't babies' immune systems pretty strong? I mean, even the ones with dysrhythmia?

David: Did I ask for a consult from some know-it-all Premed student? Don't tell me how to evaluate my own daughter's condition.

Henry: You're right, Doctor, I'm sorry.

David: Just back off.

Maggie: David --

Henry: I meant no disrespect.

David: No, of course you didn't.

Maggie: No --

David: Anna!

Maggie: He owes you an apology.

Henry: No, I don't need one.

Maggie: David, apologize to him. Apol-- Henry? Henry, where are you going?

Henry: Home.

Maggie: And where is that?

David: Anna!

Maggie: What is wrong with you?

David: I have to find Anna.

Maggie: Why did you just attack him like that? You know that he was right about a baby's immune system. He was just trying to be nice.

David: Great, great. Well, then move him to the top of the class and give him the peace prize, Ok? Look, he's nothing but a kiss-butt brat!

Maggie: David, you don't even know him.

David: I do know him, Maggie. I mean, he's just another one of those so-called wonder kids who will stab you in the back to get the professor's attention so they score the best residencies. Believe me, Maggie, I know a lot of Henrys, and they're nothing but trouble.

Laurie: I'd better get to the bleachers to watch Petey.

Opal: Oh, we can watch Petey warm the bench from here, honey. It's Ok. Now, listen, I know that your daddy drinks, Ok? And I know that you love him, of course. If you didn't love him, it'd make it a heck of a lot easier for you to break free.

Laurie: I don't want to break free.

Opal: Just because you love somebody, it doesn't mean that you can save them. You can only save yourself. You know, your daddy could destroy you, and he will if you let him. You know how come I know that? I recognize that look in your face, because that's the same look that used to stare back at me from my mirror. Now, Jamie wouldn't hit your daddy unless he was afraid your daddy was going to hit you, and if that's so, then you've got to break away from your daddy, honey, before he hurts you and everybody around you.

Jamie: Dad, Laurie needed somebody to stand up for her. JR disappeared after the Fusion party.

Tad: Probably because he found out about you kissing his girlfriend.

Jamie: Yeah, so I stepped in with her old man.

Tad: You better start thinking about consequences, about other people, about how many people you could hurt if you do something stupid --

Jamie: Dad, come --

Tad: That seriously lands you in trouble.

Jamie: Dad, come on! You do this kind of stuff all the time.

Tad: No, I don't. Maybe, once upon a time, when I was young and stupid, yes.

Jamie: Yeah, you're still pretty active for a guy your age.

Tad: Yeah. Now that they motorized my walker, no woman is safe. Thanks.

Jamie: You never think of anyone else, do you?

Tad: Wrong. I think about you all the time.

Jamie: What about when you kissed Liza? Did you consider what might happen?

Tad: Shh.

Jamie: No, you didn't. You just laid it on her.

Tad: That's not fair. I told you when it happened that I thought it was a mistake, that I was an idiot, that I should have been smarter.

Jamie: You Ok, Dad?

Tad: No. I'm not Ok, and neither are you. Don't get into any more trouble. I'm going to go check on your paperwork.

Simone: You got sprung.

Jamie: Yeah. You want me to see what my dad can do for you?

Simone: No, no. No, thank you. That's fine.

[Door opens and closes]

Joni: You hear that? Someone's coming. Maybe it's my dad, or maybe it's someone for you.

Simone: Edmund Grey got arrested?

Joni: Oh, God, I'm getting fired.

Edmund: Hello, Joni. Hello, Simone.

Simone: Edmund.

Edmund: How did you manage to get Sam and Maddie's favorite sitter arrested?

Joni: No, it wasn't her --

Simone: No, no, no, Edmund's right. It's my fault. You know, I have that knack of screwing things up.

Edmund: Yes, I remember that knack from your days at "Tempo."

Simone: Oh, good.

Joni: You know what? No, no, she -- she just tried to talk me out of it, I swear. If you want to blame anyone, you should --

Edmund: Ahem, Joni, I'm not going to blame anyone, Ok? I'm here to post your bail.

Aidan: I don't want this, Maureen.

Maria: I know, and I know that you don't need me to do this. I know you can do this alone.

Aidan: I would never forgive myself if anything happened.

Maria: See, that's exactly how I feel. I feel like if something happened to you and I wasn't here, I don't know what I would do with myself.

Aidan: Maureen, this is my job.

Maria: I know. Please, Aidan, please don't make me leave. I cannot be with you. You're all that I have. Please?

Man: You Lou Moran?

Aidan: How you doing?

Man: That depends on what you tell me.

Aidan: Well, I could make your day for the right price.

[Man chuckles]

Maria: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Man: I don't do business in front of strangers! Who's the broad?

Maria: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

Aidan: She's no stranger. Mo-Mo, say hello to my friend.

Maria: Some friend.

Man: It's nice almost doing business with you.

Maria: Well, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Look, I'm the icing on your cake here!

Man: I didn't ask for any extras.

Maria: Well, see, what, you're just going to let this loser walk?

Man: What do you know about it?

Maria: Well, I know a life sentence is too good for that flippin' rat after what he did to me.

Man: How do you and Flanders connect?

Aidan: They don't. Anymore.

Maria: Yeah, because -- because him and me split, and, you know, Louie was helping me pick up the pieces, you know?

Man: Yeah, I know.

Maria: Only it turns out that Louie here is really not a whole lot better, because he's just basically after me for what I got. Up here, you know? He wants the skinny on Flanders so he can sell it to you guys, but you know what? It's my info. So I want to reap the bennies. I know where the bodies are buried.

Man: We got the maps to where Flanders hid his kills.

Aidan: Well, if you feds know that --

Man: Why don't we pick him up?

Maria: Yeah. Well, shouldn't he already be in lockup?

Aidan: You're not playing witness protection with him?

Man: No way. Why?

Aidan: Because if he gets wind that we're peddling info --

Maria: We're going to get whacked!

Man: Flanders won't find out.

Aidan: And if you're not picking him up --

Man: We will when the orders come down from the top.

Aidan: Well, what's the holdup?

Man: You know, for a guy who's supposed to be doing the talking, you ask a lot of questions.

Aidan: Just makes you wonder, that's all.

Man: Not my job to wonder. The boss doesn't report to me.

Maria: Ok, so I don't get it, because if -- if you've got all this information, then why don't you just nab the loser right now? What's the holdup?

Man: Flanders skipped town. We need his current location. You get that, you get in touch.

Edmund: Listen to me, Joni. Everybody messes up. Everybody. What you do is you learn from it, and you move on, Ok? So let's move you on out of here.

Joni: No -- no, no. My parents will be -- they'd probably get really mad if you -- if I left.

Edmund: You let me handle them, Ok?

Guard: You're free to go.

Joni: Ok. You know, thanks for taking the rap for me, Simone.

Simone: Oh, I learned prison etiquette from some old pros last time I was in. It's nothing.

Edmund: Listen, you got the Fusion girls coming to get you?

Simone: Actually --

Joni: You know what? You want me to get some help?

Simone: No, no. The girls are busy. I'm sure my lawyer's on the way, good old Kenny.

Edmund: Yeah?

Simone: Yeah.

Joni: Ok.

Simone: Thanks, though.

Edmund: Yeah. Looks like old home week here.

Joni: Bye, Jamie.

Jamie: See you.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: I have no grudge against Simone.

Kendall: Uh-huh, right!

Greenlee: I am simply fed up with her arrest record and the stunts that land her in jail.

Kendall: That's bull, Greenlee. You know it's more than that.

Greenlee: She's not a team player, and I'm not going to clean up any more of her messes.

Kendall: Yeah, right!

Greenlee: What? What?

Mia: You have an emotional wedgie because your dreamy e-mail guy turned out to be a woman.

Greenlee: That doesn't have anything to do with this.

Kendall: Emotional wedgie.

Mia: You know what I'm talking about.

Greenlee: No, you're wrong, both of you. This has nothing to do with some stupid chicken e-mailer. This has to do with Simone never weighing the consequences of her actions.

Kendall: Oh, and which of her actions bothers you the most, Greenlee?

Greenlee: She comes off like a trashy slut. Simone was all over Carlos like red beans on rice. He had to beat her off with a stick.

Kendall: Yeah, Simone, the tramp piņata.

Greenlee: She doesn't fit into the Fusion image.

Kendall: The only problem that you have with Simone is the affair that she had with your father, which you cannot forgive her for, and so you use this, which is actually working in its own strange and convoluted way against her, and she's already -- she's tried to protect you from it. She's apologized for, like, 25 times already.

Greenlee: I have a meeting.

Mia: Well, that went well.

Kendall: Yeah, I'd say it did, yeah.

Maggie: You were unbelievably rude to him. All he was doing was paying respect to you, David.

David: Maggie, listen to me. You can't trust them.

Maggie: What do you mean, "them"?

David: Guys like Henry -- they will roll all over you to get what they want and they care about nobody but themselves.

Maggie: You know a lot about that, don't you?

David: Premed men, especially. I'm telling you, Maggie, they bulldoze over the women in the program. Listen to me. I'm telling you the truth, Ok? It's survival of the fittest. Yes, I know a lot of guys like Henry, who are nice guys, who kiss up to everyone, but on their spare time, they're trying to figure out different ways to push the weaker people aside.

Maggie: Oh, is that how you see me -- weaker?

David: No. That's how he and everyone like him sees you or anyone else who's unprotected.

Maggie: You don't trust anyone, do you? You don't even trust Anna with your baby.

David: You don't understand. Obviously, nobody does. Anna? Anna?

Anna: There we go. That wasn't so bad, was it? Dr. Joe's very nice, isn't he?

Joe: No complaints from the patient, I hope.

Anna: Not so far. Is David right? I mean, should we wait before giving her a pacemaker?

Joe: David really should be part of this discussion, you know.

Anna: Yes, but he can't be. You know that.

Joe: No. So if I recommend the procedure, what are you going to do? Are you going to take her up, run off, and have it done somewhere without David's consent?

Anna: If I had to to save her life, yes.

Simone: Can I please make a phone call?

Guard: You got a visitor.

Simone: Who? Kenny Adler, please? Uh-oh.

Greenlee: Oh. Some people have a second home at the shore. You have a holding cell at the Pine Valley jail.

Simone: Greenlee -- look, you know I only quit in the heat of the moment because you fired me, right? So will you please get me out of here and forgive everything and go pop a bottle of bubbly and forget any of this existed?

Greenlee: There's something I can't forget, Simone.

Simone: Uh --

Greenlee: About you and my father.

Simone: You said that you didn't want to go anywhere near that. I guess not.

Greenlee: The last name my father spoke before he died wasn't mine. I was with him, I loved him, but he wanted you. He called out for you, Simone. Tell me how I'm supposed to get over that.

Tad: Was that Greenlee I just saw walking out of here? Simone, what the hell are you doing in jail?

Simone: Uh -- don't ask.

Tad: No, what -- what's going on?

Simone: Oh, please. It's --

Tad: Looks like I owe you an apology. I've been reading a police report. You want to tell me what really happened between you and Laurie's father?

Jamie: Laurie's dad flipped out. He went after Laurie, so I stood up for her.

Tad: Yeah, you and Clint Eastwood. Tell me the truth.

Jamie: That is the truth, Dad! Ok?

Tad: No, it's not Ok, not if you're planning on taking the fall for something you didn't do.

Guard: You can sign for your belongings upstairs.

Jamie: Thank you. Good luck, Simone.

Simone: Yeah. Thanks.

Tad: Now, come on.

Simone: And then there was one.

Laurie: My dad slips every now and then, but he's always sorry.

Opal: Yeah, but sorry isn't going to pay your hospital bills.

Laurie: My mom died two years ago, and my brother and sister left soon after that.

Opal: So you are all he has left, right?

Laurie: Yeah.

Opal: I know. I know that feeling. It's just how I felt about my ex-hubby Ray. I thought I would stand by my man and turn his life around.

Laurie: What happened?

Opal: Well, he turned my life inside out. He would beat me like it would make him lucky. He broke Tad's leg, left him in the park when he was just a child.

Laurie: He left him? He abandoned --

Opal: Yeah, he dumped him, right out of the car, and drove off. Didn't even care if his own flesh and blood lived or died, Ok? Now, I'm not saying that your daddy is evil on a stick like Ray was, but whatever went down between you and Jamie and your daddy, that leaves a young girl like you stuck in a place that you do not deserve to be stuck in.

Laurie: I'll be Ok.

Opal: Okey-dokey, but anytime you want to talk or vent or break things, you give me a ding-a-ling, all right? I'll bring the crockery and we'll smash things together.

Laurie: Thanks -- Opal. Thanks.

Opal: It's my pleasure. You just remember what I said, Ok? Give it some thought.

Laurie: Ok.

Opal: And maybe you could get Petey home by about 5:00?

Laurie: Sure.

Opal: All right?

Laurie: Ok. Bye.

Opal: Bye. See you later.

Maggie: Hi, Regina. It's Maggie. Listen, I'm trying to get a hold of Henry. No. Just something weird happened, and, well, every time I call him, I keep on getting his voice mail. No, I don't have his address. Well, do you know where he lives?

Anna: So what do you think, Joe? From just looking at her, does she need the pacemaker now or not?

Joe: I should tell you, medical opinion is divided on the matter.

Anna: Well, yes, I know that, but in her case, does she need the procedure?

Joe: In my opinion, at this time --

David: What's going on?

Anna: Oh, David, it's Ok --

David: Why is she here?

Anna: It's Ok. She's fine.

David: What are you two plotting?

Aidan: So Flanders got away even though they had enough to prosecute.

Maria: And he made it sound like it was his boss' decision.

Aidan: Yeah, but Chris Stamp is Reese's superior.

Maria: Why would Chris let a known hit man escape?

Aidan: That's exactly what I've got to find out.

Maria: Ok. Well, then -- then the next thing we need to do is --

Aidan: No, no, there's no "we" about it. You're not going to get yourself into the thick of this investigation.

Maria: Aidan, you -- you can't stop me.

Aidan: Can your kids?

Maria: What's that supposed to mean?

Aidan: Well, your relationship's complicated, but those kids need you, Maureen, and I'm not doing anything to risk that -- not for you and not for them.

Joni: As C.E.O. of the Princess Placement, I hereby appoint you Princess of Everything.

Maddie: Yay! Do I have superpowers?

Joni: You know what? With this wand, you can create miracles. You can do anything.

Maddie: Poof! This bench is a boat.

Joni: Ooh. Ok.

Maddie: Poof! All the people are purple monkeys.

Joni: Can't I be pink? I don't have to be pink. Maddie, what's -- what's wrong?

Maddie: I wish this was real. Then I can make Maureen remember that she was my mommy.

Joni: That'll happen someday, you know, without magic. It will.

Petey: Nanny Kendall always brought me to the Valley Inn bar when I was hungry. I like the goldfish there.

Laurie: Give it up, Petey.

Jamie: My grandmother said I could find you here.

Petey: Soccer practice was brutal. I need a Darth Vader.

Laurie: What?

Petey: It's my new name for a Shirley Temple. I'm thirsty.

Jamie: It's unopened.

Petey: Not my brand.

Laurie: Jamie, I can't believe that my dad pressed charges against you.

Petey: Give me a dollar for a soda and I won't ask any questions.

Jamie: How's that?

Petey: Hmm.

Laurie: Don't go past the hot dog man, Ok? I'm watching.

[Laurie sighs]

Jamie: How you doing?

Laurie: Thanks for covering for me, Jamie. If Social Services took me away from my dad, he'd die. He would, but I can't stand that you got in trouble for what I did, and my dad made it so much worse.

Jamie: I only want to make you happy.

Laurie: Your grandmother thinks that it's a bad idea, protecting my dad.

Jamie: You told her?

Laurie: She figured it out.

Jamie: Hmm.

Laurie: Jamie, I'm so sorry.

[Door closes]

Simone: You're back.

Greenlee: Yeah. I didn't get any answers sitting alone in the parking lot. Have you come up with anything?

Simone: No. How am I supposed to make your father's last moments here on earth all right for you?

Greenlee: Try.

Simone: I can tell you that deep -- deep inside, past his greed, that he loved you.

Greenlee: How do you know?

Simone: Well, because every time someone would mention your name, his eyes would just light up.

Greenlee: You think?

Simone: And a lot of the sniping at your mother -- I think it was so he could take more credit for who you turned out to be.

Greenlee: No. He just despised my mother.

Simone: But he loved you. Whatever you think of me, you can believe that, Greenlee. The love that your father had in his eyes for you, I wish just once that I would see that in my own father's face, in his eyes when he looked at me.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Simone: Greenlee? Are you bailing me out?

Anna: Thanks, Joe. I'll see you in a minute, yeah? Ok.

David: We do not need a second opinion.

Anna: Yes, we do. Leora does.

David: From who? From who? Joe Martin? He's semiretired, Anna. Why are you forgetting that I'm the cardiologist?

Anna: I know that, but at least Joe is objective. You didn't give me any choice.

David: This was completely unnecessary.

Anna: It's like you want to wrap her up in a little plastic bubble or something.

David: You're damn right I do, if that's what's best for her.

Anna: Well, it's not. I mean, what kind of a life is that, with you hovering over her like she's going to expire at any minute? And if that is the case, why aren't we taking action? Oh, David, I can't live like this.

David: What, killing our daughter will give you peace of mind?

Anna: Oh, how dare you.

David: All right, look, I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't have said that. Anna, come on. Look at her. I mean, she's -- she's so small and -- and she's been through so much already, and she's my first child, and chances are she's going to be my last. I will not subject her to the pain and trauma of unnecessary surgery.

Anna: I just want what's best for her, David. I want her to have the best possible start in life.

David: That's exactly what I want, and I'm not denying her the surgery. I just want to wait until she's strong enough so she stands a better chance of surviving it.

Anna: Ok. Well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, but I need to be sure what Leora needs right now, and if you hold that against me, so be it, but mark my words, David, if Joe says that she should have the operation, I will make sure that she does no matter what you think.

David: No one is operating on my daughter unless I sign off on it, and I will not do that.

Joni: Look, Maddie, stay here. Just stay put one second, Ok?

Jamie: It's real weird that JR hasn't been calling you, huh?

Joni: I'm sorry I told JR about the kiss. I messed up everything, and I'm hoping that we can be friends again?

Petey: So, Jamie, my sitter's your girlfriend?

Jamie: Butt out, Petey.

Petey: I'm asking as his uncle.

Jamie: Butt out, Petey. Well, technically, he's my dad's half brother, so which --

Petey: I'm his uncle. So Laurie's your main squeeze? For 10 bucks, I'll get lost for an hour.

Laurie: Hey, Petey, Jamie's just a friend, Ok?

Petey: But he wishes you were more than that, don't you, Jamie? I've got her primed. Go for it.

Jamie: Yes, I do.

Petey: I knew it.

Joni: I've got to get back to Maddie.

Maddie: I kept waving my magic wand, but you still look sad.

Joni: You know, I forgot to do my mouth exercises today.

Maddie: Your what?

Joni: Well -- you know, when I forget to do my mouth exercises, my face gets all droopy and hangs all over the place.

[Maddie chuckles]

Maddie: My mouth's heavy, too.

Maria: Aidan, this doesn't have anything to do with my kids.

Aidan: I don't know what twists and turns this investigation's going to take.

Maria: Ok, so then -- if it gets bad, we'll discuss this later.

Aidan: We might not even have time, and you dropping in like this was very dangerous.

Maria: I thought I was kind of good at it.

Aidan: You were great.

Maria: See? Come on. How hard was that to admit? That was not hard.

Aidan: That is not the point, but you can count this as your farewell performance.

Maria: Aidan, it's just that if anything happens to you --

Aidan: Nothing is going to happen to me. I have been searching for you all my life. I'm not going anywhere.

Maria: And what if it's not up to you?

Aidan: I've got everything to live for.

Maria: I love you, Louie.

Aidan: Oh, I love you, Mo-Mo.

Mia: Junk. Carlos? Carlos? Carlos!

Edmund: It's Ok. It's Ok.

Mia: Oh, God. Your jacket.

Edmund: It's Ok. It's Ok. A little fire.

Mia: Oh, my God. Thank -- thank you.

Edmund: Well, it's out. It's -- it's pretty hot here in Fusion.

Mia: Yeah.

Edmund: I didn't think it was this hot.

Mia: Huh. Sorry.

Carlos: What is it?

Mia: Oh, it's nothing. It was just a small fire. It's out now.

Edmund: Yeah.

Carlos: Thanks. Well, I'll be sure, all right?

Mia: Yeah. Well, thank you for saving the day.

Edmund: Oh, listen, anybody -- anybody could have done it. You Ok?

Mia: Yeah. Listen, I want to replace your jacket. I feel awful.

Edmund: No, listen, forget about it. It's -- it's a smoking jacket now, you know?

[Mia chuckles]

Edmund: There is something you can do for me, though.

Mia: Yeah, anything. Whatever.

Edmund: Well, you could let me interview you for my article.

Mia: Oh. Oh, you're writing about Fusion?

Edmund: Yeah, that's why I'm here -- to see Kendall, actually.

Mia: Oh, she left. Yeah. We've got a lot going on right now.

Edmund: Well, listen, if you're free, I could interview you over lunch.

Mia: Yeah -- well, yeah. Me? Sure.

Edmund: Yeah.

Mia: Why not? Ok. Yeah, let's go.

Edmund: Jacket?

Mia: Uh-huh.

Edmund: Ok. At least one of us has one.

Mia: Yeah.

Edmund: Oh. Thanks.

[Door closes]

Greenlee: What the hell are you doing?

Waitress: Table for one?

Maggie: Oh. No, thank you. I already had lunch.

Waitress: Oh.

Maggie: I'm looking for a friend of mine, Henry Chin?

Henry: You shouldn't have come here, Maggie. You know what? Go away, Maggie. Just go away.

Anna: What do you think, Joe?

Joe: It's a tough call. It's a very tough call.

David: No, not for me it isn't.

Anna: Well, I understand that. I just want Joe's opinion, all right? Please, go ahead.

Joe: Ok. I happen to agree with David. I think Leora should be allowed to gain weight and strength before she has the procedure.

Anna: Honestly?

Joe: Honestly. You can trust David on this one. He knows what he's talking about.

David: Thank you!

Joe: Mm-hmm.

[Leora cries]

David: Shh.

Joe: Anyway, you can stay here as long as you like. I have a meeting in pediatrics. Leora, honey, bye-bye. You keep these two adults in the straight-and-narrow, huh?

Anna: Thanks, Joe. I just needed to be sure. You can't blame me for that.

David: All right. So are you sure? Are we together on this?

Anna: Yeah. We're together on everything, David. So why don't we take her to the park and show her off?

David: No, no, not until she's strong enough. I just want to take her home, that's all.

Anna: Ok. Home it is.

[Leora fusses]

David: Hey, hey, hey, look at you getting buried over there. You and your mother scared the heck out of me, playing hide-and-seek on dad, but I found you, huh? Didn't I, my darling daughter? Ok. Come on. Let's go home.

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