AMC Transcript Thursday 3/13/03


All My Children Transcript Thursday 3/13/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Simone: Yeah, you know, when I did this, I was arrested, so let's go before you really get into trouble.

Guard: It's just a little too late for that, ladies.

Simone: Officer.

Liza: I kissed Tad.

Erica: You don't know a thing about what I want, and you never have.

Jack: I know you want this.

Jack: I'm not going to not have you in my life. There's no way I'm not going to have this in my life, and I don't want you to try to deny --

Erica: Oh, shut up. Just shut up.

Michael: Do I know you?

Chris: Chris. Chris Stamp.

Michael: Of course, of course. I should've guessed. Scotch, single malt.

Chris: Mind your manners, junior. We're talking.

Michael: Yeah? About what?

Chris: About you. About Erica.

Michael: I presume you mean Erica Kane.

Bartender: Here you go.

Chris: I mean my fiancée.

Michael: Keep the change. Well, what exactly do you think is going on between me and your intended?

Officer: We have to stop meeting like this.

Simone: It was a total misunderstanding.

Officer: Right, like the last time, huh?

Simone: No, even more so.

Officer: I got to tell you something, Simone. You were better off being brought in for solicitation than you're going to be for this.

Simone: Seany, I didn't even do anything wrong.

Seany: Oh, yeah. See, in most states, breaking and entering is considered wrong.

Joni: I have the security code. I mean, I work in the principal's office. I'm allowed to be there.

Simone: Yeah.

Seany: Not at this time of night.

Simone: Dang it. Where the hell is Kenny?

Joni: Oh, don't worry. Help's on the way.

Simone: What do you mean?

Joni: I -- I made a phone call while you got your mug shot taken. For you.

Simone: Wait -- no. No -- you called my dad?

Greenlee: You wish.

Laurie: Oh, my God, what did I do? Dad, wake up! Dad! Ok, ok. Ok.

[Phone rings]

Laurie: JR, please answer. Answer.


Laurie: Ok. Ok.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Hello?

Laurie: Jamie, it's Laurie. I need you right away.

[Laurie hangs up]

Adam: You kissed Tad Martin? Liza, is this some sort of new age therapy mind trip?

Liza: It's not.

Adam: Have you been running around?

Liza: No, I -- I was at Mia's, but Tad came by to see how she was doing, and Mia went out to get garbage bags.

Adam: And you slept with Martin?

Liza: No!

Adam: But you wanted to?

Liza: No, I --

Adam: Liza, why don't you just go and do what you've already done in your heart? Go make Tad your lover again.

Adam: Go on, go on. Go to your lover.

Liza: Adam, please. You know, Colby might hear us.

Adam: Colby is with her grandmother, and I want you out of my sight.

Liza: And I want to explain.

Adam: No, no, please, spare me the details.

Liza: I -- I don't want to hurt you.

Adam: Don't patronize me.

Liza: Not the reason that I'm telling you.

Adam: Because Jamie outed you.

Liza: No, because I want to be honest with you. I want this incident to bring us closer.

Adam: Adultery usually drives people apart, Liza.

Liza: Well, we both know that one, don't we?

Adam: Don't make this conversation about me.

Liza: I am not having an affair with Tad, and I'm not looking to have an affair --

Adam: S&M-crazed shrink!

Liza: You know, she is helping me to understand how I feel, Adam.

Adam: She encouraged you to betray me, to make a fool out of me.

Liza: This is not about you.

Adam: You swore that you loved me.

Liza: I do love you.

Adam: You don't know how, Liza.

Liza: That's -- that's just unfair.

Adam: You -- you beg for a chance to make our marriage work.

Liza: No, you know what? I begged you not to steal Colby away.

Adam: Ok, that -- that -- that explains it all.

Liza: No, I'm not using you, Adam.

Adam: No, you're certainly using the kiss with Tad Martin to end our marriage.

Liza: Yes, I am using it. I am using it to understand.

Adam: To understand what? What? Don't you dare show self-control now.

Liza: Adam, I'm trying to understand how I can love you and be attracted to someone else.

Adam: Well, I can explain that. You're a predator, Liza.

Liza: Oh, my --

Adam: And Tad was the prey who got away!

Liza: You know, Adam, a marriage is like a house. If the foundation has a crack in it, you fix it and everything can be ok.

Adam: Well, the problem is that our house has been propped up for months by psychobabble, and your tryst with Martin proves that.

Liza: It was not a tryst. It was a kiss.

Adam: A kiss is foreplay.

Liza: No, it's a warning.

Adam: A warning that you're going to cheat.

Liza: That something is missing in our marriage!

Adam: What could that be? Maybe trust? Or decency?

Liza: How about passion. Because we're pitifully low on passion, and you know it.

Joni: Simone tried to keep me out of it --

Simone: She is totally --

Joni: I took the mascara and --

Simone: She's a total neo!

Greenlee: I don't want to hear it, ok? Your butt-brained schemes --

Simone: Yeah, have proven to be, you know, marketing genius.

Greenlee: Yeah, except for legal bills and bad publicity.

Simone: No, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Greenlee: Really?

Simone: Yes.

Greenlee: Tell that to Martha Stewart.

Simone: You know what? By tomorrow, Fusioneyes is going to be the talk of Pine Valley.

Greenlee: Forget Fusion, ok?

Simone: No, you know what? No, forget this little insulting, snotty little lecture you're about to give me. Just bail me out so I can get back to work.

Greenlee: I'm not here to bail you out, Simone. I'm here to fire you.

Laurie: Dad, please wake up. Dad.

Jamie: Laurie? Oh, God. What happened?

Laurie: Um -- he told me -- he told me that -- Daddy!

Jamie: Ok, ok, ok -- now, wait. Just tell me how he got on the floor.

Laurie: He grabbed my arm and --

Jamie: Did he hit you?

Laurie: No, no, he didn't. I -- I hit him. I hit him with my backpack.

Jamie: Oh, ok. All right, all right, all right.

Laurie: What are you doing?

Jamie: I'm getting an ambulance.

Laurie: No. No.

Jamie: Laurie, he needs a doctor.

Laurie: No. He's been arrested a lot for drunk and disorderly conduct. They'll -- they'll arrest him and take him away from me, and I'll be put in foster --

Jamie: Ok, ok, ok. Ok. All right. Ok. I know what to do. Just let me -- just let me think, ok? Let me think.

Laurie: Oh, God, he's bleeding. Jamie -- Jamie, what are we going to do?

Jamie: Uh -- ok.

[Jamie dials]

Laurie: No, I said no ambulance!

Jamie: Laurie, can you trust me? Good. Now just relax, ok? I'm going to take care of you and your dad.

Chris: I strongly recommend you answer my question.

Michael: Ok, how can I explain this simply for your benefit? I'm hoping to join forces with Erica and --

Chris: Get into bed?

Michael: Remarkable. You speak my language.

Chris: Fluently.

Michael: So you're well aware that Erica offers unique positioning and gorgeous products?

Chris: Don't -- don't go there.

Michael: Ok, ok. Forgive me, forgive me. Of course, you're well aware of your intended's assets.

Chris: What's your interest in Kendall Hart?

Michael: You know, it wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to say.

Chris: Am I supposed to believe that your interest in Kendall and her birth mother is just purely coincidental?

Michael: I don't care what you believe.

Chris: Well, you should. Look, you know, you can do whatever you want with Kendall.

Michael: I know.

Chris: But you stay away from Erica.

Michael: Now, let me ask you this, Agent Stamp -- are you worried about what I'll do with Erica, or are you worried what I've already done?

Chris: I think your daddy should send you someplace safe because you're courting some serious trouble here.

Michael: Oh, it's fascinating. It's fascinating what breaks men. You don't trust your fiancée, do you?

Reggie: Whoa, man. Oh, I guess I got bad timing, huh? I'm sorry.

Erica: Thank you, Jack, for getting me off my feet.

Jack: You're welcome.

Erica: But you can put me down now.

Jack: Yes, of course I can.

Erica: My legs stopped cramping.

Jack: Oh, good -- good.

Reggie: Oh, don't try to fool me. I see what's going on.

Erica: What do you mean? What do you think you saw, Reggie?

Reggie: Oh, two horny people about to go get nasty. It's ok, though. I have needs, too. I'm cool.

Jack: Reggie, please watch your mouth.

Erica: Reggie, I am here meeting with Jack about a legal matter.

Reggie: Oh, yeah. Well, then I want to be a lawyer, too, right? Give me five.

Jack: Oh --

Reggie: What? You guys just inspired my butt out of the gutter, so just --

Erica: You know what? I think you need to spend some time with your guardian. Fix this.

Jack: Yes.

Erica: Hey, Reggie, it was -- it was nice to see you again.

Reggie: Look, you got to let me know, like a signal or something --

Jack: No, Reggie, we don't need a signal or something, ok?

Reggie: Like the signs on the hotels, you know, with the "Privacy Please" on the doorknob? But we could have something different, like "The Crib Is Full" or "I'm Occupied."

Jack: No, we don't need "The Crib Is Full." We don't need any kind of sign. Listen to me, please. Ms. Kane --

Reggie: Uh-huh.

Jack: Erica and I --

Reggie: Mm-hmm.

Jack: We have a very complicated relationship.

Reggie: Oh, it seems simple to me. You know, you bring her in, sweep her off her feet, take her to --

Jack: No, I don't bring her -- no, I don't take her -- shush, shush with all that stuff! Listen, she's engaged to be married.

Reggie: Well, she's not married yet. Look, and when that sad -- sad, sad day comes, your secret will be safe with me, ok?

Jack: No, Reggie, I don't -- stop with the hand thing. Listen to me. Listen, listen --

Reggie: What?

Jack: No, I -- I'm very -- very touched, I guess, by your offer of discretion, ok? I'm sure it's very heartfelt, but I would never ask you to cover for me.

Reggie: That's why I'm volunteering.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: No, I don't need you to volunteer --

Reggie: I'm volunteering. Who's next? Let's see. Contestant number two. Whoa. Hey, man.

Opal: Whoa, yourself.

Jack: Yeah, Reggie, you have some homework to do. I'm just positive of it.

Reggie: Yeah, I got it, I got it.

Jack: Good.

Reggie: Go ahead. You know, Jack-Jack, you're teaching me a lot. You're teaching me a lot.

Jack: Oh.

Reggie: Yeah, boy.

Opal: Is that the kid who turned in Trey Kenyon?

Jack: Yes, that's Reggie Porter, my foster son, God help me.

Opal: He just walked in on you, didn't he?

Jack: What?

Opal: I saw Erica tearing out of here all flushed and wild-eyed.

Jack: Why are you here, Opal?

Opal: Because I am worried to death, Jack, about you.

Chris: You know, let's change gears. Let's talk about your import/export business.

Michael: That's certainly a more comfortable subject than your fiancée, don't you think?

Chris: You know, I had a run-in with your daddy a few years back.

Michael: Yeah, 10 years ago.

Chris: You know, it's funny. It seems like it was just yesterday he was doing the perp walk.

Michael: He was cleared.

Chris: He was fined --

Michael: No admission --

Chris: $5.5 million.

Michael: No admission of guilt.

Chris: Well, still, you know, it must've hurt the cash register. I know you got a lot, and still the first thing anyone thinks about when they hear that name --

[Michael chuckles]

Chris: Cambias --

Michael: Don't you wish, Agent Stamp.

Chris: Yeah. Right. Well, look, maybe it's time that people are reminded about who and -- and what you're really all about.

Michael: Just so we're clear -- first, you threaten me and then, secondly, you'll be watching me? Is that right?

Chris: Yeah.

Michael: Ok, and for my own info, when I pull back the drapes and turn on the lights when you will be watching me, you know, is this interest in me official or is it more of a personal thing for you?

Chris: It's both.

Kendall: Hello, partner, you can't just fire Simone.

Greenlee: Hello, moron, this is her third arrest in a month. I'll send your severance to the Department of Corrections.

Simone: Oh, great.

Mia: Greenlee --

Marilyn: Joni -- Joni! Oh, are you ok?

Joni: I'm fine, Mom. I promise, I'm fine.

Marilyn: I have you to thank for finding --

Joni: No!

Marilyn: My daughter in police custody?

Joni: No, Mom -- Mom -- I broke into the school.

Marilyn: How can you live with yourself?

Simone: Somehow, I manage.

Marilyn: Even though you corrupt children?

Greenlee: Hey, back off, church lady.

Marilyn: How dare you?

Greenlee: Your daughter's a teenager. She's bombarded with real desires and real problems in the real world.

Marilyn: Which is what I try to protect her from.

Greenlee: Well, you can't. So you should count your blessings -- Joni found Simone, someone savvy and decent, a role model for your daughter to look up to. Any more questions?

Janelle: What happened?

Janelle: I said, what happened?

Jamie: Mr. Lewis fell, and he hit his head.

Laurie: Is he in a coma?

Janelle: No, no, his pulse is normal. He'll come out of it soon. Laurie, your father smells like he's been drinking heavily. Are you going to tell me what really happened?

Jamie: I already did.

Janelle: Look, I'm talking to Laurie.

Laurie: He's still bleeding.

Janelle: Laurie, did your dad hit you again?

Laurie: No! He Didn't. I --

Jamie: I -- I -- I did it. I did it. I -- we were making out on the couch, and Mr. Lewis came home. He started ranting, so I hit him. I knocked him out, ok? End of story.

Adam: This is a new low in your tactics, Liza. So I don't satisfy you?

Liza: Adam, this is not about you. When I'm talking about passion, I'm not talking about the bedroom. I'm talking about something bigger. When Tad kissed me --

Adam: What, what? What happened? Maybe an old flame reignited.

Liza: I was 16 again.

Adam: Oh, this -- this is absurd.

Liza: I'm not talking about sex!

Adam: You're too young to have a midlife crisis, Liza! With Tad Martin, the world's oldest 14-year-old?

Liza: I'm not talking about Tad. I'm talking about my life. I'm talking about the life that I'm just sleepwalking through.

Adam: You had a child.

Liza: And motherhood is incredible. Everything else just leaves me cold.

Adam: Liza, these terrible symptoms that you're describing are called growing up!

Liza: And did you lose your fire the minute that you had children? Because I'll tell you, I want my passion back. I want to feel like I have my life back.

Adam: And you think Tad Martin can give you that?

Liza: No.

Adam: Then what the hell do you want?

Liza: I wish I knew. I wish I did.

Adam: I think you do know. I think you know exactly what you want. You just don't have the guts to admit it.

Liza: Adam, I've been struggling for months to try to save our marriage.

Adam: Oh, you mean with Lysistrata? Let me tell you something. I've had it with -- with silk scarves and foam bats and that demented analyst.

Liza: You just want to give up?

Adam: Why don't we just put our marriage out of its misery?

Liza: No!

Adam: Why avoid the inevitable?

Liza: Because divorce isn't always the answer.

Adam: Neither is going to Tad and kissing Tad and then running to tell me about it.

Liza: Would you rather I lied to you?

Adam: I'd rather you didn't want to kiss him.

Liza: I think I just need time to know what I need and what I want and what I can give. I think you need time, too.

Adam: Don't you -- don't you dare tell me what I need. Don't you dare.

Jack: Opal, why -- why are you worried about me?

Opal: Look, it really isn't even my business. I probably shouldn't even be here, but ever since Erica told me that you two -- well, rekindled --

Jack: Erica told you?

Opal: Well, she couldn't manage that mess of feelings alone.

Jack: Really?

Opal: But I'm the only one who knows.

Jack: Frankly, I don't care who knows, Opal.

Opal: If Chris finds out --

Jack: Let Chris find out. Chris should find out.

Opal: What, you want her to be forced to choose between you?

Jack: Opal, if Erica loved Chris as much as I love her, she would never have gone to bed with me.

Opal: Jackson, you know Erica doesn't love Chris as much as you love her. Erica can't love anyone as much as you love her. Not even you.

[Erica gasps]

[Compact drops to floor]

Erica: Chris -- what are you doing?

Chris: Just -- just trying to figure out who you really are.

Erica: I'm the woman who loves you. You know me better than anybody. Chris, you're scaring me. Say something.

Jamie: Look, things got out of hand. I'm sorry.

Doug: Ow. Ugh.

Janelle: Relax, Mr. Lewis. You have a minor head injury. I'm sure a Cat Scan will show that there is no fragments, no damage --

Doug: No, no -- no hospital!

Janelle: Look, if you're worried because you still don't have insurance --

Doug: Where's Laurie?

Laurie: Daddy, I'm right here.

Doug: Oh, baby, I'm sorry. Please, you got to forgive me.

Laurie: Shh. Don't -- don't talk. We're working it out, ok? I promise, everything's going to be all right.

Joni: Mom, please don't -- don't blame Simone. I mean, she -- she begged me to stay away from the school and begged me to stay a goody two-shoes.

Marilyn: Then why are you here?

Joni: Because I wanted to do what I did, and I take responsibility for it.

Marilyn: Perhaps I owe you an apology.

Simone: No. Your daughter really is virtue central, Mrs. Stafford. She's honest, responsible --

Marilyn: That's what I thought. That's -- those are the values that her father and I try to teach her. I'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.

Joni: What?

Marilyn: I'll pick her up in the morning.

Seany: Fine.

Simone: Oh -- trust me, Mrs. Stafford, this tough love thing doesn't work.

Marilyn: Joni has got to learn the consequences of breaking the law, and now she will.

Mia: It's ok, honey.

Greenlee: Your morality shtick sets my teeth on edge, Joni, but you don't deserve to spend the night in jail.

Joni: No, I -- I broke the law. I should be punished.

Kendall: But your mom should be normal and just ground you.

Joni: No. No, my mom wants to do what's right, and I respect that. I respect her.

Kendall: Well, you're turning out better than any of us ever did.

Mia: It's no big deal. It's one night.

Greenlee: Have you ever spent a night in jail?

Mia: No. Have you?

Greenlee: Who hasn't?

Simone: And you ride me.

Greenlee: Simone, you get arrested before every full moon, so don't even start with me.

Seany: Ok, I got to bring you two down to lockup if there's no bail getting paid.

Mia: How much is it?

Greenlee: Is that a Fusion checkbook?

Mia: Yeah. They were promoting Fusion products, and that's a legitimate operating expense, right?

Joni: No. My mom -- my mom wants me to stay the night, so, I mean -- besides, I've -- I've caused you enough trouble, Simone. Let Mia pay your bail.

Simone: No, no. Honey, we're a team, all right? I'm not going to let you stay here by yourself. Not alone.

Joni: Thanks, Simone. Thanks.

Simone: It's ok.

Seany: Ok, ladies -- who's first?

Jack: You know, Opal, I can't believe I'm hearing you criticize Erica.

Opal: Oh, unpuff your feathers, Jackson. You know I would never talk down about my best girlfriend, but to know Erica is to love her. To love her is to try to understand her.

Jack: And try to forgive her.

Opal: Yeah.

Jack: Yeah.

Opal: Your love is the thing that she can always count on, but if she ever lost it --

Jack: She'd survive.

Opal: You said it -- she would survive.

Jack: Yes. So, what, am I crazy? I mean, is that why you came here today -- to tell me to go seek professional help?

Opal: Do you have any idea what a stellar specimen of manhood you are?

Jack: Opal, I -- I don't know what to say to that.

Opal: I mean it. You know, there isn't a woman in this town who wouldn't crawl naked through a nest of red ants if she thought it would get your attention, Mr. Montgomery.

Jack: Boy, there's an image for you, huh?

Opal: Well, it is true, but, of course, Erica has your heart and mind, and, well, all the rest of you just locked up. In the meantime, a lot of very fine ladies can't even turn your head -- with all that hair that's still yours.

Jack: Well -- you're right. I mean, at least about the hair. I --

Opal: I guess I'm just going to have to, you know, shock some sense into you.

Jack: How?

Opal: By putting the possum right in the road, Jackson, honey.

Jack: What possum is that, Opal?

Opal: Me.

Jack: You?

Opal: Yeah. Do you think you could ever be interested in me?

Erica: Well, say something. What's wrong?

Chris: Nothing. Everything's great.

[Erica gasps]

Chris: Are you sleeping with Michael Cambias? Yes or no?

Erica: I'm sorry.

Chris: For what?

Erica: I should have been home when you got here. I said that I should put you first, and I should do what I say, and I will. I will from now on.

Janelle: Laurie, has your dad been drinking more than usual?

Laurie: No. He must have just had a really bad day or something because he hardly drinks at all anymore.

Janelle: How are you two getting along?

Laurie: Fine. Fine.

Janelle: Look, I'm not the cops, I'm not Social Services. You can talk to me.

Doug: She has her dad to talk to.

Janelle: I am speaking to your daughter.

Doug: No, I think you're trying to make trouble!

Janelle: No, I'm trying to protect Laurie!

Laurie: Look, my dad didn't hit me -- if that's what you think.

Janelle: So you're sticking with Jamie's story, with Jamie taking the blame?

Laurie: It's true. My dad came home and found us making out on the couch, and he got mad, like any normal dad would.

Janelle: No, if -- most fathers, if they found their teenage daughter kissing a boy, they'd be surprised, possibly concerned, but not --

Laurie: And that's what my dad was, just a lot, and that's when Jamie hit him.

Janelle: Where? Where did Jamie hit your father?

Laurie: On his face.

Janelle: Laurie, there are no bruises on your dad's face.

Laurie: Then maybe he hit him somewhere else. I don't know. It happened really fast.

Janelle: Did you push him to protect yourself? Just tell the truth!

Doug: All right, listen, I'll tell you the truth, ok? I came home, and this kid had his paws all over my -- my girl, and I told him to stop, ok? Kid took a swing at me. I ducked, and I turned around to see if Laurie was ok, and he came barreling into my chest, and I crashed over here.

Janelle: You remember it differently?

Doug: Listen, I want you to call the cops because I want this kid arrested.

Mia: Oh, my God. Jamie -- Jamie!

Joni: Jamie? What happened?

Officer: Golden gloves here used his girlfriend's dad for a punching bag. Book him.

Doug: Where you going?

Laurie: To the police station to tell the truth.

Doug: No, listen, Laurie, Laurie -- if -- if you tell the truth, you lose me, right? We lose this place, each other.

Laurie: Daddy, you need help.

Doug: Please, Laurie. I know you're supposed to need me, but the messed-up truth is I need you. Please, Laurie, you're all I got left. Honey, don't choose a boy over your own dad. Please.

Joni: Is it true? Did you beat up Laurie's dad?

Jamie: I don't think I'm supposed to say anything.

Joni: Even through all our stuff, I always thought deep down you were a good guy.

Jamie: Thanks.

Joni: I didn't know I could be so wrong.

Jamie: What are -- what are you doing here?

Joni: I just -- I used the principal's pass to break into the school and promote Fusion.

Jamie: Man, I thought you at least practiced what you preached.

Seany: Let's go. It's lockup time.

Mia: Ok, listen, I'll be back for you first thing in the morning. Seany over there says they don't take personal checks, and --

Greenlee: Yeah, so she's going to cash a check and waste our capital.

Simone: What's up with you? A few minutes ago, you were making me out as the patron -- patron saint for wayward teenagers, and now you're back to bashing me?

Greenlee: Church Lady was getting out of line.

Simone: So that speech --

Greenlee: Don't let it go to your head.

Simone: Do you think I have a single worthwhile quality?

Greenlee: No.

Simone: Meaning, then, that you'll never, ever forgive me for being seduced by your father?

Greenlee: I don't think you want to go there with me.

Simone: You're right. I don't want to go anywhere near you ever again. Yeah. You know what? You guys don't have to defend me anymore because I quit. I am sick and tired of groveling for you, Greenlee. Officer Lyman, get me out of here, will you, please? Lock me up. As long as this one over here can't visit me, I'll stay all damn weekend.

Kendall: Well, the queen is dead. Long live the queen.

Greenlee: What's that supposed to mean?

Kendall: Nothing. Just that I used to be this town's biggest bitch, but I can't rival you.

Jack: Opal, are -- are you saying that you're interested in me? Well, I'm -- I'm -- I'm flattered. I'm a little stunned, but I'm -- I'm honored.

Opal: But do I make your motor purr?

Jack: You're absolutely gorgeous. That -- that sleek body of yours would make any man notice.

Opal: Yeah, go on.

Jack: And I'm sure you would be an absolute blessing in my life and probably more fun than anybody deserves to have.

Opal: Yeah!

Jack: But you're right. Erica does have my heart.

Opal: Well, that is just what I was hoping to hear.

Jack: It is?

Opal: Yeah, because now you can't hand me any funny arguments.

Jack: About what?

Opal: Oh, Erica is your world, Jackson, and so I guess you ought to just, you know, fight for her tooth and claw and whatever you can think of dirty if you have to.

Jack: Because all is fair in love and war?

Opal: Because you two belong together.

Jack: Even though Erica keeps denying that?

Opal: Well, I think that she's finally getting the courage to maybe take a peek at her real feelings.

Jack: Oh, from your lips to God's ears.

Opal: Hmm. That's what I always say.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Thank you. Opal, listen -- the new look -- I love it. It's -- it's beautiful.

Opal: Thanks.

Jack: But I miss the old Opal. You know, the hair, the clothes, the -- the whole vibe.

Opal: You do?

Jack: You bet I do. You've never been afraid to be exactly who you are, to shout it to the rooftops, and I'll tell you something -- I think that is very attractive.

Opal: Well, me, too. Thanks for reminding me, hot stuff.

Jack: Yeah, look who's talking. Come here, you.

Opal: Sweet dreams.

Jack: Ok.

Erica: Are you sure you're all right?

Chris: Why wouldn't I be?

Erica: I don't know. It -- it just seems like there's something on your mind. Did something happen after you left Jack's? Did you -- did you talk to somebody or something?

Chris: I've got you in my arms. What else could I be thinking about? I love you, Erica. Lord help me, I love you. I love you madly.

Erica: Show me.

Michael: Father, I have some rather interesting news. Remember your old friend Agent Chris Stamp? He's right here in Pine Valley. Yeah, can you believe that? How'd you like to settle an old score?

Adam: Give me the usual, Eddie.

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Maria: Hey, cutie, you looking for a date?

Adrian: You talking to me?

Maria: Well, yeah. Aren't you the one checking out the goods?

David: What are you two plotting?

Mia: Simone's my friend.

Greenlee: And if you bail her out, you're unemployed.

Mia: Look --

Greenlee: I mean it -- fired.

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