AMC Transcript Monday 3/10/03


All My Children Transcript Monday 3/10/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: Surgery right now is too great a risk. It could prove fatal to our daughter.

Boyd: Lena wants me.

Bianca: Boyd, Lena wants me.

Simone: What's that?

Greenlee: My mystery e-mailer guy -- at least, his phone number and address.

David: Watch out. Whoa, whoa --

Anna: David, I'm fine. I can walk, you know.

David: I know, but there's ice here, Ok? And if you slip, Leora might --

Anna: Oh, she's absolutely perfect.

David: Where are my keys?

Anna: I don't -- Hi, there, sweetheart. We're so happy to have you home. I have to tell you that the cupboard's a little empty. I mean, a one-eyed bear isn't much to come home to, but we do have a cradle.

David: Ok. Let's go tuck her in.

Anna: Oh, my goodness. David, when on earth did you get the time to do this?

David: I didn't do this.

Anna: Who did it?

David: I don't know.

Anna: It's great! Look at everything. We have everything.

Aidan: Welcome home, Leora.

Anna: Aidan. Oh, that's so great, you guys.

Simone: You know, you just can't blow off Sydney because a woman answered the phone.

Greenlee: Doesn't anyone have any work to do around here besides me?

Simone: It doesn't mean that he's married or a mama's boy.

Mia: Or a cyber-stalker.

Greenlee: Odds aren't good.

Simone: Ugh. Maybe -- maybe it's his sister. Did you think of that? Or a roommate, or his roommate's sister.

Greenlee: Or his girlfriend.

Simone: He doesn't have a girlfriend.

Mia: The cleaning lady.

Simone: I like that.

Greenlee: Ok, let's stop. I get it.

Simone: Ok, Ok, but what are you going to do about it?

Greenlee: I don't know. What should I do, on our first date ask him, "What's with the chick you live with, Syd"?

Computer voice: You have mail.

Simone: Go on. Open it.

Mia: Open it.

Simone: Open, open, open, open, open.

Greenlee: "Dearest, one day you'll look at me, and when you do, you'll see our future in my eyes."

Simone: Well, there you go. I'm in.

Mia: I'd be all over that.

Simone: So what do you say?

Greenlee: Whoever this is knows me.

Lena: Well, if your numbers continue, the division will be profitable sooner than we anticipated.

Boyd: Hey.

Bianca: Hey.

Boyd: Is Erica around? I've got some lab results for her.

Bianca: Oh, no, but you know what? I think the only results she cares about right now is the fact that you're back.

Lena: Welcome back, Boyd.

Boyd: Oh, well, thanks, but I was only gone, like, a nanosecond.

Bianca: Yeah, but what a comeback. My goodness. I mean, you got Mom to do Kendall a favor.

Boyd: Well, I just -- I'm glad I could help Kendall out.

Bianca: She owes you big time.

Boyd: No, she doesn't. She doesn't owe me anything.

Lena: Boyd, I had no idea you were so skilled.

Boyd: Skilled? At what?

Lena: You know what I mean. Tell me, are you in bed with the competition yet? Literally and figuratively?

Boyd: And I what? What the hell makes you think I would tell you that?

Greenlee: How can someone know so many things about me and I have no clue who it is?

Simone: How come I only get spam?

Mia: It's so beautiful, though. I mean, what could be more romantic than that?

Simone: Well, it could be for me.

Michael: Excuse me, ladies. Hi, there. Kendall wouldn't happen to be around, would she?

Greenlee: Is she ever?

Mia: Is there something that we can do for you?

Michael: Well, only if you can tell me where I might find the most beautiful woman in the world.

Reggie: Hey.

Kendall: Oh, my God, look at this place.

Reggie: What the hell are you doing?

Kendall: I told Trey he was making a mistake. I warned him not to take you in. Would he listen to me? No, no, of course not. He had to save the world one freaking skunk at a time.

Reggie: I didn't do it.

Kendall: My brother saved your butt from juvvie hall. He gave you a home -- a home -- and you thank him by ratting him out?

Reggie: You don't understand. You don't --

Kendall: No, I do understand. You're a coward. You're a coward, and you thought you would save your butt by ratting on my brother. Well, you know what? You didn't do yourself any favors because now you're going to deal with me. You're going to deal with me, and I'm going to make you pay.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. I don't think I like you talking to my foster son that way.

Kendall: What? What?

Jack: I think you heard me.

Kendall: What, now you're his guardian?

Jack: That's right.

Kendall: You took in this delinquent so you can send my brother to jail?

Jack: It's a bit more complicated than that, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, I'm sure it is. I'm sure it is, Jackson. Why would you bust Trey and take on this baggage?

Erica: Jackson saw that justice was done.

Kendall: Justice? Well, where -- where's the justice for me? I mean, you all got what you wanted, but I lost my brother.

Erica: So you're saying that Trey shouldn't have been arrested because he's your brother, even though he almost killed your sister?

Kendall: You never stop, do you? And you -- aren't you the man of the hour -- making the streets of Pine Valley safe, sucking up here to Erica. Oh, this is just a win-win situation for you, isn't it, Jackson? Well, win-win-lose -- you're stuck with that creep.

Reggie: Hey, you don't talk down to me, all right?

Jack: Hey, hey --

Kendall: And you -- I am so sick of your face. I am so sick of your face. I want you out of here now. Pick up your crap and get out of my brother's home. Now!

Jack: I'm afraid there's a little problem with that, Kendall.

Kendall: What's the problem?

Jack: I've taken over the lease on this place.

Kendall: What? I don't believe you. This is Trey's home, not yours. These are Trey's things. They're a part of him, not you. What are you going to do? You going to throw them away like you threw him away? No, I'm not going to let you move in here. This is Greenlee's apartment.

Jack: Not anymore, it's not.

Kendall: What do you mean?

Jack: I bought it. Now that I have a ward of the state, I needed the extra room.

Kendall: Oh, well, isn't that a great deal for you, Mr. D.A. What did he promise you for turning in Trey? New cable stations? A big master bedroom? A get-out-of-jail-free pass?

Jack: Nobody forced Reggie to do anything.

Kendall: I know how you operate.

Erica: Kendall, I don't think you do. This is not a conspiracy to ruin your life. Trey's arrest has nothing to do with you. Trey burnt down a house, and he almost killed a number of people, including Ryan. This is about justice and family taking care of family. Thanks to Jackson, trey is where he belongs and my family is safe.

Kendall: I hope you enjoy your daddy.

Erica: Reggie told the truth, and thank God he did. Kendall, keeping secrets locked inside you -- that can kill you from the inside out.

Jack: Well, you should know.

Lena: I apologize. I didn't mean to offend.

Boyd: Look, Lena, I'm not offended, and don't take this the wrong way, but who I sleep with, literally or figuratively, isn't any of your business.

Lena: You're right, but it's no secret that you're close to Kendall Hart, and in business, such relationships can be very useful.

Boyd: Well, I tend to keep the business out of my bedroom as a general rule. It makes things clearer.

Lena: Point taken.

Bianca: Hey, Boyd, maybe you haven't heard. Lena has come up with a plan to deal with the Cambias situation, and it's brilliant.

Boyd: There's a situation?

Lena: Oh, not for long. I slept with the Cambias idea last night, and I know exactly how to counter their leak to the press. Trust me. Michael Cambias won't know what hit him.

Mia: Well, please, come in.

Michael: Thanks.

Mia: Kendall is usually here by now.

Greenlee: Unless the moon is full.

Simone: Oh, or she forgot to set her alarm.

Greenlee: Or there's a long line at the coffee shop.

Mia: Yes, let me check her schedule. We can try her cell phone if you want, but I --

Michael: Oh, let me guess -- she usually keeps it turned off.

Mia: Oh. You know Kendall well.

Michael: Well, I hope to.

Simone: "You smile, but there's no happiness. You laugh, but there's no joy. I long to bring a smile to your eyes, to take away your pain, to hold your hand in mine, to keep you safe."

Greenlee: Like I said, this man knows me. He knows what I'm going through.

Simone: So what are you going to do about it?

Greenlee: I'm going to meet him. Today.

Anna: This is so amazing, you know? This is -- this is everything we needed, you guys. Thank you so much.

Maria: Oh, you're so welcome.

Aidan: You know, I feel kind of like St. Nick.

Maria: He was so crazy in the store. The salesperson thought he was the daddy.

Anna: Well, you're going to get a lot of practice, you know.

Aidan: Oh, yeah?

Anna: You want to babysit, right?

Aidan: Yeah, absolutely. I'll look after her. As long as you don't mind her sitting on the couch with me watching soccer with a nice cold pint of -- milk.

Anna: You're going to have to ask her, you know. She's very opinionated.

Aidan: Well, she's a Devane after all, isn't she?

Anna: Yeah. Her appetite confirms it, right? You ready for the 3:00 a.m. feedings?

David: Actually, that's my shift.

Maria: Really?

Anna: He made me promise.

Maria: Super dad. That's cool.

Anna: She needs to be fed right now.

David: No, actually -- no, that's Ok. You just relax. I'll go make her bottle.

Anna: It's Ok, I can do it.

David: No, no, I don't mind. It's Ok. I got it, I got it.

Maria: God, does he let you do anything?

Anna: No, no, not much at all.

Maria: No?

Anna: In fact, at the hospital, you know, he was so fierce about Leora that all the nurses were scared of him.

Maria: Hi, sweet --

Aidan: Hello. Hello. Your daddy is going to take very good care of you.

Anna: Yeah.

David: What are you doing? Don't touch her! Come here. It's Ok, it's Ok. Shh, shh, shh. It's Ok, it's Ok. It's all right.

Lena: John, who else would I go to with this? Every C.E.O. reads your column before they drink their cappuccino. Well, the truth is, Enchantment rejected the joint venture with Cambias Industries. Well, quite frankly, because the proposal was nothing more than a feeble attempt to align Cambias with a high-profile U.S. company. Oh, John, isn't it obvious? They're desperate to get a foothold in the American market. What better way than to associate themselves with a legend like Erica Kane?

[Lena laughs]

Lena: You're welcome. Oh, and, John, I can count on your discretion, yes? Well, I look forward to reading your column in the morning.

Bianca: Wow, Lena is really good at this, isn't she?

Lena: All right, John --

Boyd: Yeah, maybe a little too good.

Lena: If I can do anything for you, just call.

Mia: Well, I am really sorry. It's very strange, but Kendall seems to have vanished.

Michael: Well, I guess that's my bad luck, then. Hmm.

Mia: Well, if she knew what was waiting for her, I'm sure she'd break a land speed record to get here.

Michael: Do you mind if I leave a note for her?

Mia: Oh, no, of course not. Go ahead.

Michael: Thanks.

Mia: So, what's in the box?

Michael: Well, if I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

Mia: No, it wouldn't.

Greenlee: Would you stop it?

Simone: You've got fly-aways.

Mia: What are you doing?

Simone: Well, Greenlee finally got the nerve up to meet her mystery man.

Mia: Oh, good!

Greenlee: Do you want to keep that hand?

Simone: Hey, look, you only get one shot to make a first impression.

Mia: Yeah.

Simone: And you've got, like, stuff --

Greenlee: Would you stop fussing?

Simone: Fine. Here. Check your teeth.

Mia: Oh, right.

Simone: Right here in the corner, and your breath. Mint.

Mia: Mint.

Simone: Ok, no stopping anywhere. No chili fries, no triple scoop. Dairy is a fresh-breath disaster.

Greenlee: I won't, Ok? I'll be good.

Simone: Ok. Let me look, let me see. Turn, turn. Ok, button.

Mia: Looks great.

Simone: I think you're ready.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Simone: You're beautiful. You look stunning. Just go.

Mia: Go!

Greenlee: Oh!

Carlos: I am so sorry.

Greenlee: Watch where you're going!

Simone: Ah, yes, I always watch where he's going. You know, if there's a God, that guy that Greenlee's meeting will be half as hot as he is.

Erica: Excuse me?

Jack: Well, of course, I didn't mean that you had any secrets. I simply meant that --

Erica: What?

Jack: That you've been there, that you know that secrets can hurt people.

Erica: I do?

Jack: Yes. For example, this situation right here. Trey's secret is arson. That hurt a lot of people, didn't it?

Erica: Yes. Yes, of course it did, but that's over. So why don't we just forget it? Shall we?

Jack: Good idea. Yes, let's do. Yes, Ok.

Erica: Ok. Reggie, I haven't thanked you yet, properly.

Reggie: Oh, I was just, you know --

Kendall: You were covering your butt.

Erica: What you did was very brave.

Reggie: It was?

Erica: It was. I consider you a hero.

Reggie: Oh, you do?

Jack: Yeah, a hero who had better keep his nose clean.

Erica: I'm sure he will. I think you have a lot of promise, and, Reggie, if there's anything I can ever do for you --

Kendall: Oh, please. He's been to juvvie more times than you've walked down the aisle. You want to put a halo on him?

Erica: I believe in giving people who deserve it a chance. So --

Kendall: You didn't give Trey a chance. It's not right.

Erica: Trey took Trey's chance away. Look, Kendall, I'm really sorry that you lost your brother. I am, but Trey is in prison where he belongs because of what he did on his own choice, and you, of all people -- you should realize that. You should know that. He framed you. He was going to let you go to jail for him for setting that fire. I don't think a man like that deserves your loyalty.

Kendall: He's still my brother.

Erica: I know, and I'm sorry. Really, and you -- thank you.

Reggie: It was no big deal.

Erica: Yes, it was. You enjoy your new home. Ok?

Jack: Reggie, get your school books, will you, kid? Do that now. Listen, listen, listen -- I'm sorry about what happened back there. I don't know why I said that.

Erica: But you did.

Jack: Yes, well, I couldn't help myself. I mean, the very idea of you delivering a lecture on the evils of secrets? Where do you get your nerve?

Erica: That is -- they are not the same thing.

Jack: Oh, really?

Erica: Yeah, really. My situation -- our situation --

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Is completely different.

Jack: Oh, I forgot. The rules are always different for you, aren't they, sweetheart?

Reggie: Oh, big J is getting some of that.

Kendall: What did you say?

Bianca: Wow. You know, I thought that Mom was good at spin, but, Lena, you are a goddess.

Lena: It was nothing.

Bianca: Nothing? Tomorrow morning, "The Herald" is going to report that Cambias Industries groveled at Erica Kane's feet and were denied.

Lena: I just told the facts.

Bianca: The facts your way. Oh, my goodness, how much would I love to see the look on Michael Cambias' face when he reads that article in the morning.

Lena: Me, too.

Bianca: Hey, Chris.

Chris: Where's the pit bull?

Bianca: The -- do you mean Mom?

Chris: No, I mean Val. It's the first time this door's been left unguarded in over a decade.

Bianca: Oh, well, Val's a human being, and he's taking a personal day.

Chris: Oh, well, I'm supposed to take your mother to lunch. Is she here?

Bianca: No. You know, she mentioned errands. I'm sure she'll be back any minute.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, she'll be back.

Lena: Excuse me, Bianca. We have an appointment with the west coast.

Bianca: Oh, that's right. Chris, I've got to get going. Do you just want to wait here?

Chris: Yeah, sure. I've become an expert at waiting lately.

Linus: Whoa. Don't take it out on the magazine.

Chris: What are you doing here?

Linus: I called your office. They told me you were heading this way.

Chris: Well, how'd you get past security?

Linus: Come on, I know my way around from when I was following your fiancée.

Chris: Yeah, well, I pulled you off that job, remember?

Linus: Yeah. Look, you seem like a standup guy.

Chris: Oh, what'd you do? You came here to compliment me?

Linus: Look, Chris, I couldn't just do nothing.

Chris: About what?

Linus: You're being played for a chump.

Chris: Excuse me?

Linus: I hate to break it to you. Erica Kane's two-timing you.

Anna: What's the matter, David?

David: Nothing. I think she just -- she needs her diaper changed. I'll go --

Anna: I can change her diaper.

David: No, it's Ok. It's all right. I've got her, I've got her. It's Ok.

Anna: I'm sorry about that. David's been a bit --

Maria: Just overprotective. It's no biggie.

Aidan: Yeah, you can't blame him. I'd be the same way.

Anna: Well, it's no excuse. I'll be right back, Ok?

Aidan: Ok.

Maria: Ok.

Aidan: Wow.

Maria: That was intense. Holy cow.

Aidan: Yeah. I think David's afraid I'm going to turn little Leora into a soccer fan or something.

Maria: Yeah, I guess. I mean, I can see it's all a little bit overwhelming, but --

Aidan: What's that?

Maria: Well, you know, kids -- they let you leave the hospital -- how are you supposed to know what to do with them? There's no operating manual or instructions on how to take care of a kid. You're just entrusted with this tiny soul, to protect her and show her the world and -- oh, it's an awesome responsibility.

Aidan: Yeah. I'd imagine in another lifetime that you loved every minute of that responsibility.

Maria: Yeah. I wish I could remember it.

Anna: All right, everything's fine. The baby's dry, David's calm.

Maria: Oh, good.

Anna: Sorry about that. Sorry.

Maria: No biggie, no biggie.

Aidan: It's his first child. He's going to be a little bit overprotective.

Anna: I suppose so. Did we scare you off?

Aidan: Oh, no. I'm just going to go out to the car to get some batteries for the baby's first computer.

Anna: A computer?

Aidan: Well, yeah. You're never too young to start.

Anna: Oh, dear.

[Maria laughs]

Anna: I can't believe that David went off on Aidan like that.

Maria: Oh, Aidan's Ok about it, totally Ok. I mean, he knows what it's like to be protective of somebody you love. He's good.

Anna: You do, too, right?

Maria: Well, yeah, I mean, you know, you just want to wrap them up, you want to protect them from the world as long as you can. You know.

Anna: I guess with us, because we almost lost her, I think we're being a little delicate.

Maria: Yeah, and you have another daughter, right?

Anna: I do, yeah. She's a grown woman.

Maria: Do you worry any less?

Anna: No.

Maria: No.

Anna: You two seem to be very content. It's nice.

Maria: Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm just -- I'm just so thankful for every blessedly uneventful unadventurous day. It's just a gift. It's great, and you? Everything's good?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Reggie: I didn't say anything.

Kendall: Yes, you did.

Erica: Reggie, thanks again, and I just want you to know that I'm expecting great things from you in the future. Bye.

Jack: Bye-bye.

Kendall: I want an answer, squirt.

Reggie: I got to go to school. Ain't that right, Mr. J?

Jack: Uh, you've got a few minutes.

Reggie: Oh, no, but I can't be late. Got a big test.

Kendall: And by the way, don't show your face at Fusion again. You're fired. Got that?

Reggie: Yeah, loud and clear.

Kendall: Excuse me. We're not through.

Reggie: Look, I did what I had to do, all right? Can I go already?

Jack: Yeah, get out of here. Stay out of trouble. You know, Kendall, Trey didn't do you any favors, framing you for that arson, and now that he's confessed, you're completely in the clear here.

Kendall: Oh, so I should be grateful?

Jack: Well, yes. Most people would be.

Kendall: Most people would be -- you mean, like my mother?

Jack: You've lost me.

Kendall: Did she really stop by this morning to thank you for putting Trey in prison, or was she grateful for something else?

Chris: You're sure about that?

Linus: Sorry. Man, I hate this part of my job.

Chris: Yeah, well, that's what I paid you to do.

Linus: Doesn't make it any easier.

Chris: You know, I pulled you off this case. You didn't have to tell me this.

Linus: Well, I saw what I saw. I really couldn't not tell you about it.

Chris: Yeah. You mind if I take that?

Linus: You paid for it. Poor bastard.

Michael: Well, all right. Well, thank you very much for letting me leave a note for Kendall.

Simone: Oh, no, we'll make sure she gets it.

Mia: Right, and the present.

Simone: Yes.

Mia: Yeah.

Michael: Yes. Very much appreciated.

Simone: Very much obliged.

Mia: No problem.

Michael: Have a good day.

Simone: You, too.

Michael: Oh, and no peeking.

Simone: No. Oh, my God.

Mia: Never.

Simone: Let's open it.

Mia: That man thinks he is charm on a stick.

Simone: I wonder if Greenlee is meeting her prince charming right now.

Mia: Oh, please. Give me a break. She's barely had time to get to the guy's apartment.

Simone: You're right. Gosh -- ooh, it's driving me crazy. It's killing me.

Mia: I know.

Carlos: Uh, excuse me.

Simone: Oh --

Carlos: I have an errand to go run.

Simone: Of course, Carlos.

Carlos: But I'll be back soon, all right?

Simone: Well, don't keep me too long.

Mia: Oh, my God, you're relentless.

Simone: Well, you have to be when you are waiting for the man of your dreams.

Mia: Unless he finds you first.

Greenlee: I can do this, I can do this. It's someone I know. It has to be. What if he's a sicko? No. No, he won't be. Oh, really -- God, what am I doing?

Bianca: Well, thank you so much for letting me sit in on that meeting, Lena. I learned a lot.

Lena: You asked some very good questions.

Bianca: Thanks. I have one for you now.

Lena: What is it?

Bianca: How do you do it?

Lena: Do what?

Bianca: Well, when you planted that story before, you acted so sincere and genuine. I knew it was a plant, and even I believed you. I mean, you're a great --

Lena: Liar?

Bianca: Well, yeah.

Lena: You're right. I'm a brilliant liar, and I get what I want because of it. Well, I'd better take this up to Ted. We don't want him taken by surprise.

Bianca: No, I guess not.

Lena: I'll see you later.

Erica: Aha. Hello. Lena, how did our counter-Cambias leak go?

Lena: I think you'll be very happy.

Erica: Do you agree?

Bianca: Yes. Lena spun that reporter so hard, he doesn't know he's dizzy.

Erica: Well, good. Let's hope that our ploy flushes Michael Cambias out into the open.

Bianca: I guarantee that Lena did the trick. I'm actually really glad she's on our side.

Erica: Yes, actually, I could use some of her spin with Chris. I am late for lunch again, and I'm sorry, I'm just fresh out of reasons. So where is he?

Bianca: Oh, he -- he was here. He said he'd wait.

Erica: Oh, well, I wonder where he went.

Jack: Look, Kendall, I know you're very upset right now, but this should make you feel a little bit better. Trey got a hell of a deal.

Kendall: He's in prison, Jackson. There are no good deals. Trey was really trying.

Jack: Yes, I believe he was. I know he worked his butt off to try to help Reggie when he could have just shuffled some papers and passed that kid along, but he didn't.

Kendall: Yeah, well, Reggie sure has a hell of a way of showing his gratitude.

Jack: Kendall, you knew the truth was going to come out eventually, right?

Kendall: Maybe some things are better left hidden, especially since Erica's running all over the place acting like Reggie is a hero while Trey is stuck in -- he's stuck in prison. This was his first real home.

Jack: Look, why don't you -- why don't you go ahead and take that?

Kendall: You couldn't stop me if you tried. I'm going to keep these things until he gets out.

Jack: I'm sure Trey will appreciate that.

Kendall: You don't know anything about him.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Great. You here to show your gratitude, too?

Chris: You robbing the place?

Kendall: These are Trey's things.

Chris: Oh, well -- well, with Trey in the joint now and Ryan on the road, I guess that pretty much leaves you on your own, doesn't it?

Kendall: A lot you know. I have a new boyfriend, and he knows how to treat a woman.

Chris: Really?

Kendall: Michael Cambias is not a flat-leaver like your son.

Chris: Give him time.

Jack: Chris, this is a surprise.

Chris: Oh, I bet it is.

Jack: So tell me, how did you know I was here?

Chris: Well, there's nothing I can't find out when I want it bad enough, friend.

Jack: So what can I do for you?

Chris: I think you know. What, did you think I wouldn't find out?

Reggie: What's up, man? How you doing? What's up, what's up?

Boy: Not much.

Second boy: Later, man.

Reggie: Where you-all going? Come -- jeez. Come on, I got to go.

Luis: No, you got to stay and answer me a question.

Reggie: What?

Luis: Should I off you before I skip town?

Reggie: Off me? Man, I --

Luis: Yeah, for sharing a crib with the D.A.

Reggie: Come on, man!

Luis: He makes it sweet, you give me up. What choice do I have?

Reggie: I got to go to school, man. I got to go to school, man!

Luis: I want an answer!

Reggie: Come on, man! I am not going to give you up.

Simone: I can't help it.

Mia: What are you doing?

Simone: I'm calling Greenlee.

Mia: No! No, don't.

Simone: You give that to me. No, I got to find out!

Mia: You can't.

Simone: Ow!

Mia: Sorry, but what if Greenlee's with Sydney right now?

Greenlee: Who would do something like this? There must be something wrong with him, but I know him, so what's the problem?

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Now I'm dreaming. What was I thinking? "I long to bring a smile to your eyes."

Anna: Thank you so much for everything.

Maria: You're welcome.

Anna: It was so generous of you. I really appreciate it.

Aidan: Yeah, you're very welcome. Here, let me get that.

Maria: Thank you, thank you. If you need anything, please call us. I mean, anything.

Anna: You're going to be sorry you said that.

Aidan: No, we won't. Come here. See you later.

Anna: Bye.

Maria: Bye.

Anna: Thank you.

Anna: Oh, I was hoping that you were going to bring the baby out to say good-bye to them.

David: Well, she needs to finish her bottle, so --

Anna: Hey, look, do you want me to take her for a while? You know, you haven't had a break since you came back. Maybe you'd like to get something to eat.

David: No, I've got her. She just fell asleep.

Anna: David, you seem so worried. Maybe -- maybe we should really reconsider the pacemaker.

David: Anna, we're doing the right thing.

Anna: I don't know. I mean, if she had the surgery, perhaps you wouldn't be so concerned all the time.

David: No, no. She's fine. I'm going to make sure of it.

Carlos: You are not too tough when you're not carrying, huh, son?

Luis: Step off, amigo.

Carlos: First of all, I ain't your amigo. I think you should beat it.

Luis: You know what to do.

Carlos: What has he got on you?

Reggie: Nothing, man. He just likes playing around. Nothing.

Carlos: Right. Listen, I know Luis. You're smart, you'll watch your own back. You won't owe him.

Reggie: Don't you got someplace to be? Don't let me hold you up.

Carlos: You going to school?

Reggie: Yeah, I'm going to school.

Carlos: I'll cover you.

Reggie: I don't need no babysitter, man, walking me to the front door, holding my hand --

Carlos: All right, all right, all right. Listen, I'll keep my distance, make sure Luis doesn't surprise you.

Reggie: You ain't got nothing else to do.

Kendall: Hey, you guys, I'm sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?

Simone: Oh, no, no. Just your adorably handsome boyfriend, you know, and his note.

Mia: That we didn't read.

Simone: Yeah. Oh, and his gift.

Mia: That we didn't open.

Kendall: His gift?

Simone: Yeah.

Kendall: I got a gift? I got a gift from Michael!

Simone and Mia: Ooh, you got a gift!

Simone: Oh.

Kendall: Oh!

Simone: Ok, read, read, read.

Kendall: All right, all right, all right. This is so cool. Oh, my God!

Mia: "Swamp Girl"?

Kendall: Yeah, "Swamp Girl." I -- I told Michael that I didn't think a guy like him would be interested in a Florida swamp girl like me.

Mia: Aw.

Kendall: I love it.

Simone: Yeah, well, it's got really big rocks, so obviously the boy is interested.

Mia: Is this guy for real?

Kendall: Oh, he is as real as it gets.

Mia: Hmm.

Simone: I wonder if Greenlee's cyber-Romeo is the real deal, too.

Woman: Yes?

Greenlee: I'm here to see Sydney Bergeron.

Woman: I'm Sydney. Can I help you?

Jack: Find out about what, exactly, Chris?

Chris: Don't play me, Jackson.

Jack: Well, why don't you fill me in.

Chris: Just cut the crap, then! I know what you're doing.

Jack: Well, when you tell me, then I'll --

Chris: Well, I'll tell you to stop protecting Erica because I know what's going on. I just want to hear it from you now.

Erica: He doesn't answer his cell or his pager. He's not at the penthouse, he's not in the office.

Bianca: Mom, he's just -- I don't know -- swapping spy stories with the security guards again.

Erica: Oh, but he should be here. I don't have time to have him go entertain the troops.

Bianca: Mom, where are you going?

Erica: I just wish he'd be where he says he's going to be when he says he's going to be there.

[Knock on door]

Boyd: Hey.

Bianca: Hey, you just missed her.

Boyd: Actually, I wanted to talk to you. About Lena.

Bianca: Ah, hello. She's so mysterious. Do you think it's the accent?

Boyd: Listen, Binks, I think you should be careful.

Bianca: Why? So you can win our bet?

Boyd: This isn't about the bet.

Bianca: Uh-huh. Sure it isn't. You just should admit it. You think I'm going to win, don't you?

Boyd: No. What I think is we both deserve better than Lena.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Hello?

Kendall: Michael, it's Kendall. Oh, the necklace is beautiful.

Michael: Hey, gorgeous. So you liked it, did you?

Kendall: Oh, I love it, I love it. I've never seen anything like it.

Michael: Well, then it's perfect because I have never known anyone like you.

Kendall: Oh, you never say the wrong thing, do you?

Michael: What can I say? You inspire me. Especially when we're making love.

Kendall: Oh, I can't stop thinking about that.

Michael: Well, sweetheart, I have thought of nothing but since you left. Those beautiful green eyes, the silky white skin, the smell of your hair. I cannot wait until you're back in my arms again.

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Maria: Is it not over? Are Julian's men still after us?

Chris: What kind of game are you two playing with me?

Simone: Do I have a shot with you?

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