AMC Transcript Friday 3/7/03


All My Children Transcript Friday 3/7/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: There's something I got to tell you.

Anna: Is it about the baby?

David: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: "You are to vacate the property within 24 hours."

Simone: How did that happen?

Boyd: I quit.

Erica: Well, you can't quit. You have a contract.

Boyd: So sue me.

Reggie: I do know who burned down that lady's house.

Jack: What lady? Erica Kane?

Reggie: Trey did it.

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Erica: Yes, that's right. I want him locked out of his office now.

Lena: Erica, you wanted to see us?

Bianca: Something wrong?

Erica: Boyd just quit.

Lena: Oh, no.

Erica: Oh, yes.

Bianca: Oh, my God. So, how long before Fusion snaps him up?

Simone: Oh, I am so sorry I'm late. I went and checked on Mia. She's got back-to-back meetings in Philly with that factory rep. You want her to call -- what's that?

Greenlee: My mystery e-mailer guy.

Simone: What?

Greenlee: Mr. Sydney Bergeron -- or at least his phone number and address.

Simone: Well, where in the world did you score that?

Greenlee: Jamie Martin helped me get it off the net.

Simone: Oh. Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's unmask this man.

Greenlee: I don't know.

[Pounding on door]

Simone: Hey. Oh --

Boyd: Where's -- where's Kendall?

Greenlee: She's at Enchantment, trying to rub Erica the right way.

Boyd: She's not. I was there. Erica wiped the floor with her.

Simone: Oh, damn.

Boyd: Kendall get carried away with the home office idea? What's all this?

Greenlee: Um -- we'll tell Kendall that you came by.

Boyd: Maybe I can help?

Greenlee: No, we don't need any help, but thanks anyway.

Boyd: Look, guys, I quit Enchantment as of today. So if you still want me, I'm all yours.

Kendall: We don't want you, Boyd. Go back to Erica.

David: Yeah. Ooh, you're such a brave little girl, huh? Well, you showed everybody, didn't you? Don't worry. I'm not going to let anybody -- anybody hurt you, darling. Ever. I promise.

[Door opens]

David: Hey.

Anna: Hi.

David: Where have you been?

Anna: Been online.

David: Well, you're not supposed to be out of bed.

Anna: Well, I can't really lie there when my daughter is --

David: Leora is fine.

Anna: That's not what these say.

David: Anna, look at you. You're pale. Would you please come back into bed?

Anna: I've been on about half a dozen websites that deal with Leora's condition, and in almost every instant, the doctors would implant a pacemaker immediately.

David: Anna --

Anna: Well, why the hell won't you?

Aidan: What have you got for me?

Man: There's not much I could do on such short notice.

Aidan: It's a good start.

Man: This guy's pretty clean. What are you looking for?

Aidan: It's not me who's looking.

Man: Someone sure has a rage on for Chris Stamp.

Jack: Reggie, I want you to repeat to me what you just said.

Reggie: Trey burned down Erica Kane's house.

Jack: And Kenyon here, he told you that himself?

Reggie: Yeah, he did.

Jack: All right, now, you listen to me, son. There's a lot at stake here for everyone, and if you think you can buy a ticket to freedom by lying -- hey, I'm talking to you!

Reggie: I'm not lying, all right?

Jack: How about it, Trey? Your foster son telling the truth here?

Trey: Kid's doing exactly how I taught him. He's looking out for himself.

Jack: Oh, aren't you slick, but that doesn't really answer my question, now, does it?

Chris: Hey, I've got those papers on the Sexton case. If you're busy, I can --

Jack: No, Chris, come in. I'll think you'll find this very interesting. I'm waiting, counselor.

Trey: It's true. I burned down Erica Kane's house.

Jack: No, no, no --

Chris: You scum --

Jack: Chris, no, no. Come on, back off him.

Trey: I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

Chris: You almost killed Bianca.

Trey: And I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Chris: Spare me your regrets. You're a coward.

Jack: All right, that's it. Back off! Chris, use your head. Back off. Now, I want you two to tell me one thing -- is this on the level or is this a scam you two cooked up? Huh?

Trey: The kid came up with it himself.

Reggie: Look, I told you what you wanted to hear, all right? Can I just leave?

Jack: No, you cannot just leave. There's some business to take care of first. I want to get Kenyon's statement on paper. I'm going to go get a stenographer. Don't even think about taking a step out of this office. There'll be a guard at the door, and you behave yourself.

Chris: The only reason you're still alive is because Erica and Bianca were not hurt in that fire. Do you hear me?

[Trey coughs]

[Door slams]

Reggie: Yo, T, I'm sorry, man. I was stuck. I mean, I didn't even plan on this.

Trey: You're just looking out for yourself, right?

Reggie: Yeah, like you told me, right?

Trey: You're a fast learner. You know, Jack lays off you, I go away for a while, but this doesn't solve your real problem, does it, Reggie?

Nurse: Excuse me. I need to take Leora back to NICU.

David: Yeah, of course you do.

Anna: Ok.

David: Oh, she's -- that smile.

Anna: Got her?

Nurse: Uh-huh.

Anna: Bye, sweetheart. You sleep well. She's having a good sleep.

Anna: Why are you refusing to do this? You're putting our daughter's life in danger.

David: Oh, for crying out loud. These days, people get access to a website, all of a sudden they become experts.

Anna: All right, so explain it to me. Explain it to me why it says in these papers that if a patient's heart rate is low -- even a baby -- a pacemaker is his best chance at a healthy life.

David: It is not her best chance.

Anna: How can you say that?

David: What do you mean, how can I say that? I'm a doctor, Anna.

Anna: Well, you're her father. I mean, is it that you're afraid --

David: No, no, I am not afraid, but I will not subject our daughter to the risks of surgery when there are other options.

Anna: What other options? This is what she needs!

David: Look, I know you mean well --

Anna: Oh, don't -- don't --

David: But there's enough evidence to support that there are alternative treatments.

Anna: What? What? Crystals and meditation? Is that your answer?

David: Oh, don't -- don't do that, all right? Don't minimize my expertise.

Anna: Ok, but it's all here! Why are you being so bloody superior? Is it because you don't want someone else to save your daughter's life?

David: What --

Erica: Everybody's replaceable, honey. I want you to contact the headhunters, put out the word.

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: And Lena -- Lena, I want you to tap your European contacts, see if there's an R&D wizard who would like to have a change of scenery.

Lena: I'll make some calls.

Erica: We're all right, then.

Bianca: Um -- no, not exactly. I -- I don't understand. Boyd was all about his research. He loves this company. He's proven his loyalty to you. So what on earth would make him quit?

Erica: It seems to have something to do with Kendall.

Boyd: I'm not going back, Kendall. I'm done. I am through with Enchantment and with Erica.

Simone: Wait, I thought you just signed this new contract.

Boyd: I don't care. The way Erica treated Kendall -- no, there's no way I would stay on.

Kendall: No, Boyd, I'm sorry. I cannot let you quit to protect my honor.

Boyd: Kendall, Erica has no right to treat you like this.

Kendall: No, it's very noble, it's very gallant, but it's completely unnecessary and I'm not going to let you do it.

Greenlee: Is that pea brain of yours processing anything anymore? Boyd's the best chemist in the business.

Kendall: Excuse me. Greenlee, listen to me. We have got no money. We have no office --

Greenlee: And whose fault is that?

Kendall: We have no lab!

Boyd: Guys, you made lip color on your stovetop. Just wait and see what I can do with a sterno.

Simone: Ha! I call that a can-do attitude.

Greenlee: You should try it sometime. So, will you work without a salary, just for a little while?

Boyd: I can do that.

Greenlee: Then we're all set. Welcome to Fusion.

Simone: Oh, yes, welcome.

Kendall: No, no --

Greenlee: Yes.

Kendall: No! No, Boyd, I cannot let you do this.

Greenlee: Kendall, shut your piehole!

Kendall: No, Greenlee, I will not! I will not let Boyd ruin his future for me!

Bianca: Why did Boyd quit for Kendall?

Erica: Boyd made his choice, and we will deal with it.

[Intercom buzzes]

Erica: Yes, val. Oh, no, I can't speak with Chris right now. Will you take a message? Thanks. Ok, let's convene at the end of the day, and then let's see where we are, what we've come up --

[Intercom buzzes]

Erica: Val, I told you -- oh, it's Jack? What, it's urgent? All right, all right, then put him on. Ok. Jack, I'm in a meeting. You say this is important?

Jack: Oh, I'm just about ready to arrest the man that burned your house to the ground. How's that for important?

Erica: You caught Trey Kenyon? But I thought you said there wasn't enough evidence.

Jack: Well, you don't need much evidence when you've got a signed confession.

Erica: He confessed?

Jack: Not that he had a lot of choice, but the confession is solid.

Erica: Oh. Jack, I want you to just bury him so deep in the ground he never sees the light of day again.

Jack: Well, legally, I'm not sure that's an option, but I guarantee you I will put him away for a good, long time.

Erica: Oh, thank you. Jack, how can I possibly thank you?

Jack: Oh, gee, I can think of so many ways that you could thank me, Erica, but, frankly, I really didn't do anything.

Erica: Of course you did. Jack, my goodness, because of you, the man who nearly -- nearly killed my daughter is going to get what he deserves. How can I repay you?

Jack: Well, I -- I tell you what. We'll explore those options at a future date.

Erica: Thank you, Jack. Thank you so much. It's over.

Jack: You -- you're still here?

Chris: Yeah, well, I just tried giving Erica a call to tell her about Trey, but she was in a meeting. "No interruptions, no exceptions." You know how it is.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Val -- he guards her like a bulldog, doesn't he?

Chris: Yeah, well, she needs the protecting, and I'm counting on you to give Trey the max.

Jack: Nothing, Chris, would give me more pleasure.

Chris: Good. You know, I really appreciate you doing this, Jackson. It means a lot to both Erica and me.

Jack: You know, well --

Chris: You know what? I'm going to go down to her office and give her the news about Trey in person. Because something this important deserves to be delivered in person, right?

Jack: Sure.

Chris: See you later.

Jack: All right.

Greenlee: Haven't you done enough damage? Palmer never would've evicted us if you hadn't --

Boyd: Whoa, wait a minute. Fusion was evicted?

Greenlee: Palmer's deal was simple. All you had to do was kiss and make up with your mom and he would give us back the building.

Simone: Ok, you know, ease up, Greenlee. All right, it's not Kendall's fault. You know how Erica is. She's not going to listen to her.

Greenlee: It's all Kendall's fault.

Simone: Well --

Greenlee: And now we have a chance to salvage this company and stick it to Erica, and you want to blow that, too?

Kendall: I want to talk to Boyd alone.

Greenlee: To talk him out of working for us?

Kendall: No, it's personal.

Greenlee: That's what scares me.

Simone: Ok, you know what? Let's just go grab some lunch, ok?

Greenlee: All right. If Kendall tries to talk you out of not taking this job, don't listen to her.

Boyd: So, is it true? Is everything I saw over at Erica's just a maneuver, a ploy to get your lease back?

Kendall: I meant every word I said to her.

Boyd: Of course. I mean, you wanted your building back, right?

Kendall: No. No, it's because I want her to look at me and see me -- not a curse, not a punishment, but me, her daughter.

Boyd: God, Kendall, if all she ever does is cut you down, why not just -- I don't know -- settle for peaceful coexistence?

Kendall: That's because Erica won't allow it. That's why I flipped out when I saw her with Michael the other day. It's just proof that Erica's not going to be happy until she destroys me.

Erica: I had given up hope that this day would ever come. Trey Kenyon is going to be punished. Oh, isn't it wonderful?

Bianca: Yes, it is. It's wonderful. I just -- you know, I keep thinking of Leo and how much he wanted to believe in Trey.

Erica: The man who almost killed you?

Lena: You were caught in a fire? It must've been terrifying.

Bianca: Yeah, it was scary.

Lena: Oh, thank goodness you weren't hurt.

[Intercom buzzes]

Erica: Ahem. Yes, Val. No, absolutely not! No, tell him to go away. No comment.

Donald: I'm going in there whether you like it or not!

Val: Mr. Steele!

Donald: Whoa, whoa, Erica -- why is Enchantment playing footsies with Cambias Industries?

Erica: I want you out of here now.

Donald: No, but you know those photos -- they never lie. You and Cambias in the private jet -- what were you doing, playing mile high club with your new partner?

Erica: There is no new partner.

Donald: No, but there is an Enchantment-Cambias Industries joint venture in the works. So, what's in it for you?

Erica: Val, I want you to call security. I would like them to escort Mr. Steele out of the building by his toes.

Donald: All right, all right, I'm leaving.

Val: Yeah, I need security up here right now --

Donald: But this story runs whether or not I get a statement from Enchantment.

Lena: This is a typical Cambias move.

Bianca: Wait. This isn't legit?

Lena: It's a ploy. They get friendly with a takeover target, they propose a joint venture, and when the company accepts and lets down its guard --

Erica: Cambias strikes.

Bianca: So, what do we do?

Erica: It's not the first time that someone's tried to put a bear hug on Enchantment.

Bianca: "A bear hug"?

Erica: Honey, that's a term for this particular kind of a takeover tactic, but now that we're aware of it, we will proceed very carefully.

Lena: Suppose -- suppose we leak our own story, suggest that Cambias has nothing to offer Enchantment. After all, Enchantment has Erica Kane. It needs nothing more.

Erica: This is brilliant. This is a brilliant idea. We're just going to hit the bear right in the snout.

Bianca: Well, Michael Cambias won't be happy about this.

Erica: Especially when we force him to show his claws.

Reggie: My problem is my business, all right?

Trey: Your problem shot an innocent man, and he's still out there causing more harm. Listen -- every time you give in to this guy, whoever he is, you give him more power over you.

Reggie: I have my own power. I control my own power.

Trey: So use it to make something out of yourself, Reggie.

Reggie: Don't lecture me.

Trey: This is my last chance to do it, so listen. You know, you and I -- we're not that different.

Reggie: That's what you say.

Trey: You were cut loose by your family. You kicked around the foster care system. I mean, yeah, it gets you mad, but you can't let that rage eat you up because it happened to me, and I made a hell of a lot of mistakes.

Reggie: Like taking me in, right?

Trey: No. No, that wasn't a mistake. I really wanted to show you that there's more to life than just getting by and getting even. So much for that, huh?

Reggie: T, you're a really good guy. For real.

Trey: Yeah, well, I'm not really feeling the love right now.

Reggie: Look, I didn't mean to turn you in, all right? I had to. It was either -- it was either you or Janelle.

Trey: Janelle?

Reggie: He swore if I gave him up, he'd kill her.

Janelle: You're going to wear a groove in the floor if you don't stop. Why are you so riled because Anna wants a few minutes with her nephew?

David: Because he's going to convince her that she's right.

Janelle: Well, is she?

David: No. No, Anna thinks that all we have to do is put a pacemaker inside of Leora and everything's going to be fine. She's under the mistaken impression that the procedure itself is going to guarantee her health.

Janelle: Wait -- are you speaking as cardiosurgeon or a father?

David: Why is everyone questioning my judgment?

Janelle: Look, I am not, but you're so close to this, it must be hard to be objective.

David: Janelle, you're a doctor. You know yourself that implanting a pacemaker inside of a baby, let alone a preemie, is risky. It's a delicate procedure. I mean, the chances of complications are all over the place. Hell, the risk of infection alone is huge.

Janelle: It is, but isn't the risk even greater if you do nothing?

Anna: David saved Leora's life with that impossible operation. The odds were staggering, and yet here she is alive because of him, and now he is refusing to consider a procedure that could continue to improve her life? I don't understand.

Aidan: Maybe David's just afraid of coming up against those odds again, Anna.

Anna: But Leora has fought so hard. Don't we owe her the best possible chance?

Aidan: David wants that, too, I am sure.

Anna: Why is he being so bloody obstinate?

Aidan: Hmm. Well, you're asking the wrong person, but David -- David is one of the most amazing surgeons, and he loves you and Leora very, very much -- more than his own life, and I can't imagine David doing anything that wasn't in the baby's best interests.

David: If there were no choice, I would perform the procedure myself right now, but there is a choice. I study Leora's EKGs and Echoes all day long. She does not need a pacemaker, not yet.

Janelle: David, she will.

David: No, she might, and if she does, she will get it, and hopefully by then she'll be strong enough.

Janelle: So you rely on meds and --

David: Time. Faith, our love. Anna and I will get her strong. You know, we'll -- we'll watch her grow and we'll love her with everything we have.

Janelle: David --

[Pager beeps]

Janelle: You know what? I have to deal with this. Listen -- whatever decision you make, I know that you will make the right choice.

David: Thanks for listening.

Janelle: But this decision -- make it with your wife, not for her.

David: All right. So, does Aidan agree with you that I'm risking our daughter's life? Anna, if you don't believe in me, where do we go from here?

Trey: This creep threatened Janelle?

Reggie: You can't tell anybody, all right? You got to swear --

Trey: If Janelle is in any danger --

Reggie: Swear to me.

Jack: Thank you. Well, the stenographer's on her way.

Trey: Look, Jackson, something else came up --

Jack: What? What? Don't tell me you have something else to confess to here.

Trey: So, what happens next? To Reggie?

Janelle: Trey, I got your message. What the hell is going on?

Jack: Well, Janelle, you're just in time to hear Trey confess to arson.

Janelle: What?

Jack: That's right. I thought Reggie was going to give up his thug pal, but instead he told me something I've suspected for a long time -- that Trey here put a match to Erica's house.

Janelle: Are you all right?

Reggie: Sure.

Jack: The good news is that, in exchange for his testimony, Reggie here is free to go.

Janelle: You're free? Free to go where, exactly?

Reggie: Ok, can we just go, already?

Jack: No. I'm not done with you yet.

Reggie: But you said if I --

Jack: I am not near done with you, not as long as you're protecting that thug pal of yours. You and I have unfinished business.

Trey: Give him a break, Jackson.

Jack: What do you say you and I go get this confession of yours on paper?

Trey: Yeah, for a reduced sentence and one other thing.

Jack: Oh -- where do you get -- you're in no position to deal.

Trey: Without my confession, all you got is the word of some street punk. It's hearsay. So unless you want me to walk out of here --

Jack: All right, all right, all right, all right. What is it?

Trey: Reggie doesn't go back into foster care.

Jack: That's not within my jurisdiction. You know that.

Trey: It's a deal-breaker. Take it or leave it.

Jack: Suppose you suggest to me how I might accomplish this.

Trey: You take Reggie.

Kendall: You know, this is really all Palmer Cortlandt's fault.

Boyd: See, I don't get that. I mean, the deal for the building was done. You were in. How did you end up --

Kendall: Here? I screwed up -- again. Palmer evicted Fusion because I was supposed to watch Petey and I didn't.

Boyd: Well, I mean, did you give him an explanation?

Kendall: Oh, what, that I was with Michael and I didn't care about Petey or Fusion or anything else on the planet because I was with Michael?

Boyd: So you lost your lease because of Michael?

Kendall: You know what? It was really my fault. It really was my fault. I mean, maybe Erica's right. It's all about me. Everyone else be damned.

Boyd: Oh, Kendall, you know that's not true. You know, maybe someday you'll realize you don't need Erica or some megamogul to validate who you are. You're doing pretty good on your own.

Kendall: Well, what do we do now?

Boyd: You know what? I got to go. Will you wait here till I call you?

Kendall: Where else would I go?

Boyd: Ok, it won't take long, I promise.

Kendall: Ok, wait. Where are you going?

Boyd: Just -- just trust me. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Waiter: Right this way, please.

Simone: Thank you. Hmm. He's cute. Ok, so you have Sydney's address and phone number. I say we go to his house, do a full-on in-his-face.

Greenlee: There's no way I'm knocking on his door.

Simone: Oh, come on. All right, all right, so then we stalk it. You know, or stake it out and see if, you know, Syd's cute enough for all this effort.

Greenlee: Does the name "Sydney Bergeron" sound like a hottie to you?

Simone: Oh, there's a hottie on deck.

Carlos: Excuse me.

Simone: Oh, Carlos. Hi. What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?

[Carlos and Simone laugh]

Carlos: No. No, lunch, and I was wondering, have you heard any good news about the office?

Greenlee: Not yet, but we're working on it.

Carlos: Well, I'm sure you'll be back soon because you're smart and you get what you want. Hasta luego.

Simone: Hmm. Well, he can hasta my luego any day he wants. Hmm.

Greenlee: Put your tongue back in your mouth and tell me what to do about this guy, Sydney.

Simone: Ok, fine, but you better do it. Call him.

Erica: Not now, Val.

Chris: Going to kick me out?

Erica: Oh, Chris, I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm up to my eyeballs. I'm fighting off a takeover attempt. Boyd quit.

Chris: Well, I just saw Bianca, and she told me you know about Trey.

Erica: Yes, Jackson called.

Chris: Oh, Jackson. You take his calls, you don't take mine?

Erica: No, I just -- you know, Jack called. Val told me that Jack said it was an emergency --

Chris: No -- why are you doing this? Why -- why are you shutting me out like this, putting our life on permanent hold?

Erica: Chris --

Chris: I don't even know why I bother.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Boyd! Come in.

Chris: Do you -- do you plan these interruptions? I mean, is there a hidden button somewhere that you press when you don't want to deal with me anymore?

Erica: Chris, please, can we just -- can we take this up later?

Chris: Later.

Boyd: Look, I'm sorry if I interrupted --

Erica: No, no, no. Don't apologize. Oh, Boyd, I knew you'd be back. I just didn't know it would be this soon. You are back, aren't you?

Boyd: I'll come back -- but on one really big condition.

Simone: You'll never know until you call him. Will you, please? Put me out of my misery.

Greenlee: Ok. Aye-yi-yi. It's ringing.

Simone: Hmm. What? What happened?

Greenlee: It was a woman. The creep's married.

Simone: Oh --

Erica: You violated the terms of your ironclad contract. I could sue you and win. You want to dictate the terms of your return?

Boyd: Look, I don't want to fight with you, Erica. Do you want me back or not?

Erica: I have your files.

Boyd: Yeah, and they're not going to do you any good since all my formulas are in my head.

Erica: What do you want?

Boyd: It's about Kendall.

Erica: Kendall? What does Kendall have to do about your return here?

Boyd: Everything. Look, after I left here, I went over to Fusion and I offered them my services.

Erica: Well, you can't do that because your noncompete clause precludes --

Boyd: Precludes me from working for a competing company. I know, but I was willing to fight you, Erica, if it mean working with Kendall.

Erica: Well, Kendall certainly must've jumped at the chance to get you.

Boyd: Actually, she turned me down.

Erica: She what?

Boyd: She refused, flat out. Said it was a bad move for my career.

Erica: That would be the first nice thing she's done.

Boyd: No, it was incredibly generous, Erica, and I plan to return the favor with your help.

Erica: My help? That's your condition?

Boyd: I will be back in my lab by this afternoon if you call Palmer Cortlandt and convince him to give Kendall her office back.

Erica: Please. Kendall stood here -- right here in my office -- and she threw this bogus apology to me. She told me that she didn't mean it, she wasn't sorry, that the only thing she wanted was to get back into her office building, and you want me to help?

Boyd: You're wrong, Erica. Kendall really wants a relationship with you.

Erica: Ok, look, you just have to stop right here because I know that you're smitten --

Boyd: Erica, it's the truth, whether you choose to believe it or not. So what's it going to be? Now, you want your favorite chemist back, don't you? It's up to you.

Kendall: Hi. What's up?

Carlos: Last box from the office.

Kendall: Oh.

Carlos: Where do I put it?

Kendall: Uh -- anywhere is fine. Sure. I hope the next tenants realize how lucky they are to have you.

Carlos: Oh, gracias. Well, you'll be back soon.

Kendall: Really? You think so?

Carlos: The Fusion women -- ustedes son muy fuerte. You guys are strong.

Kendall: Strong, right. Well, we could use a little suerte about now.

Carlos: Well, I feel that people make their own luck, you know?

Kendall: Yeah, well, the only thing I've made is a big mess.

Carlos: Well, I can help you clean up, but would you like to split a cheeseburger first?

Kendall: Sure.

Carlos: Ok.

Anna: Leora could die, right, without a pacemaker?

David: If Leora were in immediate danger, I would bring her to the OR. myself, but she's not, Anna. She's stable. Her heart rate is -- is steady.

Anna: No! Not all the time.

David: Most of the time, and that's good.

Anna: But it dips, you know? I mean, it goes slower, and it could change at any minute.

David: Medication can regulate her heart rate, and we will monitor her constantly.

Anna: What if we miss something?

David: Anna, try to understand this. Surgery right now is too great a risk. It could prove fatal to our daughter, ok?

Anna: I mean, it says in there that the first two years of a child's life are the most critical, and that's when she needs the pacemaker.

David: If she was full-term, I'd agree with you, ok? But she's not. She's a preemie, Anna. Please, let's get her weight up. Let's get her strength up. The stronger she is, the better chance she has of being able to accept the pacemaker in her body, when she's ready.

Anna: Or when you're ready.

David: All right, look, I know you believe in all of these things that you've gathered, but I believe in my gut, in my heart, that surgery is too great a risk.

Anna: I don't know what to think. Aidan?

Aidan: Oh, no, this is -- this is strictly a parental decision. Why don't you guys give me a call when Leora needs a babysitter?

Anna: Oh.

David: Don't you trust me enough to know that all I ever want for our daughter is what's best for her?

Janelle: What are you thinking? Jackson Montgomery as Reggie's foster parent? That man only sees Reggie as a number.

Trey: Jackson Montgomery is tough, but he is a very fair man.

Janelle: Jackson Montgomery is --

Trey: Is the answer right now.

Reggie: Do I have a say in this, please?

Trey: You have said enough today already, don't you think?

Janelle: You know, I should've never let you take Reggie in. I should've followed my instincts and put an end to it before -- before he got hurt again.

Trey: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way because I'm really glad that I got a chance to meet you and know you and Reggie. Who knows? Hopefully, someday you'll feel the same.

Janelle: Well, you did make him study, and he got a b on that history test, and you got him a job. Do you need me to call anyone?

Jack: All right, Kenyon, you've got yourself a deal. Three to five years.

Trey: State pen?

Jack: Well, you want medium security, I've got my own conditions, and they are as follows -- don't you ever, ever step foot in Pine Valley again.

Trey: Done, and what about Reggie?

Jack: I'm willing to give it a try if he is.

Trey: Thanks.

Jack: Yeah. I'm not making any promises, though, and I meant what I said -- I want that friend of yours, and I'm going to get him.

Janelle: Oh, that's a good start. Look, I promise, if this doesn't work out, I will make sure that Reggie lands in a good place.

Trey: I know you will.

Jack: Officer?

Officer: Put your hands behind your back.

David: Don't you realize that when I look at my daughter, don't you know that I would use everything within my power, that I would use every gift that God has given me to protect her?

Anna: Yes, I know that. Of course I do.

David: Then you trust me?

Anna: Yes. I trusted you with my life and Leora's, of course.

David: Anna, I swear to you, I would stop at nothing to keep our family safe.

Anna: You've already proven that. I love you, David.

David: And I love you.

Anna: What happens next?

David: I think we should take Leora home, see how she likes her new crib.

Anna: We're going to go home?

David: As soon as I can arrange it.

Trey: Don't let this happen to you.

Janelle: I never thought I would be thanking you for saving a kid from the system.

Jack: Well, don't thank me. I haven't saved anybody yet.

Janelle: You need anything, you call me. You'll be hearing from me.

Jack: Ok. Thanks.

Reggie: So --

Jack: So -- what do you say we set down some ground rules?

Reggie: Oh, boy.

Jack: Rule number one -- I'm under no legal obligation to be your foster daddy. So I'm telling you, Reggie, you play me like you played Trey and you are going to be out on your butt quicker than you can say "group home." Now, son, do you have any questions?

Reggie: What's for dinner?

Erica: Palmer, you know that you can't refuse me.

[Erica laughs]

Erica: See? And you haven't even heard what I'm going to ask, but I think that this will make you very happy.

Simone: Maybe it was his mother that answered the phone.

Greenlee: Don't even go there.

[Phone rings]

Simone: Ok.

Greenlee: Oh. Hello? What? Oh, my God, I'll be right there.

Simone: What's going on?

Greenlee: Forget the married guy. We've got action!

Simone: [Mumbles] Oh! I just --

Greenlee: Come on!

Simone: Oh --

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Yummy. What? Are you kidding? Are you kidding me? Ok. Oh, my God. We got to go.

Carlos: What?

Kendall: We got to go -- now.

Carlos: All right.

Kendall: Come on.

Carlos: Go --

Kendall: Wait -- coat.

Carlos: What --

Kendall: Come on.

Carlos: What about the boxes --

Kendall: No boxes. Let's go.

Carlos: All right.

Kendall: Oh, my God!

Erica: Welcome back.

Boyd: Thank you. I'm proud of you.

Erica: Just don't forget who the boss is.

Bianca: Boyd? What are you doing here?

Boyd: What are you talking about? I've got a ton of work to do if I'm going to get that skin care line out on time, right?

Bianca: So, you mean, you're back?

Boyd: Feels like I never left.

Bianca: Well, what happened?

Boyd: You know what? I'm going to let your mom fill you in. Erica, thanks again.

Bianca: Well? What was that all about?

Erica: Saving my company.

Singer: Fusion --

Greenlee: We're back!

Singer: What women want to do.

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