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All My Children Transcript Thursday 2/27/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Michael: You want to get to know me better, the best place for that is my villa in Tuscany.

Lena: Suppose I go to the Fusion party. I could find out Michael Cambias' angle for you.

Simone: Jake and Alison are having an affair. Your brother is a pig.

Edmund: I love you so much, I have to let you go.

Greenlee: "I'm afraid I’m forced to admire you from a distance"?

Maria: Aidan? Aidan?

Aidan: Not to worry. You weren't dreaming. Hey. How are you?

Maria: Good now.

Maddie: Mommy? Where is she, Daddy?

Isabella: Edmund, we heard on the news that Maria came home. Is it true?

Edmund: Yes, it's true.

Isabella: Why didn't you call?

Edmund: Because she came back, Isabella, but she didn't come back here to us.

Maddie: Oh, Daddy, please. Tell me you didn't do what you said. You didn't let Mommy go, did you?

Aidan: Hmm. There you go.

Maria: Mmm. Oh, I could get so used to this.

Aidan: Well, this is your reward.

Maria: For what? You're my reward.

Aidan: Well, then this is my thanks.

Maria: What did I do to deserve this?

Aidan: You stood by me.

Maria: Oh, I would do that wherever you are.

Aidan: Really?

Maria: Yeah.

Aidan: Well, that sounds good.

Maria: I don't want to go back to reality.

Aidan: [As Austin Powers] Well, who says we do, baby?

Maria: There's a whole world out there that we're going to have to take care of sooner or later.

Aidan: [Normal voice] Well, how about we take care of that later? Right now, we stay right here in paradise.

Erica: "The women of Fusion announce their arrival with energy and style"? Huh.

[Door opens]

Lena: Good morning, Ms. Kane.

Erica: Lena. Yes, come in. Close the door. I was just reading about the Fusion party.

Lena: Well, it was a good turnout, high-profile guest list, lots of press.

Erica: And your surveillance?

Lena: I'd call it a success.

Erica: No one tagged you as a corporate spy?

Lena: Ms. Kane, some people can't see what's staring them in the face. Although Kendall did question my presence.

Erica: Did she cause a scene?

Lena: I contained the situation. But one guest did catch on to me.

Erica: Who?

Bianca: Me. I outed your secret agent, Mom.

Greenlee: "The women of Fusion announce their arrival with energy and style."

[Simone giggles]

Kendall: "The noise you heard last night was Fusion taking off and breaking the beauty barrier."

Greenlee: "To the brains and beauty behind Fusion, I can only add, bravissima!"

Simone: Oh!

Kendall: Oh, you guys, we did it, we did it! We pulled it off!

Simone: We are more than a name.

Greenlee: Yeah, we are in business big time and everybody knows it.

Kendall: Ooh, I wish I could be the diet soda on Erica's desk when she sees this!

Greenlee: Yeah, forget Erica. Last night was our triumph.

Simone: Oh, except for that horny guy Andrew who was trying to bribe you into bed.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, and the crash of the call girls, Simone's new best friend.

Simone: Yeah, well, Greenlee's mystery e-mailer was a no-show.

Kendall: And you didn't get to dance la cucaracha with Señor Carlos.

Greenlee: All right, all right, all right, all right! So our fantasies fizzled, but the thing is our dream came true. We have every reason and right to celebrate.

Simone: Hmm.

Greenlee: Mia?

Mia: Everyone except for me.

Greenlee: What's her problem?

Simone: Uh, Mia, what did Jake say when you got home?

Mia: Jake didn't come home last night. I waited up all night for him. He didn't show. I called him a zillion times, he didn't call me back. I think I really blew it this time.

Nurse: Dr. Martin left word he wouldn't be in.

Tad: Well, he didn't leave word with me and, as far as I'm concerned, we've got a date to crunch numbers, so if you'll excuse me --

Nurse: You see?

Tad: That's all right. It's ok. I'm prepared to wait. Just so happens I've got a little something here for emergencies, huh?

Nurse: You're wasting your time.

Tad: Yeah, well, the good news is it's mine to waste.

Nurse: Hmm.

Tad: Love your shoes. God, you're frightening. Alison. Why am I not surprised?

Kendall: So could you guys just take that downstairs, please? Thanks.

Greenlee: It's the morning after. Any regrets?

Kendall: What, about the party?

Greenlee: About turning down the turndown service at Michael's Tuscany villa to help me skewer Andrew.

Kendall: Hey, we're partners, right?

Greenlee: Yeah. Well, thanks for sticking around.

Kendall: Well, the more I think about it, the more I realize saying no to Michael was just the right move.

Greenlee: Playing hard-to-get?

Kendall: Yeah, and maybe this time getting the guy.

Bianca: Lena and I made a pretty good spy combo.

Erica: Yes, that's right, you said you were at the party.

Bianca: Boyd was my cover.

Lena: Together we -- what's the expression? -- "Dug up lots of dirt."

Erica: Well, start dishing. Was Michael Cambias there?

Lena: He came fashionably late.

Bianca: And he stayed velcroed to Kendall the entire night.

Lena: Completely ignoring major players like Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler.

Bianca: Yeah, and it seemed to me like Kendall and Cambias are quite the item.

Lena: Although she did turn down his invitation to fly to Tuscany.

Bianca: How did you know about that?

Lena: Hmm, I kept my ears open. Last night, the spotlight was very much on Fusion. Mr. Cambias kept a low profile.

Erica: Suspiciously low, I'm sure. Like a stealth bomber who remains invisible until it explodes.

Bianca: So you think that Cambias is positioning himself for some kind of maneuver?

Erica: Oh, honey, I would bet on it. What I don't know yet is, who is his target?

[Intercom buzzes]

Erica: Yes, Val? Really? Yes, yes, Val. By all means, send him in. Speak of the devil.

Michael: Erica.

Erica: Michael.

Edmund: Maddie, come here, sweetheart. Maddie, your mom and -- whatever's happened between your mom and I, I'm sure she's going to see you real soon.

Maddie: Promise?

Edmund: I promise.

Isabella: Ok, Maddie, why don't you put your backpack away and get washed up for lunch, ok?

Maddie: Ok. Call me if Mommy comes.

Isabella: Edmund, what's going on here? What's happening to this family? First, Maria gets sick, then she disappears. Now she's back and -- and she won't come home?

Edmund: Isabella, we both know this hasn't been your daughter's home for a long time.

Isabella: Well, but of course it is. Maria was starting to get her memory back. She called me Mama.

Edmund: Those few memory flashes were not enough to convince Mar-- Maureen has made up her mind.

Isabella: To desert her husband and children?

Edmund: She wants to be with Aidan Devane.

Isabella: No, no, no, no, my daughter would never do that. Edmund, you have to bring her back.

Edmund: It's not going to happen.

Isabella: But -- but if you love her, how can you give her up?

Edmund: Isabella, I love her -- it is because I love her that I am giving her up. It is what Maureen wants. Look, it is better for her to be free and happy, away from me, than to feel trapped with me right here.

Isabella: A home where people love you is not a trap. Maria can't be happy leaving her family for another man!

Maddie: Mommy's leaving us?

Edmund: Oh, sweetheart --

Maddie: Is she really leaving us? Why? What's wrong with her? Did she forget how to love us?

Michael: Nice meeting you both.

Erica: So, Michael, I assume you're not here for party favors.

Michael: Actually, the joint venture we discussed, when you played stowaway on my private jet.

Erica: Ah, yes. Yes, Enchantment getting into bed with Cambias industries in a joint venture to distribute product in eastern Europe.

Michael: And, as promised, I've assembled a proposal.

Erica: You were serious?

Michael: You doubted it?

Erica: I thought you were making it up as you went along.

Michael: Erica, perhaps these documents from our Hungarian subsidiary will convince you that I always mean what I say.

Erica: I have a better idea.

[Simone hums]

Greenlee: You'll be back, right?

Simone: Yes, Mama.

Kendall: "Mama."

Greenlee: Hey! We got a "You kids did good" e-mail from Maxie Berlin. Uh-oh.

Kendall: What? What? Is it more mystery man e-mail?

Greenlee: This guy is just messing with me. This -- this is going in the trash.

Kendall: No, Greenlee. Andrew grabby-hands only pretended he sent those e-mails. This guy is legit, and he obviously adores you.

Greenlee: He doesn't even know me, and I don't want to know him.

Kendall: No, no! Don't delete it.

Alison: I've got rounds.

Tad: No, no, don't take off just yet. Tell me something -- how'd you like the party last night?

Alison: Was fun. Had a great time. Just wanted to stop by and thank Jake.

Tad: Something tells me you already have.

Alison: If he stops by, let him know I'm looking for him.

Tad: Oh, Jake, what are you doing?

Aidan: Mmm.

Maria: I just want to stay lost here with you. Oh, but there's so many things I got to go take care of.

Aidan: Like what?

Maria: Hmm. Like my kids. I just took off so fast, I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye to them. And, I don't know, my job, if I still even have one at the hospital.

Aidan: It wasn't as if we were off playing hooky or something. Our lives were in danger. People are going to understand that.

Maria: You think?

Aidan: I think we deserve at least one day of downtime, don't you? Just 24 hours of just -- just me and you?

Maria: What could we possibly do for 24 hours?

Aidan: Hmm, I don't know. How about making love? Making love again and again and again, knowing that it's not for the last time?

[Knock on door]

Maria: That could be -- oh, man.

Aidan: Let's ignore it, shall we?

Maria: Ok, I don't hear anything.

Aidan: I didn't hear anything.

Maria: I don't hear anything at all.


Aidan: Hmm.

Maria: Aw! Ok. Ok, get it, but just get it really fast, and then send them on their merry way.

Aidan: Ok.

Maria: Ok.

Isabella: Maria, can I have a word with you, alone?

Maria: Sure. Um, I'll just -- I'll come by the house later today.

Isabella: This really can't wait.

Aidan: That's fine. I've got -- I've got things to attend to, so I can catch up with you later if you like.

Maria: Ok, ok. Ahem. Bye.

Aidan: See you.

Maria: Uh, sorry about the -- the mess. It's, uh, really messy. Ahem.

Isabella: Siempre fuiste lo mejor de lo mejor, mi maravilla. You were my special child. Everything you did made my heart fill with such pride, but now you fill my heart with shame.

Edmund: I didn't want to believe it, either, you know? I really didn't. But Maureen -- Maureen can't remember us. Ok? She can't remember being -- being Mommy. I mean, she doesn't -- she doesn't remember holding you and -- and singing you to sleep at night.

Maddie: Did she try?

Edmund: Did she try to remember? Oh, yeah. She tried real hard. But nothing worked.

Maddie: Not even us loving her?

Edmund: Not even that.

Maddie: So Maureen doesn't love us?

Edmund: Oh, sweetie, yes, she does. She does.

Edmund: But in her own special way, she does. But not like Mommy did. And that's why I had to let her go, and that's why you have to let her go, too.

Maddie: Why, Daddy? Why do we have to let her go? Why -- why can't we keep on trying?

Erica: Why don't we actually review that proposal over lobster salad at the Valley Inn?

Michael: Huh. Erica, I don't that would be a wise idea.

Erica: Why not?

Michael: Well, for starters, the last time we met, the press learned of our rendezvous and put their little spin on it.

Erica: Michael, a man in your position can't possibly be afraid of being in the public eye. Unless -- are you hiding something?

Michael: Not at all. Actually, I'm more worried about you.

Erica: Me?

Michael: Well, I wouldn't want Chris to get the wrong idea about us.

Erica: Michael, believe me, I have spent my entire professional life in the public eye, dealing with the press, and I have always believed in full disclosure. So if you are uncomfortable being seen in public with me, then, well, that is your problem, not mine.

Michael: Ok, fine. We'll go.

Erica: Shall we?

Mia: I'll be back.

Kendall: I think it's great. Greenlee, what's the big deal? Why don't you just open the e-mail and read it?

Greenlee: And set myself up for another letdown? I don't think so.

Kendall: Don't let this Andrew guy wreck this for you.

Greenlee: Wreck what?

Kendall: This cyber-romance. I mean, you loved what he wrote so much, you thought it could've been Leo. Who knows, maybe it's an angel in disguise. Why don't you let him reach out and touch you?

Greenlee: Look, I was fooling myself. There's nothing romantic about this. This guy could be a cyberstalker. I should sic the cops on him.

Kendall: Fine. Call Agent Stamp, get the feds in on this, but just don't do what you always do.

Greenlee: What's that?

Kendall: Run away. I have a meeting. I'm going. See you later.

Greenlee: "Dear Greenlee -- please forgive me for not making myself known to you last night. Some day, you will understand why I must remain in the shadows. But until then, know that you are not alone."

Erica: So, isn't this a whole lot better than being all cooped up in my little office?

Michael: Well, actually, in Europe, we're accustomed to doing business in a more casual setting.

Erica: Oh. Well, then by all means, let's be continental.

Michael: Let's.

Erica: Ok, now I will take a look at that business proposition of yours.

Michael: Oh, yes, of course.

Erica: Michael, this seems to be heavily weighted for Enchantment. Where is the payoff for you?

Michael: Well, I have to admit the deal is structured in your favor, but I feel that once Cambias has proved it's a worth ally, there will be plenty more opportunities to arise that will benefit us both, so --

Erica: Ahem. Michael, I'm sorry. I just can't shake this feeling that you are not being entirely forthright with me.

Michael: Ok. You are right. I -- I haven't been quite open with you.

Erica: Well, uh --

Michael: Ahem.

Erica: Tell me now. I'm all ears.

Isabella: I thank God your father isn't here to see what you've become. I never would've imagined my daughter would have -- would abandon her family to have an affair in a cheap motel room.

Maria: You only know one side of the story, Isabella.

Isabella: That's true, but I do know -- I do know what my grandchildren have been through. I've seen Sam with a black eye that he got in the school yard because he was defending you, his mother. I've heard Maddie cry herself to sleep, calling out for you, "Mommy, Mommy."

Maria: Do we really have to do this?

Isabella: Do what, make it real? Maybe you can't remember me, but can you find it within yourself to remember how it feels to have a mother, to be a mother?

Maria: No, I can't. I wish that I could, but I don't remember. I don't.

Isabella: But even if that feeling is gone, you know how it's supposed to feel. How could you? How could you dismiss your own babies, those innocents? There's no excuse for breaking a child's heart. That's exactly what you're doing.

Maria: But I never set out to do that. I never tried to hurt those children! I never wanted to.

Isabella: "Those children"? That's what you call these angels from God?

Maria: Look, you have no idea. You have no idea what it's like to be me.

Isabella: No, no. No, you have no idea what it's like to be "those children," waiting, waiting for a mother who is never coming. All your tears, your excuses can never make up for what you've done to "those children"! My daughter, my Maria, would never do such a thing! My Maria's gone!

Greenlee's voice: "I know how your heart aches. I know how empty and alone you feel. As impossible as it may be right now to imagine another great love in your life, the possibility exists -- perhaps not with me, but with some incredibly fortunate man who can equal your passion for life. The world would pale without it. Never give up -- on yourself, on love, on whatever your heart desires."

Greenlee: Agent Stamp? This is Greenlee du Pres. I need your help. I think my life's in danger.

Simone: Can I tell you what makes a man such a pig? Oh. Tad. Where's your lovely brother, Jake? Off cheating on Mia with his doctor on training wheels?

Tad: No.

Simone: Did you know that your brother never made it home last night? I just left Mia at the office, where she was worried sick, blaming herself. She has no clue that while she was working the party, her fiancé was working his mojo on a randy blonde in the frickin' utility closet. And now he's not even returning her phone calls. Where the hell does Jake get off playing with Mia and these -- these mind games?

Tad: He's not playing games.

Simone: Oh, really?

Tad: No. The reason he didn't return her phone calls is because he's gone.

Simone: Gone where? On a retreat with Ms. Hot-to-trot?

Tad: No, Simone, gone, as in left Pine Valley -- alone -- and apparently, he's not coming back.

Bianca: Oh, Lena. Are you looking for Mom?

Lena: Just curious as to her progress with Mr. Cambias.

Bianca: Well, they're at lunch together at the Valley Inn.

Lena: Oh. I guess I'll catch up with her later then.

Bianca: Oh, um, Lena, before you go, I -- I'm kind of curious about something myself.

Lena: Yes?

Bianca: Well, I know I already asked you about this, but how exactly did you know about Kendall turning down that invitation to Tuscany from Michael Cambias?

Lena: I overheard one of Greenlee's business associates -- what's her name? -- Simone. She was talking about it.

Bianca: And where was I?

Lena: In the powder room.

Bianca: Maybe.

Lena: Bianca, is there a problem?

Bianca: Oh, no. I guess I just can't imagine a scrounger like Kendall turning down a trip anywhere. Anyway, I better get going.

Lena: Where to?

Bianca: Oh, to a trunk show at Lacey's featuring a new designer.

Lena: The Owen Campbell collection.

Bianca: Yes, you know him.

Lena: I know of him. I know his ideas are tres avant-garde.

Bianca: Exactly, and I'm hoping for some inspiration for the youth line, or maybe just to pick something kicky up for when the weather gets warmer.

Lena: Mind if I tag along?

Bianca: Seriously?

Lena: Well, no, not seriously. We'll talk about the models and the clothes and the hair and the makeup, and then I'll take you out to dinner, if you have no other plans.

Bianca: Dinner sounds great.

Boyd: Morning, ladies.

Bianca: Hey.

Boyd: I see you-all survived last night's festivities.

Bianca: How are you holding up?

Boyd: Oh, let's see, I woke up in my own bed, alone, and with no splitting headache. I've had better times.

Bianca: I'm really sorry that things didn't take off with Kendall.

Boyd: Oh, no, you're not. Admit it, you think I'm better off without her, that I made a narrow escape.

Bianca: Well -- yeah.

Boyd: Well, just for your information, I haven't given up yet.

Bianca: Well, I've been there. Anyway, Lena, why don't we meet in the lobby in about 15 minutes?

Lena: Ok.

Bianca: We can take my car.

Lena: Boyd? When you do give up on Kendall -- if ever you do -- would you be interested in dinner with me?

Michael: Erica, if you and I are going to do business together, I have to be completely honest with you.

Erica: Who is she?

Michael: What makes you assume it's a "she"?

Erica: Well, I know it's not a "he." And I know that you're not just spending all this time in Pine Valley for me.

Michael: What keeps me coming back is your daughter.

Erica: Bianca?

Michael: Your other daughter, Kendall.

Erica: Kendall? Are you joking?

Michael: Absolutely not. I find her completely captivating. She's fascinating.

Erica: Oh, Michael. Well, you are certainly just full of one surprise after another.

Michael: Well, I wish I could've been more forthcoming with you that day on the plane.

Erica: Yeah, why weren't you?

Michael: Well, it's just Kendall told me that there's some hostilities that exist between you two, so --

Erica: Oh. Michael, any hostilities are coming from Kendall. She has told me that she is obsessed with destroying me. So, I mean, if she wants to have a casual fling --

Michael: Well, I have to tell you, Erica, there's nothing casual about my feelings. I haven't felt this way about a woman in a long time.

Erica: And -- and what does this exactly have to do with our arrangement?

Michael: Well, I just didn't want Kendall to feel threatened if you and I do business together.

Erica: Well, now, why on earth would she feel threatened?

Kendall: You never stop, do you, you selfish bitch! You are unbelievable. Unbelievable! You never miss a chance to swoop down on my life and just rip it to shreds.

Erica: Uh, Kendall loves to make scenes. She once pulled a gun on me.

Kendall: Yeah, I only wished I pulled the trigger, you harpy from hell. Putting the moves on Michael? How sick is that? How sick is that? Would it kill you to let me be happy for five seconds?

Michael: God, Erica was just looking over a business proposal, a business merger right here.

Kendall: Business? Oh, come on, Michael, get real. Business? Erica is using business as an excuse. That's why she's fluttering her eyelashes and speaking slightly out of breath, and lots of full-frontal body lingo. She doesn't want you. It's about me. She wants to hurt me. It's what she lives for.

Michael: Ok, listen, please. Sit down for a second --

Kendall: No, you know what, no, stop. I know what to expect from her, but you? Michael, how could you fall for her act? How could you let yourself get sucked into it? I warned you, Michael! I warned you! Why don't you believe me? Why didn't you believe me?

Erica: Uh, Michael, I hope that you and Kendall will be very happy together.

Boyd: Well, Kendall's doing her own thing, so sure, dinner sounds great. I'll call you.

Lena: I'd like that.

Boyd: Ok.

Bianca: Hey.

Boyd: Hey.

Bianca: Um, can I ask your opinion about something?

Boyd: Sure. What's up?

Bianca: Do you -- do you think that maybe, possibly -- is Lena gay?

Boyd: Gay? Uh, no. Definitely no.

Bianca: No? Are you sure? Because I swear, she is interested in me, like, outside of work.

Boyd: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, gorgeous, but I'm pretty sure our polish beauty hit on me just after you left.

Bianca: Huh. Well, maybe she's undecided, hmm?

Boyd: Ok, well, how about a friendly wager? Say, a spa day and dinner at the Valley Inn for whoever gets Lena first?

Bianca: Hmm. Sure, you're on.

Boyd: Oh, it's on.

Tad: He says he's gotten in touch with a friend of his from Doctors Without Borders.

Simone: Hmm.

Tad: Doesn't mention where he's stationed, just says he got a flight out and he's ok.

Simone: Oh. Oh, well, that's good, because Mia's going to be so much more happy when she learns that the man who cheated on her and left her at the altar is doing A-Ok.

Tad: Simone, would you stop it? They never would've made it to the altar, and you know it. Jake's not ready for marriage and neither is Mia, so I guess it's for the best. Sometimes things work out even when they don't.

Simone: How did I know you were going to say that? Oh, that's right -- I know your rep. That's right, because I remember when you were in a lip lock with Brooke when she was engaged with Edmund. Yeah, the big, bad Martin boys, sticking it to the girls while they stick up for each other.

Tad: I am not excusing what Jake has done.

Simone: Forget about Jake. What am I supposed to tell Mia?

Tad: Why don't you let his letter speak for itself?

Simone: Someone who really cares for Mia should be there for her when she gets her heart ripped out.

Tad: If you care so much for her, do you really think it's going to help her out to hear you trash Jake?

Mia: Tad. Oh, Simone. What's going on?

Chris: Greenlee, there is absolutely not one threatening e-mail to you. Nothing.

Greenlee: He said he'd be at the Fusion party.

Chris: Well, did that scare you? Did it make you fear for your life? Did you call the cops on him?

Greenlee: No. But --

Chris: But? But what? Ah. You want me to find him, but you don't want me to turn him in, do you? You want me to check him out to see if he's an up-and-up dreamboat.

Greenlee: Go back to your cave.

Chris: Going back to my cave. Have it your way.

Greenlee: All right, fine. All right, fine, I'm desperate, ok? This guy's intriguing, and I've got to find him.

Mia: Simone, what are you doing here? Where's Jake?

Tad: Mia, there's something you got to know.

Simone: Tad, um, why don't you go? Mia needs to hear this from a friend.

Tad: Yeah, I guess you're right. If you ever need anything, you feel like you want to talk, you call me.

Mia: Talk? Talk about what? What --

[Door closes]

Mia: Simone, what's going on? Where's Jake?

Chris: Look, Greenlee, let's get serious. I'm a federal agent and I can't track down this guy for you because right now the only thing he's guilty of is being nice to you.

Greenlee: Just a name. I'll take it from there.

Chris: I don't know, it's --

Greenlee: Chris, you know what it's like to have your heart torn out. You walk around with this gaping wound, wondering if you'll ever feel anything but empty. This guy, whoever he is -- he's maybe --

Chris: Just -- just a name?

Greenlee: And where I can find him.

Chris: You know, I can't use bureau resources to track down this guy.

Greenlee: Ha, but you'll help me?

Chris: Let me see what I can do for you.

Michael: Kendall, can we go to your condo so we can speak in private, please?

Kendall: Yeah, like I would go anywhere with you.

Michael: Kendall, please, not here.

Kendall: I told you last night -- I told you last night what a monster my mother is. Now, you turn around, you come in here, you turn on the charm, and you try to dazzle her?

Michael: You couldn't be more wrong.

Kendall: No, I'm right. I am right on target. I know exactly what I'm talking about. This is payback. This is payback, because I wouldn't fly to Tuscany with you in your little jet.

Michael: No.

Kendall: Because I wouldn't put out.

Michael: If that's what you really think, then we've got nothing more to say to each other.

Kendall: Fine. Walk away. Why don't you get in your stupid jet and fly back to Tuscany and don't ever come back.

Michael: Ok.

Aidan: Kendall.

Edmund: Sweetheart, we hurt Maureen when we ask her to be someone that she isn't, ok? I want Maureen to be happy, to be free to be herself.

Maddie: What about us? What do we do? I don't want to forget her.

Edmund: Oh, no, you're not going to forget her. Of course not. We can pray every night that she remembers someday how much we love her and how much she loved us. But until that day, we have to be strong, ok? And we have to accept her as Maureen, as our friend. And then we can have this wonderful lady in our lives, ok? Now, can you understand this, honey, because it took your daddy a long time to figure it out.

Maddie: I want Mommy, but I can't have her, but I can have Maureen as a friend?

Edmund: I know that's a lot to ask. Do you think you can do it?

Maddie: I don't know. Can I think about it?

Edmund: You take all the time you want, ok?

Maddie: You'll always be my daddy, though, right?

Edmund: I will always be your daddy. Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

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