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 All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/26/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Greenlee: We could chat over breakfast.

Andrew: Breakfast? Do we need a wake-up call, or should I just give you a nudge?

Simone: Carlos, I was thinking that maybe that we could --

David: We don't have any choice. We need to perform a C-section.

Edmund: You're free.

Nurse: The baby's heart rate is down to 80.

David: We need to get her into surgery now.

Nurse: You can't come in. You haven't scrubbed.

David: You're kidding me, right? I'm the father. You know that.

Anna: Please let him in. I need him there.

Dr. Clader: It's all right, Nurse. But you've got to put on a gown and gloves.

David: Yes, yes, of course.

Anna: Be quick, David.

David: I will. All right. Just take it easy.

Aidan: Why are they taking Anna into surgery?

Maria: Is it the baby? It's not the baby, is it?

David: Anna's lost some amniotic fluid. We've got to get the baby out now.

Maria: Is she having a C-section?

Simone: I think he definitely is smart.

Kendall: Mmm, and hot.

Simone: Yes.

Kendall: Those things he writes are yummy.

Mia: Talking about Greenlee's secret admirer?

Simone: Of course we are. We're trying to figure out who he is.

Greenlee: Who cares who he is? As long as he's not Andrew Miller.

Kendall: I cannot believe he lied to you about sending those e-mails.

Greenlee: I can't believe I actually considered he was telling the truth. What is wrong with me? How could I let some jerk scam me like that?

Mia: The jerk might have had some help.

Greenlee: What?

Mia: I maybe mentioned your secret e-mails to him, and I guess he kind of glommed on to it to get what he wanted. I'm sorry. Mia, Kendall, and Simone: Sex.

Greenlee: How could you talk to some stranger about my private life?

Mia: I don't know. I mean, he seemed so sincere.

Simone: Now, come on, let's face it. Mia is not the best judge of character when it comes to men.

Mia: That's not true. I picked Jake, and he's solid as a rock.

Greenlee: Hello? I thought we were talking about me. Andrew -- this creep played me to get me into bed.

Kendall: And you're shocked by this? You're the one who told us to sell ourselves to sell our product.

Greenlee: We're selling a look, not our bodies.

Simone: Oh, please. We're selling sex.

Greenlee: What are you saying? That we're no better than the hookers you invited to our party tonight?

Trey: Let him out.

Reggie: Yeah, what's the deal here?

Trey: I told you. I'm taking you home.

Reggie: Look, man, I ripped off your crib.

Trey: It wasn't you. You wouldn't do that to me.

Reggie: Are you crazy? You smacked? What's wrong with you? I was there. I did it. You seen me with the stuff. I did it.

Trey: I know you, Reggie.

Reggie: You think you know me. You don't know me.

Trey: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I don't know you at all. Can we talk about this later? I've got a splitting headache and I just want to go home.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast, counselor.

Aidan: You think the baby's going to be ok?

Maria: Oh, yeah. This hospital's got the best neonatal unit. She's going to have the best possible care.

Aidan: What about my aunt? You know, my mother died when I was a baby. If Anna doesn't make it --

Maria: She's going to be fine. Anna's going to be fine. She's not going to die. I promise.

Aidan: We both know there's no guarantees, Maureen. People die no matter what we do.

Maria: Like Fiona?

Aidan: And King. Even Morgan --

Maria: I know.

Aidan: She didn't deserve to die.

Maria: I know. You've been through so much, so much.

Aidan: I just -- I can't take it. This has got to stop. It's just got to stop.

[Monitor beeps]

David: Hey, I'm here.

Anna: Hi.

David: Hi. No, no, no, wait a minute. We can't give Anna a general anesthesia. She had a bad reaction during the last surgery.

Doctor: Oh, I'm familiar with her history.

David: Well, then you know we almost lost her. I mean, can't we give her a spinal?

Doctor: There's no time. Look, don't worry. It's a very, very light dosage. Now just relax and take deep breaths, ok?

David: Ok. I'm coming around. One second. All right.

Dr. Clader: Are we ready?

Anna: Yeah. Ok.

David: This is it. This is the easy part, ok? Dr. Clader and his staff are going to do all the work.

Anna: I don't know. I feel a bit weird.

David: Well, that's the anesthesia.

Anna: No, it's different. It feels like I --

[Monitor flatlines]

David: Anna? Anna?

[Monitor flatlines]

David: She's having a vaso-vagal reaction.

Dr. Clader: Open the I.V. wide.

David: Get me the oxygen right away.

[Monitor beeps]

Anna: What happened?

David: It's all right.

Anna: Is the baby all right?

David: Yeah, yeah, she's fine. You lost consciousness. The baby was cutting off your blood supply.

Anna: Is the baby all right?

David: Yeah, yeah. She's holding on strong, darling.

Dr. Clader: We've got to get the baby out now.

David: Yeah.

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Maria: Aidan, no, don't be sorry. You've been through so much.

Aidan: Yeah, the last thing I need to do is bring up that whole mess, though.

Maria: Actually, I think that that's exactly what we should do. We need to talk about that whole mess. Two people that you just really cared about were murdered, and you had to kill a man. Nobody expects you to go through all that and act like none of it happened.

Aidan: I can handle it.

Maria: You're not as tough as you act, Aidan. You found Fiona dead. You saw Morgan get shot.

Aidan: And King. I should have never got him involved.

Maria: But he chose to do that. He wanted to, just like I did. I don't regret that.

Greenlee: Selling the way we look is not the same as selling ourselves.

Simone: Erica Kane sells herself 52 weeks out of the year.

Kendall: Yeah, she promises but never delivers.

Mia: Unless it's a lipstick or a blush.

Kendall: No, Erica is the original tease. She's a stripper who never takes anything off.

Simone: A glove, maybe.

Mia: A shoe, maybe.

Kendall: It's all about the promise of sex.

Greenlee: Does everything have to be about sex or Erica?

Kendall: Isn't that what we're talking about? Andrew Miller trying to weasel his way into your undies?

Greenlee: Don't remind me.

Mia: Yeah, but he is kind of cute and you're not dating anyone.

Kendall: And he can get us shelf space in New York.

Greenlee: Are you saying that I should prostitute myself for this company?

Mia: You know, you had me kissing up to that guy all night. I ignored my fiancÚ for this company.

Greenlee: I wanted you to smile at him, not sleep with him.

Mia: So then why don't you do the same thing? I mean, at least just pretend like you like him until we get Fusion into the department stores in New York.

Simone: Sounds good to me.

Kendall: You know what, Greenlee? We have a real chance to make it big. And not just in Pine Valley, but in Paris, Tokyo, New York -- everywhere. We finally have a chance to show the world who we are.

Greenlee: Or Erica Kane.

Mia: Or Michael.

Kendall: Or Jake.

Greenlee: So I should sleep with this loser so you can show off for your boyfriends?

Simone: Hey, I went to jail for this company twice.

Kendall: Yeah, and how did you get out? By batting your eyelashes at that lawyer Kenny Adler, a guy who's dying to sleep with you.

Greenlee: Well, she didn't sleep with him. Or did you?

Simone: No.

Mia: All she did was tease him, just enough to get what she wanted.

Simone: I played by his rules and I won. Does that make me a slut?

Greenlee: No. It makes you smart. Kind of like Erica Kane. As much as I hate to admit it, we could definitely take a page from her book.

Trey: What's the problem, counselor?

Jack: I understand your young ward got caught in the act of robbing you blind.

Reggie: Man, I wasn't robbing nobod--

trey: Don't say anything, Reggie.

Jack: I see. So the victim is representing the perp. That's interesting. Tell me, Kenyon, what are you so afraid that Reggie there might say?

Trey: Well, that's none of your business, Jackson.

Jack: The welfare of that child is my business.

Reggie: Look, I'm not a child, all right?

Trey: Reggie, please. Reggie's doing fine. He's holding down a job. He's getting decent grades.

Jack: Oh, yeah, Reggie's doing real fine. He holds the chief of police hostage, and now he's assaulted his court-appointed guardian. He's doing swell.

Trey: They haven't proved that.

Jack: He admitted it to the police, Kenyon. Now, what I want to know is, what did you do to deserve it?

Reggie: He didn't do --

Trey: Reggie --

Reggie: He didn't do nothing!

Trey: Be quiet!

Reggie: Oh.

Jack: That's right. You teach him his right to remain silent. That's a right I'm sure you've had ample opportunity to exercise across the years, Kenyon, seeing as you're nothing more than a con man and an arsonist.

Trey: So that's what this is about. Your ex-girlfriend's house burning down.

Jack: You know you did it. I know you did it. I'm going to prove it.

Trey: Oh, well, you can try, but you haven't had much success, have you?

Jack: Not so far. Reggie, I've arranged to have you placed elsewhere.

Trey: Well, the juvenile court judge gave me guardianship, so unless you have a document that says otherwise, he's coming with me.

Jack: As I was saying, Reggie, I'll be meeting with Judge Jameson tomorrow morning to get that court document, so if you need to get your stuff together to move --

Reggie: No, that's all right because you don't do me any favors, all right?

Trey: Are you coming?

Dr. Clader: Is our neonatal team ready?

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Doctor: All set.

David: How you feeling?

Anna: Don't worry about me. How's the baby doing?

Nurse: Heart rate's down to 60.

Dr. Clader: Impatient to get out, huh? Who does that remind you of?

David: Her mother.

Anna: Her father.

Dr. Clader: Well, let's let the little one be the tiebreaker. Ok, let's get started. Scalpel.

Anna: Oh --

Dr. Clader: Suction.

David: Remember what you told me, about our daughter being a miracle child?

Dr. Clader: Sponge.

David: Well, you were right, darling, and that's because she's like you.

Dr. Clader: Retractor.

David: She's going to be fine. She has your strength, ok?

Dr. Clader: Careful, the wall is very thin. You don't want to put too much pressure on there.

David: In just a few minutes, you're going to be holding our daughter in your arms.

Dr. Clader: Ok, sponge.

David: You're doing great. You're doing great.

Dr. Clader: Scissors.

Anna: I couldn't do this without you, David. I mean it.

Dr. Clader: Cutting the membrane now.

Anna: You won't leave, will you?

Dr. Clader: All right, let's get the retractor out.

David: That is never going to happen.

Mia: What would Erica do if she caught some snake playing games with her heart?

Kendall: She put David Hayward's hand in a vise.

Simone: Get out.

Mia: You're making that up.

Kendall: No, I swear to God.

Greenlee: Ok, ok, so this sleaze Andrew is trying to scam us.

Kendall: Us? Excuse me, honey, it's your body he wants.

Greenlee: Oh, so I'm on my own? I thought Fusion was about the four of us coming together.

Simone: Yes, that is absolutely right. When I was in jail the first time, all of you bailed me out.

Greenlee: And when I found out your boyfriend was a shark, what did I do?

Kendall: You read him the riot act.

Greenlee: Yes, because I didn't want him to steal our company.

Simone: Ah, you lie. You did it because you care about Kendall.

Greenlee: She's my partner.

Simone: Oh --

Greenlee: I didn't want some eurotrash guy scamming her.

Kendall: That's surprisingly loyal. Misguided, but loyal.

Simone: And we're not going to let some buyer scam you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No one is going to scam us --

Simone: That's right.

Greenlee: At least if we just watch out for each other.

Mia: All for one and one for all.

Greenlee: Cheers!

Kendall: All right, all right all right, you guys. I'm in, I'm in.

Simone: That's right.

Kendall: What do we do now?

Aidan: You're awfully quiet.

Maria: Hmm. You know, I was just thinking about Anna. I wish that -- I don't even remember giving birth to my daughter.

Aidan: Yeah, it must be hard, Maureen. You miss her, don't you?

Maria: Yeah. I miss them both. I miss them both so much. But I just wish that there was some way -- something with Edmund that I could resolve it without hurting them, but I just don't see how. I don't know.

Aidan: You've got two beautiful children, a husband that loves you, and a home in a castle.

Maria: Well, that's pretty storybook, isn't it?

Aidan: Well, it's hard to give up.

Maria: No, I mean, it's pretty storybook in that it seems like something I read or saw pictures of. It doesn't seem like mine. You know what I mean? It's not my story.

Aidan: I saw you and Edmund at the airport. I know how hard it was to say good-bye.

Maria: Well, Maria meant a lot to a lot of people. I mean, and not just to Edmund and the kids, but to her brother, her sisters, her mother -- I hate hurting her -- and Edmund. I mean, if it was hard for me to say good-bye, imagine what it was like on Edmund because he remembers Maria. He looks at me and he sees her, and he was just hoping so much that --

Aidan: That you'd remember?

Maria: Yeah, that I would just miraculously become the woman that he loved.

Aidan: So what if -- what if you get your memory back? What if all your feelings for Edmund come flooding back in?

Maria: You're asking me if I would go back to him and leave you?

Aidan: I'm sorry, I've got no right to ask that.

Maria: Of course you do. Aidan, you've got every right to ask that. I -- I've wondered that myself, and I don't know. I don't remember those feelings. I don't know how strong they were. All I know is that if I felt for Edmund half of what I feel for you --

Aidan: So where do you and I go from here?

Maria: I don't know. It doesn't matter as long as you and I are together.

Anna: David, is everything all right?

Dr. Clader: Everything's fine, Anna. I've got your baby now. Put a little pressure on the fundus.

Anna: Oh, wow.

Dr. Clader: Here's her hea, and here's your baby.

Anna: Oh, my God.

David: Hey.

Anna: Oh, she's so gorgeous. Hi, sweetie. Is she all right? Is everything ok?

David: Oh, she's perfect, she's perfect. She's perfect.

Dr. Clader: Syringe, please.

[Baby cries]

Anna: Oh, she's crying. Oh, that's good, isn't it?

Dr. Clader: Steady, that's good.

Anna: Can I see her again? I want to see her again.

Dr. Clader: You --

Anna: Is everything good?

Dr. Clader: You want to cut the cord, David?

David: No, it's all right. My hands are shaking right now.

Dr. Clader: Happens to the best of us.

Anna: I can't believe she's here.

David: Oh, my God.

Anna: Let me see her.

David: Let me get her. Hey, beautiful girl. Look at you. It's time for you to meet your mom.

Anna: Hi, sweetie. Oh, you're so --

David: Apparently, she has eyes for her daddy.

Anna: Oh, she's so gorgeous. Hi. Hi.

David: Hey.

Anna: Shh. Aw. Shh. Hi.

Mia: I think you should call Andrew and give him a piece of your mind.

Simone: Could you do that wearing black leather and carrying a whip? What? We're talking about shelf space in New York or no shelf space at all.

Kendall: Simone.

Greenlee: Andrew's going to hear from me all right, but I won't need a whip.

Kendall: What's going on in that devious mind of yours?

Simone: Yes.

Greenlee: We're going to put the Andrew Millers of the world on notice.

Simone: How?

Greenlee: I'll show you. Andrew. Thank you so much for coming. I was just rereading your e-mails, and I had to see you right away.

Andrew: Really? I'm flattered.

Greenlee: Please, come in.

Greenlee: "I sit here in silence and imagine the sound of your laughter, as soft as falling snow." That's not really my laugh.

Andrew: You know, I thought I had to wait till breakfast to get to know you better. What changed your mind?

Greenlee: I know it's late, but I couldn't wait to talk about shelf space in New York. Ever since you mentioned it, I haven't been able to think about anything else.

Andrew: I'll do my part if you do yours.

Trey: What a mess. I'll call a cleanup service. They'll be in in the morning. Your bedroom's ok. You got to be pretty tired. Why don't you just try to get some sleep?

Reggie: Trey, I cracked you in the head. You want to send me to sleep, no questions asked?

Trey: You told me what happened.

Reggie: Man, when you first told me to move in here, you told me not to steal anything. You thought the only reason why I wanted to stay here was to rip you off, and you were right.

Trey: Look, I know that this wasn't your idea, that you're just protecting someone.

Reggie: Who am I protecting?

Trey: Janelle said you were here with someone.

Reggie: Oh, so you bailed me out to grill me?

Trey: No, I didn't.

Reggie: The whole thing with the D.A. was some kind of good cop, bad cop? Was I supposed to be scared of him? You pretended to be my friend --

trey: Nobody is pretending anything.

Reggie: Oh, but I can trust you, trey, because you're a bad guy, too.

Trey: Look, Reggie, you are not a bad guy. Somebody else put you up to this, and you just got to tell me who. Who is it?

Reggie: Oh, see, right there -- you're grilling me. You're grilling me right now.

Trey: I am trying to help you. If you want me to help you, you got to start telling me the truth.

Reggie: Oh, the truth? What do you know about the truth, huh? You lied about your name. You lied about burning down that lady's house.

Trey: Listen, when I told you about that --

Reggie: Oh, you told me the cops had no case. You told me they had no proof.

Trey: And they don't. I never lied to you.

Reggie: You never told me you didn't do it, either. You want me to trust you? You tell me the truth, then, huh? Did you or did you not burn down Erica Kane's house?

Anna: What's she doing to her?

David: Dr. Tracy is just checking her out, making sure she's ok.

Anna: She said she was ok.

David: Yeah, she's fine. Hey, you heard her cry, right?

Dr. Tracy: Apgar's 8.

Anna: Oh, that's good, right?

David: That's very good. That's very good.

Dr. Tracy: She's in excellent condition for a preemie.

Dr. Clader: Well, her parents are overachievers.

Dr. Tracy: Would you like to hold her?

Anna: Oh, yes.

Dr. Clader: Don't put her next to the sutures.

Anna: Ok. Oh, hi, sweetie.

David: Oh, look at you.

Anna: Hi.

David: Look at that face.

Anna: Hello. Where are you? Hey, sweetie. Hi. I can't believe she's here.

David: Look at her. She's so beautiful. She's just like her mother.

Anna: We have to call Robin and tell her she has a sister. You're her sister, you know. And Aidan. Is Aidan -- where is he?

David: Yeah, I think he's outside somewhere.

Dr. Tracy: I have to take her to NICU now.

Anna: Oh, no, can't she stay here just a little bit more?

David: No, let's let her --

[Baby cries]

Anna: Oh, see? She doesn't want to go. Bye. Bye, sweetie. See you in a bit. She has little dimples. Bye.

David: Hey. You did great. You did great, baby. We never once lost faith.

Anna: I never will, either.

David: I know.

Anna: Why don't you go and call Robin and find Aidan and tell him.

David: I will. Ok, yes, ma'am. I love you.

Anna: I love you, too.

David: Great job.

Aidan: David, how's the baby?

David: She's here.

Aidan: And Anna?

David: Yeah, mother and daughter are doing just fine.

Maria: Oh, congratulations. Yay!

David: Thanks.

Aidan: The baby's premature?

David: Yeah, I mean, we will have to monitor her for a while, but she is breathing on her own. She even started crying, so --

Maria: Good. Oh, congratulations. That's good. Wonderful.

David: That's excellent.

Aidan: Can we see Anna?

David: No, no, not right now. I mean, she really needs some rest, so why don't you just come back tomorrow, ok?

Aidan: David?

David: Yeah?

Aidan: Thanks. Thanks for looking after her.

David: Yeah.

Maria: Well, things are looking up, finally.

Aidan: The baby's still at risk.

Maria: No, I don't mean that. I mean, you actually had a conversation with David that didn't involve some sort of breaking of limbs.

Aidan: Yeah, I did, didn't I? Come on, let's go home.

Maria: Ok. There's just, you know, one little problem. Where is home, exactly?

Greenlee: Of course I intend to hold up my end of the bargain. Drink?

Andrew: Sure.

Greenlee: I'll be happy to supply you with all the products you need.

Andrew: Oh, I have no doubt of that. To Greenlee du Pres, a true classic. The total package. Everything a woman ought to be -- beautiful, sexy, desirable.

Greenlee: Smart?

Andrew: Oh, yeah. Smart, too.

Greenlee: I personally want to supervise all the installation of my products into the stores.

Andrew: I'll be your escort. You stay in my suite. I do make a delicious breakfast in bed.

Greenlee: Breakfast in bed? What do you mean?

Andrew: You're teasing me.

Greenlee: I'm new at this, Andrew. Exactly what do you want in exchange for Fusion shelf space?

Andrew: Nothing more than the continuation of our relationship.

Greenlee: Our business relationship?

Andrew: Well, pleasure before business. I want to make love to you.

Greenlee: My mom always said good girls should hold out for what they want.

Andrew: Well, good girls don't get shelf space.

Greenlee: So if I don't put out --

Andrew: We won't do business.

Greenlee: Really? Well, I'm really glad that you spelled that out for me. I wouldn't want to go about this the wrong way.

Andrew: Well, I wouldn't want you to get any misunderstandings.

Greenlee: Yeah, neither would I. Ladies?

Andrew: What is this?

Greenlee: You're busted.

Andrew: Busted? Ooh, what kind of sick game is this?

Greenlee: You started this game. We're just playing by our rules, not yours. Kendall?

Andrew's voice: Good girls don't get shelf space.

Greenlee's voice: So if I don't put out --

Andrew's voice: We won't do business.

Greenlee: Ok, listen. We want to make you an offer that you can't refuse.

Kendall: We can either ruin your career --

Greenlee: Or ruin your career. You choose.

Andrew: That's good. Ok, ok. I'll make sure your lip colors get on the shelves.

Simone: Yeah, well, that's too late.

Mia: We want more.

Greenlee: We want you out of the business.

Andrew: You're going to need me to get into the New York stores.

Kendall: No, we'll take Manhattan our own way. We don't want you victimizing any more of our suppliers.

Greenlee: Especially those run by women.

Andrew: You know how many women's companies I put on the map?

Simone: Yeah, right, by putting those women on their backs. You are so over, pal.

Mia: You're through.

Greenlee: Resign quietly, and we won't play this tape for the New York media.

Andrew: You do this, you're not going to be a success. You're going to be blackballed by every buyer in New York.

Kendall: Oh, we'll take our chances.

Andrew: This is not the way business is done!

Greenlee: Yeah? Well, I guess we're doing our business a different way.

Kendall: Yeah. Our way.

Andrew: You think you can change things? You're naive, you're stupid.

Simone: You know what? We're not naive.

Kendall: We just beat you at your own game, sleaze.

Greenlee: Don't make the mistake of thinking we're kidding.

Andrew: You're going to regret this. You just flushed your company's future straight down the toilet.

Greenlee: Oh, I doubt that. Now get out before we throw you out.

Simone: So, do you think he's right? You think we just killed our company?

David: Robin was ecstatic. She wants to know when she can talk to you.

Anna: Well, I'll call her when they put me in a room.

David: Right.

Anna: Did you see Aidan?

David: Yeah, yeah. He was waiting outside. He's very happy for you.

Anna: Were you nice to him?

David: Of course I was nice to him. I just had a baby.

Anna: I want you two to get along, you know. I want -- I want our little girl to grown up with a family -- a sister, a cousin, an uncle. I just want her to have --

David: Everything. I know. And I want that, too.

Anna: I can't believe she's here.

David: Yeah.

Anna: She's so little. She's so delicate. She's exactly the way I imagined her. Oh.

David: Hey, she's your daughter.

Anna: I love her so much.

David: I know.

Anna: I can't stand being away from her even for a second.

David: Well, we'll see when you're ready, and maybe we'll go down to NICU and we'll go look at our daughter, huh?

Anna: Yeah, I could try now if --

David: Are you sure?

Nurse: Excuse me. I need a name for the birth certificate.

Anna: Oh.

David: Well, we haven't come up with a name yet.

Anna: Actually, I have. I mean, if the daddy agrees.

Maria: Oh.

Aidan: Well, this is a far cry from the room we spent in Atlantis.

Maria: Yeah. Yeah, it is, but -- but you know what? Actually, it was lucky that they still had my room available -- my old room.

Aidan: You deserve so much better than this dump.

Maria: Oh, now, come on, don't bang on the Pine Cone. This is where it all began.

Aidan: Where what began?

Maria: You and me and the little incident in the park -- a mugging. You brought me back here.

Aidan: Right, right, that was you.

Maria: Yeah.

Aidan: Yeah, yeah.

Maria: That was me.

Aidan: I remember. I remember.

Maria: And you were the perfect gentleman, I remember. You slept in the chair.

Aidan: Yeah, that wasn't easy.

Maria: No. No kidding, because it was a very uncomfortable chair.

Aidan: That's not what I was talking about, and I think you know it. I remember watching you sleep back then, and you were singing in the shower. You used to come out there smelling like -- oh.

Maria: Soap, probably.

Aidan: No, it was just -- it was you. Smelling clean and soft and fresh and beautiful.

Maria: And like soap.

Aidan: It was a lot more than that. You gave me this -- this hope at a time that I really needed it.

Maria: Because of Fiona?

Aidan: No, let's not talk about Fiona.

Maria: Ok. But I'm glad that you told me about her. I mean, I feel like when you opened up to me on the beach, I just, you know, had a chance to really know you and to get close to you.

Aidan: Well, then, you won't tell anyone about that, will you?

Maria: Uh-uh, I'll keep your secret. I promise. Oh, my gosh! Your heart is racing. What's wrong?

Aidan: There's something I haven't told you, something I've been meaning to tell you since the first time I saw you, really. I love you. I fell in love with you ever since that moment. And I fought it, but I've loved you ever since.

Simone: Do you think that creep can blackmail us?

Greenlee: Let him try.

Kendall: Oh, great. Now we'll never get our products out of Pine Valley.

Greenlee: Yes, we will, on our own terms with our integrity intact.

Mia: How?

Greenlee: We'll find a way, just like we did when we made that lip color in Kendall's kitchen.

Simone: That's right. You know what? We will make people proud of us.

Mia: Who are you talking about, Carlos or Kenny?

Kendall: Or your father?

Greenlee: Forget everybody else. We're going to make ourselves proud. We're going to hold our heads up high. We're going to sleep with whoever we want to sleep with, for no other reason than --

Mia: We're in love.

Kendall: We're infatuated.

Simone: We're in the mood. Sorry.

Mia: I need to go find Jake and make up for neglecting him tonight. I'll see you guys later.

Greenlee: Here, I'll walk you out.

Mia: Thank you.

Kendall: Bye.

Mia: Good night.

Kendall: Good night. What was that look?

Simone: What look?

Kendall: When Mia mentioned Jake, you looked like you just ate a lemon or something.

Simone: What? No.

Kendall: Yeah.

Simone: No, you know what? I'm just jealous. Mia's found true love, or at least she thinks she has, and I'm lonely. You know what? I got to get out of these shoes. I'm out of here, ladies. Thank you. See you tomorrow.

Kendall: Have a good night.

Greenlee: All right.

Kendall: You know, partner, you made me real proud tonight.

Greenlee: For what? Getting taken in by some mystery e-mailer who doesn't exist?

Kendall: Oh, he exists. He's just not that sleaze Andrew, thank God.

Greenlee: Oh, I don't care who it is. I am through being an idiot.

Kendall: You're not an idiot. You're not an idiot for hoping that there's some guy out there for you. Not Leo, but maybe someone special in other ways.

Greenlee: No one will mean what Leo meant to me.

Kendall: Listen, I didn't think I would ever care about anyone after Ryan. And then I met Aidan and Boyd and Michael.

Greenlee: You got a big enough bedpost for all those notches?

Kendall: What can I say? Life is full of possibilities.

Greenlee: Don't tell me you're in love.

Kendall: I could be.

Greenlee: With which possibility?

Kendall: Michael, I think. Give yourself time, Greenlee. It'll happen for you, too. Now, I'm tired. I got to leave you. I'm sorry. Have a great night. It was a fun party.

Greenlee: Yeah, see you.

Kendall: Good night.

Trey: Well, that's great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thank you, thank you. All right, good night. Anna had her baby. They're both doing ok.

Reggie: I asked you a question.

Trey: Oh, come on, man. We just got some good news. Let's celebrate.

Reggie: Oh, so you're going to use a baby to duck the truth?

Trey: Come on, why is this so important?

Reggie: It's important to me because the D.A. seems to think a group home is better than you, better than this. He personally thinks you're some kind of psycho.

Trey: Yeah, well, he also thinks that you respect me. Do you? Well, I don't blame you. Look, I'm not going to make you tell me who was with you, ok?

Reggie: Because you don't want to tell me what you did.

Trey: Fine. I did it. I burned down Erica Kane's house. And it was a mistake, Reggie, a mistake that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. So there you have it. You wanted me to tell you, I told you. You wanted me to trust you, there you go. There you go. And it doesn't come easy, does it?

Reggie: No. No, it don't.

Aidan: Wow. What did I do to deserve this?

Maria: To deserve what?

Aidan: Paradise right here in the Pine Cone. I just wish this moment would just last forever.

Maria: Ok, well, it will, then. I'm not going to leave you, Aidan. I'm not going anywhere. I love you. I really love you.

[Music plays]

David: When did you decide on a name?

Anna: Oh, well, you know, I had some time on my hands. I mean, it's not like it's final or anything. You can veto it.

David: Right. That's what she wants me to think.

Anna: What do you think of Leora, after --

David: Leo?

Anna: Yeah. You know, we said we'd name the baby after him if it was a boy, so why can't we do the same thing for a girl?

David: Leora.

Anna: Do you hate it?

David: No. No, I love it. And I love you.

Nurse: Leora, then?

David: Yeah. Leora Devane Hayward.

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