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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 2/18/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: It's Valentine's Day?

Simone: Duh, duh, duh, duh.

Kendall: We should be being worshipped and wined and dined.

Maggie: When you get down to the basics, chemistry's not that hard.

Henry: No, it's not.

Morgan: It's going to be even harder to find Aidan once the sun goes down.

Julian: You're awfully anxious to see him dead.  

Simone: Oh, I am so psyched. After tonight, everyone is going to know about Fusion.

Mia: Ooh, everyone. That's a lot of pressure. I thought we only had to create, like, a buzz. Speaking of buzz, why don't we try out the champagne.

Kendall: Ok, hello --

Simone: Oh, a buzz, yes.

Kendall: Mia, Mia, tonight is our official launch. We have to do more than get people talking. We're blowing what's left of our money on this party. It better be good.

Simone: Right now, I think anything we do is going to be great, and everyone that comes here tonight is going to think exactly the same way.

Kendall: Yeah. Like, our whole lives can change.

Simone: Exactly. I mean, you could meet the man of your dreams -- again.

Mia: Or have him see you in a whole new light.

Simone: I wonder what it feels like to be successful.

Kendall: Oh, I know. I hope that we're about to find out.

Mia: We are. Think positive.

Simone: How can we lose?

Kendall: That's right. We can't. Unless you guys screw it up.

Simone: Oh.

Mia: Well, that's --

Man: Is this the Fusion office?

Simone: Yes.

Man: I've got a delivery.

Bianca: I think I'll have the cheeseburger and curly fries. And a coke. Oh, hey. What's up?

Maggie: He's gone.

Bianca: Who?

Maggie: Henry. He didn't show up for lab this morning.

Bianca: Well, that's ok. Maybe he just forgot.

Maggie: No, no. Henry doesn't forget. I bet you he hasn't even missed a class since preschool, not even a tardy.

Bianca: What happened after I left you guys last night?

Maggie: We hit the books.

Bianca: Yeah?

Maggie: And then he kissed me.

Bianca: I'm sorry, what? What?

Maggie: Henry kissed me.

Bianca: And it was that bad?

Maggie: No, it was that good. That's what's so bad.

Adam: Laurie, come in. I assume this visit means you're going to accept my offer to pay for your college.

Laurie: I haven't made up my mind yet. I need to talk to JR before I decide anything.

Adam: I see. Well, I trust that I made it quite clear -- my offer stands whether you're dating my son or not, so you don't really need his stamp of approval.

Laurie: I feel like we're doing something behind JR�s back, and it's not right.

JR: What are you doing behind my back?

Edmund: How you doing?

Anna: Hey. Mother and baby are doing just fine. It's bedrest, you know, that's torture.

Edmund: Yeah, I know. You've got to follow doctor's orders.

Anna: Yeah, well, all I have to do is think about the little one inside me, and there isn't anything I wouldn't endure. What are you doing here?

Edmund: I -- my daughter gave me a Valentine last night.

Anna: Oh, Robin used to give me those. Handmade ones. Look -- this is what I get these days.

Edmund: Speaking of miracle babies, I was just staring at Maddie last night, and it hit me. I can't do it, Anna. I just can't give up on Maria and me.

Waiter: Are you sure I can't get you anything?

Maggie: Oh, I'm fine, thank you.

Bianca: Ok, so you think that Henry ditched lab today because you guys kissed last night?

Maggie: No, no, no. It was what happened after. He gave me this, you know, "Was it as good for you as it was for me" look.

Bianca: And?

Maggie: And it was good. It was great, but I freaked out. I don't know, I guess I just freaked him out, and he left, and it was weird, and -- God, how could I be so lame?

Bianca: Oh, Maggie, don't be such a drama queen about this. Just find him and say to him, "I want to get to know you better." Ask him out.

Maggie: No, I can't do that. He's not boyfriend material.

Bianca: I thought he was pretty cute. Hey, do you want something for yourself?

Maggie: No, I'm fine. I know, he is cute, yeah. But, you know, he's more into work.

Bianca: Really? When did they add kissing to the O-Chem syllabus?

Maggie: Bianca, I'm serious. Stop laughing. This is a serious matter, ok? If I do not ace this class, then I might as well just say good-bye to med school. God, oh, God, the only way I can survive this class is for him to be my partner. So what do I do?

Bianca: Call him.

Maggie: I don't have his phone number.

Bianca: Why not?

Maggie: God forbid I should interrupt him while he's studying 24/7. All right, you know what? I'm going to go. I have to find him. I have to find him before he finds another lab partner.

Bianca: Ok.

Maggie: Thanks for everything.

Bianca: Good luck. I want hourly updates.

Jamie: Hey, Joni.

Joni: Jamie, I told you -- we're over.

Jamie: I know.

Joni: So why are you following me?

Jamie: I'm not. I'm here to study and for the curly fries. Laurie serves them with extra hot sauce.

Joni: Oh, yeah? Where is she?

Jamie: She doesn't come on shift till later.

Joni: Well, you must hang here a lot if you know her schedule.

Jamie: So?

Joni: So if you cared about Laurie, maybe you should find someplace else to study. Bartender?

JR: What's going on?

Laurie: I came here to see you.

JR: And my dad got in the way. What crap is he pushing now?

Adam: JR, I'm only trying to --

JR: I don't want to hear it.

Laurie: Mr. Chandler, could I please talk to JR alone?

Adam: Yeah, go ahead. I'm sure you're the only one that can get through to him.

JR: What is that supposed to mean? What is he trying to pull?

Laurie: JR, your father has offered to help me get into Harvard. He said he'd cover my tuition. We can be at college together.

JR: That's un-freaking-believable.

Laurie: It's totally amazing.

JR: It's classic Adam Chandler. His game, his rules. Well, no way in hell are we going to play.

Simone: Aw.

Mia: Jake is so sweet.

Kendall: Who says they're from Jake?

Mia: Oh, well, I do. It's just his way of saying that he loves me.

Simone: Oh, please. Babes, who was the only one here that actually had a date on Valentine's?

Mia: Oh, yeah, right. Kenny Adler's last minute pick-up?

Kendall: Yeah, lawyers send invoices, not flowers.

Simone: I'm sorry. It's his postdate bonus points, ok? Dinner was a six, but these are definitely a nine.

Kendall: Excuse me. Roses are Michael�s signature flower. He's been sending me one every day he's been gone.

Simone: Oh, wow. And judging by the number, obviously you're not going to see him until Memorial Day.

Kendall: Oh, really?

Mia: Ok, girls, look, I have one way we can find out who they're from. Let's just read the card.

Simone: Ok, yeah.

Kendall: Ok.

Simone: Oh, did Michael lose out on the run for the roses?

Kendall: They're for Greenlee.

Mia and Simone: What?

Mia: Oh, great. She's not even here.

Simone: Who sent them?

Kendall: It says, "See you tonight."

Mia: Well, it looks like Greenlee has herself a mystery man. Very interesting. Oh, come on, Kendall. Suck it up. You knew Michael Cambias wasn't going to show.

Kendall: God, Mia. This party is about so much more than flowers and hearts. Tonight could totally change our lives forever, and we all know it.

Edmund: I made so many mistakes. Trying so hard to get Maria to remember me, our children, our life together --

David: Edmund. Did I mistakenly recollect you saying yesterday that you were letting Maria go, putting the past behind you?

Anna: Well, he's had a change of heart, David.

David: Oh, that's great, that's great. But I don't want him bothering you. You've just come through an exhausting medical procedure.

Anna: He's not bothering me.

David: None of this concerns her, Edmund.

Edmund: None of what I have to say to Anna is going to bother her, ok? She made me an offer last night. I decided to accept it.

David: And what offer is that?

Edmund: To help me find Maria before it's too late.

Man: Are you Aidan Devane?

Aidan: Who wants to know?

Man: I've got a message from Kingman.

Aidan: Yeah, not bloody likely.

Man: He says to give you this, and to meet him as soon as you can in the dig at Atlantis.

Aidan: Anything else?

Man: Yes. Come alone.

Maria: Wait. No, no, no. We're not going to split up.

Man: He said alone. Don't bring the woman.

Maria: No. Well, we're not -- I don't care what he said. We're not going to split up.

Man: Kingman says it's not safe.

Aidan: Come with me as far as the pool and stay amongst the crowd.

Maria: Doesn't that make them all targets, too?

Aidan: No. Julian won't touch you if you're in a crowd, ok? But I can't ignore this, Maureen.

Maria: No, no. I --

Aidan: Look, come on. I'll meet you afterwards by the pool.

Maria: Is this going to be like the train station?

Aidan: No, nothing like the train station. Stay out in the open.

Maria: Aidan, it's you that I�m worried about.

Aidan: Come here.

Jamie: Joni, you think I'm in Laurie�s way?

Joni: Well, she's going through a lot right now.

Jamie: Which is why she needs her friends.

Joni: Meaning you?

Jamie: Why not?

Joni: Because being friends is not what you want, and you know it. I mean, first JR hurts Laurie, and now you're moving in? Can't you guys think about someone besides yourselves for a change?

Laurie: So not letting your dad win is more important than going to college?

JR: Laurie, we can't let him run our lives.

Laurie: So you're going to blow him off?

JR: I have to.

Laurie: You do what you have to do, I guess. I have to go to work.

JR: Dad!

Adam: Where is Laurie?

JR: Oh, don't act like you care.

Adam: JR, I am trying to help --

JR: What you want to do is make me live the life you want. I mean, your hopes, your dreams, your big plans for me. Screw them. I'm taking back my life, and you are never getting your hands on it again.

Mia: Kendall, this party is to officially launch us.

Kendall: Yeah, you, me, Greenlee, Simone. We're the face of Fusion.

Simone: Yes.

Mia: Wait a minute. I thought I was Fusionlips, huh?

Kendall: God, give me strength. For weeks, we have been living, eating, and breathing this company.

Simone: Yes.

Kendall: This is the biggest risk we've ever taken. Everything is riding on its success -- everything. No more baby steps, no more dress rehearsals. Tonight is the opening night, guys. Opening night. Make it or break it time, and you know there's going to people out there just waiting for me to fall flat on my face.

Simone: What people? Erica?

Kendall: Yeah, among others. And you know what? It ain't going to happen. Tonight, for the first time in my life, Kendall Hart is going to be the golden girl.

Donald: Hey, Kendall! Kendall, baby, how does it feel to be the new reigning beauty queen of Pine Valley?

Kendall: Oh, better not let Erica hear you say that.

Donald: What, Erica Kane? Oh, she's yesterday's news. Seriously, seriously. Hey, come on, baby, you own this town. What are you going to say to all those people who insisted that you would never amount to anything?

Kendall: I'd say anything is possible if you work hard and dream hard. It doesn't matter that no one believed in me because I believe in me.

Donald: Yeah, baby.

Simone: You go, golden girl.

Mia: Mm-hmm. Well, I think I've come a long way from a girl who grew up behind a gym in Brooklyn.

Simone: Yeah.

[Music plays]

Jake: Oh. You happy?

Mia: Oh, God. I'm so high, cloud nine looks like a cotton ball.

Jake: You know, you deserve every single bit of your success. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it, and that makes me the luckiest guy on the planet.

Simone: Someone's going to get some tonight

Kendall: Ok, little horn dog. Is that all you ever think about?

Simone: No. I think about falling in love. Yeah. And you know what? It could happen tonight. I could look across that crowded room and see that guy, just lock eyes. That guy who's not married or tied to the mob. Tall, dark, and handsome who's just waiting for me to come along.

Singer: Sexy hot I love your style, girl put it on me Brian and Tony Gold let the ladies know they got it going on Shaggy.

Singers: Hey, sexy lady I like your flow your body's banging out of control you put it on me

Singer: That's right

Singers: Ceiling to floor only you can make me scream and beg for more

Singer: Her body's callin', bawlin'

Kendall: Well, maybe tonight's the night all of our dreams come true.

David: Edmund, your wife and Aidan could be anywhere on God�s green earth right now. Aidan thinks he's a fugitive. Now, if he doesn't want to be found, there's nothing you or Anna can do about that.

Anna: Well, there's a lot that I can do about it. I have contacts with Interpol and the W.S.B. --

David: Anna, please. You're in recovery right now. Your health, our baby -- those are the things that should be a priority.

Anna: They are. This isn't your call, David. It's mine. If Edmund needs my help, then --

Edmund: Yeah, I do. Thanks, Anna.

Anna: Because despite everything, you still love her.

Edmund: Yeah, I still think she's in danger.

Anna: Well, you know the murder charges against Aidan are false.

Edmund: Yes, but whoever framed him is still after both of them. His life is on the line. So is hers.

David: Maria doesn't want to be saved by you, Edmund. She's made that abundantly clear.

Edmund: Listen to me. She is the mother of my children. I just want to find her, make sure she's safe, ok?

David: Edmund, can I speak to you a moment outside, please?

Anna: No, David, don't --

David: No, no. Just give us a minute, that's all. We'll be right back. Please, Edmund. This time yesterday, I almost lost Anna and our unborn baby girl right there on that operating table. Now, I didn't save their lives so that Anna could risk hers today helping you find a woman who has fallen out of love with you. Now, who the hell do you think you are coming here with this, Edmund?

Edmund: Listen to me. You had your second chance with Anna, ok? Don't deny me my chance with Maria.

Aidan: Hello, Morgan.

Morgan: Hello, darling. You miss me?

Aidan: Where's Kingman?

Morgan: I'm afraid he's with the fishes. That was my lure.

Aidan: No. You're lying. Who did this? You or Julian?

Morgan: Julian had that pleasure.

Aidan: Well, you're next.

Morgan: No. That would be Maureen, then you.

Aidan: You can still make it out of this.

Morgan: Yeah, that's funny, that's exactly what your Army friend said right before he died.

Aidan: You should have listened to me. Julian is using you.

Morgan: Julian needs me, all right? And he's made me a part of his life, which is more than you ever did.

Tour guide: Ok, guys. Over here we have the groupers. Now, something interesting about these groupers. They start off their sexual lifestyles as females. Once they mature, they transfer into males. So they kind of have the best of both worlds, one may say.

Morgan: I know it's not me you're looking for. It's me you found.

Maggie: Damn it, Henry, where are you?

[Guitar music plays]

Jamie: Hey, Laurie. What's wrong?

Laurie: Everything. Your brother went ballistic about his dad's offer to pay for my college tuition.

Jamie: Doesn't he understand what a great opportunity this is for you?

Laurie: JR wouldn't listen. As soon as he heard his dad was involved, he lost it. He didn't even think about how good it could be. All he thought about was himself.

Jamie: You've got to get through to him.

Laurie: There's no way. I finally figured something out. The only reason JR ever went out with me was because he knew his dad would never approve of me. He doesn't love me. He's just using me to get back at his father.

Jamie: Hey. Come here.

Adam: Son, I�m not trying to control you. I'm trying to help you and your girlfriend.

JR: You are a liar! You just tried to buy Laurie.

Adam: I made her that offer because you pushed me at the theater. You never have laid a hand on me before in your life.

JR: I told you I was sorry.

Adam: Yeah, I know that. I know that. And I also know that for you to get mad enough to commit physical violence against me, I must have been doing something terribly wrong. So either I had to face losing you or I had to change. Son, I grew up without a father. Maybe I overcompensate because of that, try to fix things that aren't even broken. But I didn't want you to have to go it alone. I didn't want you to have to struggle the way I did. I love you much too much to do that.

[Guitar music plays]

Maggie: Hi. You're really good.

Henry: I only play -- it's a stress buster.

Maggie: And you needed to destress because of what happened in my room last night?

Henry: Because of a lot of things.

Maggie: Well, I'm sorry for interrupting. You know, you didn't show up for lab this morning, so I was a little worried.

Henry: Yeah, I should have called. Something came up.

Maggie: How long have you been playing?

Henry: Since I was a kid. I never had a lesson, though.

Maggie: Well, is it hard?

Henry: No. I'll show you. All right, now put this hand here and this one here.

Maggie: Like that?

Henry: Yeah.

Kendall: "Open on tight shot of Ling-Ling's décolletage"?

Petey: That's French for "cleavage."

Kendall: I know what that is.

Petey: Hey, you deleted my entire oeuvre.

Kendall: Sorry, Orson, but you know what? Hit the books -- now.

Petey: No visionary is ever appreciated in his own time.

Simone: I know, I know.

Kendall: Sorry. What can I do?

Mia: Yes! Yes!

Kendall: What?

Mia: Once again, I have saved our collective heinies.

Kendall: Oh.

Simone: Really? Our heinies needed saving?

Mia: Well, we can't very well go on cooking lip color in Kendall�s kitchen, can we?

Kendall: No, no. My kitchen is not cut out for that.

Mia: Right. And we don't have the money to afford paying a chemist.

Simone: Oh, right. Or to lure Boyd Larraby from the dark side.

Mia: But Liza put me on to this manufacturer in Philly, and they talked to Maxie Berlin and heard how our formula was flying off the shelves at Lacey�s.

Simone: Really?

Mia: And they are willing to produce our product and extend us a line of credit!

Simone: No way.

Kendall: Shut up, shut up. So this means that we're going to have product to push at the party tonight. You guys, this is so cool.

Simone: Guys, this is like a sign. Like a sign that things are really going to happen. This is good.

Kendall: This is very good! We need liquor. Where is it?

Mia: I'll check.

Kendall: I'll go with you. Let's go. This is so cool.

Mia: Now is your chance, huh?

Carlos: You had good news. Congratulations.

Simone: Oh, thank you, Carlos. Are you busy tonight?

Carlos: I don't think so.

Simone: No? Well, then would you like to come to our party? I mean, as my guest?

Edmund: Look, David, just calm down, all right? I would never do anything to hurt Anna or the baby. But your wife offered to give me some of her old W.S.B. contacts.

David: All right. Edmund, fine. Let's play this out, ok? Let's say you are able to track down Aidan and Maria. What are you going to do? You going to force her to come home against her will? You going to drag her kicking and screaming back to Wildwind? Come on. That's going to be a nice sight for the kiddies.

Edmund: I'll deal with that when the time comes.

David: Edmund, you're chasing after a woman who doesn't want to be found. Don't you think that's foolish?

Edmund: I can live with that as long as she's safe.

Anna: Oh. Who won?

David: Not important.

Anna: Ok, so, while you were outside protecting me, I called the W.S.B., and they know where Aidan and Maria are. It's not the best news.

Maria: Get your filthy hands off of me!

Julian: Shut up!

Maria: You get a kick out of throwing a woman around, do you, huh? You're not much of a man without that thing in your hands.

Julian: I said shut your mouth.

Maria: You know, when Aidan finds you, he's going to do the world a big flipping favor by getting rid of you and putting you out of your misery.

Julian: Not if I find him first.

Aidan: Too late.

Julian: You were supposed to bring him here. What the bloody hell happened?

Aidan: She tried. She just wasn't quick enough, and neither are you. So why don't we call this a draw.

Julian: You think you're in a position to bargain with me?

Aidan: I've got Morgan. You've got Maureen. Let's make a trade.

Morgan: Just do it, Julian.

Julian: You think I give a damn about you?

[Maria screams]

Maria: Oh, my God!

Julian: You happy? She's de.

Maria: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Adam: JR, don't use my methods as an excuse to walk away from the best education this country has to offer. Don't let pride get the best of you.

JR: Who says this is about pride?

Adam: I do. I'm an expert on pride -- foolish pride. And it's kicked me down more often than I would like to remember. Son, if you can't learn from my example, then learn from my mistakes. You've got to look past your anger and look past me. Look at your future.

Laurie: I'm sorry, Jamie. I didn't mean to lose it like that.

Jamie: Hey.

Laurie: JR�s your brother.

Jamie: I don't side with him on this one.

Bartender: Joni?

Jamie: I don't get why JR can't see past his dad and focus on going to college with you. I mean, it would be unreal -- hanging out on campus together, all that freedom. No curfew, no parents waiting at the door.

Laurie: You make it sound so fun. I wish JR could see things the way that you do.

Jamie: Hey, his loss.

Simone: The party is going to be a blast, I promise. So, what do you say? Do we have a date?

Carlos: Si.

Simone: Yeah?

Carlos: I would love to come to your party.

Simone: Oh, great. Oh, good. Ok, so I promise you won't be sorry.

Carlos: Bueno. Perdoname, but I have work to do, you know?

Simone: Yes, of course you do, and I'll be watching you.

Carlos: Thank you.

Petey: Carlos, my man, anyone ever tell you your face is made for a close-up? There's a part for you in this flick I'm writing.

Carlos: I see. En tu pelicula?

Mia: So? Did he say yes?

Simone: Si!

Mia: Yes! Yes!

Simone: Oh, my gosh. This party is going to be so much fun. More fun than we've had in such a long time.

Mia: Oh. Kendall, still no word from Michael, huh?

Kendall: You know what? Tonight will be a personal triumph with or without a guy on my arm.

Simone: If you ask me, you're better off without him.

Mia: Yeah. We don't like liars. You know what? We should get some samples.

Simone: Yeah, we should go get that stuff.

Michael: Miss me?

Edmund: They found Aidan and Maria?

Anna: The information's a little sketchy. Apparently, they've been using false I.D. -- and posing as a married couple.

Edmund: Go on.

Anna: They tracked them down to the Bahamas -- Atlantis, to be exact -- where they had taken a room together. I don't know, Edmund. Maybe this is the right time to let Maria go.

Julian: Now, let's get this party started.

Aidan: Let Maureen go. You've got me. That should be enough.

Julian: I'll decide what's enough. Put your weapon down. Now!

Aidan: Ok. I'm putting it down. See?

Julian: Much better. Now, here's how this works. Maureen's going to go first, and you get to watch before you die yourself.

Aidan: No one else is going to die, Julian.

Julian: Just do what you're told.

Aidan: Just like Tora Bora.

Julian: What the hell are you talking about?

Aidan: One --

Maria: Aidan --

Aidan: Two --

Julian: Shut your mouth!

Maria: Aidan!

Aidan: Three.

Aidan: Maureen, no! Maureen! You still breathing? Oh, my God. Thank God. I'm going to get some help. I'm going to get some help. I need a doctor in here now! I need a doctor! Somebody get a doctor! Maureen, help is going to come. Help is going to come, baby. Help is going to come. You're going to be ok. You're going to be ok.

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