AMC Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 1/28/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Aidan: When I think back about the times that we spent together, there's no part of it that I don't want back.

Trey: I know a place that's looking for help. You're going to be working for really hot women.

Edmund: Do you still care about Aidan? I have to know if you love him.

Maria: I don't know.

Edmund: Cranberry and soda ok?

Morgan: Those doe-like eyes, open, innocent, trusting face. She might as well have a target painted on her forehead.

Aidan: There's much bigger game running around Pine Valley, Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah? Little memory-deprived Maureen -- I mean, she must've been a right pushover for you, eh? Which is funny. The dumb, naive ones never used to attract you, eh?

Aidan: Yeah, and they still don't.

Morgan: So what's so special about this one then?

Aidan: I used her to keep me away from the police.
Morgan: Yeah, right. I'll bet hide-and-seek wasn't the only game you played, was it?

Aidan: Oh, come on. She's married with two kids.

Morgan: So? What, since Fiona, you've started respecting the sanctity of marriage, have you?

Aidan: Look, I'm not even attracted to her, ok? She's not my type.

Morgan: Yeah? Well, she's mine -- living in that big castle, rolling in green.

Aidan: Your time is way too valuable running after the wrong pigeon, darling.

Morgan: Yeah? Interesting. Very interesting. So why do you want to protect this girl, exactly?

Aidan: I don稚. It's you I want to protect.

Morgan: Oh, I can take care of myself, thanks. Besides, this princess won't even know she's been hit.

Aidan: You'll never be able to pull it off -- not solo.

Morgan: Watch me. I'll fill you in when I get back.

Aidan: I'm serious. I didn't prep her like I should've, so it won't work, darling.

Morgan: Such modesty. Come on, Aidan. We both know that you're the best at laying the groundwork. And just like the old days, I'll take over from here.

Aidan: And cut me out? Uh-uh.

Morgan: What?

Aidan: I invest my time and my energy for you just to sweep in and make off with the score? I don't think so, Morgan.

Morgan: You're worried I知 going to cut you out?

Aidan: To make sure you don't even try, me and you, we'll go and take care of Maureen together, ok?

[Music plays]

Reggie: Oh, man. Hmm.

Trey: You sure you don't want -- one?

Reggie: No, I'm cool.

Trey: You know, that's not a nutcracker.

Reggie: Yeah, I know what it is. I've been to court.

Trey: Belonged to Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Reggie: Yeah? He's like a big man around here or something?

Trey: He was the greatest judge that ever lived. I paid $1,000 for that.

Reggie: $1,000 for a hunk of wood? Hey, man, you got rooked. Look, I scratched it up some, so, what, is this my ticket out of here and back into the system?

Trey: Well, old Oliver, the kind of man that he is, probably would've gotten a kick out of it.

Reggie: Hmm.

Trey: Hey, think fast.

Reggie: What are these?

Trey: You got to be able to get in and out of this place when I知 not around, right?

Reggie: Yeah, I guess I do. Cool. Thanks, man.

Trey: I just forgot something. Hold on.

Reggie: Might not be a bad gig after all.

[Knock on door]

[Reggie sighs]

Trey: Hey, Reggie, do me a favor and grab that?

[Reggie hums]

Reggie: Hey, baby, what's up?

Kendall: Who are you? Where's Trey?

Reggie: What you want with him when you got the real deal right here?

Maria: You know, if I go back to medical school, I知 not even going to have a chance to breathe.

Edmund: I'll make sure you inhale once in a while.

Maria: It's going to be crazy. Oh, my God, I'm dead.

Edmund: What?

Maria: I am dead! Look at this. "If you've been out of school for an extended period of time, please describe your activities during that period." Ha!

Edmund: Well, you will win most interesting essay.

Maria: Yeah. Let's see, how should I start? Um -- "my first stint in medical school was erased, along with the rest of my memory, due to a mad scientist doctor who gave me an experimental drug after a plane crash that I was in, where I was presumed dead, and then I spent the next five years in Nevada under an assumed identity. Details upon request." That'll go over.

Edmund: Well, if that doesn't work, then maybe I can give a testimonial about your roadside life-saving skills. Have pen and Swiss army knife, will travel.

Maria: Great.

Edmund: That's a nice sound.

[phone rings]

Maria: Oh.

Edmund: Lot nicer than that sound. Good evening.

David: Why don't you tell me how your wife is doing and I'll judge whether it's a good evening or not.

Edmund: Take it easy, pal.

Morgan: I don't think you're going to make very good time tied to that chair, darling.

Aidan: Very funny, Morgan. But if I知 with you, this will be the easiest score of our career.

Morgan: Maybe. Or maybe you're just going to distract me.

Aidan: First, we'll get the money, and then we can enjoy some of our own distraction. What do you say we go back to that nude beach in Negril?

Morgan: Where you convinced me that honey was a natural sunscreen?

Aidan: You never complained when I licked it off.

Morgan: After I have relieved Maria of her little fortune, maybe we could, you know, plan an encore.

Aidan: You rush this, you go solo, and you'll blow it.

Morgan: Listen, the sooner I get to the castle --

Aidan: Wildwind it is, Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah, right -- the sooner we can get to the nude beach. God, you really still haven't learned patience, have you, Aidan?

Aidan: Well, I've learned plenty of other new tricks I can show you.

Morgan: Later.

Morgan: Oh, come on, don't sulk, baby. I've got all the help I need. And if I have to use it, well, we both know what a good shot I am, don't we? Don't worry, the girl won't suffer.

Kendall: I'm not your baby.

Reggie: Well, how about me and you go out and we could change that?

Kendall: I don't think so. Trey!

Reggie: Trey, another one of your women checking in.

Trey: That's not a woman. That's my sister.

Reggie: Another legal do-gooder? Sure doesn't look it.

Kendall: Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Reggie: Damn straight.

Trey: Reggie, this is Kendall Hart. She works at Fusion -- too?

Reggie: Right. Right, yeah, you mentioned her.

Kendall: Oh, goody.

Reggie: Well, I'm Reggie Porter and we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

Kendall: I doubt that.

Reggie: I'm working with you.

Kendall: Excuse me?

Reggie: You know, me and the other ladies, we haven't really settled in on my position, but how about you make me your very personal assistant?

Kendall: Is he serious?

Reggie: I could do a lot for you.

Trey: Sounds serious to me.

Kendall: Who -- who are you? Where did he come from?

Reggie: Well, he's right here, and, you know, I could take you out to dinner and I could tell you everything you want to know.

Trey: What can I say? Reggie appreciates a beautiful woman.

Reggie: Yeah, you know, I wasn't really going to work down at Fusion until I met the girls. But, you know, looking at that day after day -- can't beat it.

Kendall: Ok, who -- who told him he had a job at Fusion? -- As if I didn't know.

Reggie: My man Trey, he has tons of influence.

Kendall: And why would you use it to help him?

Reggie: Because Trey's my guardian.

Kendall: What?

Trey: I was awarded temporary custody.

Kendall: Why, he isn't another half-sibling, is he?

Trey: No. I was down at the Front Street Clinic one --

[knock on door]

Trey: Day and -- just remember where we were.

Kendall: Yeah, like we could forget.

Trey: Dr. Anderson. Come on in.

Janelle: Thank you.

Trey: So what's this, some surprise drop-in checkup? Reggie and I are doing great.

Janelle: On what planet?

Trey: Reggie, you're cool with the agreement, right?

Reggie: Like it matters. What's the deal?

Janelle: It's not good.

Reggie: Look, I can get my gear in, like, five minutes.

Trey: Well, hey, hold on. Where are you going?

Reggie: Wherever they move me.

Trey: Let's just listen to what Janelle has to say first, all right?

Reggie: What did I do now?

Janelle: It's not you this time.

Reggie: Get out of here.

Janelle: Social services has its problems. They mess up. Too much falls between the cracks. But somehow they managed to pick up on your detour from lawyer to arsonist!

David: We're going to discuss this now.

Edmund: Not if you don't calm down. It's work, about that article Brooke dropped by.

Maria: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I've been keeping you from it with all my stuff.

Edmund: No, it's fine.

David: Edmund, are you there?

Edmund: Of course I am.

David: Meet me at B.J.'s right now.

Edmund: It's not a good time.

David: I'm not asking you if it's convenient. Whoever you're with, whatever you're doing, drop it now or I知 coming to you.

Edmund: That wouldn't be advisable.

David: "Wouldn't be advisable"? Oh, I think it's important that Maria knows that you're drugging her and that I think it's a risky, ill-advised experiment.

Edmund: Well, look, if it's that major, then I値l just have to meet you.

David: Yeah, I thought you'd see it my way. Get here fast.

Maria: Duty calls? It's ok.

Guard: Sir? Mrs. Santos is here with the children.

Edmund: Oh. Great. Send them in.

Maria: Yay.

Maddie: Daddy!

Edmund: Yeah!

Isabella: They wouldn't sleep until they got hugs and kisses from daddy.

Edmund: Hi, kids.

Maria: Hi!

Maddie: Mommy's here!

Sam: Mommy!

Maria: Hi! Oh! I missed you guys.

Maddie: You have? Really?

Maria: Oh, duh! Yeah. Of course I did.

Edmund: Unfortunately, I have to -- I have to go out.

Isabella: Now? So late?
Edmund: Yeah, I've got a nervous author. I've got to talk him down.

Isabella: Well, the kids got their hugs and kisses. I guess we can go. Come on.

Maria: Aw.

Maddie: No, I want to stay with mommy.

Sam: Me, too.

Maria: Me, too.

Edmund: Ok, ok, listen, they'll be safe here, ok? I really got to run, though. If I don't see you later, I will see you in the morning.

Maria: Ok, see, this is good. So we get to have a visit.

Sam and Maddie: Yeah!

Edmund: Keep an eye on her, ok?

Isabella: What happened?

Edmund: Nothing, nothing. She's getting some of her memory back.

[Isabella gasps]

Edmund: Yeah, she is. She's remembering, she wants to go to medical school, and she had a memory about Sam.

Isabella: Que milagro! Oh, our prayers are answered, Edmund!

Edmund: Call me on the cell if you need me, ok?

Isabella: Oh, we'll be fine, we'll be fine. We're getting her back.

Maria: Wait, where'd it go? Ha-ha. There it is. What do you think?

Sam: That's a brain.

Maddie: It is gross. I hope I don't look like that on the inside.

Sam: You do.

Maddie: Aw!

Maria: Yeah, you do, you do. You want to know what they do? Want to know what all the little parts do?

Maddie: Yeah!

Sam: Definitely!

Maria: Ok, well, this is the left side of the brain, and that side of the brain

Morgan: If you're so anxious to help me --

Aidan: Oh, come on, Morgan, untie me, will you, please?

Morgan: Just tell me how I should gain access to the castle. Tell me where she keeps the good stuff.

Aidan: The best way to get in there is with me.

Morgan: Tell me the second-best.

Aidan: Well, since you sunk a bullet in me, Wildwind is crawling with extra security.

Morgan: Hmm. See, fortunately, I've got a way with boys who like to play with guns. I shoot them first.

Aidan: There's a side entrance that leads down to the cellar and up through the kitchen, but you'll never be able to crack that safe.

Morgan: I've opened a few in my time.

Aidan: Yeah, not like this one, though.

Morgan: So what's it got in it then, just some diamonds?

Aidan: The rocks and the cash in that safe is enough to make Queen Elizabeth drool, because Maria痴 husband's family has got some kind of Hungarian royalty thing going.

Morgan: Yeah, but wouldn't they be safer in the bank?

Aidan: Not with the security system these people have.

Morgan: Right. And she gave you access to all this stash because, what?

Aidan: In case I needed to finance a fast getaway, Morgan.

Morgan: You know, if you were just interested in that fortune, why didn't you just take the money and get out of there?

Aidan: I don't know why. Because some genius sunk a bullet into my side?

Morgan: Yeah. Or maybe bedding that doe-eyed innocent was just so much fun, you couldn't stop.

Aidan: I never slept with her. I've already told you that.

Morgan: Yeah, well, you two must have been really close for her to, like, just offer up this nice chunk of her family fortune.

Aidan: Oh, come on, you've got nothing to be jealous of. Take me along with you and, if necessary, I'll snuff Maureen myself.

Morgan: I can't release you yet. I'm going to go to Wildwind. Tell me where the safe is.

Aidan: It's behind a painting in the alcove off the main living room.

Morgan: If I can't crack it, I'll have to see what else I can pick up, eh?

Janelle: Did setting fire to Erica Kane痴 house just slip your mind?

Trey: I didn't think it should matter.

Janelle: Exactly, you didn't think.

Kendall: Excuse me, whoever you are, but Trey was never accused of arson or anything else, so what's your problem?

Janelle: The problem is actually Reggie痴.

Reggie: Ok, can you please keep me out of this?

Janelle: What, is she a lawyer, too?

Reggie: No, she's with me.

Kendall: I am not.

Trey: She's my sister.

Reggie: Look, I'm tired of this, all right? Did you torch the house?

Janelle: Can we just talk about this in private, Trey? Reggie, just give us a minute, ok?

Reggie: Oh, I'm not leaving, especially when it's getting good.

Kendall: I'm not leaving, either.

Reggie: Besides, this is my life you're deciding.

Janelle: You don't sound surprised about any of this.

Reggie: My boss, Greenie, Greenlee -- something like that -- she told me he wasn't clean, but I didn't get the whole 411.

Janelle: Boss?

Trey: Yeah. When I wasn't busy teaching Reggie the fine arts of making Molotov cocktails, I got him a job.

Janelle: A legitimate one, I hope.

Kendall: Oh, why don't you just lighten up?

Janelle: Why don't you mind your own business? You know, social service has your entire file and it doesn't look good. Reggie is probably going to have to go back to the group home.

Kendall: Well, that's not fair.

Janelle: Yeah, the system isn't fair, and you aren't exactly anyone's idea of a role model.

Trey: I was never pretending to be.

Janelle: Now, Reggie, you had better be prepared.

Reggie: Look, I'm cool, all right? It's funny how the perfect role models always seem so righteous dumping off chump change to charities, but when it comes down to taking kids like me home, forget about it.

Janelle: Whatever happens, we'll make it work, ok?

Reggie: Yeah, whatever, man. Look, when you-all decide where you're going to put me, just let me know, all right?

Trey: Just stick around.

Janelle: Don't go. Come on, Reggie.

Trey: Come on, let's fight this.

Reggie: Like it matters! Look, a crib's a crib, all right? All I need is a mattress.

Janelle: I hope you're satisfied.

Trey: Me?

Janelle: He would've never been put in your custody if you were honest with the authorities. Now he's uprooted again, disappointed again. What made you think that you could handle --

Kendall: Oh, why don't you just shut up!

Morgan: Yeah, you always were impetuous, weren't you? That was a really, really dumb move, Aidan. I knew all that rubbish about you and us getting it together was just rubbish!

[Aidan groans]

Morgan: You should've known better than to cross me, Aidan.

Aidan: Where are you going?

Morgan: Wildwind, to see if anything that you've told me is true. And if it's not, I might just have to cause just a little bit of trouble for your doe-eyed innocent.

Aidan: You touch -- you touch Maureen and I'll --

Morgan: What are you going to do, Aidan, spit on me?

Aidan: There's nothing that's going on between Maureen like you're imagining.

Morgan: Yeah, I want to see what this girl has got that I don稚. I mean, maybe she reminds you of Fiona. I mean, Fiona was your first great mistake, and this yank's your second.

Aidan: You are way off, Morgan.

Morgan: Oh, no. I mean, what if the poor little thing gets in my way? Then both of your mistakes are going to be waiting for you in eternity. Mind you, not that it matters. Julian's going to be sending you there soon enough, mate.

[key turns in lock]

[Isabella laughs]

Isabella: Ok, not too much. I'm just going to have to take it off before bedtime.

Maddie: Ok, your done.

Isabella: Oh, thank you.

Maria: Lovely, lovely.

Maddie: Lovely.

Maria: Good job. What should we do to you? It's your turn.

Maddie: My hair.

Maria: Your hair. Ok. I say we put it in a big beehive. What do you think?

Maddie: No. No, no, no.

Maria: No? You're not a very good sport.
Maddie: Yes, I am.

Maria: What do you think, Abuela, we should do?

[Isabella gasps]

Maria: What?

Isabella: That -- that's how I used to brush your hair when you were a little girl.

Maria: Oh, really? Hey, Sam, didn't you guys get some puppets for Christmas?

Sam: I'll get them!

Maria: Excuse me.

Maddie: Me, too!

Maria: Oh, ok. Well, so much for brushing hair.

Isabella: I used to -- I used to brush your hair exactly like that, alternating sides.

Maria: Well, that might just be, you know, like, an automatic thing, that 50% of the population probably brushes their kids' hair that way.

Isabella: Oh, no, no, you remember.

Maria: But I don't really remember. I mean, I wish I did, but I don't remember anybody brushing my hair when I was a child.

Isabella: Oh, but it's -- it's inside of you. It's -- it's a part of you, and it's coming back.

David: Sit down.

Edmund: Don't you ever threaten me again.

David: I got you here, didn't I? So did you come up with a solution?

Edmund: To what?

David: You're supposed to figure out a way for me to examine Maria so that I can evaluate the drug's effects, remember?

Edmund: Maria won't let you near her.

David: That's not good enough, Edmund. You have to find a way to make it happen.

Edmund: Listen to me, she won't let it happen.

David: Either you find a way for me to examine her or you can wait and I値l be performing her autopsy. 

Edmund: Is that supposed to be funny?

David: You could've killed her. Is that plain enough for you?

Edmund: Based on what, your extensive research and testing?

David: My tests aren't conclusive, Edmund.

Edmund: Ok, then quit the scare tactics.

David: Listen to me, you idiot, two of the animals in my current study are failing. Now, of course there could be other contributing factors, but the fact is this -- that drug should never have been administered to Maria, or to anyone else, for that matter.

Edmund: Look, I just gave her a few drops, ok?

David: How do you know how much is too much or too little?

Edmund: Just -- you said there could be other factors.

David: Yes. What, you want to gamble with your wife's life? Look, Edmund, if you don't think that my word is good enough, have your experts contact me. They can look at my results.

Edmund: All right. You said maybe it was a genetic weakness in the animals?

David: Yes. But we can't make that assumption. And I don't want to have Maria痴 blood on my hands.

Edmund: Listen to me, she's fine, all right? I just left her. She's in perfect health.

Isabella: That doesn't sound good.

Maria: Excuse me. I hope I知 not getting that cold that's going around.

Isabella: You look flush. Let me see.

Maria: I do?

Isabella: Oh, you're warm, yeah.

Maria: I'll be ok. I'll be ok.

Isabella: No, listen, just to be on the safe side, I'm going to make you some tea with honey and lemon.

Maria: No, no, I'll get it. You sit.

Isabella: No, hey, hey, hey, don't argue with me. Ok, put your legs up. Come on. Come on.

Maria: Ok. I'm going, I知 going.

Isabella: There you go. Come on. See? Now you'll be nice and warm. Ok, now stay there, stay warm. I'll be right back.

Maria: Ok. Thanks, Mama.

Isabella: You called me mama.

Kendall: You have no right to talk to Trey like that.

Janelle: Oh, yes, I do.

Kendall: You're not with social services, right?

Janelle: Right.

Kendall: Then how's it any of your business?

Janelle: Because I致e stitched up Reggie a couple times and had to watch him walk back on the street. I know his struggles, his disappointment, and his life. And I sure know that he deserves better than this.

Trey: We were doing ok, Janelle.

Kendall: Yeah, until you busted in like the queen of doom.

Janelle: No, I feel responsible for him.

Trey: Don't you think I do, too? I opened my home to the kid!

Kendall: Yeah, and got him a job.

Trey: How is that a crime?

Janelle: Look, he has been shuffled from one foster home to another.

Trey: I know about that a lot more than you do.

Janelle: And each time he hopes that he can settle in and depend on the people around him.

Trey: Only to be thrown back into the system. I get the drill!

Janelle: Then you should know better. Look, I know that he doesn't like the group home.

Trey: Oh, do you? I mean, do you really think that that's the right environment for a kid his age?

Janelle: It will provide him with some stability.

Trey: What do you think he has here?

Janelle: A well-meaning guardian who hasn't thought things through.

Kendall: How do you know that?

Trey: Ok, look, I may not be perfect, but I am willing give my best.

Janelle: Yeah, for how long? You know what, there is no point to this because you are not part of the decision anymore. You withheld information. So Reggie will probably be taken out of your custody. He's going to have to pack up and leave again after two weeks of living the good life.

Kendall: Yeah, well, it's better than not at all.

Janelle: Oh, no, it makes things much worse.

Kendall: Trey cares about Reggie, and Reggie isn't stupid. He knows it.

Janelle: Yeah, maybe.

Trey: Look, you can knock me and what I致e done, but I want to help Reggie. There is no hidden agenda.

Janelle: Right, so you're telling me you're going to put your life on hold and fight the system for Reggie?

Trey: I'm already doing that!

Janelle: You know, a lot of do-gooders just can't cut it.

Trey: Look, I am not some trust fund baby. I can hack it.

Janelle: Yeah, well, you'd better. Because if you make promises to Reggie and don't deliver, you're going to answer to me.

[door slams]

Kendall: Well, isn't she pleasant.

Trey: She's just watching out for Reggie.

Kendall: Yeah, well, you'd better deliver or she's going to have your head hanging on her wall.

Trey: Thanks for backing me up.

Kendall: You're welcome. I only wish I meant it.

Trey: What?

Kendall: Oh, come on, Trey, this is totally insane.

Laurie: Reggie. Hey, what's up?

Reggie: What's up? So you're working here now?

Laurie: Yeah, I just started. I haven't seen you in school.

Reggie: Yeah, it's been a while.

Laurie: You still live in the Barclay?

Reggie: No, that dump? I moved.

Laurie: Good. That place was dismal.

Reggie: Yeah, no lie.

Laurie: So what's up with school?

Reggie: Yeah, I'm -- I'm going sometimes, you know? How about you?

Laurie: It's moving too fast. I'm looking at colleges and --

Reggie: Well, you have brains. You're going to ace that easy. You'll be running the country sometime, like, in a couple years.

Laurie: I wouldn't put money on it.

Reggie: Having a sucky day?

Laurie: Yeah, way worse than that.

Reggie: Yeah, me, too. So how about you make it better by go getting a couple of beers?

Reggie: Well, it's not even like they're going to miss it. The brew will take the edge off, trust me.

Laurie: Tell my dad. All it does for him is mess up his head.

Reggie: What does your dad have anything to do with --

Laurie: My dad gets drunk and then he totally wrecks my life.

Reggie: I know your dad likes to drink, but come on.
Laurie: You want a drink? Then go somewhere with a server who doesn't care because no way am I putting my job on the line so you can do something so stupid.

Reggie: Look, it's ok. Just calm down, all right? It was just an idea.

Laurie: Well, it was a really dumb one.

Reggie: Ok, all right, all right. I did the whole addiction thing with my mom.

Laurie: I know. How is she?

Reggie: The same. Her partner of choice is still H. Heroin sucks. Oh, my God. I need to get a tattoo of that somewhere.

Laurie: I haven't seen your mom around in ages.

Reggie: Yeah, me, neither. But get this -- I got this old bleeding heart liberal dude that's going to take me in.

Laurie: Like adopt you?

Reggie: It's more like crashing with a friend with a great crib. He like, spits out money.

Laurie: Bring him in. I could use a big tipper.

Reggie: Yeah, I better do it fast. Social services is so messed up, they leave me in a place long enough to unpack, and then they're ready to shuffle me off someplace new.

Laurie: That stinks.

Reggie: Yeah.

Laurie: I'm sorry.

Reggie: That's all right. I'm going to write a movie and, you know, rap about it and get rich.

Kendall: I haven't seen you in a week. One week. Some guys would buy a plant, some would clean their kitchen floor. You adopt a kid from the hood?

Trey: I didn't adopt him.

Kendall: Whatever. How did your life suddenly become a Spike Lee movie?

Trey: All right, all right, look, external appearances aside, Reggie and I do have a lot in common.

Kendall: Man, I came over here thinking I had news.

Trey: Wait, news about what? Fusion?

Kendall: No, about this perfect guy that I met in Aspen. But that's nothing compared to you playing bachelor father.

Trey: Please, knock it off with the labels, ok?

Kendall: Yeah, but, Trey, Trey, this is so insane.

Trey: No, Kendall, it isn稚.

Kendall: But why? Why did you take this kid in?

Trey: Because he needed a place to stay and I have room.

Kendall: Yeah, a lot of people have room, but they don't bring strangers into their homes.

Trey: Well, maybe they should.

Kendall: Is this for Reggie痴 benefit or for that girl, Janine?

Trey: Janelle. And, no, how could it possibly be for her benefit? She thinks I知 a crazy arsonist.

Kendall: Yeah, so do I now.

Trey: Nice. Really nice.

Kendall: Look, you have some really good impulses every now and then, but taking this kid in -- that is way above and beyond.

Trey: What, so I can't do this because I have a social conscience?

Kendall: No way. But to score with Janelle, that makes sense.

Trey: Ah. Well, I guess I won't be asking you to speak to social services on my behalf.

Kendall: I'm also going by the way she was looking at you. She was so worried about our relationship.

Trey: She doesn't care.

Kendall: Oh, come on, please. She was so worried that I was your girlfriend.

Trey: More like worried about you being my accomplice. Janelle has two feelings for me -- dislike and suspicion.

Kendall: Well, if that's true, then this whole silly salt-and-pepper act makes absolutely no sense.

Trey: I told you about my bouncing around from foster family to foster family. It really screwed me up.

Kendall: So, what, now you're going to save Reggie from the same fate?

Trey: Yeah. I am going to.

Isabella: I've waited so long to hear you call me mama.

Maria: It's funny, it just kind of slipped out. I -- you were being so kind --

Isabella: It's all locked up inside you and now it's coming to the surface.

Maria: I guess. Yeah, maybe. I mean, that's possible.

Isabella: Yeah, and -- and everything that -- what's ever passed between you and that Aidan, I don't want to know, I知 not asking, but Wildwind -- this is your home. This is where you belong, with us.

Sam: Roar!

Maddie: Mom, make him stop! He keeps calling me the other white meat.

Maria: You guys, I don't think you should get too close to me. I'm afraid I知 coming down with something.

Maddie: But the dragon's after the pig.

Maria: I know, but I don't want you to get it from me if I have a cold.

Maddie: Aw.

Isabella: Well, your mother's right, and you're definitely warm. You should go to bed.

Maria: Am I? Ok. And you know what, it's past your bedtime, anyway.

Isabella: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Aw.

Maddie: Don't make us go.

Maria: Oh, but aren't you having a good time at your Abuela's?

Maddie: Yeah, but we like home better.

Maria: I know, but we've got all those valentines to do. You don't want to get sick now.

Maddie: Yeah, and I'm going to send out the most of my whole class so I値l get the most back.

Maria: That is a brilliant idea, Miss.

Maddie: Brilliant.

Maria: Brilliant, but you'd better go home and get your rest.

Isabella: Oh, well, we can stay until Edmund gets back.

Maria: No, that's ok. The guard's still here. I'm going to be fine, and once I get some sleep, I think I知 going to be, like, good as new.

Isabella: Ok. All right. Ok, your mother's right. Ok, get your coats.
Sam and Maddie: Aw!

Isabella: Well, you can take the puppets with you.

Sam: Good! I'm still hungry!

Maddie: You're supposed to be nice.

Sam: I am too hungry!

Maddie: Ah!

Isabella: You'll call me if you need anything?

Maria: I will, I promise.

Isabella: Tonight I'm going to pray that the next time you call me mama, it's because you remember that's who I am.

Maria: Thank you. Thank you.

Isabella: All right. Ok.

Maria: Ok, I'll see you.

Isabella: Ok, stay there. Bye-bye.

Maria: Bye.

Isabella: Come on, kids.

Maria: Drive safely. Bye, guys.

Sam and Maddie: Bye!

Maria: Bye. Oh, man.

David: My wife is on the other side of the ocean, waiting to find out if our baby needs in utero heart surgery. I'd swim across that ocean if I could be there with them.

Edmund: Nobody's stopping you.

David: Believe me, every part of me is pushing me to be there with them. And here I am stuck with you.

Edmund: Hayward, take off.

David: Yeah, you'd love that, wouldn't you? So you can have your wife all to yourself, protected from everybody except you.

Edmund: A few mice in a maze slow down and you panic?

David: You're right, Edmund.

Edmund: Listen to me, it's working, ok? It's working. She's starting to become Maria more all the time. She's applying for medical school.

David: You administered that drug without my permission.

Edmund: Hayward, you succeeded, ok? It's working. She's excited about getting into medical school.

David: Edmund -- Edmund, look, her medical knowledge has always been close to the surface. I mean, she's drawn to being in hospitals. I mean, she even performed that emergency trach for you. The progress she's making could have nothing to do with the drug.

Edmund: Are you afraid that -- that, what, that you'll go down if this goes bad? I mean, don't worry about it. I'll take full responsibility.

David: You don't give that serum to her anymore, do you hear me? You swear to me, Edmund. It's too late, isn't it? You gave it to her.

Edmund: Ahem. It's working, Hayward.

David: What part of "you're risking her life" don't you understand?

[phone rings]

Edmund: It's Maria痴 mother, Isabella. Isabella?

Isabella: Yes, Edmund, Edmund, you were right! Finally, Maria痴 returning to us.

Edmund: Uh -- that's great.

Isabella: Yeah. She was brushing Maddie's hair exactly the way I brushed Maria痴 hair when she was small, and, Edmund, then she called me mama. For the first time since she arrived, she called me mama.

Edmund: Isabella, that's -- that's great news, and it's just the beginning. Um, listen, tell Maria I will -- I will call you -- I'll see her when I get home, ok?

Isabella: Oh, well, I'm not at Wildwind.

Edmund: You're not?

Isabella: No, no, I'm at home with the kids. Maria wanted us to leave. I think she's coming down with something. I hope it's not the flu.

[knock on door]

Maria: Yes?

Guard: Another visitor, ma'am.

Maria: Ok, thank you.

Morgan: I'd like to speak to you about Aidan Devane.

Trey: It's not like I think that I値l be anybody's dream parent. But right now, Reggie needs to be around someone that knows what he's up against.

Kendall: Doesn't he have any family?

Trey: Yeah, his mother's around somewhere.

Kendall: Hmm. So what screwed up her maternal instinct?

Trey: Well, her primary need right now is to find out where her next fix is going to come from.

Kendall: Trey, this isn't babysitting. You're taking full responsibility for this kid.

Trey: Don't you think I know that?

Kendall: Leo.

Trey: What about him?

Kendall: If you're thinking of trying to find a replacement for him --

trey: Look, Kendall, that is insane.

Kendall: No, this isn't fair to Reggie.

Trey: How could Reggie ever fill Leo痴 shoes? That it makes no sense.

Kendall: No, maybe it doesn't. But that hasn't stopped you so far.

Trey: Ok, Kendall, I want to help Reggie. That's it. Period.

Kendall: Ok, ok. I just -- I just hope that this doesn't blow up in your face.

Edmund: So it's a cold?

Isabella: Well, she was coughing and feverish. Maria was afraid Maddie and Sam might catch it.

Edmund: Ok, listen, I'll -- I'll check on her and I'll call you, ok?

Isabella: Ok.

David: What's going on?

Edmund: It's -- it's a cold.

David: Where you going? Wait, she's sick?

Edmund: No.

David: Ok, well, look, let's go.

Edmund: Where are you going? You just want to get in the way of treatment.

David: I'm trying to keep her alive, you moron. Look, if she's having an adverse reaction to that drug, it needs to be identified.

Edmund: Her mother said it was just a cold.

David: Oh, oh, your mother-in-law said that? Does she know that you gave her daughter an experimental drug?

Edmund: Ok, listen to me, I will call you if it's serious, all right? Now, I think she's fine. You are not coming with me.

Maria: I don't know you.

Morgan: I'm with Scotland Yard, Ms. Gorman.

Guard: Inspector Glover. I'll call in the badge number.

Maria: Ok, thank you. While you do that, I値l -- I'll talk to the inspector.

Morgan: Please, call me Morgan.

Maria: Ok, Morgan. Is there anything that I can get you? Coffee or tea or something?

Morgan: That's very hospitable of you, Maureen, but, no, this isn't a social call.

Aidan: Oh, come on! Oh! I have to get to Maureen. I have to. Come on!

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