AMC Transcript Monday 1/27/03


All My Children Transcript Monday 1/27/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

David: Well, is Maria ok?

Edmund: She's already starting to get our life back together.

David: You gave her the drug?

Morgan: I can think of a lot more fun things we could do with your final hours.

Jake: Let's go home.

Mia: I told you I have to finish the marketing budget.

Jake: You have to, or you want to? You are bad news.

Morgan: Your time's running out.

Aidan: Don't worry about me.

Morgan: Oh, but I do. Oh, this heat.

Morgan: You remember the last time I had you tied up? The circumstances were very different.

Aidan: And the setting was a lot more inviting.

Morgan: So at least we still have heat.

Aidan: You know what I want?

Morgan: Oh, yeah.

Aidan: Cheese and turkey on rye bread with all the trimmings.

Morgan: Oh, you didn't.

Aidan: Checkmate means another meal for me, unless you'd like to make the stakes more interesting.

Morgan: Nothing can alter the end that Julianís got planned for you.

Aidan: But I can have a lot more fun in the time I have left.

Morgan: Yeah? Well, what do I stand to gain?

Aidan: I know exactly what you like and how you like it. Are you interested?

Maria: Reticular, adipose, hyaline cartilage -- hyaline cartilage. Fibrous --

Edmund: You learning a new language?

Maria: Um, I'm actually remembering one. Can you believe it? I mean, this is coming back to me.

Edmund: What's that?

Maria: Well, I found these medical books in the library, and everything that I read is just coming back, I mean, like I was just looking through this whole list of connective tissues right here and I remembered it.

Edmund: That's incredible.

Maria: Yeah. I mean, some of it I probably absorbed by working in the hospitals but certainly not all of it. It must just be locked in there in my brain somewhere and it's coming back.

Edmund: That's what the doctors have been telling you.

Maria: Yeah, well, you know what the great thing is? The great thing's not just realizing that I knew this stuff once, but I honestly didn't think I could ever be a doctor again.

Edmund: And now you want to?

Maria: I don't know.

Edmund: It's -- it's -- it's an enormous amount of work.

Maria: Well, yeah. Yeah, but I could help people. I mean, I could really make a difference in people's lives, and, I mean, isn't that what everybody dreams of doing?

Edmund: Not everyone. Ahem. You're sounding exactly like Maria.

Laurie: Then why did mom waste her life on you? You've finally done it. You've gone too far.

Alison: You can't stop, not now.

Jake: I can't do this.

Alison: Yes --

Jake: I canít.

Alison: You can.

Waitress: Lucky you. You got our last four.

Mia: Oh, great. You know, a woman I work with says your chocolate-covered brownies are better than sex.

Waitress: Well, you'll have to let me know tomorrow.

Mia: Well, I'm sharing them with my fiancť, so they'll just be a part of the festivities, not the main event.

Waitress: Oh, like I said -- lucky you.

Mia: Yeah. Jake's in for a big surprise.

Alison: Please, Jake. I want you.

Morgan: Tell me what I want, then, Aidan. Go ahead.

Aidan: How does a couple of million sound?

Morgan: What, have you got it on you? Want me to do a body search?

Aidan: Oh, I have the money, Morgan.

Morgan: Oh, yeah? Well, how exactly did you come by this fortune, then? Not honestly, I'm sure.

Aidan: No, just by using that routine we had in Birmingham -- settling in to that old building next to the bank, getting all chummy with the local blokes.

Morgan: Have you? So there's a bank next to the Pine Cone motel, is there? I never noticed.

Aidan: Um, close enough.

Morgan: Scoring is so easy when they consider you one of their own.

Aidan: The simple folk of Pine Valley think Iím a saintly do-gooder with a troubled soul.

Morgan: Hmm. Interesting. Because I, on the other hand, noticed how cruel and ruthless you can be.

Edmund: Medicine was more than -- ahem -- Mariaís profession. It was her passion. It's -- it's just nice to hear that again.

Maria: Well, I'll -- I'll put these books away when I'm finished with them.

Edmund: No, keep them, keep them. Please, it's -- you know, just keep reading. You never know what you'll start remembering.

Maria: Oh, I used your computer. I hope you don't mind.

Edmund: To check an e-mail?

Maria: No, no. I was actually downloading an application to P.V.U.'s medical school. Because remember I got that enrollment information before? So I was just following through.

Edmund: Um, there are better schools, you know.

Maria: Well, yeah, but I thought I'd stay nearby unless you think that that's not a good idea.

Edmund: I -- I'll help you any way I can, ok? I --

[Maria laughs]

Edmund: Study.

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: I'll let you study, ok?

Maria: Edmund?

Edmund: Yeah?

Maria: Thanks. You're just being so great about this.

Edmund: You mean, I'm not locking you in a room under -- listen, that was --

Maria: Yike.

Edmund: That was not my finest moment.

Maria: No, but -- but I wish I could've helped Aidan without hurting you.

Edmund: Just concentrate on your work, you know? It's -- you're doing good. Call me if I can do anything, ok?

Maria: Ok. Oh, Edmund, you know, I -- this might not be what you're hoping that it's going to be. I mean, remembering medical facts is not the same as recapturing feelings.

Edmund: I can tell the difference.

Maria: Ok. It's just that, you know, I -- I don't even know who my old self was still. I mean, I'm still just a complete mystery to myself. I didn't even know when my birthday was until I saw it on the plaque in the mausoleum.

Edmund: I could've told you that and a whole lot more if you'll let me.

Maria: Thanks.

[doorbell rings]

Edmund: Excuse me.

Brooke: Oh, hey.

Edmund: Hey.

Brooke: I just finished the edits on your article, so I -- oh. Maureen, hi.

Maria: Hey.

Brooke: I wasn't expecting -- I -- medical books.

Maria: I'm going to go back to medical school.

Brooke: It worked.

Maria: What did? What worked?

Doug: Oh, Laurie, baby, I --

Laurie: I'm not your baby.

Doug: I didn't mean to do that.

Laurie: Yes, you did! I made you mad, so you wanted to hammer me.

Doug: Honey, I just lost control.

Laurie: You think your life stinks, so mine's so great? Are you ever sober? Are you ever awake? My life reeks, but I don't go around slapping people I supposedly love.

Doug: Honey, I do love you.

Laurie: You just say that when you think it'll get you out of a tough spot or like I need a pat on the head from you.

Doug: No, no, no. I mean it.

Laurie: You never hit me before.

Doug: Honey, Iíd cut off my hand if I could take it back.

Laurie: Did you ever hit mom?

Doug: Dear God, no. No, I never hit your mother. Never. I mean, that's why -- that's why when you said, you know, she wasted her life on me, that's why I hit you, because you shouldn't be talking about her like that.

Laurie: Mom would spin in her grave if she heard you using her name as an excuse to beat me.

Doug: Oh, honey, come on. I didn't beat you.

Laurie: I stood by you, Daddy. I tried to understand when you drink too much and get all sloppy and then pass out. Everyone else left so they wouldn't have to deal with it, but I stayed.

Doug: I know, honey, and Iím grateful for that. I really am.

Laurie: That's why you want to keep me around like your slave, forever. I have to cook meals for you. I have to clean up after you while you totally wreck my life.

Doug: No, no, I don't mean to do that. Laurie, please, come on. Can't we work this out?

Laurie: No! I have a new job and I can't be late. Are you going to wreck that, too?

Doug: What new job?

Laurie: One that'll help pay for this fabulous life we lead. I have to go. At least one of us has to act like an adult.

Doug: Oh, come on. Laurie.

Jake: Alison --

Alison: Please. Don't say you're sorry. I'm not. You were wonderful.

Jake: I'm engaged, and I'm also your boss.

Alison: Jake, I won't tell a soul.

Jake: Just -- I've never done anything like this before. It's just not me. This is --

Alison: It's all right. It was what it was. Don't feel guilty.

[knock on door]

Jake: Ok. Get dressed.

Tad: Come on, Jake. Drop the spreadsheet and unlock the door. I want to talk to you about Dixieís foundation.

Jake: Just hold on a sec.

[Tad yawns]

Tad: Sometime this week would be great.

Jake: Ahem.

Tad: Whatís wrong with you? You really are becoming a grind.

Alison: Thank you, Dr. Martin.

Jake: Absolutely.

Alison: Excuse me.

Tad: You slut. Well, I mean, there's grinding and then there's grinding.

Jake: Jeez. You know, I thought you were here to talk about the foundation.

Tad: No way. You think I'm going to let you off the hook that easily? I see you took my advice about breaking up with Mia.

Jake: Can we not talk about this now, Tad?

Tad: Are you kidding? I can't think of a better -- on dad's desk?

Jake: Oh, Tad. Come on, man.

Tad: Ok, ok, fine. No judgment. But it's just a little kinky. I'm impressed. I didn't expect you to start working out your frustrations so soon. If you need anybody to talk to, you know, you know where to find me.

Jake: I got one question.

Tad: Sure.

Jake: How am I going to tell Mia about this?

Tad: Are you kidding? You donít.

Waitress: If anyone gives you any grief, you come right to me. Now I'm going to go down to the basement and get some more napkins.

Jamie: Hey. Finally, I know a person in a place of influence.

Laurie: Hey, take it easy, ok? It's my first night.

Jamie: Did you bring your cook a present?

Laurie: No. Should I?

Jamie: Oh, yeah. They're real temperamental. I mean, you want to win them over on your side.

Laurie: No one told me.

Jamie: Hey, don't sweat it. Just bring him a lot of soda, he'll love you.

Laurie: Well, I hope so. Oh, um, do you want to see a menu?

Jamie: No, no. You know what? I'll tell you what -- I'll have a cheeseburger medium with cheese, jalapeno slices, some guacamole and, if you can swing it, bun toasted.

Laurie: I'm still at cheese.

Jamie: It's cool. I'll dine basic tonight.

Laurie: Would you like something to drink?

Jamie: Just water.

Laurie: Ok.

Jamie: Whoa, whoa --

Laurie: Oh -- look at me. I'm going to get fired.

Jamie: It's ok. Just sit down. Sit down, you're ok. Sit down. You're fine. Your boss isn't around, so you'll be ok.

Laurie: Of all the nights to start a new job.

Jamie: What's going on?

Laurie: I just had this big blowup with my dad.

Jamie: What, did he fall off the wagon again?

Laurie: And he hit me.

Jamie: What?

Laurie: I can't sit here blubbering. I need this job.

Jamie: Laurie, you can't just let him get away with this. Did you call the police?

Laurie: No!

Jamie: Well, then social services. I mean, he can't just haul off and hit you any time he gets drunk.

Laurie: He didn't use his fists, and he --

Jamie: Not yet.

Laurie: He slapped me. There's no law against that.

Jamie: Well, there should be. I'd like to smack him around and see how he likes it. Hey, hey. Come here, come here. It's ok. Somehow it's going to be ok.

Morgan: So, you've endeared yourself to the common man of Pine Valley, eh?

Aidan: I've made quite a few fans among the common women, too.

Morgan: What, and this is all some -- part of some master plan that Julian and I have interrupted, is it?

Aidan: My contracting job gives me access to homes of Pine Valley's richest citizens.

Morgan: Well, have you used it?

Aidan: Oh, you haven't heard the best yet. My aunt is bloody chief of police. Aunt Anna thinks that I walk on water.

Morgan: Now, that could come in handy.

Aidan: Yeah, you're right. It could've done if I'd have made my move before somebody cut me off.

Morgan: Yeah, but once you had their confidence, mate, you should've struck fast.

Aidan: It's a waste because these yanks -- they're ripe for the picking.

Morgan: Ooh, is that supposed to tempt me, is it? You know, I think I prefer the sure thing Iíve got back in England with Julian.

Aidan: Oh, yeah? Being Julianís lover must be real top rung on the ladder.

Morgan: Yeah. It's pretty close to heaven.

Aidan: Now, why don't I believe you? In fact, speaking of heaven, how's Julian temper doing since he sent Fiona there?

Morgan: I can handle Julian, thank you, and his temper.

Aidan: But the relationship can't be completely satisfying you, can it?

Morgan: What Julian lacks in the bedroom, he more than makes up for in the bank.

Aidan: You're playing with fire, Morgan.

Morgan: It's my business.

Aidan: Now, don't get me wrong. I agree you can never have too much money, but it's a shame that you don't love him.

Morgan: What's love got to do with it?

Aidan: You'll never have what you and I had. Not with him, anyway.

Morgan: What do you want me to say, that you're a better lover than Julian is?

Aidan: Aren't I?

Morgan: Of course, but I don't understand why you need to hear me say it.

Aidan: We had some hot times, didn't we?

Morgan: The hottest.

Aidan: Of course, that's all over and done with now if you stick with Julian.

Morgan: Aw. You jealous?

Aidan: No, concerned. Concerned that you'll never get "happily ever after" with a rabid dog.

Morgan: Right. And betraying him will just turn him into a playful puppy.

Aidan: You're a worthy adversary, Morgan. If we band together, there is no man ever born that could stop us. Think you still got a chance of winning?

Maria: What's working?

Edmund: Uh, the wait-and-see attitude that Brooke advocated. We didn't want to, you know -- ahem -- push you into, you know, remembering anything.

Brooke: I was thinking that it would be better for you if, you know, you retrieved your memories naturally.

Maria: Ok. Well, I don't want anybody to count on this too much -- you know, this medical stuff.

Edmund: No, we're not.

Maria: Ok. All right, Iíll get all my stuff out of the way so you guys can work. Medical stuff is getting heavy.

Brooke: Really.

Maria: And how. All right. I'll see you.

Edmund: Ok.

Brooke: What are you doing? Why don't -- why doesn't Maureen know about the drug? I mean, isn't David administering it? Isn't that why she's so focused on the medical books?

Edmund: That is the result of Haywardís drug, yeah.

Brooke: Well, why would he give her the drug without telling her what she's taking?

Edmund: He didnít. I did. I -- ahem -- slipped a few drops into her drink.

Brooke: What? Do you know if there are side effects? Do you even know if this drug is safe?

Edmund: Brooke, I'm getting my wife back, whatever it takes. 

Laurie: Oh. Don't tell J.R. he and my dad really don't --

Jamie: J.R. would want to help.

Laurie: It'll make things worse.

J.R.: So, you work here now, huh?

Laurie: I'm supposed to. And I'd better get back to it.

J.R.: Well, can -- can I have a minute?

Jamie: I'm going to --

Laurie: Yeah.

J.R.: Uh, what happened today? I mean, we were e-mailing each other, and then all of a sudden you just signed off.

Laurie: I had to go.

J.R.: Why right then and there?

Laurie: My dad walked in.

J.R.: Oh. Ok, well, then we can continue face to face. I like that better anyway.

Laurie: There's no point in continuing, J.R. I want you to leave me alone. We're over, so do whatever you want. I've got to get back to work.

J.R.: What's going on here?

Tad: Jake, I'm just a little confused here. You say that you didn't break up with Mia yet. But since Alison, you're going to, right?

Jake: No. God, no, Tad. No, that's the last thing I want is to lose Mia.

Tad: Well, don't be a yutz. I mean, if you confess to Mia that you polished dad's desk with some blonde, what do you think she's going to say?

Jake: No, no, no, you don't understand. Mia -- she's everything to me. She's perfect.

Tad: So what was Alison, comparative testing?

Jake: Just -- jeez, man, I don't know! I was ticked off at Mia. Man, I had a couple drinks. It was stupid.

Tad: No kidding. I mean, if you're serious, if you're still in love with Mia.

Jake: Yes, I am. Of course.

Tad: Oh. Did you use protection?

Jake: Yes, I used protection.

Tad: Thank God for that. At least you did something right.

Jake: God.

Tad: Well, if that's the case, then -- then you got to start protecting what you've got with Mia. You got to keep your pants on and your mouth shut.

Jake: But, Tad --

Tad: No. No "buts." No --

Jake: This is --

Tad: Trust me, ok? I've been here before. You've got to keep this to yourself.

Jake: This girl Alison is a resident here!

Tad: You sure can pick 'em. I assume you don't mean resident of Pine Valley. On dad's desk?

Jake: Oh, man, will you just stop it with that?

Tad: Sorry. Old habits. Look, I admit sometimes confession can be good for the soul. Other times it is suicide, ok? Verbal hari-kari.

Jake: All right, listen, what about you? You tried to keep these secrets from Dixie, and what happened?

Tad: Well, you know what happened.

Jake: Exactly, so you expect me to trust you on this?

Tad: Yes. Precisely because I have screwed up so many times over the years. I got more scars than you could possibly imagine. And this I know -- if you do want to marry Mia any time in the distant future, you can't tell her about this.

Jake: All right, I got to go home.

Tad: Is she going to be there?

Jake: Yeah, she's going to be there.

Tad: Well, then do yourself a favor. Shower first.

Edmund: Look, I couldn't tell Maria that I was, you know, giving her an untested drug.

Brooke: Edmund, for God's sake --

Edmund: Look, she's not going to take anything that Hayward developed. Anything.

Brooke: So you tricked her? Did Hayward tell you if there are any side effects or not?

Edmund: Listen to me, listen to me. She's fine, ok? She's fine. She's going to medical school, she's starting to remember, she wants --

Brooke: Would you take an untested drug? Would you give one to your children or --

Edmund: Hayward said it should be safe.

Brooke: Hayward?

Edmund: Yes.

Brooke: You're risking Mariaís life on his word? On his ego?

Edmund: I am not risking her life, Brooke.

Brooke: This is about her safety, isn't it?

Edmund: This is about her safety. Ok? How safe do you think she was hiding out with Aidan? That man is wanted for murder, ok? There is a hit out on him, and Mariaís in the crosshairs, ok? She's been making some dumb, confused decisions. The only reason why she's here is because I threatened to call the cops on Aidan.

Brooke: And as far as you know, this drug could do her more harm than good.

Edmund: Ok, I hear you. Now, what's in the file, ok? You said you had some edits you wanted me to look at. I'll read them tonight. I will get back to you, ok?

Maria: Hey, Kendall, call me as soon as you get a chance. Let me know if Aidan got out of town ok. I want to make sure he wasn't delayed. So just call me when you get a chance. Thanks.

Edmund: Couldn't get Aidan directly?

Maria: No, I was just checking in. Does Brooke have you buried under work?

Edmund: Just how far along are you and Aidan?

Maria: Excuse me?

Edmund: Just tell me how you feel about him.

Aidan: You must be suffocating with Julian.

Morgan: Our arrangements have certain drawbacks, yeah.

Aidan: You shouldn't have to put up with that, Morgan.

Morgan: And exactly what alternative are you offering me, Aidan?

Aidan: The way I see it is Julian made the smartest move of his career hooking up with you.

Morgan: Really?

Aidan: Yeah. I know how valuable you are. Your instinct for a score has always been on target. In fact, you strategize better than any other bloke Iíve partnered with.

Morgan: Are you being serious?

Aidan: That's not all. You're good, kid. You're fearless.

Morgan: Yeah? So where does that put us?

Aidan: Well, we can have a lot more and share a lot more with that Julian out of the picture.

Morgan: Let's talk about the sharing part.

Aidan: Oh, I'm game, if I wasn't all tied up.

Morgan: Yeah, you'd have been gone two days ago.

Aidan: Not alone. Not if I could've talked you into coming with me.

Morgan: How do I know you're being serious?

Aidan: Oh, come on, Morgan, my memory must be better than yours because if think back about the times that we spent together, there's no part of it that I don't want back.

Morgan: It's not that I don't think it's a good idea, you know. Its just there are other factors to consider.

Aidan: You don't have to be afraid. You and me are more than a match for Julian.

Morgan: Yeah. I'd like to think so. If Julian proved us wrong -- you know, I've got better things to do with my time than keep Fiona company on the other side.

Aidan: Well, it's up to you, isn't it? Because if you ask me, Morgan, Julianís got a hair trigger. And eventually, he will snuff you for ordering the wrong wine with dinner.

Morgan: And, what, some things are worth dying for, are they?

Aidan: Absolutely. Like independence, great sex, financial freedom. We could be living the high life. We could have it all, Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah. For how long?

Aidan: Well, all of life's a gamble. Who knows how long we've got?

Morgan: But while we're here --

Aidan: By God, the world's going to know.

Morgan: And we're going to revel in every minute.

Aidan: So don't have life pass you by. Because that Julian -- that Julianís temper -- it makes him sloppy. And sooner or later, his luck's going to run out. Now, do you really want to be around here when that happens?

Morgan: Checkmate.

Aidan: You crafty little bugger.

Morgan: Did you just throw the game on purpose?

Aidan: Now, why would I do that?

Morgan: Oh, I don't know. Maybe to lull me into a false sense of superiority and camaraderie. Like one of our marks?

Aidan: You're way too smart for that, gorgeous.

Morgan: Yeah. I am. So why don't we try something else?

Edmund: Do you still care about Aidan?

Maria: Why are you doing this, Edmund?

Edmund: Because I have to know if you love him.

Maria: I don't know. I'm sorry. I wish -- if I said anything else, I just -- I wouldn't be being honest.

Edmund: I believe you. How's your reading going?

Maria: It's going good. I've actually skipped on to nerve cells. The composition of the neuron. It's fascinating.

Edmund: I'll take your word for it.

Maria: So Iíll -- Iím going to go get my books and come back and study some more.

Mia: Tonight, Iím yours. And these are for dessert. But we have to earn them by burning off a lot of calories first. And then we can indulge in some chocolate.

Jamie: I don't want to be in the middle of this, J.R.

J.R.: Laurie put you there, not me. And what was that scene when I walked in?

Jamie: She was upset and stuff.

J.R.: About what? Did she tell you what I instant-messaged her?

Jamie: No.

J.R.: That I love her, ok? That's got to mean something.

Jamie: Sure, but just don't fight with her right now, ok?

J.R.: Well, I got to straighten this out. I'm going to take her outside and just talk to her for --

Jamie: No. You'll just make things worse.

J.R.: You have no idea.

Jamie: Look, she already lost one job because of you, ok? Just give her her space. She's got a lot going on.

J.R.: You want to tell me what's going on? You really get off on telling me how to deal with my girlfriend?

Jamie: What did you not get, huh? She even told you to your face to back off, right? She's not your girlfriend anymore, bro. You got dumped.

Mia: You're holding out on me. Are you trying to make me work harder?

Jake: No, no, no, just -- just a little tense, I guess.

Mia: You work too hard. I have an idea.

Jake: Yeah?

Mia: Why don't you let me put you in a nice hot shower, and then Iíll give you a massage?

Jake: Yeah.

Mia: Yeah? Oh, you smell so good. Did you go to the gym after you left the restaurant?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I went to the gym.

Mia: You did? I like that you try to stay all cut and buff for me. That's so sweet. So tonight Iím going to make up for all the nights I missed because I was too busy or too tired. Ok? Does that sound good?

Jake: Yeah. Yeah, it does. It sounds really good.

Mia: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah. But you know what? Instead of a shower, how about a bath?

Mia: Fun. I'll join you.

Jake: Why don't you go get it going?

Mia: Hot water and sea salts coming right up.

Tad: Hey, there you are. I'm sorry I'm late, but --

Jamie: Hey, Dad, I'm in a hurry. I got to run.

Tad: Where are you going?

Jamie: See you.

Tad: Jamie.

[phone rings]

Tad: Hello.

Jake: Beep me.

Tad: I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number.

Jake: Hey, listen, stop screwing around, all right? I need your help here. Page me.

Tad: What have you done?

Jake: I can't tell her, all right? And I cannot stay here. I got to get out of here.

Tad: Ok. All right, fine. Just relax and prepare to be paged.

Jake: Thanks.

Mia: So, why are you still dressed?

Jake: It's just taking me some time to decompress.

Mia: I have an idea.

[music plays]

Mia: Is that better?

Jake: It's nice.

Mia: Very nice. Come here.

[pager beeps]

Mia: I didn't hear anything. No.

Jake: No, no, no, I got to get it.

Mia: Just my luck to fall in love with a responsible guy.

Jake: Yeah, it's the hospital.

Mia: I know. I know. You got to go.

Jake: Yeah, afraid so.

Mia: Well, I guess it'll be a brownie and bath for one. At least Iíll get to find out if Simone was right.

Jake: About what?

Mia: About those brownies.

Jake: Oh.

Mia: She said that they can take the place of making love, you know.

Jake: I'm sorry about this. I'm so sorry.

Mia: So let me give you one for the road so you know what you're missing, ok?

Edmund: Cranberry and soda ok?

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Going to do you a favor.

Maria: What's that?

Edmund: Well, you've been open and honest about Aidan, so Iím not going to bug you about him.

Maria: Thank you.

Edmund: As far as I'm concerned, he's out of our lives. Ok?

Maria: Ok.

Edmund: He's in the past. Here's to a promising future.

Aidan: Well, that surpassed anything I ever remembered. Just think what we could do if I wasn't all tied up.

Morgan: Right now I can't think of anything else.

Aidan: Oh, it's all good, Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah. Except the part where you knock me out to get my gun.

Aidan: Now, I wouldn't do something like that.

Morgan: Maybe not. But old habits die hard, don't they?

Aidan: Do I want to save my life? Yes, I do, sure. But I also want to save yours. I mean, honestly, really, how long do you think it's going to last with Julian?

Morgan: Julian's fine as long as you don't cross him. But that's what you're finding out, isn't it?

Aidan: Morgan, darling, if we get together, we would be unbeatable. I swear it, we would be -- we would be incredible.

Morgan: Yeah. I'd have to be sure you're not playing me, though.

Aidan: Well, how can I prove that to you?

Morgan: Get me into one of the fat cats' houses.

Aidan: All right. Ok, consider it done.

Morgan: And after I land one of those pigeons you've prepped, maybe we could hook up.

Aidan: It just so happens I know the perfect way.

Morgan: So do I. And this little beauty is going to be my first hit.

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Kendall: Where's Trey?

Reggie: What you want with him when you got the real deal right here?

David: I think it's important that Maria knows that you're drugging her and that I think it's risky, ill-advised experiment.

Morgan: You're worried Iím going to cut you out?

Aidan: To make sure you don't even try, we're going to take care of Maureen together.

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