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All My Children Transcript Friday 1/17/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on All My Children --

Maggie: You forgot to take my number.

Henry: I'll call you.

Regina: Well, Maggie, you'll never hear from him.

Woman: Long time no see.

Edmund: My wife needs her memory back now.

David: Trust me, Edmund, I'm as eager as you are to make that happen.

Edmund: Ok, good, then I want it.

David: Want what?

Edmund: The antidote, Hayward. I want it now.

Maria: Edmund, what are you doing here?

Edmund: You going somewhere with my wife?

Maria: No, he's not. He was just leaving, Edmund.

Edmund: That mistake is going to cost you.

Maria: Let me explain to you what's going on --

Kendall: Be careful, don't hurt me. Wait -- Maureen, are you ok? Maureen?

Maria: Aidan, don't! Don't hurt him, please, Aidan!

Joni: J.R., what's wrong?

J.R.: Laurie dumped me.

Joni: She broke up with you? Why?

J.R.: She thinks Iím trashing my life on purpose.

Joni: So -- so, are you?

Professor: An agent able to produce positively charged hydrogen ions is what, people? Melanie?

Melanie: Acid?

Professor: Good. The product formed as a result of the fastest reaction in a set of competing reaction pathways is what? Byron?

Byron: Kinetically controlled?

Professor: Excellent. All right, class, fingers on your buzzers. The phenomenon of physical blockage of a particular site within a molecule by the presence of local atoms or groups of atoms is what? Think. This material was covered in the chapter on formal charge and polarity. Ms. Stone? Dazzle me with your brilliance.

Edmund: Oh, you'd better hold on because if I get loose I'm going to break your neck.

Maria: Thank you.

Kendall: Should we call the police?

Edmund: Yeah, call the police, Kendall. That's great. Tell them you got a fugitive here and you're going to grab a few headlines and about $50,000.

Maria: No, no, no. We can't call the police.

Edmund: Oh, no, that's right, that's right. You can't do that, otherwise they'd ship your lover off to England.

Maria: He's not my lover, Edmund.

Edmund: "Come and get me. Come and get me," you wrote. That wasn't a sonnet, but it was pretty concise.

Aidan: I wrote that email, Edmund.

Edmund: It was on my computer in my -- how the --

Edmund: He -- he was in our house? You hid him? In our home?

Edmund: Answer me -- did you hide Aidan at Wildwind?

Maria: Yes.

Edmund: The truth. Finally. Ahem. Where?

Maria: In the hayloft at the stable.

Edmund: Your special place with your sister. Did she know?

Maria: Yeah. She did.

Edmund: So this has been since Christmas? That he's been living in my house, under my roof, all this time?

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: You deliberately kept me in the dark?

Maria: I'm sorry, Edmund, I had to.

Edmund: You had to? You had to keep a wanted killer in our home?

Maria: But he's not a killer.

Edmund: Oh, please --

Maria: He's just --

Edmund: Please! When our children went down to the stables to look for Santa Claus, that wasn't -- that was him.

Maria: Listen to me, Edmund, please, he hasn't done anything wrong.

Edmund: Don't stand there and defend him, please, after all this.

Aidan: Edmund, I was wounded. I had no place to go, and Maureen saved my life.

Edmund: So, what, is she now responsible for it? You saved my life, too. So, how far were you willing to go for me? Would you -- would you lie? Would you cheat, steal, use people like you used me?

Maria: I never used you, Edmund. I never used you.

Edmund: Oh, come on, you used every trick in the book. You used flirtation, seduction. Come on. Was it hard kissing me, just making believe that you were enjoying it while you were waiting to go away with him?

Maria: That's not what it was about.

Edmund: I was there! I was there! I saw you!

Maria: I care about you, Edmund!

Edmund: You pretended to be Maria, but what you really, really wanted was him!

Maria: No, it was not that simple. What was I supposed to do? He was shot! He came to the Pine Cone, he was bleeding out. He was half dead!

Edmund: Yeah. How about 911? How about the police? Let the police take care of it?

Aidan: I wouldn't let her do that, Edmund.

Edmund: How could you stop her? You were bleeding out, half dead, right?

Edmund: Did you, for one second, think about Edmund? Think about calling me? "Edmund will know what to do"? "I can trust my husband"? No, you didn't, did you? You made your choice, and you endangered the life of my kids and you for him, not for me.

Maria: No. You're acting like I was making a choice. I wasn't making a choice.

Edmund: You chose him.

Professor: Come on, Maggie. Flex your brain, hazard a guess.

Maggie: I'm sorry, I have no clue.

Professor: Anyone? Come on, people, take a quantum leap. Henry? Answer, please.

Henry: The phenomenon is known as steric hindrance.

Professor: Go to the head of the class. Now, in your previous chemistry courses you probably relied heavily on Lewis dot structures to model simple molecules. But because it is easy to see where the electrons are --

Melanie: Hey, no shame. We all blanked on that question.

Maggie: Yeah, not Henry.

Melanie: Henry's not human. His I.Q. is somewhere between Einstein and God. You can't compete with him.

Maggie: Who says Iím trying to?

Professor: Ok, if everybody will turn to chapter five.

J.R.: I don't want to do time at Harvard. My life means more to me than my G.P.A. or some Ivy League seal of approval.

Joni: A degree from Harvard practically guarantees --

J.R.: What? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of obscene amounts of money?

Joni: You have a giant head start.

J.R.: I don't want one. I don't want to race my friends. I -- I want us all at the finish line together. I mean, winning when you're alone, it's no fun. Laurie doesn't get that.

Joni: Laurie's serious about school. It's a way out for her, a way up.

J.R.: Yeah, I've been up before. It's a better view maybe, but, I mean, the living conditions still suck.

Joni: You love to feel sorry for yourself.

J.R.: Oh, what --

Joni: I guess you can afford it.

J.R.: First your best friend cuts me, now you --

Joni: J.R., don't you get it? You're golden.

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, I'm golden. Right. I'm no better than anyone.

Joni: You sell like a shiny new sports car. You can go from zero to infinity without even --

J.R.: Without even what? Trying?

Joni: My dad says that people want what they can't have. You've got everything, and you don't want anything.

J.R.: I want Laurie, but she thinks Iím a head case.

Joni: Because you went psycho on your dad?

J.R.: I didn't go psycho. What --

Joni: You shoved him so hard he fell. If I -- if I ever did anything like that --

J.R.: Oh, you'd be down on your knees begging God for forgiveness.

Joni: I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

Maggie: "For sale -- Wang 3000 P.C. with built-in modem." Oh, who needs a computer when your brain is in a-class hyper drive, right?

Henry: I upgraded to a faster system, but someone could get mileage off my old one.

Maggie: That's a good idea. Hey, Henry, lab partner of mine, um, well, I gave you a number and -- my number and you never called me.

Henry: Not now. I'm really late for something.

Maggie: Why are you ignoring me?

Henry: Why would I do that?

Maggie: Because you think that you're smarter than me. Because you think that your brain is built better than mine.

J.R.: My dad thinks he can walk all over my life, shouting out orders and making demands.

Joni: J.R., every parent has expectations for their kids.

J.R.: Mine goes beyond expectations. It's like whatever I do, it's the wrong thing. It's either his way or forget it. Well, from now on, he's not going to tell me what to do or who I can see.

Joni: Guess it doesn't matter, since Laurie already broke up with you.

J.R.: It's all my dad's fault.

Joni: Maybe you're both to blame. J.R., look, Laurie and I are best friends, and that's good because -- because we feel the same way about things. Maybe she doesn't want to get between you and your dad, be the cause of so much friction.

J.R.: So she plays into my dad's control bit? It turned out like always -- he scores and I mess up.

Adam: J.R.?

J.R.: Oh, my God, I don't believe it.

Adam: Am I interrupting?

Joni: No. It's ok, Mr. Chandler, we were just talking.

Adam: Oh. It's Joni, isn't it? Uh, I hope you'll indulge me for a moment. I've already apologized to Laurie. I would like to apologize to you, too.

Joni: You don't have to do that, sir.

Adam: Oh, yes, I do. Yes, I -- what happened yesterday at the theater was regrettable.

Joni: We all feel pretty bad.

Adam: Yeah. I hope you don't judge me too harshly.

Joni: Who am I to judge anybody? I'll see you, J.R.

Adam: Well, I'm glad I found you, J.R. I've been worried sick.

J.R.: Did you really talk to Laurie?

Adam: Yes. Yes, today I was looking for you at the high school. She said she hadn't seen you.

J.R.: Yeah. She broke up with me.

Adam: I'm sorry.

J.R.: Liar.

Kendall: Edmund, you know you have every right to be angry.

Edmund: Hello, Kendall.

Kendall: Listen, I know how it feels to be played. I know what that's like.

Maria: Don't help, Kendall, please.

Edmund: Kendall, how do you figure into this?

Kendall: Well, Aidan decided to use my condo as his little hideout du jour.

Edmund: It's cozy. Just the three of you? Nice harem you got here.

Aidan: Look, this whole setup is not -- I had to lay low.

Edmund: Because you're wanted for murder?

Aidan: I was framed, Edmund.

Edmund: Sure you were.

Maria: It's true. He was trying to help someone.

Edmund: Yeah, I know, she's dead -- Fiona Sinclair.

Maria: Her husband was abusing her. He was totally out of control. He was threatening her.

Edmund: This according to Aidan?

Maria: Yes, I believe him!

Edmund: Oh, come on. He was sleeping with another guy's wife.

Maria: She was getting ready to leave him. She fell in love with Aidan, the husband found out, and he cut her up.

Edmund: What was he supposed to do, give him his blessing?

Maria: Oh, my God, Edmund, please tell me that you don't think that it's ok to kill your wife in cold blood?

Maria: No, no, no! No, Edmund. Please, I am begging you, I am begging you, don't turn him in. 

Edmund: Maria, how deep into denial are you?

Maria: I'm just -- I'm asking you to give Aidan a chance.

Edmund: Chance to do what, get away?

Maria: To clear his name.

Edmund: I just spoke to Scotland Yard, he's not wanted for jaywalking. You know the tabloids call him "the ripper"?

Maria: Aidan is not a murderer, Edmund.

Kendall: Yeah, only of the English language.

Edmund: Ok, he's not a murderer? Fine. Tell me who he is.

Maria: I don't understand. What do you mean?

Edmund: Just tell me. Give me his profile. Who is Aidan Devane to you? I mean, why do you keep begging me to back off?

Maria: Because he's alone. He needs me.

Edmund: So, what, you felt sorry for him?

Maria: I don't understand why you're doing this to me. Please don't do this.

Edmund: Do what? Ask you for the truth for once?

Maria: No, asking me to tell you things that you know are going to hurt you.

Edmund: It's a little late for that. Like what, like you love him?

Maria: I'm -- he's a -- when I didn't have anybody, he was a friend, and he took me in and he gave me a place to stay, and he made me feel safe.

Edmund: So -- you give safe harbor to a killer, and that's your way of saying thanks, right? Ok. He gets star treatment, I get a pack of lies.

Maria: No, Edmund, I didn't have a choice.

Edmund: That's bull, Maria. Every minute of every day you had a choice. Trust me, or throw your life away.

Maria: You know what the choices were? The choices were life or death because he's still in danger. This person who gunned him down is still here in Pine Valley.

Edmund: What? How do you know that?

Aidan: I spotted the person at the bus station, Edmund.

Edmund: He could be at our house. He could be at our house right now. He could've taken out our kids, you, with a single bullet. Was it worth the risk?

Maria: I wasn't really thinking of myself.

Aidan: Maureen, it is about time that you started thinking about yourself.

Edmund: Well, he's right about something.

Aidan: The person who shot me, Edmund, has got a photograph of Maureen, and she was showing it around.

Edmund: There is a woman assassin out there with a picture of my wife?

Aidan: Edmund's right. He's right. You should go home with him and forget about me.

J.R.: Forget the canned sympathy. You know, it may work on your wives, but I know you down to the bone.

Adam: Really? Suppose you enlighten me.

J.R.: You say what you have to say to get what you want.

Adam: What I want, J.R., is for you to be happy.

J.R.: I had that. I had that with Laurie! But she didn't make the Chandler cut, so you got in her face and you called her a gold-digging slut.

Adam: Come on, all I said to her was --

J.R.: Oh, don't spin it, Dad. Don't spin -- you know what you said! You practically called her a money-hungry whore. She was just begging, begging for me to get her pregnant, right?

Adam: Oh --

J.R.: So she could get the money.

Adam: I was angry, I wasn't thinking.

J.R.: Did you ever -- wait, no, did it ever hit you, maybe -- maybe she liked me for just me? You know, maybe it wasn't about the payoff?

Adam: I know she cares about you.

J.R.: You know nothing! God, mom was right!

Adam: What was your mom so right about?

J.R.: You know, last year, I heard -- I heard mom and Tad talking about wills and stuff, and she made Tad promise her that if anything happened to her, that Tad -- he wouldn't allow me to get sucked into that great black hole. You know, the Chandler continuum?

Adam: Yeah, well, your mother never forgave me.

J.R.: Yeah, I know. She -- she never forgot how rotten you are, down to the core. I mean, her love was the only thing that protected me from you.

Adam: I love you, too!

J.R.: My God, you love -- you love money. You love money and you love control. You want to own people. Not her. I mean, she would've loved Laurie as much as I do. She would've asked her over for dinner. She would've -- she would've made her feel at home, like she was part of the family. Maybe she could've been a second mother to Laurie.

Adam: I can't bring your mother back.

J.R.: Don't you think I know that? Why do you treat me like some sort of baby?

Adam: Then tell me what it is you want. What do you want? What do you want to hear from me?

Maggie: Look, Henry, Iím new here, ok, and I'm sorry that you got stuck with me, but I really need a lab partner.

Henry: I donít.

Maggie: What, you think I'm some kind of doofus, someone to bring you down?

Henry: I just never had a partner before.

Maggie: Well, why not?

Henry: No one's ever asked me.

Maggie: Well, get over it, I'm asking you.

Henry: Well, my schedule's crazy. I've got a job off campus and --

Maggie: So I have a job off campus, too. What's wrong with that? I mean, we can work around that, that's not a problem. What dorm do you live in? I can meet you whenever you want.

Henry: I don't think so.

Maggie: Look. You don't have a choice, ok? Professor Stevens assigned us to work together. It's sixty-percent of our grade, so why don't you just get over yourself.

Henry: Are you always this bossy?

Maggie: Excuse me?

Henry: Because I don't respond well to being pushed around.

Maggie: Well, I don't respond well to being ignored. Henry, if you haven't noticed, I have to work really hard to keep up in class, ok?

Henry: Well, maybe the material is beyond your grasp.

Maggie: I didn't say I couldn't do it, I just said I need to work really hard at it. Sorry, but everyone doesn't have a brain like you.

Henry: And you resent that?

Maggie: What?

Henry: My superior intellect -- I mean, it intimidates you.

Maggie: Wow. You really are full of yourself. Did you ever think that maybe that's why no one ever wanted to be partners with you? Did you ever think about that, Einstein?

Henry: I think you're right.

Maria: Aidan, I can't just leave you alone.

Kendall: What am I, the invisible woman?

Aidan: I will be just fine.

Edmund: You will be? You're not the only target on the hit woman's list.

Aidan: But Morgan is looking for me, not for Maureen.

Edmund: She has a picture of my wife.

Aidan: I will get word out that I have left the country and that Maureen and I have gone our separate ways. She will be safe with you at Wildwind.

Edmund: I'm supposed to take your word for that? For everything? Believe that you're innocent, and that my wife was only trying to help you? And that that's the whole story?

Maria: Please? Please, Edmund, just forget that you saw anything. Forget that you ever heard that any of this happened, that you ever saw Aidan.

Edmund: Lady, you don't ask for much.

Maria: I know. I know, and I know that you threw me out of Wildwind. I know you -- you totally threw me out of your life and I'm just -- I'm asking you, please, can you take me back?

Edmund: He means that much to you?

Maria: Can we just go, please?

Edmund: All right.

Maria: I'm just going to say good-bye real quick. Ok?

Maria: Ok, I just -- I want you to promise me that you're going to be safe. Please?

Aidan: I promise.

Maria: Is this the only way to do this?

Aidan: Look, this is for the best, Maureen. I want you to be safe. Do what you told Edmund -- just forget about me.

Maria: No, I canít. I can't, and I won't.

Aidan: Edmund loves you very much.

Maria: Yeah, a lot more than I deserve, that's for sure.

Aidan: You just have to be happy, and you will be once you get your own life back.

Maria: No, I'll be happy when you get your life back, so this is just good-bye for now, Aidan.

Aidan: Uh-uh. For forever.

Maria: Well, I'm not going to forget you.

Aidan: And how could I forget you? You saved my life.

Maria: Be safe.  

Kendall: You've been lugging that torch around for how long? Since when, like, last summer?

Aidan: Leave it alone, Kendall.

Kendall: There was -- there was that storm, and then the power went out and we were trapped in Ericaís penthouse. I was grilling you about your past, but you were -- you'd shut tight as a clam. Bugged me then, but now I finally get you. Was Maureen the first?

Aidan: The first what?

Kendall: The first woman you'd loved since Fiona?

Aidan: Look, Fiona died because of me.

Kendall: No, correction -- she died because her husband was a psychotic wack job.

Aidan: We never should've got involved.

Kendall: You know how it goes -- the heart wants what it wants.

Aidan: Well, I never wanted anyone to get hurt.

Kendall: Well, maybe you're worth the risk.

Maria: You didn't say a word in the car.

Edmund: Ahem. I think it's best if we don't talk right now.

Maria: It's just that a lot's happened, Edmund. I feel like we should --

Edmund: Maria, you're home and you're safe. That's all that really matters.

Maria: Look --

Edmund: I owe you a new wardrobe.

Maria: Why?

Edmund: After you left, I went a little crazy.

Maria: Oh? Ok, well, then tomorrow you can take me shopping. I'm just going to run upstairs. I'm going to call my mom, let her know Iím back. And then Iíll come back down here and maybe have a drink with you.

David's voice: I'm about ninety-eight percent certain it'll restore Mariaís memory, but, of course, that's based on data, not clinical trials.

Edmund's voice: Ok, fine. Then you give it to me, and I'll have my review panel confirm your findings.

David: I don't think so. I'm going to perfect it first.

Edmund: How long will that take?

David: Well, there are several factors to consider. I'd say anywhere from a week to six months.

[Edmund sighs]

Edmund: Listen to me. I am backing you, this is my call, and ninety-eight percent sounds ready to me.

David: Not ready enough, I'm afraid.

Adam: J.R., son, I know I have failings. I'm trying to work on them.

J.R.: What, with that crazy shrink?

Adam: Lysistrata? Well, she's a little uncon-- she's an idiot. But drastic times sometimes require drastic mea-- you know who I am, you know what I am. I'm demanding, Iím impatient. I'm --

J.R.: Impossible?

Adam: Yes! That, too, but there is not a man on this planet who loves his children more than I do.

J.R.: That's not what I need from you, Dad.

Adam: What are you saying? That's what every child needs.

J.R.: Do you -- do you remember when Uncle Stuart -- we all thought Uncle Stuart was dead?

Adam: Yes, of course. How could I forget that? They were the darkest days of my life.

J.R.: Well, you told me then that you weren't my father anymore. You said that you weren't good to me or anyone.

Adam: My grief -- I wasn't in my right mind.

J.R.: I tried to help you. I tried so hard to help you, and I thought I -- I thought I told you the things that you needed to hear. You know, I told you that -- I told you that I loved you, and that everything was going to be all right. But you shut down on me. You shut down on me, Dad, and you wouldn't let me in.

Adam: That was wrong.

J.R.: That was you. That was you being you. I mean -- and you gave us all those rules. I mean, you were broken and I tried to fix you, and I couldn't fix you, but I could fix myself.

Adam: How?

J.R.: By making sure I didn't care.

Adam: Oh, J.R., come on. What are you saying?

J.R.: You know, it's been a long time since I felt anything for you besides disgust and pity. So, come on, Dad. Come on, give me your best shot. I promise you -- I swear I will not feel a thing.

Maggie: So, your I.Q. Is so high. I don't hold that against you.

Henry: Is that what Melanie told you?

Maggie: What are you talking about?

Henry: That I have a sky-high I.Q.

Maggie: Come on, everybody knows that you're the campus genius.

Henry: I -- I hate that word. I mean, people throw it around, but they don't even know what it means.

Maggie: Gifted. Superior.

Henry: Superior to who?

Maggie: To all of us slobs who are trying to keep up with you.

Henry: Yeah, but I shouldn't have to apologize for knowing the material.

Maggie: Is that what you think, that everyone resents you because you know all the answers?

Henry: No, I don't know all the answers.

Maggie: Well, you did a really good impression of it during class.

Henry: Look, I get four hours of sleep a night. I get up at 4:30 to study. I'm committed and disciplined, and if that makes me some kind of freak, then I --

Maggie: That doesn't make you a freak, ok?

Henry: Ok. Look, I've really got to go.

Maggie: Henry? Henry, wait up. Look -- here is my number -- if I can find it. Again, please call me.

Henry: Sure.

Maggie: If you don't, I will hunt you down in lab again.

Henry: You're as smart as they are.

Maggie: You think?

Henry: What do you think?

Maggie: Yeah, I think I am. I am as smart as they are.

Adam: I don't believe you, J.R. I don't believe that you have no feelings for me.

J.R.: I don't really care what you believe.

Adam: No, because I was there! I saw the look on your face!

J.R.: What look?

Adam: Yesterday at the movie theater, that look when you pushed me and I fell and you thought you'd hurt me. That look. I haven't seen that look since you were a kid. Do you remember when you were 8 years old, for your birthday I gave you a skateboard. And I decided I would take it out and give it a little test run to prove to you that the old man still had some moves in him. And I turned too quickly and I wiped out. I ran into a tree! You thought I was dead!

J.R.: I don't remember.

Adam: Yes, you do remember. You ran over, you threw your arms around me, and even after you knew that I was ok you still -- you couldn't stop crying. That was the same look that you had yesterday when you thought you hurt me. That same fear, that same love.

J.R.: You're crazy.

Adam: No, you're -- you're the one that's lying, J.R. I know you still love me! And you know I love you! And I'm sorry! I am truly sorry!

Maria: It is so good to be home.

Edmund: Really?

Maria: Yeah. Well, yeah, this is the only place I want to be -- with you. I want to be with you because you make me feel safe and you make me feel loved.

Edmund: Where's this coming from?

Maria: What do you mean, where's this coming from? It's coming from my heart. Whenever I think how much time we lost and how we're never going to get any of that back, I just want to make up for every single second.

Edmund: Are you sure this is really what you want?

Maria: Yeah. The only thing Iíve ever wanted is you. I love you, Edmund, and I want to show you how much. So let me show you how much.

Edmund: Did you talk to your mother?

Maria: I did, and she's thrilled that I'm back, so that's good. Is that for me? Thanks. What do you want to drink to?

Edmund: To memories.

Kendall: Are you still going to go after that babe who tried to off you?

Aidan: I'm going to do whatever I can, Kendall.

Kendall: I know -- to get your life back. And to get her back, and by "her" I mean Maureen.

Aidan: Look, Kendall --

Kendall: Ok, I know, I know. I'm sorry, Iím sorry. I'll back off.

Aidan: No. No, no, no. I was going to say thanks. Thanks for -- for letting me crash here and -- and for helping me out.

Kendall: Even though I'm a bloody nuisance and a pain in your butt?

Aidan: You have been a great friend. I'm not going to forget that.

Kendall: Come here.

Aidan: Come here.

Kendall: Watch your back, ok, and don't -- please, just don't -- don't make any stupid choices or take any stupid chances. And I'm here. I'm here if you need me.

Aidan: Ok.

Kendall: Ok, ok. You take care of yourself.

Aidan: I always do.

Kendall: Ok.


Aidan: Kendall. Kendall?

Aidan: That's strange.

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