AMC Transcript Friday 1/10/03


All My Children Transcript Friday 1/10/03

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Maggie: I love you. I really do. But I'm into guys.

David: This place is a war zone.

Janelle: It's a safety zone.

David: You just had a hostage situation.

Trey: Like I said, Iím not Leo.

Greenlee: Just leave me alone, ok?

Aidan: This isn't working for me anyway. I'm going to be on my own.

Maria: It's too risky, Aidan.

Aidan: I can't let you or Kendall get in any deeper.

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Maggie: Hi.

Bianca: Hi.

Maggie: Did you register for classes?

Bianca: Yeah.

Maggie: All night classes, right?

Bianca: Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, Enchantment takes up all my days, and my mom won't let me work unless I keep my studies up, so -- did you get all the classes you wanted?

Maggie: Yeah. Full load, all pre-med. Good-bye, social life.

Bianca: Well, I'm sure you'll do great.

Maggie: So, how are you?

Bianca: Good.

Maggie: I haven't seen you around since the other --

Bianca: Since we both figured out what we wanted. You want boys, I want girls.

Maggie: Are you mad at me?

Bianca: No. No, in fact, Iím relieved.

David: Can I have a moment?

Janelle: Let me guess -- you want a cappuccino maker in the break room.

David: I just wanted you to know that Anna arranged for increased police presence in the area.

Janelle: Just what we need.

David: Yeah, it is what you need. That kid threatened you and this clinic yesterday.

Janelle: "That kid" has a name -- Luis.

David: Oh, I'm sorry. Luis wants to kill you.

Janelle: Look, he was just venting. It's a way of coping. It's not a declaration of war. You know, if you took the time to know these kids -

David: No, no, no, no, I'm sorry. I'm not about to coddle a bunch of gang members, all right?

Janelle: They need this place more than anyone.

David: So they can just threaten people's lives, right? They can cut each other up and that's perfectly ok with you?

Janelle: Of course not. But I'm not going to turn them away because some rich doctor gets queasy when he gets too close to life.

David: It's about keeping this place safe.

Janelle: Oh, safe. You want to be safe? Go home. Give me a break.

David: What is it with you? All anybody did was to make sure that this place is safe.

Janelle: All you did is get a good kid tossed into juvie.

David: I had that delinquent, Reggie, thrown into juvie?

Janelle: Reggie -- I'd been working with Reggie for months to keep him out of gang life. What's his chance now? Thanks to you, he's just a -- a number in the system.

David: Well, I hate to break this to you, but it's probably where he belongs. You know, maybe he'll finally get the help he really needs.

Janelle: If you think the system helps kids at risk, you are more naive than I thought.

David: The only person I saw at risk here yesterday was Anna when that "good kid" was holding a pair of scissors to her throat.

Janelle: Reggie would not have hurt her.

David: Oh, really? Now who's being naive?

Janelle: Someday you'll realize you don't know as much as you think you do.

Greenlee: This a bad time?

Kendall: Where is everyone? What, did you drag him for laps around the park? Isn't he a little weak for sprints?

Maria: He's gone.

Kendall: What do you mean, "he's gone"? He can't be gone.

Maria: He just took off, ok? I don't know where he thought he was going.

Kendall: Well, maybe he went for his morning cup of tea or something. I could sure use a cup of something --

Maria: How can you be so casual about this? Aidan's been shot. He's a fugitive. Look -- look, I -- his life is in danger.

Kendall: Only if he tries my java.

Maria: This is not a joke, Kendall. We've got to find him.

Kendall: Look, he's been cooped up here for God knows how long. Maybe he went out for some fresh air. Another 20 minutes and Iíll start freaking out --

Maria: You know what? Another 20 minutes is going to be too late. He might be dead.

Derek: I want all exits covered, all buses searched. Now, let's distribute these. I want the public alerted but not alarmed.

Officer: Do we know if the suspect's armed?

Derek: Well, Aidan Devane is wanted for murder, so let's presume he's armed and dangerous. Excuse me, ma'am. Have you seen this man?

Woman: You can give him my number.

Derek: He's wanted for murder, ma'am.

Woman: Cute and dangerous -- just my type.

Derek: The last person who thought that is dead. Does he look familiar?

Woman: I just started my shift. I'll keep my eyes open.

Derek: I'd appreciate it.

Maggie: You're relieved?

Bianca: Yeah.

Maggie: Then we're ok?

Bianca: Of course we're ok. I mean, you were honest with me. Maggie, that -- I -- I really appreciate that.

Maggie: I should've said something sooner.

Bianca: Maggie, you don't have to do this.

Maggie: No, I -- the only reason why I didn't say anything to you before was because I've never felt so in sync with anyone before, you know? Guy or girl. And I thought that, you know, because Frankie was gay, maybe I was, too.

Bianca: Yeah, but you can't decide if you're gay. It's just who you are.

Maggie: I know that now. I do. I just thought that I might feel that way.

Bianca: "That way"? So you wanted me to be your tour guide into the wonders of gay life in America, help you decide?

Maggie: It sounds sort of dumb when you put it that way.

Bianca: Because you can't be lured to the gay side. You either are or you aren't or you're just playing games.

Maggie: I wasn't playing games when we were finishing each other's sentences, when we were laughing all the time. That all felt great. It was just those couple of times that felt weird.

Bianca: Right, like when I tried to kiss you and you completely freaked out.

Maggie: Yeah, I freaked out. I did. Frankie was never confused, was she?

Bianca: Frankie was who she was. And I was in love with her. But you and I are just friends.

Maggie: Oh, so now Iím -- now I've been downgraded to "just friend."

Bianca: No, friends friends -- real friends. That's -- that's huge. Maggie, it's better this way.

David: Hey. Shouldn't you be forging a path through corporate America right now?

Greenlee: Not in the mood. Thought I'd come and watch you save the world.

David: Yeah, right, one splint at a time. Look, you know, you shouldn't be walking through this neighborhood alone, especially looking like this. It's not safe.

Greenlee: There's no such thing as safe.

David: Yeah, well, do me a favor, ok? Just -- just watch yourself.

Greenlee: Whatever. So, how are things here in the trenches?

David: Great. I'm having the time of my life.

Greenlee: You sure? You look like hell.

David: Thanks. Well, actually, I was up all night last night. We learned yesterday that the baby has a heart problem.

Greenlee: Oh, no.

David: Yeah.

Greenlee: Is it serious? I mean, is the baby going to be ok? And Anna?

David: Yeah, they will be. I put them both on a plane to Zurich. She's with the best pediatric cardiologist in the world.

Greenlee: To go through something like this alone --

David: Well, she's -- she's with Robin, so --

Greenlee: No, I meant you, too. It must be terrible for you to be without her.

David: Yeah, it is. But the good commonwealth of Pennsylvania just wouldn't approve, so --

Greenlee: You love her very much. That baby's lucky to have you.

David: Are you ok?

Greenlee: Sure, I'm fine. I have to be, right?

David: You don't have to be anything you're not ready to be, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I'll run that by my shrink.

David: Good, so you're seeing someone?

Trey: Hey, you're both here. This is great.

Greenlee: What's so great about it?

Trey: My suspension's over. I can practice law again.

David: You've been reinstated? That's great. Congratulations.

Trey: Thanks, thanks. You know, I was ready to bag the whole thing, find another career. The downtime was killing me.

Greenlee: "Killing" you? You look plenty alive to me.

Trey: Greenlee, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Greenlee: To what? To shove your good news in my face? Well, hurray for you.

David: Greenlee, I don't think that he meant to --

Trey: I thought you'd be happy for me. Now I can officially be Fusion's lawyer. I mean, that's what you wanted. That's what you said. Be fair. Come on.

Greenlee: "Fair"? Your brother's stone cold dead and you get to move up and move on? What's fair about that?

Kendall: Aidan's not going to get killed. Don't get all dramatic on me. I'm sure if he gets arrested, then the cops will take him and we'll just bail him out of the pen.

Maria: No, no, no -- the authorities are not the only people looking for Aidan.

Kendall: Well, I'm sure Edmund would like a poke at him, too --

Maria: Oh, my God, you are an idiot. No, he's been shot. Whoever shot him is still out there, Kendall. They're going to find him and they're going to kill him.

Kendall: You mean Aidan -- Aidan really could get killed?

Maria: Yeah. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Kendall: What did you do to him last night?

Maria: What do you mean, what did I do to him last night?

Kendall: Well, you must have done something to scare him off. What, did you -- what, did you try to climb under the covers with him? Is that it? Did you try to take advantage of him?

Maria: I didn't do anything to him last night. I was asleep.

Kendall: Oh, great. Some great guard you are. You snooze while he ends up being God knows where. What was Aidan thinking?

Maria: Actually, I think he was thinking of us. He put himself out there to keep us safe.

Kendall: Well, we have to find him. We have to go after him. But where do we start?

Maria: The only thing I can think of is the last time, you know, right -- right after he was shot, he was talking about taking a bus to Montreal. And the only thing that kept him from going was the wound.

Kendall: Ok. Well, the bus depot's not that far. Let's check it.

Maria: Wait, wait, wait -- he can't possibly get across the border -- not with an international arrest warrant out for him.

Kendall: So Aidan rides stateside, but the bus depot's still our best bet, I'm telling you.

Maria: You're right. All right. What are you doing?

Kendall: We're taking my car.

Maria: No, your car is a piece of crap.

Kendall: No, you're a basket case. There's no way Iím riding shotgun with you behind the wheel.

Maria: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no --

Kendall: No, listen --

Maria: We're going to go in my car!

Kendall: If I drive, at least we'll get there in one piece.

Maria: Look, people with your I.Q. shouldnít even be driving.

Kendall: Oh, excuse me. You want to save Aidan? You want to argue or save Aidan?

Maria: Fine. Let's go. Follow me.

Maria: We're getting nowhere fast.

Maggie: "Just friends"? What, are you blowing me off?

Bianca: No.

Maggie: Well, it feels that way.

Bianca: Come here. Look -- our relationship couldn't have kept going the way we were going.

Maggie: But you're the best friend Iíve ever had.

Bianca: Yeah, and you're mine, but how much of our relationship was based on your curiosity and my hope that we were going to become something more?

Maggie: Are you saying it wasn't real?

Bianca: No, it was real. It's just -- there was just nowhere to go. I mean, we were in stall mode. I didn't want to make a move because I didn't want to freak you out and lose you, especially after what happened on your birthday. And you didn't want to make a move because that's just not what you wanted.

Maggie: Why didn't you just say something before?

Bianca: I don't know. I mean, I guess part of me always knew that you weren't going to be ready for something more, and I just buried my feelings and kept hoping.

Maggie: You shut down, and I thought that you were mad at me.

Bianca: I know, I know. I was really frustrated.

Maggie: So, what, you outed me as the straight girl?

Bianca: That was a defense move, purely selfish.

Maggie: Selfish?

Bianca: Yeah. I've got this thing, this knack for always falling for unattainable girls. The longer I hope, the harder I fall. And I don't want that to happen anymore, so I just -- I just had to know how you really felt.

Maggie: Now you know.

Bianca: Yeah.

Maggie: So where do we go from here?

Trey: I thought you'd be relieved to find out that your company doesn't have to look for another lawyer.

Greenlee: I'd be relieved to have Leo back. Can you manage that?

Trey: I wish I could. I miss Leo as --

Greenlee: No, you know what? I'm not sharing my grief or anything else with you.

David: Greenlee, we are family.

Greenlee: No, you're family, David. Trey's always forcing himself into our lives.

Trey: I am not forcing myself on anybody. David and I are brothers. And you and I are --

Greenlee: What, related? We're not related. You're my dead husband's brother. Our relationship died with him.

Trey: But our love for Leo didn't. That's what we all have in common, and that's what binds us.

Greenlee: So this is what Leo would want? Is that what you're saying? One big, sick family?

Trey: I think that he'd want us to --

Greenlee: Leo's dead, ok? You knew him for, like, five seconds. You don't know what he would have wanted. But I'm alive, and Iíll tell you exactly what I want -- I want you to stay away from me.

Trey: Where is all this coming from? I thought we came to peace over this. I offered to resign, and you asked me to stay, remember?

Greenlee: The company needs a lawyer. But that doesn't mean I want to hear how happy you are, how great your life is, or that we're family. This family's the reason Leoís dead.

Trey: Look, I know you're angry, but you need to --

Greenlee: I need you to stop hovering! Everywhere I go, you show up and you say it's exactly what Leo would want. God, you even followed me to Paris, and I can't get rid of you. When are you going to get it through your sick head? I see your face, I see Leo dying all over again.

David: Greenlee, I know that you're grieving right now, but this isn't the way to handle it, really.

Greenlee: Shut up, David.

David: We're all dealing with --

Greenlee: You know, I've had it up to here with your grief management, ok? I'm tired of it, and Iím tired of you two always being there for me, ok? Find another way to deal with your guilt.

David: Greenlee, just --

Greenlee: You know what? I've had enough of this little family reunion.

David: Wait a minute, Greenlee, don't run out --

Trey: I'll go.

David: No, no. She's obviously not ready.

Trey: I -- I just want to help her.

David: Yeah, I know that, but just let her heal on her own time.

Trey: She needs to know that she's not alone.

David: Yeah, she does, but don't push it.

Trey: I wonít.

David: Trey -- congratulations about the reinstatement.

Trey: Thank you.

Janelle: Ahem. I know it's none of my business, but how long ago did your brother die?

David: About three months ago. Why?

Janelle: I may be way out of line, but from what I saw here, your sister-in-law -- she needs help.

Maria: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Kendall: I'm calling for a tow.

Maria: Well, it's going to take at least an hour for a truck to get here.

Kendall: So, what's the problem? At least the heater works.

Maria: The problem is someone will identify us.

Kendall: We haven't committed a crime.

Maria: Oh, my God -- we're helping a fugitive who's wanted for murder. I'm not going to take my chances.

Kendall: Well, great. Who's going to hike it back to the gas station, then?

Maria: Do you have a spare?

Kendall: Uh -- probably.

Maria: Ok, I'm going to -- I'll just do it myself. Excuse me.

Kendall: Oh, like you know how to change a tire.

Maria: Yeah.

Kendall: Well, I guess it's not exactly brain surgery.

Maria: Do you have a lug wrench?

Kendall: A lug wrench?

Maria: And a jack?

Kendall: Well, I don't know jack about anything. A what?

Maria: Look, I found it. Never mind. Got it. Just --

Kendall: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Maria: Yep. We're going to be on the road in 10 minutes, tops.

Kendall: Well, I hope so. It's freezing out here.

Maria: Look, if Aidan gets on the bus, he could go anywhere. And if that happens, we're never going to find him.

Kendall: Maybe Aidan doesn't want us to find him.

Maria: Well, he needs us. He needs help. Even you saw that.

Kendall: Maybe he doesn't want help. Maybe the biggest favor we can do for Aidan is to just let him go.

Derek: Anything?

Officer: Nothing so far.

Derek: Stay on top of it. I think he'll come through here.

Officer: Yes, Lieutenant.

Woman: I have been looking everywhere for you. 

Woman: You're not Mark.

Aidan: No, I'm not.

Woman: I can see that. I haven't seen him in a few years, so I thought maybe --

Aidan: I'm sorry.

Woman: I'm not. I don't want to interrupt your reading.

Aidan: Yeah. You, too.

Woman: Well, have a nice trip. Hey -- nice accent.

Maria: We're not doing Aidan any favors by letting him go.

Kendall: Well, he likes to travel light. I'm sure we're baggage he doesn't need.

Maria: Well, he is hurt, so I think he's going to do a lot better if we're helping him.

Kendall: Well, maybe the way he sees it, we're just in the way. I mean, maybe he's better off on his own.

Maria: Well, he was a lot better off before you got in the mix.

Kendall: Excuse me. He would not have had a place to sleep last night if I had not convinced your mama to rent us the condo on the spot.

Maria: I would've figured something out, Kendall.

Kendall: You had him stashed in a hayloft. Come on, just loosen up and thank me already.

Maria: What would I be thanking you for, exactly?

Kendall: Well, because of me, you and your beau have a nice, cozy, little love nest. Beats making it in the hay.

Maria: Aidan is not my lover.

Kendall: What, you -- you mean you and Aidan haven't --

Maria: What Aidan and I do is really none of your business.

Kendall: I just thought that -- well, I mean, after the two of us had our thing, I thought that maybe you guys -- oh -- I thought you knew. Oh. Why would you know? I mean, it -- it was just one of those things. You know, I mean, when he came to my door at 3:00 in the morning with those abs, how could I say no? Oh, careful, you'll break a nail.

Maria: Some help, please.

Kendall: If it means anything, we didn't have any big, fat love affair. I mean, I'm nowhere near ready to take that plunge.

Maria: Could you give me the tire, please?

Kendall: But I don't mind taking a dip every now and then.

Maria: You are useless.

Kendall: I don't see how Aidan could be capable of murder. I mean, how could a guy who's such a tender lover, who's so passionate and sensitive -- how could he do something so horrible? How's that tire coming?

Maria: Fine, no thanks to you.

Kendall: Can I ask you a question?

Maria: Do I have a choice?

Kendall: If you and Aidan aren't involved, then why are you risking everything to help him?

Maria: Not like you would understand.

Kendall: Well, that's why Iím asking. I mean, you could've settled into the lux life, and -- and you drop everything just to help this guy who's on the run just like you were? Why?

Maria: Loyalty, friendship, helping someone who helped me when I didn't have a friend in the world.

Kendall: What can I do?

Maria: Well, you don't really know how to do any of this, so --

Kendall: Well, I could learn. Aidan helped me, too, Maureen. I won't let him down.

Maria: Here.

Bianca: Maggie, we're friends. This should be a good thing.

Maggie: Well, if it's so good, then why do I feel so bad?

Bianca: I don't know. I can't help you out on that.

Maggie: I guess I just feel like I let you down because --

Bianca: What, you let me down because you're not a Frankie clone? That's -- Maggie, I like you for you. If we'd met and not had all this history and all the trauma, none of this would've ever even come up.

Maggie: But it did.

Bianca: Yeah, it did, and now it's over. Yeah, I'll admit it -- I wanted us to be a couple. It would've been great. It would've been amazing. But it's -- it just wasn't meant to be. That doesn't mean our friendship tanks.

Maggie: I feel like I hurt you.

Bianca: You didn't. You helped me move on. Now I can find somebody that really wants to have a relationship with me, and so can you.

Maggie: And I want you to find someone who deserves you and --

Bianca: Stop. Stop. I am -- I am more worried about you.

Maggie: Me?

Bianca: Yeah.

Maggie: Why me?

Bianca: Oh, serious pre-med stuff, all the cramming and the test taking and -- I don't know when you're going to find time to actually date.

Maggie: That's what study breaks are for. Thank you.

Bianca: For what?

Maggie: For making this ok. For being my friend.

David: All right, make sure you fill this prescription out, ok? It's not the paper that's going to make you feel better but the medication.

Woman: Thank you, doctor.

Janelle: Dr. Hayward?

David: Yep?

Janelle: I apologize for sticking my nose where it didn't belong about your sister-in-law.

David: She's in counseling right now. I'm just helping her through it.

Janelle: I'm glad to hear it. How's Anna? I know the situation yesterday wasn't easy.

David: She's with a pediatric cardiologist in Zurich.

Janelle: What?

David: Yeah. Well, after that thug held a pair of scissors to her throat, she wasn't feeling well. And it was because of that that the obstetrician came to realize that there was a problem with the baby's heart.

Janelle: Will it require surgery?

David: Yes, Iím afraid it will. Like I said, that situation is the reason why we found out that there was a problem, so we can fix it.

Janelle: I hope so. Anna and the baby will be in my prayers.

David: Listen -- that kid, Reggie --

Janelle: Yeah, what about him?

David: Was he able to make bail?

Janelle: Who would've paid? His dad bolted when he was 1 and his mom's a junkie.

David: Well, couldn't his attorney work something out?

Janelle: Look, the public defender is too overworked to give a damn.

David: You want me to feel sorry for Reggie.

Janelle: I've known him since he was a baby. There's a good kid under that crust.

David: A pretty thick crust.

Janelle: There is no excuse for what he did to Anna. But when you have no hope, no hope takes over.

Greenlee: This is all your fault, Leo. All I want is you. All I get are your interfering, suffocating brothers. Well, maybe you chose them, but I don't have to. I wonít. You see? This is what I mean. You're like the shadow from hell.

Trey: If you'd just listen --

Greenlee: I don't want to listen. I don't need a bodyguard. I don't -- I -- I don't want an apology.

Trey: An apology? For what, for caring about you? That's not going to happen.

Greenlee: Then leave me alone. I don't need anything from you.

Trey: What you do need is a serious attitude adjustment.

Greenlee: You hunted me down to give me a lecture? Just leave me alone.

Trey: What is your problem?

Greenlee: You don't want to ask me that.

Trey: Well, don't worry -- I know the answer. You won't let me forget. It's me, Leoís con artist brother. And no matter how much I try to help you or show you that I am not the person that I was, you won't let me. You won't even give me a chance.

Greenlee: You had a chance. Now Leoís dead.

Trey: You were there. You saw it happen. My mother killed Leo. She had a gun.

Greenlee: Stop it --

Trey: She fought with him. She is the reason that he went over the falls, not me. I did everything I could do to save him.

Greenlee: It wasn't enough.

Trey: And I live with that every single day. The only way I get through it is knowing that I saved you.

Greenlee: Pat yourself on the back, but don't expect eternal gratitude from me.

Trey: I donít. But I am tired of you hating me because I saved you instead of Leo.

Greenlee: We should be in Paris. We only stayed in Pine Valley --

Trey: I know, I know -- you stayed because of me. But you also stayed because of David. But you ream me out every chance you get.

Greenlee: David's just as much to blame as you are, but at least he told Leo to get away. Poor Leo wouldn't listen. He loved David too much. He even began to care about you. And now everything's gone -- Leo, our marriage, our future. I have nothing.

Trey: You don't have nothing. You've got me.

Greenlee: Let me go.

Trey: Don't you see? Don't you see what you mean to me?

Kendall: Ow, ow! I smashed a nail.

Maria: You'll deal.

Kendall: This was supposed to take 10 minutes. Can we hurry it along, please?

Maria: Excuse me. Can you not tell me what to do?

Kendall: You're the one who's so hot to rescue lover boy.

Maria: Your lover, not mine.

Kendall: You're jealous.

Maria: No, I'm not.

Kendall: I told you it wasn't serious.

Maria: Yeah, in lurid detail.

Kendall: Look, don't hate me because Aidan and I slept together.

Maria: Oh, I donít. He dumped you.

Kendall: Meow.

Maria: Look, can we just get to the bus station, please?

Kendall: That's what I've been saying.

Maria: Let's do it, then.

Kendall: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Maria: What?

Kendall: What if we're way off? What if Aidanís on a plane by now and he's long gone?

Maria: No, he couldn't take a plane. He'd have to have an I.D. for that.

Kendall: No -- no. Forget public transportation. What if he hot-wired a car and he's gone?

Maria: Too risky.

Kendall: Well, maybe he thought of something else.

Maria: Can we go? He's at the bus station! I know he is. He was going to do it before. He'll probably stick with it.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, and you know him so well.

Maria: You don't have to sleep with someone to know them.

Kendall: Well, it beats making puppy dog eyes and holding hands while hubby's in the next room.

Maria: We're just friends, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, come on. You know you wish it was more.

Maria: Not your idea of more.

Kendall: Look, Aidan and I -- it was much more than sex with us, ok? He -- he brought me flowers. He took me on a picnic.

Maria: Deep.

Kendall: And once you've shared that spotted dick, well, you know --

Maria: You know what? You're really quite disgusting. Do you know that?

Kendall: It was the best dessert I ever had.

Maria: How do you keep them all straight?

Kendall: There's no reason for you to get hostile with me.

Maria: Can we go, then? We're sitting here! Can we go?

Kendall: All right! I'm going! You're the one who's chatting! Ok, let me just --

[engine sputters]

Kendall: Oh, no, no.

Maria: Why did I know that I should've taken my own car?

Kendall: My car is just -- it's temperamental sometimes.

Maria: Ok, well, can you do something about your temperamental car?

Kendall: Well, I'm -- normally, I talk to it and --

Maria: Because you are such a girl.

Kendall: It's not -- hello -- you stupid --

Maria: Pop the hood.

Kendall: I --

Maria: The hood -- under the steering column.

Kendall: [mocking voice] it's under the steering wheel. [normal voice] friggin' miss know-it-all.

Maria: I heard that. Ok. Ok, give it a try.

Kendall: Ok.

[car starts]

Maria: Ok, just let it idle for a minute and warm up.

Kendall: Whatever.

Maria: What?

Kendall: You have a little stuff on your face. Black stuff.

Maria: Ok, great.

Kendall: Excuse me. That's cashmere!

Maria: You know what? Give me the cashmere because if I had taken my own car and gone, I would've been to the bus station by now already and not trapped in here with you!

Kendall: "Trapped"? Excuse me, "trapped"? You need me. Hello -- you have no idea how to get to the bus station, miss grease monkey --

Maria: Yeah, you better.

Kendall: And I do.

Maria: You better.

Kendall: I do. Well, hang on.

Maria: Ok. Let's go!

Kendall: We're going.

Announcer: Express service to Seattle is leaving from gate B.

Derek: Take a good look, sir. There's a $50,000 reward for Mr. Devane's arrest and capture.

Man: No. I'm sure I haven't.

Maggie: So, hmm -- I know. Let's go to the bookstore. I heard there's a big sale.

Bianca: You know, I actually -- I have to get over to the Bursar's office and pay for my classes.

Maggie: Ok. So, how did you get so smart?

Bianca: Smart? About what?

Maggie: About life.

Bianca: Oh, man -- by living it. I've been down this road before.

Girl: Hey, Bianca?

Bianca: Oh, hey. Oh, Maggie -- do you know Julie?

Maggie: No.

Bianca: Julie, this is Maggie.

Julie: You're going tonight, aren't you?

Bianca: Oh, I might.

Julie: You better. I got the D.J. you recommended.

Bianca: Oh, well, then, yeah, I won't miss it.

Julie: Ok. Well, then, I'll save you a dance.

Bianca: All right.

Julie: It was nice meeting you.

Maggie: Yeah.

Julie: Actually, I'm going shopping for a dress. You want to come?

Bianca: Um -- yeah, I've never turned down an excuse for shopping. I'll be right over there, ok?

Julie: Cool.

Maggie: Dance, huh?

Bianca: Yeah, the gay student union.

Maggie: Cool. I hope you have a good time.

Bianca: I think I'm going to.

Maggie: You know, I just want you to be happy.

Bianca: Thanks. I will. And you will be, too, I swear. I'll see you later.

Maggie: Ok.

Janelle: It was supposed to be delivered last week. No, noon -- noon tomorrow, not one second later. You got that? Oh. What can I do for you, doctor?

David: I have been thinking about Reggie, and I have an idea.

Janelle: Hard time, solitary confinement, death row?

David: You said that he's been trying to keep it together, right?

Janelle: Yeah, well, he was on his way.

David: Till he got scared and responded the way that he knows how.

Janelle: It is a reflex in a kid like that.

David: Yeah, well, his reflexes stink. But I do realize that -- that he was responding out of fear.

Janelle: Is there a point?

David: I was thinking that since his public defender really isn't on top of his case that maybe my brother could handle it.

Janelle: Oh, the one the bar suspended. You weren't exactly whispering.

David: Well, then, you also heard that he's been reinstated. He's an excellent attorney, and maybe he'll represent Reggie.

Janelle: For a price.

David: Pro bono. My brother Trey has had a rough life. I believe that he'll be sympathetic.

Janelle: And you care because --

David: Well, I've been thinking about what you said, and you're right, you know? Juvie hall is no place for a kid who's trying to make a go of it, so I just want to help.

Janelle: That is generous. But what changed your mind?

David: I've had a few chances in my life. And sometimes you just have to stick your neck out. I just hope that when I do, you're not standing over me with an ax.

Janelle: I'll try to refrain myself.

Derek: I want I.D.s checked on all outbound buses. Go to it.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Kendall: God, I hope we're not too late. Do you see him?

Maria: No. No, but it looks like the cops had the same idea we do.

Kendall: Aidan! Aidan -- Aidan!

Woman: Ticket? Sir?

Greenlee: What do you want from me?

Trey: I want you to know what you mean to me.

Greenlee: Get your hands off of me. Are you out of your mind?

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Lysistrata: Is there anyone you don't need to control?

David: I just saw Greenlee bolting out of here. What happened?

Trey: I kissed her.

Kendall: Aidan, the police are looking for you.

Aidan: I need to do this alone.

Maria: Who is he?

Derek: Aidan Devane. But you already knew that, didn't you?

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