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All My Children Transcript Thursday 1/9/03

By Suzanne
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Greenlee: You're scared of everything! And Leo was fearless, but yet here you are, and Leoís dead.

Aidan: I can't let you leave here thinking I killed someone.

Maria: Edmund, let me out of here!

Edmund: You're the one who brought a murderer into our house!

Maria: He's not a murderer! I believe him. Locking me in here is not going to change my mind.

Greenlee: "Fusion, blending, melting/melding into one --" God. This looks likes an ad for hermaphrodites.

Trey: You asked me to come by?

Greenlee: Yeah, thanks. I need these designs by morning. You brought the agreements? The contracts?

Trey: Greenlee --

Greenlee: I know, I know, I know. I know you're still under suspension, but this doesn't compromise you, right? Where are they?

Trey: I didn't draft them.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Trey: Look, this isn't working out.

Greenlee: Please. Is this about our little falling-out this morning?

Trey: Yes.

Greenlee: We don't have to be best friends to work together.

Trey: I'm a constant reminder that Leoís dead, along with a lot of your dreams. So, to spare us both a lot of pain, Iím resigning as counsel for Fusion Cosmetics, effective immediately.

Laurie: Daddy --

Doug: It's ok.

Adam: What's the matter with you? Just tell me what happened to my son.

Doug: The doctors will tell you. Leave us alone! Laurie, are you all right?

Laurie: Daddy, Iím sorry.

Doug: Oh, it's ok, honey. Are you 100%?

Laurie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Adam: Why won't someone tell me what happened to my son?

Liza: I'm sure they will, as soon as --

Adam: Excuse me, excuse me. I need information about Adam Chandler Jr. What's his status?

Nurse: I'm sorry, Sir, but I don't have that information.

Adam: They didn't take him to surgery, did they?

Laurie: He's still in there. It all happened so fast.

Adam: Did another car hit you?

Laurie: No, it was just us. We -- we skidded. J.R. hit his head.

Adam: His head? The air bag didn't deploy?

Laurie: It wasn't, like, a front impact.

Adam: Well, what was it like, then? Just -- was it -- did he make any -- was he conscious?

Doug: I told you to back off. She's been through enough already.

Adam: Your kid's in top shape. Mine, God knows.

Liza: Wait a second. We can just ask the nurses' station.

Adam: No, no, she was there. She can help. She can tell me.

Liza: Adam --

Doug: Don't bully her!

Laurie: Daddy, it's ok. Mr. Chandler --

Adam: Oh, J.R. -- J.R. oh, thank God. Thank God.

Kendall: So, of all the hideouts in this world, I had to crash yours and Maureen's.

Aidan: Maureen's got nothing to do with this.

Kendall: Oh, right. You just happen to be laying low in her brother's old condo while the cops knock themselves out searching for you?

Aidan: Why don't you just get out of here and keep your mouth shut, eh?

Kendall: This is the thanks I get for saving your butt with Isabella Santos just now?

Aidan: Thanks. You're incredible. Now go home.

Kendall: This is my home now, and I'm not going anywhere, mate.

Adam: Ok. You're ok?

J.R.: Yeah.

Adam: You are, right?

Liza: Well, except maybe you crushed his ribs with that hug.

Adam: How do you feel?

J.R.: I'm fine. It's ok, just a couple cuts and bruises, that's all.

Laurie: The gash on your forehead --

J.R.: Oh, no, it's just head wounds gush blood. It's not bad.

Adam: How did the accident happen?

Doug: Yeah, I'd like to know that myself.

J.R.: Well, we were driving, and we hit an icy patch and spun out.

Doug: How fast were you going?

J.R.: 35. Honest, Dad.

Adam: No, I believe you.

Doug: Oh, of course you do.

J.R.: No, I was going the speed limit.

Adam: Don't say anything else.

Doug: You want to get a lawyer down here, is that it?

Adam: If you force the issue, I will.

J.R.: Mr. Lewis, I can't tell you how sorry I am that this happened. I'd never do -- I'd never do anything to harm Laurie or put her in any kind of danger.

Adam: Son, keep your distance.

J.R.: It was an accident, Mr. Lewis. If I had any idea we'd run off the road -- I don't know what Iíd do if Laurie had been injured.

Laurie: Daddy --

Laurie: Daddy, Iím fine.

Doug: I heard the word "accident" and I thought -- I thought I'd lost you, too.

Aidan: I'm not playing hide-and-seek with you, Kendall.

Kendall: What, are you afraid Iíll make a move on you?

Aidan: Oh, yeah. I'm quaking in my pants.

Kendall: Wasn't this considerate of Hayley and Mateo, leaving this place fully furnished? We can kick back, watch some TV. How's the kitchen stocked? Any food? Anything good here?

Aidan: Look, I owe you for giving Mrs. Santos the shuffle. But you really don't want to live here.

Kendall: Look, if I back out now, Mrs. Santos will start trooping in the people for -- to rent this place out.

Aidan: You think you've got me, don't you?

Kendall: Looks like Iím the lady of the condo and you're my guest. Isn't life funny?

Aidan: You can move in next week.

Kendall: I didn't rent this condo for you. I need a place to live.

Aidan: Look, I'm not fooling around.

Kendall: Well, just my luck. You hang on to Maureen but not me.

Aidan: Look, this is dangerous, Kendall. I want you to leave right away.

Kendall: So the bad guys won't get me, or so I'll be out of the way when whoever called and hung up on Mrs. Santos shows up?

Aidan: Yeah, that's it. You're real sharp. The killer is on his way over, and when he finds you, he's going to snuff you like that.

Kendall: I'll take my chances. Come on, spend the night with me. Explore my new place with me. I guarantee you'll have a good time.

Edmund: You afraid Aidan wouldn't wait? You're going to break your neck trying to do this.

Maria: Well, I wasn't really thinking about breaking my neck.

Edmund: Oh, yeah, well, you know, you're not much good to anyone in a body cast.

Maria: What did you think I was going to do, just hang out in here? How long did you think you were going to keep me imprisoned?

Edmund: I really don't know.

Maria: Was I just going to sit here and read a book till you finally decided to let me out? I was going to do anything to try to get out.

Edmund: I see you left Aidan out of that equation.

Maria: Well, yeah, because I -- because I flashed on how I used to feel. And I -- I felt that passion for a moment, that kind of passion from when we first kissed.

Edmund: So now it's all about you and me?

Maria: It's how it has to be.

Edmund: So all is forgiven for locking you in?

Maria: No, I am still furious at you for locking me in.

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Maria: It's just that that anger doesn't really matter when it comes to all the other things that you make me feel. That's why I kind of understand why you did it.

Edmund: What we had was beyond anything I had ever imagined.

Maria: I need for you to help me remember that, Edmund. Please. I need for you to make me remember that.

Edmund: You're an insult to the love I share with Maria.

Maria: Edmund, I'm --

Edmund: You desecrate her memory, pretending to remember any of it. Who are you?

Laurie: Daddy, nothing bad happened. I didn't get a scratch.

Doug: Yeah, well, that was just dumb luck.

Laurie: My mother died in a car crash.

Liza: Mr. Lewis, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Doug: Why should you?

Liza: Well, I'm sure when you heard there was an accident, you were terrified.

Doug: Like you care?

Adam: My wife was being considerate.

Doug: Why bother? There's nobody here to impress.

Laurie: Daddy, please.

Doug: I don't need their pity.

Laurie: They were just sympathizing.

Doug: Well, just don't tell them any of our business anymore, all right? Now, are you good to go?

Adam: Which doctor examined you kids? I want to talk to him.

Doug: You're not running this show, Mr. Adam "almighty" Chandler!

Liza: Adam is not trying to take over.

Doug: Ok, you go chat with the doctors, and I'll talk to the policemen.

Adam: What is that supposed to mean?

Doug: It means that your son is going to get what's coming to him.

Liza: Mr. Lewis, I don't think that that talk is really necessary, is it?

Doug: You know, you people think you operate on a whole other set of rules. Well, think again. Your kid is not going to get away with this.

J.R.: With what?

Laurie: J.R. didnít do anything.

Doug: You're a police officer, aren't you?

Derek: Yeah, Lieutenant Derek Frye. What can I do for you?

Doug: Would you come here for a second, please?

Derek: Adam, Liza? What's going on?

Liza: J.R.'s car spun out on some ice.

Adam: It was an accident.

Doug: Are you one of his?

Derek: Excuse me?

Doug: Well, I mean, do you get paid by the taxpayers or Adam Chandler?

Derek: I'm employed by the town.

Doug: Well, that's great. Arrest that kid.

Liza: What?

Adam: For what?

J.R.: That's crazy.

Doug: He was drunk or on drugs --

J.R.: I was not.

Doug: Driving recklessly, and he could've killed my daughter.

Trey: This is Kendall Hart's agreement with Palmer Cortlandt. That's been finalized. This is your business agreement for partnership with Kendall. It's all in order. And this is a file of general contracts for future personnel, suppliers, etc.

Greenlee: Is that it?

Trey: It's all organized and ready for my successor. You know, you should get a new lawyer as soon as possible.

Greenlee: Before you throw this position away, think about it -- the bar association suspended you for assuming someone else's identity. Doesn't exactly make you a hot commodity here in Pine Valley. Oh, and there's a little matter of arson.

Trey: I'll deal with it.

Greenlee: You don't have to. When it comes to business, we need each other. When I come up with designs, I'm going to need agreements and contracts, like, yesterday. I can't trust that to some neophyte.

Trey: I'm not trying to be difficult, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Well, you better not be angling for a raise, either, because let me tell you --

Trey: I'm not quitting because you hurt my feelings, and I'm not trying to squeeze you for money.

Greenlee: Well, how is --

Trey: I'm just trying to keep from adding to your problems, that's all.

Greenlee: How is bailing out supposed to help me?

Trey: You won't have to see my face anymore.

Greenlee: Martyrdom doesn't suit you, Trey.

Trey: I'm trying to do what's right for once.

Greenlee: I surrender, ok? What I said to you before about wishing that you were dead instead of Leo -- that was a horrible thing to say to anyone, and Iím sorry. Ok, you've got your official apology. Now get back to work.

Trey: Well, I guess you know me better than I thought.

Greenlee: Well, don't even think about conning me because I've been conned by the best. Still, I did owe you that apology. Now, which of these companies is offering the best deal?

Trey: I'll take a look.

Greenlee: Get busy.

Kendall: You need an attitude adjustment. Instead of thinking of me as being in the way, think of me as the perfect distraction.

Aidan: Look, you're not just in the way, Kendall. You could be in a way of a bullet.

Kendall: Ok, relax with the macho melodrama.

Aidan: Look, an hour ago, you thought I might kill you.

Kendall: So I erred on the side of caution.

Aidan: Well, I'm not just hiding here for fun, am I?

Kendall: Look, Aidan, if you're worried about me being charged for aiding and abetting or for being an accessory, you can relax.

Aidan: You just don't get it, do you, Kendall? Ok, I can't involve you. Your being here puts your life at risk.

Kendall: Your scare tactics don't work on me. What? That didn't hurt.

Aidan: You're really ticking me off, Kendall.

Kendall: Get used to it, roomie.

Aidan: Oh, man.

Kendall: What? What? What -- what's wrong?

Aidan: Nothing. Ok, you've done enough.

Kendall: I don't think so. Oh, my God. Aidan, what happened to you?

Edmund: I stopped you from climbing down, so that's -- what's the best way to get around Edmund? Poor Edmund, who loved Maria more than life -- pretend that you give a damn, then try to go to bed with him.

Maria: No, Edmund --

Edmund: How far would you have gone?

Maria: Please, would you just listen to me --

Edmund: Huh? Would you have let me caress you? Undress you? Would you have asked me to make love to you the same way that I did to Maria?

Maria: Yes, I wanted out of here, but, no, I wouldn't have gone that far.

Edmund: I think you would've. I think you would've gritted your teeth and thought of Aidan. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Maria: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Edmund: Yeah. Yeah, you say that a lot these days, and very easily. Do you have any idea what it means?

Maria: Excuse me? You were the one who used force to lock me in my bedroom. You cut the phone line. Was that all to try to win me over? I'm not sure. Was that -- I was supposed to just go, "wow, Edmund is so romantic and fabulous! He would rather lock me in my room for the next 100 years than have anybody else ever even look at me." I didn't sign on for this kind of abuse, Edmund.

Edmund: You never signed on at all.

Maria: Because you never really gave a damn about me. Be honest. You've been so busy chasing this re-creation of a fairy-tale woman that you had in some fairy-tale life that you lived.

Edmund: I made so many mistakes -- trusting you, believing that you wanted the life that I was offering.

Maria: You know what? You're just --

Edmund: I just held out hope for too long.

Maria: You've got this -- this idealized vision of this woman, Maria, that no one could possibly fulfill.

Edmund: Well, let me tell you, you don't come close.

Maria: Why can't you just take me at my word? Why can't you just believe me that, yes, Iím going to Aidan, but I'm going to help him. I'm not going to run off with him.

Edmund: Oh, I should take this word from a woman who wanted to have sex just to get out of the room.

Maria: You know what? You've made this so much worse than it is.

Edmund: Oh, yeah?

Maria: Yeah.

Edmund: Well, listen, you keep telling me, "I'm not Maria. I'm not Maria. I am not Maria! I'm different, do you see?" Well, congratulations. Congratulations. You've finally shattered my fantasy. You are absolutely nothing like the woman that I loved. Nothing. 

Edmund: You're Maureen Gorman. You're a creation of David Hayward, plus your own fear and desperation. You're made up of lies and deceit, and you were covered with the face of someone that I used to love.

Maria: Well, then, I guess we both had our eyes opened tonight, didn't we? Because I thought you were compassionate and sympathetic.

Edmund: Just some sucker.

Maria: Oh, yeah. I thought you were a man that was worth getting to know. I thought you were a man that I could make a life with.

Edmund: Yeah, I was a pretty hot prospect until an accused murderer looked twice at you, right? Take what you want. Get out of my house.

Adam: Just what is your problem?

Doug: Rich, arrogant jerks who think they rule the world.

Laurie: J.R. isn't like that.

Doug: I told you to stay away from him, that he was trouble.

J.R.: It could've happened to any of you.

Adam: Save your breath, J.R.

Doug: You got everything you need to make the arrest?

Adam: An arrest is totally unwarranted.

Derek: I spoke to the officer at the scene.

Doug: And?

Derek: The charge is operating a vehicle at an unsafe speed.

J.R.: Well, I wasn't speeding.

Doug: You could take him away for that, right?

Adam: Well, what's -- what's the upshot of this charge? Operating a vehicle --

Derek: At an unsafe speed. It's just a matter of paying a fine.

Doug: Oh, you're kidding.

J.R.: Wait, but I wasn't speeding.

Derek: Listen, J.R., when you're on the road, you have to take everything into consideration -- for instance, the weather.

J.R.: It wasn't raining or snowing.

Derek: It was about 10 degrees out, so you might expect that there might be ice patches. Look, regardless of whatever the posted speed limit is, just take it slower.

Doug: Listen, draw his blood or test his urine. You're going to find drugs.

J.R.: No, they won't.

Derek: Officer Sanchez said that J.R. was shaky after the accident --

Doug: I bet.

Derek: Which is why Officer Sanchez requested a Breathalyzer. J.R. complied.

Doug: He was probably so stoned, he didn't know what was going on.

Derek: And after a few minutes, he recovered and showed no signs of drug use, so in Officer Sanchez's opinion, a drug test was unwarranted.

Doug: Oh. Figures. How much cash did you fork over?

Adam: You were with me when we got the call to come here.

Doug: The kid has a history of drug problems. He cracks up a car and he doesn't warrant a drug test? I mean, who are you kidding? You see that, honey? You see how they operate?

Adam: If my son was distracted while he was driving, I think I know the reason why.

Derek: All right, all right --

Doug: Don't say anything about my daughter.

Adam: I was -- I was --

J.R.: Laurie wasn't doing anything. We were just talking.

Adam: I was your age once.

Liza: Oh, here we go.

Adam: This young lady has absolutely no parental guidance.

Liza: Oh, Adam --

Doug: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Look at your son!

Derek: Look, gentlemen, would you take it down a notch, please?

Adam: He lets her run wild!

J.R.: Dad --

Doug: My girl is a little lady.

Adam: Oh, really? How would you know?

Doug: You know, you --

Derek: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hold on!

Laurie: Dad --

Derek: Hold on.

Laurie: Dad, stop.

Adam: You want to take this outside, buddy?

Derek: Hey.

Liza: Oh, Adam, for heaven's sake.

J.R.: Can we just all go home?

Doug: You are going to jail!

Derek: Look, J.R. will pay his fine just like anybody else.

Doug: Oh, that's great. These people are made of money.

Liza: Listen, Laurie and J.R. have had a very difficult day. Can we please just let them go home so they can get some rest?

Doug: Let me tell you something -- you haven't heard the end of this.

Laurie: Dad, nobody was really hurt. It never occurred to me that we should slow down because it was so cold out. I'm as much to blame as J.R. is.

Liza: Can we just be thankful that they're ok?

Derek: That would be nice.

Doug: This isn't the end.

Laurie: Take me home.

Adam: You know, you could use some anger management courses.

Liza: Oh, Adam, please. Have we not had enough dramas today?

Adam: Just giving sound advice, that's --

Derek: Drive safely, everyone.

Doug: Come on, let's go. Let's go.

Kendall: Aidan, why didn't you say something to me? Let me -- let me get you a towel or something.

Aidan: You know what? Kendall, I want you to leave because you're in my way.

Kendall: What, you can't bleed to death with me in the room?

Maria: Oh, thank God. When I got Isabella on the phone, I thought for sure you'd gone.

Kendall: Oh, well, well. Looks like I guessed right.

Maria: Ok, what is Kendall doing here?

Kendall: I live here. Where else should I be?

Maria: No, Mateo and Hayley live here --

Kendall: Yeah, they moved to California. I took over the place. Fully furnished -- a fugitive's dream.

Maria: Ok, I'm -- Iím really sorry. I had no idea Isabella was going to rent the place.

Aidan: I know.

Kendall: Well, she didn't think you wanted it since you're at Wildwind.

Maria: Well, I'm not. I'm not anymore.

Kendall: Why not?

Maria: It's really not important, ok? So I tried to get here sooner, but I couldn't. I was -- let's just -- I was stuck.

Aidan: Well, it's ok. Because you know what? This isn't working for me anyway. I'm going to be on my own.

Maria: No, no, no. It's too risky, Aidan.

Aidan: I can't let you or Kendall get in any deeper. So you know what, ladies? I'm going to take my leave.

Maria: Wait --

Kendall: Ok, not to be a party pooper, but what if the cops follow that bloody trail you're oozing?

Maria: Oh, my God. Aidan, did your wound reopen?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, it's disgusting.

Maria: Let me see it.

Aidan: Yeah, just a bit.

Kendall: Move your shirt.

Maria: No, not just a bit. That's -- you know, that's enough to keep you here.

Kendall: My thoughts exactly.

Aidan: I'm not going to put you in any more danger.

Maria: Ok, if you walk out that door, Iíll call the cops myself.

Greenlee: Bad, rotten, worse. What is wrong with me? I used to write copy in my sleep.

Trey: Well, maybe that's what you need -- some sleep.

Greenlee: I need inspiration.

Trey: You know, I think you'll get what you want from the manufacturer in Hoboken.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, but I need to have my designs first.

Trey: Well, why don't you wait till tomorrow? I've got a feeling tomorrow's going to be a great day.

Greenlee: Why?

Trey: I find out if my suspension is over, and if Iím in the clear, Iíll be able to represent Fusion full-time, officially.

Greenlee: The job won't last long if I can't get it in gear.

Trey: Well, maybe you're trying too hard. Maybe you should get some rest. Things will flow easier.

Greenlee: I can't sleep, Trey. I have to keep busy.

Trey: You know, I'm not an expert on handling grief, but I know what I went through with Leo and my best friend Trey Kenyon's death. And I'm -- Iím not trying to compare my experience with yours, but I spiraled down until I lost myself. And the reason why I took Trey's name was it seemed like the only way to keep him alive.

Greenlee: Thanks for reviewing those proposals.

Trey: You know, if you want to talk --

Greenlee: I donít. I donít. What I want is to design a sketch that says, "buy me or suffer the consequences."

Trey: Well, it'll come to you. Do you want me to walk you to your car?

Greenlee: No, no, I'm going to push on. This can't wait.

Trey: You know, I -- I could stick around.

Greenlee: Uh -- that's a bad idea. I think I'll get a lot more done alone.

Trey: Ok. Then Iíll say good night. Good night.

Greenlee: Night.

Adam: I need to talk to you, J.R.

Doug: Laurie.

Laurie. You answer me now, young lady.

Adam: Enough of the silent treatment, J.R.

Laurie: What am I supposed to say?

J.R.: Well, what do you want to hear?

Laurie: That you're right?

J.R.: That you're right?

Adam: Doug Lewis is a maniac.

Doug: Adam Chandler gets away with murder. He only understands what he can buy.

Adam: I told you to stay away from her.

Doug: I'm telling you again I don't want you anywhere near that spoiled punk.


Adam: I've known girls like Laurie.

J.R.: No, you havenít.

Adam: Why can't children accept the fact that their parents, who have lived longer, might have gained some knowledge along the way?

J.R.: Laurie and I ran into each other tonight. It wasn't planned. And even if it was, so what? Why shouldn't I be able to see my girlfriend?

Liza: Good question.

Adam: She's not the only pretty girl in Pine Valley. Find one with a sober father who's got an I.Q. in the triple digits.

Liza: You know, this is about Laurie and J.R. It's not about her father.

Adam: Her father has made her what she is, and what she is is flunking you out of school.

J.R.: That's crazy.

Adam: No, no, I'll tell you what's crazy -- letting a girl like that ruin your future.


Doug: Adam Jr. is just like his old man. To them, you're just a Ė

Laurie: What, Daddy? What am I?

Doug: Honey, they don't respect you.

Laurie: J.R. does.

Doug: Oh, he's never tried anything with you?

Laurie: J.R. is nice to me.

Doug: He thinks everything and everybody has a price tag, and he's got a big bank account. He'll toss you a few presents, take you out a couple of times, and drop you flat.

Laurie: After he's gotten what he wants? You worked for J.R.'s father's company. You got laid off. That doesn't make Mr. Chandler Satan.

Doug: You always think the best of people just like your mom.

Laurie: Good.

Doug: That's why it's easy for people like Chandler to take advantage.

Laurie: I wish you'd stop talking like that.

Doug: Oh, honey, I have lived a lot longer than you have, little girl. All right? And don't believe for one second that people like Chandler don't buy their way out of every tough spot they land in.

Laurie: I don't care. J.R.'s honest and he's the kind of guy you claim you want for me.

Doug: Honey, you're just -- you're not right for each other. You're from different worlds. You got nothing in common.

Adam: What do you possibly have in common?

J.R.: Stubborn fathers.

Liza: Good. That's a good answer.

Adam: Yes. No, no. You're both kids. Of course you're both kids. You like the same music, you like the same films. That will get you absolutely nowhere in the real world.

J.R.: Well, where am I supposed to go?

Adam: You'll get older, you'll develop new interests, you'll seek challenges and stimulating companions. Laurie will --

J.R.: Laurie what? She'll be at a bowling alley drinking 24/7?

Adam: If she takes after her father, yes.

J.R.: Whereas I'll be -- Iíll be wheeling and dealing at a golf course and wining and dining with corrupt politicians at five-star restaurants?

Adam: If I have anything to say about it, yes.

Liza: And if you don't?

Adam: Liza, this isn't funny.

Liza: I agree.

Adam: The bottom line is Laurie Lewis will never have your advantages.

J.R.: She has some of her own. Like she's really smart. She studies more than anyone I know.

Adam: She's a lovely girl.

J.R.: You make that sound like a sin.

Adam: If she is all you say she is, she wouldn't want you to sacrifice your life for her.

J.R.: I'm sacrificing nothing. Laurie understands who I am and -- and what I have to put up with. And she means a lot more to me than some Ivy League school that you wish you'd gone to. So just get off my back. I am Ė

Laurie: Not 6 years old.

Doug: Your mom would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you.

Laurie: Mom would trust me to live my own life.

Adam: Son, if we hadn't argued earlier -- I made you feel you had to get out of the house.

J.R.: I skidded on some ice. You have no reason to feel guilty about that.

Doug: Honey, I just want to keep you safe. Instead, I drive you out of your own home and you end up on icy roads late at night almost getting killed.

Laurie: Daddy, all I got was scared. And J.R. got a cut on his forehead. It wasn't his fault any more than it was yours. Blame it on the weather and some frozen water. Please?

Doug: Whatever you think about the way I'm raising you --

Laurie: I know you're doing your best.

Doug: Know this -- I love you. And no matter what, that will never change.

Laurie: Ok.

Adam: Son, we may never see eye to eye on Harvard. But there's one thing I don't want misunderstood. I love you unconditionally.

Liza: Adam, would you walk me to the gatehouse?

Adam: Yeah.

Maria: Aidan, we're not letting you go anywhere, so sit down.

Aidan: You ladies should be concerned for your own safety. Come on.

Kendall: But what about you? Look at you. It's not like you could out sprint the feds or go vaulting over fences.

Maria: What do you mean, "the feds"?

Kendall: Chris Stamp came after me looking for leads on our friend Mr. Devane here.

Maria: You're kidding me. The F.B.I. is involved?

Aidan: All the more reason that you shouldn't be.

Kendall: Ok, let's all agree on one thing at a time -- one, you are staying here.

Maria: You've got to keep a low profile, Aidan.

Kendall: Try no profile.

Aidan: All right. All right, I hear you. I'll stay put for now until I'm well enough to make my escape. So, ladies, I'll call you if I need anything, ok?

Kendall: No. Two, Maureen and I stay here with you.

Aidan: No way.

Maria: Way.

Kendall: It's two to one. In this country, majority rules. So, there's three of us, one bed, and one couch. You guys tell me -- who sleeps where and with whom?

[music plays]

[phone rings]

J.R.: Laurie. Laurie, are you ok?

Laurie: I had to hear your voice.

J.R.: Yeah. Did your dad do anything?

Laurie: No, he's just impossible, you know?

J.R.: Do I. So, how loud did your dad yell?

Laurie: Not very. This is going to sound weird, but I'm glad we slid on that ice.

J.R.: Oh, you wanted me to whack my head?

Laurie: No. It's just when my dad was so upset in the hospital, for the first time in ages he seemed like my real dad again.

J.R.: When he was -- when he was scared and upset about your mom and everything?

Laurie: Yeah. Of course, as soon as he was sure I was all right, he reverted to freak mode.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah. My dad slid back in the same old lecture without missing a beat.

Laurie: If our moms were still here, our dads wouldn't be so messed up.

J.R.: Yeah, maybe yours wouldn't, but mine's hopeless.

Laurie: Anyway, I had to check in.

J.R.: That was a good thing. I was afraid if I called, it'd -- it'd set your dad off again.

Laurie: Well, I guess we should say good night.

J.R.: Laurie, when we -- when we skidded on that ice, all I could think was I could've lost you tonight. And if that happened because of my driving or whatever, Iíd kill myself.

Laurie: Don't say that.

J.R.: Well, it's true.

Laurie: What if I had been driving? Would you want me saying I would've killed myself if you had died?

J.R.: No.

Laurie: Ok, then.

J.R.: So Iíll see you tomorrow?

Laurie: At school anyway.

J.R.: Laurie, you can't let your dad run our lives.

Laurie: I don't want to, but after tonight I may not have a choice.

Maria: Well, didn't you keep your place at the Valley Inn for a little while?

Kendall: Yeah, but why should I pay for two places? Besides, Isabella thinks Iím moving in here, and I need to be here in case she has to come back for something.

Aidan: Yeah.

Maria: Well, then, the third bed will be the chair.

Kendall: Oh. Sounds comfy.

Maria: Well, it's your place, so you'll have the bedroom obviously, Aidan will have the couch, and the chair is mine, so --

Aidan: No, I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable.

Maria: Aidan, the chair is fine. And I have been fighting too much today, so, please.

Aidan: Ok. We'll do it your way.

Kendall: Fine, groovy, great. Well, I'll be in my bedroom if you guys need me. Feel free to yell.

Aidan: So, what went down at Edmundís?

Maria: Well, he knows I have had contact with you.

Aidan: And the extent of it is?

Maria: He thinks it's much worse than it is, so it -- it got pretty ugly.

Aidan: Oh. That's too bad.

Maria: Yeah. The one thing I don't ever want him to find out, though, is that you were staying at the Wildwind stable.

Aidan: Yeah. Well, he won't hear it from me.

Maria: Thanks.

Aidan: Well, I'm not very good at repaying your friendship, am I?

Maria: Aidan, I am right where I want to be.

Aidan: Yeah. If you say so.

Maria: Good night.

Aidan: Good night.

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