AMC Transcript Tuesday 1/7/03


All My Children Transcript Tuesday 1/7/03

By Suzanne
Proofread by Alicia

>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Edmund: I found an e-mail that she sent him -- "come and get me." Maureen's not Maria.

Maria: I don't want you to go.

Aidan: Why do you want me to stay in Pine Valley?

Maria: Don't push me to say any more.

Aidan: I'll stay.

Anna: The baby's not moving. Something's wrong with the baby.

David: What?

Anna: Where is Clader?

David: He's on his way. Just try to relax, ok?

Anna: Well, I can't relax until I know our baby's all right.

David: I'm sure she's fine.

Anna: You can't be sure. How can you be sure? Sorry. You told me what would happen if I didn't pull back. Didn't you?

David: Don't do this.

Anna: But I knew best. I can be an officer of the law and carry a baby to term because I'm invincible.

David: Well, you are, you know.

Anna: No, I'm not. I just pretend to be because Iím frightened.

David: There's nothing for you to be afraid of, baby.

Anna: I didn't feel her move since early this morning. You're a doctor. You know what that could mean. If Iíve done this, if I'm in any way responsible, I will never forgive myself.

J.R.: Winifred said you wanted to see me?

Adam: Yes, I have a letter here from your high school guidance counselor. It seems that you are failing three of your core courses and have an incomplete on your independent study.

J.R.: Yeah, but I got a B in gym.

Adam: Do you think this is funny, J.R.? You're ruining your life.

J.R.: No, Dad, that's your job.

Man: Mr. Grey, you had a phone call. Guy said he was meeting you, he's running a little late.

Edmund: All right, thanks, Fred.

Fred: All right.

Jamie: Hey, I called in a takeout order for Jamie Martin.

Fred: I'll check on it.

Jamie: Thanks.

Edmund: Buy you something while you're waiting, Jamie?

Jamie: I don't want anything from you.

Edmund: Ok. You probably hate my guts, and you're entitled.

Jamie: Look, Edmund, I don't need your permission Ė

Edmund: All right, just hear me out, ok? I apologized to your mom for the way that I treated her. Now I want to apologize to you.

Maria: We've got to get you out of here. We can't keep you up in the hayloft. It's just not safe.

Aidan: Hey, Maureen, you know, keeping me safe is not your job.

Maria: We're in this together.

Aidan: Well, only if you want it to be. You know, I'm strong enough to take off by myself.

Maria: I'm not going to let you out there with some whack job who's going to try to take another shot at you. You got to be crazy.

Aidan: No, I must be balmy. I must be balmy, just letting you talk me into staying here. You know this guy knows I'm in Pine Valley.

Maria: I know, but he doesn't know where and we're not going to let him find out. You know what? I got the perfect place. The perfect place. It's empty. I've got a key. I think it's going to be great. What do you think?

Aidan: Well, yeah. I tell you what -- anywhere is better than sleeping on hay, Maureen. Where is it?

Maria: It's not far.

Aidan: Well, let's go, then, before Edmund gets back.

Maria: Ok. Then Iím going to go. You stay here. I'm going to go run and get my car. I'll be right back.

Aidan: Maureen -- thanks.

Maria: Brooke.

Brooke: Maureen, I need a minute.

Maria: Look, I'm -- this is not a good time for me.

Brooke: It won't take long.

Maria: Brooke!

Maria: Brooke, I just said that Iím on my way out! Ahem.

Brooke: Maureen?

Maria: What?

Brooke: Are you all right?

Maria: Yes, I am fine. But like I said, Iím on my way out right now.

Brooke: Are you planning on coming back?

Maria: I beg your pardon?

Brooke: Look, I debated on whether I should come here or not, since this is really none of my business.

Maria: Ok, can you get to the point?

Brooke: The point is I love your husband. I've loved Edmund for years and I probably always will, but I have had to accept the fact that he's in love with you.

Maria: What are you getting at?

Brooke: That I risked losing Edmund because I love him.

Maria: Ok, but why are we rehashing this right now?

Brooke: Because you just don't get it. You have a second chance with a man who loves you like he has never loved anybody in his life, and you are throwing it away.

Maria: What are you talking about, Brooke?

Brooke: Did you send an e-mail to Aidan that said "come and get me"?

Maria: Oh, my God, did Edmund see that?

Brooke: Were you planning on telling him that you were dumping him, or were you just going to walk out of his life and break his heart all over again?

Jamie: Edmund, save your apologies.

Edmund: Jamie, we were going to be a family, and I made promises to you that I didn't keep.

Jamie: Guilty with an excuse, right? You didn't know your wife was going to come back from the dead.

Edmund: No, I didn't. But I also loved your mom very much.

Jamie: It's so not my business.

Edmund: I just -- the way that I handled things -- the way that I mishandled things was cold and it was cruel.

Jamie: You treated my mom like something you scraped off the bottom of your shoe, like you didn't even want to know her.

Edmund: She didn't deserve that.

Jamie: Damn straight she didn't.

Edmund: And you didn't deserve that, either.

Jamie: Look, I've got a dad. I don't need a spare.

Edmund: Just want you to know how sorry I am, that's all.

Jamie: This is between you and my mom. Just leave me out of it.

Edmund: How is your mom doing?

Jamie: Well, you should know. You work with her.

Edmund: No, I don't mean at work. I mean at home, you know, private life.

Jamie: It isn't so private. The whole town knows she's been with Adam Chandler.

Edmund: She was lonely.

Jamie: Like you care.

Edmund: I do.

Jamie: What does that mean?

Edmund: It means your mom is an amazing woman. She made me happy.

Jamie: Jeez. Does this mean you're going back after my mom again?

Edmund: Look, Brooke deserves to be happy, too.

Jamie: No way. No way are you ever going to be near her again.

David: You know, all this hand wringing isn't helping, ok? Everything is going to be fine.

Anna: Ok, keep saying that.

David: Ok.

Dr. Clader: Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry for the delay. I had an emergency c-section. Dr. Hayward. I understood there was a restraining order.

Anna: Oh, please.

David: You want to arrest me, or you want to take care of Anna?

Dr. Clader: You've got some concerns about your baby.

David: Yes, she needs an ultrasound, stat.

Anna: I haven't felt the baby move since early this morning.

Dr. Clader: Well, that in itself isn't cause for alarm. Babies get sleepy. Sometimes, they need a wake-up call.

Anna: But she had a wake-up call. I was involved in this -- it was a hostage situation earlier today, and she was still all the way through it.

Dr. Clader: Good coping mechanism. Now, let's see, you're in your sixth month. Oh, blood pressure's good.

Anna: It's not me that Iím concerned with.

Dr. Clader: All right, tell you what, let's -- let's do another ultrasound and see that everything is as it should be, hmm?

Anna: If it's not as it should be, will you be able to tell?

Dr. Clader: Odds are in the baby's favor.

Anna: Ok, just do the ultrasound.

David: Sounds like an order.

Dr. Clader: I'll be right back with the equipment.

David: Hey. It's ok.


Dr. Clader: There's your little girl, Anna. And look -- look what she's doing.

David: Hey, baby. She's sucking on her thumb.

Anna: She's sucking her thumb. Is she all right?

David: Yeah, she's sleeping like a -- well, like a baby.

Anna: Oh, God.

David: It's ok, baby.

Anna: Little Missy, you gave mommy quite a fright. Is that her heart?

Dr. Clader: Amazing, isn't it? Beating like a little hummingbird.

Anna: What is it? Is something wrong?

Dr. Clader: I want somebody from Peds here to take a look at this film.

Anna: Pediatrics? Why?

Dr. Clader: Take care --

Anna: Don't -- don't handle me. If something's wrong, I want to know what it is.

Dr. Clader: I'm concerned about the size of her heart.

David: You need to get a more targeted ultrasound so we can get a look at this, all right?

Dr. Clader: You're right. I'll be right back.

Anna: What is that, David? Is it serious?

David: Could be.

Anna: Oh, God.

David: We'll know more when we get the second ultrasound, ok? For right now, what you need to do and what's best for you and for the baby is for you to rest, ok? So come on, just relax.

Adam: Well?

J.R.: "Well," what?

Adam: Well, I'm waiting for an explanation for these grades.

J.R.: You get an A in Gym just by showing up.

Adam: Well, obviously, that's the only one you did show up for. You've got -- let's see -- an F in World History, an F in Sequential Math, an F in American Lit. J.R., what's going on here? You were an A student.

J.R.: That's the bottom line, isn't it, Dad? You get all those Aís lined up and aim them at the college of my choice. Oh, scratch that -- your choice.

Adam: You have a problem with Harvard? It's one of the most influential universities in the world.

J.R.: Yeah. And if I wasn't Adam Chandler's son, I probably wouldn't have a chance of getting in.

Adam: But you are my son.

J.R.: And you need me. You need me to make you look good; to show that Adam Chandler's son has got what it takes.

Adam: Son, you -- you have no idea what you're throwing away here. I never had your advantages. College for me was an impossible dream.

J.R.: I'll tell you what, Dad -- you go. If I can't live up to your expectations, you be the man.

Adam: J.R. -- Look, every parent has dreams for their children.

J.R.: Except your dreams don't match up with who I am.

Adam: Who says? You're bright. You're intuitive.

J.R.: Guess again.

Adam: No, stop that.

J.R.: Stop what?

Adam: Stop disrespecting yourself. I won't allow it.

J.R.: Oh, that's good. That's good, Dad. I'm not disrespecting myself. I'm disrespecting you. That's what's got you so angry. To hell with my name. I am not Junior Adam Chandler, and you can't stand it.

Adam: No, that's not true.

J.R.: You're such a liar. You're such a liar. All this is because you want to groom me so I can take over when the time comes. Well, that's when hell freezes over. I do not want to be you when I grow up. So you can take your money and your Ivy League connections and shove them.

Maria: You know what? I really can't believe this. You're reaming me out for hurting Edmund?

Brooke: Irony with a twist.

Maria: Yeah, I would say.

Brooke: Oh. Just tell me, did you send Aidan an S.O.S. that said he should come and get you?

Maria: Why, Brooke, are my choices in my life on trial here?

Brooke: Look, the only thing I care about, really, is Edmund and his happiness, and that seems to be key for you. You are his life.

Maria: Well, what about my life? I guess what I want and what I live for really just don't count. Do you really think that Edmundís going to be happy with me whether I'm happy with him or not? When do I get to choose what I want?

Brooke: Oh, who is that? Aidan?

Maria: Well, if it is Aidan, wouldn't that just thrill you to pieces? Because I'd be out of the way.

Brooke: This is not about me, but I am concerned if you are thinking about running away with Aidan what's going to happen.

Maria: Why? What are you talking about?

Brooke: Look, Edmund doesn't know this, but this story is going to break sooner or later --

Maria: What story?

Brooke: Maybe in hours. Aidan Devane is a fugitive. He's wanted in England for murdering his lover, Fiona Sinclair. The police are keeping it under wraps while they search for him.

Maria: How did you even find that out?

Brooke: An inside source. Obviously, this was a bombshell, but you knew about it, didn't you? You knew that he's wanted for murder, and you still are considering running away with him?

Maria: You know what, Brooke? This is really none of your business.

Brooke: Would you just consider what you're doing? The consequences to you and to Edmund and your children?

Maria: Brooke, I would really like for you to leave right now, and I'd like for you to stay out of my life, ok?

Brooke: I know I don't have any right to be here, all right? But I took a chance for Edmundís sake. Whatever you do, Maureen, please don't hurt him. He deserves so much better than that.

Aidan: Hey. You all right?

Maria: Yep. Yep, let's go. We can go out through the garage -- through the kitchen into the garage and get the car.

Aidan: You want to talk about this?

Maria: No, I really don't because we need to get you someplace safe right now.

Aidan: Look, you know, I can -- just give me the address, and I can go by myself.

Maria: Aidan, do you want me to help you or not?

Aidan: Come on, let's go.

Edmund: Jamie, your mom's been through so much. I just want to give her a chance to heal.

Fred: Sorry about the wait.

Jamie: No problem. It's been real.

Edmund: Jamie --

Jamie: If you're serious about that healing crap, stay away.

Man: Sorry I'm late. Did the bartender tell you I called?

Edmund: Tell me what you got.

Man: All right, let's see. I e-mailed you the background on the Homeland Security cover.

Edmund: Yeah.

Man: On the police beat, I got a tip the cops have upped the ante on Chief Devane's missing nephew.

Edmund: What do you mean, ante? Like a reward?

Man: Yeah. 50K for info leading to his arrest and conviction.

Edmund: Whoa. $50,000?

Man: Yeah. Newspapers back in jolly old England ran pictures of Fiona Sinclair, the girlfriend that Devane sliced and diced. It was a real bloodbath.

Edmund: What are you talking about?

Man: You don't know? Devane whacked a woman. He's wanted for murder. 

Edmund: Maria! Maria, where are you? Maria?

Stella: Mr. Grey?

Edmund: Stella -- Stella, have you seen my wife?

Stella: I just got home from doing the shopping. Her car wasn't in the garage.

Edmund: Ok, thanks.

Edmund: Oh, Maria, what have you let into our lives?

Maria: Don't turn on the light yet.

Maria: Ok. Ta-da! I think you will be pretty comfortable here. And the condo across the way is totally vacant, so you'll have a lot of privacy. You won't, evidently, have a lot of food, though, except for some very tasty baking soda. Um -- oh, there's some canned food, so there is some stuff.

Aidan: Don't worry. I'll scrounge something.

Maria: Ok. Man, it's cold in here.

Aidan: Hey. I'm sorry I put you into the thick of this, Maureen, and making you feel like you have to --

Maria: Like what?

Aidan: Choose. Edmund thinks that you wrote that e-mail, that you wanted me to come get you.

Maria: Yeah, well, I'll -- I'll just tell him that it was a simple misunderstanding, and then Iíll tell him that I was hiding you up at the hayloft at Wildwind and that you snuck into the living room and you used his computer to lure the guy who shot you out into the open so that you could kill him, and then we'll just -- he'll understand, and we'll have a great big laugh about the whole thing, and it'll be great.

Aidan: What now?

Maria: Um -- I've got to go talk to Edmund.

Aidan: And tell him what?

Maria: I honestly don't know. I don't know. I just can't stand the thought of Edmund being tortured, though, because of me.

Aidan: Well, then just go, then. Go and do what you have to do.

Maria: Will you be here when I get back?

Aidan: Just go, Maureen.

Dr. Clader: Anna, Dr. Hayward, Iíve got the results of the fetal cardiac echo.

Anna: Oh. It's bad news, isn't it?

Dr. Clader: Well, that's what I suspected, and it was confirmed by the pediatric cardiologist. Anna, your baby may be suffering from a cardiac anomaly known as aortic stenosis.

Anna: What is that?

David: It's when the aortic valve doesn't open properly.

Anna: Oh, God.

Dr. Clader: That's why we've got to keep you and your baby here under observation to make sure that we know what we're dealing with.

Anna: If it is that?

Dr. Clader: Well, if it's left untreated, the stenosis can affect the heart in other ways.

Anna: What other ways? I mean, what do you do to treat it?

Dr. Clader: Well, if surgery's required, then --

Anna: After she's born?

Dr. Clader: We've had a great deal of success in treating this defect in utero.

Anna: You operate on her when she's inside me?

Dr. Clader: Only when it's indicated. But we want to keep you here for observation, and I also want to run a battery of tests.

David: That is the protocol, all right? Now, Dr. Clader, if surgery is warranted, I would like to have Bernard Hoffman perform the procedure.

Anna: Who is that?

David: He's a cardiac surgeon. He's world-class, ok?

Anna: Ok.

David: And he runs the pediatric hospital in Zurich, but he's considered to be a genius in his field.

Anna: In Zurich?

David: Yes, in Zurich.

Anna: David, you're on probation. You can't even leave the country.

David: Let's not worry about that right now, ok? We'll work something out.

Anna: What are you going to work out? I'm not going to go if you can't come with me.

J.R.: I just want to live my life.

Adam: Well, right now, your life is going straight down the toilet.

J.R.: You don't get it. You just don't get it, do you?

Adam: Well, I want to get it. Please, help me. I want to know. I want to understand why a young man with your promise, with your intelligence is failing.

J.R.: Because I don't live up to your standards?

Adam: J.R., these grades, your attitude, your anger -- if this is some kind of delayed reaction to your mother's death, then we can go back into counseling.

J.R.: I don't need to be shrunk. I need you to back off!

Adam: Ok. Ok, I get it. You've outgrown me. Your old man is an embarrassment. Believe me, I was your age once.

J.R.: Oh, God. Just don't go there.

Adam: When I was 17, I had two burning desires in my life -- to get out of Pigeon Hollow and to get in the back seat of a car with my girlfriend.

J.R.: Oh, my -- I'm -- Iím out of here.

Adam: Is that it? Is that what this is all about? You blowing off school? You've got a girlfriend.

J.R.: You've met her.

Adam: Yes, yes. Um -- Libby.

J.R.: Laurie.

Adam: Ok, Laurie. Lovely girl.

J.R.: Oh, get real, Dad. You couldn't pick her out of a lineup if your life depended on it.

Adam: Well, the point is you're in love. You're out of your mind. You're over the moon. Believe me, I've been there. But, Son, ask yourself this -- is she the reason you're sabotaging your life?

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Adam: I think you're screwing up on purpose. Quite possibly, you want to fail so you don't have to go to Harvard so you can stay right here in Pine Valley and your little girlfriend can go to beauty school.

J.R.: Shut up about her.

Adam: Well, I'm not going to let you do that. I'm not going to let you throw your life away.

J.R.: You have no say in it.

Adam: The hell I don't.

J.R.: I'm going out.

Adam: It's a school night. I forbid it.

J.R.: Stop me.

Adam: J.R., You come back here. I swear, Iíll call security!

Stuart: Adam, put down that phone.

Adam: Charlie, where are you?

Stuart: Now!

Maria: I better go.

Aidan: What are you going to tell Edmund?

Maria: Well, he thinks that I want you to come rescue me.

Aidan: Well, stay as close to the truth as you can.

Maria: I can't give you away.

Aidan: I hate that I put you in this position, Maureen.

Maria: I'm right where I want to be.

Aidan: Shouldn't you go and sort things out with Edmund? You better go.

Maria: Yeah. You lock the door behind me?

Aidan: Yeah. When you come back, before you use your key, knock on the door a couple of times, so Iíll know it's you.

Maria: Rest, ok?

Aidan: Well, you take care.

Aidan: Maureen, if you come back and Iím not here or you don't make it back, I want you to know, I'll always remember what you did for me.

Maria: Wait for me, Aidan. I'll be back. I swear.

David: Hey. Scary stuff, huh?

Anna: She's so little, and she's in trouble.

David: Yeah. And we're going to give her help. We're going to give her the best possible treatment.

Anna: So Iím supposed to fly to Zurich by myself and be poked and prodded by these pediatric uberdoctors and --

David: It's our daughter's best hope, Anna.

Anna: But I won't know what questions to ask.

David: You don't have to ask any questions. I will consult from here.

Anna: But that's so far away. I need you there with me.

David: Dr. Hoffman will take excellent care of you and our daughter.

Anna: Dr. Hoffman isn't the baby's father, you are.

David: I don't like this any more than you do, ok? And you know me. I don't play helpless very well. Of course I want to be there for you and our daughter.

Anna: Well, then do something to make it happen!

David: What? What? You want me to stow away on some transatlantic flight? The second I set foot in the country --

Anna: Right, you're going to be arrested, aren't you, and put in jail.

David: I don't want to see our daughter the first time through some glass partition in a visiting room at a prison, ok?

Anna: It's a fine time to decide you're going to be a model citizen, now when it's so bloody inconvenient.

David: Anna, I want to be there with you in the delivery room when you give birth to our daughter. I want to hear you curse me out for knocking you up, ok? And I want to hear our daughter cry for the first time. I want to cut the umbilical cord. I want to hold our daughter in my arms. But I can't do that, baby, if Iím behind bars.

Anna: Why is this happening? Why?

David: I don't know. But we're going to get through this.

Anna: Right. You're right.

David: Yeah.

Anna: Yeah, we have to do what's best for the baby.

David: That's right.

Anna: First things first.

David: Mm-hmm. So you will fly to Zurich?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, I'll fly to Zurich, and I'll see Dr. Hoffman, and I guess I'll just -- Iíll do whatever he recommends.

David: Yeah. And I will be there with you in spirit, ok? But there is going to be somebody there with you holding your hand because I can't be there. Somebody who loves you just as much as I do and is going to make that strange place feel like home. Hey, it's me. It's good to hear your voice, too. There's somebody here who needs your help. Talk to you soon, Robin.

Anna: Hello. Robin?

Adam: Stuart, am I hearing things? Did you just swear?

Stuart: I'm not going to let you call security on your own son.

Adam: He's challenging my authority.

Stuart: Well, of course he is. That's what you do when you're seventeen.

Adam: He's throwing his life away, Stuart. He's ruining his life.

Stuart: How?

Adam: He's trying to flunk out of school because he thinks he's in love with a worthless piece of trash.

Stuart: You've forgotten.

Adam: What?

Stuart: Trash. That's what they used to call us. You used to get so mad.

Adam: That's ridiculous. No one ever called me --

Stuart: Oh, don't pretend you don't know. I was there. I remember. Remember when we used to -- when we were late for school, we'd cut across Ms. McGivey's front lawn? And she'd sic the dogs on us and yell out, "hey, you get off my lawn, you no-account trash, you!" And you -- we weren't trash. Mom worked awful hard. We just -- we were just down on our luck.

Adam: I want my son to be better than me.

Stuart: Oh, I know. But you're good enough just the way you are.

J.R.: Hey.

Laurie: Hi. You're late.

J.R.: Yeah, sorry.

Laurie: What happened?

J.R.: Nothing. Nothing happened.

Laurie: Is something wrong? J.R., what is it?

J.R.: Nothing. Nothing's wrong.

Edmund: Yes, Derek, Mariaís disappeared, and I have reason to believe that her life may be in danger.

Maria: Edmund, I'm home.

Edmund: Um -- false alarm, Derek. Thanks.

Edmund: Thank God. I thought you were gone for good.

Maria: Why? Because of that e-mail that I sent to Aidan?

Edmund: Well, that was -- that was a pretty clear signal, "come and get me," yeah.

Maria: Well, I can explain that.

Edmund: No, I understand your bond. I -- you were lonely, he was friendly to you, and you feel like you owe him.

Maria: Partly. That's partly it, but it's -- it was much more than that.

Edmund: Tell me.

Maria: Ok, well, it's -- it's complicated and --

Edmund: I got a Pulitzer, you know. Let me try it on for size.

Maria: Yeah. Well, Aidan needed me.

Edmund: And I didn't?

Maria: Well, you -- it's just -- it's different. I -- you know how I feel about you, and I just -- I never intended to -- I don't know, Edmund --

Edmund: To hurt me?

Maria: Please don't look at me like that.

Edmund: You don't know who he is, do you? Maria, he's wanted for murder. Hey, he killed a woman in cold blood.

Maria: No, he didn't kill her.

Edmund: You knew?

Maria: Yeah, he told me, and he didn't do it. He didn't kill that woman.

Edmund: You've been living in my house with me, and you've been sending e-mails to a murderer? "Come and get me"?

Maria: You just -- you don't get it, Edmund.

Edmund: I get it. I get it loud and clear.

Maria: Wait a minute!

Anna: So Iím going to see you at the Zurich airport, yeah. You sure it's ok for you to take this time off? Oh, yeah. You have no idea how much this means to me, Robin. Yeah, he is. I love you, too. I'll see you soon. Ok, bye. Well, that's me taken care of. But you already knew that, sly boots.

David: What am I being accused of now?

Anna: You called Robin, didn't you, when I was having my second sonogram?

David: That's right. Because, well, I wanted somebody to be there with you, somebody that loves you as much as I do.

Anna: That's a good call.

David: I'm sorry it can't be me, baby. I'm sorry.

Anna: It's all right.

David: No, it's not.

Anna: Yeah, it is. It is what it is, you know? We have to make the best of it, right?

David: That's right. We do.

Anna: I love you, you know.

David: Yeah. And I love you, too. I love you both.

Adam: Stuart, this isn't about me or my character. It's about J.R. He's bent on throwing his life away for this Laurie, some low-rent loser.

Stuart: Does he love her?

Adam: They're just kids, for crying out loud. This isn't "Romeo and Juliet."

Stuart: Romeo and Juliet were kids.

Adam: I didn't expect you to understand.

Stuart: Maybe I do understand. J.R.'s mother died. The one person who loved him more than life has been taken away from him. And now if he's found someone that he loves who loves him back, well, what difference does it make if he goes to Harvard or to Stanford or Rodeo Clown school?

Adam: His whole future is at stake, Stuart.

Stuart: He still has to make it through tonight.

Adam: Tonight doesn't matter.

Stuart: Oh, tonight does matter. Every night matters and every day. Maybe your son knows something you donít.

Laurie: It's cold. Thanks.

J.R.: Sure.

Laurie: So, you sounded kind of a mess when you called.

J.R.: Yeah. I just hate having to sneak around. Why can't your dad just --

Laurie: I can deal with my dad. My mom used to say my dad was like a kaleidoscope -- you know, one of those tubes that you turn and the pieces form different shapes. Every time I would look at my dad, he'd be something different. You're like that sometimes.

J.R.: Like your dad?

Laurie: Unpredictable.

J.R.: That's better than being boring.

Laurie: Way better.

Maria: Edmund, let go of me! Edmund, stop! I can explain! What are you doing?

Edmund: I've heard about enough out of you, all right? Listen, you begged to stay here. This is where you wanted to be. You wanted to get your memory back. You wanted to have a life with me. Then you kissed me, and then you're willing to throw it all away --

Maria: Edmund!

Edmund: For a murderer? I'll see you rot first!

Maria: Edmund? Edmund? Edmund! Edmund, let me out of here! Edmund! I know you're out there! Edmund, let me out!

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Doug: I want to know how you can stand being married to a man like Adam Chandler.

Maria: Is this really the only way that you think you can keep me, by locking me in here?

Edmund: You listen to what I have to say.

Aidan: No.

Kendall: What are you going to do to me?

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