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All My Children Transcript Friday 12/27/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Kendall: Greenlee and I have big plans, but we're just missing one major ingredient -- a savvy businesswoman who can get things rolling, namely you.

Mia: I wanted to talk to you about the wedding. I can't go through with it.

Edmund: Christmas is over.

Maria: What's that supposed to mean?

Edmund: I think you should leave; the sooner the better.

Jake: You're calling off the wedding? What --

Mia: I'm just -- I'm postponing it.

Jake: Why?

Mia: I just think that Valentine’s Day is too soon to get married.

Jake: Mia, we agreed it was the perfect time.

Mia: I know we agreed, I know, but I just -- I need a little more time to pull myself back together.

Jake: Okay, you're on your way back to a full recovery. Just --

Mia: Jake, it's not a physical thing, okay? I nearly died, twice, and with everything that happened with Liza and with Frank, it's just made me rethink who I am, who I want to be.

Jake: You're the person I love. That's all I need to know.

Mia: Okay, well, I need more, Jake.

Jake: More? Mia, our love isn't enough? I mean, really, Mia -- I mean, two weeks ago, this was plenty. What the hell's going on now?

Mia: You know, if you're having such a hard time understanding why I need more time, maybe we shouldn't get married at all.

Simone: Well, hello there.

Greenlee: Getting a jump-start on the g&ts?

Simone: It's water.

Greenlee: Hmm, sure it is. So I guess Kendall called you, too?

Simone: Yes, and all mysterious. So what's up?

Greenlee: But whatever it is, I hope she's not too bent when I tell her it's a bad idea.

Erica: So are you ready to give me a full report on the youth market?

Bianca: Oh, yes, absolutely. I have all the facts and figures right in here.

Erica: Well, my goodness. Greenlee and Simone. They look very cozy. I thought that Greenlee hated her.

Bianca: Oh, well, Greenlee only hates people that she can't use.

Erica: Hmm. Okay, so a washed-up cosmetic executive and a hack writer. What could possibly bringing those two together?

Erica: That's quite a coven.

Kendall: You guys know Liza Chandler?

Simone: Yes.

Greenlee: Hi, Liza.

Simone: I attended your benefit at your home. It was absolutely --

Liza: It certainly was.

Kendall: Well, now shall we get to business?

Joni: J.R.'s house is beautiful. But the last time I was here --

Jamie: I was trashed and you couldn't get out of here fast enough. Yeah, I know. I'll make it up to you. Well, how about I show you around the house? I mean, I can show you the media room.

Joni: Whatever that is. But won't we bug the Chandlers?

Jamie: Who's to bug? Nobody's home.

Joni: Nobody? What about the people who work here? There must be, like, a gazillion.

Jamie: J.R. gave them the night off.

Joni: We're alone?

Jamie: Yeah, except for J.R. and Laurie.

Joni: I got to go.

Jamie: Wait. What are you so afraid of?

Laurie: I love kissing you.

J.R.: Well, don't let me stop you.

Laurie: Nothing can stop us tonight.

J.R.: You've never been like this before.

Laurie: Didn't I tell you it'd be worth the wait?

J.R.: So you're serious about tonight being the night?

Laurie: What do you think?

J.R.: I think I'm crazy about you.

Laurie: Come on, let's go upstairs.

J.R.: Where are we going?

Laurie: You'll see.

Maria: You want me to leave?

Edmund: Yeah, why not? You played your role perfectly.

Maria: Look, Edmund, I'm sorry, I didn't mean --

Edmund: Bravo, bravo. The kids love you even more now. How you think they're going to feel when you bail on them again?

Maria: I'm not going to bail on them.

Edmund: That's all you do!

Maria: No, Edmund, I think they understand now.

Edmund: They're confused, Maria. They are confused. Every time you go for one of your rides, they ask me, "Why isn't mommy ready to live with us"? And I go, "I don't know. She's not ready to live with us yet." That's kind of wearing thin.

Maria: I'm not ready yet. I want to be ready, but --

Edmund: Yeah, but you're not sure, right, so why don't you do us all a favor and figure it out at the Pine Cone.

Maria: Edmund --

Edmund: I won't keep feeding their hope, okay? So until you're ready to be a mother to my children and a wife to me –

Anna: Is someone there?

[Horse neighs]

Anna: This is ridiculous.

Man: Is someone in there?

Man: Are you all right?

Edmund: So, I guess you find me irresistible only when I'm mad at you.

Maria: Yeah. I guess. I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have done that.

Edmund: There's nothing wrong with spontaneity.

Maria: Yeah, but you have been more than patient with me, Edmund.

Edmund: Yes, I have. So was that a mercy kiss?

Maria: No, it -- I just -- I thought that coming here was going to solve all kinds of things, and I was wrong.

Edmund: There's been too much pressure on you.

Maria: Don't be so damn understanding. I know I've made your life impossible. I'm sorry, and I don't blame you for wanting me to leave.

Edmund: Where you going?

Maria: To pack.

Edmund: Don’t. Stay with us. As long as you need to.

[Door closes]

Maria: Look, you don't deserve this. You don't deserve to be treated like this.

Man: Mr. Grey, can you come down to the barn?

Edmund: What is it?

Man: We may need a doctor.

Jake: Now you're calling off the engagement?

Mia: No, no, I didn't say that.

Jake: That's what it sounds like.

Mia: Jake, look, I've been given a second chance here, okay? I've cheated death twice, and if I don't find out who I am and make the most of it, I'll be cheating myself.

Jake: By marrying me? Mia --

Mia: Would you just listen to me for a second, please, okay? I've been drifting around for years, ever since I gave up William. Now, all I'm asking for is some time to just sort things out.

Jake: How much time?

Mia: Just until the spring. You know, things will be warmer. It'll be beautiful and green. Would it really hurt to wait just a few more months?

Jake: Yeah. It would.

Liza: Enthusiasm is nice, but how do you plan on competing with established companies?

Greenlee: Image.

Kendall: Product.

Greenlee: The key is guerrilla marketing.

Kendall: It's the key to nothing if we don't have a product, which we will have --

Greenlee: Sitting in a warehouse collecting dust if we don't sell image first.

Bianca: What do you think is going on over there?

Erica: Well, Kendall and Greenlee are unemployed, and Simone can't stay employed, and Liza has lots of money, so I smell a business venture.

Greenlee: So we hook our target demo with provocative ads, edgy marketing, people are going to line up for a piece of the action.

Kendall: We can't have a client base if there's nothing for them to buy. I say we develop a products line, we introduce it slowly, generate word-of-mouth, create a mystique. Then the product will sell itself.

Greenlee: The mystery is who'll buy it.

Liza: So how do you fit into all this? Referee?

Greenlee: Kendall brought Simone on board. She's a writer. She knows her way around copy.

Liza: So what do you think?

Simone: I think marketing should be the priority.

Kendall: Oh, come on, Simone. She's just sucking up to Greenlee. It's a guilt thing.

Simone: Ugh. Scott, gin and tonic please.

Erica: Reinforcements.

Bianca: Something serious has got to be going on. You know what; I'm going to go check it out.

Erica: No, no, not yet. It's just getting good.

Kendall: So, what do you think?

Liza: I don't really understand why you invited me here. I don't know anything about the cosmetics industry except as a consumer.

Kendall: Yeah, but you know business. You understand supply and demand. You know the wisdom of investing in a product.

Liza: You want me on your side.

Kendall: What I want is to create the hottest cosmetics company in the country.

Bianca: You must have lost it. Kendall, do you really think that you can compete with Enchantment?

Erica: Ah, Liza. Playing den mother to the baby vipers? That's a pretty dangerous way to spend an evening.

Liza: They have a viable business venture.

Erica: And not a scruple between them. I'm surprised you'd be wasting your time.

Liza: Well, I'll decide how I want to spend my time, thank you.

Erica: Of course. Well, then, just a warning -- because if you decide to go into business with these two, watch your backside.

Joni: I'm not afraid of anything.

Jamie: You're afraid of drinking. You're afraid of hanging out with guys, or at least me.

Joni: I'm not -- I'm not afraid of you.

Jamie: Then why are you running?

Joni: Because I don't like this. I don't like how it feels.

Jamie: It's not like there's an orgy going on.

Joni: You making fun of me?

Jamie: I'm just trying to understand what the big deal is.

Joni: You really don't get it, do you?

Jamie: I don't get why you don't trust me. I mean, I've gone to Church with you, I've apologized for being a jerk, and I've been totally honest with you. So what's the problem?

Joni: I trust you. It's them.

Jamie: If J.R. and Laurie hook up, that's their business.

Joni: Laurie's my friend. I -- I don't want her wrecking her life.

Jamie: Well, if they're into each other, then just --

Joni: "If"? Laurie really wants things to work out with J.R., but how can she with her father --

Jamie: Joni, Joni, you have to let them live their own lives, right?

Joni: I guess.

Jamie: So back to me and you. You said you trusted me?

Joni: Maybe.

Jamie: So what's wrong with us hanging out together in this really cool house? We're not alone together, technically.

Joni: I guess it's okay. As long as you promise you won't go near any bedrooms.

J.R.: I have something for you.

Laurie: J.R., not another gift. Your class ring.

J.R.: Yeah, your -- your dad gave it back to me at the community center, and I was hoping you would wear it -- again.

Laurie: I'd love to.

Laurie: I'm never taking it off.

J.R.: You know, I think it would last a bit longer if your dad didn't catch you wearing it.

Laurie: I hope he does. Then maybe he'll get it. From now on, I do what I want and he can't stop me. What?

J.R.: Is that what this is about? Your dad?

Mia: If we love each other, then what's a few more months?

Jake: I want to share my life with you right now.

Mia: I want the same thing.

Jake: When you're ready. What if you're never ready?

Mia: I will be ready. Marriage is a huge step.

Jake: Yes.

Mia: You know, there's a lot that you have to think about.

Jake: Mia, marrying someone isn't something that you have to think about, it's something that you know -- if it's right. I mean, you say that nearly dying changed you.

Mia: Well, it did.

Jake: I know people who beat death. You know what they do? They embrace their loved ones.

Mia: Jake --

Jake: They don't push them away. They grab ahold of their dreams, Mia. They don't postpone until the weather's better.

Mia: So you think I'm wrong.

Jake: I think it's an excuse.

Mia: An excuse?

Jake: Yes, it's obvious. It's quite obvious to me, Mia, that you're having doubts about spending your life with me.

Kendall: How is any of this your business?

Erica: I was just passing by.

Kendall: Oh, please. You are totally threatened by real competition, especially from me.

Erica: Come on, Bianca, I want to hear those fabulous numbers again.

Bianca: You know what, Kendall, you are such a loser. You really think that you can challenge Enchantment?

Kendall: Get with it, Binks. Enchantment is totally last century. We will steamroll you into the ground.

Erica: Knock yourselves out. Sell a couple of eye shadows. Enchantment will survive.

Liza: Erica, if you're so unconcerned, why are you trying to bury them before they've even gotten started?

Erica: Liza, you have had so many business reversals lately. Why would you want to have any more? I mean, getting into business with these little girls playing makeup, I mean, they can't touch Enchantment, I mean, not even with your bankroll.

Liza: Well, thank you, Erica. I think you have helped me make my decision. I came to this meeting expecting exactly what I got, nothing to inspire confidence, but now I realize the cosmetic industry is exactly where I need to be.

Kendall: You'll invest?

Bianca: Liza, you know nothing about the business. Let me give you some advice -- if you get behind these know-nothings against my mom, you'll lose.

Greenlee: Face it, Erica, we're hot, we're new, we're now.

Kendall: And now that we've got the green, there's no stopping us.

Erica: No, you'll stop yourselves. Liza, Kendall and Greenlee can't hold a job between them, and, of course, Kendall's claim to fame is that she stole my company's secrets.

Liza: There's nothing wrong with initiative.

Erica: Oh, that's right. Yes. Yes, girls, you have found yourself a kindred spirit, because Liza stole her company from her husband, but then she embezzled a fortune from it. So watch your purses, ladies.

Kendall: You can trash us all you want, Erica. We're going for it.

Erica: Fine. If you think that you can be helped by some woman who had to fake her own brain tumor to keep her husband, you're as crazy as she is.

[Horse neighs]

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Man: Maybe some water will help.

Anna: If only. This is great, thanks.

Maria: Anna?

Edmund: Anna, what happened?

Man: The lady went down like a sack of potatoes.

Anna: Thank you.

Edmund: Want me to call a doctor?

Anna: Please, I have one of those at home.

Edmund: What's going on with you?

Anna: Huh?

Edmund: You were queasy at the house and you're falling down here. I'm starting to worry about you.

Anna: No, don't, please. I'm not sick, I'm pregnant. It just wasn't like this the last time.

Edmund: Yeah? And you think you should be out tracking criminals and runaways?

Anna: I probably shouldn't be, but I have a job to do and I think I ought to do it, so --

Maria: Well, under the circumstances, though, maybe you should try to do it later. I mean, Edmund could give you a ride home.

Anna: Please. Don't fuss. I'm fine. My car is outside and I'll just -- oh, God. I think I'll do it all in a minute.

Maria: Well, it's funny, because I thought that you had left already. Why did you come down here to the barn?

Laurie: It doesn't matter why. We're together. Why don't you just let it happen?

J.R.: Well, for one thing, I want it to be right.

Laurie: It will be.

J.R.: Not with you being mad at your dad.

Laurie: Why are you being like this?

J.R.: We've been here before, remember? Only last time I was the one twisted around and you cut me off. You were right. Doing anything would have been messed up.

Laurie: So this is a mistake?

J.R.: Well, not yet.

Laurie: I can't believe this. You're blowing me off.

J.R.: No, no, I'm not. Laurie, I'm just saying that we wait until --

Laurie: Save it. I'm out of here.

Joni: That was the biggest swimming pool I've ever seen.

Jamie: Well, when the weather warms up, we'll have to try it out. Maybe your parents will like me by then.

Joni: That really matters to you?

Jamie: Sure. Well, it's a date. Unless my chemistry teacher decides to kill me off with homework. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I can't wait till school starts.

Joni: You miss school?

Jamie: I miss seeing you.

Joni: I missed you, too.

[Knock on door]



Mia: Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Jake, I love you. I've never been clearer on that.

Jake: But you want to wait?

Mia: It's selfish, I know, but it's something that I have to do. And I promise you we will be happier than we've ever been.

Jake: I was happy before.

Mia: I know, but I want it to last. Please just try to understand. Please?

Jake: Mia, you want time? You got it.

[Pager beeps]

Jake: Tell you what -- that's the E.R. I got to run.

Mia: Listen, we're all right, aren't we?

Jake: Yeah, we're fine.

Mia: Come here.

Jake: I'll see you.

Liza: A husband slam? This from a woman who has a running tab at the bridal store?

Bianca: Oh, Liza, where do you get off?

Erica: Honey, honey, it's all right. We're going to settle this where it counts -- at the cosmetics counter. Good luck.

Bianca: You're going to need it.

Kendall: Ooh, I'm all sorts of scared.

Liza: That is the most fun I've had in weeks. I really had Erica going, didn't I, that I was going to pump piles of money into a company just to see her squirm. I think she turned fuchsia.

Kendall: You mean you're not going to --

Greenlee: You mean you're not really going to invest with us?

Liza: You're kidding, right? I am definitely in.

[Simone chuckles]

Man: Excuse me, Sir, if there's nothing else?

Second man: It's feeding time.

Edmund: Okay, thanks, guys.

Anna: Thank you very much.

Maria: So anyway, I thought you were on your way out.

Anna: Yeah, I was. I felt lightheaded.

Maria: But you didn't go back to the house?

Anna: No, I thought maybe some fresh air would -- I walked down here, and then the walk did me in, so I came in here, and that's when I felt dizzy.

Maria: Your color's starting to come back. You think you can make it out to your car?

Edmund: "Car." Carpool. I'm carpooling for Sam and Maddie.

Maria: Uh-oh.

Edmund: That's actually why I really want you to stay. You sure you're going to be okay?

Anna: I'm fine.

Edmund: Okay.

Maria: Okay, and don't worry because I'll make sure she gets home.

Edmund: All right, see you.

Maria: I'll be fine.

Anna: I'm not keeping you from your ride, am I?

Maria: No, no. As a matter of fact, it's getting kind of late, so I'll probably skip it anyway. But you feeling better? Yeah, I guess so. Wow. That's a fast recovery.

Anna: Mind over matter. Edmund interrupted us when we were talking about Aidan.

Maria: Oh, I thought we were through talking about Aidan.

Anna: I'm not going to be through until I know what happened to my nephew.

Maria: Well, like I said, I don't know where he is, so --

Anna: Well, if he contacts you, you have to let me know. I'm serious, Maria.

Maria: Yeah, well, if he's lying low, I don't know, he must have his reasons.

Anna: His life is on the line.

Maria: What do you mean, "His life is on the line"?

Anna: I just received word from London that Aidan is wanted for murder.

Doug: Where's Laurie?

Jamie: How should I know?

Doug: My daughter has never disobeyed me until she started seeing this Chandler kid.

Jamie: What are you doing?

Doug: Laurie? Tell me where she is, and don't lie to me.

Jamie: I swear, she's not here.

Doug: Yeah.

Jamie: Hey --

Doug: You. Joni.

Joni: Hi, Mr. Lewis.

Doug: Yeah, you were at that club with her. If you're here, then she's --

Jamie: Joni came here to see me.

Doug: Wait, wait, you don't even live here. This is the Chandler house.

Jamie: He's not here, either, and neither is your daughter.

Doug: Joni, you went out the back of that place with Laurie. I mean, what did you think, I wouldn't find out about it?

Joni: No, Sir.

Jamie: You know, Mr. Lewis, I think you should leave. If we see Laurie, we'll tell her you're looking for her.

Doug: You know what, I'll tell her myself.

Jamie: Wait, you can't -- you cannot go up there.

Doug: The hell I can't. Listen, Joni, please, all right, you're a good girl. You're Laurie's friend. Please tell me, where is she?

Joni: I'm not sure.

Doug: What kind of answer is that? I need your help. Is my daughter here or what?

J.R.: Laurie, wait.

Laurie: I always expected you to dump me because I wanted to wait. Now I throw myself at you, and you turn me down? What's that?

J.R.: That's me saying how you feel matters.

Laurie: Yeah, right.

J.R.: No, wait. Listen, I -- I'm trying not to be the guy your dad thinks I am. I mean, forget about ticking off Jamie and owing Kendall to get you here. I dream about us being together.

Laurie: Me, too.

J.R.: And don't forget that's my ring you're wearing. Doesn't that mean something?

Laurie: I want it to.

J.R.: Okay, well, say we went ahead and did it, and tomorrow morning you wake up and you're not mad at your dad anymore and you're sorry that we went to the extreme just to pay him back.

Laurie: I wouldn't be sorry.

J.R.: Whatever. Maybe I'm a freak, but when we hook up, I don't want it to be about anybody but you and me.

Laurie: You're not a freak. You're sweet.

J.R.: Okay. We'd better get downstairs before -- before I change my mind.

Laurie: You know, in a really weird way, this is the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me.

J.R.: Just don't tell anybody, okay?

Greenlee: I'm finally going to have my own company.

Kendall: Our own company.

Liza: Well, technically, most of it would be mine. Mia? Join us.

Mia: Hi. Oh, what are you guys celebrating?

Kendall: Liza is investing in our new cosmetics company.

Mia: Wow.

Simone: Yeah.

Liza: So here is to our new business venture, a successful cosmetic corporation, and kicking a little Kane along the way.

Mia: That sounds great. What?

Liza: You're hired.

All: What?

Liza: I'm juggling a corporation and a TV station, and Mia would be great for handling the day-to-day operations.

Greenlee: Like a snitch?

Liza: Like a representative.

Mia: But I -- don't really know anything about cosmetics.

Greenlee: That's not a news flash.

Liza: Yeah, but when you took care of me when I was sick, you did an excellent job. You have a great business sense. You just don't know it yet.

Mia: Yeah, but the whole corporate thing, it's just --

Liza: Well, you can't go anywhere with your P.T. job right now. You need a challenge. This would be a great thing. What do you say?

Simone: It's pretty new to me, too.

Kendall: I'm for it.

Greenlee: What's a little nepotism?

Liza: Come on, what do you say?

Mia: When do I start?

Liza: Good! Right now, as a matter of fact, and the first order of business is to decide what kind of business we have. No one is even going to notice a new mascara unless you make it stand out.

Greenlee: Well, I get that. So?

Liza: Right, so what's going to make someone buy something from your company and not Erica’s or somebody else's?

Greenlee: Because we're us.

Liza: Not good enough. You need an angle for your product that's going to make it unique. Otherwise, you're just taking up shelf space. What are your ideas? Don't tell me you have done more bickering than brainstorming.

Kendall: We can do this.

Simone: Yes, it's not going to be a problem.

Greenlee: We just -- there's a time issue.

Liza: Meaning?

Greenlee: We have to come up with a concept quickly.

Liza: How quickly?

Greenlee: Tomorrow morning?

Doug: Tell me, where is she? Damn it, I have to see my daughter and make sure she's okay. Where is she?

Joni: She's upstairs somewhere.

Jamie: Joni, come --

Doug: I knew it.

Laurie: You're so great. Daddy.

Doug: My God. What have you done?

Laurie: Daddy, I didn't do anything!

Doug: Come on! What, you want him to use you?

Laurie: Dad, it's not like that.

Doug: What, you want to be treated like trash?

Laurie: Dad, it's not like that.

Doug: Let's go, Laurie. Get in the car.

Laurie: Dad --

J.R.: Mr. Lewis!

Doug: You come near my daughter again and I'll kill you!

J.R.: Laurie!

Laurie: J.R.!

Anna: So when Aidan arrived in the states, there was already a warrant for his arrest in England.

Maria: For murder?

Anna: For assault. Aidan claimed that it was justified. The charges were dropped. The man that he assaulted had beaten his own wife.

Maria: Okay, well, see, that actually sounds like Aidan, protecting a woman.

Anna: I'm aware of the lengths that Aidan will go to to protect someone he cares for. Now it turns out that this woman is dead.

Maria: Well, it sounds to me like they should be investigating the husband.

Anna: It seems Aidan had a relationship with this woman. I don't know. Unfortunately, the London police are convinced that he's the murderer.

Maria: But that's impossible. I mean, come on, that's impossible. Aidan would never kill anyone.

Anna: He was a Special Forces operative. He's been in the thick of it around the world, most recently Afghanistan.

Maria: Yes, even so, he would not -- doesn't mean he has it in him to kill somebody that he loved.

Anna: From what I hear, this case that they have against him, it's solid, right down to forensics.

Maria: Well, it could be circumstantial.

Anna: Well, yes, of course. But there are witnesses to this affair that he had with this girl, this Fiona Sinclair.

Aidan: Oh, my God.

Aidan: Oh, Fiona.

Anna: And now with Aidan vanishing like this, it just doesn't look good.

Maria: Okay, well, just because he vanished does not mean that he's guilty.

Anna: If he's innocent, why would he run?

Maria: Well, do you think he's guilty, Anna?

J.R.: I'm going after Laurie.

Joni: J.R., don’t. It'll only make her dad angrier.

J.R.: Well, the guy's out of control. What if he hurts her?

Joni: He won't. Mr. Lewis -- he's not mean, he's just sad. Laurie knows how to handle him when he drinks.

J.R.: Okay, nothing even happened. I was trying to get her home before he even found out. How did he know we were here?

Jamie: I tried to convince him that Laurie wasn't around. I even told him to leave, but then --

Joni: It's late. If I don't get home, I'm toast. Could you give me a lift home?

J.R.: Yeah, sure. Let me just grab my keys.

Jamie: How could you give up Laurie and J.R.?

Joni: Please, Jamie, don't tell them, okay?

Jamie: All right.

J.R.: Here. Let's go.

Greenlee: If we're going to incorporate, we have to file the papers by tomorrow.

Liza: And you waited until now to share this detail?

Greenlee: It's just paperwork.

Liza: You and Kendall didn't think it was important enough to do this, to be ready? Are you sure you're ready to move on?

Greenlee: I can do this. I've had plenty of experience running a business.

Liza: Running a business is not the same as starting one.

Kendall: Okay, so what do we do now?

Liza: Brainstorm. Is your lease with Palmer a done deal?

Kendall: Yeah.

Liza: Then let's reconvene at the factory.

Greenlee: Well, I have dinner plans with Grand--

Kendall: We'll be there. Anything else?

Liza: Well, we know our target demo. Now we're going to need a focus group -- young women from the ages of high school to college. Can you arrange that?

Kendall: No problem.

Liza: Right, well, cancel your dinners, don't think about sleep, don't make plans for breakfast, because from now on we're living this company 24/7.

Greenlee: Cheers.

Kendall: Cheers to that.

Simone: You know it, baby.

Anna: I do not think he's guilty.

Maria: Well, you're acting like the case is closed.

Anna: No, I am telling you this so that you realize that he is in serious trouble.

Maria: No, you're all ready to throw him in prison!

Anna: I am not. I want to hear his side of the story so that I can help clear his name.

Maria: Well, I know Aidan, okay, and I know after living with him for weeks that he is one of the kindest souls on the planet.

Anna: But the longer that he is missing, the guiltier he looks and the harder it is for me to do anything. Are you sure you don't know where he is?

Maria: Yes, I'm sure. I don't know where he is. I haven't heard from him.

Anna: If he gets in touch with you, call me. If he contacts you at all, please tell me.

Maria: I will. Of course. I will. I mean, you look like you're feeling better, so you can probably get yourself home, right?

Anna: I'll be in touch.

Maria: Oh, my God, Aidan.

Aidan: I didn't mean to make you jump.

Maria: You have not told me everything.

Aidan: No.

Edmund: Maria? You still out here? Maria?

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