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All My Children Transcript Thursday 12/26/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Liza: You forgive me?

Mia: You are my sister, Liza, and I know that you'd never do anything to deliberately hurt me.

Julia: Level. You got something going on with Aidan?

Anna: That was Chris with news about Aidan. Scotland Yard have issued a warrant for his arrest in England.

David: For what?

Anna: Murder.

J.R.: You got all your stuff?

Liza: Yeah, this seems like it's the last of it. Are you sure you want to stay here all alone in the house with your father gone?

J.R.: No, I'll be -- I won't be alone. I mean, there's Winifred and Lucretia. And you and Colby and Uncle Stuart are just down at the gatehouse, so I'll be fine.

Liza: Well, you could go to Tad's. I know he's home tonight.

J.R.: Thanks, but I -- I need the quiet. I got this huge biology book to read before exams.

Liza: Yeah, well, don't study too hard.

[Door closes]

Jamie: It's about time.

J.R.: Sorry. I didn't want Liza to see you.

Jamie: Why not?

J.R.: Well, I don't want her thinking that we're going to be partying hard while Dad's away.

Jamie: We're not, are we?

J.R.: Well, you know, we might have a couple friends over.

Jamie: You mean Laurie.

J.R.: And Joni, if you wanted. No, I mean, nobody's going to tell.

Jamie: No.

J.R.: I gave the servants the night off.

Jamie: Forget it, forget it. I'm out of here.

J.R.: Jamie -- Jamie, wait!

Kendall: It's the day after Christmas. Nobody's in their office. Don't worry. I am lining up new investors as we speak -- or I will be as soon as you stop yelling at me.

Joni: You haven't seen J.R. since that mess at the community center?

Laurie: How am I going to see him? School's closed for Christmas break, and it's not like I can call him. My dad goes ballistic when he even hears the name "Chandler." I was kind of hoping I might see J.R. here since he used to work here.

Joni: J.R.? Work?

Laurie: It was a dumb idea, anyway.

Joni: Is J.R. really worth it?

Kendall: Hello, ladies. Laurie, right?

Laurie: What do you want, Kendall?

Kendall: Actually, I was just looking for J.R. Is he meeting you here?

Laurie: I don't know. I haven't talked to him.

Kendall: Oh, men -- they never call when they're supposed to.

Laurie: Wait. We need to get something straight.

Anna: Oh, did you have a good holiday? Thank you.

Edmund: I had the best holiday. I'm still having it, as a matter of fact.

Anna: Oh, it's gorgeous in here!

Edmund: Thank you, thank you. Maria stayed, and the kids -- I mean, it made their Christmas.

Anna: Well, yours, too, I bet. That's --

Edmund: Yeah.

Anna: What is that smell? Is that bayberry or lavender?

Edmund: Peggy's probably cooking something --

Anna: Oh --

Edmund: You okay? You look a little green around the gills.

Anna: No, it's just that I can't kick this morning sickness. It's just -- can I talk to Maria, please? Is she --

Edmund: She's actually went for a ride. What's this about?

Anna: Oh, yeah, you know, I told you'd I'd come by after the holidays and ask her about my nephew.

Edmund: You still haven't heard from him?

Anna: No. It's kind of urgent that I find him, so could I talk with Maria?

Edmund: Well -- sorry. I mean, she probably won't be any help to you because she's been here, she hasn't seen Aidan since before Christmas, and she's been here --

Anna: Really?

Edmund: Yeah, ever since.

Anna: She didn't call him to wish him Merry Christmas?

Edmund: You know, I don't know. But I'll tell you what. I -- I think Aidan's the last thing on her mind right now.

Woman: Aidan? Aidan?

Aidan: Oh. You came back.

Woman: Of course I did.

Aidan: Oh, my God.

Laurie: I just don't want you to think J.R.'s available because he's not.

Kendall: Oh, my God, that's so cute -- you're jealous.

Laurie: I'm not --

Kendall: You think I'm after your boyfriend.

Laurie: Aren't you?

Kendall: Hmm, J.R. Well, he definitely has qualities I like in a man. He's a really good kisser.

Joni: He's 17. You're --

Kendall: I'm old enough to know a good guy when I see one. J.R.'s cute, he's thoughtful and very generous, which you clearly don't appreciate.

Laurie: Yes, I do!

Kendall: Really? You sure have a funny way of showing it, throwing that mp3 player back in his face. You hurt his feelings.

Laurie: My dad won't let me accept gifts from J.R. My dad won't even let me see him.

Kendall: So you're going to listen to your father and let this nice, gorgeous, rich guy walk out of your life, or are you going to think for yourself and give J.R. what he needs? Because if you don't, someone else will.

Laurie: What do you mean?

Kendall: Think about it, and don't take too long, either. A 17-year-old guy only has so much willpower.

Joni: Was she talking about sex?

Laurie: Maybe she and J.R. --

Joni: Ew. If J.R.'s the kind of guy who will dump you for someone else just because you don't give him what he wants, then why waste your time in the first place?

Doug: Laurie, she's right. Listen to your friend.

Laurie: What do you know?

Doug: A lot. Come on, Laurie; don't let that Chandler brat get between you and me.

Laurie: The only one coming between you and me is you.

J.R.: What's your problem?

Jamie: You. You love setting people up, don't you?

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Jamie: You haven't even thought of what'll happen if we get caught.

J.R.: Oh, no, this is because of Joni. You're worried about what she would think.

Jamie: She's a nice girl, and she likes me. I don't want to screw that up.

J.R.: Well, you went to Church with her. Didn't that help?

Jamie: A little. Her parents, you know, didn't really like me there, but they could see I was trying.

J.R.: Trying to snow them?

Jamie: No. Joni's in this whole religious thing. I did it for her.

J.R.: So they'd get off her case.

Jamie: No. This isn't about her parents. It's about what she wants.

J.R.: All right, fine. I won't mess things up. But if I find a way to invite Laurie over and Joni happens to come along --

Jamie: Then I guess I can hang out with her, if she wants.

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: Yeah, force yourself.

[Doorbell rings]

J.R.: So, come on; help me think of a way to get the girls over without us being caught in the crossfire.

Edmund: And Maddie was so happy, she even let Maria hang that star on top of that tree.

Anna: Ah. Oh, wow.

Edmund: I'm telling you, for that little girl, that is huge.

Anna: I'm sure.

Edmund: And -- and the kids, before they came down to check in their stockings, they went upstairs and they looked in Mariaís bedroom just to make sure that she was still there.

Anna: That is -- oh, my goodness, she's more important that Santa.

[Edmund laughs]

Anna: I bet she loved that.

Edmund: Yeah. Gosh, she had this beautiful smile on her face all day, and she even remembered something from her past.

Anna: Really?

Edmund: Mm-hmm.

Anna: A holiday memory?

Edmund: No, it was more about her sister. I don't want to bore you with it, but the point is the more time that she spends here with her family, the more she remembers being Maria.

Anna: As opposed to when she's with Aidan and what, she doesn't really try to remember?

Edmund: I think -- I think Aidan makes it a little too easy for her to be Maureen.

Anna: Yeah. That would be the last thing you'd want.

Edmund: I want my wife back.

Anna: Would you stop her from seeing Aidan?

Edmund: What?

Anna: You know, forget to tell her, for example, that he called?

Edmund: Oh, come on, Anna, you know me better than that. I'd never stop Maria from seeing anything or anyone.

Anna: Okay. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm worried about my nephew. He left without telling me, and it's odd.

Edmund: Well, if he's got caught up in something, I don't want him dragging my wife into it.

Anna: I didn't say that.

Edmund: You know, because she's suffered enough already, really, between your husband taking away her memory for five years, keeping her on the run --

Anna: Oh, what, all Mariaís problems are either my husband's fault or my nephew's?

Edmund: You said it, not me.

Anna: Okay.

Aidan: Oh, Fiona --

Maria: What -- what did you just call me?

Aidan: Maureen. Maureen.

Maria: Yeah -- no, but what -- what did you just call me before? What just happened here, Aidan?

Aidan: What do you mean? You couldn't tell?

Maria: Well, yeah, you kissed me.

Aidan: So?

Maria: So it wasn't just a peck on the cheek. I mean, that was a --

Aidan: Well --

Maria: A pretty serious kiss.

Aidan: I've kissed you before.

Maria: But not with that kind of passion or familiarity. You -- you weren't kissing me just now, were you? You thought I was someone else.

Maria: Who's Fiona?

Aidan: Sorry. What?

Maria: "Fiona" -- that's what you said right after you kissed me.

Aidan: I don't know.

Maria: Okay, well, you were asleep when I came up here. Were you dreaming about this Fiona person?

Aidan: Maureen, why are you going on about this? You don't believe that that kiss was meant for you? Come on, you know how I feel about you.

Maria: Yes, and I know that you know that I've been trying to work things out with my husband, and I know that you're too good a guy to go behind his back.

Aidan: Right. I won't do it -- I won't do it again.

Maria: But what's the big mystery? Why don't you just tell me who this Fiona girl is?

Aidan: The only mystery is how much better I feel today. Turns out you are one good doctor.

Maria: Turns out you are one good subject ducker. Because, as a matter of fact, you haven't even told me yet who shot you.

Aidan: Maureen, I haven't done that because I don't want to involve you in my mess.

Maria: Oh, what, you mean other than asking me to take out the bullet and sew you up and hide you?

Aidan: I never asked you to -- to hide me here, did I? This was your idea, and it turns out to be a very good one.

Maria: Well, maybe not. Maybe not.

Aidan: What?

Maria: Well, your aunt's car is parked outside, and she's probably here looking for you. So I better go see what she wants.

Anna: Well, I'm not going to stay around here and defend my husband and my nephew to you.

Edmund: I hope not because your husband can certainly defend himself, at least in court, anyway.

Anna: Edmund, don't start.

Edmund: And as for your nephew, I'm sorry he's gone but I'm kind of glad he's gone, all right? Because, really, my wife has suffered enough. I don't need him dragging her down another road.

Anna: Aidan is missing. That doesn't mean anything to you?

Edmund: It means it's not my problem.

Anna: You used to be a nice guy.

Edmund: Yeah, well, I got smart instead, okay, and decided to protect my family, including my wife.

Anna: Aidan would never hurt her. What, are you kidding? When she came to town, he was the one that protected her.

Edmund: Ahem. Yeah, well, now she's got me and she's got her family.

Anna: What if Aidan needs her?

Edmund: He's got you.

Anna: I don't think he's going to come to me. Aidan and Maria -- well, they share a bond. Edmund, she's the only person in this town that he feels close to.

Edmund: No, he feels close to Maureen, not Maria.

Anna: Okay, well, you have to make that distinction.

Edmund: You're damn right I do. Look, I lost my wife for five years, okay? She's back. She still doesn't remember me. She doesn't remember what we mean to each other. Do you think I like having you remind me that she trusts another man?

Anna: What, you feel threatened?

Edmund: No --

Anna: This has nothing to do with her safety. You're jealous.

Edmund: It is all about her safety. All right? She has suffered enough thanks to your husband and his wonder drug, and I'm not going to let your nephew or your husband or anybody else take her down another bad road! You got it?

Anna: I'll be sure to tell Aidan that when I find him.

Edmund: You do that.

Anna: Please, could you have Maria call me if she hears from him at all?

Edmund: Yeah. What -- Anna? Anna?

Kendall: So, did you talk to your dad yet?

J.R.: About what?

Kendall: About investing in my new company.

J.R.: No, I'm sorry. I didn't get a chance. He left for a business trip this morning.

Kendall: He went on a business trip now? How long is he going to be gone?

J.R.: I don't know. A while?

Kendall: No, I -- I need an investor now. Palmer only gave me the building. I need money to come up with a product.

J.R.: What, Palmer Cortlandt? I hate to break it to you, Kendall, but my dad would never invest in anything with Uncle Palmer.

Kendall: No, it wouldn't be with Palmer. It would be with me.

J.R.: I'm sorry. That's a deal-breaker. I don't know what to say.

Kendall: Great. Well, there's not exactly -- this town isn't exactly crawling with millionaires. Who the hell am I going to get to invest in my company now?

Jamie: What kind of company?

Kendall: Cosmetics.

Jamie: Like what your mom does?

Kendall: Never mind. Forget it. I'll figure it out.

J.R.: Ooh -- what about my stepmom? Liza's got a lot of her own money, and I'm sure she's more likely to invest in makeup business, right?

Kendall: Liza Colby Chandler. Rich, beautiful, and -- she's perfect. She's perfect. Oh, I knew it, I knew it. I knew that I was hanging out with you for a reason, even if your girlfriend would prefer I stay far, far away from you.

J.R.: What about Laurie?

Kendall: I saw her earlier at SOS. She told me that you were taken and I should back off.

J.R.: Oh, did she?

Kendall: She did. There was even a little hissing and turning green.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you kissing me in front of her wasn't too good of an idea, now, was it?

Kendall: Now, she's the one who's playing hard to get. I was just trying to get a rise out of her, which I did.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, don't do me any favors, Kendall.

Kendall: You'll thank me, you'll see. So, when are you going to schmooze Liza for me?

J.R.: Right after you do something for us.

Doug: Joni, could I have a minute alone with my daughter, please?

Joni: Sure, Mr. Lewis. I'll wait for you.

Doug: I -- I have something for you.

Laurie: Mom's necklace.

Doug: I took it to the jewelers to get it fixed. Cost an arm and a leg -- well, a half a leg -- but I know much it means to you.

Laurie: Thank you, Daddy. Wait a minute. Where's the ring?

Doug: Ring?

Laurie: J.R.'s class ring -- it was on the chain when you yanked it off my neck.

Doug: I know. I gave it back to him.

Laurie: To J.R.?

Doug: Yeah. You don't need to take any handouts from anybody.

Laurie: It was a gift.

Doug: Yeah, from a guy who thinks he can throw down a couple of bucks and get whatever he wants, like his old man.

Laurie: J.R.'s not like that.

Doug: He's his father's son. Besides, Laurie, you're too young to accept any jewelry from any boy.

Laurie: I'm 17.

Doug: I know how old you are, believe me. Too old to want to hang out with your old man anymore, that's for sure.

Laurie: Can we not make this about you?

Doug: There was a time you didn't mind hanging out with your father, you know? Cooking dinner with him, doing laundry. You know I could never get those sheets right.

Laurie: So learn. I'm not your servant and I'm not your wife.

Liza: Come on, have a seat. You know, you are going to be able to see Daddy. Every morning he's going to take you to school. And when he can, he's going to come and tuck you into bed every night.

Colby: Tonight?

Liza: Well, no, not tonight. He's away on business. But he promised he would call. So why don't you get your jammies on, and that way you'll be all ready for your goodnight kiss on the phone.

Colby: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Liza: Mia, hi.

Mia: Hi. Sorry this is late but I saw it in the window and I thought you would like it.

Liza: Mia, you already gave me what I always wanted.

Mia: Stop. Just open it. It's just -- it's a little something for your desk at work.

Liza: A barbell.

Mia: It's a reminder of your strength -- something that you've shown a lot of this past year.

Liza: I can't accept it. I don't deserve it.

Edmund: Please, sit down, and I'm sorry.

Anna: It's just -- no, I know. It's not your fault, really. It's this morning and evening and day and night sickness -- it's driving me crazy.

Edmund: Yeah, but I was a jerk.

Anna: Yeah, you were a jerk on top of it all.

Edmund: I'm sorry. Listen, can I get you something? A glass of milk, some --

Anna: Oh, crackers.

Edmund: Crackers?

Anna: Do you have any crackers? Anything. Just -- water, too, please.

Edmund: Crackers and water?

Anna: Yeah.

Edmund: Coming right up. I think we got it.

Anna: Oh, God, I feel so --

Maria: Hey. Anna.

Anna: Hi.

Maria: Are you okay?

Anna: No, it's morning sickness.

Maria: Well, it's nighttime.

Anna: Yeah, I know. That doesn't seem to make a difference to my hormones.

Maria: Oh. Well, does Edmund know that you're here?

Anna: Yeah, he went to get me crackers. I'm actually here to see you.

Maria: Oh. Why?

Anna: About Aidan. I know what you've done for him --

Maria: You do?

Anna: And it must've been so difficult with Edmund breathing down your neck.

Maria: Wait -- wait, how do you know?

Anna: Whatever Edmund says, I am very grateful to you.

Maria: Oh, my God, you didn't tell Edmund, though, did you? That puts Aidan in so much more danger.

Anna: What are you talking about? From Edmund?

Maria: No, not from Edmund. Edmund's --

Anna: Well, what danger are you talking about?

Maria: Um -- I mean, didn't you -- I thought you just said that -- really, what did you think I was talking about?

Anna: You tell me.

Anna: Please don't be evasive, Maria. I am very worried about my nephew. So if you know where he's gone --

Maria: Aidan's gone?

Anna: Yeah, he disappeared. You didn't notice?

Maria: Well, no, I -- I really haven't talked to him in a few days.

Anna: You didn't try to reach him to say Merry Christmas or something?

Maria: No, I'm -- I'm sorry. I've just -- I've been so busy with the kids and Christmas and everything. I feel bad.

Anna: But did he ever tell you his plans or where he was thinking of going or anything?

Maria: No. Nothing, really. I mean, I hope he's okay.

Anna: Yeah, I do, too. What did you mean when you said that he was in danger?

Maria: I just, you know -- I meant that with Edmund, you know, if you were talking to him about my friendship with Aidan --

Edmund: I'm sorry that took so long. These crackers are delicious, by the way.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Edmund: There's a soup missing them. Hi.

Maria: Hi.

Edmund: I'm surprised to see you so soon back. Did Anna ask you about Aidan?

Maria: Yeah. I -- I hope you find him.

Edmund: Oh, so you haven't heard from him, either?

Anna: That's what she said.

Maria: No, but I feel really bad, though, now because I didn't keep in touch with him.

Edmund: Yeah. So, I thought you went for a ride.

Maria: Yeah, I was. I did. I mean, I -- yeah, I'm going to.

Edmund: But you went down to the stables half an hour ago.

Maria: Yeah, I did. I did, and then, you know, I got there and I realized, well, I'm not really dressed to ride. So I just came back here to change.

Anna I feel a lot better. I think I'm going to go. Sorry to have wasted your time, Edmund.

Edmund: No, listen, I'm sorry I wasn't more of a help to you.

Anna: No --

Edmund: And, listen, I -- Anna, I hope your nephew turns up.

Anna: Yeah, so do I.

Maria: Yeah, me, too.

Anna: Goodbye.

Maria: Take care. I'm going to go change into my riding clothes.

Edmund: Why did you lie?

Maria: What?

Edmund: To Anna about Aidan. Why?

Liza: I don't know how you can see strength when you look at me. Look at my life. My life is a mess. My marriage is a battlefield, and my daughter is none too happy about being moved out of Daddy's house.

Mia: Well, you also survived a brain tumor, and you managed to keep Chandler Enterprises afloat despite that whole embezzlement scandal.

Liza: Well, you know what? That was all my fault. And once the board figured out that I was the one that was siphoning the money, they're not too happy to be looking at my face in a board meeting.

Mia: Well, I'm sure you'll win them over.

Liza: Yeah, but, you know, do I want to? I realized when the marriage therapist told me to move out of Adamís house that my whole life has been wrapped up in being Mrs. Adam Chandler. I live in his house. I work in his company. I -- I throw charity events in his name. I don't even remember who I was before I got married.

Mia: Being married doesn't change who you are.

Liza: Well, it can, especially when you're married to a strong, career-driven man. You go along for the ride. And sometimes on the ride you lose yourself.

Mia: Liza, you haven't lost yourself.

Liza: I feel like I have. My sense of self is gone, and I want it back.

Doug: That was out of line, Laurie. You don't think I don't know your mother's gone? I ask you to pitch in as my daughter, not my wife.

Laurie: I'm sorry, Dad.

Doug: Yeah, well, you have no right talking to me like that. Now, I'm telling you as your father to stay away from that Chandler kid. You understand? All right, then let's go. Come on, you probably got some schoolwork to do.

Laurie: Dad, it's vacation, and I'm here with my friend Joni.

Doug: Well, tell your friend goodbye, all right? I'll meet you out at the car.

Joni: That didn't look pretty.

Laurie: If my dad had his way, I'd never go anywhere or see anyone, especially J.R.

Kendall: Still listening to Daddy, or are you ready to think on your own?

Laurie: If you're here to bother me about J.R. --

Kendall: I'm here to take you to him.

Laurie: What? Why would you do that?

Kendall: Well, let's just say I'm repaying a favor. You're invited, too.

Laurie: But you said --

Kendall: I said he's a good guy and you shouldn't keep him waiting. So, are you going to come or not?

Joni: Laurie, your dad's waiting for you in the parking lot. If you take off now, he'll ground you for sure.

Kendall: Who died and made you hall monitor? Look, Laurie, you have a choice to make. Are you going to keep listening to your father tell you that every instinct you have is wrong, or are you going to do what you know is right?

Joni: Laurie, your dad's going to kill you!

Kendall: Hey, listen to me. I'm telling you I know what it's like to have a parent who doesn't trust you. Take it from me; he's going to think the worst no matter what you do.

Singer: You want to do it on your own but now you're all alone

Laurie: Let's go out the back so my dad doesn't see us.

Kendall: Good girl.

Singer: You want to do it on your own but now you' all alone you gotta make your way somehow your father can't help you now

Mia: Okay, you know what? Maybe you don't deserve this gift if you're going to be such a wimp.

Liza: What'd you call me?

Mia: A wimp. Look at you. When you were running WRCW, you put them on the national map. And then you managed a successful takeover of Chandler Enterprises. You bested the toughest tycoon in the business, and now you're whining because you're having trouble finding yourself?

Liza: I'm not whining. I'm just telling you how I feel.

Mia: Am I supposed to feel sorry for you or something? Because I will probably never in my whole lifetime accomplish what you have in the past year.

Liza: Well, yeah, you're supposed to feel a little bit of sorry for me. I mean, my life is not working on any level.

Mia: Liza, you are a force to be reckoned with. You always have been and you always will be. So stop missing the woman that you used to be and just be yourself again. If not for you, do it for Colby. She needs to see that her mom doesn't exist just to be arm candy to some man.

Liza: How'd you get to be so annoying?

Mia: It runs in the family.

[Phone rings]

Liza: Hello?

J.R.: Hi, Liza. Could I ask you a favor?

Liza: Yeah, J.R., what's up? Is something wrong?

Maria: Oh, no, no, no. I'm fine. But I need a couple minutes of your time.

Joni: Come on, Laurie think about what you're doing.

Kendall: Are you for real?

Laurie: Joni's right. I am going to be under house arrest.

Kendall: Only if your dad finds out, which he won't -- unless someone tells him.

Laurie: My dad's waiting for me in the parking lot. Even if he doesn't find out about J.R., he knows I took off on him.

Kendall: Look, Laurie, we're two seconds away from J.R.'s house, and the way I see it you have two choices -- one, you can run back to Daddy and a lifetime of cooking dinner, folding laundry, and attending Sunday School.

Joni: What's wrong with Sunday School?

Kendall: Or, two, you can show your father that you're a grown woman, you decide what you do and who you see. Because if you don't stand up for yourself now, you never will.

Joni: I'd go back right now if I were you before your dad decides to come looking for you.

Kendall: Hey, you can get out of this car anytime you want.

Laurie: I'm not going back. My dad doesn't have the right to control my life.

Kendall: Good for you.

Joni: You're going to be sorry.

Laurie: My dad's going to make me sorry either way. But this way, I get to be with J.R.

Edmund: You told Anna you hadn't heard from Aidan, but you have, haven't you?

Maria: What are you -- what are you talking about? I've been here the whole time.

Edmund: I know you, remember? I can tell when you're not telling the truth.

Maria: No, you know Maria. You don't know me.

Edmund: No, I'm talking about you, Maureen Gorman. And Maria didn't lie, maybe just to tell somebody she was looking good when she really didn't. But you -- you have this way of looking away when you're not telling the truth --

Maria: Stop calling me a liar.

Edmund: Well, then stop lying to me! This isn't the first time you lied to me about Aidan.

Maria: I don't know what you're talking about.

Edmund: Really? Hayward, hunting lodge, cabin, syringe.

Maria: But how do you even know -- who -- who told you that?

Edmund: Doesn't matter. What Aidan did was insane. He could've gotten thrown in jail and you with him.

Maria: Is that why Anna was just here? Did David tell her what happened and is he pressing charges or something against him?

Edmund: Anna is the chief of police and his aunt. He is not spending one day in jail. Don't worry about it. What bothers me is that he roped you into this mess and you covered for him.

Maria: No, he didnít. He did this for me. He took on David because I told him that I wanted to get back at David for what he did to me, and I didn't want Aidan to get busted because he looked out for me.

Edmund: So you looked out for him and you lied to me. I guess I never realized how much this guy cares for you and you for him.

Maria: Yes, I do care about him. But that's not allowed in your world, right? Because the only person -- people who are allowed to be cared for are you and the kids because those are the only people that Maria cared about. But what I keep telling you and everybody else is that I'm not Maria, and the only person who listens is Aidan.

Edmund: Oh, no, I hear you loud and clear.

Maria: Well, then, why do you want me to just pick right up where Maria left off? Forget that I -- I had, I don't know, five years of my own life and that I met people that I cared about, but you don't care about that. You want me to only remember Maria and forget everybody else.

Edmund: That is not true.

Maria: Yes, it is. I came here. I spent Christmas with you and your family. I tried as hard as I could to be Maria, to play the role of Maria -- to be the wife, the mother, the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah -- the sister, the whatever -- and to open the presents and admire them and to read the bedtime stories and to sing the Christmas carols and do the whole thing, all while I'm being watched like a flipping bug under glass, waiting for this big Christmas miracle to happen, a big breakthrough which never happened. And I'm the one who has to live with all the disappointment on everybody's faces. But that doesn't really matter to you, right, because it's not enough for you, of course. So I don't know, Edmund. You tell me -- tell me what more do you want from me?

Edmund: Nothing. Not a damn thing.


J.R.: Laurie. I can't believe you came. Come in.

Joni: Neither can I.

Kendall: Okay, J.R., I held up my end. Now it's your turn.

J.R.: Liza said you could call her in the morning.

Kendall: Really? She did? You're the best! Ahem. You have yourself a really great guy. I hope you know that.

J.R.: Okay, Kendall.

Kendall: All right, all right. I'm leaving, I'm leaving. Bye, kids. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

J.R.: Here, give me your coats.

Joni: You can still change your mind.

Laurie: Would you stop? I know what I'm doing.

Joni: Nope. No, you donít. Jamie. What are you doing here?

Jamie: Me? What are you doing here? I thought you said you weren't going to stand guard for Laurie anymore.

Joni: I'm not. I'm just trying to stop her from trashing what's left of her senior year.

Jamie: J.R. wonít let that happen. He likes her way too much.

Laurie: You miss me?

J.R.: Oh, like you wouldn't believe. I was afraid you wouldn't show up -- especially with Kendall driving you.

Laurie: You never did tell me why she kissed you down at the boathouse.

J.R.: That's -- that's Kendall's way of making a statement. But we're just friends. It's you I want to be with, Laurie, not her. Not anybody else.

Laurie: I want to be with you, too.

J.R.: Good. Because I rented some DVDs and I have some --

Laurie: You don't get it. I want to be with you, tonight.

Tony: There you go.

Jake: Thanks, Tony.

Tony: Sure.

Doug: Excuse me. I'm looking for my daughter. She was just here. She's 17, dark hair. She was with a girlfriend.

Tony: Some girls went out the back, but I'm not sure what they looked like.

Doug: Thank you.

Jake: Hey, beautiful. All right, so, what's this big mystery?

Mia: There's no mystery. No, I just -- I wanted to see you.

Jake: Well, you couldn't see me at the hospital?

Mia: Well, I just -- I wanted to talk to you about the wedding.

Jake: Yeah, you know, and speaking of which, we got to get going on that because the Valley Inn is asking for a deposit to hold the space for Valentineís Day.

Mia: We should cancel.

Jake: Cancel the Valley Inn?

Mia: No. The wedding. I -- I just -- I can't go through with it.

Liza: Oh, Kendall. I told J.R. I'd see you in the morning.

Kendall: Well, this can't wait.

Liza: Well, it -- it's late and my daughter is getting ready for bed.

Kendall: Please, Liza, just hear me out. You're going to want to jump on this right away.

Liza: What's the rush?

Kendall: Well, Greenlee and I have big plans, but we're just missing one major ingredient -- a savvy businesswoman who can get things rolling, namely you.

Maria: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone off like that, okay?

Edmund: No, you told the truth. It's a nice change.

Maria: No -- come on, don't be like that.

Edmund: No, no, really.

Maria: I didn't mean --

Edmund: You meant every word. And you're right. You did more than I could ask for. You stayed here. Christmas. You played with Sam and Maddie.

Maria: But I love that part. You know I -- you know I love that.

Edmund: Yeah, well, I hope so. But Christmas is over, and now you don't have to play that role anymore.

Maria: What's that supposed to mean?

Edmund: I think you should leave; the sooner the better.

Anna: Oh -- oh, dear.


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