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All My Children Transcript Friday 12/20/02

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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Maria: David!

Anna: I know my gun was fired. Don't make me dust for prints, David.

Kendall: You own a building. I want it for my own cosmetics company.

Mia: William has a family now.

Frank: He's got a father! He's got me! Where is my son?

Jamie: Why can't you meet your girlfriend on your own?

J.R.: I told you -- Laurieís crazy dad never wants her to see me again.

Jamie: Great. So Iím your cover?

J.R.: Grab this, would you?

Jamie: I'm still grounded, J.R. I don't want to make another scene.

J.R.: Yeah, that's a bad move, getting trashed at your mom's fundraiser.

Jamie: Look, I told my parents we'd meet them at my grandparents' place. Can we just do that?

J.R.: We'll only be here an hour. You won't miss much.

Jamie: Wait -- you mean we wonít. Come on, J.R., youíre supposed to meet your dad there, too.

J.R.: I know, okay? Jeez. Just back off.

Jamie: Where is she?

Joni: Why can't you meet J.R. by yourself?

Laurie: I told you -- my dad doesn't want me to be with J.R. ever. Do I look okay?

Joni: I guess. Laurie, if my parents found out I did this right before Church, I'll be grounded for life.

Laurie: That's nothing compared to what my dad will do if he catches me with J.R.

Joni: You really think your dad's going to find you here?

Laurie: With my dad, you never know, so don't go anywhere, okay?

Joni: This sounds really worth it. Church starts in an hour. I can't be late.

Laurie: Don't worry. You won't be. Come on.

J.R.: Hey, you made it.

Laurie: Yeah.

Joni: Jamie. What are you doing here?

Jamie: Being stupid. What are you doing here?

Kendall: Palmer, I'm sorry we're late.

Palmer: I was expecting the two of you a half an hour ago.

Kendall: Well, we saw a whodunit flick.

Palmer: Mm-hmm.

Petey: PG-13, and made a bet on who did it. Nanny Kendall lost.

Palmer: Mm-hmm. Let's have a seat. Son, I trust you leveraged your bet.

Petey: I'd never disappoint you, Dad.

Palmer: Aha -- "Undercover Surfer Chicks." Well, mm-hmm, yes.

Petey: First edition, mint.

Palmer: Oh, mint "Undercover Surfer Chicks." Very good, very good. I -- I take it your business is turning a profit.

Kendall: Well, a deal's a deal.

Palmer: Spoken like a true businesswoman.

Kendall: Well, Palmer, speaking of my new business, I need to ask you a favor.

Simone: Hi.

Mia: Simone -- Simone --

Simone: Ah, Mia.

Mia: Thank you for meeting me.

Simone: I got your message. I -- are you sure you're strong enough to be here?

Mia: Oh, yeah, I'm on the mend. But I need your help.

Simone: Of course. I -- how can I help you? What can I do?

Mia: This concerns Frank.

Simone: Well, Frank and I -- we split up.

Mia: I know. And I know why. And I'm very sorry about your brother.

Simone: How do you know about Anthony?

Mia: Frank told me what happened.

Simone: Then you know that I don't ever want to talk to Frank again.

Mia: Simone, look, I don't want to make you feel guilty. I donít.

Simone: Me? Guilty for what?

Mia: For breaking up with Frank. But the thing is, it could ruin a little boy's life.

David: Anna? Anna?

Anna: Hi.

David: Hey. What's going on? Are you all right?

Anna: Yeah. It's just when I had morning sickness before, it stopped at 12 weeks, and now it's just --

David: Yeah, well, every pregnancy is different. Let me feel you.

Anna: Shut up.

David: I'm sorry. Look, why don't you lie down, okay? I'll -- I'll order us some dinner. I think the Valley Inn has shepherd's pie tonight if you --

Anna: No! I'll pass. Knock yourself out.

David: No, that's all right. Not if we can't share it, right?

Anna: Hmm.

David: Look, I'm sorry. I know that you probably need me to cheer you up right now. Just --

Anna: You miss Leo, huh?

David: Yeah.

Anna: Give me your hand.

David: Whoa --

Anna: Feel that?

David: Oh --

Anna: That's sweet.

David: Oh, that's great. I'm so grateful to have you, Anna. You really give me something to hold on to. Thank you.

Anna: Sure. I need to ask you something, okay?

David: Anything.

Anna: Who's been playing target practice in the cabin? The truth this time, David.

[Aidan groans]

Aidan: Oh, my God. Where are we?

Maria: We're in a safe place.

Aidan: I need to know where exactly.

Maria: In a hay loft in a barn.

Aidan: Good. I can see that. But where?

Maria: Wildwind.

Aidan: Wildwind?

Maria: Yes.

Aidan: Edmund's place?

Maria: Yes. Now, listen, listen, listen. I've been on the run for five years. I know how to hide, and the best place to hide is in plain sight.

Aidan: Yeah, well, Maureen, this is your husband's home.

Maria: I know, but whoever's looking for you, Aidan -- they're not going to think to find you here.

Mia: Frank told Jake and me why you broke up with him, and, Simone, he was ready to give up being a doctor.

Simone: Yeah, well, maybe that's what he should do.

Mia: Come on. You don't mean that.

Simone: Yes, I do. And please, Mia, don't tell me that you feel sorry for him.

Mia: He was devastated.

Simone: Yeah, so you decided to cheer him up with "Hey, I had your kid and I didn't tell you about it"? I'm sorry.

Mia: I thought that if Frank knew that he helped to create a life around the same time --

Simone: That he watched one snuff out --

Mia: All right. It was dumb.

Simone: I'm glad that you're happy, Mia.

Mia: I was happy. I was, but now Frank is demanding to see his son.

Simone: Wait. Look, okay, I hate Frank for what he did to my brother, but I can't blame him for wanting to find out where his son is.

Mia: Frank's not going to stop there.

Simone: What, you mean he wants custody? Oh, dear God. He'd be the absolute worst father in the entire world. You need a lawyer on your side, not me.

Mia: I have a whole fleet of lawyers waiting to take Frank on.

Simone: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Mia: I do not want my son in the middle of some legal war, okay? The idea of William being scared -- I can't -- I can't bear that.

Simone: You're a very loving mother, Mia.

Mia: I don't mean to lay this on you, Simone. I donít. But Jake and I think that Frank is trying to rescue William to make up for not rescuing your brother.

Simone: Oh, God. That is so twisted.

Mia: I know you don't ever want to see him again. I know that. But Frank would do anything to make you think that he was even half human. So if you would just please talk to him about this --

Simone: No. There's just no way.

Kendall: So Greenlee thinks we should launch this mongo ad campaign before we even have a product. Isn't that the lamest idea ever?

Palmer: Well, you can hardly sell anything you don't have.

Kendall: Oh, see? Thank God you're on my side.

Palmer: I'm -- I'm very flattered that my opinion matters so much to you.

Kendall: The thing is, Palmer, I need more money. It costs major bucks to invent some Enchantment-thrashing lip-gloss.

Palmer: Well, I -- I leased a whole factory to you for a dollar, and I told you at the time that that's all you could expect from me. Except --

Kendall: Except what?

Palmer: This.

Kendall: Oh, Palmer, thank you. I knew you would come through for me.

Palmer: You light up like a child on Christmas morning.

Kendall: Well, what is this?

Palmer: Well, it's -- it's a Christmas bonus from Peter and me. A week's salary for a nanny's wages.

Kendall: Oh. Thank you.

Palmer: Merry Christmas --

Kendall: Yeah.

Palmer: And I hope you have a truly happy new year.

Kendall: You, too.

Palmer: Come on, Peter. Let's go.

Petey: You can get your money and make my dad pull out his checkbook anytime you want. You want to know how?

Kendall: You really going to tell me?

Petey: Ka-ching!

Kendall: You're evil. You know that? Evil. Here. Okay, now, tell me.

Petey: Ask Adam Chandler for the money. Dad hates him.

J.R.: Oh, man. You guys, we didn't mean to slam you together.

Joni: I'm out of here.

Laurie: You can't leave. I told my dad I'm with you.

Joni: And I promised my mom and dad I would never see Jamie again.

Laurie: So? It's not like you planned it.

Joni: You're afraid of your dad, Laurie. It's different with my parents. I don't want to lie to them.

Laurie: So don't say anything. Look, the point is if my dad sees you without me, I'm dead. So please, just hang here for this one stupid hour J.R. and I have.

Joni: Then what?

Laurie: Then you can go to church and no one will know where you were or who you were with.

J.R.: Come on.

Jamie: Looks like Laurie got Joni to stand guard, so I'm going to take off, man.

J.R.: No. No, no, no, no, no -- Jamie -- Jamie -- dude, she still could mess things up. I need somebody out there I can trust, you know, not to interrupt or anything? Come on, man, please.

Jamie: It's cold.

J.R.: One hour. Then you can go.

Jamie: Sorry about this. If I had a clue you'd be here, I wouldn't be.

Joni: Same here.

Jamie: Since we are here, can we at least talk?

Joni: Doubt it.

Jamie: Well, then, just tell me one thing. If you think I'm such a wino loser, why did you kiss me after I got trashed? Remember? At my house?

J.R.: I think that thing's kicking in.

Laurie: I'm not cold.

J.R.: I'm glad we both made it here.

Laurie: Sorry I brought Joni.

J.R.: Sorry I brought Jamie.

Laurie: Think they'll be okay?

J.R.: They'll deal.

Laurie: We sure do think alike.

J.R.: Laurie?

Laurie: Yeah?

J.R.: You here with me -- it's all I want for Christmas.

Laurie: Me, too.

David: Wow. I mean, that -- that really does look like a bullet hole.

Anna: That's because it's a bullet hole, David.

David: How did it get there?

Anna: I don't know. Maybe the possum came back and he was armed.

[David laughs]

David: That's funny --

Anna: Funny, right? Oh, dear.

David: Look, actually --

Anna: Oh, Lord, wait -- no, no, no --

David: Anna?

Anna: I'm going to be sick.

David: Anna? Saved by hormones. Oh, man, this sucks.

[Knock on door]

Edmund: Hayward.

David: What the hell are you doing here? I'll update you on the research after Christmas.

Edmund: I'm not here about the research.

David: We don't have any other business. And if anyone -- especially if Anna sees us together, that's not good --

Edmund: Hayward, it's okay.

David: No, it's not okay. Get the hell out of here now.

Anna: Hi, Edmund. Hi.

[Aidan groans]

Aidan: How did you get me up here?

Maria: Wasn't easy. You were not a big help.

Aidan: Being unconscious -- must've been a dead weight.

Maria: Yeah, I found a pulley and some rope, and I got you in a wheelbarrow, and I hoisted you up here.

Aidan: But, still, you couldn't have done it by yourself, Maureen.

Maria: No, you're right. I didn't.

Aidan: Well, then, who helped you?

Maria: Faith.

Aidan: Yeah, right. You'd need a lot more than prayer to get me up here.

Maria: Faith is a horse. She did all the heavy lifting.

Aidan: Wow. I can really trust you with my life.

Maria: Yeah, you can. So I wish you would trust me with who shot you.

Edmund: Anna, I got your message. You wanted to see me?

Anna: Yeah.

David: You called Edmund?

Anna: I -- I did. Please, come in. I didn't mean for you to drive all the way up here.

Edmund: That's --

Anna: I -- I'm trying to locate my nephew.

Edmund: What do you mean? Aidan's gone?

Anna: Yeah. No one's seen him for several days.

Edmund: Huh.

David: Well, maybe he went back to England.

Anna: He wouldn't have gone without telling me.

David: Well, he came to town without warning. Why wouldn't he leave the same exact way?

Anna: I -- I happen to know that Aidan is friends with Maria. I wondered if she'd heard from him.

Edmund: You'd have to ask her.

Anna: I didn't know how she was doing. I didn't want to upset her.

Edmund: Well, I think she's handled more than just being ditched by a new friend. If he's gone, she'll cope.

Anna: Okay. Well, I'll call her, then -- um, after the holidays.

Edmund: Merry Christmas, Anna.

Anna: Yeah. You, too. Sorry you drove all the way up.

Edmund: Ah. Continued success, Hayward.

David: Anna, you really have to face the facts -- your nephew is a head case. You know, actually, I'm happy I don't have to stare at his mug for Christmas tomorrow.

Anna: Well, that's really nice. He's my family.

David: Yeah, well, just because you share D.N.A. with the guy doesn't mean you have to share eggnog with him.

Anna: Oh, God, don't say that. That's disgusting.

David: Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? Listen, I just -- I don't want to see you upset over nothing.

Anna: All right. Well, tell me the truth about firing my gun in here.

Simone: I am sorry that Frank is threatening your son, but I can't talk to him. Okay? I can't even -- I can't even look at him.

Mia: Even though a little boy's whole life --

Simone: Stop -- stop -- stop trying to guilt me into this, Mia, please.

Mia: I will do whatever I have to do.

Simone: I'm not involved. You had the baby. You didn't tell Frank.

Mia: Would you have told Frank? You said yourself that the guy who watched your brother O.D. would make the worst father in the whole world.

Simone: You were with him back then, Mia, not me.

Mia: Yes, I was, and I decided that I wasn't ready to be a mother, which is why I gave up William.

Simone: What do you want from me? What, you want a gold medal?

Mia: No. I want your help. Simone, how can you just sit there and do what you believe is the worst thing in the whole world?

Simone: What?

Mia: How can you just sit there and watch and do nothing?

Simone: Oh, God.

Mia: It isn't right. Simone?

Simone: No, it isn't.

Laurie: Merry Christmas.

J.R.: I have a present for you.

Laurie: I wish you didnít.

J.R.: Don't worry. I remember how the MP3 player tanked, so I hope you like this better.

Laurie: I like the box.

J.R.: Open it.

Laurie: J.R., your class ring.

J.R.: I want you to have it.

Laurie: Does this mean what it usually means?

J.R.: It means you and me, forever.

Laurie: Now I have something for you.

Joni: I kissed you because I like you.

Jamie: So go with that.

Joni: I can't! You and me -- we're a dead end.

Jamie: Why?

Joni: How many times do I have to explain this? The kind of life you and your parents have -- it's not for me.

Jamie: If you're just going to sit here and bash my parents --

Joni: I'm not. I mean, I know people have different values, that it's their choice. But the kind of stuff that you deal with at home with your family -- it scares me.

Jamie: Because it freaks you out or because it freaks your parents out?

Joni: Both. Now you hate me, don't you?

Jamie: Not even close. I just wish you'd give me a chance.

Joni: I did, and you blew it.

Jamie: So that's it? Look, I love my parents, too. But I don't let them run my life or tell me what to do. I make decisions for myself. I think you should, too.

Laurie: I like how it feels.

J.R.: You've got the perfect chain for it.

Laurie: It was my momís.

J.R.: I can't believe you'd want to hang anything off it.

Laurie: I always keep my mom close to my heart. Now I can keep you there, too.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: I have to get that. I don't want anybody to come looking for me.

Laurie: Me, neither.

J.R.: Hello?

Kendall: Hey, J.R., it's Kendall. Where are you?

J.R.: I'm at the boathouse, but I'm kind of busy.

Kendall: No, this -- this won't take long. I need to see you right away.

J.R.: No, really. This is a majorly bad time. Look, I'll call you after Christmas.

[J.R. hangs up]

Kendall: What, hello -- J.R.?

Laurie: Who was that?

J.R.: Nobody. Where were we?

Aidan: I'm sorry, Maureen. I've told you everything I know.

Maria: That somebody came up behind you --

Aidan: Yep, demanded my wallet, panicked, shot me, and took off.

Maria: No. Aidan, if this was really a mugging, you would've gone to the hospital. And why am I having to hide you?

Aidan: I mean, look -- having you take care of me and look out for me -- what can be better than that? Besides, I thought you had faith.

Edmund: Maria? Are you in here?

Simone: Thank you.

Frank: Simone. Hey. I'm glad you called.

Simone: Sit down, Frank.

Frank: Are you okay?

Simone: Mia told me about her son.

Frank: Thought maybe we were here to talk about us.

Simone: Frank, there is no us.

Frank: Then why am I here?

Simone: I just told you. Mia told me about her son.

Frank: He's my son, too.

Simone: Why do you want to find him?

Frank: Because I'm his father. I have a right.

Simone: Not because you and I broke up?

Frank: What?

Simone: You haven't even seen him. You didn't even know that he existed until Mia told you. Why are you doing this?

Frank: Because I want to know my baby.

Simone: Why? Your girlfriend got pregnant, carried the baby for nine months, gave birth, then ripped her heart out giving the baby away, and you didn't even notice.

Frank: I don't expect you to understand.

Simone: No, I understand perfectly. You were too busy filming to notice anything else.

Frank: If this is about your -- if we're talking about your brother --

Simone: No. You know what? We're talking about you. Why do you even want a kid?

Frank: Doesn't matter if I want one or not. I have one.

Simone: Because your birth control bombed. Look, I think this has to do with your misguided idea that you're going to somehow make up for what you did to my brother.

Frank: That has nothing to do with this.

Simone: Well, I think it does. And whatever happened between you and I, please do not hurt an innocent child by taking him away from the only parents that he knows.

Frank: Simone, I am sorry about what happened between us and I am so sorry about what happened to your brother. I'm sorry about every mistake that I've ever made in my entire life. But we are talking about my baby. I have a chance to do something good now.

Simone: Yeah? Listen to me. What kind of father do you think you're going to be? You live in a boarding house. All right, you work 72-hour shifts, and you zone out on the couch in between.

Frank: So what?

Simone: "So what?" Listen to yourself. What if, huh? What if you get your son? What kind of dad are you going to be?

Joni: My parents don't tell me what to think or what to do. I decide stuff for myself, Jamie.

Jamie: Like what?

Joni: Like I want the Church in my life. I think it helps me figure stuff out.

Jamie: Does it? Or are you just following other people's rules?

Joni: You would see it like that. The thing is, it works for me. I like teaching little kids Sunday School and cleaning the yard with my family and even going bowling with my class. And then late at night --

Jamie: What?

Joni: I pray.

Jamie: For what?

Joni: That someday I'll find someone really amazing, that we'll fall in love and spend our whole lives together. Sorry. I know that's a big turnoff to you.

Jamie: What if -- what if it isn't? What if I want exactly the same thing?

Joni: For real?

Jamie: I'm not dissing my mom and dad, but they're the best people I know. And I know all the messed-up relationships they've been through, and I don't want my life to be like that.

Joni: Are you sure?

Jamie: Totally. I don't understand this Church stuff. I mean, I hardly even know what it's about, but the rest of the stuff you said -- it's what I hope for.

Joni: Wow.

Jamie: Does this mean I get a second chance?

Kendall: J.R.? J.R., are you still here?

Jamie: J.R.! J.R.!

Joni: Laurie, look, there's someone --

J.R.: What's up?

Laurie: Yeah?

Jamie: There's someone outside yelling for you, J.R.

Laurie: Oh, God.

Kendall: Hey, kids. Having fun?

J.R.: What the hell are you doing here?

Maria: Yeah, I just was walking and walking, and I -- I don't know -- I never got the feeling that I ever actually lived here on the estate, and I -- I got to the stables and --

Edmund: And?

Maria: It just suddenly felt familiar.

Edmund: Well, maybe because all the time we spent there?

Maria: Yeah, or -- probably some part of me remembers that I love to ride.

Edmund: Maria, you know, I want you to get back everything that you loved, and I'll do anything I can to help you.

Maria: I know. I know you will.

Maria: What? What is it?

Edmund: I know that look.

Maria: You couldn't possibly -- even husbands and wives can't read each other's minds, Edmund.

Edmund: You're keeping something from me.

David: All right, you want the truth?

Anna: Yeah.

David: I fired the shot.

Anna: Right, at the "possum."

David: No, at Aidan.

Anna: You shot my nephew?

David: No. No, I did not shoot Aidan. I --

Anna: Oh, my God!

David: I didn't even hurt him, okay?

Anna: David --

David: Anna, look at you. You look like you're going to faint. Just relax, all right?

Anna: You shot my nephew?

David: No, I didn't. I'll explain everything. Just sit down. Just take it easy. All right, look -- a couple of months ago when I was making you crazy over something -- I don't even remember what it was at the time --

Anna: Are you kidding?

David: Aidan knocked me out.

Anna: What?

David: Yeah, and he tied me to a chair.

Anna: He did not.

David: Yes, he did. And he threatened to sledgehammer my hand if I didn't leave you.

Anna: I don't believe you.

David: You don't believe me?

Anna: No.

David: He called his technique "fear compliance." And he warned me that he was going to raise me to "pain compliance" if I didn't get out of town.

Anna: Yeah, he would be trained in both of those.

David: You want to know the rest?

Anna: I want to know why you didn't tell me.

David: Because you're pregnant and I didn't want to freak you out with this --

Anna: I'm still pregnant --

David: Psychodrama --

Anna: This doesn't freak me out now?

David: No, wait a minute. I didn't know what he would do if I told you. Anna, the guy has a rage inside of him, all right? It turns him into -- look, you don't -- you don't want to know, all right?

Anna: Yes.

David: I mean, when he came back here last week and he looked like he was going to start a repeat performance, I --

Anna: Why?

David: Because he's upset about Maria. And I didn't know if he was going to stay, what he was going to do. I didn't even know if he was going to leave. So, yes, I grabbed the gun and I fired a shot.

Anna: Aidan is my nephew, David.

David: Anna, I didn't shoot him. I just fired a warning shot, that's it.

Anna: Now he's missing. Oh, my God, David, what did you do?

Frank: I didn't even know that my son existed. I had a right to know, and I have a right to be his father.

Simone: And what about your son's right to have two wonderful parents?

Frank: Why are you so concerned about what I do? Unless you still care about me.

Simone: I did care for you, Frank, but I never knew you. Not really.

Frank: Yes, you did. It was the guy that videotaped your brother that you didn't know, and I've changed.

Simone: Yeah, oh, if you've changed, then you wouldn't be going after your son. You would want him to be happy and remain in the same home that he's only ever known!

Frank: Mia should have told me!

Simone: No, she had a dozen reasons not to. All right, and the way that you're reacting now -- obviously her first instinct was dead on.

Frank: You really hate me, don't you?

Simone: I am desperate to stop your rampage through other people's lives. Mia did the right thing for your son, Frank. Will you ever do the right thing for anyone except yourself?

Kendall: I'm serious, J.R. I need to talk to you right now, not after Christmas. Oh, you must be Laurie.

Laurie: Yeah. Who are you?

Kendall: I'm the chick who scored your MP3 player. Thanks for ixnaying it. I love every song on the thing.

J.R.: Thanks, Kendall.

Kendall: I need to borrow your boyfriend just for five minutes, cross my heart. Come on.

Joni: Sorry, I got to get to church. Merry Christmas -- to both of you.

Jamie: Joni, wait.

Joni: Jamie, I'm late.

Jamie: I -- I was wondering.

Joni: What?

Jamie: Maybe I can come with you.

Joni: To church?

Jamie: You know, to check it out.

Joni: My parents will be there.

Jamie: Well, we can walk in separately. Sit separately. I mean, it's open to everybody, isn't it?

Joni: Yeah.

Jamie: So unless you don't want me to be --

Joni: No, no, I'd like you there. I'd like it a lot.

Kendall: J.R, I need -- I need to talk to your dad right away.

J.R.: I told you, after Christmas.

Kendall: No, no, this is way too important.

J.R.: Not to me.

Kendall: Fine. Fine. I'll wait. But you'll pay.

Kendall: Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, too.

David: You're kidding, right? What, you think I -- I made him disappear? What, do you think I shot him?

Anna: You just said you did.

David: Yes, I -- no, I -- I deliberately missed him, Anna.

Anna: Where is he, David?

David: I don't know. Hopefully he's holed up somewhere in England and never to come back again. That would be great.

Anna: He would not leave without telling me. It doesn't make any sense.

David: Well, a lot about Aidan doesn't make sense, Anna.

Anna: It's not like he really hurt you or anything.

David: Are you kidding me? He tortured me! Look, you got to accept something here. There's a lot about Aidan that you don't know. I mean, you have no idea what he's capable of doing!

[Phone rings]

Anna: Yeah. Hi. What? Oh, no.

David: What is it?

Maria: Actually, you're right. There is something that I haven't told you. And I wasn't just out there communing with horses. I -- have been feeling sort of desperate, actually. Desperate to hide your -- your Christmas present.

Edmund: Oh.

Maria: And I think I've finally found a spot, and, you know, working on it, and I just need for you to promise me that you won't go anywhere near the hayloft.

Edmund: I promise.

[Knock on door]

Maria: Excellent.

Man: Mr. Grey?

Edmund: Yeah?

Man: F.B.I. Agent Chaney.

Edmund: Agent Chaney, come on in.

Agent Chaney: I need to talk to you -- alone.

[Knock on door]

Mia: I'm coming, Jake. I'm running kind of late. Did you forget your keys? Frank.

J.R.: Forget Kendall. She's psycho.

Laurie: She's something.

J.R.: Oh, damn, our hour's up.

Laurie: Already?

J.R.: Where -- where are Jamie and Joni?

Laurie: Church.

J.R.: Jamie, Church?

Laurie: And I've got to get to the community center.

J.R.: Why?

Laurie: I'm serving dinner there.

J.R.: Dinner? Oh, like the homeless people?

Laurie: Yeah.

J.R.: Can I come with you? To help.

Laurie: Aren't you supposed to spend Christmas Eve with your dad?

J.R.: I'd rather be with you.

Laurie: I have to ask you something, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah?

Laurie: This psycho Kendall -- are you two, like, tight?

Anna: Yeah, thanks -- thanks a lot for the info. Okay. Bye. Oh. Well, that was Chris with news about Aidan.

David: Did he surface?

Anna: No. But I know why he's missing.

David: Why?

Anna: The INS just informed Chris that Scotland Yard have issued a warrant for his arrest in England.

David: For what?

Anna: Murder.

Maria: Something is going down.

Aidan: Maureen, no!

Julia: Maria. Oh, my God. Maria.

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Frank: Mia -- Mia, listen -- I think you need to hear me out.

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